Benton Center Cemetery

now known as  Benton Rural Cemetery

Havens Corners Road near Flat St.

Benton Center, Yates Co., NY

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Currently called Benton Rural Cemetery

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ADAMS Jerome J  (Sgt) May 27, 1919 - Feb 16, 1979; 59y; h/o Ruth B.; sons Justin & Brian; dau, Claudia McNeely of PA; 2 sis: Mrs. Ellen Kreetchmer & Mrs. Betty Fritz;  US Army - WW II Vet   [obit]
ADAMS Ruth B. Aug 13, 1921 - June 20, 2006; w/o Jerome J.
ALLINGTON George 1856 - Sept 27, 1932; 76y;  h/o Kitty DEAN [dau, Mrs. Harvey Brent; b/o Miss Mae Allington of Elmira & Mrs. Newell Smith of Penn Yan]  [obit]
ALLINGTON Kitty 1854 - 1926; w/o George; 72y; nee DEAN
ANDERSEN Albert 1875 Denmark - Dec 26, 1951; 76y; unwed; bro, J. Andrew; 3 nieces, 1 nephew  [obit- one obit also spelled as AnderSON, 76y]
ANDERSEN Andrew J. 1881 Denmark  - 1965; b/o Albert
ANDERSEN August 1843 - 1919; h/o Martina; b/o Emil & sis, Mrs. Lena (Carl) Mickleson
ANDERSEN Chris 1885 -  1937
ANDERSEN Glenn A. Sr see ANDERSON spelling, below, for info
ANDERSEN Ellen M. Sept 30, 1903 Denmark - Dec 1981; 78y; w/o Glenn A. Sr.; d/o Hans &  Dagmar (Larsen) ANDERSEN;  sons: M. Gordon & Glenn Jr.; daus: June Paulsen of ME & Elizabeth J. Bush of Geneva   [obit]
ANDERSEN Marie  died Jan 16, 1937 Torrey; sis of Mrs. Chris Koek      [ck further]
ANDERSEN Martina 1847 - Feb 1, 1933; w/o AUGUST  [monu of Andersen/Wright]  [obit]
ANDERSON Chris P. 1885 - 1937; h/o Matilda
ANDERSON Glenn A. Sr. Feb 26, 1902 - Dec 15, 1987; 85y; h/o Ellen M; s/o Martin A. & Petrie M. [obit spelled as ANDERSEN]
ANDERSON Glenn A. 3rd died Aug 30, 1966; s/o Glenn A. & Ellen
ANDERSON Martin Antonius 1861 - Sept 7, 1922; 60y; h/o Petra M.; suicide; father of Glenn & Lester
ANDERSON Matilda 1884 - June 1, 1952; 67y; w/o Chris P.; siblings: Mrs. Lawrence Christiansen of Benton; Mrs. Christian Berg, of Denmark & bro, Fred FREDERICKSON of Chicago
ANDERSON Petra M. 1865 - Nov 25, 1937; 72y; w/o Martin Antonius; son, Glen Sr.; daus: Mrs. Mattie Leonard of Canada; bros: Emil, Peter & Fred THOMPSON
ANDREWS Eliza died Jan 23, 1877;  61y,10m,10d; w/o James
ANDREWS Ida E. Apr 8, 1870 - Aug 24, 1870; inf d/o Richard & Vesta A. (Norton)
ANDREWS James died May 30, 1877;  40y; h/o Eliza
ANDREWS Richard Feb 12, 1844 - Apr 7, 1896; h/o Vesta A. NORTON; Co. E., 11th PA Cav. - Civil War Vet
ANDREWS Vesta A. Apr 26, 1844 - Feb 3, 1893; w/o Richard; nee NORTON
ARMSTRONG Charlie died Dec 10, 1873; 4y,11m,19d
ARMSTRONG David died Jan 9, 1879;  60y; h/o Emma REYNOLDS
ARMSTRONG Emma R. died Mar 22, 1881;  57y; w/o David; nee REYNOLDS
ARMSTRONG George W. 1875 - 1931
ARMSTRONG M. Edith died June 23, 1895;  47y
ARNOLD George B.                  [on Arnold monu]
ARNOLD Israel Oct 25, 1785 RI - Nov 7, 1839;  54y; h/o Susan 
ARNOLD Israel C. Aug 6, 1843 - Apr 13, 1888; 44y
ARNOLD Israel H. Dec 3, 1816 - May 25, 1881; 64y; h/o Susan A. CLEAVELAND
ARNOLD John C. Sept 18, 1845 - Jan 9, 1865; 19y; s/o Israel H. & Susan A.
ARNOLD Mary died Nov 2, 1890;  37y; w/o George; nee LLOYD
ARNOLD Mrs. Geo. B. died Mar 29, 1969; w/o Geo. B;  "mom"   [obit]
ARNOLD Penelope Nov 22, 1793 - Nov 24, 1834; w/o Israel; nee BROWN
ARNOLD Sally E. Dec 30, 1832 - Feb 8, 1839; 6y; d/o Israel H. & Susan A.
ARNOLD Susan A. Dec 16, 1816 - Feb 28, 1861; 44y; w/o Israel H.; nee CLEAVELAND
BAKER Della S. 1847 - 1916; w/o Henry C.
BAKER Henry C. 1847 -   ; h/o Della S.
BALEY Earl William 1882 - Nov 22, 1958; 75y; h/o ??? & Muriel C.; kids from 1st marriage: sons: Thomas, Albert of WA, Grant of Ovid & dau, Mrs. Oliver Weber, of Geneva   [obit - heart attack]
BALL James S. Jan 1831 Eng - 1909; h/o Jane J. MILLS     [Ball/Guthrie monu]
BALL Jane J. 1834 - 1894; w/o James S.; nee MILLS     [Ball/Guthrie monu]
BARBER Addison G. June 24, 1820 - May 2, 1891; h/o Cornelia DEMUND
BARBER Cornelia Dec 23, 1816 - Mar 2, 1904; w/o Addison G; nee DEMUND   [Coons/Barber monu]
BARBER George M. (Dr) May 10, 1840 - Sept 4, 1888; h/o Mary J. HANES
BARBER Mary J. Dec 17, 1843 - Feb 29, 1904; w/o George M.; nee HANES
BARDEN Elmira Apr 3, 1817 - Mar 1, 1863; w/o George R.; d/o James SOUTHERLAND
BARDEN Elmira I. died Oct 2, 1960 Mesa, AZ; unwed; d/o Llewellyn & Jane Eliza BARDEN [was a State Officer of the DAR] [obit]
BARDEN Florence   1903 - 1974; w/o George B.; nee CLARKE
BARDEN George Brice  1907 - 19??; h/o Florence CLARK
BARDEN George Llewellyn July 26, 1881 - 1966; 84y; h/o Jane Eliza & Margurite RISLEY  
BARDEN George R. Aug 17, 1812 - Mar 30, 1899; h/o ??? & Jane WILKINSON
BARDEN Grace  Jan 21, 1888 - June 9, 1964; w/o Harold H.; nee LOWN
BARDEN Harold H. June 11 1889 - Aug 30, 1985 FL; 96y; h/o Grace LOWN & Luella BROOKS; sons: Llewellyn, Keith [both deceased] & son, Monroe    [obit]
BARDEN Harriet R. 1917 - Jan 17,1965 Baltimore, MD hosp; 47y; w/o John K.; d/o Wm. N. ROBERTS; dau, Jane C.; son, Wm. R.; bro, Wm. G. Roberts  [obit]
BARDEN Jane May 16, 1829 -  Oct 15, 1902; 2nd w/o George R.; nee WILKINSON
BARDEN Jane "Jennie" Eliza Jan 12, 1853 - June 20, 1947; 94y; w/o Llewellyn J; sis of Geo L. & Harold H.; d/o Geo. R. & Elma (Southerland) BARDEN; kids: Geo., Harold, Miss Elmira & Mrs. J. Stuart McAlpine  [obit & news item]   DAR
BARDEN John Kingsley (Lt) Apr 11, 1914 - Dec 22, 1980; 66y; h/o Florence; b/o Bryce & Richard; son, Wm. (in Navy); dau, Mrs. Jane Miller; bros, Bryce & Richard    US Army - WW II Vet   [obit]
BARDEN Llewellyn James Apr 15, 1853 - July 12, 1938 AZ; 85y; h/o Jane Eliza "Jennie" [m:1874]; s/o Martin W. & Margaret (Bryce); f/o George L., Harold, Miss Elmira "Mira" of AZ & Mrs. Stuart McAlpine;  bro/o Mrs. Clarence Edgett of Canandaigua; s/o Harold H. & Grace (Lown)   [obit]
BARDEN Luella B. Mar 24, 1905 - Nov 28, 1998 FL; 93y; 2nd w/o Harold; nee BROOKS
BARDEN Margurite  1881 - 1962; w/o George Llewellyn;   nee RISLEY
BARDEN Martha Jan 16, 1906 - Jan 27, 1993; w/o George BRICE; nee JOHNSON
BARDEN Ruth M. May 7, 1832 - June 24, 1860; w/o Tilson C.; d/o Samuel GAGE; no children
BARNES Henry  1789 CT - June 7, 1874; 85y ;  he,  the Last Friend; married 2x
BARRINGER Catharine Mar 17, 1804 - Dec 13, 1896; w/o William
BARRINGER Elias June 30, 1830 - Mar 28, 1905; h/o Hannah
BARRINGER Hannah Apr 15, 1837 - June 3, 1911; w/o Elias
BARRINGER Harrison Nov 3, 1836 - Oct 30, 1839; s/o William & Catharine 
BARRINGER infant s/o Elias & Hannah
BARRINGER Mary Jane 1842 Benton - July 25, 1923 Gorham; 81y; unwed; niece, Mrs. C. W. Scofield & Nephew, Howard Barringer
BARRINGER Seilem June 22, 1842 - Nov 15, 1853; d/o William
BARRINGER William Mar 26, 1805 - July 27, 1888
BATES Lynus/Linus Aug 20, 1792 CT - Nov 29, 1878; h/o Wealthy
BATES Lydia Ann died Mar 13, 1844;  19y,4m; d/o Linus & Wealthy
BATES Mattie 1858 - 1858; d/o Solomon P. & Patience   [on Solomon Bates monu]
BATES Patience E. Apr 3, 1833 - Apr 20, 1883; w/o Solomon P.
BATES Sarah A. 1875 - 1875; d/o Solomon P. & Patience  
BATES Solomon P. Dec 23, 1829 - Mar 15, 1901;  71y
BATES Wealthy May 25, 1797 CT - Dec 2, 1878;  81y,6m; w/o Linus; d/o Solomon & Lovina PETIT
BAXTER Henrietta Florine died Nov 23, 1884;  30y,9m; d/o Cyrenus &Louisa A. (Lewis) SMALLEY
BAXTER Purlina  died June 4, 1898;  76y,8m,27d; d/o Morris & Sarah (Davis) DOWNS
BAXTER Thomas died July 6, 1923 (stroke);  68y; h/o ??? [m: 35y]; bro of Maurice, of Endicott     [obit]  
BAYARD Aaron  died abt. 1800; from MD; h/o 
BAYARD unknown      MD -      ;  w/o Aaron 
BEARDSLEY Albert Northrup 1877 -  early Sept 1955; h/o Bertha M.  [short obit] 
BEARDSLEY Bertha M. 1871 - 1952; w/o Albert M.
BECKER Alfred Durry 1887 Benton - July 2, 1950 NYC; 62y (of Boston); h/o Beatrice; son, Alfred D. Jr. of NYC; daus, Miss Nancy & Claire Becker; b/o Ralph of NJ   [obit]
BECKER Alfred S. 1838 - 1900; h/o Catherine L BEST
BECKER Anna 1858 - 1938; nee DURRY
BECKER Aurilla M. died Jan 2, 1868; 53y,7m,2d; w/o William
BECKER Caroline L. 1888 - Dec 16, 1958 E. Orange, NJ; w/o Ralph C.   [obit] 
BECKER Catherine L. "Kate" 1840 - 1881; w/o Alfred S.; nee BEST
BECKER David 1809 - Sept 15, 1875; 66y,7m,25d; h/o Ruth A.
BECKER Edward L. 1873 - Mar 17, 1895;  25y,1m,25d; s/o Alfred S. & Catherine L. (Best)
BECKER Emily W. Oct 3, 1841 - Mar 29, 1912; w/o Walter W.
BECKER Franklin D. 1845 - 1862; s/o David & Ruth A.
BECKER James W. died 186?;  4m; s/o Walter W. & Emily W.
BECKER Orilla M. 1815 - 1868; w/o William
BECKER Ralph C. (Capt) Mar 31, 1891 - Feb 10, 1951; 
BECKER Ruth A. 1811 - Sept 29, 1862;  51y,11m,2d; w/o David
BECKER Walter W. Sept 26, 1836 - Feb 18, 1913; h/o Emily W.;  Co. I, 148th NY Regt- Civil War Vet   [obit]
BECKER William  1813 - Nov 1882;  69y
BENNETT Anna M. 1855 - Feb 27, 1929; 73y; w/o Myron G.; dau, Mrs. Carrie Fisher   [obit]
BENNETT Carrie F. 1878 - 1965
BENNETT Lee Nov 1, 1880 - July 2, 1907
BENNETT Myron C. 1851 - July 9, 1914 Benton; 63y; h/o Anna M.; dau, Mrs. Charles Fisher    [obit]
BENNETT Norman N. died Aug 12, 1884;  71y; s/o David J.
BEST Lydia 1828 - 1901; w/o Wm.; nee CORNELL
BEST William died Apr 29, 1881;  68y,6m,4d; h/o Lydia CORNELL
BISHOP Clarence 1874 - Feb 15, 1875; s/o Thomas W. & Susan
BISHOP Fannie W. 1879 - 1962; unwed; s/o Jennie E.
BISHOP Jennie E. 1873 - Apr 16, 1938; 64y; unwed; bros: Charles, Stuart & John; sisters: Mrs. Ralph Roe, Mrs. Charles Reynolds, Mrs. Dora Dryer, Mrs. Geo. B. Wooley & Miss Fannie W.
