Benton Center Cemetery

now known as  Benton Rural Cemetery

Havens Corners Road near Flat St.

Benton Center, Yates Co., NY

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Currently called Benton Rural Cemetery


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LACEY Edward died late July 1945
LACEY  Huldah 1775 CT - 186? ; w/o ???;    m/o Albert   [85y; Lacy in 1860 census]
LACEY Milo 1828 - 18??; h/o Nancy
LAMON Hannah   nee HULL
LAMON Mason (Dr)  
LAMPORT Abigail 1788 RI - aft 1870?; w/o Robert; m/o Elwin   [1860 census - a Mercy Trott living w/them]
LAMPORT Charles M.  
LAMPORT Edwin or Elwin 1817 - 18??; h/o Olive E.; h/o Mary J. STANTON; s/o ??? & Abigail  [82y in 1870]; kids: Olive, Elizabeth & John R. [1870 census- a Polly Stanton, 70y resides w/him] [1880 pg 48, Shows Elwin 62y; 2 sons Olin E 28y & John R 23y; 1900 sons reside in KS; both unwed] 
LAMPORT Eliza L.  
LAMPORT Erastus 1812 - Aug 27, 1880 Prattsburg, NY; 68y ; h/o ??? & Rosalia J.; b/o Edwin; [short obit -mentions no wife]  [Masonic honors]
LAMPORT Frank W. 1867 -    s/o Erastus & Rosalia J.
LAMPORT Franklin S.  
LAMPORT Mary J. 1827 - 1870; w/o Edwin; nee STANTON
LAMPORT Robert 1786 - aft 1860; h/o Abigail
LAMPORT Rosalia J. 1835 OH - May 12, 1917; 2nd w/o Erastus; kids: Mrs Grace (Frank) Howell & son Frank W. [1870 census & 1917 obit]
LAMPORT Rodney  
LAMPSON Francis  
LAMPSON Zebulon  
LAMUNYAN George poss b. 
LAMUNYAN Philip died Sept 7, 1909 Philadelphia; 68y; 1/2 b/o C.T. Welsh
LAMUNYAN Smith Halstead  
LANSING George  
LANSING Huldah  
LAPHAM James  
LAPHAM Louisa  
LARGE Charles Nov 1869 Eng - 19
LARGE Emma E.  
LARHAM Anna M. 1832 -    d/o Isaac & Jemima
LARHAM Carrie A.  d/o Mary E.
LARHAM George Andrus Aug 1833 Lowestoft, Eng - May 21, 1910 Rushville; 77y; {Bright's disease}; h/o Rebcecca  [1860 census] & Harriet GELDER; s/o Isaac & Jemima; daus: Mrs. Wm. Lee & Mrs. James Ellick
LARHAM Harriet  "Hattie" Mar 1847 - 19?? ; w/o Geo. A.; nee GELDER; 2 daus  [1910 census - a nurse]
LARHAM Isaac 1801 Eng - 187? ; h/o Jemima    [1860, he is 55y; 1870, he is 63y; not on 1880]
LARHAM Jemima 1795 Eng - 186? ; w/o Isaac; dau Hattie & son Samuel J.& wife Olive; g/s Frank M. b. 1868
LARHAM Jeremiah 1825 -   ; s/o Geo A. & Rebecca      [research further]
LARHAM John H.  
LARHAM Maybelle S.  
LARHAM Mamie d/o Mary E.
LARHAM Mary E. 1841/46 - 192?; unwed daus: Mamie & Carrie A.  [1920 census Rochester - 79y]    [research further]
LARSEN Arthur 1913 -  ; h/o Myrtle [divorced]; s/o Chris M.  [d/ Apr 1945] & Emma (both of Denmark); US Army - Orderly on hosp ship - WW II Vet  [see news article at bottom of this page]  [research further]
LARSEN Cristina M. Aug 3, 1918 - Dec, 1982; 62y
LARSEN Elizabeth E. Oct 29, 1911 - Jan 30, 1998; 86y
LARSEN Emma J. 1889 Denmark - Feb 7, 1930; 40y; w/o Chris M./ m/o Arthur; parents, 2 sis, 1 bro in Denmark
LARSEN Johanna  
LARSEN Julius A. 1861 Denmark - 19   ; h/o Mariana
LARSEN Mariana 1864 Denmark - 19   ; w/o Julius A.
LARSEN Marinus    h/o Sarah; daus Anna & Laura
LARZELERE Benton Smith Feb 25, 1886 - Nov 23, 1954; 68y; h/o Reba M. VAN FLEET; s/o Charles P. & Charlotte (Smith)
LARZELERE Charlotte   w/o Charles P. nee SMITH
LARZELERE Mary  died Sept 14, 1819; 43y; w/o Richard L.; d/o Martin KENRIG Sr. [not sure if buried here]
LASKOFI Frederika  
LAURSEN Agnes M.J.  
LAURSEN Albert  
LAURSEN Henry A.   ; h/o Margurite TILLMAN [m: 2/11/1940];  s/o Soren & 
LAURSEN Soren Mar 11, 1892 - Apr 1975 Geneva; m: Apr 1913; 9 kids; 
LAURSEN Walter H.  
LA VALLE Anthony  
LA VALLE Edward  
LAWRENCE James Henry  
LAWRENCE Polly   [also see her previous married name in this ceme -  KIDDER w/o Mr. Kidder & Mr. Samuel Lawrence
LAWRENCE Reliance  
LAWRENCE William C.  
LAZENBY Anna Bell  
LAZENBY Carrie     nee BLOOD
LAZENBY Charles  
LAZENBY Charles F.  
LAZENBY Georgie C.  
LAZENBY Isabella     nee RANE
LAZENBY Martha M.  
LAZENBY Orvall William  
LAZENBY Thalia Ann  
LAZENBY William L.  
LAZENBY William R.  
LEACH Florence  
LEBBON Albert A.  
LEBBON Catherine  
LEBBON Clarence H.  
LEBBON David  
LEBBON Florence  
LEBBON Rebecca Evis  
LEBBON Vermona  
LEBBON Walter  
LEBBON William Edgar  
LEGG Albert H.  
LEGG Arthur L.  
LEGG Charles C.  
LEGG Charles H.  
LEGG Daphne B.  
LEGG Ella C.  
LEGG Henrietta R.  
LEGG Sarah R.  
LEGG William C.  
LESTER Anna 1825 -   d/o Nath'l & Elizabeth        [from 1850 census list]
LESTER Catherine  
LESTER Charles   
LESTER David  
LESTER David W.  
LESTER Elizabeth 1782 - 18??;  w/o Nathaniel
LESTER Hattie A.    nee VAN NESS
LESTER John (Sgt)  
LESTER Julia  
LEWIS Anthony H.  
LEWIS Clara A.  
LEWIS Elmer C.  
LEWIS Harry E.  
LEWIS Louisa  
LEWIS Mary A.  
LEWIS Mary C.  
LEWIS Mary R.  
LEWIS Myron C.  
LEWIS Polly   nee COLE
LIDDIARD Lucille C. Mar 23, 1914 - May 1, 1999; 85y; w/o ??? &  Roy H. Liddiard; nee CURTIS; m/o Judith Benjamin
LIDDIARD Roy H. July 7, 1906 - Sept 4, 1982; 78y; h/o Lucille CURTIS; step dau, Judith Benjamin Army Air Corp - WWW II Vet  [obit states b. Aug 17, 1904;  SSDI states b. 7/7/1906 - 9-1982]
LILYEA Elmer C. Mar 23, 1905 - Apr 28, 1981; 76y; h/o Louise B.; son, Gary E., dau, Ann; sis, Mrs. Edith Spaid; bros, Roy & Charles
LILYEA Louise B.  
LINE Desta A  
LLOYD Charles  1821 Eng -     ; h/o M. Emily
LLOYD Charles  
LLOYD M. Emily  1821 -   ; w/o Charles
LLOYD Martha  
LLOYD Mary  
LLOYD Mary E.  1860 -   ; d/o Charles & M. Emily
LONG Alice E.  
LONG Alice F.     nee FIERO
LONG Ashley B.  1879 -    ; h/o Maude M. ; stepson to Jay M. & s/o Hattie A.
LONG Belle  
LONG Belle T. 1880 - 19  ; w/o Mr. Legg & George Long
LONG Carrie 1870 -    d/o Joseph H. & Mary A.
LONG Charles E.  1904 -   s/o Ashley B. & Maude M.
LONG Elise E.     nee OSWALD
LONG Ettie A.  
LONG Fred J. 1868 - aft 1920 ; h/o Helen A.   [widowed by 1920]
LONG Frederic 1867 -   ; s/o James & Olive (Mariner)
