Bellona Cemetery

off of Pre Emption Road

Bellona, Benton, Yates Co., NY


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NOTE: [Not sure of year with [year & "obit list"] is DOD, or date of burial - some dates vary from the obits found]

[1927 necrology list]

DAME James E. Sr. died Apr 29, 1998;  78y; h/o Betty
DANES Anna Belle 1880 - Sept 3, 1926 Penn Yan hosp; w/o Frank E.; son Geo & 4 daus: Mrs. Eugene Buckhalter & Misses: Forrest, Margaret & Mable; sis/o Wm. CLARKSON   [obit] [1926 burial list]
DANES Frank E. 1879 - Oct 22, 1961 Buffalo; 82y; h/o Anna Belle CLARKSON; dau, Mrs. Arthur Frary [deceased] ;  [short obit]
DAVENPORT William P. died Nov 9, 1944 Palmyra; 56y; h/o Bessie E.; 2 daus: Mrs. Dorothy Longwell & Mrs. Gladys Hance; 3 sis: Mrs. Henry Messinger of NJ, Mrs. Dorcy Martin of Geneva & Mrs. Wm. Cummings of Penn Yan   [obit]
DAVIDSON David Broderick 1875 - June 15, 1936 Penn Yan; 60y; h/o Sophia        [obit]
DAVIDSON Mary C. 1897 - 1935
DAVIDSON Sophia or Sophie 1868 PA - Aug 1960; 90y; w/o Broderick [m: 1904]; no other survivors [obit]
DAVIE Byron 1900 - buried Dec 6, 1941; 41y; h/o Louise   [plot of Webster Turner] [short obit] 
DAVIE John  Edward Sr. Oct 19, 1933 - Sept 18, 1979; 45y; h/o Doris LARSON; dau, Miss Karen; son: John E. Jr. & his wife, Anne (Atkinson);  s/o Byron [d.1941, beef harvesting season] & Louise [d. 1969, car accident/w her 2nd husb]; step dad, Geo. Jayne [d.1969]; 3 bros: Theodore, Fred & Don   [short  & long obit -farm accident -1,000 acres of farm land]
DAY Charles W. Apr 28, 1856 - May 13, 1937; 81y; niece, Mrs. Wm. Snyder   [Day monu]    [obit]
DAY Emily Aug 20, 1835 - Feb 20, 1901    [Day monu]
DAY James Oct 8, 1827 - Dec 31, 1905; h/o Mary A.    [Day monu]
DAY Mary E. Apr 21, 1850 - Dec 13, 1911; 62y; bro, Charles; sis, Mrs. Thomas Willoughby   [Day monu]  [obit]
DAY Mary A. Aug 28, 1828 - June 2, 1898; w/o James    [Day monu]
DEAN Clarence died July 2, 1893;  1y,2m,23d; s/o Fletcher & Sarah   
DEAN Clayson died June 21, 1893; 1y,2m,12d;  s/o Fletcher & Sarah
DEAN Mary Emma died June 21, 1948; 76y; widow/o Seward; dau, Mrs. Wm. Bogart  & son, Harold; sis, Mrs. Fran Sturgen of PA     [obit]
DEAN Sophia B. died Oct 2, 1918; 86y; w/o ??; sons: Seward H. & Fletcher  [short obit]
DEBENHAM John Reynolds 1834 - 1878    [Debenham plot]
DEBENHAM Lillian May 1873 - 1875    [Debenham plot]
DEBOIS Stephen 1853 - 1863; s/o Jacob & Mary
DELBRIDGE Fred Jan 3, 1893 - July 28, 1972 Geneva hosp; 79y; h/o Gladys L.; son, David of IL; [plot of Asa Smith monu]  [obit]
DELBRIDGE Gladys L. July 7, 1891 - Sept 2, 1979 Leroy Nursing Home;  88y; w/o Fred; son David;    [plot of Asa Smith monu]   [obit]
DE LOSH Emma 1840 - 1874; w/o A.; d/o J & S. DICKERSON   [Albert Dickerson monu]
DENMAN Benjamin C. died Dec 22, 1844;  5m27d; s/o Charles & Sophia    [Chas.  Denman monu]
DENMAN Charles died Feb 15, 1862;  13m; s/o Jacob I.    [Chas.  Denman monu]
DENMAN Charles H. 1804 NJ - Dec 8, 1890;  86y,3d; h/o Sophia [father of Mrs. Hannah SIMPSON]    [Chas.  Denman monu]
DENMAN Charles H. 1871 - 1899; s/o John B. & F. M.   [John B.  Denman monu]
DENMAN Ernest died July 12, 1926; 52y; s/o Franc  [1926 burial list]   [2nd obit states age as abt. 45y] [obit below]
DENMAN Frances M. 1852 - Dec 18, 1937; 85y  [short obit - in family plot buried 12/21]
DENMAN Jacob Israel  1828 - Feb 18, 1880;  51y,8m; s/o Charles H. & Sophia B.; Co. A., 69th NY - Civil War Vet      [Chas.  Denman monu]  
DENMAN John B. died Dec 7, 1876;  35y,3m,10d; s/o Charles H. & Sophia B;  [John B.  Denman monu]
DENMAN Lois A. died Oct 19, 1885;  44y,2m,5d; w/o Jacob I.; nee SNELL  [Chas.  Denman monu]
DENMAN Mary Jane 1832 - Oct 30, 1849;  17y,7m,9d; d/o Charles & Sophia B.   [Chas.  Denman monu]
DENMAN Sophia 1805 - Oct 9, 1872; w/o Charles H.    [Chas.  Denman monu]
DENMAN W. Ernest 1873 - 1926; unwed;  listed as s/o Frances M.   [John B. Denman monu]
DENNIS Jennie 1852 - 1937; w/o John   [John Dennis monu]
DENNIS John 1844 - 1937; h/o Jennie   [John Dennis monu]
DENNIS John Aug 18, 1894 - Mar 12, 1954; s/o John & Jennie; Med Dept - WWI Vet  [John Dennis monu]
DENNIS ? Louis         [marker with 1st name only on John Dennis' plot] 
DENNIS ? Spencer         [marker with 1st name only on John Dennis' plot] 
DENNISON Allan Adelbert Jan 12, 1916 - Jan 24, 1990; h/o Marie C.; US Army - WW II Vet
DENNISON Marie C. 1914 - 1986; h/o Allan A.
DEYO ? Alice E.  4m     [Wm P Sands monu]
DEYO ? Alice V.  2m     [Wm P Sands monu]
DEYO Elizabeth 1837 - July 11, 1860;  23y; w/o Frank; nee THROCKMORTON
DEYO Elizabeth 1828 - 1860; w/o Peter K.   
DEYO Hester Oct 12, 1826 - Aug 19, 1847; w/o James C.; nee SANDS    [Wm P Sands monu]
DEYO John died July 13, 1890 at the Co. poorhouse;  95y;  h/o Sam(antha?)
DEYO Peter K.  (1st Lt)  died 1911;   Co. H., 102, 17 - Civil War Vet
DICKERSON Albert (Sgt) 1843 - Jan 20,1866;  23y; s/o A & M; 12th Batt MA Lt. Inf - Civil War Vet   [Albert Dickerson monu]
DICKERSON Allie 1864 - May 5, 1872;  18y; d/o A & M       [Albert Dickerson monu]
DICKERSON Alphonso Y. died Mar 17, 1892;  72y; h/o Mary BURGE   [Albert Dickerson monu]
DICKERSON Caroline 1845 - Jan 8, 1863;  18y;  d/o A & M        [Albert Dickerson monu]
DICKERSON John Aug 4, 1823 - Feb 18, 1873; 49y
DICKERSON Mary died Jan 28, 1884;  62y; w/o Alphonso; d/o Wm. BURGE  [Albert Dickerson monu]
DIKEMAN Robert B. 1844 - Dec 16,1861 DC;  17y,10m,8d; s/o Benjamin & Sarah; - Co. A, 8th NY Calv, NYS Vol - Civil War Vet
DIXON Mamie E. 1888 - 1963; w/o Martin; nee JOHNSON  [on plot of Geo. Johnson monu]
DIXON Martin T. 1888 - 1940; h/o Mamie E. JOHNSON   [on plot of Geo. Johnson monu]
DORMAN Dennie M. 1872 - 1933;  s/o James & Maria;  [Dorman monu]
DORMAN James 1823 - Feb 2, 1904; 81y; h/o Maria E.; sons, Dennie M. & Dudley; dau, Mrs. W. E. Simons  [Dorman monu]  [obit]
DORMAN Maria E. 1834 - 1900; w/o James    [Dorman monu]
DORMAN Sarah A. 'Satie' 1876 - Tues, Aug 7, 1906; 30y; w/o Dennie M.   [Dorman monu]
DOUGHERTY James S. Dec 9, 1925 - Apr 9, 1977; 51y; h/o Helen; s/o Michael & Isabella; sons, James & Kenneth; bros, Michael & John;  [James was a retired police Sgt & councilman] US Army - WW II Vet  [long obit]