BISHOP Lenora M. 1901 - Nov 25, 1963; 61y; w/o Stuart Sr.; dau: Miss Ruth; sons: Stuart Jr. & P. Richard  [obit]
BISHOP P. Richard Jan 8, 1930 - Mar 30, 1985; 55y;  h/o Wilma J.; sons: Corey L. & Dana L.; b/o Stuart; sis, Miss Ruth of TX; step dau, Mrs. Linda Watson; US Army - Korean War Vet   [obit]
BISHOP Stuart Sr. Jan 18, 1892 - Dec 1972;  80y; h/o Lenora M.
BISHOP Susan 1849 - Aug 29, 1922; 73y; w/o Thomas W.; 6 daus: Jennie, Fannie, Mrs. Clara Reynolds, Mrs. Dora Dryer, Mrs. Susie Wooley & Mrs. Roe; 3 sons, Charles, John & Stuart  [obit]
BISHOP Thomas W. 1846 - Aug 13, 1927; 81y; h/o Susan; 6 daus: Miss Jennie, Mrs. Clara Reynolds, Mrs. Dora Dryer, Miss Fannie, Mrs. Susan Wooley & Esther Roe of NJ;  2 sons: John & Stewart  [obit]
BISHOP Wilma J. June 21, 1931 -   ; w/ Mr. ??; 2nd w/o P. Richard; her dau Mrs. Linda (??) Watson
BLAKE John  1793 - Jan 12, 1845;  52y,9m,22d
BLANKENBERG Helen died Nov 1921;  3d; d/o John & Mary
BLANKENBERG John Nov 2, 1890 - Dec 1966; 76y; h/o Mary; sons Milton & Geo.; bro, Abram [funeral marker only] [obit]
BLANKENBERG Mary 1890 - Nov 18, 1967; 77y; w/o John; sons, Milton & Geo.; 3 sis: Mrs. Delores VanOrden, Mrs. Roscoe Cayward & Mrs. Reginald Weller   [funeral marker only]  [obit]
BLISS Albert G. 1894 - 1942; h/o Edna C.
BLISS Albert Henry  (Y3) Jan 2, 1927 - Mar 19, 1951 Camden, SC; 24y;  USNR - WW II Vet  [short obit]
BLISS Alfred N. 1926 - 1976  [on Bliss monu but buried in Greensboro, NC]
BLISS Carlton G. 1938 - Dec 30, 1946; 8y; s/o Edna;13 sibs: Lehman, Edwin, Bessie, Earl, Doris, Nelson, Albert, Ethel, Anna, Gordon, Paul, Ellen & Wendell    [obit] 
BLISS Edna C. July 10, 1898 - Aug 21, 1983;  85y; w/o Albert G.; dau, Mrs. Doris Screen, of Rochester  [obit]
BLISS Missouri G. 1941 - 1942
BLISS Paul W.  (RPN) 1934 -  Feb 1965 Rochester hosp; 29y; s/o Lyman C. & Evelyn (Horton); 3 bros: James, Robert & Bruce  [obit - auto accident]
BLOOD Eva  1901 - 1904
BLOOD H. Eugene 1858 - Aug 23, 1924; 66y; h/o Jennie S. JENNINGS; 3 sons: Alan, Charles & Arthur; 3 daus: Mrs. Arthur Clark, Mrs. Allen Olmstead & Mrs. Louis Boughton; 1 sis, 4 bros [obit] [see article below]
BLOOD Jennie S. May 22, 1860 Naples - Jan 22, 1958; 97y; w/o H. Eugene (m: 1883); d/o Rev. Wm. [d.1864] & Cynthia (Kirkham) JENNINGS;  gd/o Adonijah Kirkham; 4 daus: Mrs. Arthur W. Clark [she lives w/her], Mrs. Earl Baley, Mrs. Allen Olmstead, Mrs. Lewis Boughton; 3 sons: Alan, Charles & Rev. Arthur; bro, Charles [deceased];    [obit below] 
BLOSS Alma D. 1887 - Sept 30, 1972 Geneva hosp; 85y; w/o Roy H.; d/o Daniel D. & Mary (Ball) DEAN; son, Eugene M. Gerould of FL; sis in law, Mrs. Tallmadge Campbell         [obit]
BLOSS John died May 8, 1887; 17y,6m; s/o John & Sophia (Eagle)
BLOSS Sophia 1836 Eng - Mar 8, 1875;  38y;
BOOTES Fenton E. Dec 9, 1911 Potter - Feb 11, 1956; 44y; h/o Thelma E BURTON; s/o John M Martin & Alice (Lafler); son Ron; bro, Vincent     [obit]
BOOTES Thelma E. Nov 20, 1913 - Sept 21, 1997; 83y; w/o Fenton E.; nee BURTON
BOUGHTON Lewis J. 1888 - 1972; h/o Lillian
BOUGHTON Lillian 1895 - 1979; w/o Lewis J.
BRADLEY Hannah 1769 - Jan 8, 1853;  83y,5m,25d
BRINSON Ivory died 1959;  61y
BRINSON Liller Dec 18, 1905 - Nov 5, 1976; 70y; w/o Ivory; nee BRADLEY;  5 sons: Thomas, Joseph, George, Ivory Jr., Melvin; 4 daus: Mrs. Elizabeth (Calvin) Collins, Mrs. Sarah M. Jackson of NJ, Mrs. Bertha M. (Samuel) Sims & Mrs. Betty J. (John) Ramsey; bros: Herman & Luther Bradley; sis: Mrs. Elzada Jackson & Mrs. Nellie Miller, both of FL  [obit]
BROWN Anna 1774 CT - 1813; 1st w/o Daniel; nee HALL
BROWN Daniel (Cpl) 1760  CT- 1849; h/o Anna  HALL & Sarah; s/o Elisha; VT Rangers - Rev War Soldier
BROWN Helen R. Sept 27, 1898 - Dec 9, 1975; 77y; w/o Mr. Schofield & Howard Brown; son, Duane Schofield, of MI; stepson, Robert Brown, of Dundee      [obit]
BROWN Samuel S. Jan 23, 1791 - Oct 16, 1857; h/o Elizabeth NEWMAN; s/o Daniel & Anna (Hall)
BROWN Sarah 1774 - Apr 1, 1854; 80y,2m,24d; 2nd w/o Daniel
BRYAN Mary died July 1, 1937; w/o ???; 2 daus: Mrs. Alma Gerould & Mrs. Seward Burton; 2 sis: Mrs. Louise Burton & Mrs. Lillian Gunthrie  [obit] 
BUEL(L) Cyrus Sept 26, 1765 - Nov 13, 1835;  70y; h/o Sarah HULL; s/o Samuel & Sarah (Holmes); NY Levies - Rev War Soldier 
BUEL(L) Ichabod July 10,1772 - May 6, 1851; h/o Phoebe BUTLER; s/o Samuel & Sarah (Holmes)
BUEL(L) Jane A. Jan 4, 1806 - Nov 29, 1881; w/o Samuel
BUEL(L) Phoebe 1782 - 18??; w/o Ichabod; nee BUTLER
BUEL(L) Samuel 1740 - Sept 26, 1809; h/o Sarah HOLMES & Susan MORSE
BUEL(L) Samuel Nov 30, 1800 - Nov 10, 1883; h/o Jane; s/o Ichabod & Phoebe (Butler)
BURKE Jennette 1909 - ????; w/o John James; nee McALPINE
BURKE John James Jan 8, 1904 - Dec 1986;  84y; h/o Jennette McALPINE
BURTON Charles M. 1857 - Sept 9, 1916; 58y; h/o Louise L.; s/o Wm; bros: Everett & Seward; 3 sis   [obit]
BURTON Ethel M. 1872 - 1959; w/o Harry Steward
BURTON Frances A. 1900 - 1920; d/o Harry S. & Ethel M.
BURTON Harriet C. 1887 - 1913; w/o Wm. O.
BURTON Harry Steward 1872 - 1951; h/o Ethel M.
BURTON Louise L. 1859 - 1944; w/o Charles M.
BURTON Mary Elizabeth 1881 - 1884; d/o Charles M. & Louise L.
BURTON William  O. 1832 - 1912; h/o Harriet C.
BUSH Fred J. 1876 - 1942
BUSH Juliana 1828 - 1903; w/o Peter          [Bush/Cogan monu]
BUSH Lacy V. Apr 1, 1847 - Mar 17, 1934; 86y; h/o Susan H.; his dau, Mrs. Art. Humphrey [Bush monu]  [obit]
BUSH  Peter 1826 - Sept 14, 1913; 87y; h/o Juliana; dau, Mrs. Charles Cogan    [Bush/Cogan monu] [obit]
BUSH Susan H. May 14, 1847 - Dec 23, 1918; w/o Lacy V.
BUSHNELL David died Mar 19, 1881;  72y; h/o Flora SQUIERS
BUSHNELL Flora 1818 - Apr 13, 1902; w/o David; d/o Theron & Sally (Wheeler) SQUIERS
BRYAN Mary died July 1, 1937; 2 daus- Mrs. Alma Gerould & Mrs. Seward Burton; 2 sis- Mrs. Louise Burton & Mrs. Lillian Gunthrie    [obit]
CALDWELL Alice 1873 - 1903
CALHOON Ethel M. died July 30, 1959; 76y;  d/o Daniel & Mary Bell (Dean) DECORA; w/o Harry SEWARD [m:1899] [he, d. 1951] & 2nd husb, Ernest Calhoon;  dau, Mrs. Fenton Bootes; sis,  Mrs. Roy Bloss [her ancestor, Benj. Dean was a Rev War Patriot]  [obit]
CAREY Mildred L. died Sept 1969;  58y 
CARLSEN Barbara Feb 6, 1931 - Apr 1982; 51y; w/o Victor; d/o Kenneth &Veneta (Bennett) COONS
CARLSEN Carrie N.  see spelling of CARLSON
CARLSEN Christian H. (T4/ Sgt) June 1, 1916 - Jan 19, 1945 Luzon, S.K.; [KIA - Luzon]; 28y; h/o Dorothy HURD Carlsen Pelling; s/o Peter K.  US Army - WW II Vet   [Carlsen/Pederson plot] [obit - KIA]
CARLSEN infant died July 1972; 
CARLSEN Jean Arlean 1962 - 1966  "our baby"; d/o Victor & Barbara (Coons)
CARLSEN Jens, K. M. Jan 1913 - Feb 27, 1934; 21y; s/o Peter  (of Gorham) 
CARLSEN Juliane C. Sept 4, 1885  Denmark - Nov 30, 1979; 94y; w/o Peter C.; son, Victor; 2 daus: Mrs. Dagmar (Claud) Heckman & Mrs. Magdelena McMinn (sometimes spelled as Yuliane) [Carlsen/Pederson plot]  [obit]
CARLSEN L. Walter 1880 - 1961
CARLSEN May Elsie May 1, 1910 - Sept 28, 1910
CARLSEN Peter C. June 17, 1884 - Mar 2, 1975;  90y; h/o Juliane [m: 1911]; son Victor; daus: Mrs. Dagmar (Claud) Heckman & Mrs. Magdalena McMinn & a bro & sis, in Denmark  [obit]
CARLSEN Victor Mar 9, 1919 - July 3, 1993; h/o Barbara COONS
CARLSON Carrie N. Aug 4, 1888 - Oct 23, 1974;  86y; w/o L. Walter; son: Harold; 4 bros: James, Harvey, Clarence & Eric NIELSEN; sis, Mrs. Ada Mitchell  [one obit spelled as EN..other as ON]
CARLSON Eliza  "Katherine" 1914 - late Oct 1921; 7y;  struck by car along w/her bro, Jens  [obit under Katherine]
CARLSON Henry S. 1908 - Mar 21, 1960; 51y;  s/o Walter & Carrie (Nielson); b/o Harold
CARLSON Jens died Oct 1921
CARLSON Katherine died late Oct or early Nov 1921; youngster
CARROLL Harriet J. 1834 - Sept 15, 1855; 21y
CAVANAUGH Helen died June 13, 1889;  45y,1m,6d; d/o Ralph & Amanda (Randall) SOWERS
CHAFFEE Meta A. Nov 9, 1888 - Aug 25, 1974; 85y; nee HYATT; dau: Mrs. Louise Shaddock  [on Hyatt plot] [obit]
CHAMBERS Ida  M. died May 1952;  71y
CHAPMAN Alson C. Sept 12, 1850 - July 31, 1889; h/o Arah
CHAPMAN Eula 1882 - 1883; d/o Russell Y
CHAPMAN Fannie T. died Nov 12, 1892;  73y,6m,7d; w/o Samuel; d/o Russell & Anna (Buell) YOUNG
CHAPMAN Frances J. 1859 - 1931; w/o Russell Y.; nee SCOFIELD
CHAPMAN Henry O. died Apr 28, 1849; 1y,3m,28d; 
CHAPMAN Lara L. 1881 - 1881; d/o Russell Y.& Fannie T. (Young)
CHAPMAN Lena Mary Aug 30, 1877 - Sept 10, 1883;  6y; d/o Alson C. & Arah 
CHAPMAN Russell Y. died Apr 29, 1931 Stanley; 78y; h/o Frances J. SCOFIELD; son, H. Ray   [obit- was a carriage maker]
CHAPMAN Samuel H. died Apr 16, 1885;  70y,2m,4d; h/o Fannie T; s/o Calvin
CHILVERS Amelia 1865 - 19??       [on Chilvers monu]
CHILVERS Donald H. 1895 - 1895     [on Chilvers monu]
CHILVERS Ernest 1867 - 1881;  14y      [on Chilvers monu]
CHILVERS Horace E.  [See Bellona ceme, where buried- name only appears here, on Chilver's monu]
CHILVERS John  1822 - 1891; 69y
CHILVERS Lillian 1869 - Apr 7, 1927; 57y; w/o Horace E.; 5 sisters: Mrs. Amelia Gief, Mrs. Jeremiah Gief, Mrs. Eleanor Glenn, Miss Louise Lowe & Mrs. Margaret Gilliland; 3 bros: Wm., John & Donald LOWE, all of Canada    [obit] 
CHILVERS Martha J. 1834 - May 3, 1873; w/o John
CHISSOM John  died the summer of 1793 of scarlet fever;  2 or 3y
CHISSOM Robert died June 16, 1806
