Barrington Baptist Cemetery

also referred to as WRIGHT Cemetery

Charles Van Gordon Rd, Yates Co.,  NY

(near NY Rt. 230)

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ABANDONED, Not Maintained, barely accessible

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Original burying ground of Congregational church, later a Baptist church

BAILEY Deziar died Feb 10, 1865;  76y; wife of Joseph; dau of Ephraim WRIGHT
BAILEY Infant died July 16, 1835; dau of Samuel & Martha (Wright) 
BAILEY Joel W. died Dec 9, 1843;  3m,16d;son of Erasmus & Louisa
BAILEY John W. died Apr 12, 1861;  24y,8m,5d; son of Samuel & Martha
BAILEY Joseph died Sept 15, 1849;  61y,9m,17d
BAILEY Samuel F. died Feb 29, 1848;  39y,3m,17d; son of Joseph & Deziah (Wright)
BAKER Charles died Apr 4, 1842;  1y,10m,5d; son of Hiram & Finetta
BENNETT Julia Ann died Sept 19, 1841; died 19y,6m,28d; wife of James M.
COOPER Lottie died July 15, 1883;  21y; wife of Fidell
CROSBY Lydia died 1851;  80y; wife of Nathan; nee COLE
CROSBY Nathan died Mar 12, 1825;  54y,5m,12d
DISBROW Cecilia died Feb 19, 1851;  1m15d; dau of Ira S. & Mary Jane (Hause)
DISBROW Watson died May 28, 1839;  22y,8m; son of Lodwick & Elizabeth (Sunderlin);   (drowned)
DUMOND Sally died Dec 3, 1846;  61y; wife of David
DURKEE Zifaney died Jan ? 1850;  9y
FARR John died Jan 2, 1836;  ??;  nephew of Alexander PATTON
FAUCETT Amy J. died July 9, 1856; died  30y; wife of John 
FAUCETT Catherine died Apr 14, 1840;  38y,2d wife of Richard
FAUCETT Margaret Jan 21, 1829;  41y; 1st wife of Richard
FAUCETT Richard F. died Apr 7, 1858;  83y,7m,9d
FORRESTER Susan died May 22, 1843;  30y,8m,7d; wife of William; dau of Joseph & Deziah (Wright) BAILEY
FORRESTER William Apr 18, 1806 - July 20, 1871; husb of Susan BAILEY
KETCHUM James H. died May 12, 1859;  31y,8m,10d; son of Jonathan & Nancy
KETCHUM Nancy died Mar 3, 1858;  56y,11m,17d; wife of Jonathan 
KETCHUM William died Dec 20, 1844;  23y,9m,15d; son of Jonathan & Nancy
MOON Anne Elizabeth died Dec 23, 1854;  37y,2m,1d;dau of John & Martha
MOON Chauncey died Nov 20, 1852;  21y,1m,9d; son of John & Martha
MOON Martha died Apr 1860;  66y;
OAKLEY Gabriel S. died Mar 5, 1844;  13y,4m,10d; son of Israel & Mary
OAKLEY Israel died May 6, 1839;  47y,2m,9d
OAKLEY James G. died Aug 9, 1841;  26y,9d; son of Israel & Mary
OAKLEY Mary died Nov 5, 1858;  67y,28d; wife of Israel
OAKLEY Ruth E. died Feb 26, 1833;  6y,5m,28d; dau of Israel & Mary
PATTEN Alexander died July 2, 1847;  64y,1m
PATTEN Sarah Maria died Sept 5, 1843;  10y,2m,12d; dau of Fletcher & Eliza M.
ROBYLER Huldah died Dec25, 1831;  23y,5m,13d; dau of William & Rachel
ROBYLER Rachel died Nov 27, 1867;  91y; wife of William