DUELL May A.  1870 Delmar, PA - Apr 22, 1943 Benton; 72y; w/o William G.; d/o Henry DARLING;  living sons: Wm. K., of Benton & Claude, of VA   [obit - member of Ladies GAR, etc]
DUELL Jesse  died Oct 18, 1918 in battle; s/o Wm. & May (Darling) WW I Vet  [not sure if buried here]
DUELL William G. 1864 - 1937; h/o May A
DUNCAN John 1815 Scotland - July 14, 1899;  84y,14d; h/o Isabella R.; s/o Archibald & Janet (Sharp)
EARL Albert 1840 - 1897; s/o Arthur & Sybil (Conklin)   [Arthur Earl monu]
EARL Amos 1816 - 1817; s/o Jepthah & Bridget (Arthur)  [Jepthah Earl monu]
EARL Arthur 1810 - 1886; s/o Jepthah & Bridget (Arthur)  [Arthur Earl monu]
EARL Bridget 1774 - 1831; w/o Jepthah; nee ARTHUR     [Jepthah Earl monu]
EARL Caroline A. Aug 26, 1839 - June 13, 1928; 80y; w/o Edwin L.; nee COFFIN; [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Catharine A. June 22, 1837 - July 9, 1910; 73y; unwed; sister of Jepthah Jr.; bro, Edward; descendant of Jepthah Earl    [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot] [obit also spelled as Katherine]
EARL Charles 1836 - 1844; 8y     [Arthur Earl monu]
EARL Charles 1876 - Apr 27, 1929; 52y; s/o Edwin L. & Caroline A. (Coffin) 
EARL Charles E. Sept 20, 1917 - Sept 3, 1999 Geneva, NY; 81y      [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Clarissa 1795 - 1814; d/o Jepthah & Bridget (Arthur)    [Jepthah Earl monu]
EARL Daniel 1813 - 1817; 4y; s/o Jepthah & Bridget (Arthur)   [Jepthah Earl monu]
EARL Dewitt C. 1842 - Nov 25, 1912;  s/o Arthur & Sybil (Conklin); nephew, Wm. Arthur Gunn   [Arthur Earl monu] [obit lists heirs - Melacthon Kinney, one  executor]
EARL Edwin L. Jan (or May?) 10, 1838 - May 16, 1914; 76y; h/o Caroline A. COFFIN;  s/o Jepthah & Eliza (Hutchinson)    [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]    [news -1914 burial list]
EARL Edwin L. Jr. Feb 27, 1881 - Dec 20 or 22, 1908; 27y; s/o Edwin L. & Caroline A. (Coffin)   [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]   [news -1908 burial list]
EARL Edwin L. Sept 27, 1909 - Jan 1986 Geneva, NY; 76y; h/o Mary E. TEECE
EARL Eliza Jan 31, 1804 - Jan 7, 1876; w/o Jepthah; nee HUTCHINSON    [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Elizabeth 1884 - 1936; w/o Charles Earl; nee WILLIAMSON  [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL George J. 1873 - 1942; h/o Mary BLACK; s/o Jepthah       [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL George W. July 28, 1832 - Jan 20, 1904; 71y; unwed; s/o Jepthah & Eliza (Hutchinson)  [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Hattie M. Mar 12, 1882 - Nov 30, 1975;  93y; [in nursing home for 3y]; w/o ???; sis, Mrs. Ethel Betz of Pontiac, MI   [obit]  
EARL Helen C. 1910 - 1910; d/o George & Mary (Black)    [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Henry C. July 8, 1841 - July 21, 1860; 19y     [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Henry C. 1874 - Jan 8, 1943; 68y; h/o Nettie E. JOHNSTON; 2 sons: Johnston & Edwin; sis, Eliza Yells; niece & nephews   [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]  [obit]
EARL Henry Johnston July 27, 1898 - Oct 4, 1981 Geneva hosp; 83y; h/o Frances NELLIS; no kids; bro, Edwin L.  [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]  [obit]
EARL infant son      [Arthur Earl monu]
EARL Jepthah 1768 - 1834;          [Jepthah Earl monu]
EARL Jepthah  June 26, 1806 - Sept 30, 1891; h/o Bridget ARTHUR     [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Jepthah Jr. Feb 4, 1835 - Sept 7, 1835; 8m; s/o Jepthah & Bridget (Arthur)  [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Jesse 1838 - 1901; s/o Arthur & Sybil (Conklin)    [Arthur Earl monu]
EARL Katherine  [see spelling above as Catherine.... obits appear with both spellings]
EARL Lois O. May 24, 1921 - June 16, 1973 Geneva hosp; 52y; w/o Charles E.; d/o Ernest & Edith ORR; 3 sis: Mrs. Marie Enos, Mrs. Doris Everson & Mrs. Arlene Smart   [obit]  
EARL Margaret J. 1833 - 1852    [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Mary 1831 - 1835   [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]  [also listed in Benton Rural Ceme]
EARL Mary E. Aug  1, 1915 -  May 2, 2009 Geneva, NY;  93y; w/o Edwin L.; d/o Henry & Minnie TEECE
EARL Nettie E. 1878  - 1956; w/o Henry C.   [Jepthah Earl Jr. plot]
EARL Sarah C. 1845 - 1861; d/o Arthur & Sybil    [Arthur Earl monu]
EARL Sibyl 1816 - 1860; w/o Arthur; nee CONKLIN   [Arthur Earl monu]
EARL Stephen 1799 - 1801; s/o Jephthah & Bridget (Arthur)    [Jepthah Earl  plot]
EARL Victoria 1841 - 1841   [Arthur Earl monu]
ELDRIDGE Andrew 1851 - 1853; s/o Henry & Deborah
ELDRIDGE Henry 1807 - 1866; h/o Deborah
ELLICK James 1859 - July 10, 1927; 68y; h/o Mabel LARHAM    [next to Isaac Larham plot]   [obit] [1927 necrology list buried July 12, 1927]
ELLICK Mabel (le) S. 1881 - Aug 14, 1929; 48y; w/o James; d/o Isaac & Harriet LARHAM; sis, Mrs. Wm. Lee of Potter; [next to Isaac Larham plot]  [obit]
ELLING Carlton E. Oct 7, 1932 - Mar 13, 2010; 77y; h/o Marlene; s/o Wm. & Elizabeth; USAF - Korean War Vet
ELLING Elizabeth M. July 10, 1900 - May 1985;  84y; w/o T. William; nee NIELSEN  [Nielsen/Elling monu]
ELLING Lawrence W. July 8, 1928 - Aug 20, 1969; 41y; h/o Barbara BUTLER; s/o Wm.; 3 daus Misses: Linda, Katherine & Joan; 1 son, Theodore; ; 1 sis, Mrs. Doris Barnes of Penn Yan; 1 bro, Carlton E., of Phelps;  US Army - WW II Vet  [Nielsen/Elling plot]  [obit]
ELLING T. William Mar 31, 1899 - Sept 14, 1990; 91y; h/o Elizabeth M. NIELSEN [Nielsen/Elling monu]
ELLISON Albert (Dr) 1859 - 1904; h/o Kittie KIPP
ELLISON Kittie V. 1860 - 1937; w/o Albert; nee KIPP
ELVIN Charles died Mar 5, 1920; 75y    [1920 obit list]
ELVIN Elizabeth 1819 Eng - Nov 1896; w/o Thomas Sr.;  m: 1844; nee CREASEY  [Elvin plot]
ELVIN Julia 1844 - 1859;  15y; w/o Thomas Jr.     [Elvin plot]
ELVIN Thomas Jr. 1840 Eng - 1878; h/o Julia   [Elvin plot]
ELVIN Thomas  Sr. 1815 Eng - Apr 1, 1901; 86y; h/o ?? [died in Eng] &  Elizabeth CREASEY [see news article on his obit - Village of Penn Yan section; his Will is also listed in news, but not transcribed] [Elvin plot]  