CHRISLER Carrie May 1887 - Dec 1, 1969 Eden; 82y; w/o Menzo W.; d/o Robert J. & Belle (Thompson) PECK; no kids; nephew & 2 nieces, survive    [obit]
CHRISLER Menzo W. 1883 - Dec 1968; h/o Carrie M. PECK
CHRISTENSEN Ann Marie 1857 - 1948
CHRISTENSEN Catherine C. 1898 - 1989; nee JENSEN
CHRISTENSEN Ida M. 1894 - 1962
CHRISTENSEN Jeanette 1932 -   ; w/o Ronald F. 
CHRISTENSEN Lars C. 1868 - 1950; h/o Marie
CHRISTENSEN Laurence 1886 - 1965
CHRISTENSEN Marie 1873 - 1947; w/o Lars. C.
CHRISTENSEN Peter 1861 - Nov 18, 1939; 78y; h/o Anna;  daus: Mrs. Kathryn Jensen of CA & Mrs. John Christenen of Bellona; sons: Jens & Thomas; bros: Wm., Jens & Joseph; sisters: Mrs. John Anderson of Penn Yan & Mrs. Miller McHenry
CHRISTENSEN Ronald F. Oct 17, 1931 - Sept 22, 1978; 46y; s/o Lars  C.& Marie; h/o Elizabeth J.; sons: Michael, Tim & Greg; bro, Grant; sis, Mrs. Elizabeth (Walter) Richie; 1 gdau & nieces & nephews  [obit]
CHRYSLER Alphonso Oralndo 1869 - 1919
CHRYSLER Diana A. died July 3, 1919 Rochester; 76y; w/o Stephen B.; daus: Mrs. Frank Perry & Mrs. Thomas Cotter;  bro: Pratt PRICHARD of Benton
CHRYSLER Mary E. died Nov 18, 1896;  63y; d/o James & Sarah FIRES
CHRYSLER Sarah E. died Mar 29, 1892;  21y,5m,19d; d/o Daniel & Mary E (Moon) TEARS
CHRYSLER Stephen B. (Pvt) 1841 - 1919; h/o Diana PRICHARD;  Co. D., 148th NY Inf.- Civil War Vet
CHRYSLER Thomas J. died Sept 7, 1918; 79y; h/o ??? & Elizabeth; 5 sons: Charles, Geo. Edward, Joseph & Wesley; bro, Joseph of Clifton Sp.            [obits]
CLARK Arthur William 1879 - 1950; h/o Muriel SWAYZE
CLARK Mary Jane died 1831; d/o Ezekiel & Polly
CLARK Muriel Oct 23, 1918 - Nov 1984; 66y; w/o Arthur W.; nee SWAYZE
CLEVELAND Charles D. died Apr 21, 1896;  78y,11m,29d; s/o John L. & Sabra (Cole)
CLEVELAND Emily died Jan 18, 1825;  1y,7m,13d; d/o John L. & Sabra (Cole)
CLEVELAND George W.     aft 1870;       Co. K, 3rd NY - Civil War Vet      [ck various spellings i.e. Cleaveland]
CLEVELAND John L. (Dr) Sept 21, 1792 - 1876; h/o Sabra COLE & Caroline LEWIS
CLEVELAND Margaret died May 24, 1821; 4m,27d; d/o John L. & Sabra (Cole)
CLEVELAND Sabra 1797 - 1855; w/o  John L.; d/o Ezra COLE
CODY Alverton J. died Aug 9, 1890;  31y; h/o Jennie A.    [on Cody monu]
CODY Jennie A. June 22, 1860 - June 1, 1894;  33y,11m; w/o Alverton J.
CODY Mary S. 1885 - 1972; w/o Stuart A.
CODY Stuart A. 1887 - 1959; h/o Mary S.
COGAN Alice Ann 1856 - Dec 2, 1942; 89y; w/o Charles W.; d/o Peter BUSH    [Bush/Cogan monu]
COGAN Charles W. 1854 - May 10, 1932; 78y; h/o Alice Ann BUSH; dau, Mrs. Fred Rogers & grandkids   [Bush/Cogan monu]  [obit]
COLE Caroline 1811 - Aug 1, 1845;  34y,1m,14d; d/o Nathan P. & Sarah (Woodworth)
COLE Elisha W. died Sept 13, 1893;  84y; s/o Nathan P. & Sarah  (Woodworth) 
COLE Ezra (Col) May 7, 1751 CT - Apr 30, 1821;  69y,11m,23d; h/o Anna PATCHEN CT - Rev War Soldier
COLE Nathan P. Mar 4, 1782 - June 1, 1852; h/o Sarah WOODWORTH
COLE Sally                          [can not read stone; worn & broken]
COLE Sally E. 1790 - Mar 22, 1836; 1st w/o Asa; nee SPRAGUE  
COLE Samuel died Nov 7, 1897;  75y; s/o Ezra M. & Anna (Patchen)
COLE Sarah 1783 - Sept 28, 1844;  61y,2m,12d; w/o Nathan P.; d/o Elisha WOODWORTH
COLLIN Frank M. Sept 17, 1859 - Jan 1, 1944; 84y; h/o Margaret Elizabeth DURRY; s/o Henry & Maria Louise (Park); 3 sons: Henry C., George & Fred; daus: Mrs. Marie C. Gardener, of Philadelphia & Mrs. Arthur K. Bennett , of MI  [Collin monu] [obit]
COLLIN Frank M. Jr. Jan 21, 1906 - June 27, 1906    [Collin monu]
COLLIN George Feb 3, 1854 - July 8, 1887;  33y,5m,5d   [Collin monu]
COLLIN George F. Oct 21, 1892 Benton - May 21, 1957; 65y; h/o Madeline PRESTON; s/o Frank M. & Elizabeth (Burry)    [obit below - cost accountant]
COLLIN Henry Mar 15, 1792 - Oct 8, 1835;  43y; h/o Mary MC ALPINE   [Collin monu]
COLLIN Henry Clark Sept 2, 1818 - Mar 26, 1904;  85y; h/o Maria PARK     [Collin monu]
COLLIN Madeline P. 1895 - 19??; w/o George F.     [Collin monu]
COLLIN Margaret Elizabeth Mar 1, 1880 - Feb 25, 1940  [Collin monu]
COLLIN Maria Mar 13, 1820 - Feb 10, 1904; w/o Henry Clark; nee PARK    [Collin monu]
COLLIN Mary 1793 Dutchess Co, NY - 1832; 39y; w/o Henry; nee MC ALPINE 
COLLIN Nancy Aug 7, 1793 - Aug 4, 1882;  88y,11m      [Collin monu]
CONKLIN Chad Michael died Apr 29, 1982; inf s/o Robert & Diane (Parish); gs/o of James & Lorena Conklin & gs/o Paul & Maude Parish; mggs/o Lena Parish  [obit]
COONS James H. Nov 3, 1840 - Jan 24, 1889; 48y; Co. B, 148th NY - Civil War Vet    [Coons/Barber monu]
COONS Lee D. 1872 - May 1939;  67y
COONS Minnie 1851 - July 19, 1925; 74y; son: Lee     [obit]
COOPER Elsie E. 1879 Eng - Jan 19, 1947; 67y; w/o Walter G.; bros: Fred, Tom & John SLATER & 2 sis; son: Burton; dau: Mrs. Ernest Hall  [obit]
COOPER Walter W. 1876 Eng - May 20, 1940; 64y; h/o Elsie E. SLATER; son, Burton; dau, Mrs. Ernest Hall; bro in Eng - Samuel & 1/2 bro Thomas Jaques of Toronto
CORNELL Philip 1830 - Mar 8, 1916 Bath hosp; 84y;  Co. B. or D., 24th MI - Civil War Vet; no near relatives   [obits]
CORNWELL John B. died Sept 1849; 18y
COSTELLO Mary E. 1859 - Nov 16, 1920; 61y; w/o Timothy; d/o Charles & Martha LLOYD; sis, Miss Harriet HOLMES   [Lloyd/Holmes monu]   [obit]
COSTELLO Timothy 1857 - June 22, 1936; 79y;  h/o Mary E. LLOYD; sis, Mrs. Charles McGough of Penn Yan    [Lloyd/Holmes monu]  [obit] [article below]
COVENEY Clara A. 1873 - 1918; w/o Henry; nee POOL   [monu of John Pool]
COVEY George Fullerton 1887 - Oct 3, 1930 Hemlock; 43y; h/o Florence NEWCOMB; b/o Ansel [obit listed as Geo S.] 
COVEY John  died late Sept 1930; 43y; h/o ; s/o John [69y] & Emily [66y]   [his parents buried in Eden ceme in Hemlock, all died in same month; he died 2 hrs, after his mother]
CRANE Catharine Sept 29, 1783 - Feb 2, 1872;  78y; w/o Horatio; d/o Robert CHISSOM
CRANE Daniel May 15, 1756 - Apr 2, 1813;  56y; h/o Sylvia; 2nd Co, 3rd Reg, CT - Rev War Soldier
CRANE Dorcus E. died May 13, 1877;  46y,3m; w/o Wemple H.; d/o Geo. S. & Elizabeth WHEELER
CRANE Hamilton died Oct 30, 1816;  2y,7m; s/o Horatio & Catharine (Chissom)
CRANE Horatio died June 18, 1867;  81y,3m; h/o Catharine CHISSOM
CRANE Sylvia 1761 - 1808;  47y; w/o Daniel
CRANE Wemple H. (Dr) June 29, 1824 - Dec 30, 1884;  60y,6m,1d; s/o Horatio & Catharine (Chissom)
CROLLER Floyd L. 1875 - 1953; h/o Mabel E.   [Croller/Wright monu]
CROLLER Mabel E. 1875 - 1960; w/o Floyd L.   [Croller/Wright monu]
CROZIER Adam June 24,1797  - Mar 8, 1874; h/o Amy SOUTHERLAND; s/o Adam & Isabella (Renwick)   [Crozier monu]
CROZIER Amy 1805 - 1872; w/o Adam; d/o Joseph SOUTHERLAND; gd/o David SOUTHERLAND      [Crozier monu]
CROZIER David S. July 28, 1828 - July 1, 1893; h/o Dolly WITTER     [Crozier monu]
CROZIER Dolly July 14, 1826 - Feb 11, 1912; w/o David S.; nee WITTER      [Crozier monu]
CROZIER Elizabeth Dec 12, 1821 - Feb 20, 1822;  2m; d/o Adam & Amy (Southerland)  [Crozier monu]
CROZIER Emma died May 1, 1878;  21y; w/o Frank W.; nee ARMSTRONG   [Crozier monu]
CROZIER Fannie H. Oct 15, 1837 - July 29, 1875; 37y; w/o George         [Crozier monu]
CROZIER Frank W. Jan 6, 1857 - Jan 29, 1887; 30y       [Crozier monu]
CROZIER George  Sept 4, 1833 - Aug 24, 1896;  62y; h/o Fannie H.       [Crozier monu]
CROZIER John W. 1824 - 1825; s/o Adam & Amy (Southerland)         [Crozier monu]
CROZIER Sarah  "Satie" July 12, 1874 - Dec 19, 1885;  11y; adopted d/o Wm. SUTTON [Crozier monu]
CROZIER unknown son died Dec 25, 1820; s/o David S. & Dolly (Witter)     [Crozier monu]
DAVIS Anna  1878 - 1966; nee BELDEN
DAVIS Charles Lee 1903 - 1943
DAVIS Charlie July 16, 1889 - Sept 1980;  91y
DAVIS Franklin Nye died Apr 14, 1900;  6m; s/o Charles & Anna (Belden)
DAVIS Sarah E. 1851 - 1949;  97y,?m; w/o Thomas N.; nee BEST
DAVIS Thomas N. 1848 - Apr 30, 1935; 86y; h/o Sarah E. BEST; b/o Wm. J.    [obit]
DEAN Benjamin 1750 - Nov 19, 1815; h/o Zilpha HARRINGTON &  Mrs. Martha BLAKE; 2nd Regt, NY Militia - Rev War Soldier
DEAN Charles Zimmerman 1867 - Feb 23, 1938; 70y; unwed 
DEAN Evelyn 1831 - 1907; w/o Harvey C.; nee BUSH
DEAN Harvey C. 1826 - 1907; h/o Evelyn BUSH
DEAN Irwin 1884 - 1901; s/o Mary Dean HYATT
DEAN Martha 1764 - June 9, 1821; 57y; 2nd w/o Benjamin; widow BLAKE  
DELANO Eugene  7m; s/o Wm.
DEMUND Andrew Oct 27, 1821 - Feb 9, 1902; 80y
DENNISON Mary Oct 12, 1808 - Apr 1, 1892; w/o Samuel; nee DEYO
DENNISON Samuel Mar 4, 1810 - May 13, 1893; 83y; h/o Mary DEYO
DENTON Mary died Dec 4, 1839;  7y,5m,2d; d/o Lewis & Julia
DENTON Paulina died Dec 3, 1839;  8y,10m,22d; d/o Lewis & Julia
DEPEW Bertha 1848 - Dec 21, 1917; 68y; w/o Romano; daus: Miss Edith & Mrs. A. T. Mallory [husb, Romayne, per obit - heart failure]
DEPEW Edith 1876 - 1947;  71y; d/o Romano & Bertha
DEPEW Romano [Romayne] 1846 - Apr 20, 1924; 77y; h/o Bertha; daus: Mrs. A.T. Mallory & Mrs. Edith Drew;   [bro of Mrs. Edna Bailey & Mrs. L.D. Laton] [obit]
DE WICK Robert W. Dec 7, 1921 - Dec 27, 2011; 90y; h/o Marie; s/o WM. & Etta (Simson)
DISBROW Samuel 1791 - Oct 10, 1857; 66y
DIXON Marie Louise 1889 - 1962; w/o Mr. Gardner & Mr. Dixon; nee COLLIN
DRAPER Amy C. "Emma" died Dec 24, 1896;  90y, 3m; w/o Friend
DRAPER Caroline Mary died Sept 8, 1846;  1y,11m,22d; d/o Friend and Amy
DRAPER Friend Nov 28, 1775 - Jan 4, 1863;  87y; h/o Amy; s/o Gideon & Mary
DRAPER Gideon 1840 - 1863; s/o Friend & Amy
