Bellona Cemetery

Bellona, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of:
 Patricia Marciano , Phyllis & Jack Pelton  


Jennie (Oughterson) Barden

Newton V. Barden

Butcher Family

Butcher family close up


Edwin Buther

 Esther Butcher

Sarah Butcher

Helmer & Lucy Christensen

Clarence Griner family stone


Joseph, Susan, Harriet, Chauncy Griner family stone

Joseph & Susan Griner



Johnson Family Stone

Ernest W. & E. Isabel Johnson

Robert L. Mc Murray Sr.

Ruth H. McMurray

Oughterson Family Stone 1

Oughterson Family Stone 2

Ashley W. Oughterson

Edward L.  & Betty M. Oughterson

John & Carrie E. (Lybolt) Oughterson

John C. & Hattie A. (Platman) Oughterson

Mary A. (Hatch) Oughterson

Nathan Oughterson

Walter Oughterson

William Oughterson

Homer Pelton

Sarah Pelton

Nina Speickhoff

Henry & Mary Ann (Topp) Thurlow

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