EMERSON Arthur J. Oct 1866 Eng - buried Jan 11, 1933;Geneva, NY; 66y; h/o Carrie Lillian  [R W Emerson plot]  [dad of Emily, Harriet, Martha, James, Ralph, Dorothy- 1920 census]  [1932 burial list]
EMERSON Charles  S. Jan 27, 1869 Eng - aft 1920 ; h/o Roxie C.  & Anna A. [m:1902]   [Emerson monu]
EMERSON Carrie Lillian 1871 Benton - Apr 21, 1958; 86y; w/o Arthur J.; 3 daus, Mrs. George T. Parker; Mrs. Herman Newlander & Mrs. Coral Grube; 2 sons, James & Ralph    [obit]
EMERSON Dorothy died abt Mar 24, 1923; 9y; d/o Arthur & Carrie; 4 sis: Mrs. Florence Newlander, Misses Emily, Martha & Harriet; bros, Ralph & James   [obit]
EMERSON Howard died Apr 2, 1918; 22y;  h/o ???;  s/o Rev. Charles; 7 bros, 2 sis  [obit]
EMERSON James May 19, 1836 Eng - May 18, 1916; 79y, 11m,30d; h/o Jane McINTYRE  [obit -suicide]
EMERSON Jane Dec 15, 1841 Scotland - Sept 28, 1932;  93y; w/o James; d/o Wm.  McINTYRE; bro, Wm., of Benton; sis, Mrs. Elizabeth Martin of NJ  [obit - found dead in bed]  [1932 burial list]
EMERSON Lillian died Nov 9, 1890; d/o Arthur J. & Lillian     [R W Emerson plot]
EMERSON Mary Z. Sept 1, 1894 - Aug 28, 1895; d/o Charles S. & Roxie C.  [Emerson monu]
EMERSON Ralph Waldo Jan 23, 1908 MA - Dec 31, 1980; h/o Viola; s/o Arthur J. & Carrie  [Emerson monu]
EMERSON Roxie C. Aug 15, 1870 OH - June 7, 1900; 29y; 1st w/o Charles S.; 2 kids  [obit]  [Emerson monu]
EMERSON Viola  "Gypsy" Mar 3, 1908 - Apr 29, 1986; w/o Ralph Waldo; nee FURNESS    [R W Emerson plot]
ENOS Aloha H. 1928 - Nov 30, 1935; 7y; d/o Bert & Marie L. (Orr)   [Bert Enos monu]  [obit]
ENOS Arthur J. Oct 1866 Eng -  ????
ENOS Bert S. Mar 20, 1895 - Aug 29, 1977;  82y; h/o Mary H. MASHEWSKE & Marie L. ORR; son Robert & dau, Mrs. Dorothy Gilbert   [Bert Enos monu]   [obit]
ENOS Charlotte Feb 2, 1885  Torrey- Jan 5, 1970 Geneva hosp; 84y; w/o Walter Newton [m:1912]; nee WELLS d/o Asahel R. & Mary L. (Castle) PERRY; dau, Mrs. Mary Bicksler  [obit]
ENOS Grace Helen died Jan 21, 1888;  10d; d/o Oscar & Mary (Newton)
ENOS Marie L. July 1, 1903 - July 5, 1973; 70y; 2nd w/o Bert S.; nee ORR; dau, Mrs. Dorothy Gilbert; 2 sons: Stewart & Robert; 2 sis, Mrs. Arlene Smart & Mrs. Doris Everson    [Bert Enos monu]  [obit]  
ENOS Mary 1849 - Feb 3, 1928; 78y; w/o Oscar M.; nee NEWTON; 2 daus: Mrs. Carrie Phillips & Mrs. Robert Palmer; 4 sons: Geo., Bert, Walter & Frank,  bros: Geo. of SD & Henry Newton of Neb. & 2 sis: Mrs. Charles Kinney & Mrs. Frances Wanzer both of Neb.  [Oscar Enos monu]   [obit]
ENOS Mary Helen Nov 14, 1895 - Dec 8, 1920; 25y; 1st w/o Bert S.; d/o Jacob MASHEWSKE [she gave birth to her son Robert  Nov 28th  & she had scarlet fever, dying 10 days later]  [1920 obit list]
ENOS Oscar M. 1849 -  Jan 26, 1926; 76y; h/o Mary NEWTON    [Oscar Enos monu] [1926 burial list]
ENOS Walter Newton Aug 3, 1885 - Oct 16, 1970; 85y; h/o Charlotte WELLS  Perry/Enos    [short obit]
ESTEY Doris H. Oct 10, 1908 - Feb 4, 1999;  90y; w/o Ellsworth E.
ESTEY Ellsworth E. Apr 26, 1805 - June 23, 1975; h/o Doris H.; US Navy - WW II Vet
EVERSON Agnes J. Nov 25, 1903 - Oct 1987; 83y; w/o Harold W.; nee JENSEN   [Peter Jensen plot]
EVERSON Harold W. Jan 17, 1903 Penn Yan - Aug 25, 1975 Dresden, NY; 72y; h/o Agnes JENSEN; bro, Walter of FL; 4 sis: Mrs. Mabel Rady, Mrs. May McDonald, Mrs. Virginia Moran & Mrs. Mildred Smith    [Peter Jensen plot]   [obit]  
FANCETT Gerald R. 1925 - 1935     [Charles Ottman plot]
FANCETT Legrande F. Apr 2, 1890 Clinton - Nov 16,  1968 Seneca Falls, NY; 78y; h/o Lucille OTTMAN; s/o Fred J. & Cora (Onyan); 2 sons, Merle (USAF, GA) & C. Dale of Seneca Falls; 2 daus, Mrs. Barbara Wilsey &  Mrs. Betty J. Reed; bro, Earl of Chittenango, NY  [Charles Ottman plot]   [obit]
FANCETT Lucille O. May 6, 1900 S.D. - Mar 20, 1977 Newark hosp; 76y; w/o Legrande F.; nee OTTMAN; sons, Merle & C. Dale; 2 daus: Mrs. Betty Jane Reed & Mrs. Barbara Wilsey [Charles Ottman plot]  [obit]
FANCETT Norman L. (T5) Aug 10, 1923 - Aug 30, 1944 New Guinea - KIA; wife, Mrs. Donald Stevens? of Rose, NY & Dale ; s/o Legrande F. & Lucille (Ottman); bros: Merrill & Dale; sis: Mrs. Kenneth Reed & Mrs. Evans Wilsey;  Coast Arty Corps - WW II Vet   [Charles Ottman plot] [obit]
FANDRICH Emma E Feb 19, 1889 - July 24, 1972  [on stone of Earl J. Rice]
FEAGLES Henrietta  died Dec 8, 1932 Penn Yan; 86y; w/o ???; no survivors              [obit] 
FIERO Harold R. Sr. May 20, 1911 - Jan 17, 1968; 56y; h/o ??;  dau, Miss Donna;  Ord. Ammo Co. US Army - WW II Vet  [obit]
FIERO Michael John 1953 - 1954; 5m; s/o Harold R. &??; [buried next to Harold R.]     [also listed in Benton Rural Ceme]
FINGER Charles H. died Sept 3, 1898;  54y,1m;  h/o Mary J. ROAT; s/o John & Lucy (Wells);  Co. G. 126th NY Inf - Civil War Vet
FINGER Mary J died Feb 21, 1898;  57y,4m,17d; w/o Charles; d/o Smith & Rosetta ROAT
FINK Amelia T. July 29, 1916 - Jan 1995 Waterloo, NY;  78y; w/o Harold; son, Paul of FL;      [Fink plot]
FINK Benjamin 1880 Germ - 1964 [wife "Lottie" on 1910; widowed by 1920 census]   [Fink plot]
FINK Grace 1890 - 1965    [Fink plot]
FINK Harold Nov 20, 1904 Auston, PA - June 16, 1979 Geneva, NY; 74y; h/o Amelia T.; s/o Ben & Lottie; son, Paul; bro, Clarence FINK; 2 sis: Mrs. Irene Tallman & Mrs. Helen House       [short  & long obit]
FISH Edward A. 1866 - July 23, 1947; h/o M. Louisa TURNER   [Ed Fish plot] [short obit]
FISH George 1834 - 1910; h/o Mary S. LEDGERWOOD         [Fish/Holcomb monu]
FISH M. Louisa 1870 - May 28, 1947; 77y; w/o Edward A.; nee TURNER
FISH Mary Isobel Mar 10, 1910 - Dec 19, 1916; 6y; d/o Edward A. & M. Louisa (Turner)   [Ed Fish plot]
FISH Mary S. 1834 - 1904; w/o George F. ; nee LEDGERWOOD   [Fish/Holcomb monu]
FISHER Abram J. Apr 1831 - Dec 11, 1908; 77y; h/o Charlotte BUTLER; Co. E, 194th NY - Civil War Vet   [1908 obit list]
FISHER Adelaide   "Addie" J. Mar 7, 1874 - July 21, 1967 Eastern Star Home, Oriskany, NY;  93y; w/o Ulysses Grant; d/o Frank GATES; sis of Mrs. Emma Nixon [plot of Nathan Oughterson] [short obit - buried on 25th]
FISHER Caroline  died abt Feb 1, 1918 Canandaigua; w/o???; several kids    [obit - broken thigh bone]
