Bellona Cemetery

off of Pre Emption Road

Bellona, Benton, Yates Co., NY


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NOTE: [Not sure if year with [year & "obit list"] is DOD, or date of burial - some dates vary from the obits found]

[1927 necrology list]

ACKERSON Henry 1887 - 1887; s/o Oscar & Sadie  [on Hoose monu]
ACKERSON John W. July 1835 - 1912; h/o Nancy EARLEY; Co. C., 189th NY - Civil War Vet
ACKERSON Nancy E. 1835 - May 18, 1920; 83y; w/o John W.; nee EARLEY  [1920 obit list]
ACKERSON Oscar H. May 17, 1863 Hall, NY - May 6, 1950 Penn Yan hosp; h/o Sadie HOOSE;   2 daus & 1 son, Charles  [on Hoose monu]  [obit]
ACKERSON Sadie 1863 - Dec 11, 1931; 68y; w/o Oscar; nee HOOSE; son, Charles; 2 daus: Mrs. Howard Monroe & Mrs. Clark Finger ; bro, James    [on Hoose monu]   [obit]
ADAM Ernest W. 1907 - 1987; h/o Olive S.
ADAM Olive S. 1907 - Oct  3, 1967 Thompson hosp, Canandaigua; 60y; w/o Ernest;  [obit - buried 10/6]
ADAMS Charlotte J. died Feb 4, 1974; 77y; w/o Vern; son, Jerome; 4 daus: Mrs. Lucille Matteson of PA, Mrs. Ellen Kretchmer, Mrs. Louise Fish of PA & Mrs. Betty Fritz; 2 sis: Mrs. Winifred Kretchmer & Mrs. May Krebbs, both of Geneva  [obit]  
ADAMS Vern 1889 - June 7, 1974; 85y; h/o Charlotte J.; son: Jerome; bros, Floyd & Herbert; 3 sis: Mrs. Pearl Mosher; Miss Lura & Mrs. Nettie Lacey;  4 daus: Mrs. Lucille Matteson of PA, Mrs. Ellen Kretchmer, Mrs. Louise Fish of PA & Mrs. Betty Fritz   [obit]  
ADSIT Anna died abt July 1, 1943; 36y; husb & 2 kids survive              [short obit]
AINSLEY Haines died Aug 25, 1914; 78y; h/o ???; 3 kids: Albert, Robert S, Miss Gertrude; bro, Sidney of VA    [obit] 
AINSLEY Mrs. Marvin died abt. Apr 8, 1918 Wellsborough, PA; w/o Marvin; 3 sis: Mrs. G. W. Bostwick of Bellona & 2 others, not named   [obit] 
AINSLEY Robert Sherman died Dec 20, 1922; 68? y; s/o Tubbas? Haines Ainsley; bro, George A. & Miss Carrie Gertrude   [obit] 
ALEXANDER Harriet K. 1898 - July 19, 1951; 1st w/o Raymond; 4 sons: John (US Army), Joseph R. & Wm. L & James R.; 6 daus: Mrs. Sherman Savage, Mrs. Elwood Smith Jr., and Misses: Alma, Lucy, Mary & Linda; 3 bros: Wm., Arthur & Harold JENSEN;    [on plot of Raymond Alexander]  [obit]
ALEXANDER Harry 1862 MD - Mar 13, 1951;  88y; h/o Minnie E; s/o Joseph & Susanna (Sentman); 3 daus: Mrs. Harold Bill, Mrs. Wm. Jensen & Miss Etna; 3 sons: A. C. of AZ, Harry Jr. & Raymond   [plot of Joe Alexander]  [obit]
ALEXANDER infant  died May 25, 1926; child of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander  [1926 burial list]
ALEXANDER John Rowan 1864 - July 30, 1951; 87y; h/o Louise S.; niece, Mrs. Ethel Campbell   [on Jane Sloan monu] [obit]
ALEXANDER Joseph  "Joe" 1826 - Mar 16, 1917; 90y+; h/o Susanna SENTMAN; 3 sons: Harry, Calvin, & A. J. bro, John E.,  of  OK; sis, Mrs. Lucinda Worke, of MD;    [plot of Joe Alexander]  [obit - grip]
ALEXANDER Kenneth Apr 6, 1897 Benton - June 16, 1953; 56y; h/o Mrs. Evelyn Bellows Alexander; 3 step daus: Gail, Marjorie & LeAnn A;  s/o Calvin & Harriet (Holland); sis, Mrs. Charles Grower; bro: Vernon; WW I Vet   [obit - heart attack]
ALEXANDER Louise S. 1866 - Sept 25, 1937; 69y; w/o John Rowan; nee SLOAN   [on Jane Sloan monu]  [obit]  
ALEXANDER Lucy 1935 -     [plot of Raymond Alexander]
ALEXANDER Lucy 1893 - 1900; d/o Harry & Minnie  [plot of Joe Alexander]
ALEXANDER Minnie Lee 1867 - July 14, 1928; 61y; w/o Harry; 3 daus: Mrs. Wm. Jensen, Miss Louise, Miss Etna; 3 sons; bro: Nicholas & Alden ALEXANDER   [plot of Joe Alexander]   [obit - died after an operation]
ALEXANDER Raymond Apr 19, 1899 Benton - June 20, 1983; 84y; h/o Harriet K. & Florence; 6 daus; 4 sons, 1 step dau, Ann Kirch;  bro, A. Calvin of AZ; 2 sis: Mrs. Louisa Bill of Lyons & Mrs. Etna Schoonover of Penn Yan; nieces & nephews    [on plot of Raymond Alexander]  [obit]
ALEXANDER Susanna 1822 - 1900; w/o Joseph; nee SENTMAN  [plot of Joe Alexander]
ALLEN Edith G.  1885 - 1966; w/o Glenn T.; nee HAINES  [on Frank Allen monu]
ALLEN Frank S. 1857 - July 18, 1905; 44y; h/o Minnie S. TRUESDELL    [on Frank Allen monu] [obit]
ALLEN Glenn T. 1888 - 1969; h/o Edith G. HAINES    [on Frank Allen monu]
ALLEN Minnie S. 1862 - June 6, 1912; 49y; w/o Frank S.; nee TRUESDELL [on Frank Allen monu] [obit]
ALLISON Harry Grant (S Sgt) Aug 19, 1925 - Apr 2, 1963 NJ; h/o Helen REINERS; s/o Walter;  son, Dale; 4 bros: Walter, Vernon Kenneth & David; & 2 sis: Misses Norma & Jane; 3rd Marines, Co. L, 3rd Div - WW II Vet   [auto accident] [obit] [research further- some conflicting info]
ANDERSEN Duane May 14, 1898 Bellona - 1946;  h/o Frances L. WILKINSON of Cuba  [m:6/26/1926]; s/o Morris "Marius" & Marie (Jensen); 2 daus: Duane Jule & Carol Marie;  siblings: Mrs. Neils Jensen of Stanley, Harvey, Clarence & Theodore Andersen & Mrs. Marvin Rapp;    [Andersen-Jensen plot]   [obit - stroke]
ANDERSEN Frances  1904 - 1983; nee WILKINSON     [Andersen-Jensen plot]
ANDERSEN Leslie 1906 - 1906; s/o Morris & Marie   [Morris Andersen plot]
ANDERSEN Luella 1910 - 1911; d/o Morris & Marie   [Morris Andersen plot]
ANDERSEN Maren 1839 - 1911;   ??? of Morris & Marie   [Morris Andersen plot]
ANDERSEN Marie J. 1870 - buried May  16, 1927; 56y; w/o Morris; nee JENSEN   [Morris Andersen plot]  [1 obit spell AnderSON - YTD burial listing] 
ANDERSEN Morris 1869 Denmark - July 27, 1943; h/o Marie JENSEN    [Morris Andersen plot] [obit spell AnderSON]
ANDERSEN William  see Wm. ANDERSON, below; same person
ANDERSON Alice P. May 6, 1911 - Mar 26, 1994;  82y; w/o Mr. Gelder & Clarence O. Anderson; sons, Frederick, Robert & Paul Gelder;  dau, Mrs. Kenneth Gillette; [no children w/ Clarence]        [Morris Andersen plot]  [found surname spelled both ways - SEN & SON] 
ANDERSON Christian 1895 - Sept 25, 1908;  13y; s/o Morris & Marie   [Morris Andersen plot]   [1908 obit list]
ANDERSON Clarence O. (S Sgt) June 19, 1905 - Apr 2, 1963; 57y; h/o Mrs. Alice P Gelder.; s/o Morris & Marie (Jensen); 2 sis: Mrs. Neils Jensen & Mrs. Marvin Rapp; 3 bros: Harold, Harvie & Theodore Co. A., 783rd MP BN - WW II Vet   [Morris Andersen plot]  [obit]
ANDERSON Ferdinand A. 1886 - Feb 8, 1942; 56y; h/o Flora M.; son, Raymond; dau, Miss Mildred; 2 bros: Andrew & Albert   [obits state he is buried in Lakeview ceme - should not be on this cemetery list - but leaving here since one obit stated he was to be buried here]
ANDERSON Flora M. May 4, 1889 - Nov 1968 Stanley, NY;  79y; w/o Ferdinand A.
ANDERSON George C. 1865 - Mar 25, 1895;  29y,6m; s/o John & Ketrina   [town record]
ANDERSON Harold L. Aug 28, 1901 - July 6, 1974; 72y; h/o Mary; son, Larry 2 daus, Mrs. Audrey Knapton & Mrs. 'Billie' Koek; 2 bros: Harvey & Theodore; 2 sis: Mrs. Helen Jensen & Mrs. Josephine Rapp  [on Wm. Anderson monu]     [obit]
ANDERSON Harvey O. Sr. Aug 28, 1901 - June 20, 1983 Geneva; 81y; h/o Wilma ROBBINS; son, Harvey O. Jr.; s/o Morris & Marie (Jensen); 2 sis & bro, Theodore    [on Henry Anderson plot]    [obit]
ANDERSON Harvey O. Jr. May 18, 1930 - Sept 15, 1984 Geneva; 54y; s/o Harvey   [on Henry Anderson plot]  [obit]
ANDERSON Mary  1903 -   ; w/o Harold L.; nee PEASE   [on Wm. Anderson monu]
ANDERSON Morris  died July 27, 1943; 73y; h/o Marie Jensen; 2 daus: Mrs. Neils Jensen & Mrs. Marvin Rapp; 5 sons: Duane, Harold, Harvey, Theodore & US Army -Staff Sgt, Clarence Anderson; 2 step daus: Mrs. Edward Lee & Mrs. Chris Christensen; stepson, Cpl. Frank Christensen in CA, US Army    [obit]
ANDERSON William M. 1899 - Oct 7, 1929; 29y; h/o Frances M.; s/o Morris & Marie; 5 bros: Duane, Harold, Harvey, Theodore & Clarence; 2 sis, Miss Josephine AnderSEN & Mrs. Helen Jensen    [on Wm. Anderson monu]  [several obits]  [longer obit spelled as AnderSEN]
ANDERSON Wilma R. May 27, 1906 - Apr 12, 1986; 79y; w/o Harvey; [on Henry Anderson plot]    [short obit]
ANDREWS Charles L. 1871 - Dec 31, 1945; 74y  [dod on probate court] [on Henry Andrews plot]
ANDREWS Cynthia Feb 1872 - Oct 3, 1965; 93y; w/o Charles; nee HOLLAND; no offspring; nephew, Vernon Alexander, of Geneva & niece, Mrs. Jennie Mc Michaels, of Bellona   [on Henry Andrews plot]   [obit]
ANDREWS Emma 1841 Eng - Mar 18, 1930; 88y; d/o Richard & Sophia; bro, Henry Andrews of CA; dau, Mrs. Henry Smith    [on plot of Henry Andrews]  [obit]
ANDREWS Henry Feb 6, 1853 Eng - Dec 6, 1939 LA, CA; 86y    [on plot of Henry Andrews] [cremated - obit]
ANDREWS Jonathan died Feb 17, 1857;  9y; s/o Richard & Sophia    [on plot of Henry Andrews]
ANDREWS Josephine died Oct 7, 1880;  22y; w/o M. Andrews; d/o John & Laura SECOR [on Jane Secor monu]
ANDREWS Mary Feb 17, 1855 - Dec 19, 1908; 54y; w/o Henry    [on plot of Henry Andrews]  [1908 obit list]
ANDREWS Richard 1810 Eng - Apr 6, 1879;  69y,3m,21d; h/o Sophia   [on plot of Henry Andrews]
ANDREWS Sophia 1809 Eng - Sept 18, 1890; 81y,10m,3d; w/o Richard   [on plot of Henry Andrews]
ANDREWS Thomas died Sept 29, 1858;  8y; s/o Richard & Sophia  [on plot of Henry Andrews]
ANGUS Charles   July 17, 1802 - May 28,1854; 51y; h/o Mary BARNES; s/o Walter & Phebe [monu of Charles Angus]
ANGUS Charles Thomas (Cpl) Nov 27, 1839 - Nov 18, 1896; 56y; Co. B, 50th NY Eng - Civil War Vet  [monu of Charles Angus]
ANGUS George W. Mar 7, 1882 - Sept 4, 1959; 77y; s/o Wm. D. & Mary C.   [monu of Charles Angus]
ANGUS Mary B. Oct 27, 1807 - Aug 19, 1888; 80y; w/o Charles; d/o Thomas & Elizabeth BARNES
ANGUS Mary C. Feb 20, 1853 - Apr 27, 1945; 92y; w/o Wm. D.; d/o Wm. FREY  [monu of Charles Angus]
ANGUS Mary Jane 1837 - 1837;  10d; d/o Charles & Mary (Barnes)  [monu of Charles Angus]
ANGUS William D. Oct 9, 1847 - June 18, 1926; 78y; h/o Mary C. FREY  [monu of Charles Angus] [1926 burial list]
ANSLEY Albert died ??? 30, 1877;  77y,1m,29d  [monu of Albert Ansley]
ANSLEY Albert died Nov 21, 1875;  27y,10m,10d; s/o Wm. & Mary    [monu of Albert Ansley]
ANSLEY Constance Betty Apr 9, 1907 - May 17, 1996 Sterling, NY; 89y; w/o Rexford H.; nee ROBSON  [monu of Albert Ansley]
ANSLEY Cora A. Oct 26, 1877 - Dec 9, 1970 Lyons Nursing home; 93y; w/o G. Albert; nee HAINES  [monu of Nathan Ansley]    [obit - buried on 12th ]
ANSLEY Eleanor Mar 2, 1831 - Apr 11, 1912; 81y; w/o John W.; nee DORMAN; dau, Mrs. Willard McKelvie;  [monu of John W. Ansley]  [obit]
ANSLEY G. Albert June 22, 1876 - Nov 28, 1971; 95y; h/o Cora A.; 3 sons: Sherlin, Rexford & Melvin;  1 dau, Mrs. Geo. Patchett  [monu of Nathan Ansley]   [obit]
ANSLEY G. Gertrude Feb 22, 1871 - June 12, 1948; 77y; unwed; d/o Nathan & Sarah (Potts)  [monu of Nathan Ansley] [obit]
ANSLEY Hannah 1843 - Feb 19, 1860;  17y,3m,26d; d/o Albert & Prudence [monu of Nathan Ansley]
ANSLEY Henry Sherlin Mar 2, 1903 - Apr 28, 1988; 85y; h/o Mabel STINE; s/o Albert & Cora A. (Haines); dau, Mrs. Sharon Nageldinger; son, Robert Lynn; bros, Rexford & Melvin; deceased sis, Mrs. Marion Patchett    [monu of Nathan Ansley]    [obit]
ANSLEY Hannah C. died Feb 19, 1860; 17y,3m,26d; d/o Albert & Prudence [monu of Albert Ansley]
ANSLEY John W. June 12, 1831 - Apr 19, 1907; 75y; h/o Eleanor DORMAN  [monu of John W. Ansley]
ANSLEY Margaret Isabel Aug 18, 1871 - Sept 20, 1889; 16y; d/o Marvin D. & Mary (Lewis) [monu of Marvin Ansley]
ANSLEY Marvin D. Jan 29, 1840 - Mar 17, 1925 Wellsboro, PA; 85y; h/o Mary R. LEWIS; sis in law, Mrs. G. W. Bostwick of Geneva;  dau, Mrs. Ella Baldwin of PA; Civil War Vet  [Marvin Ansley monu]  [short  & long obit]    [1925 list of burials - Jan 1926 article]