LONG G. Grove  
LONG G. Roland  
LONG Geneva M.  
LONG George  1875 - 19  ; h/o Belle T. 
LONG George R.  
LONG George T.  
LONG Grace A.  1874 -         d/o Joseph & Mary
LONG H. Eleanor  nee TURNER
LONG Harriet    nee BUSH
LONG Helen A. 1868 - bef 1920; w/o Fred J.
LONG J. Elwin  
LONG James 1826 Ire -    ; h/o Olive MARINER
LONG James S.  
LONG Jay M. 1852 -     ; h/o Hattie A.; s/o James & Olive (Mariner)
LONG Jeannie C.  
LONG Jessie M. 1857-     ; d/o James & Olive (Mariner)
LONG Joseph  
LONG Joseph H. 1829 -   h/o Mary A.
LONG Leonora  
LONG Loring G.  
LONG Mary A. 1835 -  w/o Joseph H.
LONG Maude H. 1882 - 19  ; w/o Ashley
LONG Mildred  
LONG Olive 1831 -    w/o James; nee MARINER
LONG S. Elizabeth  
LONG twins  
LONGWELL Alzina B.  
LOOMIS Anson C.  
LOOMIS Maria      nee PURDY
LOOMIS William H.  
LORD John  
LORD John 1803 - 1826
LORD Lovina 1792 - 1852; d/o John & Olive
LORD Olive  
LOREE Claud  
LOREE James R.  
LOREE Mattie   
LOREE Olive L.  
LOREE Sarah E.  
LOTT Alden M.  
LOTT Mary C.  
LOUDON Lillian E.  
LOVEJOY Anna M. 1810 - 1838; w/o Peter
LOVEJOY Catherine W.      w/o Charles 
LOVEJOY Charles F.  
LOVEJOY Charles H. 1887 -    ; h/o Catherine W.
LOVEJOY Daniel 1782 - 1863; h/o Letisha THORN
LOVEJOY Daniel A.  
LOVEJOY Daniel T. 1841 - 1868; son
LOVEJOY Elvira J.  
LOVEJOY George W.  
LOVEJOY Henry Milton Mar 1836 - Jan 30, 1922; 85y; unwed; b/o Jacob
LOVEJOY infant  died 1808
LOVEJOY Isaac  Dec 24, 1893; 85y
LOVEJOY Jacob T. F. June 1840 -  19  ; h/o Celia
LOVEJOY Laura C. 1812 - Nov 18, 1884; 72y; w/o Peter; d/o Dudley & Orra (Daniels) BROWN  [on Lovejoy monu]
LOVEJOY Letisha Smith 1799 - 1878; w/o Daniel; nee THORN
LOVEJOY Margaret  
LOVEJOY Martha M.  
LOVEJOY Peter Feb 18, 1805 - June 9, 1889; 84y; h/o Laura C. BROWN
LOVEJOY Rachel  
LOVEJOY Samuel M.  
LOVEJOY Smith Oct 1852 - Mar 1, 1926; h/o Katherine;  daus: (Margurite & Sarah) Mrs. Edward Hurrin of Benton & Mrs. Taylor of Gorham [inflammatory rheumatism & blood poisoning]
LOWN Grace  
LOWN James M. Jr.  
LOWN James Monroe  died July 17, 1936 NYC; s/o James; h/o Grace COLMAN Merrill sis Mrs. Grace Barden;   [obit]
LOWN Jennie L.  
LOWN Jennie M.  
LOWN John M.  
LOWN Lillie    nee ARMSTRONG
LOWN Mary 1831 - 1870; w/o James M.
LOWN Mary D.  
LUCAS John  
LUCAS Mary M.  
MALLORY Almon C. (Rev) 1807 - Sept 7, 1888; 81y
MALLORY Bradley T. Jan 11, 1845 Urbana, NY - Apr 1938; 93y; h/o Emma HURLBUT & 2nd wife died 1921; sons Charles & Almon;   [his pic in paper]
MALLORY Charles H.     h/o Edith W. BATES
MALLORY Edith W. died June 30, 1958; 88y; w/o Charles H.; d/o Solomon & Patience (Gage) BATES; son: Roy B.
MALLORY Ellen July 1, 1803 - Oct 17, 1872; w/o A. G.; nee TALMADGE
MALLORY Emma July 31, 1844 - July 3, 1889; 44y,11m,3d; 1st w/o Bradley T.; d/o Icabod & Nancy (Miller) HURLBUT
MALLORY Emma Sept 1846 - 1921; 2nd w/o Bradley T.
MALLORY James S.  
MALLORY Roland  
MANBY Ann     w/o Thomas; nee JOLLEY; daus: Eliza & Margaret
MANBY Eliza Ann     d/o Thomas & Anne (Jolley); unwed
MANBY George W.  
MANBY Thomas 1826 Eng -   ; h/o Ann JOLLEY
MANBY Thomas  
MAPES Hanes  
MAPES Henry   
MAPES Smith  
MAPES unknown Mrs.  
MARGESON Eva V. Dec 28, 1907 - May 16, 1982; 74y; unwed; d/o Ray & Marian (Poole) MARGESON
MARGESON Marian Oct 19, 1885 - Nov 1974; 89y; w/o Ray; nee POOLE; dau, Eva; sil: Pearl Corey    [obit]
MARGESON Ray Mar 23, 1884 - Mar 5, 1951; 66y; h/o Marion POOLE
MARINER Albert Lincoln  
MARINER Amanda 1791 - Sept 26, 1833; 42y; unwed; d/o Ephraim & Rhoda (Hollister)
MARINER Caroline               a Mrs. Mariner D. died abt 9/17/1875  [news]
MARINER Ephraim May 26, 1766 - May 5, 1840; 73y; h/o Rhoda HOLLISTER
MARINER Esther Lillian 1783 CT - 187?;  m/o Thomas
MARINER Floyd Adelbert  
MARINER Homer 1825 -  ; h/o ???; f/o Jay E.
MARINER Jay E. 1859 -   ; h/o Mamie; f/o Lena; s/o Homer
MARINER Melisent 1799 - 1836; w/o Niles
MARINER Rhoda May 11, 1767 - Oct 31, 1860; 93y; w/o Ephraim; nee HOLLISTER
MARTIN Ella L. died Mar 19, 1920; 66y; w/o ???; nee RHODES; 2 daus: Mrs. Edgar Payne & Mrs. Harry Wright; 2 sons: George & J. Glenius; sis, Mrs. Lucy Bardeen  [obit]
MARTIN M. Grace  
MARTIN Orrin S. died Feb 25, 1912; 59y; h/o ??;  2 sons: Geo. & Glenas; 2 daus: Mrs. Perry Wright & Mrs. Edgar Payne; bro: Clark
MATHEWS George  
MATHEWS Hannah J. died July 15, 1914; 63y; w/o George; nee CHRYSLER; no other near relatives    [obit]
MATHEWS Henrietta  
MATTISON Agnes died Mar 23, 1978; w/o Louis R.; son, Arol; dau, Mrs. Marilyn North      [obit also spelled as Matteson]
MATTISON Louis R. died Dec 10, 1971; 74y; h/o Agnes; son, Arol; dau, Mrs. Marilyn North; 2 niece 1 nephew   [obit]
MC ALPINE Antoinette R.  
MC ALPINE Bertha L.  
MC ALPINE Cordelia T.  
MC ALPINE Emma Josephine 1880 -  Apr 8, 1964 FL: 83y; unwed; sis of James S.; d/o James B. & Florence (Armstrong)
MC ALPINE Ermanette R.  
MC ALPINE Florence A. 1854 - May 4, 1919;  65y; w/o James B.; nee ARMSTRONG; daus: Josephine & Florene & son James S.
MC ALPINE Florine  
MC ALPINE James B. Apr 11, 1852 - Feb 9, 1937; 84y; h/o Florence A. ARMSTRONG; s/o John W. & Cordelia (Tyler)
MC ALPINE James Stuart     s/o James B. & Florence (Armstrong)
MC ALPINE Jennette  
MC ALPINE Josephine 1847 - 1871; d/o John W. & Cordelia
MC NIGHT Emily J. died Aug 23, 1917; 72y; unwed; bro, John   [as spelled in obit]
MC KNIGHT William A.  
MEAD Elizabeth  
MEAD Joshua  
MELENDY Catherine  
MELENDY Mariah  
MERRIFIELD Charles 1842 - 1861; s/o John & Sarah
MERRIFIELD Emily J. 1836 - 1836; d/o John & Sarah
MERRIFIELD Florence A.  
MERRIFIELD Sara A. 1857 - Feb 12, 1937; 79y; unwed; sis of John    [obit]
MILLER Nancy  
MILLS Jane J.  
MILLSPAUGH Daniel died Sept 22, 1903; 82y; a pioneer; wife survives him     [obit]
MOON Frank died May 22, 1942; 79y; unwed; nieces: Mrs. Lee Carroll & Mrs. Arthur Powell   [obit]
