Baldwin Cemetery

Yates Co., NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of:  
Gary Fritz

Please contact me if you have any pictures of headstones to share.  


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Anderson family stone

Peter Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Alfred Baldwin (Dr)

Alfred R. Baldwin

Hannah B. Baldwin

Huldah Baldwin

Jacob Baldwin

Mary Baldwin

Nancy Baldwin (footstone only)

Ann Eliza Ball

Jens & Thora Christensen

Elitphalet Hull

Huldah Hull

Jane W. Lamberton

David B. Lansing

George Lansing

Hannah Mc Auley

James Mc Auley

Maureen McKenna

Clarence E. & Marion D.  Miller

Martha Patchin

Edmund P. Smith

Mary A. Smith

Melinda Smith

Charles A. Unknown

Dora A. Unknown

Mary T. Unknown

George Wheeler Jr.

George Wheeler Sr.

Frank Wolcott

Susan R. Wolcott

Marc C. & B. E. Wolfe

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