ANSLEY Mary R. Mar 4, 1845 - Apr 9, 1918; 73y; w/o Marvin D.; nee LEWIS; sis, Mrs. G. W. Bostwick of PA  [monu of Marvin Ansley]
ANSLEY Mina Nov 8, 1869 - Dec 20, 1960; 91y; w/o Willard; nee SIMPSON [monu of Matthew Simpson]
ANSLEY Nathan Haines Oct 10, 1835 - Aug 25, 1914; 78y; h/o Sarah Ann POTTS  [monu of Nathan Ansley]  [news -1914 burial list]
ANSLEY Prudence 1801 - 1855;  54y,10m,7d; w/o Albert    [monu of Albert Ansley]
ANSLEY Rexford Haines Aug 1, 1904 - July 30, 1992; 87y  [Ainsley/Robson monu]
ANSLEY Richard Denman Nov 24, 1949 - Sept 21, 1978; 28y; s/o Lawrence D.; sis, Mrs. Jean Christiansen; dau, Miss Angela Ansley US Navy - Vietnam Vet  [Matt Simpson monu/ plot] [ck cause of death]
ANSLEY Robert Shirlin Sept 19, 1873 - Dec 20 or 21, 1922; 49y; s/o Nathan & Sarah (Potts); sis, Miss C. Gertrude Ansley; bro: Albert & G. Herbertnephews: Henry S., Rexford H. & Melvin; niece: Miss Marion L. Ansley; sis in law, Cora Ansley  [monu of Nathan Ansley] [obit has aged 52y]
ANSLEY Sarah Ann Feb 16, 1845 - Apr 15, 1900; 55y; w/o Nathan H.; nee POTTS    [monu of Nathan Ansley]
ANSLEY Willard L. May 20, 1862 - July 24, 1909 Geneva hosp; 47y; [monu of John W. Ansley & Matt Simpson monu]  [obit]
ANSLEY William died Oct 5, 1880;  57y,5m,11d    [monu of Albert Ansley]
ARCHER Olive 1811 - 1860; 49y; w/o George
ARCHER Robert 1846 - abt Jan 24, 1933; 87y  [short obit]
ARDREY George died Aug 16, 1919; 77y   [1919 burial list]
ARDREY George Sept 23, 1841 - 1933; 92y; h/o Mary E.  [Geo Ardrey monu]
ARDREY Libbie D. Apr 7, 1873 - Aug 14, 1960;  87y; w/o ???; sis in law, Nellie Ardrey of Dundee [obit]
ARDREY Lily Ann died Aug 15, 1880; 5y,4m,3d; d/o George & Mary    [Geo Ardrey monu]
ARDREY Mary E. 1847 - 1898; 51y; w/o George     [Geo Ardrey monu]
ASH Thomas 1830 Eng - 1866; 36y; h/o Maria
ASK Grace L. June 28, 1863 -   ;  [Ask/Bates plot]
ASKE Maria L. Mar 29, 1830 Eng - Jan 25, 1914; 83y; widowed   [Ask/Bates plot] [news -1914 burial list]
ASK Samuel J. Jan 22, 1855 -    ; s/o Maria L.        [Ask/Bates plot]
ASK Thomas Mar 7, 1830 - Jan 25, 1914; 83y      [Ask/Bates plot]
AUSTIN Bertha E. Mar 6, 1893 - Sept 5, 1967 Clifton Sp. hosp; 74y; w/o Willis H.; dau, Mrs. Arlene Hanson? & son, Clarence Jones  [obit] 
AUSTIN Mary died Oct 29, 1848; 3y; d/o Richard J. 
AUSTIN Richard 1808 - 1849; 41y
AUSTIN Willis H. Feb 24, 1888 - Feb 8, 1969; 80y; h/o Bertha E.; 225th Areo Sq.  - WW I Vet [short & long obit]
BADGER Sarah 1796 - 1848; 52y; w/o Hiram
BAKER Almenia 1803 - 1860; 57y; w/o David
BAKER David 1803 - 1870; 67y; h/o Almenia
BAKER Horace A. (Cpl) 1840 - 1862; 22y; died in hosp at NY harbor; Co. B, 8th NY Calv - Civil War Vet
BAKER Mae 1892 - 1945; 53y; w/o Archie     [on plot of Henry Andrews]
BALDWIN Annie 1856 - 1948; 92y; nee LUDLOW    [on Miller plot]
BANKS Alida E. 1881 - 1907; 26y    [on Summers Banks monu]
BANKS Electa 1805 - July 27,1845; 40y,11m,6d; 1st w/o Summers; nee STURGES            [on Summers Banks monu]
BANKS Elizabeth Feb 4, 1824 - June 30, 1899; 75y; nee PEMBROKE     [on Wm. P. Sands monu]
BANKS George H. Jan 27, 1836 - May 14, 1917; 81y; h/o Jane A. PURDY  [on Summers Banks monu]  [have obit]
BANKS Harriet 1883 Bellona - July 10, 1956; 73y; unwed; d/o Geo. & Fannie (Penbrook) BANKS;  niece, Mrs. Grace (Banks) White   [obit]
BANKS infant died Oct 1, 1861; s/o George H. & Jane Ann (Purdy)
BANKS Jane Ann 1841 - Feb 29, 1928; 86y; w/o George H.; nee PURDY  [on Summers Banks monu]   [obit]
BANKS John P. 1833 - Jan 11, 1856; abt 3 wks     [on Summers Banks monu]
BANKS Lydia 1805 - Mar 23, 1849;  44y,11m,15d; 2nd w/o Summers; nee STEWART
BANKS Mary E. died June 30, 1899 Naples, NY;  75y; 3rd w/o Summers  [see 1870 & 80 census]  (Obit-see Ontario Co. BMD section)
BANKS Summers Feb 3, 1805 CT - Apr 10, 1898; 93y; h/o Electa STURGES, Lydia STEWART & Mary E.   [on Summers Banks monu]  [census had name as SUMNER]
BANKS Wilbur F. Aug 1860 - Nov 25, 1928; 68y; s/o George H. & Jane Ann (Purdy) [widowed before 1910]  [on Summers Banks monu]  [see if Grace is d/o Wilbur 1900 census; Grace attended Wells college in 1907]  [short obit]
BARDEN Aaron H. May 28, 1837 - May 30, 1840; 3y,2d; s/o William & Olive (Hanley); twin bros; [other died at birth]
BARDEN Agnes 1854 -1936; 82y; w/o Wm. A.; nee RIPPEY  [plot of Sylvanus Barden monu]
BARDEN Amanda June 9, 1812 - Jan 31, 1897; 84y; w/o Thomas Jr.; nee HOLLINGSHEAD
BARDEN Ashley W. Mar 1838 - Sept 24, 1903; 65y; h/o Kate D. wife & 2 sis, Mrs. I. J. Barden & Mrs. E. H. Pangborne, survive [no children]  [postmaster-obit]
BARDEN Betsey 1793 - May 30, 1871; 77y, 5m,14d; unwed; eldest d/o Otis & Elizabeth (Parker) BARDEN
BARDEN Caroline Oct 7, 1818 - Jan 31, 1906; 87y; w/o Henry; d/o Stephen & Susan PURDY
BARDEN Catherine 1838 - Aug 17, 1840;  2y,7m, 28d;  d/o Otis & Cata (Butler)
BARDEN Catherine D. Sept 1839 - Dec 24, 1915; 77y; w/o Ashley W.; nee DENMAN; sis, Libbie Trusedale;  2 nieces  [obit]
BARDEN Dorothy 1819 - 1909; 90y; w/o Sylvanus P.; nee Mc FARLINE       [Sylvanus Barden monu]
BARDEN Elizabeth Apr 25, 1774 - 1855; 81y; w/o Otis; d/o James & Elizabeth S. PARKER [had 11 kids]
BARDEN Ezekiel 1794 - May 14, 1817;  23y; s/o Thomas & Olive (Benton)  [Ezekiel Barden monu]
BARDEN George O. Dec 1878 - 1949; 70y; s/o Wm. A. & Agnes (Rippie)         [Scott & Barden plot]
BARDEN Hannah July 18, 1830 - Jan 16, 1903; 72y  [Thomas Barden monu]
BARDEN Henry (Dr) Sept 11, 1806 - 1871; 64y; h/o Caroline PURDY; s/o Otis & Elizabeth
BARDEN Henry Vincent 1837 - Mar 22, 1922;  84y; h/o Mary A. HOFFMAN; s/o Levi & Maria (Bush); dau, Mrs. Kathryn Jones;  [Levi Barden monu]  [ obit] 
BARDEN Ira P. Oct 17, 1808 - Mar 24,1838;  29y,5m,7d; h/o Susan HANLEY; s/o Otis & Elizabeth (Parker)
BARDEN James O. (Capt) Mar 12, 1915 - Oct 20, 1981; 66y; h/o Marion L.; 2 daus: Mrs. Jennifer Wattels & Mrs. Carol Piquemel of France; 2 sis: Mrs. Dorothy Cass & Mrs. Agnes Hoefler;  2 bros, Albert W. & Robert P., both of MD;  US Army - WW II Vet    [plot of Sylvanus Barden monu]  [obit]
BARDEN* Jennie 1880 - 1962; 82y; w/o Newton V.; nee OUGHTERSON [plot of Sylvanus Barden monu]
BARDEN Katherine S. July 17, 1877 Geneva - Feb 28,  1970 Geneva; 92y; w/o George O; d/o David & Alice (Platman) SCOTT; no offspring    [Scott & Barden plot]  [short & long obit]
BARDEN Levi 1798 - 1876; 78y; h/o Maria BUSH; sons, Luther & Henry V.    [Levi Barden monu]
BARDEN Luther C. 1832 - 1840; 8y; s/o Levi & Maria (Bush)     [Levi Barden monu]
BARDEN Luther F. 1843 - 1863; 20y; s/o Levi & Maria (Bush) ; 26th NY Batt - Civil War Vet
BARDEN Maria  1800 - 1867; 67y; w/o Levi; nee BUSH    [Levi Barden monu]
BARDEN Maria  1808 - May 4, 1870;  62y,11m,6d; w/o Otis
BARDEN Martha 1782 - 1855; 83y; w/o Sylvanus; nee ATWATER  [Sylvanus Barden monu]
BARDEN Mary 1796 - June 12, 1810;  4y;  d/o Thomas & Olive (Benton) [Ezekiel Barden monu]
BARDEN Mary Jan 17, 1790 - Mar 20, 1869; 79y; w/o Thomas J.   [Thomas Barden monu]
BARDEN Mary 1835 - 1836;  inf. d/o Thomas J. & Mary
BARDEN Mary A. 1840 - 1916; 76y; w/o Henry Vincent; nee HOFFMAN  [Levi Barden monu]
BARDEN Myron died May 22, 1846; 10m; s/o Otis & Cata (Butler) 
BARDEN Nettie 1877 - 1877; inf. d/o Wm. A. & Agnes (Rippey)       [plot of Sylvanus Barden monu]
BARDEN* Newton V. 1877 - Mar 30, 1953 Geneva hosp; 76y; h/o Jennie OUGHTERSON       [plot of Sylvanus Barden monu] [short obit]
BARDEN Olive died Nov 4, 1827;  54y; w/o Thomas; d/o Levi BENTON [Ezekiel Barden monu]
BARDEN Olive 1803 - July 31, 1822; 19y; d/o Thomas & Olive (Benton)   [Ezekiel Barden monu]
BARDEN Olive H. 1803 - Mar 23, 1847;  34y,9m,21d; w/o William; d/o Samuel HANLEY
BARDEN Olive L. died Aug 18, 1843; 1y,2m,3d; ; d/o Wm M. & Olive (Hanley)
BARDEN Otis  (Lt.) Dec 6, 1769 MA - Jan 17, 1832;  62y,1m,11d; h/o Elizabeth PARKER;  s/o Thomas & Susannah (Riggs); Militia
BARDEN Otis 1835 - July 20, 1840;  5y,2m,7d; s/o Otis Jr. & Cata (Butler)
BARDEN Otis B. died Nov 26, 1883; 83y,3m,15d; h/o Maria       [obit]
BARDEN Sally 1795 - Sept 20, 1849;  54y,5m,16d; unwed; d/o Otis & Elizabeth (Parker) BARDEN      [Thomas Barden monu]
BARDEN Sarah H. Nov 6, 1816 - Apr 12, 1836; 19y; d/o Thomas J. & Mary     [Thomas Barden monu]
BARDEN Susannah  w/o Thomas 2nd; nee RIGGS; m: 7/11/1763;   [plot of Sylvanus Barden monu]  [Barden fam hist]
BARDEN Sylvanus Nov 22, 1779 MA - 1827; 47y; h/o Martha "Patty" ATWATER; s/o Thomas & Susannah (Riggs)      [Sylvanus Barden monu] 
BARDEN Sylvanus Perry 1820 - 1904; 84y; s/o Sylvanus & Martha   (Atwater)  [Sylvanus Barden monu] 
BARDEN Thomas 2nd 1735 Attleborough, MA - 1799; 64y; h/o ?; h/o Susannah RIGGS; Ma - Daggett's Regt - Rev War Soldier  [plot of Sylvanus Barden monu] [pg 10, Geneva Times, Wed, May 31, 1972 news article on this Patriot]
BARDEN Thomas 3rd (Capt) Feb 24, 1765 MA - June 21, 1813;  48y,3m,27d; h/o Olive BENTON; s/o Thomas &Susannah (Riggs); MA., Co. of Capt Willmarth - Rev War Solider  & War of 1812  [on Sylvanus Barden monu & Ezekiel Barden monu ]
BARDEN Thomas J. (4th) Mar 11, 1793 - Nov 26, 1877; 84y; h/o Mary; s/o Thomas & Olive (Benton); War of 1812 - Calvary       [Thomas Barden monu]
BARDEN Thomas Jr. Feb 10, 1815 - Oct 17, 1885; 70y
BARDEN unknown died May 28, 1937; s/o Wm. M. & Olive H.; twin bro of Aaron H.
BARDEN Vincent died Mar 21, 1922; h/o ???;  dau, Mrs. F. B. Jones    [short obit] 
BARDEN Willard F. June 10, 1906 Seneca - Sept 28, 1965; 59y; son of Newton V. & Jenny (Oughterson); dau, Miss Susan E.; 2 sis: Mrs. Agnes Hoefler & Mrs. Dorothy Cass, both of Geneva, NY; 3 bros: Albert James & Robert;    B'try B, 542nd AAA Btn, CAC - WW II Vet - US Army Air Corp  [Sylvanus Barden plot]  [obits]
BARDEN William  died Jan 18, 1931; 75y
BARDEN William A. Jan 1855 - 1930; 75y; h/o Agnes RIPPEY   [Sylvanus Barden plot] 
BARDEN William W. (Dr) Jan 9, 1843 Penn Yan - Nov 22, 1922; 89y; h/o Mrs. Cornelia (MADDEN) McCarthy [she died previously, in Brooklyn]; s/o Henry & Caroline (Purdy); sis, Mrs. Cornelius Van Wyck  [d.1917]    [obit]   [1932 burial list]
BARNES Albert W. 1861 - Oct 21, 1928; 67y; h/o Mary E. SLOAN & Miss Lora DeLoriea of MA; sis: Mrs. Ed Black; bros: Arthur L.& Fred;  sons: F. E. Leroy ('Roy') & Carl; dau, Mrs. Louise Gilmore;   [Albert Barnes plot]  [obit]
BARNES Alexander 1891 - 1894; 3y; s/o Albert & Mary E. (Sloan)     [Albert Barnes plot] 
BARNES Amelia died Feb 6, 1929; 91y; son, Frank; niece, Mrs. Fred Barnes & nephew, John Scott   [obit]
BARNES Anna B. 1859 - 1939; 80y; 3rd w/o David Eddy; nee BOND   [David Barnes monu] 
BARNES Arthur L. Sept 20, 1863 - Nov 11, 1939; 76y; h/o Gertrude TURNER; son, Arthur McGhee; sis, Mrs. Grace Black; 6 nephews: Roy M. Kinney, Carl S. Barnes, Albert Ansley, Wm. F. Barnes, Howard  & Elmer McFarren    [Wm. T. Barnes plot]   [obit]
BARNES Arthur M. Oct 20, 1895 Bellona - June 17, 1953 FL [@ his home there] ; 57y;  h/o Ruth SAGE; s/o Arthur L. & Gertrude (Turner); 1 niece, 1 nephew;  340th NY Guard Fire Co. - WW I Vet   [obit]
BARNES Augustus T. died Mar 28, 1897; 74y; h/o Ameilia; s/o James & Laura (Spencer)
BARNES Bert died Oct 24, 1928; 67y 
BARNES Carlton Sloan 1888 - Jan 7, 1980 AZ; 91y; s/o Fred C. & Mary E. Sloan;  h/o Margaret H. [d. 1963]; [m: 11/2/1920]; son, James of FL;    US Navy - WW I Vet    [Albert Barnes plot]    [obit]
BARNES Caroline  died Apr 29, 1891; 30y; 1st w/o David E.; nee HASLETT   [David Barnes monu] 
BARNES Caroline 1839 - Sept 22, 1919; 79y; w/o James W.; nee JOHNSON    [Barnes/Johnson plot] [1919 burial list]