MOON George Emory died June 4, 1938; 91y; bro of Mrs Pearl Wheeler, Edmund, Wm, John & Daniel Moon    [obit]
MOON Mary E.  
MOON Mary M.      nee PORTER
MOON Sarah 1848 - Dec 5, 1926; 78y; w/o ???
MOON Sarah J.  
MORRIS David G. 1803 - Feb 26, 1825; 21y;  s/o Lewis & Lois (Cole) 
MORETENSEN Agnes M. Dec 8, 1904 - May 28, 1969; 64y; w/o Oscar N.; nee CORBETT; 6 dau, 3 sons: Oscar, Albert & Roy     [obit]
MORETENSEN Albert C. June 14, 1924 - Aug 28, 1987; 63y; s/o Oscar N. & Agnes (Corbett)    [obit]
MORETENSEN Anna E. 1882 - 1912; 30y; 1st w/o George; nee NEILSEN
MORETENSEN F. Irene Nov 13, 1926 - 
MORETENSEN George Feb 1877 Denmark - Jan 9, 1949; 71y; h/o Anna E NEILSEN & Harriet ; 4 daus, sons Perry & Carlton; sis Mrs. C. Cristensen; 1/2 bros, Peter & Walter Carlsen; other sibs in Denmark    [obit]
MORETENSEN Harriett 1886 - Sept 6, 1978; 92y; 2nd w/o George; son Carlton, dau Mrs. Margaret (Wm.) Prendergast; step dau, Mrs. Arthur Powell; step son, Perry Moretensen; sis Mrs. Claude Tomion    [obit]
MORETENSEN Larry Howard died Nov 7, 1972; 27y; h/o Marianna McFALL; s/o Albert; f/o Mary Jo [auto accident]  [obit]
MORETENSEN Leon Willis 1942 - 1942?; inf son of Oscar & Agnes
MORETENSEN Oscar N. 1897 - July 26, 1958; 60y; h/o Agnes CORBETT; s/o Peter & Jenny (Metcalf); 3 sons: Albert, Oscar & Roy & 6daus; bros: John, Karl & ?? & 5 sisters    [obit]
MUGG Elizabeth  
MUGG John B.    lived in Geneva early 1800's
MUGG John B. Jr.  
MUGG Susan  
MURDOCK Albert E.  
MURDOCK Laura C.  
MURDOCK Mary Adeline 1857 - May 31, 1938; 81y; w/o ???; sons: Ira & James; dau: Mrs. Charles Kirkpatrick; sis of Mrs. Emma Briggs      [obit]
MURDOCK William M.  
MURRAY Clarissa  
NASH Almira  
NASH Ira  
NASH Nancy  
NESMAN Marie A. 1896 - Jan 14, 1970; 73y;  w/o Mr. Anderson & 2nd w/o Walter Nesman; son: Carl Anderson, 2 stepsons: Walter Jr. & Edwin Nesman; 3 daus: Mrs. Anna Wright, Mrs. Louis Matthews & Mrs. Robert Yerkes; bros: Fred & Harold NIELSEN, 5 sisters: Helen Nelsen, Mrs. Erwin Welker, Mrs. Lynn Bishop, Mrs. Astrid Sorensen & Ophelia Neilsen   [obit]
NEWCOMB Anna C. died May 9, 1955; 86y; w/o Orla M.; son, Earl; 2 sis: Mrs. Jennie Bush of Geneva & Mrs. Nellie Hoose of NYC   [obit]
NEWCOMB(E) Frank J.  died Nov 8, 1956 Watertown, NY; 66y; h/o Luella BARDEN; s/o Arthur & Mary (Palmatier) [obit]
NEWCOMB Earl 1901 - May 6, 1968; 67y; h/o Ruth MANNING; son: George   [obit]
NEWCOMB Orla Melvin died Jan 28, 1923; 56y; h/o Anna BROWN; dau, Mrs. Florence Covey & son, Earl   [obit]
NEWCOMB Ruth M.    w/o Earl; nee MANNING
NEWMAN Gladys  
NICHOLS C. Arlene Sept 19, 1904 Benton - Jan 17, 1941; 37y; unwed; d/o Loren  & Ida E. Nichols   [obit below]
NICHOLS Ida E. 1873 OH - 1943; 70y; w/o Loren ; d/o Wm. & Cora (Townsend) EAVES  [obit]
NICHOLS Libbeus M. 1847 - Sept 25, 1929; 82y; h/o Charlotte  "Lottie" Grace (Guile) [m: 37y in 1910];  b/o Andrew & Mrs. Dora Owen; f/o Loren   [obit]  [1920 Benton census, wife listed as  Lottie G] 
NICHOLS Loren   1874 OH - 1949; h/o Ida EAVES; s/o only dau, Arlene
NICHOLS 'Lottie' Grace 1851 - 1926; w/o Libbeus M.; nee GUILE   [her name Charlotte & "Lottie"]
NICHOLS Ralph C. 1901 - 1905; s/o Loren & Ida (Eaves)
NOBLE Alice D. July 7, 1906 - Sept 13, 1982; 76y; w/o  Archie W.; d/o John E. & Katherine DAVIE; m/o Mrs. Helen Festa; sis/o J. Edward Davie
NOBLE Archie W. Sept 11, 1908 ID -  Feb 11, 1983; 74y; h/o Alice D.; s/o Alex & Selina (Smith)
NORMAN Isabel     nee EMMETT??
NORTON Vesta A.  
NOXON Anna M.  
NYHOLT Gertrude G.     w/o John; dau: Mrs. Pauline Fehrenbacher
NYHOLT John died Feb 22, 1988; 93y; h/o Gertrude G.  Dutch Army - WW I Vet
ORR Arlene M.  
ORR Bernard Leroy died June 18, 1939; 19m;  s/o Ivan E.; g/so of Elmer Orr; 2 sis: Beverly (his twin) & Doris [infant drank kerosene]    [obit]
ORR Doris Jane died Aug 8, 1951; 12y; d/o Ivan E.; gd/o Mr. & Mrs. Niels Fredericksen, of Bellona; sis, Beverly Ann;      [obit - drowned]
ORR Ivan Elmer      [on Oct 1940 draft list]
OSTRANDER C. Herbert  
OSTRANDER Charles M. died Nov 2, 1921; 65y; h/o Maggie VELUSS;  7 kids: Nelson C. & 6 daus
OSTRANDER Maggie died Dec 7, 1917; 54y; w/o Charles M.; nee VELUSS; 6 daus, 1 son; bros: Herbert, Clayton, Fred, Lewis & Charles VELUSS; sis Mrs. Clark Kick of Port Byron
PALMATIER Catharine  died Jan 24, 1920; 88y; nee COON; son Henry, dau, Mrs. Frank Roe
PALMATIER Christiana  
PALMATIER Henry A. died June 27, 1947; 75y; h/o ???; son: Miles
PALMATIER Jennie Pearl  
PALMATIER Lewis E. died July 25, 1971; 19y; s/o Charles & Mildred (Travis); 1/2 bros: Grover & Charles Bogart
PALMATIER Peter    died late 1920 to Feb 1921   {Estate Sale}
PALMATIER Ray U.    h/o   ; son: Charles & wife Ruth (Cronk) [m:4/17/1943]
PANGBORNE Edgar H. Jan 9, 1851 Reading, NY - May 29, 1922; 71y; h/o Theda H. BARDEN [m: 9/1/1878]; sis Mrs. Eliza Howard of Watkins; daus: Mrs. John G. Lott (Mrs. John S. Knapp of NJ, in another obit), Miss Katherine (or Catherine) of NYC and 1 deceased dau [obit spelled as PANGBURN]
PANGBORNE Elmira Isabel  
PANGBORNE Helen Louise Jan 14, 1887 - Dec 31, 1893; 6y
PANGBORNE J. Katherine Mar 23, 1885 - Mar 1, 1977; 91y 
PANGBORNE Theda M. May 13, 1856 - Oct 1, 1945; 89y; w/o Edgar H.; nee BARDEN
PARRISH Maude D.  
PARK Maria  
PARKER Aurie E died Dec 6, 1959; 59y; w/o Herbert M.; d/o Lizzie PECK; 5 daus, 2 sons, 2 sis, 1 bro  [obit]
PARKER Herbert Merrill 1892 - Dec 3, 1961; 69y;  h/o Orie [pre-deceased him]; s/o Charles & Sarah (Hood); 5 daus, 2 sons; siblings: Elmer Parker & Mrs. Ella Vaness, both of FL
PARKER William H. Nov 12, 1938 - Jan 27, 2007;  68y; h/o Eleanor
PARMELEE Bernard C. 1922 - July 24, 1971; 49y; h/o Janet M. CORNISH; kids: John, Roney, Mrs. Patricia (Richard) Oberdorf, Mrs. Susan (Dale) Mitchell, Mrs. Gail (Lester) Miles, Miss Norma [US Navy] & Miss June; siblings: Clark, Harry, Robert, Mrs. Hal Hunter & Mrs. Doris Jern