FISHER Charlotte Aug 1836 -  January 29, 1918 a Canandaigua hosp; 83y; w/o Abram J.; nee BUTLER; dau, Mrs. F. J. Louden, of Sidney, Australia; 5 sons: John, Floyd, George, Ulysses & Charles;  [Abram Fisher monu]  [obit]
FISHER Clarence 1876 - 1945;  unwed in 1920      [Abram Fisher monu]
FISHER Elizabeth J. 1860 - June 2, 1931; 71y; w/o George P.; nee BURTON; sons: Clarence & Stanley; dau, Mrs. Jack Tomney; 2 sis: Mrs. Burton Stillwell & Mrs. Fred Seamans; 2 bros: Geo. & Harry Burton  [Abram Fisher plot]   [obit]
FISHER Floyd H. 1858 - 1934; h/o Mary E. ARCHER    [Floyd Fisher monu]
FISHER George P. 1856 - Sept 11, 1934 Penn Yan hosp; 78y; h/o Elizabeth J. BURTON; 2 sons: Clarence & Stanley; dau, Mrs. Maude Toomey of Waterloo;  bros: Charles & Ulysses   [Abram Fisher plot]  [obit]
FISHER Gerald H. 1897 - 1918; h/o Floyd H. & Mary (Archer)     [Floyd Fisher monu]
FISHER James E. Oct 24, 1860 - May 25, 1882; s/o Abram J. & Charlotte (Butler)   [Abram Fisher monu]
FISHER Mary Elizabeth 1859 - June 11, 1922; 62y; w/o Floyd H.; nee ARCHER; dau, Mrs. Oakley Allen &  son, Leon; bro: David Archer & 2 sis: Mrs. Jennie Clark & Mrs. Emma Williamson, of Canada      [Floyd Fisher monu]   [obit]
FISHER Ulysses  Grant 1868 - Sept 1939; h/o Adelaide GATES    [plot of Nathan Oughterson] [obit]
FISHER Violet died Aug 10, 1900; 11m,2d; d/o Floyd H. & Mary (Avery)    [no marker found]
FLICK Jesse July 5, 1892 - Mar 8, 1971 [on stone of Ray Flick]
FLICK Raymond Theodore Apr 17, 1913 - Sept 8, 1918
FLINN Benjamin 1893 - Feb 8, 1956; 66y; unwed; 3 sis, 5 bros: Elliot, Merton, Frederick, Oscar & Orson; [obit]
FLINN Fred Sr. 1862 - 1946; h/o Grace; f/o Ben, Elliot, Fred, John, Merton, Orson, Oscar & Ralph     [Flinn plot]
FLINN Grace 1866 - Oct 2, 1925; w/o Fred Sr.; 3 daus: Mrs. J. R. Charlton [of Stanley], Mrs. W. J. Spike [of Middlesex] & Miss Lena (RN) [mom's care giver]8 sons:  Ben [of Geneva], Elliott [of Stanley], Fred Jr. [US Army] [of Alcatraz, CA], John [of Rushville], Merton [of Stanley], Orsen [of Stanley], Oscar [of Stanley] & Ralph  [of Stanley]     [Flinn plot]    [obit]  [1925 list of burials - Jan 1926 article - spelled as FLYNN ... all others were FLINN]
FLINN Orsen  1909 Stanley -  Mar 3, 1977 Rochester hosp; 67y; 2 sis: Mrs. Edith Spike of Middlesex & Mrs. Lena Myers of AZ; bros: Oscar & Merton   [obit]
FLINN Oscar Sept 25, 1909 Stanley - Sept 19, 1979 Canandaigua hosp; 69y; unwed; s/o Fred Sr.; bro, Merton; 2 sis: Mrs. Lena Myers of AZ & Mrs. Edith Spike of Middlesex    [obit]
FLINN Ralph died July 9, 1938; 48y; s/o Fred; 3 sis, 6 bros: Ben, Elliot, Fred, Merton, Orson & Oscar    [obit]
FLINN William F. 1862 - Mar 29, 1946; 83y; h/o ???; 3 daus: Mrs. Walter Spike, Mrs. John Carlton & Mrs. Lynn Myers; 6 sons: Ben, Elliott, Fred, Merton, Oscar & Orson          [obit]
FLINN William M. 1894 - 1898; s/o Fred & Grace    [Flinn plot]
FLOWERS John M. 1808 - 1826;  24y,5m,27d
FOOSE Frances M. died mid April 1924 FL; w/o Dr. Foose; nee MOORE; sis of Fred Moore; 2 sis        [obit]
FOSTER Anna E. died Aug 8, 1967; w/o ???             [very short obit]
FOSTER Gertrude Eva died May 26, 1920; 38y   [1920 obit list]
FOSTER infant buried Sept 22, 1916; infant son of Jesse & Elizabeth   [obit]
FOSTER Jesse  1875 Campbell, NY - Oct 15, 1947; 72y; h/o Elizabeth; bro, Frank            [obit]
FOWLE Amy Mar 16, 1788 - Apr 20, 1832; w/o Daniel
FOWLE Daniel Apr 19, 1769 - Apr 23, 1844; h/o Amy
FOX Elizabeth 1872 - 19    ; w/o Emmett  
FOX Emmett Henry 1873 Italy, NY - Feb 25, 1949; 75y; h/o Elizabeth; s/o Braham & Luticia (Bardeen)  [obit]
FRAREY Inez B. Apr 16, 1889 - Aug 5, 1971 Waterloo, NY;  82y; w/o Jack S.; nee HATCH; 2 daus: Mrs. Willard Hilkert & Mrs. Jay Snook    [Frarey/Hatch monu]   [obit] 
FRAREY Jack S. 1889 - Sept 16, 1954; h/o Inez B. HATCH  [cousins named in an obit]  [Frarey/Hatch monu]  [obit]
FRASIER Bertha J. 1892 - Oct 21, 1916; 22y; w/o Earl L.; d/o Floyd RIDER & sis of Athens, PA, Mrs. Elmer Lewis     [Frasier/Rider plot]   [obit]
FREDERICKSEN Anna Elizabeth 1885 - Mar 22, 1945; 54y; w/o Niels: nee SORENSEN; bro, Charles Sorensen ; 2 daus: Mrs. Walter Ledgerwood & Mrs. Ivan Orr  [obit]
FREDERICKSEN Barbara D. June 18, 1926 - Sept 13, 1998 Horseheads, NY;  [last married to Mr. TIGHE]
FREDERICKSEN Harold M. Dec 3, 1915 - July 2, 1990
FREDERICKSEN Niels 1875 Denmark - Mar  16, 1964 Bellona home; 88y; h/o Anna E. SORENSEN; son Harold; 2 daus: Mrs. Walter Ledgerwood & Mrs. Ivan Orr & bro in Denmark  [obit]
FREER Belinda 1834 - 1910; w/o Otis B.; nee MOON  [Freer monu]
FREER Larry 1794 - Feb 5, 1890; 95y,5m,20d  
FREER Mortimer B. 1857 - 1871; s/o Otis & Belinda    [Freer monu]
FREER Otis B. 1835 - 1912; w/o Belinda MOON   [Freer monu]
FRITZ Betty  1928 -    ; w/o Charles H. ; nee ADAMS   m: Jan 2, 1963
FRITZ Charles H.  (T Sgt) Feb 5, 1924 - Sept 27, 1983 PA; 59y; h/o Betty ADAMS; 2 daus;  US Army - WW II Vet   [obit]
FULLER Earl L. Jan 16, 1914 - Sept 27, 2010; 96y; h/o Irene KLAHN & Esther ??; US Army - WWII [was a POW]
FURR Rose Ann 1864 - 1949    [Herbert Griner plot]
GAGE Abigail Mar 21, 1790 - Jan 1, 1875; w/o Martin; nee ROCKWELL  [Martin Gage monu]
GAGE Abigail 1821 - June 24, 1847;  26y,7m,25d; w/o Lewis D.; nee PEMBROKE  [John Pembroke monu]
GAGE Abigail R. Apr 7, 1810 - May 23, 1897; w/o Wm. H.; nee ROCKWELL [John Pembroke monu]
GAGE Alice V. 1848 - 1849; d/o E. D. & E.  [Martin Gage monu]
GAGE Anthony (Dr) Sept 12, 1785 - Aug 27, 1839; h/o Rhoda EVANS  [Anthony Gage monu]
GAGE Azuba Mar 13, 1776 - May 3, 1840; w/o Reuben; nee HOYT  [Reuben Gage monu]
GAGE Betsey died June 27, 1880;  80y,5m,4d; d/o Isaac D. & Huldah (Benedict)
GAGE Bloomer buried Mar 15, 1926; 76y; niece, Mrs. Dick Hess, had funeral at her home [1926 burial list]    [obit]
GAGE Daniel 1825 - Nov 2, 1862;  37y;  h/o Caroline UTTER; s/o Reuben & Azuba (Hoyt);  Co. K, 8th NY Calv - Civil War Vet
GAGE David Oct 1833 -  Nov 4, 1912; 80y; h/o Cornelia;  s/o Murray; bro Lewis, of Rochester;    [obit - heart disease]
GAGE Edwin R. 1816 - 1822      [Martin Gage monu]
GAGE Eleanor Ann 1837 - Oct 15, 1852; d/o Reuben M. & Mary   [Hazard/Gage monu]
GAGE Ellen M. Mar 9, 1874 - Jan 31, 1929; d/o George G. & Sarah (Eden)  [Geo. Gage plot]
GAGE Emma Oct 1, 1855 - Nov 7, 1915   [H.H. Gage monu]