BARNES Charles Fremont 1857 - Jan 6, 1872;  15y,2m; s/o Washington & Jane Augusta  [monu of Washington Barnes]
BARNES Charles P. 1838 - June 6, 1883 NYC; 45y; h/o Esther; Co. L, 54th NY - Civil War Vet
BARNES Clinton B. 1874 - 1959; 85y; h/o Nellie E. WRIGHT; s/o Edgar & Mary (Black)    [Clinton Barnes plot]
BARNES Cora L.   1877 - 1966; 89y; unwed; d/o Edgar & Mary L.   [Gardner/Barnes plot]
BARNES David  (Capt) 1797 - Apr 9, 1871; 73y; h/o Olive SPENCER & Lucy A. DORMAN;   US Military  [David Barnes monu]
BARNES David Eddy Aug 10, 1856 - Mar 14, 1943 Geneva; 86y; h/o Caroline J. HASLETT; s/o David & Lucy (Dorman); 3 daus: Mrs. Harold Hutchens, Mrs. Stanley Porter & Mrs. Ford Cornish;   [David Barnes monu]   [obit]
BARNES Edgar M. 1843 - 1895; 52y;  h/o Mary BLACK   [Gardner/Barnes plot]
BARNES Edgar M. Jr. Feb 6, 1885 - Feb 3, 1973 Newark; 87y; unwed; s/o Edgar & Mary (Black);  [Gardner/Barnes plot]  [obit]
BARNES Eliza 1807 - Aug 31,1849; 42y; 1st w/o James G.; nee JONES [James G Barnes monu]
BARNES Elizabeth Jane died Mar 13, 1846;  6m,6d; d/o Washington & Jane Augusta [Wash. Barnes plot]
BARNES Elsie Faye 1897 - 1902; 5y; infant dau    [David Barnes monu] 
BARNES Emma J. 1878 Cressy Point - Jan 16?, 1953; 74y; w/o Fred Leroy; d/o Charles & Mary (Drake) ALLISON; bro, Charles Allison of CT; sis, Mrs. Don Campbell of FL    [Albert Barnes plot] [obit]
BARNES Eunice F. 1818 - June 21, 1865;  47y; 2nd w/o James G.; nee FOSTER [James G Barnes monu]
BARNES Frank A. 1877 OH - 1958; 81y; s/o Amelia S.
BARNES Fred C. 1868 - May 30, 1932; 63y; h/o Mary E. SLOAN & Helen S.; sons: Wm. & John; dau: Mrs. Carl Barnes; bro: Arthur; sis: Mrs. Ed Black   [Fred Barnes monu]  [obit - heart attack, then hemorrhaged]  [1932 burial list - buried June 2nd]
BARNES Fred Leroy Jan 27, 1883 - May 23, 1970 Geneva hosp; 87y; h/o Emma ALLISON & Helen Tyler BIRD   [Albert Barnes plot]  [obit]
BARNES Fred R. 1840 - Mar 6, 1865;  35y;  Co. E, 126th NY - Civil War Vet   
BARNES Gertrude Dec 5, 1864 PA - July 26, 1950; 85y; w/o Arthur L.; nee TURNER  [Wm. T. Barnes plot]
BARNES Helen S. died Nov 4, 1950 Penn Yan; 2nd w/o Fred C.    [obit]
BARNES Helen Tyler 1883 Rockland, ME - May 23, 1977 Geneva hosp; 94y; 2nd w/o Fred Leroy Barnes; dau, Mrs. Barbara Sprenkle, of Rochester; d/o David & Sarah (Tyler) BIRD;  DAR  [obits]
BARNES Ida Louisa died 1863; 11m; d/o Charles & Sarah C.
BARNES James 1794 - Nov 4, 1849; 55y,8m;  h/o Laura SPENCER
BARNES James G. 1804 - Oct 24, 1880 Little Falls, Herkimer Co.; 76y; h/o  Eliza JONES, Eunice FOSTER, Sarah E.  JONES & Ally   [James G. Barnes monu]
BARNES James Warren (Capt) 1825 - 1865; 40y; h/o Caroline JOHNSON; 26th Inf. Bat - Civil War Vet  [Barnes/Johnson plot] 
BARNES Jane Augusta 1820 - Feb 9,1860; 40y,3m; w/o Washington; nee MEAD
BARNES John Edward (Lt) 1837 - July 21, 1863;  26y; died from wounds at Gettysburg - 126th NY - Civil War Vet
BARNES John R. 1788 - Dec 29, 1865; 77y; h/o Martha    [John  Barnes monu]
BARNES Laura 1798 - Feb 2, 1878; 79y,7m; w/o James; d/o Truman & Lois (Pattison) SPENCER
BARNES Louie died Nov 19, 1885; 20y,1d; s/o James W. & Caroline
BARNES Lucy A. 1822 - Oct 18, 1864; 42y; 2nd w/o David; nee DORMAN  [David Barnes monu] 
BARNES Mabel  1888 - aft 1935?; w/o Clinton B.; d/o Wm. L & Esther J. (Wandell)  BEAMISH   [Clinton Barnes plot] 
BARNES Margaret Helen 1893 - Dec 12, 1963; 73y; w/o Carl(ton) S.; d/o Fred C. & Helen (Scott) BARNES; son James; bros: Wm. S. & John S. Barnes           [Albert Barnes plot] [obit]
BARNES Marie E. 1833 - May 10, 1876;  43y; w/o Fred C.; d/o John R. & Martha SLOAN [John Barnes monu] 
BARNES Martha  1803 - 1864; 61y; w/o John R.     [Barnes/Johnson plot] 
BARNES Martha Lucinda 1865 - 1885; 20y; d/o James W. & Caroline (Johnson)   [ Barnes/Johnson plot] 
BARNES Mary E. died May 10, 1876; 43y; d/o H. & Martha SLOAN        [Albert Barnes plot] 
BARNES Mary E. died late Nov 1920 MA; w/o Albert W.; d/o Alex. B.  & Martha SLOAN; 1 dau, 2 sons; sibs: Charles M. & Nelson & Mrs. Louise Alexander         [obit]
BARNES Mary Louise B. 1853 - Nov 9, 1929; 76y; w/o Edgar M.; d/o Moses & Caroline BLACK; 2 daus: Miss Cora L. & Helen (Barnes) Bill; 2 sons: Clinton & Edgar    [Gardner/Barnes plot]   [obit]
BARNES Mary Elizabeth died Nov 7, 1920; 61y    [1920 obit list]
BARNES Mary J. Jan 16, 1829 - Mar 7, 1913;  84y; w/o Wm. T.; 3 sons: Albert W. of Boston, Arthur L. of Penn Yan & Frank C. of Geneva; 1 dau, Mrs. Grace Black of Bellona; 2 bros: Levi & Martin BARDEN; sis, Mrs. Minerva Mapes of Rushville (86y);  [Wm T Barnes plot]  [obit]
BARNES Mary L. 1834 - July 1, 1854; 20y,10m;  d/o John R. & Martha    [John Barnes monu] 
BARNES Nellie E. 1877 - July 24, 1913; 36y; w/o Clinton B.; nee WRIGHT; her mom, Mrs. Clard; bros: Willis & Ansel Wright; sis, Mrs. Margaret Burk      [Clinton Barnes plot] [obit]
BARNES Olive Jan 1, 1800 - Mar 29, 1828;  28y; 1st w/o David; d/o (Capt) Truman & Lois (Pattison)  SPENCER
BARNES Ruth  1901 - 19??; w/o Arthur M.; nee SAGE    [Wm T Barnes plot] 
BARNES Sarah C. 1840 - Oct 5, 1863; 23y; w/o Charles P.; nee HEWLITT   [Geo. Hewlitt monu] 
BARNES Sarah E. 1811 - Oct 10, 1878; 67y; 3rd w/o James G.; nee JONES   [James G Barnes monu] 
BARNES Sarah E. 1846 - Oct 14, 1852;  6y,6m; d/o James G. & Eliza (Jones)
BARNES Washington died Dec 12, 1896;  77y,8m;     [Washington  Barnes monu] 
BARNES William F. Aug 25, 1895 Geneva - June 13, 1981 CA; 85y; 310th Inf Med Det. - US Army  - WW I Vet  [Fred Barnes monu] [obit]
BARNES William Thomas Aug 15, 1817 - Sept 22, 1894; 77y    [Wm T Barnes plot] 
BARRINGER Howard 1870 - 1953; 83y; h/o Lillie M.
BARRINGER Lillie M. 1874 - 1955; 81y; w/o Howard
BATES Ann E. Aug 22, 1824 Eng- Mar 2, 1908; 83y; w/o  Henry L.  [Ask/Bates plot]  [1908 obit list states Mar 5]
BATES Henry L. Sept 24, 1822 CT - Apr 23, 1880; 57y;  h/o Ann E.   [Ask/Bates plot] 
BEAMISH Charlotte M. died May 3, 1882; 26y,1m,18d; d/o Robert & Mary Ann (Nursey) [Robert Beamish monu]
BEAMISH infant died Sept 27, 1887; inf child of Geo. H. & Julia 
BEAMISH Mary Ann died Aug 11, 1895;  71y; w/o Robert; nee NURSEY  [Robert Beamish monu]
BEAMISH Robert died Apr 18, 1892; 66y; h/o Mary Ann NURSEY [Robert Beamish monu]
BEATTIE Ann 1829 - 1905; 76y; w/o James; nee ANDERSON    [James Beattie monu]
BEATTIE Anna M. 1856 - 1861; 5y  [James Beattie monu]
BEATTIE Blanche 1870 -1875; 5y; d/o William & Mary    [Wm. Jr. Beattie plot]
BEATTIE David Hill Sept 14, 1889 - Feb 4, 1967; 77y; h/o Mazie (Patchett); s/o Henry Clay & Iretta O.; dau, Mrs. Marilyn Phillips; son, Joseph R;  7 grandkids     [ obit] 
BEATTIE Edgar C. 1859 - 1961; 102y   [James Beattie monu]
BEATTIE Emma S. Apr 5, 1871 Romulus - Apr 11, 1971 Utica; 100y; w/o Dr. Herbert; nee SIMPSON; 3 sons: Harold, Donald & Walter   [Wm. Jr. Beattie plot]    [obit]
BEATTIE Henry Clay 1838 - Mar 26, 1911; 72y; h/o Iretta O.; 4 sons: Malcolm, Leslie, David & Kenneth    [Wm. Beattie plot]  [obit]
BEATTIE Henry C Jr. 1882 - 1882; inf     [Wm. Beattie plot]
BEATTIE Herbert  (Dr) 1866 - Oct 2, 1912; 46y; h/o Emma SIMPSON   [Wm. Jr. Beattie plot]
BEATTIE Hessel Aug 6, 1868 Bellona - June 3, 1958 Geneva hosp; 89y; unwed; s/o Wm. & Ann (Adamson) [obit]
BEATTIE infant died Jan 3, 1892;  1d; child of Wm. D & Minnie F.
BEATTIE Iretta O. 1854 - May 31, 1937; 83y; w/o Henry Clay  [Wm. Beattie monu]  [obit]
BEATTIE James 1829 - 1883; 54y; h/o Ann ANDERSON    [James Beattie monu]
BEATTIE Kenneth C. 1891 - 1961; 70y; h/o Laura T.
BEATTIE Laura M. died June 17, 1908; 47y   [1908 obit list]
BEATTIE Laura T. 1894  Bellona - Oct 16, 1979; 85y; w/o Kenneth C.; d/o Edward & Harriet (Coffin) TURNER; 2 sons: Lynwood & Kenneth       [obit]
BEATTIE Louisa Anna died Aug 16, 1887;  2m,24d; d/o Wm. D. & Minnie F.
BEATTIE Maizie Aug 20, 1897 - Feb 13, 1987;  89y; w/o David H.
BEATTIE Maria G. 1817 Eng - 1895; 78y; w/o Wm.    [Wm. Beattie monu]
BEATTIE Mary E. Jan 22, 1827 - May 11, 1900; 73y; w/o Wm.       [Wm. Beattie Jr. monu]
BEATTIE May    [Wm. Beattie Jr. monu]
BEATTIE Minnie B. died Mar 11, 1877;  10y,4m,13d; 
BEATTIE Myron E. 1865 - 1898; 33y  [James Beattie monu]
BEATTIE William Apr 23, 1808 - Dec 19, 1859; 51y
BEATTIE William Dec 16, 1830 - Jan 14, 1893; 62y; h/o Mary E.   [Wm. Beattie Jr. monu]
BEWS family foot stones for "father" "mother"
BEWS Henry died Jan 28, 1888; 79y  [Henry Bews monu]
BEWS Jessie 1798 - 1873; 75y; w/o Henry; nee BROTCHIE
BEWS John early July 1945 [short obit]     [sm marker nears Bews monu]
BEWS Mary E.      [sm marker nears Bews monu]
BEWS Sarah A. died June 19, 1919; 83y      [1919 burial list]
BEWS William died Sept 21, 1914; 49y; s/o Daniel; sis, Mrs. David Oughterson;  [sm marker nears Bews monu]   [news -1914 burial list] [obit - killed on RR tracks]
BICKSLER Beverly Joan 1941 - Feb 28, 1942; 6m; inf d/o Owen & Mildred (Leach); sis, Shirley; bros: Roy & Richard   [obit-pneumonia]
BICKSLER Daniel Dec 9, 1878 PA - Jan 16, 1964; 85y; h/o Mabel   [Roy Bicksler plot] [obit has 92y; research further]
BICKSLER Harris Sept 17, 1906  - Sept 1985 SC; 79y; h/o ???; s/o Daniel & Mabel  [m: 6/29/1933] [lived & buried in SC]
BICKSLER Mabel July 11, 1881 Oval, PA - May 9, 1972 Geneva; 90y; w/o Daniel; dau, Mrs. Roy Snyder of PA; 4 sons: Harris, Ira, Olen & Daniel  [Roy Bicksler plot]  [obit]
BICKSLER Mildred I. Mar 5, 1919 PA - Nov 9, 2009; 90y; w/o Olen; d/o Wm. & Florence (Jones) LEACH  [obit]
BICKSLER Olen Apr 26, 1915 - July 21, 1991; 76y; h/o Mildred I. LEACH; s/o Daniel & Mabel
BICKSLER Roy C. 1925 - Sunday, Oct 3, 1948; 23y; s/o Dan & Mabel; 4 bros: Harris, Ira, Owen & Dan Jr.; sis, Mrs. Roy Snyder of PA;  [Roy Bicksler plot] [died 9 hrs later from auto accident w/ Ken W. Rhodes] [obit - auto accident - tire blowout] 
BIGGERS Abram Frederick  Lynchburg, VA -  Sept 21, 1941; h/o Helen E. MEAD; s/o Abram & Sarah (Sowers) BIGGERS; 2 sis: Mrs. T. J. Barham of Newport News, VA & Mrs. J. G. Holliday of Richmond, VA   [Wm. Mead monu]  [obit - heart attack]  
BIGGERS Helen Elizabeth 1887 Bellona - Aug 26, 1961; 74y; w/o Abram F.; d/o Wm. & Margaret (Rappleye) MEAD; sis, Miss Elsie Mead & 7, 1st cousins;  DAR     [Wm. Mead monu]    [obit]       
BILL Emma 1867 - 1936; 69y; w/o Abram F.; nee MEAD      [Wm. Mead monu]
BILL Emma G. died  Nov 1939; w/o Samuel D.;  dau, Ethel; 3 sons: Ernest, Harold & Kenneth [incomplete obit]
BILL Ernest C. 1898 - Aug 17, 1964; 66y; unwed; s/o Samuel & Emma; bros: Kenneth & Harold; sis, Mrs. Forrest Peterson    [Samuel Bill plot]
BILL Harold J. Feb 14, 1900 Orleans - Dec 28, 1978; 78y; h/o Louisa ALEXANDER; son, James H.; bro, Ken, of FL  [plot of Joseph Alexander] [obit]
BILL Helen A. 1893 - Dec 16, 1947 Bellona; 54y; w/o Harold J.; son, James, sis, Miss Cora Barnes; bros: Clinton & Edgar BARNES    [on Gardner/Barnes plot] [obit] 
BILL Louisa A. Apr 23, 1898 - Feb 24, 1995 Lyons, NY;  96y; w/o Harold J.; nee ALEXANDER [plot of Joseph Alexander]
BILL Samuel D. 1870 - late Dec 1954; 84y; h/o Emma G.; sons: Ernest & Harold; bro, Ernest J.   [plot of Samuel Bill]
BLACK Alexander R. Aug 29, 1841 - Dec 25, 1902; 61y; h/o Grace BARNES     [Alex Black monu]
BLACK Caroline E. 1818 - 1904; 86y; w/o Moses; nee McGOWAN
BLACK Charles E. 1837 - 1910; 73y; h/o Frances J. BARNES; Co. D, 148th NY - Civil War Vet   [Charles Black monu]
BLACK Charles M. Oct 5, 1876 - Mar 20, 1909; 32y; s/o Alexander R. & Grace (Barnes)  [Alex Black monu]