DUELL Edith V. 1893 - July 12, 1964; 70y; w/o Wm. G; d/o Geo. & Hepzebah (Bloss) VAN ARDEN; 2 daus     [obit]
DUELL William K. 1898 - 1957; h/o Edith VAN ARDEN; 2 daus: Mrs. Cloyce Pinneo & ?? [not named in obit]
DURHAM James (Rev) died Mar 2, 1861;  61y,7m,2d; h/o Sophia
EARL Daniel Earl 1732 - Nov 29, 1817;  85y,4m,15d; h/o Dorcus
EARL Dorcus 1740 - July 18, 1819;  79y;  w/o Daniel Earl
EARL Mary died Aug 30, 1835;  4y,4m,6d; d/o Daniel E. & Dorcus
EBERLY Gertrude 1871 - 1950; w/o James N.
EBERLY James Noble (Rev) 1868 -  Feb 12, 1942; h/o Gertrude; f/o Mrs. Ruth Essom & Rev. Paul F.  [obit]
EBERLY Maude Irene 1898 - 1920
EBERLY Paul F. (Rev) 1901 - June 30, 1943 Watertown, NY; h/o Ruth F.; s/o Rev James N. & Gertrude;  3 kids;     [obit]
EBERLY Peter Wilson 1933 - 1933; infant
EBERLY Ruth F. June 11, 1904 - Apr 1984 DC; 79y; w/o Paul F.
EDMONDS Aaron 1798 - May 15, 1868;  70y; h/o Harriet   [but marker spelled as Edmunds/Sherman monu]
EDMONDS Florence H. Mar 22, 1904 - Jan 1993;  88y; w/o Robert M.
EDMONDS Harriet J. 1798 - 1885; w/o Aaron
EDMONDS Robert  M. May 14, 1903 - Apr 9, 1980;  76y; h/o Florence H.; sons: R. John of CA & James S. of VA; dau, Mrs. Nancy (Henry) Lent Jr.; bro: Stuart  Edmonds of CO.  [obit]
ELLING Fred O. June 8, 1892 - May 27, 1978; 85y; h/o Helen H.; s/o Otto:  his sons: Milfred & Oscar; daus: Mrs. Florence (Joseph) Tripoli & Mrs. Frances (Wm) Lawson  [obit]
ELLING Helen H. Feb 8, 1891 - Jan 7, 1989;  97y; w/o Fred O.
ELLING Laura Feb 5, 1873 Denmark - July 24, 1975; 102y; 2nd w/o Otto H.; sis/o Lena Olsen of Penn Yan & stepson, Fred Elling   [obit]
ELLING Maria Sept 22, 1871 - June 13, 1911;  39y; 1st w/o Otto H.
ELLING Oscar J. Apr 27, 1895 - Feb 4, 1911; 15y; s/o Otto H. & Mary (1910 census)
ELLING Otto H. Feb 2, 1871 Denmark - June 1, 1962; 91y; h/o Maria [Mary] & Laura (Jensen); s/o Frederick [obit]
ELLINGTON Mrs. K. D. died July 23, 1926; 73y; w/o George; sis of Charles DEAN; dau Mrs. Harvey Brett
ELLIS Jemima 1769 - Aug 23, 1834; 65y,10m,19d; w/o William
ELLIS William 1764 - Mar 13, 1839;  75y; h/o Jemima
ELLSWORTH Mrs. died abt 1794; very old;  grandma of George Bennett; 
FEAGLES Byron K. died Feb 19,1864;  18y,4m,19d; s/o Darius & Dillah; Co. G, 126th NYS- Civil War Vet
FEAGLES Darius 1814 - July 19, 1869;  55y,10m; h/o Dillah
FEAGLES Elkanah 1787 - May 5, 1862;  75y;  h/o Susan
FEAGLES Henrietta 1846 - Dec 1932;  86y; 
FEAGLES Rachel June 16, 1819 CT - Jan 20, 1895; 75y; w/o Frank; m: Feb 1870
FEAGLES Susan 1797 - Feb 23, 1861; 64y; w/o Elkanah
FENTON Gladys M. Nov 1, 1910 - Dec 19, 1989;  79y; w/o Warren E.; nee NEWMAN
FENTON Violet May 16, 1934 -    ; w/o William C.; nee HAYES
FENTON Warren E. Nov 1, 1904 - Aug 2, 2001; h/o Gladys M. NEWMAN
FENTON William C. Apr 15, 1932 - July 27, 1990;  h/o Violet HAYES
FIERO Michael John died Feb-Mar 1954 Seneca Co., NY;  5m;
FINCH Charles C. Apr 17, 1885 - Oct 26, 1963 Canandaigua; 78y; h/o Florence N.; no known relatives  [obit]
FINCH Florence N. 1894 - 1961; w/o Charles C.
FISHER infant died Mar 24, 1890; 2d; child of Floyd & Mary
FLINT Charles Milton Aug 1864 Middlesex - June 18, 1927; 62y;  h/o  Ida A.; son, Henry & 5 daus [per 1910 census, m:22y] [obit]
FLINT Henry Milton 1897 - Dec 27, 1957; 60y; h/o Veta SLATER (or Shaner?, in obit..) ; s/o Ida Flint; 5 sis: Mrs. John Blankenberg, Mrs. Delos VanOrden, Mrs. Fred Slater, Mrs. Roscoe Cayward & Mrs. Reginald Weller   [on Slater/Flint plot]  [obit- ill for 3 mo.]  
FLINT Ida August 1868 - Feb 27, 1960; 91y; w/o Charles M.
FLINT Nellie M. 1889 - 1890; d/o Charles M. & Ida A.
FLINT Veta S. Jan 11, 1902 Dewart, PA - Aug 1, 1977;  75y; w/o Henry M.; no kids; d/o Chris W. & Carola (Kreppenneck) SLATER; sis/o Albert, David, Harold, Gordon & Mrs. Thelma Elliott  [on Slater/Flint plot] [obit]
FOX Clifford Ernest Mar 15, 1914 - Feb 3, 1976; 61y; h/o Marjorie E. BLAUVELT; son, Donald; 8 bros: Carl, Roy, Ralph, Harold, Fred, Ray, Chester & Lester; 4 sis: Mrs. Pearl Mann, Mrs. Isabelle Gifford, Mrs. Charlotte Gibbs & Mrs. Ruth Fox;  US Army - WW II Vet    [obit]
FOX  Marjorie Evelyn 1920 - June 30, 1973; 53y; w/o Clifford E.; son, Donald; bro David BLAUVELT; 3 sis: Mrs. Ann (Lawrence) Fenton, Mrs. Mary (Charles) Fox & Mrs. Gladys Cummings [obit]
FULLAGAR George 1838 Eng  - June 20, 1900; 62y,3m,7d; unwed; s/o Samuel and Sarah
GAGE Arthur L. died Jan 11, 1865; 2y,4m; s/o Samuel B. & Louisa
GAGE Buckbee Sept 16, 1764 - May 13, 1837; 72y;  h/o Ruth TRUESDELL; s/o Moses & Sarah (Buckbee)
GAGE Eleanor Caroline May 1847 - Jan 3, 1916 Gage, NY; 68y; w/o Lewis M.; 3 bros: Geo. Milton & J.D.; 2 daus: Mrs. Ed Jones & Mrs. Geo. Brunk;   [obit]
GAGE Erma July 4, 1851 - Oct 31, 1877; 26y; w/o Samuel Granger
GAGE Francis Granger Oct 30, 1836 - Apr 6, 1837; inf s/o Samuel G. & Martha (Cole)
GAGE Ida L. died Mar 24, 1863;  8y,3m d/o Samuel B. & Louisa A. (Bennett)
GAGE John 1776 - 1813; 37y
GAGE Louisa A. Nov 28, 1833 - Feb 25, 1888; w/o Samuel B.; d/o Thomas & Cynthia  BENNETT
GAGE Martha Jan 10, 1801 - Feb 18, 1880; w/o Samuel G.; d/o Matthew & Martha COLE
GAGE Matilda died Aug 25, 1820;  5y,6m,15d; d/o Aaron & Delilah
GAGE Moses Apr 9, 1732 RI - June 29, 1812;  83y,2m,18d; h/o Sarah BUCKBEE; NY Militia - Rev War Soldier
GAGE Ruth Dec 23, 1769 - Jan 13, 1856; w/o Buckbee; nee TRUESDELL
GAGE Samuel B. Nov 23, 1833 - Apr 9, 1905; h/o Lois; s/o Samuel G. & Martha (Cole)
GAGE Samuel Governeur 1795 - Nov 4, 1867;  72y,6m,17d;  h/o Martha COLE; s/o Buckbee & Ruth (Truesdell)
GAGE Samuel Granger 1853 -  Sept 18, 1929; 76y; h/o ?? ;  son, Granger & dau, Mrs. Alice Rippey    [obit]
GAGE Sarah 1727 - Feb 2, 1813;  86y,3m,27d; w/o Moses; nee BUCKBEE
GAGE Stella died June 1935; 74y
GARDNER Hiram Albert died Dec 1917;  31y; s/o John
GARDNER Irving Scott 1878 - Mar 1917; 38y
GARDNER J. B. & J. R. footstones
GARDNER John died Feb 1926; 74y
GARDNER Lillian 'Lillie'  died Jan 2, 1937 Willard, NY; 79y; w/o ??; son, Robert; bro, Arlie L. EDMONDS  [another obit spells maiden name as EDMUND]  [obit]
GARDNER Robert E. Jan 14, 1877 - Dec 20, 1971 FL; 94y; h/o Mary;  s/o John; kids: Lawrence & Mrs. Roberta Henderson   [obit]
GARDNER Scott died Mar 7, 1917; 38y; s/o John; 2 bros: Robert & Hiram;     [obit]
GARDENER Lucille M. Dec 18, 1921 - May 9, 2009; 87y; w/o Laurence C.; d/o Frank & Vera (Seymour) BARDEN
GILBERT Daniel died May 28, 1822; 1st h/o Emily PATCHEN
GILBERT Emeline 1820 - 1845; 25y; w/o Rodney   [McAlpine monu]
GILBERT Robert A. (Sgt) Jan 27, 1924 - Mar 4, 1983; 59y; h/o Ruby C.; s/o Arthur & Elizabeth (Cook); 3 sons: Gary, Kurt & Kevin; step son: Craig Chisom; bro, LeRoy; sis, Mrs. Ruth Forman;   USAAF  - WW II Vet  [obit]
GILBERT Ruby C.  1931 -   ; w/o Robert A.
GILLETT Ariel 1815 - Apr 22, 1835;  20y,3m,4d; d/o Charles & Mary
GILLETT Charles   1790 - 1848; 57y; h/o Mary    [stone has his name spelled as JILLETT (E)  [see below ]
GILLETT Mary 1793 - Feb 19, 1839; 46y,20d; w/o Charles
GREEN John 1755 - Jan 6, 1844;  89y
GUTHRIE Edward F. 1867 -  May 13, 1937; 70y; h/o Lillian BALL; bro, Henry W. of CA   [obit]
GUTHRIE Harriett Y. "Hattie" died May 4, 1915; 71y; w/o Henry A; nee YOUNG; 3 Stark nephews: Edward F.,             H. William & Roy Stark  [obits - died at nursing home]
GUTHRIE Jane E. 1890 - 1891
GUTHRIE John A. 1851 - 1862; 
GUTHRIE John C. died May 26, 1851;  20y,3m,24d; s/o Joseph & Rhoda (Cole)
GUTHRIE Joseph 1784 - 1861; h/o Eleanor GRANT & Rhoda COLE
GUTHRIE Lillian 1866 - Mar 12, 1944 Seneca Co.; 79y; w/o Edward; nee BALL; sis, Mrs. Burton;     [obit]
GUTHRIE Mary P. Aug 28, 1827 MA - Aug 14,1903; 75y; w/o Oliver; d/o Nahum & Betsy (Fairbank) RUGG  [obit]
GUTHRIE Oliver 1824 - Oct 1, 1900; 76y; h/o Mary RUGG
GUTHRIE Rhoda 1802 - 1862; 60y; 2nd w/o Joseph; d/o Ezra M. COLE
HAIGH Harmon P. died May 16, 1882;  67y,4m; h/o Lovina CRANDALL
HAIGH Lovina  died Mar 5, 1880;  70y,9m,16d; w/o Harmon P.; nee CRANDALL
HAINES Lizzie L. died Sept 30, 1875; 18y,4m,12d; w/o John; d/o Eber & Elvira ROBBINS [Lovejoy/Robbins monu]
HALL Ernest Henry 1894 - June 8, 1950; 55y; h/o Mary B. COOPER; s/o Sarah HALL; b/o Clarence E.; sis, Mrs. Florence Alexander of Rochester;  sons: Clifford, Billy, Clarence [obit]
HALL Judy died May 1950;  1d
HALL Lavern Edwin 1932 - Nov 18, 1935; 3y; s/o Ernest H. & Mary B. (Cooper); b/o Clifford  [obit]
HALL Mary Beatrice 1908 - July 18, 1960; 57y; w/o Ernest H.; nee COOPER; sons Clifford & Rodney  [obit]
HAM Henry  died June 13, 1890; 74y
HAMM Arthur Breford died Oct 1823 Geneva, NY;  70y
HAMM George Barnes died Jan 1933; CO A., NY 38th Recon Batt - Korean War Vet
HANSEN Hans Paul Aug 14, 1931 - Sept 10, 1953;  22y
HANSEN Marie 1900 -   ; w/o Neils J.; nee POULSEN; dau, Hilda; sons: Carl & Paul 
HANSEN Neils John 1888 - Apr 28,1950; 62y; h/o Marie POULSEN; sons: Carl [in Navy] & Paul; dau, Hilda; 2 bros: Hans & Hans Peter of Wisc.; sis, Mrs. Marie Olsen of Denmark    [obit]
HARPENDING Mrs. Harry died mid Apr. 1915; w/o Harry; auto accident; son Asbury; d/o Charles F. HATHAWAY
HARRIS John 1757 - Nov 18, 1823; 66y
HAUS Sally Ann died Sept 1, 1894;  77y; nee CARROLL
HAVENS Charles H. 1867 - Aug 14, 1947 Lyons; 79y; h/o Frances L.;  [he buried 8/19]  [Havens/Hunt monu] [obits]
HAVENS Emmett 1851- May 17, 1930; 80y; h/o Georgiana; son George; b/o Charles (of Newark) [Havens/Hunt monu]    [obit]