GAGE Ethel M. 1844 - Aug  19, 1966 Rochester; w/o George H.; nee MORLEY [Hazard Gage monu] [obit]
GAGE Ethelyn 1870 Bellona - Apr 17, 1920; 45y; d/o Hazard & Mary; 2 sis, 2 bro;  [Hazard Gage monu]  [1920 obit list]  [obit]
GAGE George G. July 15, 1841 - Nov 8, 1881; h/o Sarah EDEN   [Geo. G Gage plot]
GAGE George Henry (Dr) 1880 - 1956; h/o ???; s/o H. Hazard & Mary [Hazard Gage monu]
GAGE George N. 1848 - Dec 23, 1863; 15y; s/o Isaac & Helen   [Isaac N. Gage monu]
GAGE George W. Feb 26, 1817 - May 23, 1837;  20y; s/o Anthony & Rhoda (Evans) [Anthony Gage monu]
GAGE Guy C. 1866 - 1867; s/o Hazard & Mary   [Hazard Gage monu]
GAGE Hector 1814 - 1816      [Martin Gage monu]
GAGE Helen Feb 6, 1819 - Mar 27, 1892; w/o Isaac N. Gage & Mr. AMES ?; d/o Joseph & Hannah QUICK    [Isaac N. Gage monu]
GAGE Henry Harrison July 9, 1813 - Jan 27, 1890; h/o Lois E. BARDEN    [H.H. Gage monu]
GAGE H(enry) Hazard 1847 - 1897; h/o Mary   Hazard Gage monu]
GAGE Hubert died June 22, 1874;  5y
GAGE Huldah Mar 19, 1779 - Mar 24, 1833;  54y,8d; w/o Isaac D.; nee BENEDICT
GAGE infant died 1857; s/o Jesse T. & Mary
GAGE infant died Sept 6, 1847; s/o John & Martha (Cook)
GAGE Isaac D. Mar 8, 1773 - Jan 21,1854;  80y,10m,13; h/o Huldah BENEDICT; s/o Moses & Sarah (Buckbee); War of 1812 Vet
GAGE Isaac N. Nov 4, 1804 - Mar 31, 1888;  [Isaac N. Gage monu]
GAGE Jesse T. 1797 - Feb 9, 1858;  61y; h/o Mary HAZARD; s/o Reuben & Azuba (Hoyt) 
GAGE Jesse T. 1847 - Oct 5, 1852;  5y,4m,22d; s/o Jesse T. & Mary (Hazard)
GAGE John M. 1811 - Feb 21, 1850;  39y,7m,14d
GAGE Julia died Mar 12, 1845;  4y,6m,8d; d/o Seneca H. & Julia
GAGE Lois Emeline Feb 14, 1817 - Nov 1, 1896;  w/o Henry H; d/o Otis & Elizabeth BARDEN  [H.H. Gage monu]
GAGE Mamie June 11, 1858 - Nov 1863; d/o Isaac & Helen   [Isaac N. Gage monu]
GAGE Martin Nov 17, 1790 - July 13, 1841; h/o Abigail ROCKWELL   [Martin Gage monu]
GAGE Mary H. 1882 - Oct 10, 1961 Rochester hosp; unwed; 79y; d/o Hazard & Mary;  bro, John S.; 4 nieces, 3 nephews  [Hazard Gage monu]   [obit]
GAGE Mary Helen 1836 - Oct 24, 1852;  16y; d/o Jesse T. & Mary
GAGE Mary M. died Apr 29, 1866;  9m,12d; d/o M. R. & Matilda
GAGE Mary M. 1850 - 1933; w/o H. Hazard; nee SCHOONMAKER     [Hazard Gage monu]
GAGE Mary S.  1849 - Oct 16, 1852;  3y,11m,12d; d/o Reuben & Azuba (Hoyt)
GAGE Reuben  June 1, 1767 - Jan 16, 1845; h/o Azuba HOYT; s/o Moses & Sarah (Buckbee)  [Reuben Gage monu]
GAGE Reuben M. died Aug 23, 1884;  69y,3m; s/o Jesse T. & Mary (Hazard)
GAGE Rhoda A. June 11, 1787 - Nov 16, 1872;  85y; w/o Anthony; nee EVANS  [Anthony Gage monu]
GAGE Robert Bloomer died Mar 12, 1926;  76y; s/o Isaac N. & Helen A. (Quick)
GAGE Sarah E. June 7, 1843 - Mar 8, 1928; 84y;  w/o George G.; nee EDEN; dau, Miss Nellie; son, Prof. Amsden; g'kids, Janet & Duncan Gage;   [Geo. G Gage plot] [obit]
GAGE Susan Cornelia died Dec 5, 1890;  56y,4m,11d; d/o Enos T. & Sally HARFORD
GAGE William H. June 22, 1810 - Mar 27, 1897;  86y  [Reuben Gage monu]
GARDNER Eveline S. 1851 - 1926; w/o Wm. H.; nee JOHNSON   [Gardner/Barnes plot]
GARDNER Mary H. 1881 - Sept 1, 1962;  80y; w/o Wm. K. ; d/o John W. & Lizzie (Turner) HAINES; 2 sis;   [J. W. Haines plot  [obit]
GARDNER Susan  died May 1, 1927; 75y  [1926 burial list]
GARDNER William H. 1842 - 1918; h/o Eveline S. JOHNSON  [Gardner/Barnes plot]
GARDNER William K. 1889 - 1959; h/o Mary HAINES   [J. W. Haines plot]
GARRISON Eleanor B. died Aug 29, 1889; 82y4m; w/o Stephen; nee BROWN
GARRISON Mary E. 1830 - 1834; 4y,1m,18d; d/o Stephen & Eleanor
GARRISON Stephen 1808 - Aug 29, 1871; 63y,7m; h/o Eleanor BROWN
GAVETTE James F.     w/o Virginia P.
GAVETTE Virginia P. 1922 - May 7, 1977; 54y; w/o James F.; 2 daus: Mrs. Marilyn Reifstack & Mrs. Bonnie Nichols; 5 sons: Roger, Daniel, Ronald, Barry & Allan; bro, Alfred BROWN; 4 sis: Mrs. Margaret Ketch, Mrs. Beulah Lippert, Mrs. Stella Stamp & Mrs. Alice L. Havens   [obit]
GAYLORD Amanda Dec 15, 1825 - Apr 24, 1833;  8y; d/o Romeo & Rachel [Gaylord monu] [also listed in Torrey's  Mt. Pleasant Ceme]
GAYLORD Benjamin F. (Cpl) July 8, 1835 - Aug 8, 1872; s/o Romeo & Rachel: Co. H. 102nd NY Vol; died in MS
GAYLORD Charles W. (Pvt) Dec 3, 1837 - July 2, 1863;  s/o Romeo & Rachel; Co. B, 126th NY Vol - Civil War Vet   killed at Gettysburg    [Gaylord monu]
GAYLORD Emily Oct 30, 1827 - Sept 16, 1828;  d/o Romeo & Rachel  [Gaylord monu]  [also listed in Torrey's  Mt. Pleasant Ceme]
GAYLORD Oliver C. Nov 28, 1830 - Apr 22, 1862; s/o Romeo & Rachel;  Pvt. Co. G, 3rd Mich. Calv - Civil War Vet died in St. Louis      [Gaylord monu]
GAYLORD Rachel Mar 30, 1803 - Jan 24, 1894; 90y; w/o Romeo; nee COATS   [Gaylord monu]
GAYLORD Romeo July 11, 1800 - Jan 30,1867; h/o Rachel COATS; s/o John & Charlotte (Hickock)  [Gaylord monu]
GELDER Anna M. "Annie" died Jan 8, 1907;  77y; w/o Edward; nee LARHAM  [Ed Gelder plot]
GELDER Clyde E. July 19, 1899 - July 17, 1970; 70y; h/o Margaret L. SCOTT; 2 daus: Mrs. Shirley Covert & Mrs. Barbara Knapp; bros, Wilfred & Robert; 6 grandkids;  US Army - WW 1 Vet   [obit]
GELDER Daisy E. Dec 3, 1880 - Oct 4, 1950 Bath; 70y; w/o Mr. Newth & Wm. Gelder;  d/o Henry B. & Grace (Carroll) TURNER; 2 daus: Mrs. Walter Traphagen & Mrs. Wm. Sharp & a step dau, Mrs. Frank Challis of Chicago  [Henry Turner plot]  [obit]
GELDER Edward 1816 Eng  - Dec 11, 1893;  77y; h/o Anna LARHAM     [Ed Gelder plot]
GELDER Florence A. Apr 1868 OH - Feb 25, 1950 Geneva; 2nd w/o Wm. F.; nee CURTIS; dau, Mrs. Roy Kinney; sons: Robert & Clyde; bro, A. B. Curtice of CA; sis in law, Miss Nettie Gelder of Bellona   [Ed Gelder plot]
GELDER Hannah 1840 Eng - 1910; 1st w/o Wm. Sr.; nee DEBENHAM
GELDER infant 1892 - 1892; s/o Wm. F. & Florence A. (Curtis)     [Ed Gelder plot]
GELDER infant died July 7, 1896;  1d; child of Wm. F. & Florence A. (Curtis)     [Ed Gelder plot]
GELDER Margaret L. July 19, 1899 - May 18, 1996; 96y;  w/o Clyde E.; nee SCOTT
GELDER Mary E.   "Nettie" 1865 Pultney - Jan 30, 1954; 88y; unwed; d/o Edward & Anna (Larham); 4 nephews, 2 nieces  [Ed Gelder plot] [obit]
GELDER Mrs. F. 1877 - May 4, 1948; 71y; w/o Fred; d/o William & Kate (Tears) PLATMAN;  2 daus: Mrs. Arthur Daggett & Mrs. Charles Anderson; 4 sons: Ivan, Herbert, Franklin & Leon; sis, Mrs.  Hattie Oughterson  [obit]