PARMELEE Janet M.     w/o Bernard C.; nee CORNISH
PATCHEN Huldah  
PATCHEN Jared 1773 - 1857; h/o Nancy NASH
PATCHEN Mary 1808 - 1837; 2nd w/o Levi
PATCHEN Nancy 1778 - 1852; w/o Jared; nee NASH
PATTERSON Hiram K. 1807 - Oct 3, 1831; 25y; unwed; s/o Robert & Mary (Riggs)
PATTERSON John Oct 14, 1790 - May 9, 1866; 75y; h/o Sarah HALSTED
PATTERSON Mary Oct 7, 1770 - Oct 3, 1844; 77y,11m; w/o Robert; d/o Phillip RIGGS
PATTERSON Robert July 23, 1762 Ireland - Mar 14, 1846; 83y; h/o Mary RIGGS
PAYNE Daniel H. 1807 - 1873
PEACOCK Donald Ora  
PECK Mrs. Aug 9, 1876 Watkins Glen -  Apr 30, 1923; 46y; w/o Robert; her son, Howard
PECK Carrie M.    d/o Robert J. & Orrie Bell
PECK Martha E.  
PECK Orrie Belle Aug 9, 1855 Watkins - Apr 30, 1923; 67y; w/o Robert J. [m: 3/29/1877]; nee THOMPSON; son, Howard; dau, Mrs. Carrie Chrisler     [obit]
PECK Robert J. July 1853 Eng - Mar 3, 1933; h/o Orrie Belle; son, Howard; bros: Thomas & Walter
PEDERSEN Grethe died Aug 16, 1913; 40y;  w/o Mr. CHRISTENSEN & Peter C. Pedersen
PEDERSEN Jens C. Apr 28, 1892 - Nov 16, 1978; 86y; unwed; bro of Mrs. Julianna (Peter) Carlsen
PEDERSEN Peter C. died May 2, 1941; 72y;  h/o Grethe; sons: Ralph Pedersen & T.M.P Christensen; sis of Denmark - Mrs. Marie Neilsen 
PERKINS Patience  
PETERSON Lee R. died Aug 15, 1923 PA; 23y; b/o Arthur of Penn Yan; sisters: Mrs. Grover Travis, Mrs. Howard Bailey both of Penn Yan; & Anna O'Brien of Boston;
PETERSON Marie died Aug 16, 1913; 40y; w/o Peter; 2 sons, 3 daus    [obit-appoplexy]
PETERSON Peter 1864 Denmark  - Dec 12, 1921; 57y; h/o Marie; 2 sons: Arthur & Lee & 3 daus;  sis: Mrs. E. L. Hogan of ID.;   [obit]
PETERSON Sena 1849 - Jan 22, 1939; 89y; w/o ??? ;  m/o Rudolph E. & Yense of Denmark; sis of Edward SORENSEN
PETTIT Delilah 1778 - Aug 17, 1858; 80y,8m; w/o William; nee COLE
PETTIT Huldah 1770 - 1829
PETTIT Lovina 1766 - 1855; w/o Solomon
PETTIT Solomon  
PETTIT Welathy  
PETTIT William   h/o Delilia COLE
PIERCE Polly  
POLMATIER William 1827 - 1863
POOL Alice J.  
POOL Clara A.  
POOL Eleanor A.  
POOL Ella M.  
POOL John D.  
POOL Laura C.    died Mar 4, 1931; 80y; nee MURDOCK; 1 dau, Mrs. Chas. Wright of Rushville;
POOL Maybelle W.    nee SMALLEY
POOL Mary  
POOL Mary Jane  
POOL Robert  
POOL Robert H. 1840 - 1863; 126th NY Vol - Civil War Vet
POOL William H.  
POOLE Elizabeth M. 1835 - May 4, 1917; 81y; unwed; bros: Wm. J. & Frank;  [fell down stairs]  [obit]
POOLE Francis E. died Oct 26, 1924; 82y; h/o ???; 3 dau & 1 son, Robert;   Co. A.,  126th NY Vol - Civil War Vet  [see obit]
POOLE Ledrith Robert Nov 9, 1892 - May 23, 1973; 80y; unwed; sis, Mrs. Marian Margensen;  WW I Vet
PORTER Hugh Weir Apr 12, 1873 PA- Mar 4, 1954; 80y; h/o Isabel E. GAGE &   ; s/o John B. & Louise (McKee) Porter/Arnold; 2 daus: Mrs. Robert Stuart of Benton & Mrs. Milford Elling of VA.
PORTER Isabel E. Apr 6, 1893 - Dec 22, 1918; 25y; 1st w/o Hugh Weir ; d/o Samuel G. & Estella (Norman) GAGE
PORTER Mary M.  
POTTER Elbridge G. T.  
POTTER Ezra    h/o Rebecca T; 
POTTER Luther  
POTTER Rebecca T.    w/o Ezra;
POWELL Emily 1802 - 1826; 2nd w/o John; widow of Daniel GILBERT; d/o Jared PATCHEN
POWELL John    ; h/o Emily GILBERT
POWER Lillie or Lily died June 23, 1965; 53y; w/o Roscoe; d/o Carl & Anna (Paulsen) JENSEN; her dau, Ms. Nancy Bucher & Miss Roslyn & son Bernard; her sis, Mrs. Edna Pedder of FL
POWER Roscoe   h/o Lillie JENSEN; 
QUICK Joseph 1783 - 1846
RAMNEY infant  
RANDALL Donald Norman (A1C) Aug 4, 1948 - July 9, 1974 WA AFB; 25y; unwed; s/o Mrs. Ruth (Pinneo) Randall / Putman; g/s of  M&M Webster Randall & Mrs. Nellie Pinneo of Avoca
RANDALL Eunice 1786 - 18  ; w/o James B.
RANDALL Florence A.      nee MERRIFIELD
RANDALL George Sept 1, 1900 -  Sept 1979; s/o Mrs. Mabel Randall/Koehler; b/o Perry [1910 & 20 census -stepson of Floyd & Mabel Koehler]
RANDALL James B. 1779 -  18?? ; h/o Eunice
RAYMOND Ayres 1796 - 1821; 25y; h/o Semantha TUBBS
RAYMOND Samantha  
RAYMOND Samuel  
REEVES Sabra A. 1841 -  w/o Mr. Riche and Mr. Reeves;  nee DRAPER [1870 census as w/o Wm. T. Reeves] [ck further]
REINERS Gladys E. June 4, 1904 - Apr 3, 1984; 79y; w/o Wm. H.; sis/o Alton SMITH of WA; sons, Lloyd & Glenn; dau, Mrs. Helen Snabb of MN
REINERS William H. Aug 11, 1895 - Mar 6, 1986; 90y; h/o Gladys E. SMITH; sons, Lloyd & Glen; dau, Mrs. Helen (Avron) Snabb of MN
RIBBLE Earl Dec 1914 - Jan 1915;  4 wks; s/o Orval 
RICE Ezra  
RICE Judson  E. (Capt) 1841 - 1864     Military
RICE Nancy    w/o Mr. RIGGS & Mr. Rice; nee BENTON
RICE Sabra A.     nee DRAPER
RIGGS Mrs. Brown  
RIGGS Amanda  
RIGGS John  
RIGGS Mary  
RIGGS Nancy          nee BENTON
RIGGS Philip  
RIGGS Polly      nee PIERCE
RIGGS Sylvia  
RISLEY Marguerite  
ROBBINS Eber     h/o Elvira
ROBBINS Elena M.  
ROBBINS Elvira  or is this one Lovejoy?
ROBBINS Elvira J. 1830 - 1866; w/o Eber ; nee LOVEJOY
ROBERTS Ada Helen     nee HOLMES
ROBERTS Sumner  
ROCKEFELLER Madison J.   died early Feb 1922 IN.;    [obit spelled name as ROCKAFELLO]
ROCKWELL Mercy      nee BURTON
RUDD Charles  
RUDD Susie Alida       nee TEARS
SAVAGE Asahel H.   h/o Olivia L. DORMAN & 
SAVAGE Harriet 1798 CT - 187? ;  w/o Lyman; her son: E. B.
SAVAGE Lyman   h/o Harriet 
SAVAGE Mary A. died Aug 28, 1840; 17y,2m,21d; d/o Lyman & Harriet
SAVAGE Olivia L. Jan 8, 1822 - Sept 13, 1843; 21y; 1st w/o Asahel H.; d/o Joel & Olivia (Lawrence) DORMAN
SAWYER Cyrus  
SCHOFIELD Charles F.  
SCHROEDER Frederika died Feb 1939
SCHROEDER Henry died June 26, 1901; 50y
SCHROEDER Julius 1880 - Aug 23, 1936; 58y; unwed; b/o Mrs. Martin Peterson; s/o Henry & ?? [hanged himself]
SCOFIELD Abigail 1818 - 1839; d/o William & Patience (Perkins)
SCOFIELD Almira died June 25, 1894; 76y; w/o Hiram;  nee NASH
SCOFIELD Ebenezer 1822 - Mar 26, 1898; 75y; h/o Elizabeth; sons: Clarence, Charles & John; dau, Mary E. [his father of CT] [obit]