HAVENS Frances Louise 1872 - July 22, 1945; 74y; w/o Charles H.; bro, Harry HUNT & sis, Miss Ella Hunt;   [Havens/Hunt monu]  [obit]
HAVENS Frank W. Nov 9, 1858 - Feb 22, 1859; 3m. 13d  [Havens/Hunt monu]
HAVENS Georgiana 1854 - Jan 30, 1936; 84y; w/o Wm. Emmett; son, George  [Havens/Hunt monu]   [obit]
HAVENS Irving E. Mar 28, 1909 Yates Co. - June 24, 1986; 77y; h/o Leila; s/o George & Alice (Morgan); b/o Georgiana Fingar; bro; Fred;    [Havens/Hunt monu]  
HAVENS Irving M. May 17, 1890 - Feb 2, 1903;  12y   [Havens/Hunt monu]
HAVENS J W H Dec 19, 1815 - July 15, 1906; 90y; h/o Louis A.; s/o Mary (of NH; she 88y in 1870)  [Havens/Hunt monu]
HAVENS Jane C. no data
HAVENS Leila  Dec 9, 1909 - Aug 21, 1989; 79y; w/o Irving E.; 3 sons: Geo. Irving, & Charles; 1 dau, Mrs. Shirley (Charles) Travis
HAVENS Louisa A. Dec 20, 1825 - Dec 10, 1896; 70y; w/o JWH   [Havens/Hunt monu]
HAVENS Mary M. 1854 - Mar 29,1935; 80y;  unwed; d/o J. W. H. & Louisa A; bro, Charles  [Havens/Hunt monu] [obit]
HAVENS  Mildred Mae Sept 11, 1922 - Mar 14, 2003 Painted Post, NY [SSDI]; 80y; unwed; d/o Harvey & Bertha Havens  [on Havens/Smith monu]
HAVENS  Warren H. see Warren H. SMITH    [Havens/Smith monu]
HAVENS Wm. Emmett 1850 - May 19, 1930; 80y; h/o Georgiana; son: George    [Havens/Hunt monu] [obit]
HILLIGUS Rachel Ann died Aug 9, 1974; infant; d/o Elwood; sis Rebecca S.; g'ma: Mrs. Julia Hilligus; g'gp: Mr. & Mrs. Olyn Hilligus;  pat g'gma: Mrs. Dorothy Hyer of Bath; mat'l gps: M & M Paul Parish; mat g'gma: Mrs. Lena Parrish of Ovid  [obit]
HILTON Daniel 1759 - May 31, 1831;  52y; h/o Mary WILLIAMS & Mary HOVEY & Elizabeth
HILTON Eli died July 15, 1814; s/o Wm. & Ruth (Butler) [prob not buried here; killed in War of 1812]
HILTON Elizabeth 1784 - May 6, 1813; 29y; ?; w/o Daniel
HILTON Herbert B. 1890 - 1911; 20y
HILTON Ruth 1753 - Nov 6, 1826;  73y,11m,3d; w/o William; nee  BUTLER
HILTON William July 2, 1742 CT - Mar 18, 1828; 85y; h/o Ruth BUTLER; drummer, Capt Wendalls' Co. - Rev War Soldier  [fought at Bunker Hill]
HOLLETT Charles F. Sept 22, 1840; 8y,9m,13d; s/o John J. & Sophia
HOLLETT John D. died 1840; s/o John J. & Sophia
HOLLIDAY Samuel died Dec 1859; 69y; h/o Nancy
HOLMES Alice E. died July 21, 18??; 3y,7m,23d; d/o Lewis P. & Helen M. (Gage)
HOLMES Bradley died Oct 20, 1886;  21y,4m,3d; s/o Lewis P. & Susan A. (Gage)
HOLMES David died Mar 8, 1841;  53y,11m,3d
HOLMES Ezekiel B. died Sept 1844;  22y,9m,12d; h/o Rachel L.
HOLMES Harriet E. 1851 - Sept 29, 1933; 82y; d/o Norman & Emily (Stanton); her BIL, Tim Costello; 4th cousin, Nina Rippey of DC;  [obits] [will dated 7/3/1931]  
HOLMES Helen M. Dec 3, 1825 - Feb 9, 1858; 32y; w/o Lewis P.; d/o Samuel G. & Martha GAGE [Gage monu]
HOLMES Henry R. died 1849; 6y,11m; s/o Ezekiel B. & Rachel L.
HOLMES Jane G. 1807 Canada - 1895; nee GUTHRIE   [on Guthrie monu]
HOLMES Joshua N. died Apr 23, 1887;  74y,11m,11d; s/o Joshua & Mary (Goff)
HOLMES Lewis B. died Dec 17, 1862;  19y,7m,17d; s/o Lewis P. & Helen  M (Gage); Co. I, 33rd NY - Civil War Vet
HOLMES Mary A. died July 23, 1869;  5y,8m,21d; d/o Lewis B. & Susan A. (Gage)
HOLMES Norman July 12, 1820 - Jan 20, 1853; 1st h/o Martha E. STANTON; s/o Joshua   [Lloyd/Holmes monu]
HOLMES Rachel L. died Mar 10, 1843;  26y,3m,5d; w/o Ezekiel B.
HOLMES Susan A. died June 30, 1884;  56y,10m,1d; ; w/o Lewis B.; d/o Jesse T. & Mary (Hazard) GAGE
HOOSE Emogene H. July 3, 1907 PA - Mar 19, 1985; 77y; w/o Lyle H.; d/o Burton H. & Grace M. (Wood) KERRICK; son, Maynard; bro, James Kerrick; 3 sis: Irene Goodman, Francella Ellis & Eugenia Wilson     [obit]
HOOSE Lyle H. June 26, 1912 -    ; h/o Emogene H.
HUDSON Ada Irene died Oct 30, 1922;  22y; d/o Robert & Eliza (Smith)
HUDSON Earl T. Jan 7, 1906 - June 25, 1964; 58y; s/o James & Mary (Hurrin); h/o Ethel LEDGERWOOD [obit]
HUDSON Ethel Nov 1, 1908 - Dec 28, 1997; 89y; w/o Earl T.; nee LEDGERWOOD
HUDSON Grace Elizabeth Dec 20, 1948 - Aug 31, 1958; 9y; d/o Earl & Ethel (Ledgerwood)
HUDSON infant died May 6, 1899;  17d; s/o James R. & Mary (Hurrin)
HUDSON James Robert 1865 - Mar 10, 1939 Crosby; 73y; h/o Mary A. HURRIN; kids: Earl T, Clarence, Percy & dau Mrs. Chas. Nutt, 2 bros & 3 sisters  [obit one says 9th, other says 10th]
HUDSON Laura B. 1873 - 1954; nee BLOSS
HUDSON Mary A. 1875 - 1957; w/o James R.; nee HURRIN
HUDSON Percy G. Mar 29, 1919 - Jan 17, 1986 Prattsburgh, NY; 66y; h/o ???; 'a friend': Ellen Sugrue; s/o James & Mary (Hurrin); 3 sons: Richard, Ernest & Bruce; 1dau, Mrs. Janice Utter of KS;  bro, Clarence & sister, Mrs. Nina Nutt, both of Penn Yan   [obit]
HUGHS Michael died Dec 19, 1890; 28y; s/o Ed & Catherine 
HULL Polly died 1794; w/o Salmon;  [died of consumption]
HUMPHREYS Clara Mar 17, 1889 - Sept 1966;  77y; w/o Harland; nee BUSH   [Bush monu]
HUMPHREYS Harland (Harlon?) Dec 24, 1896 - May 15, 1977;  80y; h/o Clara BUSH; sis, Mrs. Nicholas Sidorick of FL   [obit]
HUMPHREYS Susan Gladys died Dec 22, 1945 Penn Yan hosp; unwed; d/o Arthur; sis of Harlon, Vincent, Lawrence & Mrs. Arthur Dery, of CT  [obit] 
HUNT Eleanor M. 1913 - Feb 24, 1957 Cameron Mills, NY; 43y; unwed; d/o Henry & Goldia (Turpin); niece of Miss Ella Hunt    [Hunt/Turpin monu]  [obit]
HUNT Ella B. Mar 15, 1882 - Mar 16, 1971; 89y; unwed; cousin of Gilbert Hunt   [Haven/Hunt monu] [obit]
HUNT George Gordon Mar 16, 1846 - Apr 26, 1926;  80y; h/o Matilda R.  [sometimes referred to as Gordon in census & newspaper]     [Haven/Hunt monu]
HUNT Goldie T. Apr 1, 1888 VA - July 1978 Canandaigua, NY;  90y; nee TURPIN     [Hunt/Turpin monu]
HUNT Henry Ross 1876 - 1951      [Hunt/Turpin monu]
HUNT Matilda R. 1855 - Aug 6, 1928; w/o George Gordon; son: Henry R.; daus: Ella B. & Mrs. C. H. Havens   [Haven/Hunt monu]
HURRIN Anna Mae 1887 - Mar 22, 1963; 75y; unwed; d/o Wm. & Belinda (Nichols); sis of Robert of Palmyra [obit]
HURRIN Arthur 1871 - 1873
HURRIN Arthur L. 1873 - May 28, 1939;66y; unwed; s/o Wm. & Elinda (Nichols); 4 bros: Geo., Charles, Wm, & Robert; 2 sis: Mrs. Mary Hudson of Voak & Miss Anna of Benton; nephew of George & Mary A. (Nichols)    [obit] 
HURRIN Belender 1845 - 1915
HURRIN Charles C. Dec 20, 1878 Benton - Jan 2?, 1959; 80y; h/o Jennie P. PALMATIER; s/o William & Florence; b/o Wm.  & Robert & sis, Miss Anna Hurrin     [obit]
HURRIN Edward J. 1880 - July 11, 1938; 53y; h/o Sarah Jane LOVEJOY; 2 sisters: Miss Anna & Mrs. James Hudson;  5 bros: Geo., Charles, Wm., Arthur &  Robert [obit]
HURRIN Florence died Apr 9, 1915; 70y; (kids: Robert, Arthur, Edward, Wm., Charles, Geo.; Miss Anna & Mrs. James Hudson; sis -Mrs. Geo Hurrin of Rushville); w/o Wm 
HURRIN George 1845 - 1911; h/o Mary Ann NICHOLS
HURRIN George W. 1870 Eng - 1955; h/o Nettie; s/o Belender     [Hurrin/Moon monu]
HURRIN James 1802 - 1888
HURRIN Jennie 1884 - 1895
HURRIN Jennie Pearl died May 30, 1941; w/o Charles C.; nee PALMATIER    [obit]
HURRIN Mary Ann 1847 - 1927; w/o George; nee NICHOLS
HURRIN Nettie 1867 - 1904; w/o George W.  [Hurrin/Moon monu]
HURRIN Sarah 1801 - 1877
HURRIN Sarah Jane Nov 30, 1884 - May 14, 1952; 68y; w/o Edward J.; d/o D. Smith & Catherine (Willoughby) LOVEJOY; sis/o Mrs. Margaret Koehler  [obit] 
HURRIN William 1843 - 1919; 76y;  h/o Florence
HYATT Edgar H. Sept 21, 1864 Dundee - Apr 23, 1925; 61y; h/o ??: son, Wm. E. & dau Mrs. Neta Stickles; b/o Eugene; member of Klansmen & Masons  [obit]
HYATT Ethel D. Nov 19, 1884 - Sept 4, 1924; 39y
HYATT Eugene Oct 1850 - Sept 2, 1922; 73y; h/o Mary A.; b/o Edgar H. & Mrs. Charlotte Howes, of Himrod  [Hyatt/Dean monu]   [obit] 
HYATT Hannah Sept 22, 1815 - Jan 3, 1887;  71y,3m; w/o Harrison; nee SCOFIELD
HYATT Harrison Mar 22, 1814 - Apr 2, 1892; 78y; h/o Hannah SCOFIELD
HYATT James died Mar 6, 1877; 94y; h/o Margaret A.
HYATT Margaret A. died Nov 15, 1870; 77y; w/o James    
HYATT Mary July 1858 - 1937; w/o Eugene; nee DEAN    [Hyatt/Dean monu]
HYATT Mary J. Oct 16, 1862 - Nov 10, 1937; 75y
HYATT William Jan 11, 1886 - July 25, 1950; 64y
INGRAHAM Archie H.  died June 1, 1954; 71y; h/o ???;  s/o Charles & Katherine (Boyd)/ kids: Charles, Paul, Lloyd & Mrs. Lloyd Ledgerwood; b/o Alfred (of Rochester)
JACOBSEN Alfred M. Dec 25, 1888 - Aug 19, 1954; 65y; h/o Erma; 2 daus: Mrs. John J. Beaton & Mrs. Robert Francis; son, Roy Liddiard; 2 sis: Mrs. Daniel H. Baker & Mrs. Effie A. Larson; bro: Sorney J.  US Army - Batt D., Field Art - WW I Vet       [obit spelled as Jacobson]
JACOBSON Erma died Apr 1951 Hopewell, NY;  62y; aunt, Mrs. Jennie Blood   [obit]
JACOBUS Charles C. died Sept 25, 1855; 18y,5m,29d; s/o Henry & Permelia
JACOBUS Henry H.  1810 NJ - Feb 22, 1885; 74y; h/o Permelia 
JACOBUS John L. died Mar 1, 1854;  9y,9m,11d; s/o Henry & Permelia
JACOBUS Permelia "Amelia" 1813 - May 10, 1891; 78y
JACOBUS William H. died Apr 6, 1854;  9m,20d; s/o Henry & Permelia
JENNINGS Clara died Apr 19, 1935 Elmira, NY; 69y; son Ralph, of Elmira  [obit]
JENNINGS Cynthia died Sept 6, 1890;  55y,3m,1d; d/o Adonijah &Clarissa (Murray) KIRKHAM
JENNINGS Ralph C. died  Nov 14, 1947 Elmira, NY; 50y; aunt, Mrs. Jennie Blood of Geneva  [obit]
JENSEN Anna P. 1889 - 19??; w/o Carl B.
JENSEN Arthur H. July 15, 1929 - Dec 11, 1982; 53y; h/o Evelyn; sons: James, Hilbert, John; daus: Kathryn, Pamela & Mrs. Judith (Ted) Huttar; 2 bros: Hilbert D. Jr. & Chester L.; sis: Mrs. Christine Brown;   US Army - Korean War Vet  [obit] 
