Baldwin Cemetery

Baldwin's Rd. West  of Route 14A, North of Lown Rd.

Benton Center, Yates Co., NY

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ANDERSON Charles 1853 - ????; s/o Peter C.& Sarah E.
ANDERSON Dora 1851 - Sept 15, 1928; 77y; unwed d/o Peter C. & Sarah E. ; bro, Charles  [short obit]
ANDERSON Mary 1849 - May 27, 1923; 74y; unwed; d/o Peter C. & Sarah E.; bro, Charles of Penn Yan & a sis in Rochester       [obit]
ANDERSON * Peter C. July 2, 1813 - Feb 12, 1906; h/o Sarah E
ANDERSON * Sarah E. Mar 15, 1811 - 1879; w/o Peter C.       [1850 census she listed as Emeline S]
BALDWIN * Alfred M. (Dr) 1796 - Dec 14, 1865;  69y; h/o Mary JACOBUS & Nancy WHITEHEAD; s/o Daniel & Anna (Peck)
BALDWIN * Alfred R. 1855 - 1862;  4y,8m,8d; s/o M. L.. & Kate A.
BALDWIN * Hannah B. Jan 22, 1771 - Apr 10, 1865; w/o Jacob
BALDWIN * Huldah Oct 15, 1813 - Mar 24, 1840; d/o Jacob & Hannah B.
BALDWIN * Jacob May 16, 1755 - Dec 8, 1828; h/o Hannah B.
BALDWIN * Mary 1801 - June 1, 1829;  28y; 1st w/o Dr. Alfred M.; nee JACOBUS
BALDWIN * Nancy 1800 Saratoga, NY - June 22, 1883; 2nd w/o Dr. Alfred; nee WHITEHEAD [Baldwin monu]
BALL * Ann Eliza died June 11, 1861;  58y; w/o Sherwood; d/o Jacob & Hannah BALDWIN
CHEESEMAN George died Feb 3, 1894;  50y,2m,16d
CHRISTENSEN * Jens 1836 - 1905; h/o Thora
CHRISTENSEN Johanna died Apr 5, 1895;  67y,11m
CHRISTENSEN * Thora 1836 - 1916; w/o Jens
CROUCHER Ellen died July 23, 1886;  46y,1m,14d; d/o Joseph FULLAGAR
HULL * Eliphalet Dec 4, 1749 CT - Mar 30, 1813; h/o Huldah PATCHEN;      Rev War Soldier
HULL * Huldah 1749 CT - Sept 30,1839; w/o Eliphalet; d/o Daniel & Martha (Hubbell) PATCHEN
HULL Patchen 1790 - 1816; s/o Eliphalet & Huldah (Patchen)
LAMBERTON * Jane W. Jan 26, 1916 - Nov 22, 2003
LAMON Mason (Dr) died Aug 7, 1826;  25y; h/o Hannah HULL
LANSING * David DeFreest 1817 - Oct 6,  1828;  11y,21d; s/o James S. & Huldah (Wheeler)
LANSING * George 1815 - Sept 15, 1833;  18y,4m,19d; s/o James S. & Huldah (Wheeler)
MC AULEY Hannah Aug 21, 1800 - Jan 27, 1871;  70y,4m,19d; w/o  Mason Lamon & James McAuley; d/o Elisaha & Anna HULL
MC AULEY * James 1800 - May 26, 1879; 79y,; h/o Hannah HULL
MC AULEY Lemon Manson 1801 - 1826
MC AULEY Margaret W. Nov 19, 1836 - Jan 18, 1839; d/o James & Hannah (Hull)
MC KENNA * Maureen Oct 5, 1939 - Jan 5, 2005 NJ
MILLER * Clarence E. Sept 25, 1930 - Sept 10, 2000; h/o Marion D.
MILLER * Marion D. Feb 24, 1936 - Dec 9, 2006; w/o Clarence E.
PALMER Theodore died Apr 30, 1923 [diphtheria]; adopted s/o L.C. Palmer of Ridgeberry; 4th family death in 4 yrs
PATCHEN * Martha died Oct  2, 1816;  86y [stone broken]
RAYMOND Royal Oct 7, 1840 - Nov 26, 1921; 81y; h/o ??  ;  s/o Moses & Amanda (White); 2 dau: Mrs.  Alice Carey of Italy Hollow & Mrs. Howard Baldwin of Geneva;  3 sons: Simon, Ira & Frank  [obit]
SMITH * Edmund P. no data; h/o Melinda & Mary A.
SMITH * Mary A. Mar 21, 1826 - Jun 28, 1898; 2nd w/o Edmund P.
SMITH * Melinda 1811 - Dec 2, 1871;  60y,2m; 1st w/o Edmund P
SPENCER Elijah died 1835; s/o Henry & Mary
STARK E. Burt died July 21, 1911; abt 35y; s/o Charles; h/o ???;  5 kids, aged 7y & under;  4 bros: Ray, Lanson, Thomas & Oscar; 2 sis: Mrs. Murray Gage & Mrs. Earle Powers   [obit]
UNKNOWN * Charles A. no data  [poss Anderson]
UNKNOWN * Dora A. no data  [poss Anderson]
UNKNOWN * Mary T. no data  [poss Anderson- same type footstone]
WELLFARE Rebecca Mar 30, 1827 Eng - Apr 23, 1911; 84y; w/o Thomas; d/o John & Sarah FOLSTON; 5 kids, 4 dau, w/o Jacob VanGelder (she d. 3 yrs prior); : Mrs. John Howell, Mrs. Richard Williams & Mrs. Charles Stark   [obit]
WHEELER Catharine  died 1827;  82y; w/o George Sr.; nee LYON
WHEELER Charles Henry died June 9,1833;  11d
WHEELER Elijah Spencer died 1835; infant s/o Henry & Mary
WHEELER * George Jr. (Rev) 1773 - June 21, 1821; 79y,5m,17dl  h/o Martha HULL; s/o George & Catharine (Lyon)
WHEELER * George Sr. 1745 - Apr 27, 1823; h/o Catharine LYON
WHEELER Martha C.    w/o George Jr.; d/o Eliphalet & Huldah HULL
WHITMAN Marcus see below info 
WOLCOTT * Frank died Aug 19,1840;  s/o Oliver P. & Sophia (Stewart)
WOLCOTT * Susan died Aug 16, 1840;  5y; d/o Oliver P. & Sophia (Stewart)
WOLFE * Marc C. Jan 28, 1955 - Mar 21, 2002