SCOFIELD Elizabeth 1828 - Aug 28, 1896; 68y;  w/o Ebenezer   [1870 & 1880 census] [obit -died of dropsy]
SCOFIELD Elizabeth    nee TOMPKINS
SCOFIELD Emma E. died May 4, 1929; 59y; w/o John S.; sis o/Geo. VAN ORDEN
SCOFIELD Emma Jane  
SCOFIELD Frances J. died early Feb 1939
SCOFIELD Gertrude E. 1869 -  ; unwed; d/o Wm. & Hannah
SCOFIELD Hannah E. ~1835 -   w/o Wm. ; dau Gertrude E.
SCOFIELD Harold L. 1920 - July 29, 1973; 53y; stepfather & his mother: M & M Howard Brown; son Charles & Dau, Linda Winer; bro Duane of MI; step bro, Robert Brown;    WW II Vet
SCOFIELD Hiram died abt Mar 1894; h/o Almira NASH
SCOFIELD infant  
SCOFIELD John Stokoe Dec 1867 - May 3, 1942; 74y; h/o Emma E. VAN ORTON;  s/o Ebenezer & Elizabeth  [obit - auto accident]
SCOFIELD Mary E. 1886 - Oct 5, 1921; 34y; unwed; d/o Ebenezer & Elizabeth; sis/o Dennis, and Mrs. Grace Stanpole  [obit]
SCOFIELD Patience 1790 - 1864; w/o William; nee PERKINS
SCOFIELD William 1787 - 1849; h/o Patience PERKINS
SCOFIELD William   1831 -      ; h/o Hannah E.
SCUTT Alan Eugene June 12, 1947; 53y; h/o Lena OSTRANDER;  s/o Martin & Catherine (Hall); sons: Glenn & Donald; sibs: Mrs. Edith Johnson & Howard Scutt; 38th Div  - WW I Vet [explosion at chemical plant where he worked - obit]  
SCUTT Lena S.  
SCUTT Lloyd Martin  
SCUTT Paul Richard died Jan 9, 1924; 3 1/2y; s/o Alan E. (obit spells as Allen) & Lena (Ostrander); [drowned, playing on ice - obit]
SECOR Calvin  
SECOR Cordelia 1827 - 1869
SECOR David 1779 - 1860; h/o Rebecca, Clarissa (in 1850) & Lucinda 
SECOR Elizabeth  
SECOR Lester A.  
SECOR Lucinda 1786 - 1871; 2nd w/o David
SECOR Minor  
SECOR Rebecca 1787 - 1823; 1st  w/o David
SECOR Sarah  
SEYMOUR Hugh Nov 21,1897 - Oct 23, 1973; 76y; h/o Alta WAGER; [m: 9/1/1925]; bros: George, Don & Stanley; sis: Mrs. Vera (Frank) Barden & Mrs. Doris Buliard
SHAW Augustus  
SHAW Maria  
SHAW Sally    nee KENT
SHEARMAN Bradley  
SHEARMAN Elizabeth 1810 - 1835
SHEARMAN Elizabeth  
SHEARMAN Michael  
SHERMAN Anna 1793 - 1846; w/o John
SHERMAN Bradley 1814 - 1865
SHERWOOD Gershom July 14, 1786 - Sept 27,1867; h/o Laura DARLING; s/o Daniel & Eunice (Jennings)
SHERWOOD Laura Apr 8, 1788 - Feb 15, 1880; w/o Gershom; nee DARLING; d/o Benjamin & Mary
SHERWOOD Walter J. 1823 - 1865
SINCLAIR Isabel 1734 Eng -  Dec 30, 1831; 97y;  w/o James
SINCLAIR James 1724 Eng - Apr 28, 1802; 77y; h/o Isabel
SLATER Flora E.  w/o Frederick H.; nee FLINT
SLATER Frederick H. 1894 Canada - Dec 31, 1949; 55y; h/o Flora E. FLINT; siblings of Elmira: Thomas Slater, Mrs. Florence Matthews & Mrs. Clara Meyers       [cerebral hemorrhage]
SLATER George  
SLATER Martha E.  
SMALLEY Cyrenus  
SMALLEY Henrietta F.  
SMALLEY Louisa  
SMALLEY Mabelle W.  
SMITH Addie L.  w/o Ernest D.; nee WRIGHT
SMITH Alton E.  
SMITH Doris L.  
SMITH Elzar Eugene  died Dec 13, 1951; 72y; h/o Laura; 4, dau, 2 sons; bros, Charles & A.B. Smith
SMITH Eliza  
SMITH Eliza    nee TOWER
SMITH Elizabeth    nee BECKER
SMITH Elwood J.  Sr.  1906 - Dec 25, 1969; 63y; h/o Minnie PAYNE; sons: Elwood Jr. & Robert; daus: Mrs. Mildred (Robert) DeWick &  Mrs. Helen (Robert) Andersen; b/o Alton, Mrs. Wm. Reiners, Mrs. Alfred Beamish, Mrs. John DeVuyst & Mrs. Saxton Schreiber
SMITH Elwood J. Jr.     s/o Elwood J. Sr. & Minnie (Payne)
SMITH Ernest D. died late Sept 1936; h/o Adde WRIGHT; sons Everett & Warren
SMITH Hannah  
SMITH Hugh  
SMITH Joseph 1772 - May 9, 1824; 51y,9m, 1d
SMITH Laura E. died Jan 18, 1959; 76y; w/o Elzar E.; d/o Philip & Caroline (Ketterer) SAULSTICK; 4 daus, 2 sons, Edward & Alton E.    ["heart seizure"]  [short obit below]
SMITH Letisha     nee THORN
SMITH Lucille K.  May 10, 1985; 57y; wife of Mr. Kuver & Warren H. Smith; son, Thomas Kuver; 3 sisters: Mildred Havens, Mrs Jean Muier of OR. & Mrs. Ruth Briggs of Addison   [obit]
SMITH Mildred M. died Sept 11, 1922   [Havens/Smith monu] [was listed under Havens]  [obit]
SMITH Minnie M. Mar 4, 1906 - Sept 26, 1987; 83y; w/o Elwood Sr.; d/o Peter & Susan (Hudson) PAYNE; sis: Mrs. Eleanor (Joseph) Clayton   [obit]
SMITH Sarah  died May 29, 1806; d/o Joseph & Hannah  [stone face broken off at bottom]
SMITH Sylvanus  
SMITH Warren H. May 13, 1921 - Oct 9, 1988;  67y; h/o Lucille K. ; s/o John H. & Alice (Chidsley); dau Mrs. Judy Robbins & stepson, Thomas Kuver; b/o John W. & 3 sis     [obit]  [Havens/Smith monu]
SMITH William C. 1795 - 1832
SMITH William C.  
SOLES Abbie  
SOLES Catherine died Nov 20, 1940;     [research further - prior marriage as LEBBON]
SOLES George Mar 24, 1919 Canandaigua hosp; 49y; son of James F. & his 1st wife; bro: Charles: sisters: Mrs. John Bergstresser & Mrs. Charles Margenson
SOLES James F. 1846 - Sept 28, 1926; 80y; h/o ??  and ???; 3 kids, 2 step sons, Lebbon; sis, Mrs. John Fisher;    Co. G, 188th NY Inf - Civil War Vet
SOWERS Helen  
SQUIER Sarah        nee WHEELER
STANTON Benjamin 1798 - 1846
STANTON Benjamin  
STANTON M. Emily  
STANTON Martha E.  
STANTON Polly 1800 - 18??;   nee DEAN [in 1870 census w/Ed. Lamport fam]
STOUT Frances C.  
STOUT S. Marshall  
STOUT Stanley E.  
STUART Robert B. Sept 30, 1916 Carlisle, PA - Nov 29, 1983 Rochester; 67y; h/o Pauline; 3 sons & 5 daus; bros, Wm. of PA & Harvey of DE
SUTTON William  
SWAYZE Muriel Sept 8, 1888 - Mar 5, 1984 Seneca Falls Hosp.; 94y; w/o Mr. Clark &  (Rev) Clayton I. Swayze  [d Mar 1974]; d/o Eugene & Jennie (Jennings) BLOOD; son, Charles M. CLARK of DC   [obit]
SWICK Charles  
SWIFT Oliver F.  
SWIFT Ruth E.     nee CLARK
TALLMADGE Milo 1805 - 1898; 93y; h/o Sarah HOWE; kids: Harvey, Mrs. Ellen Hicks & Mrs. Sarah L. Rood
TALLMADGE Sarah H. Jan 19, 1806 - Mar 9, 1894; 88y; w/o Milo; d/o Solomon & Martha (Hackett) HOWE
TAYLOR Harriet Lydia 'Hattie' died July 7, 1926; 85y; w/o James W.; nee HUNT; no children; niece, Miss Willa Pollard lived w/ her
TAYLOR James W. died July 12, 1922; 78y; h/o Harriet Lydia HUNT; adopted dau, Mrs. Willa Ballard of Benton  [obit]