JENSEN Carl B. 1909 Denmark - May 6, 1971; 61y; h/o Anna P.; dau: Mrs. Edna Pedder; bro, Chris of AZ [obit]
JENSEN Emil 1897 - Feb 17, 1929; 31y; h/o Mabel; s/o Otto; kids: Marjorie, Doris & Geo.; 3 bros: Hilbert, Waldemar & Henry; 2 sis: Mrs. Albert Jenson of Benton & Mrs. Soren Larsen of Ontario Co.       [obit]
JENSEN Emma Feb 27, 1897 - Feb 1995;  97y; w/o John N.
JENSEN Ethel M. May 29, 1906 - Dec 22, 1978;  72y; w/o Hilbert Sr.; 3 sons: Hilbert D. Jr., Chester L. & Arthur H; dau - Mrs. Christine Brown  [obit]
JENSEN Hilbert 1899 - 1962; h/o Ethel M.
JENSEN John N. Oct 21, 1895 - Apr  14,1972;  76y; h/o Emma HANSEN; 4 kids: Everett, Mrs. Eleanor (Edwin) Cleaveland, Mrs. Anne Becker, Mrs. Irene (Bennett) Petersen; sis: Miss Agnes Jensen;  WW I Vet  [obit]
JENSEN Mabel 1899 -    ; w/o Emil
JENSON Justina C. Apr 13, 1889 - May 13, 1949; 59y;  NY Army Nurse Corp - WW I Vet  [obit]
JILLETTE Charles    Sept 17, 1790 - Apr 8, 1848; 57y  (see also spelling as Gillett)
JOHNSON Elizabeth 1807 - Mar 3, 1832;  25y,3m,13d; w/o William
JOHNSON Henry 1844 - 1925; h/o Olive A.
JOHNSON John N. Oct 21, 1895 - Apr 14, 1972; 76y  Cpl. - US Army - WW I Vet
JOHNSON Olive Augusta 1844 - May 31, 1933; 88y; w/o Henry; nee RICHARDSON;  kids: Mrs. Ida Flint & Frank Johnson; sibs: Frank Richardson & Mrs. Sophia Keech
JOLLY John died Feb 7, 1885;  87y
JONES Carl E.  5m; s/o Edmund L. & Hattie Belle
JONES Clarence Howard (T5) June 20, 1913 - June 8, 1979 Canandaigua VA hosp; 66y; nickname, "Bucky"; kids: Daryle & Van & Miss Pamela Jones; sis: Mrs. Arleen (Vern) Hansen     US Army - WW II Vet   [obit]
JONES Edmond L. 1857 - Jan 15, 1945; 88y; h/o Hattie Belle
JONES Hattie Belle   1865 - Nov 13, 1945; 79y; w/o Edmond L. [m:9/2/1885]; d/o Lewis GAGE [obit -spells husb as Edwin & Edmund L.]
JONES Jennie H. died June 1, 1894;  33y,10m; w/o Mr. Cody & Charles Jones; d/o Charles H. & Polly (Wells) HOBART
JORDAN   Ann  1934 - Apr 27, 1973; 39y; 1st w/o Samuel D.; d/o Mrs. Geo. GLOVER of PA; 1 David, of OH &1 sis, Beatrice Redpath of PA; her children: David, Douglas, Deborah & Dorean; [shot herself - obit]
JORDAN Clarence A. Jan 19, 1904 - Jan 23, 1976 Ithaca, NY;  72y; 2 bros: Sam M. Jr. & Andrew;  3 sis: Mrs. Sarah Noovinger, Mrs. Martha Eisenhower & Mrs. Ida Gharret, all of Miffenburg, PA; son, Sam. D.;   [obit]
JORDAN Samuel D.  1932 -    ; h/o Mabel Ann; s/o Clarence A.
KASK John A. Sr. died Aug 17, 1952 NJ; 66y; h/o Selma; dau, Mrs. Thelma Nelson; son John Jr. & dau, Mrs. Signe Stout
KASK Selma died May 26, 1950 NJ; 64y; w/o John; 1 dau, 3 step children, 2 foster sons
KELLAM Inez E. Mar 30, 1894 - June 1969; 75y ; w/o Fayette    [research further - this, from obit of her son Wilber K. Taylor buried in Brookside, Geneva listed as s/o Fayette & Inez Kellam Taylor]
KELLAM James T. died June 27, 1915 Patterson, NJ; 72y; dau, Mrs. Fayette Taylor; buried 6/30  [obit]
KELLAM Mary    nee SMITH
KELLAM Mrs. James  died July 13, 1913 NJ;  [obit  Fri, 7/18/1913 Penn Yan Democrat ..... is this Mary? research further]
KELSEY Alexander G. 1835 - aft 1860 ; h/o Georgianna; s/o Gillett & Cathalene      
KELSEY Ann E. 1872 -    ; d/o Alexander G. & Georgianna
KELSEY Caleb Jr.  
KELSEY Caroline 1826 -    ; d/o Cyrus & Mara
KELSEY Cathaline 1758 - 1841
KELSEY Cathaline / Catherine  w/o Elijah;  (Catherine [per his  will] )
KELSEY Charles N.  
KELSEY Charles R.  
KELSEY Daniel   h/o Edith [who married 2nd to Joseph Tutko & she died 2003];
KELSEY Edward R.  
KELSEY Elijah July 20, 1776 Columbia Co., NY - 1816; h/o Catherine; b/o Martin & Truman S.; Eli & Gillet(t), Henry, Simon & Samuel; daus: Abila & Sally; son, Samuel; g g'dad of  G. Harold & Frank [will done 9/19/1815; added to later on - research further]
KELSEY Elijah  h/o Catherine
KELSEY Eliza Ann  
KELSEY Ella   w/o George
KELSEY Elsie  
KELSEY Elsie   
KELSEY George  1851 - ; h/o Ella
KELSEY George W.  
KELSEY Georgianna Sept 1837 - 19??; w/o Alexander G.; dau, Mrs. Annie (Wm.) Royce
KELSEY Gillet(t) (Jillet) 1797 - mid Jan 1880; 82y; h/o?? ; s/o Elijah & Cathaline; son: Alexander G.; dau: Miss Helen 
KELSEY Gillette       1860 era
KELSEY Helen M. Feb 1824 - aft 1865 ; unwed; d/o Gillett; sis/o Alexander G.  
KELSEY Henry 1789 - aft 1850;  h/o Nancy SPENCER   
KELSEY Laura  
KELSEY Louise Aug 19, 1889 - May 1979; w/o Willard H.; nee PLATMAN
KELSEY Morris Heth Mar 21, 1823 - Dec 5, 1855; 32y; h/o Olive S. & ?; s/o Henry & Nancy (Spencer)
KELSEY Myron S. 1832 - 
KELSEY Nancy 1792 - aft 1850       w/o Henry; nee SPENCER
KELSEY Olive S. Feb 25, 1827 - Feb 14, 1849; 21y; 1st w/o Morris H.; nee BARDEN
KELSEY Willard H. (Cpl) 1895 - 19  ; h/o Louise PLATMAN; s/o Curtis & Zelda; b/o Arthur & Lee; his dau, Mrs. Phyllis (David) Keller; a dau Virginia Kelsey [from Apr 1939 news item]; son Lawrence G.;  US Army - WW II Vet
KELSEY William H. 1834 VT - 19  h/o Lucena A.; dau Esther
KENDIG Leah died Oct 30, 1830 or 36; 46?y; w/o Martin Jr.; nee BEAR  [in abandoned Waterloo ceme]
KENDIG Martin Jr. died 18 ??;  h/o Leah BEAR [m: 12/1797]; 5 kids; m 2nd: Mrs. Anna Townsend; s/o Martin Sr. [M: 12/1797]  [Geneva Daily Times long article 9/21/1929] [father of Daniel] [his dau, Lucretia married Mr. Sexton Mount, 12/30/1830]   War of 1812 
KENDIG Martin Sr.  Lancaster Co., PA -     [came in 1793 from PA] [10/4/1815 - letter held in post office, for pick up]; h/o ??;  10 kids  
KENT Sally  
KETCHUM Agusta D. 1824 - 18??; w/o Alva
KETCHUM Alva   1821 - 18??; h/o Agusta D.
KETCHUM George R. 1824 - 188?; unwed?. [1870 census] 
KETCHUM Harriet  
KETCHUM Jane aft 1860 
KETCHUM Jonathan aft 1855
KETCHUM Joseph 1877 -     s/o Charles & Mary; b/o Oliver    
KETCHUM Madison  
KETCHUM Mary Ann  
KETCHUM Matilda aft 1855;  nee CUSHMAN   
KETCHUM Mercy 1791 - on 1870 census[in h/h of  Charles Ketchum, he b 1837m with Seria, Ann & Caroline]
KETCHUM Norman  
KETCHUM Oliver J. 1873 -   s/o Charles & Mary; h/o Margaret; b/o Joseph & Miss Laura [research further]
KETCHUM Susannah    nee SCOFIELD
KIDDER Cora    nee BROWN
KIDDER Cyrus  1819 - aft 1860; s/o Maria  
KIDDER David    1850 pg 488 & 489
KIDDER Desdemona  [1818 news item - Miss Desdemona Kidder, supposedly married Abraham H. BENNETT, in Penn Yan- research]
KIDDER Elizabeth   1850 pg 488 & 489
KIDDER Elizabeth  
KIDDER Ephraim Jr.  
KIDDER Ephraim S. died July 25, 1875; 1st h/o of Percilla Ann PRESSLER [m:1860; d/o Wm. & Mary] [she, d Nov 1910 & was 2nd w/o Ben Berger; d/o Wm. & Polly PRESSLER]; 2 daus: Mrs. Emma Pressler & Mrs. Ida Alpaugh; 1 son, Albert  [he, an early member of Baptist Benton Center Church] [part from obit of wife, Percilla]
KIDDER John Edwin 1835 - ?                     
KIDDER Maria  1801 -       w/o ???     
KIDDER Mary  1782 - aft 1860
KIDDER Miriam  aft 1855  
KIDDER Nancy  
KIDDER Nathan L. (Dr)  
KIDDER Olive  
KIDDER Phebe  
KIDDER Polly  w/o Mr. Kidder & Mr. Samuel Lawrence   [per Geneva Gazette - she remarried to a Mr. Samuel Lawrence, in Benton bet 1809 - 1813]  (see note  listed under LAWRENCE surname)
KIDDER Samuel S.   1850 pg 489
KIDDER Sarah  
KING Emily died July 25, 1930 Rockford, IL; 63y; w/o John in IL; aunt, Mrs. Catherine Soules of Benton [obit] 
KING John  
KINNEY Almira 1817 - aft  1860; w/o Jonathan (or Johnson?)    nee BARNES  
KINNEY Eleanor  
KINNEY Hannah  
KINNEY Jane   aft 1865
KINNEY Jennette    nee HOBART
KINNEY Jonathan died 1855   [research further]
KINNEY Louise 1895 - 19   ; w/o Roy; nee GELDER
KINNEY Mattie    nee TURNER
KINNEY Melacthon 1847 -                
KINNEY Peter    one on 1810 census
KINNEY Roy 1893 - 19  ; h/o Louise GELDER
KINNEY Samuel 1841 -  aft 1865  ;              s/o Jonathan & Almira (Barnes)                   
KINNEY Solomon  
KIPP Charles J. July 1897 -    ; only s/o Webster G. & Katherine R. (Mead)
KIPP Frank F.  Jan 1869 -  bef 1937; h/o Miss Jane GRISTOCK; s/o Marvin & Henrietta (Legg)
KIPP Henrietta R. Mar 1844 - 19    ; w/o Marvin F.; d/o Elizabeth LEGG; kids: Ernest, Mate, Geo., Lewis & Marietta
KIPP Katharine R.   w/o Webster G. nee MEAD   [some censuses spelled as Catherine]
KIPP Kittie V. 1861 - 
KIPP Louise  d/o Frank Kipp ; sis of Mary
KIPP Marian G.  
KIPP Marvin F.  Feb 1844 -  bef 1920; h/o Henrietta R. LEGG; d/ o Elizabeth Legg [she b. Feb 1808] 
KIPP Mary E.  
KIPP Webster G. Nov 1856 - 19  ; h/o Katherine
KIPP Willie W.  
KIRKHAM Adonijah 1806 - 1871; h/o Clarissa MURRAY
KIRKHAM Clarissa 1803 - aft 1870   w/o Adonijah;  nee MURRAY
KIRKHAM Cynthia  mil of H. Eugene Blood 
KIRKPANE Alexander  
KISOR Jessie L.  
KNAPP Aaron I. 1874 - 19  ; h/o Lena C.
KNAPP Lena C. 1874 Eng - aft 1920 ; w/o Aaron; kids: Carrie, Hazel, Charles, Marjorie, Ruth, Kenneth, Mary E. & Harold T. 
KNAPTON Roland L.  
KNIFFIN Daniel       
KNIFFIN Nathaniel C.  
KNIGHT Harry  
KOEHLER Frederick P. died Saturday, Mar 6, 1909; 3m; inf s/o Floyd      [obit]
KOEHLER Mabel W. June 12, 1875 Benton - Oct 17, 1960; w/o Mr. Randall & Mr. Koehler;  nee WRIGHT;  her son: Geo. L. Randall; her bro: Perry Wright  [obit]
KOEK David G.               Cub Scout
KOWALSKI Rose M. Feb 20, 1916 - Mar 28, 1988 Ocala, FL; 72y; w/o Frank W.; bros Arthur [alive] & Ejner [deceased]; d/o Laurence & Ida (Frederiksen) CHRISTENSEN   [obit]
KROMER Michael C.  
KROMER Patricia     nee FOLEY