BLACK Edward 1862 - 1933; 71y; h/o Grace BARNES
BLACK Flora A. Mar 20, 1859 - July 10, 1937; 78y; w/o Wm. F; nee ANSLEY; 3 daus: Miss Mary Black of CA, Mrs. A. L. Munger & Mrs. Walter Robson; 2 bros: Marcus Ansley & Sewell More ; 3 sis: Mrs. James Scott of CA, Mrs. I. W. Tranvell of NJ & Mrs. Warren Tranvell of CA   [Hugh Black monu] [obit - another has as aged 76y ]
BLACK Frances J. 1839 - Dec 6, 1911; 72y; w/o Charles E.; nee BARNES; children: Alexander & Miss Louise Black     [Charles Black monu] [obit]
BLACK Frank M. Apr 1839 - 1907; 68y; h/o Mary E. DAINES
BLACK George W. died May 8, 1911;  80y,9m; h/o Harriet M.    [Geo. Black monu]
BLACK Grace B. 1860 - 1943; 83y; w/o Edward; nee BARNES
BLACK Harriet C. Dec 17, 1828 - Aug 17, 1894; 65y; unwed  [listed as sister on 1880 census w/Hugh & Augusta/1900, Hugh's wife is Helen Roe] [research further]
BLACK Harriet M. died June 22, 1877;  41y,2m,28d; w/o George W.; nee DORMAN [Geo. Black monu]
BLACK Harry E. died May 13, 1886;  1y,1m,21d; s/o Morris H. & Emma F. (Green) [Harvey M. Black plot]
BLACK Harry Moses died Jan 25, 1926 Rochester;  80y; son, Fred C.; dau, Mrs. Geo. J. Earl of Rochester; sis: Mrs. Mary L. Barnes, of Bellona;    [Harvey M. Black plot]    [obit]
BLACK Harvey buried Jan 28, 1926; 80y  [1926 burial list]
BLACK Hattie B. died Aug 28, 1872;  1y,18d; d/o George W. &  Harriet M. (Dorman)  [Geo. Black monu]
BLACK Hugh R. Aug 10, 1822 - Dec 20, 1893; 71y; h/o Mary   [Hugh Black monu]
BLACK Isabelle 1840 - Jan 27, 1919; 78y,11m,5d; w/o ??; lived w/ gr dau, Mrs. F. L. Porter  [short obit]  [1919 burial list]
BLACK J. Schuyler 1872 - Feb 15, 1903;  30y;   [Charles Black monu]
BLACK Jennie died Aug 31, 1877;  2m,13d; d/o Geo. W., & Harriet M. (Dorman)  [Geo. Black monu]
BLACK Judson A. 1893 - 1920; 27y; buried Bethel Church, PA   [listed on Chas Black monu]
BLACK Louis D. Oct 13, 1884 - Feb 25, 1913;  28y;   [Hugh Black monu]
BLACK Louise W. 1870 -  abt. Nov 18, 1952 Santa Barbara , CA; 82y; unwed  [Charles Black monu] [obit]
BLACK M. Grace M. June 17,1845 - June 18, 1913; 68y,1d; w/o Alexander R. nee MARTIN  [Alex Black monu]
BLACK Mary E. 1842 - May 6, 1903; 60y; w/o Frank M.; nee DAINES
BLACK Mary J. Oct 30, 1885 - Mar 21, 1948 Glendale, CA; 62y; unwed;  d/o Wm. F. & Laura (Ansley) BLACK; 2 sisters: Mrs. A. L. Munger of Glendale & Mrs. Walter Robson, of Hall, NY  [Hugh Black monu] [obit]
BLACK Mary T. Sept 9, 1826 - Jan 30, 1906; 79y; w/o Hugh R.    [Hugh Black monu]
BLACK Moses 1799 PA  - Mar 15, 1854 Seneca, NY; 54y; h/o Caroline & Mary
BLACK William F.  Nov 12, 1860 - June 14, 1941; 80y; h/o    ? s/o Hugh R. & Mary T.  [Hugh Black monu] [short obit] 
BLACKWELL Adeline  died abt Jan 23, 1940; w/o Fred   [short obit] 
BLOOD Allen 1832 - Dec 16, 1881;  49y; h/o Sarah [on Allen Blood monu & plot]
BLOOD Alta Feb 15, 1903 - Oct 3, 1999; 96y; w/o Clinton; nee EMERY   [plot of Isaac Blood]
BLOOD Arthur G. July 22, 1877 - Nov 19, 1914; 37y; h/o Ellen CAMPBELL; s/o Dewitt & Mary  [plot of Isaac Blood]   [news -1914 burial list] [obit - killed by a train]
BLOOD Carrie 1859 - Mar 31, 1865; 5y; d/o Isaac D. & Mary E (Dunn)  [plot of Isaac Blood]
BLOOD Charles D. 1882 - 1896; 14y; s/o Isaac D. & Mary E. (Dunn)    [plot of Isaac Blood]
BLOOD Charlotte 1875 - 1907; 32y;  w/o ???; nee DARLINGTON    [on Allen Blood monu & plot]
BLOOD Clinton A. Nov 18, 1905 - Sept 3, 1984; 78y; h/o Alta EMERY; no kids  [plot of Isaac Blood]  [obit]
BLOOD Dewitt P.  abt 1863 -Mar 30, 1940;  77y; h/o Isabelle BUSH   [adj to Charles Bush monu]
BLOOD Ellen Mar 27, 1877 - May 27, 1937; 60y; w/o Arthur; nee CAMPBELL [plot of Isaac Blood]
BLOOD Emory A. 1857 - buried Jun 22, 1933; 76y        [on monu of Summer Robert]  [1932 burial list]
BLOOD Frank W. 1866 - Jan 14, 1893 Penn Yan; 26y  [on Allen Blood monu & plot]
BLOOD Frederick F.  1872 - Aug 26, 1952; 80y; h/o Jennie M.; no kids; only nieces  & nephews  [on monu of Summer Robert]  [obit]
BLOOD Herbert W. May 27, 1871 - Aug 13, 1900; 29y; s/o Dewitt & Mary       [on plot of Isaac Blood]
BLOOD Isaac Dewitt Dec 24, 1834 - Mar 24, 1907; 72y; h/o Mary E. DUNN;  Co. I, 148th NY - Civil War Vet   [on plot of Isaac Blood]
BLOOD Isabelle died Feb 5, 1949;  84y; w/o Dewitt P.; nee BUSH  [adj to Charles Bush monu]
BLOOD Jennie M. 1877 - 1940; 63y; w/o Frederick P.      [on monu of Summer Robert]
BLOOD Mary E. 1837 - 19??; w/o Isaac D.; nee DUNN  [Isaac Blood monu]
BLOOD Nettie  died Aug 28, 1872     [on  plot of Allen Blood monu]
BLOSS Ada B. 1859 - 1936; 77y; w/o George; nee HATCH
BLOSS Cora M. 1871 - 1936; 65y; w/o Roy H.; nee CRAVER   [Roy Bloss plot]
BLOSS George 1860 - buried Apr 19, 1937; 77y; h/o Ada HATCH [short obit] 
BLOSS Irwin W.  "Mike" Jan 15, 1915 - Jan 17, 2009; 94y; h/o Susan & Margaret NISSEN; s/o George& Janette (Voak) [Roy Bloss plot]
BLOSS Margaret A. Apr 27, 1921 - Apr 4, 1984; 62y; w/o Irwin "Mike"; nee NISSEN d/o Mrs. Leona Anderson, of Bellona; 4 stepsons: Donald Nissen; James, Gerald & Michale Bloss; 3 step daus: Mrs. Gerri Burton, Mrs. Helen Rigby of FL & Mrs. Kathy Nowak of TN   [Roy Bloss plot]
BLOSS Marjorie Apr 14, 1928 - Mar 1975;  46y; nee HUFF     [Roy Bloss plot]
BLOSS Roy H. May 11, 1888 - Oct 1, 1973 FL;  85y; s/o George & Ada B. (Hatch)    [Roy Bloss plot]  [obit]  
BOGART Alta B. Nov 10, 1904 Mayhafee, PA- Mar 30, 1974 Waterloo, NY; 69y; w/o Wm. J. ; d/o Seward  & Emma (Mott) DEAN; dau, Mrs. Gloria Seager; 5 sons: Roland,Harld, Kenneth, Robert & Paul; bro, Harold DEAN  [Wm. Bogart plot]   [obit]  
BOGART John L. June 17, 1821 - Feb 7, 1889; 67y; h/o Mary E. 
BOGART Krista Alta 1956 - July 31, 1977; 20y; unwed; d/o Ken & Elaine LeClair; sis, Miss Cathy Gower; sis, Mrs. Cathie Gower of CT; 4 bros: Kim, Kelly [USAF, Germany], Eric & David [of FL] McClure; maternal g'parents: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Silver of FL [Wm. Bogart plot] [obit - auto accident]
BOGART Mary E. 1834 - 1921; 87y; w/o John L. 
BOGART William J. Oct 5, 1896 - Nov 5, 1971; 75y; h/o Alta B. DEAN; bro, Lowell; dau: Mrs. Gloria Seager; 5 sons: Ronald, Harold, Kenneth, Robert & Paul; 7th Inf NY - WW I Vet    [Wm. Bogart plot]  [obit]
BOND Anna C. Jan 10, 1898 of Bellona - Apr 13, 1982 Canandaigua; 84y; nee KUNS; w/o Leroy A.;  4 daus: Mrs. Dorothy Ipock of NC, Mrs. Elsie Napier, Mrs. Beatrice Maukam of KS & Mrs. Mary Mackie; son, Geo. L.; bro, Herbert Kuns of Aurora [G Lawson Bond plot]
BOND George Lawson 1854 - Aug 20, 1926; 73y; h/o Mary E. HOLLAND; kids: Leroy, M. Louise Bond & Mrs. Floyd Smith;  3 sis: Mrs. Clara Rupert, Mrs. D. E. Barnes & Mrs. Walter Dorman     [G Lawson Bond plot] [obit]   [1926 burial list]
BOND Leroy A. Mar 15, 1894 - mid Oct 1970 Canandaigua; 76y; h/o Anna C.; s/o Geo. L. & Mary (Holland); 4 daus: Mrs. Jane Ipock, Mrs. Wilber Napier, Mrs. Howard Naukam & Mrs. Harry Mackie;  son, Geo. L. ; sis, Mrs. Catherine Smith  [G Lawson Bond plot]  [obit]
BOND Mary E. 1866 - 1940; 74y; w/o G. LAWSON;  nee HOLLAND    [G Lawson Bond plot]
BOOKSTAVER Augusta 1841 - 1892; 51y;  d/o Moses & Maria;  [Moses Bookstaver monu]
BOOKSTAVER Lee 1843 - 18??; s/o Moses & Maria; bro of Augusta; Civil War Vet [Moses Bookstaver monu]
BOOKSTAVER Lettitia J. 1836 - 1866; 30y;   [Moses Bookstaver monu]    [ck to see if she was 1st w/o Moses]
BOOKSTAVER Maria 1811 - 1898; 87y; w/o Moses        [Moses Bookstaver monu]
BOOKSTAVER Moses 1788 - 1859; 71y;  h/o Maria War of 1812 Vet      [Moses Bookstaver monu]
BOOKSTAVER Moses Jr. 1838 - 1875; 37y; s/o Moses & Maria     [Moses Bookstaver monu]
BRADY Mary Elizabeth July 6, 1917 MA - Jan 2, 1992 Orchard Park, NY; 74y; nee HARRIS  [Ida Harris plot]
BREESE Harold R. Nov 10, 1924 - Mar 10, 1995 Geneva; 70y
BREESE Millicent L.    (Cpl) Dec 20, 1923 - May 7, 1991; 67y; US Marine Corp - WW II Vet   [Breese/Phillips monu]
BRIGGS Bessie M. died Apr 1969; 77y; w/o Floyd; son, Sherwood; dau, Mrs. Shirley Handy  [obit]
BRIGGS Elizabeth "Bessie" M. Jan 3, 1891 -Dec 1969 Whitesboro, NY; 78y; w/o Floyd E.    [Briggs/Culver plot]
BRIGGS Cassie L. 1866 - 1936; 70y;  w/o Elmer; d/o James & Ruth A. HATCH
BRIGGS Clinton J. 1895 - Jan 5, 1951; 55y   [Briggs/Culver plot]
BRIGGS Elmer Oct 1862 - buried Feb 6, 1938; 75y; h/o Cassie L. HATCH;  s/o James C. & Fanny [short obit]
BRIGGS Elmer C. July 29, 1917 - Aug 25, 1989; 72y; h/o Florence R.   [Stillwell/Briggs plot]
BRIGGS Florence R. Sept 15, 1910 - Jan 27, 2007 Kirkville, NY; 96y;  w/o Elmer C.   [Stillwell/Briggs plot]
BRIGGS Floyd E. June 4, 1892 - Oct 16, 1971 Lowville, NY; 79y; son, Sherwood; dau, Mrs. Shirley Handy;    [obits have 77y & 79y]
BRIGGS Mary A. 1830 - 1900; 70y; w/o Peleg; nee SANDS   [Scott/Briggs monu]
BRIGGS Pauline E. Feb 13, 1922 Hornell - May 22, 1982 Whitesboro; 60y; w/o Sherwood E. [m:7/3/1947]; d/o Ray & Violet (Ives) SMITH; sons: Larry & Lynn; 2 sis: Mrs. Edna Becker & Mrs. Jennie Abbey; 2 bros: Ray & Ron SMITH    [Briggs/Culver plot]   [obit]
BRIGGS Peleg 1826 - 1894; 68y; h/o Mary A. SANDS     [Scott/Briggs monu]
BRIGGS Sherwood E. July 31, 1918 - Sept 10, 1995 Ilion, NY; 77y; h/o Pauline E.      [Briggs/Culver plot]
BROWN Andrew 1887 - Dec 3, 1939; 52y;     [Herbert Griner plot]   [short obit]
BROWN Benjamin 1848 - Aug 16, 1931; 83y; h/o Jeannie [Jane] KIRKPATRICK; bros, Sam & Wm.;  1 sis , Mrs. Bachan lives in west; 20 nieces & nephews  [obit]
BROWN Eliza A. 1812 - 1858; 46y; w/o John A.   [Geo. Ardrey plot]
BROWN Elizabeth 1835 - Mar 16, 1912; 77y; w/o William; nephew, H.W. Mittower of Torrey;    [Geo. Ardrey plot] [obit]
BROWN Esther 1910 - 1923; 13y   [Ida Harris plot]
BROWN Jane died July 25, 1933 Penn Yan Hosp; widow of Benjamin    [short obit]
BROWN Jeannie K. "Jane" 1865 - July 25, 1933; 73y; w/o Benjamin; nee KIRKPATRICK; son Wm. Kirkpatrick
BROWN Katherine E. 1865 - June 28, 1943; w/o ??; 3 sis, bros: Ernest W. & Albert E. JOHNSON   [Johnson/Brown plot]   [obit]
BROWN Louise died June 7, 1923; 13y   [1923 burial list]
BROWN Mary  died June 9, 1892;  50y; w/o  ??;  d/o Alexander & Jane KIRKPANE
BROWN Mary E. 1834 - 1907; 73y; w/o Albro; nee GARRISON [on Garrison plot]
BROWN William 1833 - 1903;  70y;    [Geo. Ardrey plot]
BRUZEE Benjamin E. Nov 1863 - 1940; 76y; h/o Hattie N.    [Ben Bruzee monu]
BRUZEE Ella M. 1873 - 1899; 26y   [Ben Bruzee monu]
BRUZEE Hattie N. 1859 - Oct 10, 1936; 77y; w/o Benjamin E.; 4 nephews: R$alph VandeVeer of Geneva & 3 others of ND  [Ben Bruzee monu]  [obit] 
BUCKLE Alice M. June 19, 1891 England - Jan 5, 1981;  89y; w/o Thomas;2 daus: Miss Kathleen Christiansen of Penn Yan & Mrs. Jean Taylor, of Albion; bro, Herbert Brown of Canada   [obit]
BUCKLE Thomas 1887 Garbolasham, Eng - June 28, 1956; 68y; h/o Alice M. BROWN [m: Feb 1916]; s/o Robert & Rachel (Reeve); 2 daus;  1 bro & 4 sis in Eng.           [obit]
BUNN Mary Jan 5, 1798 - Apr 14, 1872; 74y; w/o William   [Potts monu]
BUSH Benjamin W. 1826 -1874; hubs of Margaret; 48y; s/o John L. & Hannah H. (Coddington) [Ben Bush monu]
BUSH Catherine A. June 30, 1830 - Jan 25, 1910; 79y; d/o John L. & Hannah H. CODDINGTON [JL Bush monu]
BUSH Charles D. Aug 22, 1836 - May 10, 1915; 78y; h/o Elizabeth & Martha C. LYNN  [Charles Bush monu]
BUSH C. Kenneth Sept 19, 1906 - Mar 1980; 73y; h/o Edith G.; 3 bros: Gordon, Melvin & Donald  [duel suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in garage - obit]