GELDER Robert C. June 26, 1908 - Oct 14, 1970; 62y; h/o ???;  s/o Wm. & Hannah (Debenham)  [Ed Gelder plot]
GELDER William F. Sept 26, 1867 Seneca - July 9, 1947 Bellona; 79y; h/o Hannah DEBENHAM [d.1910] & Florence A. CURTICE [m: 9/24/1891]; s/o Ed & Anna (Larham); sons: Clyde, Robert & Wm; dau, Mrs. Roy M. Kinne; sis, Nettie Gelder   [Ed Gelder plot]  [post master -2 obits]
GILBERT Dorothy P. Dec 23, 1916 - Oct 5, 1996;  79y; w/o Howard H.
GILBERT Howard H. Apr 30, 1918 - Aug 24, 1978;  60y; h/o Dorothy P.;  sons: Donald & Douglas; sis, Mrs. Helen Eskildsen;   US Army - WW II Vet   [obit]
GILLMOR Mary Louise 1882 - Feb 24, 1972; 89y; w/o Ralph M.; s/o Carl BARNES; 5 daus: Mrs. Erma Daniels, Mrs. Ruth Walker, Mrs. Helen West, Mrs. Dorothy Kjar & Mrs. Jeanne Minnes; bro Carl Barnes of AZ;    [Albert Barnes plot]  [obit]
GILLMOR Ralph M. 1883 - buried Apr 12, 1926; 42y; h/o Mary L.  [Albert Barnes plot]  [1926 burial list]
GOLDEN Paulette Latrisha died Feb 10, 1987; infant; d/o Paul & Constance (Lomick); grandparents & great grand parents  [obit]
GOLDSMITH Benjamin Moore (Rev) Feb 16, 1817 Mattituck, NY - Aug 9, 1885; h/o Mary A. McCREA   [pastor of Presbyterian church]
GOLDSMITH Mary A. Aug 24, 1826 - Aug 7, 1904; w/o Benjamin M.; d/o Wm. & Sarah E. McCREA
GOLDSMITH Mary H. July 7, 1851 - Dec 28, 1911 Elmira, NY; d/o Benjamin M. & Mary A. (McCrea) [2/18/1912 will listed in paper]
GOLDSMITH William Benjamin Jan 11 1854 - Mar 21, 1888 Providence, RI; s/o Ben & Mary  A. (McCrea)
GOODMAN  Altie died July 10, 1920; 60y;  [name marker only]  [Isaac Goodman plot] [1920 obit list]
GOODMAN  Estella died Dec 6, 1909;  40y,3m,21d; unwed; d/o Isaac & Alta (Reese) [Isaac Goodman plot]
GOODMAN Gary W. 1953 - 1972; s/o Kenneth   [Goodman plot]
GOODMAN Isaac 1846 - 1907      [Isaac Goodman plot]
GOODMAN John V. died May 16, 1886; 45y,5m
GOODMAN Kenneth H. (S Sgt) Jan 27, 1924 - Nov 8, 1975; 51y; h/o Norma NEWBY; son, Douglas; s/o Mary Isenberg, of Clifton Sp.; bro, Earl Goodman of Honeoye;  US Army - WW II Vet  [Goodman plot]   [obit]
GOODMAN Norma Nov 6, 1927 - Aug 26, 2006 New Hartford, NY;  78y; w/o Kenneth; nee NEWBY  [Goodman plot]
GOUNDRY Bessie H. 1892 Vine Valley - Nov 11, 1969 Geneva hosp; 77y; w/o Francis J. ; d/o Arthur & Marietta (Holmes) ROE of Seneca; son, Wm.; 2 daus: Mrs. Mary Roe Kochert & Mrs. Helen Roe Pool   [obit]
GOUNDRY Celia Ruth Nov 11, 1924 - Feb 20, 2010; 85y; w/o Wm.; d/o Myron & Genevieve (Reed) FRENCH
GOUNDRY Francis J. Dec 4, 1900 - July 19, 1987;  86y; h/o Bessie; sis: Mrs. Ruth Roe; son, Wm.  2 daus: Mrs. Mary (Roe) Kochert & Mrs.  Helen (Roe) Pool    [obit] [are any of these step kids?]
GOUNDRY William S. May 7, 1932 - Sept 13, 2006; 74y; h/o Celia R. FRENCH
GRECO Romeo W. May 17, 1919 - Dec 10, 1979; 60y; h/o Ruth M; US Army - WW II Vet  [obit]
GRECO Ruth M. June 24, 1924 - Mar 27, 2006 Canandaigua, NY;  81y; w/o Romeo;  m:3/31/56
GREEN Ella F. Mar 23, 1858 - June 30, 1894; w/o Walter E.   [on plot of DC Mead monu]
GREEN Nellie 1882 - 1899; d/o Walter & Ella (Mead) 
GREGORY Aaron Y. 1844 - May 25, 1862; 18y,10m, Co. A., Berdans Sharp Shooters - Civil War Vet
GREGORY Aseneth B. 1844 - Jan 4, 1861; 17y,6m,28d; w/o George W.; d/o Lewis D. & Abigail GAGE
GREGORY Caroline E. died Apr 5, 1886;  46y; w/o George W.
GREGORY Ezra Eugene died Dec 6, 1922;  77y,8m,27d; h/o Mary Elizabeth BUSH [m: 12/18/1867]; dau, Mrs. Sam Platman; son, Wm. R, ; foster son, Robert F. Platman   [Gregory monu]   [obit]
GREGORY George W. died May 3, 1881;  42y,8m,22d; h/o Caroline E.   [Gregory monu]
GREGORY Lewis died Aug 7, 1883; 77y,11m,11d    [Gregory monu]
GREGORY Mary Elizabeth died Oct 20, 1922; 74y,5m,12d; w/o Ezra Eugene; nee BUSH  [Gregory monu]
GREGORY Martha 1805 - Dec 8, 1859;  54y,8m,15d; w/o Lewis G.; d/o Reuben & Azuaba (Hoyt) GAGE    [Gregory monu]
GRINER Agnes C. Mar 27, 1898 - Oct 22, 1980;  82y; w/o Howard A.; nee CHRISTENSEN  [Chauncey Griner plot]   [obit]
GRINER* Chauncey 1861 - Nov 27, 1923; 62y; h/o Harriet M.    [Chauncey Griner plot]  [1923 burial list]
GRINER Clarence O. Nov 13, 1903 - July 10, 1968; 64y;  US Army - WW II Vet    [obit states nothing of military service - research further]
GRINER Francis Harold 1940 - 1941            [Herbert Griner plot]
GRINER Francis K. Nov 11, 1916 - July 17, 1990; h/o Lavilla R.; US Army - WW II Vet   [Herbert Griner plot]
GRINER* Harriet  M. 1864 - Oct 16, 1933; 69y; w/o Chauncey; sons: Earl, Herbert & Howard; 3 bros, John, Frank & Winfield BISHOP    [Chauncey Griner plot]  [obit]
GRINER Herbert F. 1884 - Sept 7, 1954; 70y; h/o Mabel C.; s/o Chauncey & Elizabeth (Martin); dau, Mrs. Bicksler; son, Francis & bro, Howard [Herbert Griner plot] [stroke -short & longer obit]
GRINER Howard A. Dec 16, 1901 - July 21, 1988;  87y; h/o Agnes CHRISTENSEN [Chauncey Griner plot]
GRINER* Joseph 18?? - buried June 16, 1932; w/o Susan   [Chauncey Griner plot]  [1932 burial list]
GRINER Kenneth E. buried Tuesday,  Apr 22, 1927; inf s/o Howard & Agnes (Christensen)   [1926 burial list & short obit of 4/23]
GRINER Lavilla R. Feb 5, 1922 - Apr 27, 2005 Morrow, GA;  83y; w/o Francis K.  [Herbert Griner plot]
GRINER Mabel C. June 18, 1883 - July 12, 1974 FL; 91y; w/o Herbert; son, Francis of SC; dau, Mrs. Nellie Bicksler; sis, Mrs. Ed Beattie of Geneva   [Herbert Griner plot]  [obit]
GRINER* Susan C. 1876 - 1964; w/o Joseph    [Chauncey Griner plot]
GROESBECK Charles died May 16, 1897; 78y; s/o Gerry
GROESBECK Edith 1881 - buried May 7, 1966 of Clyde; 84y; w/o Mr.  Pidgeon & Charles; nee WALDEN    [Walden plot]  [obit below]
GROTHEER Ruth Dorothy Apr 13, 1909 - Sept 17, 1980; 71y;  [obit - graver robbers, Oct 12 & Oct 14, 1988 see below] 
GROVER Lulu Mae 1900 - Mar 29, 1935; 34y; w/o Earl; 3 daus: Evelyn, Virginia & Barbara; 2 sis: MRs. Gerald Transue & Mrs. Grover Mason, both of PA; bros: Charles & Lucas MIX, of PA;      [obit]
GROW Purnton 1796 - Nov 17, 1848;  52y;  h/o Ruth
GROW Ruth 1797 - Feb 16, 1865;  68y; w/o Purnton
GUNTHER Ellen Aug 18, 1892 - Aug 1983 Rochester, NY;  91y; d/o Paul & Maren (Elling) NIELSEN  [Nielsen/Elling Monu]