Penn Yan Democrat                  Friday              April 8, 1921       by Dianne Thomas


ABANDONED CEMETERIES - At frequent intervals' during the last few years the Democrat has called attention to the shameful manner in which old burying grounds are treated. These hallowed spots contain all that is left of the mortal remains of many pioneers and their early descendants.

Some of them blazed a trail through the wilderness and prepared the way for the generations that came after them, and it is certainly an act of ingratitude to permit such, conditions to exist.

Two weeks ago we called attention to two old cemeteries in this county - one in Benton and one in Milo. The article has attracted considerable attention. We mentioned that Andrew Nissen found bones on a grave in the Benton cemetery that had been dug up and brought to the surface by woodchucks. The article has been copied in a number of papers in other places.

Early this week Mr. Nissen received a letter from a member of the "Daughters of the American Revolution," in Rochester, in which she referred to the condition he reported, and enclosed the following:

XXVI -  "For thee who, unmindful of the un-honored dead Dost in these lines their artless tale relate; If chance, by lonely contemplation led Some kindred spirit shall enquire thy fate. "

GOD'S ACRES - A little south of Pittsford, on the Nathan K. Welch farm, "Johnnie Cake Road," so named for the quality of the soil, is a small cemetery, the earliest stone dated 1810, overgrown with weeds and brush, containing the remains of some of our earliest settlers, whose beautiful old headstones are in great need of attention. It may be well to insert the act to amend the town law relative to the care of abandoned cemeteries, that became a law April 17, 1901. 

Sec. 195. -  Burial grounds when to belong to town, "The title to every lot or piece of land which shall have been used by the inhabitants of any town in this state as a cemetery or burial ground for the space of 14 years, shall be deemed to be vested in such town and shall be subject in the same manner as other corporate property of the towns, to the government and direction of the electors in town meetings. In any town in which trustees of burial grounds have not been chosen as provided in sections 193 and 191 of this chapter (386) the town board may adopt regulations for the proper care of any such cemetery and burial ground and regulating the burial of the dead therein. 

If a cemetery or burial ground in any town is not used for burial purposes it shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Highways of such town to remove the grass and weeds there from at least once in each year, and to erect and maintain suitable fences around such cemetery or burial ground at a cost not to exceed $50.00 unless authorized by a majority vote of the town. The cost and expense of such commissioner shall be a town charge and shall be paid in the same manner as other town charges. 

These old cemeteries should be cleaned up and properly cared for. Most of them are small and the outlay necessary to do this would cost the taxpayers only the price of a few gallons of gas. It ought not be necessary to invoke the law in this matter, but we hope these lines will come to the attention of someone in every town who will see to it that the old cemeteries in their respective towns are made respectable.

There is something lacking in a community that is willing to spend large sums dressing up for the edification of tourists "passing through'", but never a penny for the upkeep of the graves of the early settlers. 




The Livonia Gazette      Friday          October 10, 1930      by Dianne Thomas

THREE OF FAMILY, DIE IN TEN DAYS - Decease of John Covey of Hemlock Precedes That of Wife and Son by Only Short Period.

Less than ten days after the death of John Covey, 69, at Hemlock, his widow and her 43-year old son, died Friday within two hours of each other at the family home in Hemlock. George S. Covey 43, former Penn Yan automobile dealer, died two hours after the death of his mother, Mrs. Emily Covey, 66, without knowing of her death. Funeral services for the elder Covey were held Sept. 25.

The son had been ill for several years, while Mrs. Covey died from pneumonia following a shock. Mr.  Covey was a member of the Urban lodge, F. & A. M., of Hammondsport.

The son is survived by his widow, Florence Newcomb Covey; one sister, Mrs. James Evans of Hemlock; one brother, Ansel of Rochester. Funeral services were held from the home of Mrs. Anna Newcomb in Benton, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock with burial in Benton cemetery

Funeral services for his mother, were held from the home in Hemlock, Sunday at 2 P. M., with burial beside her husband in Eden cemetery.



Penn Yan Democrat            September 4,  1936          by Dianne Thomas

HOUSEKEEPER RECEIVES $4,000 - Will of Timothy Costello Admitted to Probate - The sum of $4,000 is left to Miss Abbie Middleton, housekeeper for the late Timothy Costello, by the terms of the will of Mr. Costello admitted to probate Wednesday, Sept. 2 in Yates County Surrogate's Court. In making the bequest, Mr. Costello stated: "for the kind and thoughtful service stop has rendered me."  One clause in the will gives Miss Middleton $2,000 outright and another clause places $2,000 in trust in charge of M. Francis Corcoran, executor, and trustee.

The income and profits of this trust fund are to be used for the care of the beneficiary, who may draw upon the principal if necessary. The residue goes to several relatives of Mr. Costello.

To a nephew,  John Costello, is bequeathed $5,000. Other bequests are $2,000 each to Mrs. Margaret McGough, sister;  Miss Louise McGough, a niece; William McGough, a nephew; $1,000 each to three other nieces, Nellie Bartholomew, Annabelle Bowman and Jennie Colmey, and $500 to George Edwin Dickensen. They are the residuary legatees.

The sum of $500 was left to Benton Cemetery Association for perpetual care of the Lloyd and Holmes lots and $300 to St. Michael's cemetery, Penn Yan for care of the lot "in which my parents are buried".




Penn Yan Democrat     Friday         August 25, 1933      by Dianne Thomas

Has Will 118 Years Old -  G. Harold Spencer, of Benton, has in his possession a will which was drawn and executed on Sept. 19, 1816, one hundred and eighteen years ago.   The maker of the will was Elijah Kelsey, and the witnesses were Reuben Gage, Truman and Elijah Spencer.

Elijah Spencer was the great grandfather of G. Harold Spencer, and the grandfather of Frank Spencer. He was a brother of Truman Spencer, who was the third pioneer settler in Benton.  Truman came to Benton in the year 1758 and made a purchase of Levy Benton of land in lot No. 8 in the locality afterward known as Spencer's Corners.  In 1789, James Pattison and his wife and their daughter, Lois Pattison Spencer, wife of Truman, the pioneer, came and occupied the cabin which Truman had built.  David Spencer was the first child born to Truman and Lois Spencer and his birth on Sept. 8, 1790 was the first event of its kind in the town.  The other children born to them were Nancy, David P., Laura, Olive and James. By reason of his services in the militia organization, Truman became known as captain. He was one of the presidential electors in 1832, as the records of the civil list show. He died in 1840. From those sturdy, thrifty and intelligent old pioneers there have descended  a number of active, energetic citizens of Yates County.

Elijah Spencer came to Benton two years after Truman. He came with his parents from Hillsdale, Columbia County, where he was born on July 20, 1776.  In those far-off days, the early settlers in this section came by raft up Seneca and Keuka Lakes. The mother and her family and the household goods by raft and the father with his cattle and other livestock would travel laboriously, overland.

The lands here of which Benton was a part was then known as a part of the Phelps and Gorham purchase and  the greater portion of the town as now constituted, comprised township No. 8 of the first range.  This implies that its eastern boundary butted the old Pre-emption line which was the fact, but in making disposition of the lands east of the line and west of the lake, the district of territory between these boundaries was included within Benton.

Originally before Benton as a town was set off, township No. 8, first range together with the land east of it and Milo as was were all a part of the district of Jerusalem, a provisional township of Ontario County, organized  as such for jurisdictional purposes upon and soon after the erection of the mother county.

Reuben Gage, one of the witnesses of the old will, was the son of Moses Gage, who, with his wife Sarah, and his children, came from Dutchess County, and settled in Benton in 1801.  Reuben Gage married Azuba Hoyt.

The old will reads in part: 'In the name of God, Amen. "I, Elijah Kelsey, of the town of Benton in the County of Ontario and State of New York, being indisposed in body but of perfect mind, memory, and understanding and being possessed of a portion of the good things of this life that the same be be disposed of the same in manner and form following:

1st.  It is my will that my dear beloved wife, Catherine, together with Jillet, my son, have, possess and enjoy all my real estate as also all my personal estate and that jointly my wife fully to enjoy and command the same during her natural life then to be the sole property of my son,  Jillett, except the household furniture which it is my will should be equally divided between my wife, daughter, Abila, and my daughter, Sally, at the death of their mother.

To his son, Eli, he left a certain bond of one hundred and fifty dollars, which "he gave me for a certain piece of land also twenty-five dollars out of my estate when they shall judge proper and best, but not until after  they pay to my son, Simion his legacy, this being his equal part of my estate."

To his daughter, Sally, "my three year old colt, when the same is three years old," and this together with what "she already had had" was considered by the testator as being her equal share of his estate.

To his son, Henry Elijah Kelsey,  left a certain bond of two hundred dollars which "he gave me for a certain piece of land also twenty dollars out of my estate." To his son, Simeon, he left sixty dollars and this with what he already had was considered his share of the estate.

A codicil, added seemingly in later years, gave to Elijah's grandchildren, David, William, and Harvey Pettibone, fifty dollars each to be paid to them, and also to his son, Samuel, one-half the land given to his mother, the same to be given after her decease. The writing in the codicil was the handwriting of an old, feeble and infirm man and was in sharp contrast into the fine penmanship of the original will. Apparently it had been added many years later and was never signed or witnesses.

Among the old papers with the will was one telling of an experience which Martin and Elijah Spencer underwent when the were small boys.

The paper reads: Elijah Spencer was born July 20, 1776, in Hillsdale, Columbia County, in this state and removed with his parent to the Genesee county in 1792 and settled on what is known as the Phelps farm in the town of Benton.  His older brother, Truman Spencer, preceded him about two years, who together with a few others, formed the first white settlement in Yates county. It was at that time, a wild and rugged country and needed sturdy men and women to brave the dangers and privations which surrounded them on every hand.  An incident in the early days of Mr. Spencer, will go to prove this. He, with his brother, Martin Spencer, two years his senior, went into the woods one afternoon, late in October in search of the cows. Failing to find them they lost their way and after wandering around until nearly dark, they came to the head waters of what is known as Roy's Brook. (Roy's Brook has its source in what is now the Ed Quenan farm in Torrey and runs south crossing under the Nigger Hill, near Dresden. It empties into the Seneca Lake near Hopeton.