BUSH Edith G. Aug 12, 1909 - Mar 1980;  70y; w/o C. Kenneth; dau, Mrs. Norma Johnson; 3 bros: Harry, Eilart of FL & Leslie Christiansen of Penn Yan; sis, Mrs. Eva Pedersen of Penn Yan  [duel suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in garage- obit]
BUSH Elizabeth 1803 - 1880; 77y; w/o Jonas;    [Jonas Bush monu]
BUSH Elizabeth  Jan 7, 1843 - Feb 20, 1915; 72y; 2nd w/o Charles D.    [Charles Bush monu]
BUSH Gordon Apr 23, 1903 - Apr 1992; 89y; h/o Mildred E.
BUSH Hannah H. 1796 - May 1, 1875; 79y,4m,26d;  w/o John L.; nee CODDINGTON [JL Bush monu]
BUSH James H. 1833 - Oct 14, 1909; 76y; stomach cancer;  [obit]   [John R. Bush monu]
BUSH John L. 1797 - Dec 1, 1865; 67y,10m,6d h/o Hannah H. CODDINGTON   [JL Bush monu]
BUSH John M. buried Mar 4, 1914; 72y    [news -from 1914 burial list] 
BUSH John R. 1801 - Jan 15, 1861; 59y; h/o Susanna    [John R. Bush monu]
BUSH Jonas H. 1803 - 1865; 63y; h/o Elizabeth   [Jonas Bush monu]
BUSH Margaret June 13, 1821 - Aug 15, 1895; 74y; w/o Benjamin W.   [Ben Bush monu]
BUSH Martha C. 1833 - 1872;  39y,10m,25d; 1st w/o Charles D.; nee LYNN   [Charles Bush monu]
BUSH Mary Jane 1857 - Dec 16, 1944; 87y; w/o John M.; at home of dil, Mrs. Jennie Bush; bro Joseph COOK of Rathburn, NY; grandkids & great grandkids   [Jonas Bush monu] [obit] 
BUSH Mildred E. 1905 - 1968; 63y; w/o Gordon
BUSH Sarah Elizabeth died Feb 20, 1915; 72y; w/o Charles; nee BUCKALEW; step dau, Mrs. Dewitt Blood  [obit]
BUSH Sarah J. May 14, 1833 - Aug 13, 1881; 48y; d/o John L. & Hannah (Coddington)  [JL Bush monu]
BUSH Susan A. 1835 - Oct 21, 1908; 72y; w/o James H.; d/o Thomas & Gertrude (Cronk) CHRYSLER     [John R. Bush monu]   [obit]  [1908 obit list - 23rd]
BUSH Susanna 1800  -1891; 91y; w/o John R.   [John R. Bush monu]
BUSH William 1833 - 1904; 71y; s/o Jonas H. & Elizabeth
BUTCHER Caroline Sept 20, 1833 - Oct 1, 1906; 73y; nee GAGE   [marker near Dan Gage]
BUTCHER Charles S. 1879 - Fri, Dec 26, 1952; 73y; h/o Lillian M. JOLLEY; s/o Charles & Caroline (Gage); son, Charles; 2 nephews & 1 niece;     "Father"   [Jolley/Butcher plot]    [obit]
BUTCHER Charles W. Nov 17, 1906 - Apr 14, 1980; 73y; s/o Charles S. & Lillian M. (Jolley); unwed; [Jolley/Butcher plot]  [obit]
BUTCHER* Edwin  July 1858 Kent, Eng - Mar 24, 1922; 69y; unwed; s/o James & Frances (Sands)  [James Butcher monu]
BUTCHER Esther 1847 - 1877; 30y; unwed; d/o James & Frances (Sands)  [James Butcher monu]
BUTCHER* Frances "Fanny" Aug 1820 Kent, Eng - Sept 22, 1910; 90y; w/o James; nee SANDS   [James Butcher monu]
BUTCHER* James 1812 Maidstone, Kent, Eng - Apr 15, 1883; 71y; h/o Frances SANDS   [James Butcher monu]
BUTCHER Lillian Mae  1884 - Dec 17, 1963; 79y; w/o Charles S. Sr.; d/o Wm. & Olivia (Davie) JOLLEY; son Charles; nephew, Charles Jolley of Penn Yan; niece, Mrs. Helen Splann of Elmira  [Jolley/Butcher plot] [obit]
BUTCHER May C. died Nov 15, 1903;  5m; "sister"     [Jolley/Butcher plot]
BUTCHER* Sarah June 1844 Kent, Eng - Mar 26, 1927; 82y; unwed; d/o James & Frances (Sands)  [James Butcher monu] [short obit & 1927 annual burial list]
CAMERON Florence Oct 9, 1871 - Oct 25, 1919; 48y; w/o Scott; d/o Charles & Ame HEERMANS [Heermans plot]  [1919 burial list]
CARPENTER infant child buried Aug 3, 1927; child of Rev. Carpenter      [1927 necrology list]
CARPENTER Susan Mar 14, 1801 - 1871; 70y; w/o George; d/o Otis & Elizabeth (Parker) BARDEN
CATLIN Albert James 1894 - Jan 20, 1964 Canandaigua hosp; 69y; s/o Herbert & Nellie (Noble) [Herb Catlin monu]
CATLIN Amelia  "Milly" 1868 - abt Sept 10, 1946; w/o Robert Wm.; nee MILLMAN; son, Harry; dau, Mrs. Clifford Hoster  [obit] 
CATLIN Annie E. 1861 - Sept 27, 1946; 85y; w/o William; nee JOHNSON; 2 sis: Miss Martha of Penn Yan & Mrs. Carrie Cornell of CA 1 bro, Albert of Newark   [Wm. Catlin monu]  [obit]
CATLIN Charles 1850 Eng - May 25, 1927; 76y; h/o Emma E. LARGE; dau, Mrs. Robert Rippey        [Charles Catlin monu] [obit] [1927 necrology list]
CATLIN Emma E. 1850 - buried April 28, 1925; 75y; w/o Charles; nee LARGE; dau, Mrs. Robert Rippey, of Geneva    [Charles Catlin monu]  [obit]   [1925 list of burials - Jan 1926 article]
CATLIN Evelyn W. Aug 21, 1910 - Oct 15, 1995 FL;  85y; w/o George R.
CATLIN F. Louise 1887 - 1887;  inf d/o Charles S. & Emma E.   [Charles Catlin monu]
CATLIN George R. Feb 25, 1906 - Feb 25, 1993FL;  87y; h/o Evelyn W.
CATLIN Herbert A. 1864 Eng  - Sept 3, 1948 Seneca Co.; 84y; h/o Nellie E. NOBLE; 5 sons: Henry, Albert, Lewis, Earl & Geo; 4 daus: Mrs. Wm. Goodwin, of Ithaca, Mrs. M. Matthews, of PA, Mrs. Geo. St. Angelo of Canandaigua & Mrs.  R. Rasmussen of Geneva      [Herbert Catlin monu][ was the caretaker of this cemetery, as well] [obit]
CATLIN Nellie E. 1869 - Dec 14, 1910 Geneva; 41y; w/o Herbert A.; nee NOBLE; 9 kids    [Herbert Catlin monu]  [obit]
CATLIN Robert William Aug 1856 Eng - Dec 14, 1930; 72y; h/o Amelia MILLMAN [Wm. Catlin monu]  [obit]
CATLIN William died Jan 18, 1930; 75y    [obit]
CATHEU Alberta Jan 13, 1905 - Jan 25, 1990; 85y; w/o Edwin J.
CATTIEU Edwin J. May 21, 1894 - Feb 17, 1973; 78y; h/o Alberta; dau, Mrs. Florence Osbourner; bro, Orange, of Geneva; 153rd Depot Brig - US Army - WW I Vet  in France  [obits] 
CHAAPEL Helen S. 1896 - 1956; 60y; w/o John A.;  [plot of Henry Andrews monu]
CHAMBERLAIN infant     d/o Matlida J.    [Jeptha Earl monu]  [surname spelled  LIN and LAIN]
CHAMBERLIN Matilda J. 1818 - 1900; 82y     [Jeptha Earl monu]
CHAMBERS Carol Ann 1953 - July 4, 1973; 20y; d/o Charles & Mary (Mashewske); g/p: M & M Leon Chambers; & Mrs. Ella Mashewske; drowned; [on Bert Enos monu; also on Jacob Chambers monu] [obit-drowned]
CHAMBERS Direxa or Disexa died Feb 26, 1923; 73y; w/o Joseph; dau, Mrs. John Tomion; sons, Wilson & Geo; sis, Mrs. Wm. Chambers  [Chambers monu]  [obit]
CHAMBERS Joseph 1840 England - May 27, 1919; 78y;  h/o Direxa; dau, Mrs. John Tomion; sons: George & Wilson; 3 sis of England [unnamed]   [Chambers monu]  [1919 burial list] [obit] 
CHAAPEL Dorothy Mae died Mar 3, 1938; 18d; d/o John & ??:; 4 sis, 3 bro    [obit]
CHAAPEL Helen L. 1896 Bellona - July 19, 1956 at home; 60y; w/o John; d/o Henry & Nellie (Andrews) SMITH; bro, Fred SMITH of PA; 4 daus: Mrs. Frances Nutt, Mrs. Ray Lovelady, Misses Helen & Ruth; 3 sons: LaVerne, Earl & Paul; 2 stepsons: Paul & Victor; step dau, Miss Bertha Chaapel  [obit]
CHEESEMAN Anna Feb 7, 1897 - Oct 1977 Lyons;  80y; w/o Wm.
CHEESEMAN William Mar 7, 1892 - May 1978 Lyons; 88y; h/o Anna
CHILVERS Horace 1865 London, Eng - Nov 8, 1949; 84y; unwed; niece in Elmira   [also in Benton Ceme on Chilvers monu, but buried here]  [obit]
CHRISTENSEN Alfred Perry died Apr 16, 2012; 89y; h/o Erna LAURSEN; s/o John T. & Josephine; US Navy - WW II Vet
CHRISTENSEN Andrew  buried Oct 17, 1937, of Romulus; he was a tenant on the Wm. Coleman farm  [short obit]
CHRISTENSEN Anna C. died Nov 29, 1946; 89y; w/o Neils C.; dau,  Mrs. Arthur J. Nichols; 3 sis: Mrs. Thomas Thompson, Mrs. Chris Larsen & Mrs. Thomas Quigley & bro, Wm. JACOBS of Corning   [obit]
CHRISTENSEN (Carl) Julius 1872 - Aug 15, 1942;  70y; h/o Julia    [Julius Christensen plot]   [see obit]
CHRISTENSEN Earl R. Apr 12, 1928 - Dec 2, 2011; 83y; h/o Ruby SORENSON; s/o John T. & Josephine
CHRISTENSEN Edna M. Oct 25, 1911 - Nov 23, 2001 Burlington, WA;  90y
CHRISTENSEN Eline M. 1878 -  Nov 26, 1947; 69y; w/o Theodore [Theo Christensen plot] [obit] 
CHRISTENSEN Frances M. 1919 - July 5, 1919; 27d; d/o John & Josephine   [John Christensen monu]  [1919 burial list]
CHRISTENSEN* Helmer Feb 6, 1900 - Mar 9, 1965; 65y; h/o Lucy; 3rd Tank Bat - WW II Vet   [Theo Christensen plot]  [obit]
CHRISTENSEN Henry 1905 - 1908; 3y    [Peter Christensen monu]
CHRISTENSEN Henry H. Apr 14, 1910 -  Feb 24, 2000 Seneca Castle, NY; 89y
CHRISTENSEN Herman 1893 - 1921; 28y;   [Peter Christensen monu]
CHRISTENSEN Jacob Sept 4, 1901 - Mar 1987;  85y;  [Theodore Christensen plot]
CHRISTENSEN Johannes 1871 - Jan 8, 1939; 68y; h/o Maria; 4 daus: Mrs. Johan Jensen of Denmark, Mrs. Anna Anderson, Mrs. Carl Anderson & Mrs. Paula Peterson; 5 grandsons were bearers: Gordon Peterson, Paul, Harvey, Bert, Edwin & Alfred Anderson   [obit]
CHRISTENSEN John T. Sept 15, 1880 Denmark - June 12,  1971 Geneva;  90y; h/o Josephine; 6 sons, 2 daus;  [John Christensen monu] [obit]
CHRISTENSEN Josephine M. Oct 14, 1884 - Aug 18, 1977 Geneva; 92y; w/o John T.; 2 daus, Mrs. Helen Jensen & Mrs. Lucia Ross; 5 sons: Erwin, Lynn, Alfred, Roger & Earl; 1 sis: Mrs. Catherine Jensen of  Pasedena, CA;   [John Christensen monu]  [obit]
CHRISTENSEN Julia 1875 - 1955; 80y; w/o Julius     [Julius Christensen plot]
CHRISTENSEN Katherine 1920 - 1929; 9y   [Peter Christensen monu]
CHRISTENSEN Kathleen   "Peg" Nov 13, 1916 - Jan 31, 2010 Penn Yan, NY; 93y; w/o Wesley; d/o Thomas & Maude BUCKLE   [obit]
CHRISTENSEN* Lucy May 23, 1911 - July 27, 1989 NJ;  78y; w/o Helmer; [Julius Christensen plot]
CHRISTENSEN Magdaline J. 1878 - May 17, 1969 FL; 91y; w/o ???; 5 sons: Thorwald, Alfred, Henry & Harold of FL & Wm. of Willard; 3 daus: Mrs. Elfreda Robson, Mrs. Agnes Gilbert & Mrs. Helen Jepsen; 33 grandkids      [Peter Christensen monu]  [obit]
CHRISTENSEN Maria 1866 - 1950; 84y; w/o Johannes
CHRISTENSEN Martena J. 1883 Denmark - 1962; 79y; w/o Walter C.  [Christensen/Rasmussen plot]
CHRISTENSEN Marvin D. Mar 12, 1954 - Jan 19, 2010 Geneva, NY; 55y; h/o Nancy L. SMITH; s/o Alfred & Erna (Laursen)   [Marvin Christensen plot]
CHRISTENSEN Nancy L.  1956  -   ; w/o Marvin D. ; d/o Douglas SMITH   [Marvin Christensen plot]
CHRISTENSEN Peter  1876 - 1937  [Peter Christensen monu]
CHRISTENSEN Peter Douglas Nov 28, 1982 - Nov 29, 1982; 2m; s/o Marvin D. & Nancy L. (Smith); gson of Alfred & Erna Christensen  & Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Smith; maternal gg gma: Mrs. Gladys Whitman of Rushville   [Marvin Christensen plot]    [obit]
CHRISTENSEN Roy T. Nov 5, 1911 - Jan 21, 1975 Geneva hosp; 63y; unwed; s/o John & Josephine; 5 bros: Erwin, Alfred, Roger, Earl & Lynn; 2 sis: Mrs. Helen Jensen & Mrs. Lucia Ross    [John Christensen monu]  [obit]  
CHRISTENSEN Theodore 1876 - Sept 25, 1961; 85y; h/o Eline M.   [Theodore Christensen plot]   [short obit]
CHRISTENSEN Walter C. June 16, 1878 Denmark - Jan 1963 MI;  84y; h/o Martena J.   [Christensen/Rasmussen plot]
CHRISTENSEN Wesley 1915 - 1940; 25y
CHRISTIANSEN Anna C. 1857 Hjorring, Denmark - Nov 29, 1946; 89y; w/o Niels P; d/o Jacob & Johanna (Christiansen) PETERSEN; dau, Mrs. Arthur J. Nichols; 3 sis: Mrs. Thomas Thompson, Mrs. Mrs. Chris Larsen, & Mrs. Thomas Quigley; bro, Wm. JACOBS of Corning  [Neils Christiansen monu]  [obit] 
CHRISTIANSEN Niels Peter 1854 Denmark - 1900; 46y; h/o Anna C.   [Neils Christiansen monu]
CLARK Albert Ansley Feb 27, 1840 - Apr 16, 1889; 49y; h/o Rachel A. POTTS; s/o Sam B. & Margaret; Co. M, 9th NY Calv - Civil War Vet   [Albert Clark plot]
CLARK Grace died Sept 1, 1877;  1y,9m; d/o Albert & Rachel A. (Potts)  [Albert Clark plot]
CLARK Polly see Polly HUTCHINSON; w/o Wm.  Hutchinson    then w/o Isaac CLARK
CLEW Harriet died Apr 12, 1904    [short obit]
CLOW Rachel A. 1850 - Oct 11, 1908; 58y; w/o Albert A.; nee POTTS  [Albert Clark plot]   [1908 obit list]
CLOW Bessie G. 1879 - Sept 19,  1952; 73y; w/o ???   [Gardner/Barnes plot]  [obit]
CLOW David Oct 1856 Eng - 1931; 74y; h/o Emily BLOSS  [David Clow monu]
CLOW Emily May 1862 Eng - Feb 11, 1920; 57y; w/o David; nee BLOSS; 3 daus, 1 son, 2 sis, 2 bro   [David Clow monu] [1920 obit list]  [obit]