TAYLOR Mary Esther  died 1916
TEARS Daniel F. June 1847 - Feb 15, 1925; 77y; h/o Mary E. MOON Civil War Vet
TEARS Eveline 1824 VA -   ; w/o Hugh F.
TEARS Hugh F. 1816 -   h/o Eveline
TEARS infant  
TEARS Mary E. May 1849 -  Sept 15, 1935; 86y; w/o Daniel F.; sis/o Mrs. Perle Wheeler, 5 bros: Geo., Wm., John, Ed & Daniel MOON      [obit]   
TEARS Sarah E. 1871 -   ; d/o Daniel & Mary
TEARS Susie Alida   
TENNIES Adah M. May 17, 1907 - July 25, 1985; 78y; w/o Norman A.; dau, Mrs. Mabel Gardner; sons: Norman Jr., Phil & James    [obits]
TENNIES Norman Allen Sr. died June 2, 1955; 65y; h/o Adah M.; s/o Cornelius & Amelia; 3 sons Norman Jr., Phil & James;  1 dau - Mrs. Mabel (Arthur) Gardner; 3 bros: John, deForrest & Raymond; sis: Mrs. Mable Hoxie
THOMAS William F.  
THORN Deborah Ann died 1877
THORN Letisha  
TIERNEY Elden J.  
TIERNEY Flora L. died Jan 4, 1966; 73y; w/o Joseph [m: 1912]; d/o Charles & Maggie (Zeluff) OSTRANDER; sons Carlton & Glendon; 4 sis  [obit]
TOMION Anna M. Dec 23, 1893 - Nov 19, 1983; 89y; w/o Claude H ; d/o David & Emily (Bloss) CLOW
TOMION Claude H. Nov 5, 1891 - Nov 29, 1980; 89y; h/o Anna M. CLOW; sisters: Mrs. Bessie (Berlin) Hey & Mrs. Elsie (Wm.) Clark
TOMION Irwin William died May 11, 1924; 8y; s/o Claude H. & Anna M. (Clow)
TOMPKINS Elizabeth 1821 Steuben Co. - Jan 12, 1901; 79y;  d/o  R. L. CHAPMAN; 1st w/o Hiram Noble (3 Noble daus: Mrs. S.T. Wilkins, Mrs. Adeline Teats & Mrs. Sarah W. Ballou ) & she was 2nd w/o Mr. John Tompkins [he pre-deceased her] {no kids};  [obit]
TOMPKINS Frances S.  
TOMPKINS George D. died Mar 5, 1927; 69y; h/o Sarah E.
TOMPKINS Robert S.  
TOMPKINS Roy B. died Jan 5, 1917; 28y; h/o ???; s/o George D. & Sarah E. 
TOMPKINS Sarah E. died May 18, 1916; 55y; w/o George D.; son Roy B.
TOWER Eliza  
TRAVIS Alice L. died Apr 30, 1957; 65y; w/o Stephen M.; d/o Ellis & Bertha (Andrews) TINNEY; son Charles & dau, Mrs. Francis Griner; 2 bros, Geo. & Frank Tinney
TRAVIS Allen Richard died June 4, 1967; infant; s/o Lloyd & Sandra (VanDeWater); sis, Veronica; gparents: M & M Lloyd Travis Sr. & M & M Thomas VanDeWater
TRAVIS Betty died June 4, 1964; 74y; w/o Grover C.; kids: Geo., Lloyd, Mrs. Mildred Palmatier, Mrs. Hazel Fulkrod, Mrs. Clarice Trenchard; sisters: Esther Bailey & Anna Fuller of MA.
TRAVIS George E. Aug 27, 1911 - Jan 4, 1979; 67y; h/o Eleanor; son Gregory; bro Lloyd Jr.; sisters: Mrs. Mildred (Charles) Palmetier & Mrs. Hazel (Hayes) Fulkrod
TRAVIS Grover Cleveland       h/o Betty
TRAVIS Harold M.  
TRAVIS James B.  
TRAVIS John died June 24, 1937; 64y; h/o ??; 4 sons: Arthur, Clarence, Harvey,Vernon; daus: Mrs. Geo. Christoff, Mrs. Harry Havens & Mrs. Norman Tennance; bros: Wm. & Wallace  [obit]
TRAVIS Leona G.  
TRAVIS Lloyd A. Sr. Oct 24, 1917 - Oct 14, 1979; 61y,11m; h/o Zadie L.; sons Lloyd & Bernard; stepson Donald Gilbert; sisters: Mrs. Mildred (Charles) Palmatier & Mrs. Hazel (Sam) Fulkrod    [obit]
TRAVIS Rosetta R. died Aug 21, 1927; 75y; w/o ???;  found dead in home, days later;  3 daus: Miss May Travis; Mrs. Anna Platman of Rochester & Jennie Chattebaugh of IN ; 4 sons: Stephen & Grover of Penn Yan, Gilbert of Geneva & Albert, of VA.    [obit]
TRAVIS Stephen M. 1884 MI - Aug 20, 1963; 79y; h/o Alice L Tinney; s/o James & Rosetta (Hale); b/o Gilbert & Mrs. Ann Manning; f/o Mrs. Francis Griner & Charles    [obit] 
TRAVIS Zadie L.    w/o Mr. Gilbert & Lloyd A. Sr. Travis
TROTT John  
TROTT Mercy 1781 - 1864; w/o John     [1860 census - a Mercy Trott living w/Robert & Abigail Lamport]
TRUESDELL Elizabeth A. 1837 - June 26, 1916; 80y; w/o John; sons: Charles D & Wallace S.            [obit]
TRUESDELL Lillian E.  died early 1900's 
TUBBS Enos  
TUBBS Molly 1762 - Nov 1, 1815; 53y; 1st w/o Enos; nee EARL
TURPIN Goldie  
TURPIN Rebecca  
VAN GIESON Lillian died Mar 5, 1979; 83y; w/o Earl D.; d/o Eugene & Jennie (Jennings) BLOOD; son: L. John BOUGHTIN; dau, Mrs. June Fisher; sis, Mrs. Muriel Swayzee   [obits]
VAN NESS Hattie A.  aft 1933
VAN NESS Lucy S.  
VAN NESS Oliver 1830 - Oct 10, 1896; 66y   [short obit]
VAN NESS Oliver  
VAN ORDEN Charles Henry Jan 1896 - 1897; inf s/o George & Hepsey (Bloss)
VAN ORDEN Charles T. 1860 - Apr 19, 1923; 63y; h/o Susan A. PRESLER; s/o Henry & Polly (Leonard); kids: Delos, Howard & Chester & dau, Linda (wife of Al Burns); bros: Geo. & Frank; sis Mrs. John Scofield  [obit- another obit only names son, Delos]
VAN ORDEN Delos Howard Oct 20, 1889 - Jan 20, 1976; 86y; h/o Jennie A.; s/o Charles T. & Susan A. (Presler)
VAN ORDEN Durward B. (Pvt) Oct 2, 1895 - Feb 12, 1957; 61y; h/o Florence PARMALEE; s/o Frank & Minnie M. (Gage);  his sons: Frank & Vincent;  US Army -  Postal Express Serv. - WW I Vet
VAN ORDEN Fannie Aug 20, 1892 - Sept 24, 1895; 3y; only dau of Charles & Susan A. (Presler)
VAN ORDEN Frank Feb 1866 - Aug 6, 1926; 60y; h/o Minnie GAGE; s/o Henry & Polly (Leonard);  kids: Durward & Emma
VAN ORDEN George William Mar 1862 - Apr 18, 1939; 77y; s/o Henry & Polly (Leonard); h/o Hepzibah  "Hepsy" BLOSS;  dau: Mrs. Wm. Duell
VAN ORDEN Henry Jan 1835 - 1915; 80y; h/o (Polly) Rebecca LEONARD; s/o Wm. & Deborah  (Wheaton) 
VAN ORDEN Hepzibah  "Hepsey" July 1864 Eng - Feb 5, 1955; 90y; w/o George W.; nee BLOSS
VAN ORDEN Ida A. 1857 - Jan 28, 1877; 19y; d/o Henry & Rebecca (Leonard)
VAN ORDEN Ida M. Oct 1891 - 1909; 17y; d/o George W. & Hepsy (Bloss)
VAN ORDEN Jennie A. July 21, 1892 - Feb 6, 1980; 87y; w/o Delos H.; her dau, Mrs. Wm. Duell
VAN ORDEN Minnie M. died Sept 25, 1898; 28y; 1st w/o Frank; nee GAGE; kids: Emma & Durward B.
VAN ORDEN Rebecca (Polly) Aug 13, 1837 - June 19, 1899; 61y; w/o Henry; nee LEONARD
VAN ORDEN Susan Alice Sept 1861 - 1932; 61y; w/o Charles; nee PRESLER; son: Delos H.
WAGER Frank E.  died 1957; h/o Susie B.;
WAGER Susie B.  - Mar 10, 1969; 94y; w/o Frank E.; son, Leslie; daus: Mrs. Alta (Hugh) Seymour & Miss Leila