Penn Yan Democrat   Friday   September 21, 1928      by Dianne Thomas

ANDERSON - In Barrington, Saturday, September 15, 1928, Miss Dora Anderson, aged 77 years. Miss Anderson was a former resident of Benton. Charles Anderson is her only near surviving relative.

The funeral was held from the Thayer Funeral Home in Penn Yan at 2:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Rev. S. G. Houghton officiating. Burial was made in the Baldwin cemetery, Benton.


 Penn Yan Democrat   Friday   July 3, 1936   by Dianne Thomas

Paper on Marcus Whitman - Paper Given by Mrs. George Fitch, of Rushville Before D. A. R. -  After listening to the wonderful talks and eulogies given by educated men June 4th in memory of Marcus Whitman and Narcissa Whitman, "I feel in giving this paper like the little boy who, with his playmates, was playing automobile with an improvised steering wheel fastened to an old cart, and honking the horn.  All the boys were riding but the littlest boy of all, who was trudging along behind.  A person said, "My Little man, why don't you ride too?"  "No I can't ... I'm just the smell." 


When I tried to beg off writing this article, Mrs. Kelchner said she would like to have it written by someone living in Rushville, and I immediately thought of a story, I once heard.  A gentleman had never agreed with his mother in law.  She had proved to be the kind we so often hear about.  Her daughter was very ill, in fact, she knew she had not long to live, so called her husband to her and said "I have a last request to make of you, and that is, the day of the funeral I would like to have you ride, with mother".  He replied, "Of course I will do what you ask, but the day will just be spoiled for me."

One of the greatest gifts parents can bestow upon their children, is a gift of being well born.  Both Marcus Whitman and Narcissa Prentiss, had this beginning.

Marcus Whitman's mother and father, Beza and Alice Whitman came to Rushville in 1799, settling a few rods from from Yates County Line.  His grave is in the Baldwin Cemetery, one and one third miles northeast of Rushville.  Typical of the Puritan spirit of those days, is the epitaph on his tombstone: 

"Stop here, my friend, and think of me 

I once was in the world like thee, 

This is the call aloud to thee, 

Prepare for death and follow me. "



Here in Rushville, his third son was born Sept. 4, 1802. This son was christened Marcus Whitman. His father died when he was eight years old.  

He was then sent to Plainfield, Mass., to his paternal grandfather, Deacon Samuel Whitman, for education and religious training.  He remained there ten years.  He returned to Rushville, his heart set on studying for the ministry.  

Narcissa Prentiss, father and mother, Stephen and Clarissa, settled in Prattsburg in 1805. He was a carpenter and later served as an associate county judge.

The family took an active part in the church and community affairs.  There were nine children, four boys and five girls: Narcissa, being the third born in Prattsburg, March 4, 1808.  She early developed a fine soprano voice and always sang in the choir. Her parents gave her what was considered a good education in those days, for a woman.  Narcissa's diary reveals a character remarkable for strength of courage, wisdom and the refinement of true Christian devotion. Had she been other than she was, there would have been no Whitman story to relate. 

I knew an old lady who knew Narcissa when she came to Rushville as a bride.  She described her as quite slender, above medium height, pretty with beautiful blonde hair.  Narcissa experienced a spiritual awakening when she was 16, and felt she had a call to go as a missionary to the heathen.

The story of the White man's book of heaven seems to set on fire the pioneer spirit of those who every thought of being missionaries.  

March 1, 1833, The New York Christian Advocate carried the famous letter which told of the arrival of four Indians at St. Louis, who came from beyond the Rockies in search of the white man's religion   (continued on Pg 6)......



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