 Elmira NY Morning Telegram                   Feb 18, 1912                        Sunday       by Dianne Thomas

Miss Goldsmith - Terms of her Will which was offered for Probate in Court -  The will of Mary H. Goldsmith, was offered for probate in surrogate's court last Thursday.  The Elmira College is remembered in the will.  The exact amount that will be received by the college, is not known at the present time.  Heirs in Corning, Painted Post, and Elmira, receive neat sums.  The will, in full, is as follows:

I, Mary H. Goldsmith, of the city of Elmira, Chemung county, New York, do hereby make, publish., and declare the following to be my last will, and testament, hereby revoking all other or former wills by me, at any time made. 

Article First - I direct the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses.

Article Second - I give and bequeath unto Samuel P. McCrea, of Shelbyville, Indianan, one thousand dollars unto Neville E. Waite, of Corning, NY, fifteen hundred dollars; and unto James. W. Waite, of Painted Post, NY, fifteen hundred dollars. 

Article Third - I give and bequeath unto the Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian church in the United States of America, incorporated April 19, 1872, by an act of the legislature of the state of  New York, one thousand dollars.

Article Fourth - I give and bequeath unto the Board of Foreign Missions of the  Presbyterian church in the United States of America; one thousand dollars.

Article Fifth - I give and bequeath unto the  Memorial Presbyterian' church of Bellona, at Bellona, N. Y., one thousand dollars to be to be kept invested and held as a permanent fund separate and apart from the other funds of said church the income thereof to be applied toward the support and maintenance of the said church.  And I further give and bequeath unto said Memorial Presbyterian church of Bellona, the crayon portrait or picture of the Rev. B. M. Goldsmith.

Article Sixth - I give and bequeath unto the trustees of Mattituck parish, at Mattituck Suffolk county, NY, the sum of one hundred fifty dollars, to be kept invested and held as a permanent fund separate and apart from the other funds of the trustees of Mattituck parish, the income thereof to be applied by the trustees  of such corporation to and for the care, maintenance and adornment of the lot in the "Parish Burying Ground," so called, in which the remains of Louis Goldsmith are interred.

Article Seventh - I give and bequeath unto the Bellona Cemetery association, at  Bellona, N. Y., three hundred dollars to be invested and kept invested as a permanent fund separate and apart from the other funds of said Cemetery association, the income thereof, to be applied by the trustees thereof, to and for the care, maintenance and adornment of the lot in the cemetery of said association at Bellona, of Rev. B. M. Goldsmith.