CLOW Harriet 1824 - 1903; 79y; w/o Isaac; nee CLARKE
CLOW Irvin J. Nov 1889 - 1910; 20y; s/o David & Emily (Bloss)      [David Clow monu]
CLOW Isaac Mar 1823 Eng - 1907; 84y; h/o Harriet CLARKE
CODDINGTON Benjamin  May 10,1768 Ulster Co. NY - Dec 29, 1851; 84y; h/o Mary ROSENKRANTZ [Coddington plot]
CODDINGTON Benjamin Jr. Apr 17, 1816 - Mar 15, 1853; 36y; h/o Jane Eleanora TAYLOR; s/o Benjamin & Mary (Rosenkrantz)   [Coddington plot]
CODDINGTON Jane Eleanora Mar 20, 1826 - Feb 29, 1852; 25y; w/o Benjamin Jr.; d/o H.B. & Jane TAYLOR
CODDINGTON Maria 1813 - Jan 24, 1874;  1y,11m,14d;  d/o Benjamin & Mary (Rosenkrantz)  [Coddington plot]
CODDINGTON Mary June 18,1775 Rochester, NY - Sept 11, 1863; 88y; w/o Benjamin; nee ROSENKRANTZ  [Coddington plot]
COE Charles died Mar 28, 1899;  77y; h/o Elizabeth
COE Elizabeth Oct 20, 1823 - Mar 14, 1890; 66y; w/o Wm. W.;  [Wm. Coe monu]
COE Elizabeth died Aug 14, 1883; 57y; w/o Charles
COE Eva M. Mar 12, 1952 - Aug 23, 1900; 48y; w/o Frank;  [Wm. Coe monu]
COE Frank 1849 - abt Apr 1913; 64y; h/o Eva M.; bro, W. Nelson; dau, Mrs. Carrie A. Pulver [w/o Warren]; 3 nephews: Lynn, Floyd & Wm.  [Wm. Coe monu] [will listing]
COE Lewis Homer Apr 3, 1883 - Sept 21, 1883; inf s/o Frank & Eva (Mariner)   [Wm. Coe monu]
COE William W. Oct 7, 1824 - Nov 7, 1903; 79y; h/o Elizabeth    [Wm. Coe monu]
COFFIN Alva died Nov 22, 1875; 69y; h/o Harriet ALLINGTON; bro of Elbert S.  [Alva Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Alvah C. 1869 - 1958; 89y; s/o Duane & Margaret   [Duane Coffin  plot]
COFFIN Beulah B. Jan 5, 1903 Monterey - Mar 23, 1976; 73y; w/o C. Dewitt;  d/o Lerdo C. Sr. & Nellie (Kiels) DECKER; son, Dewitt; dau, Mrs. Marjorie Derr; 2 sis: Mrs. Nevah Potter & Mrs. Phalia J. Ballistereri, of Geneva; 3 bros: Clifford, G. Worth & Lerdo Jr.   [Duane Coffin  plot]   [obit]
COFFIN C. Dewitt 1904 Benton - March 5, 1975 Geneva hosp.; 70y; h/o Beulah B. DECKER; s/o Alva C. & Margaret (Long); bro, Duane;  dau, Mrs. Marjorie Derr; son,  C. Dewitt [Duane Coffin  plot]   [short & long obit]  
COFFIN Carrie 1883 - 1940; 57y; w/o ?? ; nee FOX  
COFFIN Charles W. 1835 - 1901; 66y     [G. W. Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Cyrus Oct 9, 1835 - Sept 24, 1914; 78y; h/o Elizabeth P. UHL; daus: Mrs. L. E. Turner & Mrs. Jennie Everett; son, Hugh of Avoca; 2 sis: Mrs. Emma Allington of NE & Mrs. Henry Barnes of WI; bro, P.A. Coffin of Bellona   [Cyrus  Coffin  monu]   [news -1914 burial list & longer obit]
COFFIN Duane A. Sept 1846 - bur. Mar 24, 1932; 85y; h/o Margaret SMITH; bro, C. Dewitt  [Duane Coffin  plot] [had 6 kids]     [1932 burial list]
COFFIN Edwin D. Sept 1881 or 82 - 1956; 74y; h/o Jean WILSON;  bro of Elbert S.
COFFIN Elbert S. June 21, 1874 - Nov 26, 1964 Waterloo; 91y; h/o Frances W.; s/o Duane & Margaret E. (Smith);  b/o Edwin D.; bro: John U., of LI; son, Sidney A. of NYC;  [Duane Coffin  plot]    [obit]
COFFIN Elijah or Elisha 1786 - 1856; 70y; h/o Mary ROSE
COFFIN Eliza A. died Mar 19, 1887;  75y; w/o G. W.; nee PRATT  [Geo Wm. Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Elizabeth 1809 - Jan 3, 1836; 27y,27d; 1st w/o Alva; d/o Daniel & Amy FOWLE
COFFIN Elizabeth P. Dec 25, 1838 - Apr 7, 1907; 68y; w/o Cyrus; nee UHL  [Cyrus Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Ethel E. 1908 - 1950; 42y      [Duane Coffin  plot]
COFFIN Frances W. 1879 - Apr 2, 1926; 47y; w/o Elbert    [Duane Coffin  plot] [1926 burial list]
COFFIN George Wm.  died Apr 11, 1878;  65y; h/o Hannah  HUGHES   [Geo Wm. Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Hannah   1814 - July 13, 1871;  57y; w/o George Wm.; nee HUGHES    [Geo Wm. Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Harriet died Nov 14, 1876; 63y; w/o Alva; nee ALLINGTON  [Alva Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Jean 1880 - 1942; 62y; w/o Edwin O.; nee WILSON
COFFIN Jennie H. 1883 Eng  -1968; 85y; w/o  William C.    [Duane Coffin  plot]
COFFIN John U. Jan 10, 1879 - May 22, 1971 E. Setauket, LI,  NY; 92y; h/o Jennie H.; bro, Edwin D. & Alvah;    [Duane Coffin  plot] [obit] 
COFFIN Lena M. 1870 - 1876; 6y;       [Geo Wm. Coffin  monu]
COFFIN Margaret Eliza  June 1838 - Apr 2, 1930; 91y; w/o Duane; nee SMITH [Duane Coffin  plot]
COFFIN Margaret O. L. 1876 Benton - Mar 25, 1951; 75y; w/o Alva; married 52y,1m; sons, DeWitt & Duane; bro, Ashley LONG [Duane Coffin  plot] [obit]
COFFIN Mary E. Apr 3, 1837 - Mar 8, 1916; 78y; w/o Isaac D.  BLOOD & Cyrus COFFIN; nee DUNN  [on plot of Isaac Blood]
COFFIN Mary R. 1789 - Apr 12, 1846; 56y; w/o Elijah; nee ROSE
COFFIN Olive 1845 - Nov 15, 1847; 2y,10d; d/o William & Hannah (Hughs) [Geo Wm. Coffin  monu]
COFFIN William C. 1875 - July 4, 1924; 48y; h/o Jennie H.; s/o Duane & Margaret (Smith); daus: Margaret & Catherine; 4 bros      [Duane Coffin  plot]  [obit]
COLEMAN Caroline 1807 - Feb 3, 1854;  7y,3m,19d; 1st w/o Henry R.; d/o Seba SQUIER
COLEMAN Charles 1811 - Dec 25, 1883; 72y,7m,23d; h/o Mary A. SEELEY & Mary HALL   [Charles Coleman monu]
COLEMAN Charles S. 1850 - July 28, 1920; 69y  [H.R. Coleman monu]  [1920 obit list]
COLEMAN Christina 1771 - Aug 31, 1857; 86y,13d; w/o John; nee RINE
COLEMAN Dwight 1842 - June 13, 1868; 26y,7m,3d; [H.R. Coleman monu]
COLEMAN Frances  died Aug 3 1973 FL; 91y; w/o Robert F.; dau, Mrs. Ernest Oberdorf; 2 half sis: Misses Mary & Louise KIPP   [obit]  
COLEMAN Francis C. died Nov 16, 1843; 2y,10m,7d    [Charles Coleman monu]
COLEMAN George G. 1843 - Apr 21, 1864 New Orleans; 20y; s/o Charles & Mary A. (Seeley); 161st Reg NYSV (died in battle at Sabina Cross Roads; buried in New Orleans) Civil War Vet  [obit]
COLEMAN Hannah A. Oct 16, 1855 - Jan 3, 1936;  80y; w/o Wm H. ; nee POTTS   [Wm. H. Coleman plot] [obit] 
COLEMAN Harriet 1853 - July 5, 1923; 70y; w/o Charles S.; nee BOGART; son, Henry    [H.R. Coleman monu] [1923 burial list]  [short obit]
COLEMAN Henry R. 1800 PA - May 3, 1880;  79y,6m,18d; h/o Lenora    [H.R. Coleman monu]
COLEMAN Hillard died Apr 27, 1904;  10m; d/o Robert F. & Frances C.     [Wm. Coffin  plot]
COLEMAN John 1770 - Dec 11, 1832; 62y,2m,11d; h/o Christina RINE; s/o John
COLEMAN John S. died Aug 26, 1839;  1y,1m,27d    [Charles Coleman monu]
COLEMAN John W. 1830 - 1832; 2y; s/o Henry R. & Caroline
COLEMAN Lenora B. Dec 5, 1884 - Jan 6, 1970 Newark; 84y; unwed;  DAR    [H.R. Coleman monu]   [obit]
COLEMAN Marion Sept 15, 1888 - Jan 27, 1919 Albany; 31y,4m,11d; w/o Sydney; d/o Rev. McGHEE of Rochester; [Wm. H. Coleman plot]  [1919 burial list]  [obit]
COLEMAN Mary A. 1810 - 1869; 59y; 1st w/o Charles; nee SEELEY        [Charles Coleman monu]
COLEMAN Mary H. 1815 - Apr 2, 1903;  87y; 2nd w/o Charles; nee HALL    [Charles Coleman monu]
COLEMAN Robert F. July 26, 1879 - July 2, 1943; 63y; h/o Frances; s/o Wm. & Hannah (Potts); bro, Sydney of Yonkers; son, Wm., dau, Mrs. Ella Oberdorf  [Wm. H. Coleman plot]  [obit]
COLEMAN Sarah May 15, 1885 - Dec 28, 1973; 88y; nee WILLIAMS      [Wm. H. Coleman plot]
COLEMAN Sydney Haines Aug 31, 1886 - Mar 23, 1955; 68y; h/o Marion McGHEE; s/o Wm. H. & Hannah A. (Potts)  [Wm. H. Coleman plot]
COLEMAN William Henry July 21, 1854 - Sept 9, 1927; 73y; h/o Hannah POTTS; son of Charles; 2 sons: Sydney & Robert;     [Wm. H. Coleman plot]   [obit]  [1927 burial on Sept 12]
COLLIN Clara L. Apr 17, 1897 - Apr 1996 Geneva; 99y; w/o Charles H.; nee LEBBON [David Lebbon plot]
COLLINS Elizabeth B. 1850 - Nov 6, 1916; 66y; w/o John; nee BROWN  [Collins/Turner monu] [obit]
COLLINS John C. 1857 - Feb 27, 1914; 56y; h/o Elizabeth BROWN    [Collins/Turner monu] 
COLTON Carrie V. 1832 - 1892; 60y; w/o J.; nee GARRISON   [on Garrison plot]
COLTON J. 1817 - 1890; 73y; h/o Carrie V. GARRISON      [on Garrison plot]
COMBS Abigail Oct 12, 1805 - June 12, 1890; 84y; m/o Mrs. Mary C. Lott   [Lott plot]
COMSTOCK Sarah died Sept 15, 1930; 78y; w/o Israel; 2 daus: Mrs. H. G. Hadley & Miss Helen of DE; son, Lt. Donald R, US Navy [obit]
COOK Jesse W. 1883 - 1950; 67y; h/o Louise BOND     [Lawson Bond plot]
COOK Louise B. 1903 - 1966; 63y; w/o Jesse w.; nee BOND  [Lawson Bond plot]
COON Sheldon H. Jan 15, 1928 - Feb 10, 2009; 81y; h/o Rose KENNERSON;  s/o Edwin & Sarah (Huey)
COOPER Lydia 1840 - 1891; 51y; d/o Romeo & Rachel GAYLORD
CORCORAN Donald J. died July 9, 1918; 1y; s/o Stephen W.      [obit]
CORNISH Doris B. Dec 8, 1900 - Jan 16, 1991 Fayetteville, NY; 90y;  w/o Ford G; nee BARNES  [plot of David Barnes monu]
CORNISH Ford G. 1898 - late July 1964 AZ; 66y; h/o Doris BARNES; sis, Mrs. Winifred Kretchmer   [plot of David Barnes monu]  [obit]
COVERT Arthur E. May 29, 1913 - Sept 18, 2009; 96y; h/o Shirley A. GELPER; s/o Leslie A. & Hazel O. (Pease)
COVERT Hazel O. June 15, 1897 - Mar 22, 1983; 85y; w/o Leslie A. [m: 1913]; 3 sons: Arthur, Francis & Malcolm; dau, Mrs. Lura Eldridge; 3 sis: Mrs. Frances Howard, Mrs. Mary Andersen & Mrs. Verna Dedrick    [obit]
COVERT Leslie A. Feb 4, 1893 Romulus, NY - May 14, 1983; 90y; husb of Hazel O. [m:1913]; s/o Horatio & Laura (Woodard); 3 sons: Arthur, Malcolm & Francis; dau, Mrs. Lura Aldridge, of Vienna, VA    [obit]
CRAIG Miranda Jintara Mar 3, 1992 MD - Dec 3, 2010 MD; 18y; dau of Allan C. & Linda (Newby); gd/o Don & Janice Newby    [obit]
CREASEY Elizabeth 1790 Eng - 1865; 75y; mother of Samuel     [Elvin plot]
CREASEY Mary 1838 - Feb 22, 1908; 69y; 2nd w/o Samuel   [Johnson/Brown plot]  [1908 obit list]
CREASEY Samuel 1825 Eng - 1913; 88y; h/o Sarah & Mary      [Johnson/Brown plot]
CREASEY Sarah 1824 Eng - 1875; 51y; 1st w/o Samuel     [Elvin plot]
CRITTENDEN Eva A. 1873 - Apr 11, 1934; 61y; w/o Vincent B.; d/o Mrs. Fannie Crittenden/Presler of Bellona; 2 sis: Mrs. Byron Mead & Mrs. Burnett Wyman  [Crittendon plot]   [obit]
CRITTENDEN Frances  1836 - 1911; 75y; w/o George W; nee WRIGHT    [Crittendon plot]
CRITTENDEN George W. 1830 - 1921; 91y; h/o Frances WRIGHT    [Crittendon plot]
CRITTENDEN Vincent 1865 - 1937; 72y; h/o Eva PRESLER    [Crittendon plot]
CROSIER Clara J. 1867 - 1911; 44y;w/o Frank W.; nee FAULSTICH    [Crosier monu]
CROSIER Frank W. 1867 - 1954; 87y; h/o Clara J. FAULSTICH; s/o Susan W.    [Crosier monu]
CROSIER Glenn H. 1901  - 1961; 60y; h/o Marion H. DAVIS; s/o Frank W. & Clara J. (Faulstich)   [Crosier monu]
CROSIER Marion H. July 8, 1903 - Aug 17. 1991; 88y; w/o Glenn H.; nee DAVIS    [Crosier monu]  
CROUCHER Cora E. 1865 - Nov 20, 1920; 55y; w/o Thomas H.     [Thomas Croucher plot]    [1920 obit list]
CROUCHER Ernest G. 1885 - 1954; 69y; s/o Thomas H. & Cora A.   [Thomas Croucher plot]
CROUCHER Henry died Dec 13, 1908; 36y     [1908 obit list]
CROUCHER Isaac died Nov 1, 1909;  72y; Co. H., 194th NY - Civil War Vet   [1 liner obit]
CROUCHER Sarah 1835 - Jan 24, 1922; 86y; w/o Allen BLOOD & Isaac CROUCHER;  [on Allen Blood plot]   [obit]
CROUCHER Thomas H. 1860 - 1918; 58y; h/o Cora A.        [Thomas Croucher plot]
CULVER Cleda M. 1907 - Oct 25, 1918; 12y; of flu; siblings: Mildred & Edward     [Briggs/Culver plot]  [obit]
CULVER Leon S. 1885 - 1949; 64y; h/o Tacie R. BRIGGS           [Briggs/Culver plot]
CULVER Tacie R Oct 21, 1886 - May 27, 1969;  82y; w/o Leon S.; nee BRIGGS; son Edward, dau, Mrs. Mildred Briggs; bro, Floyd, of Nunda  [ obit]   [Briggs/Culver plot]
CURTIS Charles E. Apr 30, 1908 - Apr 22, 1996;  87y,11m; h/o Esther T.; s/o Edward & Nettie B.
CURTIS Esther T. Sept 15, 1899 - Mar 13, 1990;  90y; w/o Charles E.
CUTLER Janice P. Apr 28, 1938 - May 17, 1990; 52y