ROBYLER William died May 30, 1843;  69y,6m,4d; husb of Rachel
SEYMOUR Frederick died Sept 19, 1839;  20y,2m,14d
SEYMOUR Harvey died Sept 22, 1839;  3y,1m,22d; son of Wright & Nancy
SEYMOUR Henry B. died Sept 12, 1839;  1y,1m; son of Ephraim & Mary
SHAW Jane died Nov 21, 1843;  31y,1m,5d; wife of Hiram; dau of Alexander & Submit PATTEN
SHERWOOD Infant died Aug 20, 1843;  1m,5d;  son of Ogden & Charlotte (Wortman)
SUNDERLIN Daniel died Feb 1, 1833;  68y,2m,16d
SUNDERLIN Frederick died Sept 23, 1864;  3m,14d; son of Darwin & Amanda
SUNDERLIN Ira died July 16, 1840;  42y,1m,25d; son of Daniel & Lydia
SUNDERLIN Lydia died Nov 22, 1837;  73y,9m,23d; wife of Daniel; nee WORTMAN
SUNDERLIN William died Feb 11, 1852;  1m,26d; son of Darwin & Amanda (Kenyon)
SWARTHOUT Betsey died Jan 11, 1832;  44y,3m,13d; wife of James 
SWARTHOUT Erasmus W. died June 5, 1874;  
SWARTHOUT James W. died Feb 4, 1851;  38y,3m,6d
SWARTHOUT Joel   died June 10, 1838;  1m; son of James & Anna
SWARTHOUT Lyman died Jan 11, 1865;  20y,10m,22d
TAYLOR Elizabeth died Aug 26, 1843;  39y,4m,28d; 1st wife of Jonathan; dau of William & Dorothea (Decker) MC DOWELL
TAYLOR Francis died Apr 2, 1832;  5m,28d; son of Jonathan & Elizabeth
TAYLOR Francis died Jan 30, 1843;  68y,7m,23d
TAYLOR Katherine died Mar 14, 1832;  2y,11m,4d; dau of Jonathan & Elizabeth
TERRIL Maria S. died Mar 20, 1836; 26y,1m,7d; wife of Miles; dau of Alexander & Submit PATTEN
TOWNSEND Frederick died Sept 19, 1834;  20y
TOWNSEND Frederick died Aug 29, 1844;  73y,7m,25d; husb of Hannah
TOWNSEND Hannah died June 30, 1855;  84y,5m,6d; wife of Frederick
TUTTLE George W. died Oct 26, 1874;  19y,4m,9d
TUTTLE Henry   died Feb 27, 1864;  35y,3m,24d
VAN DOREN Jacob died Apr 15, 1846;  1y,7m,22d; son of Jacob & Sarah C. 
VAN GORDEN Anna died Mar 27, 1847;  49y,8m; dau of Isaac 
WELLS Margaret died July 23, 1830;  26y,2m,28d; wife of William
WINTERS Augustus died May 9, 1833;  25y,3m,1d;
WINTERS Dorcas died Feb 17, 1849;  31y,8m,6d; wife of Abijah
WINTERS Huldah died Feb 21, 1841;  1y,7m,15d; dau of David & Mary
WINTERS Sophie died Apr 23, 1862;  27y,5m; wife of A.C. dau of L.W. & Sophia PROPER
WIXSOM Theresa died July 27, 1853;  24y,9m,10d; wife of Solomon C.; dau of Jonathan & Nancy KETCHUM
WORTMAN Lydia Ann died May 5, 1841;  8y,2m,18d; dau of Asa & Harriet (Boyce)
WRIGHT Ephraim died Nov 7, 1834;  68y,9m,1d
WRIGHT John died Jan 25, 1858;  69y,6m,17d
WRIGHT John died Nov 12, 1846;  17y,2m,11d; son of John & Lydia
WRIGHT Lucy died Oct 1849;  79y,2d; wife of Ephraim; nee PRATT
WRIGHT Lydia died Oct 2, 1855;  63y,4m,19d; wife of John; dau of David SUNDERLIN


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