They determined to follow it knowing that it would lead them to the outlet of Crooked Lake and thence to Seneca Lake where "they knew an old hermit by the name of Fish had built a cabin where they hoped to spend the night and return next day to their homes. They arrived there after dark and much to "their chagrin found it deserted and the chill winds whistling through the open crevices between the logs. They gathered together some leaves and attempted to spend the night. They very soon became chilled and began to cast about for the next best thing to do. They knew that an Indian "path led from Kashong directly past their home to Crooked Lake and at once they determined it as the most feasible plan to reach home, and set out along the shore of the lake for Kashong and thence by the Indian path for home which they reached at early dawn, much to the joy of their distressed parents who had spoilt a sleepless night watching and waiting and fearing lest some dire calamity had befallen them. But few in these days can realize the emotions that welled up in the bosoms of those youthful wanderers as they journeyed on through that long dark night, lighted only by the glimmering star's and surrounded as they were on all sides by a dense and unbroken forest."



Penn Yan Democrat            February 1937          by Dianne Thomas

Having Decided to Discontinue farming, the undersigned will sell at his residence known as the Prospect farm at the junction of the Geneva - Dresden state road, 1 1/2 mile's northwest of Dresden, 6 miles east of Penn Yan, on Tuesday, February 16, 1937, commencing promptly at 12 o'clock noon. The sale includes live stock, hay, quantity 1935 also 1936 oats, and full line farm implements.  - CHRIS ANDERSEN.




Geneva Daily Times         Wednesday              April 28, 1937           by Dianne Thomas

Miss Margaret Christensen has been spending some time with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Andersen.  Mr. Andersen is confined to his bed. 


The Otsego Farmer, Cooperstown         Thursday          May 30, 1937       by Dianne Thomas

GEORGE F. COLLIN -  The death of George F. Collin of Unadilla, a former resident of Cooperstown, occurred on Tuesday of last week at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Albany following an illness of two weeks. He was 65 years of age.

He was born October 21, 1892, in Benton, a son of Frank M. and Elizabeth (Burry) Collin. On May 16, 1925, he married Miss Madeleine Preston in Bronxville. He had been a  resident of Unadilla since 1944.

He was a cost accountant with the  Scintilla Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation in Sidney. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Unadilla, the Masons, and the American Legion. He served for 18 months during World War I in France.

Surviving are his wife; a daughter, Mrs. Charles L. Muller of Denver, Colo.; two sisters, Mrs. L. T. Bixon and Mrs. A. K. Bennett, of Mount Dora, Fla; two brothers, Henry B. of Elmira and C. Frederick of Seneca Falls: and a grandson, Kurt Muller of Denver.

Funeral services were held Friday evening at 7 pm at the Joyce Funeral Home in Unadilla with the Rev. Clifford Webb, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of that village officiating. 

A military service was conducted by the American Legion Post of that community. Burial was in Benton Center Cemetery near Penn Van.




Geneva Daily Times        Monday       May 9, 1938                 by Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Chris Andersen will hold an auction on Thursday, May 18, at 12:30 at her residence here in Benton Center. Mrs. Andersen expects to leave here on Friday, May 19, for New York where she will sail for Denmark on May 28, to spend some time with her mother and sister and other relatives there.   Mrs. Andersen came to this country 39 years ago last March and has never been back.



Geneva Daily Times        Thursday        June 2, 1938                    by Dianne Thomas

A farewell party was held for Mrs. Chris Andersen in the St. Paul's Danish Lutheran Church,  Tuesday night. Mrs. Andersen has been staying a few days with her sister,  Mrs. Laurence Christensen, before sailing Saturday morning for Poland, she will leave the ship at Copenhagen and will go from there to Iversted, Denmark, where her mother, Mrs. Christina Fredericksen lives. She also has a sister Mrs. Caroline Berg, living in Denmark.



Geneva Daily Times              Thursday             April 28, 1949          by Dianne Thomas

Rites Set Saturday for Sgt. Carlsen, Stanley War Hero - Gorham - April 28 - The body of T-4  Christian H. Carlsen, 28, World War II veteran killed on Luzon in 1945, is expected to arrive in Stanley tomorrow morning at 8:17. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Carlsen, Geneva, R.D.1. 

Graveside service will be conducted Saturday at 2:30 p. m. in Benton cemetery, Benton Center. Rev. Viggo Pedersen, pastor of the Danish Lutheran church in Penn Yan, will officiate.

A memorial service with full military honors was held for the Army veteran on June 17, 1946, in the Penn Yan church. Military rites were conducted at that time by the Penn Yan post, American Legion. Sgt. Carlsen was a member of the Penn Yan church.

The body was returned to this country about a month ago aboard the U. S. Army transport.  

Sergeant Jack J. Pendleton.

Inducted into the Army in December of 1942, Sgt. Carlsen served for two years, six months of which were overseas. He was killed in action in a tank battle, Jan. 19, 1945, on the island of Luzon {Philippine Islands}. A mechanic with the tank crew, he was sent overseas in June 1944 for duty in the South Pacific theater in June 1944.

Sgt. Carlsen attended Gorham Central school and worked on the farm with his father. He was later employed by the Seneca Ordnance depot before entering the service. He was born June 1, 1916.

Beside his parents, survivors are his wife, Dorothy Hurd Carlsen Pelling, Waterloo; a brother, Victor, at home; two sisters, Mrs. John McMinn, Penn Yan and Mrs. Claude Heckman, Stanley. 



The Geneva Times                          Thursday      May 23, 1957            by Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Eugene Blood - Genevan Marks 97th Birthday -  The day that Abraham Lincoln died. . . Mrs. H. Eugene Blood remembers that. She recalls the effect of the great tragedy upon her owe family and upon the nation. She was five years old at that time.

Mrs. Blood who lives with her daughter, Mrs. Arthur .W. Clark, 219 High St., quietly observed her 87th birthday Wednesday. It was a time for memories and Mrs. Blood has many recollections of days gone by.

Flowers, gifts, and cards were sent to her home Wednesday by her family and friends. Since Mrs. Blood is in somewhat frail health, no large celebration was planned as in former years.  During the day she was visited by her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who wished her a happy birthday.

Mrs. Blood is the former Jennie S. Jennings, daughter of the late Rev. and Mrs. William Jennings.  She was born in Naples, on May 22, 1860. Her father was a Wesleyan Methodist minister. Her mother was Cynthia Kirkham.

She was married to H. Eugene Blood in 1883 in Benton Center. The ceremony was performed by her brother, the Rev. Arthur Jennings.

The Bloods moved to Geneva in 1908 where her husband became a prominent local builder and contractor. The family home was at 339 Washington St. Mr. Blood died in 1924.   Seven children were born to the Bloods, one of them died in early life.

Members of the family are Mrs. Arthur W. Clark, Mrs. Alan Olmstead, Mrs. Lesis J. Boughtin, Alan E. Blood, Charles J. Blood and Arthur F. Blood.  

Mrs. Blood enjoys TV and loves to work on Jigsaw and crossword puzzles, and she reads a great deal. She is a member of First Methodist Church.




The Otsego Farmer              Thursday                  May 30, 1957          by Dianne Thomas

GEORGE F. COLLIN - The death of George F. Collin of Unadilla, a former resident of Cooperstown occurred on Tuesday of last week at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Albany, following an illness of two weeks.  He was 65 years of age.

He was born October 21, 1892, in Benton, a son of Frank M. and Elizabeth (Burry) Collin. On May 16, 1925, he married Miss Madeleine Preston in Bronxville. He had been a resident of Unadilla since 1944.

He was a cost accountant with the Scintilla Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation in Sidney. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Unadilla, the Masons, and the American Legion. He served for 18 months during World War I in France.

Surviving are his  wife; a daughter, Mrs. Charles L. Muller of Denver, Colo.; two sisters, Mrs. L. T. Bixon and Mrs. A. K. Bennett, of Mount Dora. Fla.; two brothers, Henry B. of Elmira and C. Frederick of Seneca Falls: and a grandson, Kurt Muller of Denver.

Funeral services were held Friday evening at 7 :M at the Joyce Funeral Home in Unadilla with the Rev. Clifford Webb, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of that village officiating. A military service was conducted by the American Legion Post of that community. Burial was in Benton Center Cemetery near Penn Yan.




The Geneva Times            Monday                Nov 24, 1958                      by Dianne Thomas

Earl W. Baley - GENEVA - Funeral services for Earl W. Baley, 75, 219 High St., a retired Willard State Hospital employee, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Bennett Funeral Home, 224 North St., The Rev. John Lewien, pastor of the First Methodist Church, will officiate. Interment will be in Benton Rural Cemetery, Benton Center.

Mr. Baley died suddenly Saturday afternoon of a heart attack at his home. Friends may call at the funeral home' from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. today. Those who wish may contribute to the Memorial Fund of the First Methodist Church.  He was a member of the First Methodist Church, the Methodist Men's Club and vice president of the Seneca Men's Class.

Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Muriel C. Baley; three children by a former marriage, Albert V. Baley,  of Tacoma, Wash.; Grant W. Baley, Ovid and Mrs. Oliver Weber, Geneva; three grandchildren and two nieces.


Finger Lakes Times                      Friday                         April 20, 1979    pg 13              by Dianne Thomas

'Thanks to Penn Yan woman - 'Forgotten' Cemeteries Will Be Remembered - [a couple of pics of the cemetery]   By MARTHA GIBBS

PENN YAN - Shaking her head in dismay, Catharine Spencer picks off the burdocks that attached themselves in clusters to her slacks.

If it's not burdocks, it's vines, stick-tights, fox or woodchuck holes that must be dodged, she said with a chuckle.  You have to expect these problems when you're searching for information on gravestones in old cemeteries, she explained.

Mrs. Spencer, who lives at 311 Liberty St., has been recording genealogical information from gravestones for the past two years. So far, and she's not ready to stop yet, she has filled six three-ring notebooks with 1,500 typed pages of persons' names, dates of birth and death - just from 100 Yates County cemeteries.

Two more notebooks contain 1,100 pages of similar information from cemeteries In Ontario, Steuben and Schuyler counties, while yet another has 400 pages from cemeteries around the state. The notebooks are Indexed by cemetery and family, a culmination of hours and hours of writing and miles of travel.

Mrs. Spencer's Interest in recording the information found in cemeteries for genealogical enthusiasts, began on a smaller scale several years ago when she and a friend, Annette McCullough, began a search for their own ancestors. Then the Yates County Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc., became aware of the two women's work and expressed an interest in having a copy for its files.

So, two years ago this spring, the women began in earnest, along with Mrs. McCullough's dog, Ricky, they would spend late afternoons and evenings traipsing back roads in search of little known cemeteries. Ricky, who soon was dubbed "the cemetery dog",  was a great help on the ventures, often finding cemeteries before the women.

Mrs. Spencer recalls how on their search for the Rose-Beddoe Cemetery, an early burial ground in Keuka Lake State Park, she took Ricky up a steep path to the woods and said, "find the cemetery."  She soon heard a barking in the distance and there was Ricky standing in front of a stone wall that surrounded the cemetery.

Other times, while riding in the car, Ricky would start barking as they approached a cemetery.

Mrs. Spencer now is without Ricky's help since Mrs. McCullough moved to Bay City, Texas, in June. Since then, she has been busy compiling, indexing and typing the information they gathered in their travels about the county.

Mrs. Spencer said they looked for the old, "forgotten" cemeteries since the information about who is buried in cemeteries like, Lakeview in Penn Yan and Hillside,  in Dundee is readily available.

Before starting out on a search, the women looked in the Yates County Atlas and read old newspaper clippings that noted where cemeteries were.

Cemetery sleuthing is not for the non-hardy nor the fastidious, since old  cemeteries often are inaccessible without a long trek through fields, weeds or mud and they're often covered with burdocks, prickers, vines (Including poison ivy), fallen trees and animal holes.

Mrs. Spencer, a small, wiry woman with unlimited enthusiasm, finds the condition of some of the cemeteries distressing. She is especially upset by the disrepair of the Hazen Cemetery on the southern end of Preemption Road, just outside of Penn Yan.  A cursory glance shows many of the gravestones there date back to the early 1800s. 

Here, she had to pick her way through the burdocks while avoiding the young, spiny locusts to find her ancestors' stones. Coming back toward the road, she paused by a stone mostly obliterated by a pile of brush dumped near the front of the cemetery.  She sadly noted the brush is obscuring more stones and lamented the disrepair of the cemetery since it is easily accessible and so near the village.

Later, back in her apartment, Mrs. Spencer described some of the incidents she has experienced on her searches.

Amidst albums of photos taken in the cemeteries visited, she told tales of searches done in intense heat, snow and rain. She recalled how they finished recording the information from Bellona Cemetery, in the dark with the help of the headlights from one of the caretaker's cars.


Eyes twinkling, Mrs. Spencer also recalled a trek to the Benton Rural Cemetery ,where she and Mrs. McCullough were rained off three times in one day before they finished plotting down the information.

"I like to do it," she said, adding sometimes she and Mrs. McCullough would become so engrossed in their work that they would forget to eat.

"The work is really fascinating. You wonder what the people did and how they lived," she mused, noting she has read Stafford Cleveland's "History of Yates County" from cover to cover more than once.

Although the bulk of the county's small cemeteries are now surveyed, Mrs. Spencer said she still plans to go to Gorham to seek information about her ancestors and do others "just for fun."   [a picture of her, surveying the study of a headstone, in the cemetery]




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