Penn Yan Democrat                   Friday                      January 29, 1915

BURIALS IN BELLONA CEMETERY - 1914  The following is a list of the burial [DATES],  in Bellona cemetery for year 1914 :

( Re-organized here by  surname ALPHA format )

Mr. Nathan Haines Ansley, August 27, 1914;  78 years; 

Mrs. Maria L. Aske, Jan. 28, 1914; 83 years; 

Mr. William Bews, September 21, 1914; 49 years; 

Mr. Arthur G. Blood, November 22, 1914;   37 years; 

Mr. John M. Bush, March 4, 1914;  72 years; 

Mr. Cyrus Coffin, September 26, 1914,  78 years;

Mr. John C. Collins, - Oughterson,  Feb. 28, 25 years;

Mr. Edwin L. Earl, May 19, 76 years; 

Mr. Marcus H. Harford, August 25,  87 years;

Mrs. Emily Hoover, August 7,  77 years; 

Mr. Geo. B. Huie, Feb. 19,  63 years; 

Mr. Manassah K. Johnson, Feb. 25;  69 years; 

Mr. Marvin H. Kipp, March 5, ; 70 years; 

Mrs. Mae McBlain, May 6, 42 years;

Mrs. Isabella Mead, December 17,  74 years.

Mrs. A. J. L. Moore, Feb. 28,  76 years

Mr. William Powell, Jan. 20;  91 years; 

Miss Lucinda Rosenkrans, Feb. 19.  76 years; 

Mr. Emory J. Tompkins, April 6,  60 years; 

Mr. Nicholas Vanderlieth, July 7,  62 years; 

Mr. Walter ...  Feb. 27, 62 years; 


Penn Yan Democrat                   Friday                        July 30, 1915                           by Dianne Thomas   

OLD MONUMENT FOUND -  The headstone found yesterday near the John Lentz place in Exchange street,  is believed to have been one which was brought to the marble yard located near the place years ago when the remains of Thomas Barden were removed from the Barden family cemetery and placed in the Bellona cemetery.

A new monument was erected in the Bellona cemetery and it is supposed that the old stone was taken to the marble yard. The records show that a man named Cogswell was in the monument business near the Lentz property in 1865 and it is believed that a marble or monument yard was conducted there many years previous to that.  Mr. Cogswell later became associated with W. G. Potter, who disposed of the business to Barden & Salladin, the present proprietors.

An interesting fact in connection with the finding of the stone is that it was a marker for the great, great uncle of George Barden, at present one of the proprietors of the monument works. - Geneva Times.


Cleveland's History of Yates County says: "Capt. Thomas Barden was killed on the 11th of June, 1813, by one John Decker, a blacksmith, of Potter Center, at or a little north of Old Castle, on his march from the lines of a company of cavalry with which he served in War of 1812. In the hurry and crowding of the march, the horse of Capt. Barden pressed and jostled Decker. Fearing that Decker might think it intentional, he rode back, dismounted, and while putting out his hand with an apology for the collision, Decker dealt him a violent blow under the left ear and felled him at his feet."


Penn Yan Democrat                  Friday                       March 24, 1922                  by Dianne Thomas  

IN SURROGATE'S COURT - Will of Sarah E. Croucher, who died at Benton, January 24, has been admitted to probate. Personal property valued at $5,500 is disposed of. After payment of legacy and debts, the will provides for investment of $50, the proceeds to be used for care of the Allan Blood lot, in Bellona cemeteryEva Jennings is given $200, a black walnut dresser, an oak book case and desk and two pictures. Allan Blood, grandson is given a picture of his grandfather, Allan Blood.  The remainder of the property is to be sold under terms of the will, and the proceeds divided equally among the six children of the testatrix, Emory Blood, H. Eugene Blood, DeWitt P. Blood, Edward Blood, Frederick Blood and Eva Jennings.



Penn Yan Democrat                  Friday                        Aug 17,  1928                 by Dianne Thomas   

THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK - To Bellona Cemetery Association, Bellona, NY; James Butcher, Penn Yan, NY; Philadelphia Tasker, Merlin, Ontario, Canada; William T. Seager, Penn Yan, NY; James H. Seager, Penn Yan, NY; Sydney Seager, R. D. 6, Penn Yan, NY; Albert E. Seager, Sennett, NY; George J. Seager, Barre, Vt.; Anna Fitch, Unknown; Frederick W. Seager, Pine Farms, Maidstone, Wellington England; Rebecca Nichols, R.D. 6, Penn Yan, N. Y.; Grace Hanson, R. D. 6, Penn Yan, N. Y.; Frances Henderson, RD 6, Penn Yan, NY; Maggie Horton, R. D. 10, Penn Yan, NY; St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Penn Yan, NY; S. & S. Memorial Hospital, Penn Yan, NY;

Guertha Pratt Home, Penn Yan, N.Y.; Gilbert Horton, R. D. 10, Penn Yan, N. Y.; Gertrude Horton, R. D. 10, Penn Yan, N. Y.; Harold Nichols, R. D. 6, Penn Yan, NY; Dorothy M. N. Persing, R. D. 6, Penn Yan, N.Y.; Geraldine Hanson, R. D. 6, Penn Yan, N.Y.; Gerald Henderson, R.D. 6, Penn Yan, N.Y., and to all unknown persons interested in the estate of Sarah Butcher, late of the County of Yates, deceased, as creditor, legatee, next of kin or otherwise, send Greeting:

You and each of you are hereby cited to show cause, before our Surrogate of the County of Yates, at the Surrogate's office in the village of Penn Yan, in said County, on the fourth day of September, 1928, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, why the account of Jesse L. Nichols and Carrie Butcher, as executors of  Sarah Butcher, deceased, should not be judicially settled and allowed. 

In Testimony Whereof, We have caused the Seal of the Surrogate's Court of the said County of Yates to be hereunto affixed.

Witness:  Hon. Gilbert H. Baker, Surrogate of the said County of Yates, at the village of Penn Yan, the 27th day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight.  (L. S.) 


Clerk of Surrogate's Court.


Attorney for Executors, Penn Yan, N. Y.



Geneva Daily Times              Saturday                    November 14, 1936             by Dianne Thomas 

Four Barden Farms Remain in Families Of Pioneers - The following history of the four Barden farms has been collected and prepared for the Geneva Daily Times by Miss Elsie Mead, the paper's correspondent in Hall.

Hall,   Nov. 14 - One hundred years ago, a resume of the Barden family whereabouts would have covered a territory, says tradition, equaling, length at least, of one of the famous Phelps and Gorham townships.

For from the Barden frontier on the north, they tell us, one could walk to Benton Center, about six miles, without stepping off of Barden land.  Even in case there should be exaggeration here, such as a few long steps, still the extent of this pervasive family would be brought up to par by those Bardens who had settled on beyond, that is, west of the Benton Center parallel. They circled round the Hall area, on the east, south and southwest, and to this day, on each end of the arch sees "Barden land." 

But although the Barden reunion, organized more than a half-century ago, draws 75 to 100 of the family annually, those who bear the original surname are not now the largest part of the gathering.  Likewise, many of the old "Barden farms" have passed into other hands, but four, each more than a century in the family, still remain in their profession, and on two of them, Barden descendants, have made their homes continuously to the present time. 

The year 1789 - being the same year in which George Washington was elected the first President of United States, and the next after Phelps and Gorham made their purchase, that year witnessed the appearance here of the family destined  to become so widespread and enduring. 

Strong and virile were the brothers, Thomas and Otis Barden, aged twenty-five and nineteen years, who tramped westward from their home in Attleboro, Massachusetts. They came from healthy, fighting stock, whether it was to fight nature in the rough, a mother country seemed despotic, savages or what not.

Thomas Barden, the elder brother, was at least the third in line to bear his name, his grandfather, Thomas Barden I, having come to Massachusetts from Plymouth, England, about 1720. The grandmother had been Elizabeth Tobet, and of their five children, Thomas 2nd, was the oldest. This Thomas 2nd won the hand of Susannah Riggs, niece of Gov. William Phipps, of Massachusetts, and already, when the Revolutionary War came on, they had several children. 

Did Thomas the Second get an "exemption", because of being a farmer, with a dependant family? Not at all !  Off to war went Thomas, also his father, and his two oldest sons, Thomas 3rd, and George; Otis, the next boy, stayed at home to help mother Susannah, with the farm and the younger children. 

The war claimed two of the soldiers, Thomas the First, who died fighting in the ranks, and George, his grandson. The Thomases 2nd & 3rd, came back to the farm, thirty miles from Boston, in Bristol County. But the younger Thomas had tasted adventure, and Otis was itching for it -thus, they started out for the 'promised land', as sighted by General Sullivan.

The Journey was made in late summer, a propitious season, as they left civilization behind, for it avoided the heavy snows that clogged new trails in winter, and to some extent, mitigated the mosquitoes and similar pests that infested the well wooded country of their desire. 


Made Trip in Record Time - What enthusiasm filled young Otis, as he challenged the world!  In the city of Hudson, gateway to the unknown, he prepared to make his memory immortal by an inscription.  Discerningly, he purchased a New Testament in which to preserve his memoranda. "Otis Barden, is my name" he wrote.

"English, is my nation, Attlelborough, was I born, and Christ is my salvation." 

Otis Barden, his book, "bought at Hudson. September 17, 1789"    There is another entry - " First arrived at Dr. Caleb Benton's saw mill , Sept 29th, 1789."

What a record the intervening twelve days would show!  But the wayfarers,  wasted no time in their two hundred mile trek from Hudson.  There were long stretches of solitary forest, marshes, streams to ford, perhaps a log house or two in a clearing, and a few little settlements, as at the infant Geneva, but extremely limited chances for hitch-hiking.  However, they did make what seems incredible speed to the place afterward known as  Slab Hollow (Pinckneyville, Woods Hole, Bellona), where the enterprising Dr. Caleb Benton, then of Hillsdale, N.Y. had set humming his sawmill. By astute dealings with Indians and whites alike, Dr. Benton now had interests in a large tract of land. Including half-ownership of Township Number Nine, Range One, and, it seems, 400 acres outright where his sawmill was located, in Township Eight, on the banks of the "Cushong" creek. The  young Bardens were well pleased to get work at once in the sawmill.

In their leisure, they did some exploring round the country, and thought they scarcely could have picked a more favorable locality for settlement, especially since they had first choice.  In an area of rolling, well-watered land, showing a variety of soil, and timber almost beyond description. Sugar maple, ash, oak, hickory, basswood three or four feet through, and other deciduous trees with white pine, grew in abundance.

Soon the brothers made purchases, Thomas selecting a site in the Number Nine Township of Range 1, (now in the town of Seneca) and Otis choosing a lot to the south and west of Thomas, Lot 50 of Township Eight, also of Range 1. This now is part of the Town of Benton, Yates County. The farms were corner-wise to each other, with one lot between, near enough to "change works," as they cleared the land for their future homes. 