WAGONER Philip  
WARREN Adrian Harvey Feb 18, 1916 -  July 1969; 53y; 
WARREN B. Waive  
WATSON Ann Eliza Oct 1851 NJ - 19  ; w/o Wm;   [1900 Benton, NY census]
WATSON Betsey Ellen  
WATSON Clarence 1868 - aft 1920; s/o Wm. & Ann 
WATSON Eliza  
WATSON Elizabeth 1813 - 1870 Homer, NY; w/o Joseph; d/o Joshua MEAD
WATSON Elizabeth L. Aug 10, 1839 - Jan 23, 1916; 76y; w/o Henry [m:1/1/1863]; d/o David & Flora (Wires?) BUSHNELL; kids, Floyd & Flora; sis/o Stephen Bushnell
WATSON Floyd B.   s/o Henry J. & Elizabeth L. (Bushnell); b/o Flora
WATSON Foster  1801 Eng - aft 1880; h/o Jane A.
WATSON Frank J. died Sept 7, 1926; 68y;  b/o Burt, Clarence & Edward
WATSON Henry    h/o Elizabeth L.
WATSON Isabel 1793 - 1813; 21y
WATSON Jacob 1804 - 1877;  h/o Maria SHAW; s/o Robert & Jane (Sinclair)
WATSON Jacob 1791 England - 1802; twin of Sarah; s/o Robert & Jane (Sinclair)
WATSON James 1841 - Mar 23, 1920; 78y; h/o ??; his dau, Miss Jennie
WATSON James E.  
WATSON Jane 1766 - 1856; w/o Robert; nee SINCLAIR
WATSON Jennie Maria 1848 - 1872; d/o Jacob
WATSON Jennie May died June 30, 1956 in apt fire; 78y; unwed; d/o James WATSON
WATSON Joseph 1808 - 1883; h/o Elizabeth MEAD; s/o Robert & Jane (Sinclair)
WATSON Maria      nee SHAW
WATSON Matilda  
WATSON Phoebe J. 1845 - Oct 23, 1930; 85y; unwed; no near relatives
WATSON Phoebe Ann died 1930; d/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Mead) WATSON   (all other Watsons were moved from the Watson farm Ceme. to here, in 1930)
WATSON Robert 1768 - 1841; h/o Jane SINCLAIR
WATSON Roland Houck  
WATSON Samuel A.  
WATSON Thomas Mead 1847 - 1860; 13y; s/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Mead)
WATSON William J. May 1836 - 19?? ; h/o Ann
WATSON Willie  
WEARE {WEIR*} Arthur Russell 1845 - Aug 16, 1915 Dayton, OH; 70y; s/o Coleman [parents are buried in Benton];  [obit spelled as Weir]      enlisted in Civil War   (research military)
WEARE Martha W.      nee ARNOLD
WEARE Samuel A.  
WEARE Samuel C.  
WELCH Jane  
WELLS Polly  
WEST David M.  
WEST James J.   
WEST Samuel G. died Aug 18, 1916; 78y; h/o ??; son James, of OH & dau, Mary, of NYC & sis, Miss Louise, of Rochester    [obit]
WEST Sarah A.  
WEST Sarah Louise  
WESTFALL Mildred B.  
WHEELER Dorcas E.  
WHEELER Elizabeth  
WHEELER Ephraim  
WHEELER George S.  
WHEELER Mary 1776 - 1807; w/o Nathan; nee SHERMAN
WHEELER Nathan  1776 - Dec 10, 1828; 52y; h/o Mary SHERMAN; s/o George & Catherine
WHITE Sally E. 1794 - 1829; w/o Elihu
WHEELER Samuel  
WHITE Sally  
WHITTAKER Ida Almeda Nov 2, 1879 - Mar 13, 1967; 87y; unwed; d/o John E. & Emma H. Z. (McKee); cuz of Hugh Porter [on his monu]
WILLIAMS Anna M. 1853 - 19 ; w/o John; kids: Dora & Mary & Frank H.
WILLIAMS Frank H. 1887 - 19  ; s/o John & Anna M.
WILLIAMS James S. Mar 1831 - 19   ; unwed; b/o Abigail 
WILLIAMS John 1853 -  ; h/o Anna M.
WILLIAMS Josephine  
WILLIAMS Mahala ~1827 -   ; w/o Wm.
WILLIAMS Sarah 1840 - 1867; d/o A. G. & Ellen MALLORY
WILLOUGHBY Catherine  
WILSON Thaddeus  
WINANTS Jacob 1747 - May 18, 1814; 66y; h/o Rebecca TALLMADGE
WINANTS Rebecca Aug 10, 1754 CT - Apr 29, 1828; w/o Jacob; d/o James & Martha (Roberts) TALLMADGE
WISNER Biancy       nee HOUSE
WISNER Henry (Rev)  
WITTER Dolly  
WOOD Martha 1751 - 1821
WOOD Samuel  
WOODWORTH Ariel  (Dr) 1787 - 1812; unwed; s/o Elisha
WOODWORTH Elisha  (Pvt) 1751 CT - 1808; h/o Ann BRADLEY; s/o Abner & Hannah (Dyer); 10th Co.,8th CT Reg - Rev War Patriot
WRIGHT Adaline 1814 - 1873; w/o Joseph
WRIGHT Anna    wife of Frederick S.
WRIGHT Burt E. Sept 1878 - Jan 9, 1965; 86y; unwed; s/o James B. & Hannah A.
WRIGHT Caroline  
WRIGHT Mrs. Charles  died June 27, 1922; 52y; w/o Charles; 2 daus    [obit]
WRIGHT David 1845 - 1865; s/o William & A.
WRIGHT Ella 1868 -   ; d/o Edwin & Lena
WRIGHT Emily   w/o Joseph W.
WRIGHT Frederick S. Oct 3 or 4, 1952; h/o Anna; s/o Mrs. Minnie Weinmann; 3 sis: Mrs. Lillian Merchant, Mrs. Edna Cornish & Mrs. Virginia Hall; 3 sons: Francis, Kenneth & Keith   [obit - suicide]
WRIGHT Hannah A. 1850 - 18   ; w/o James
WRIGHT infant  
WRIGHT James  
WRIGHT James B. Jan 1842 - Feb 28, 1914; 72y; h/o Hannah A.; sons: Charles & Burt; bro: Philetus    [obit]
WRIGHT Jennie S. 1857 - June 8, 1936; 79y; w/o Philetus S.; sons: Everett & Perry W.; daus: Mrs. Mabel Koehler & Mrs. E. D. Smith of PA
WRIGHT Joseph W.   h/o Emily
WRIGHT Margaret  
WRIGHT Myrtle M. May 18, 1882 - June 1, 1942 Prattsburg, NY; 60y; w/o Perry W.; d/o Orrin & Ella (Rhodes) MARTIN; 2 daus (Addie & ?); son, Irving; sis, Mrs. Jennie Payne; bros: George & Glen  [obit]
WRIGHT Perry W. 1882 - aft 1920; h/o Myrtle MARTIN; s/o Philetus S. & Jennie S.; his son: Irving; his daus: Blanche &  Mrs. Mae Parshall/ [Reginald] Thomas [she married 2x];  [1906 - Perry kicked in head by horse]
WRIGHT Philetus S. 1851 - bet 1924 - 1935; h/o Jennie S.; [m: Jan 16,1874 celebrated 50th ann.] ; dau: Mrs. Mabel Randall / (w/o Floyd) Koehler & dau Mrs. Addie L. Smith (w/o Ernest)  [this man had to be made of steel, surviving all the accidents he had in his lifetime!; hand crushed by a log; knocked down by a thresher; skull fractured after being kicked by his horse (1885)]  Good genes I guess !
WRIGHT William S. died mid March 1922 Buffalo; h/o Catherine M. [she died 4/1/1922in Buffalo] [he died 2 wks prior to his wife; both of pneumonia]
YORK Peter Jan 9, 1810 - Jan 31, 1900 Geneva; 90y,21d; h/o ???; m: 1834;   [heart failure] (his wife died after him)
YORK Wilbur  
YOUNG Abigail F. 1812 - 188?;   m/o Hattie Guthrie, w/o Henry Guthrie
YOUNG Almira 1805 - 1826
YOUNG Anna 1782 -   ; nee BUELL
YOUNG Clarence  
YOUNG Hattie Y.  
YOUNG Henry A. Guthrie  
YOUNG Josiah H. 1800 - 1875
YOUNG Russell 1776 - 1831
YOUNG Sarah M. 1796 - 187?; 
YOUNGS Charles C.  
YOUNGS Elizabeth  
ZELUFF Maggie 1863 - ?? ; d/o David