Article Eighth - 1 give and bequeath unto my cousin. Agnes Morton, of Cutchogue, Suffolk county, N.Y., one thousand dollars. 

Article Ninth - I give and bequeath unto my cousin, Grace C. . Waite, of Corning, N Y. five hundred dollars and a like sum of five hundred dollars to my cousin, Theodora Waite, of said city.

Article Tenth - I give and bequeath unto William T. Rathbun, of Elmira, N.Y., five hundred dollars; a like sum of five hundred dollars to Benjamin R. Rathbun, of Elmira. N. Y., and a like sum of five hundred dollars to John H. Rathbun. Mina Reca Rathbun and Sarah L. Rathbun, the children of Louis G. Rathbun, and to each of the said children of Louis G. Rathbun".

Article Eleventh - I hereby give and bequeath unto the Butler Hospital for the insane, a corporation duly incorporated by the general assembly of the state of Rhode Island, the crayon picture or portrait of Dr. William B. Goldsmlth, deceased, and the sum of fourteen thousand dollars, the said sum of fourteen thousand dollars to be invested by the trustees of such corporation, and kept invested and to be held by them as a permanent fund, separate and apart from the other funds of said corporation and o be known as the Dr. William B. Goldsmith fund, the income thereof to be used and applied by the trustees of said corporation in maintaining or aiding in maintaining at the Butler Hospital for the Insane, needy people under the visitation of insanity, especially these normally cultured and refined whose poverty and need have been caused in whole or part by such visitation.  

Article Twelfth - I give and bequeath all my household furniture, household effects, bric-a-brac, ornaments, jewelry, books, pictures, and clothing to Lucy T. Rathbun, of the city of Elmira, N. Y., to be divided and distributed by the said Lucy T. Rathbun, to whom full discretion is given in this matter, among my relatives and friends. In this, she will be guided by such memoranda as I shall leave for that purpose; but if no memoranda is left by me, the division to be made in accordance with her wishes and desires. If for any reason the bequest of such articles to Lucy T. Rathhbun, to be by her distributed, shall be void or of no effect. I give and bequeath the said articles to said Lucy T. Rathbun absolutely.

Article Thirteenth - I give, devise and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, of every name and nature e and where so ever situate, unto Elmira college, a corporation duly organized and existing unled and by virtue of the laws of the state of New York, to be applied to the uses of said college.

Article Fourteenth - I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my cousin, Alexander Merle Forman, of New York, and S. G. Hathaway Turner, of Elmira, N.Y.. as the executors of this my last will and testament, giving to my said executors, and to the survivor of them, full power and authority to sell, convey and dispose of any and all real estate of which I may die seized.

In witness whereof, I, Mary H. Goldsmith, have to this, my last will and testament, subscribed my name and set my seal this 27th day of October, 1904.


Robert T. Turner and Katherine E. Wadsworth, both of Elmira, witnesses. 



Geneva Daily Times                 Saturday                   January 4, 1913            by Dianne Thomas    

BENTON FARMER LEAVES $45, 000   Will of Dewitt C. Earl is Admitted to Probate at Penn Yan.

NEPHEW GETS MOST OF IT   Penn Yan, Jan. 4 - The will of Dewitt C. Earl, who died in the town of Benton on November 25th. was admitted to probate yesterday morning by Surrogate Gilbert Baker and letters testamentary were issued to Henry C. Earl and Melancthon Kinney, who were appointed executors in the will.  The estate appeared to be of the value of about $45,000, of which $10,000 is real and $35,000 personal property.  William Scoon and William F. Gelder, were appointed appraisers. William Arthur Gunn, a son of the testator's deceased sister, is the only heir at law. 

By the will the deceased gave to the Bellona Cemetery Association $2,400; to Burton Coffin, John W. Coffin, William C. Coffin and Edwin D. Coffin, each $300; to Henry C. Earl, $3,000; to Charles Earl, $1,000; to George J. Earl, $1,000; to Henry J. F Earl, Edwin L. Earl and Nettie, the wife of Henry C. Earl, each $500; to Dewitt Earl Myers, of Athens, Pa.. $1,000; to Arthur J . Nichols, $500; to Mildred L. Nichols, $1,000; to Earl A. Nichols, $1,000; to Clelly Meyers of Fairbury, Neb., $300; to Harold and Aleo K. Meyers, of Fairbury, Neb., each $200; to Etta Uhl Munger, of Milwaukee, Wis., $500; to Earl W., Effie and Edith Gunn, of Grand Rapids, Mich,  each $500; to Alva Coffin and Clark Dewitt Coffin, each $500; to Earl C. Hales, of Chicago, Emma C. Hales, of Orange, N. J., and Lillian Hales Turner of Chicago, each $500; to Ansel and Emma Hales, of Chicago, each $500; to Susannah Nichols, wife of Arthur J. Nichols. $1,000: to Ann Christensen, $2,000; to his nephew, William Arthur Gunn, his home farm in the town of Benton consisting of about 100 acres, another piece of land, containing about thirty acres and all his household goods. One-half of the remainder he left to his executors and the other half to the devises under the will in proportion as he had hereintofore, made them his beneficiaries. 



Geneva Daily Times                                            October 12, 1925                         by Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Grace Flinn - Stanley, Oct 10  - The death of Mrs. Grace Flinn of Stanley, occurred Friday morning a week ago after an extended illness of many weeks. She is survived by her husband Fred Flinn Sr. and eight sons and three daughters: Mrs. J. R. Charlton of Stanley, W. J. Spike of Middlesex, Miss Lena Flinn, a registered nurse who has cared for her during her long illness, Mr. Ben Flinn of Geneva, Ralph Flinn of Stanley, John Flinn of Rushville, Eltlott Flinn of Stanley, Fred Flinn of Alcatraz, California, who is in   ???ttoa-TJ. , US, Army, Oscar, Orson, and Merton Flinn all of Stanley.   The funeral was held on Sunday at 1 pm, from her late home.  Burial was made in the Bellona Cemetery. 



Geneva Daily Times             Saturday                      July 10, 1926                          by Dianne Thomas

HEAT CAUSE OF BELLONA DEATH -  Ernest Denman Dies Very Suddenly at Home, Friday

Bellona, July 10 - The extreme heat of the past few days has been the cause of one fatality and several prostrations in this vicinity. The death of Ernest Denman, aged about 45, occurred at his home in Bellona early yesterday morning as a direct result of the hot weather according to Dr. George E. Welker of Dresden.  Mr. Denman had been employed at the pea vinery one mile south of this village adjacent to the Steward Turner home. He went to work on Thursday, but when he returned home in the evening he complained of not feeling well.  During the night, he died very suddenly.  

He leave his mother, Mrs. Franc Denman, who is prostrated by her son's death and several cousins in Bellona.  Mrs. Mina Ansley is caring for Mrs. Denman.  

Funeral services will be held from the home Monday afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. G. H. Orvis will officiate. Interment will be in Bellona cemetery.




Geneva NY Daily Times                 Tuesday           May 10, 1966                      by Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Edith Pidgeon Groesbeck, 84, of Clyde, was buried in the Bellona Cemetery, on Saturday.            


Finger Lake Times            Friday          Oct 14, 1988   [pic of headstone in Oct 12th article]                by Dianne Thomas

Oct 14 - BELLONA - A $1,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for digging up a gravesite in the Bellona Cemetery.  On Saturday, a cemetery caretaker found a coffin-shaped hole in front of the tombstone of Ruth Dorothy Grotheer, whose ashes were buried there after her death at age 71, in 1980. The urn was broken, and the hole left unfilled sometime between Thursday evening, Oct. 6 and the morning of Oct. 8.  

The reward is being offered by two brothers, John and Gene Fontana,  and their sister, Katharine Prendergast, all of Wabash Road, Geneva. Grotheer, of New York City, was a close friend of the Fontana family and considered an aunt.  "At first you're shocked, and then you're angry," said Prendergast, who hopes the offer of a reward might help the investigation.  "The family is very upset," said Yates County Sheriff's Inv. Jack Gleason. "They're hoping this may induce someone to come forward with some information. Whether it will, we'll have to wait and see."  Gleason said he has leads to follow, and people to talk to, but made no mention of a possible arrest.  Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's department  at 536-4438.

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