They threw together a shelter, and lived mostly on "samp and milk," varied with,  "milk and samp." About this time, a mill for grinding, probably the first in western New York, was put in operation by the "Friends," Jemimah Wilkinson's followers, who had arrived at Seneca Lake a couple of years before: but Thomas and Otis Barden were independent of such devices. With a large round stone, in a hole in the top of a stump, they pounded and broke their corn into samp - and plenty of it! When working on the big trees, there was a halt after nearly every log was felled and trimmed, for refreshments. 


One of Early Weddings -  The clearing, the log house, a crop in, then the housewife! Even in this venture, the new land proved kind, Thomas' marriage was to Miss Olive Benton, daughter of Levi, or "Squire,'' Benton, called the "pioneer of the pioneers" in the township now bearing his name. Yet he had arrived less than a year earlier than this son-in-law.

Olive's marriage, Feb. 2, 1792, followed that of her sister Polly, "the first bride in the town of Benton," when "everybody in town came to the wedding." Meantime, Otis Barden had journeyed back home, returning with his brother,  James

But his heart had remained in the wilderness, for Elizabeth Parker, daughter of James Parker, of the "Friends Settlement," became Mrs. Otis Barden, in January, 1793. From Benton to "Hopeton," near Dresden, was a long way in those days to go courting, but Otis was equal to it. He had the house ready, of logs, twelve feet square, and in Geneva, for a total of 35 shillings, they purchased an adequate cooking equipment, consisting of a pot, teakettle, skillet, bowl, and a broken kettle (a bargain at four shillings). Good-bye to samp and milk!

Otis Barden, later, after building and rebuilding several times with logs, erected a large frame house still standing. It is solidly rectangular, with big high rooms, and an attic with half-moon windows. The location is on the road,  just east of and parallel to the Hall-Penn Yan highway, the farm now known as the Thomas Murphy place. Here the eleven  children of Otis and Elizabeth Barden grew up, all reaching adult life. Hence descendants were, and are, numerous, some not so far from the old neighborhood. Thus, through the youngest daughter, Lois Emmeline, who married Henry Harrison Gage, Mrs. Charles Robson of Hall, her sister, Miss Mary Gage of Bellona, and their brothers in Rochester, also Amsden Gage of Corning, who owns property and often summers in Bellona, may claim descent.

As to the older of the pioneer brothers, Thomas Barden 3rd, a brief review of the Barden farms still in the family possession will contain his history. In so far as it can now be obtained.


The Perry and William Barden Farm -  The "Perry Barden farm," of 100 acres, half way between Hall and Bellona. now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Seward N. Transue, retains its local name from the long ownership of Perry Barden, Mrs. Transue's father. It contains a part of the tract, on the southern border of Township Nine, selected by the pioneer Thomas for his farm, and here he chose magnificently. The present house and farm buildings, placed on the ridge well back from the highway, make a noteworthy picture from the road, but the attractiveness of the" location is not to be fully appreciated until  one has ascended the grade up the long drive, and turned to get the view over miles of country-side, with a glimpse of Seneca Lake, and the blue hills beyond that, and Lake Cayuga, Down by the roadside, is the "big elm", well over 100 feet tall in its 

prime, with a girth of twenty-two feet, four feet above the ground. Just across the road is the "David Beattle farm," on which the late Herbert Beattle lived and met his tragic death.

The part of Thomas Barden's holdings which has descended to Mr. and Mrs. Transue was on what was described as "the north part of Lot 46." (Township Number 9, Range 1); it was also at the northern end of Thomas' property, of which the southern edge, joined Range 8, as has been mentioned.

Caleb Benton, with his fellow schemer, John Livingston, had managed to get possession of all the No. 9 Township, and Thomas bought from them. It was because of an act of filial generosity that this portion at the north finally went to his younger brother, Sylvanus, Mrs. Transues grandfather.

The story runs thus: ten years after the migration of the two young men from Attleborough the mother and the father, now with three sons in the west, were moved to transfer their hearth, home and five unmarried progeny to the same place.  

Thomas, their eldest, accordingly donated land for a house and an adequate farm. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas the Second, and family, made the trip in the winter, and not like their sons, on foot or with knapsacks. Two huge ox-carts carried their household goods, each drawn by a pair of large New England oxen, with a toad-horse ahead of each team. Slowly they proceeded through the snow-filled wilderness over the meanest of roads, but in safety and at last, in March, 1799, they were welcomed by the sons, the unknown daughters-in-law, the wide-eyed grandchildren. 

While their log house at Thomas' was being built, they stayed with whose family had long since outgrown the original twelve foot cabin.

 Of Thomas Barden 2nd's five children who came at this time, two were sons - Sylvanus, twenty years old, George, the youngest of the family. The lattter, who became owner of the "George Barden place,'' will have his own story, shortly. Sylvanus stayed on with the old people, and in 1806, there is a deed from his father, giving him title to "the south half of the one hundred acres of land conveyed to the party of the first part by Thomas Barden, Jr.. known at north part of Lot No. 46, in Township No. 9. "   In 1808,  Sylvanus bought on more land, from William Smith, and from Seth Mapes, on the north. About 1639, in two lots he added 71 acres, across the road, to the east. 

Sylvanus Barden of Great Size - Sylvanus Barden, in common with the run of "Barden men," was of great size and 'strong as an ox". 

It to said he could lift up a barrel of cider and drink from the bung-hole, much as others would handle a jug, and that an interloper to his fields was tossed over the fence, with no more ado.  :)

The wife of this man of prowess was Martha, known as "Polly" Ferguson, and by her he had one son, Sylvanus Perry, born in 1820. When the boy was six years old, Sylvanus, Sr., died.  His widow, in course of time, married a Mr. Atwater, their children living with them on the farm during the youth of Sylvanus Perry (always called by his second name). The mother, Mrs. Atwater, made her home there until her death, surviving her second husband.  She had the privileges of age in later years, including her special cow, kept on the seventy acres across the road. 


In 1842 Perry Barden married Dorothy MacFarland of Portage, NY and they spent a long life together, affectionately known, far and wide, as "Perry and Dolly Barden". They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and almost reached the sixtieth, reoccurrence of the date, at the old home. Of their children, Agnes, William and Addie, the youngest, or Mrs. Transue, survives. The older daughter married Isaac Ansley

Excellent Dairy Farm - William, Perry Barden's only son, was settled on the "east seventy one."  His wife was Miss Agnes Rippey, of Seneca. The "William Barden farm" proved excellent for dairying, and a creamery was operated in connection with it for a number of years. It also produced crops of fine apples. 

'Will'  Barden is listed as trustee of his school district, in 1882, and both Mr. and Mrs. Barden were always "in" everything around the community, especially musical events; for from the days of the "singing-school," in Bellona, and on, the voices of the Perry Barden family added much to every occasion. Big-hearted as he was large in stature, Will Barden had a cheerful word for everyone he met.

The house on the William Barden farm has rather an interesting history, especially to any who attended school in the "little red schoolhouse," just north, for the east end of it consists of that very building, which was sold to the highest bidder, Perry Barden, when the present school was built. The red schoolhouse was the second one in use in the district (now Number Five), but had become, by 1886, in considerable need of repair, so the following year was moved the half mile down the road, and transformed into dining-room and kitchen for the farm-house. In the woodwork may still be seen scars from the battle for education which was waged by so many intrepid youth within its walls. 

The heirs of William Barden, whose death in 1930 was followed by that of his wife within the past year, are Newton and George Barden, and a daughter Jennie, Mrs. Wilbur Severtnghaus.  George Barden, in business in Geneva, married Miss Catherine Scott, of Bellona.  Newton, whose wife was Miss Jennie Oughterson, of Billsboro, lives just north of Geneva, and has six children. Wiltord, Dorothy, Albert, James, Agnes and Robert. Mrs.Severtnghaus has three children, William. Jordan and Mary Ellen.  She is a teacher of music in Ithaca.

Although younger than the parent farm, up on the hill, nevertheless the William Barden farm has a family history of one hundred seven years, which is not insignificant  in our youthful and fast moving civilization.

Built Large Square House - To return to the Transue farm, so far as to knows, the log house built for the old people from Massachusetts sheltered the family until after Perry Barden's marriage, although if it did, it must have been an unusually well-built one... or else fixed up from time to time as it would have had to serve over fifty years.  Enough to say that Mr. and Mrs. Perry Barden went to housekeeping in a log house, on or near the same site. But after a few years of married life. Perry put his hand and his mind to it, and erected a large house, square, with a "wing," well fitted to its commanding position on the crest of the ridge. All the timber, largely hard pine, was taken from his own woods, then sent to Prattsburgh, 25 miles, to be sawed and planed. His  step-brother, one of the Atwater boys, was the carpenter, and took plenty of time, eighteen months, to build the house strong, true and well-finished. This is the present home of Mr. and Mrs. Transue. 

The keynote of the interior, as well as the exterior of the house, is a dignified simplicity. Boards of a width and thickness only to be procured from the virgin forest provide handsomely paneled doors, with window-casings and curtain cornices of richly plain design. Eighty years have passed since the family moved into-the new home, in 1856.

The large maple tree not far from the house, in the right foreground of the picture, owes its existence to "Dolly Barden," Perry's bride.  Soon after she came here to live, the little maple seedling in the garden was doomed to be pulled up and thrown away, but Dolly wanted to know why it couldn't be left a while longer, and her request was cheerfully granted.  So now the tree, nearly one hundred years old, is still offering its welcome shade.

In 1861, Perry Barden was elected trustee of the district school. Cash on hand when he took office, was 27 cents. However, expenses of the year, duly met, Included $30 for repairing the schoolhouse and buying a new stove. Wood, that year, cost $1.25 a cord, going up the next year to $3.20 a cord. During his term, Mr. Barden hired a new teacher, Miss Jane Simpson (afterward Mrs. Bristol, mother of E. L. Bristol of Hall). Miss Simpson taught the school, with marked success, for a number of years, having as high as 62 pupils. Her coming raised expenses slightly, however, as she requested an innovation, namely a wash basin and towel, for she averred that these articles had become an indispensable part of education. 

In 1886, Mr. Barden was one of the committee of five to examine the fitness of the red schoolhouse, with its stove in the middle and benches around the side. Much repairing was needed.  After a bit of stalling over the $1,200 needed for a new building, it was voted favorably, and the change made.

Presbyterian Church Members - Mr. and Mrs. Perry Barden were faithful supporters of the Presbyterian Church In Bellona. A silent testimony to the deed of a church pew, in the "First Presbyterian Congregation of Benton," in 1863.  This was in the "old" church, preceding the Memorial Presbyterian Church, where the family had worshipped since it was built. It was during Perry Barden's lifetime that the graves of the two preceding generations were transferred from the family plot in the corner of what os now the dooryard, to the Bellona Cemetery

The years that had intervened since the oldest was laid to rest, softening the rudeness of death, lent a passive interest, rather than shock, to the discovery of the old grandfather's neatly braided hair and shell comb.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Barden were themselves separated five years by death. Mrs. Barden survived her husband, living until 1909, her 92nd year. She never lost her vivacity, and one of the "thrills" of her last years was the daring experience of an automobile ride with Dr. George Means, then practicing medicine at Bellona. 

Mr. and Mrs. Transue, whose names have been the ones connected with the farm during this generation, have no children of their own, but see the Barden name perpetuated to their line, through Newton Barden's sons, in Geneva. 

They have always been active in the church, the Grange at Hall, and in all civic and neighborhood matters. Mrs. Transue is a member of Seneca Chapter, D.A.R., at Geneva. 



Penn Yan Democrat               Friday                         December 6, 1946                 by Dianne Thomas   

CHRISTIANSEN - At the home of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur J. Nichols, Stark Avenue, Penn Yan, Friday, November 29, 1946, Mrs. Anna Christiansen, 89.  Besides her daughter, she leaves three sisters, Mrs. Thomas Thompson and Mrs. Chris Larsen of Geneva; Mrs. Thomas Quigley of Corning; a brother, William Jacobs, of Corning; two grandchildren, Mrs. Carl Converse of Daytona Beach, Florida, and Earl Nichols of Corning; three great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Nicholas home, Monday at 2 p.m., Rev. E.D. VanDyke, officiating.  Burial in Bellona cemetery.


The Geneva Times                 Thursday                    July 2, 1959                  by Dianne Thomas 

Cemetery Vandals Discovered - Bellona -

Charles Richie, the caretaker of the Bellona Cemetery, arrived upon the scene just in time recently to identify but not apprehend three children, aged about 8 or 9 years, who were just finishing a spree of vandalism.

They had turned over and dumped about 35 crocks and urns which had been filled with various flowering plants and vines, and destroyed the contents of most Other urns had their contents sheared off to the roots.

The trustees of the cemetery association investigated the damage done, which also affected most of them personally,  through damage to their family plots. 

The parents of the children were contacted and agreed to make restitution in full for the damages.   




The Geneva Times                 Wednesday                    May 31, 1972                  by Dianne Thomas   

Honor Revolutionary War Soldier -   

BELLONA - At the Memorial Day observance at the Bellona Cemetery, Sunday, May 28, following the annual Memorial Day service at the Bellona Memorial Presbyterian Church, American Legion members of the Johnson-Costello Post Color Guard, unveiled a bronze marker, placed at the memorial stone of Thomas Barden II, who migrated to this area with his family about 1790, from Attleborough, Mass.

Frederick J. Egger, Co-chairman of Veterans Graves, explained that Thomas was born in 1735, being of the fourth generation of the Bardens in the U.S., descending from Richard Barden and Joan Fowle, who migrated to Boston in 1635. He lived in this area a short time, as he died in 1799.  

He was married to Susannah Riggs, daughter of Jonathon Riggs, Feb. 2, 1763, prior to the Revolutionary War. He was the father of 11 children.  His second child, Thomas III, was born on Feb. 24,1965 (newspaper typo error; s/b 1765).   He is also credited with having served in the Revolutionary War, and his grave will be marked at a later date to verify that service. 

Thomas Barden III, is also credited as having served as a Captain in a militia unit prior to the War of 1812, but his active service is not verified. According to Yates County History,  the third son of Thomas Barden II, named George,  is also listed as having served in the Revolutionary War. He was born in 1767 and died in 1783 at the age of 16, and it could be possible that he did serve in the war. Other children born to Thomas Barden II were: Susanna, Otis, Eleanor, James, Sylvanus, Milly, Eunice, Lois, and a second child, also named George, born in 1788.


Thomas Barden IV, who is also buried in the Bellona Cemetery, served in an Artillery unit in the War of 1812, and there are a number of the Bardens who served in the Civil War, and records indicate that a number of Barden descendants served in the wars that have taken place since that time.

Mr. Egger said that he searched to establish verification of military service and determine that the grave marker unveiled at the Bellona Cemetery the past Sunday, was. dedicated to the correct Thomas Barden.



Finger Lakes Times, Geneva, NY                    Friday                  October 18, 1988             by Dianne Thomas   

Reward Offered in Grave Disturbance - By MAURICE DUMAS

BELLONA - A $1,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for digging up a gravesite in the Bellona Cemetery.

On Saturday, a cemetery caretaker found a coffin-shaped hole in front of the tombstone of Ruth Dorothy Grotheer, whose ashes were buried there after her death at age 71, in 1980. The urn was broken, and the hole left unfilled sometime between Thursday evening, Oct. 6 and the morning of Oct. 8.

The reward is being offered by two brothers, John and Cene Fontana, and their sister, Katharine Prendergast, all of Wabash Road, Geneva. Grotheer, of New York City, was a close friend of the Fontana family and considered an aunt. 

"At first you're shocked, and then you're angry," said Prendergast, who hopes the offer of a reward might help the investigation. "The family is very upset," said Yates County Sheriff's Inv. Jack Gleason. 'They're hoping this may induce someone to come forward with some information. Whether it will, we'll have to wait and see."

Gleason said he has leads to follow, and people to talk to, but made no mention of a possible arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's department at 536-4438.




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