Geneva NY Gazette      July   1809-1813      

MARRIED In Benton, a short time since, Samuel Lawrence, Esq. to. Mrs. Polly Kidder.



Penn Yan Democrat             Tuesday             May 28, 1850           by Dianne Thomas

PURSUANT to an order of A. Oliver, Surrogate, notice is hereby given to all persons having claim against the estate of William Lawrence, late of Milo, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to us, the undersigned, at our dwelling house in Milo, in the county of Yates, on or before the 13th day of November next.

Dated, Milo, May 3d 1850.



RICHARD LAWRENCE, Administrators



Penn Yan Democrat         Friday          March 4,  1921                   by Dianne Thomas

Public Sale of Benton Farm - In order to close an estate, I, the undersigned, will offer at public sale to the highest bidder, at the front steps, of the Benham House, in the Village of Penn Yan, on March 5, 1921, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the Peter Palmatier Farm, situated in the Town of Benton, Yates county, New York, about one-half mile west of State Road and Crane Farm, and consisting of about one hundred and ten (110) acres of land. 

The terms of the sale are cash; but fifty per cent, of the purchase price may remain on said farm, secured by bond and mortgage of the purchaser.

CHARLES H. MALLORY, Attorney-in-Fact, Penn Yan, N. Y., R. D. 9.   

SPENCER F. LINCOLN, Attorney For Estate, Penn Yan, N.Y. 

Dated at Penn Yan, N. Y., February 18th, 1921.




Penn Yan Democrat                 Friday                  January 23, 194                  by Dianne Thomas

Miss C Arlene Nichols, age 37, for the past 16 years dental hygienist  in the Utica public schools, died at the home of her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Loren Nichols, Flat St., here, January 17. Born in the town of Benton, Yates County, September 19, 1904, she was educated in Benton schools and was graduated in 1923 from Penn Yan Academy. 

For one year she was assistant in the Dr. J. Harvey Wheeler dental office in Penn Yan. In 1924 she entered the Eastman Dental Dispensary of the University of Rochester, graduating in 1926 when she become dental hygienist in Utica. She was a member of the Foreign Dental Society of Utica; member of the Dental Hygiene Society of Utica; founder of the Mohawk Dental Association, and during 1940 served as secretary of that society she was a member of, the executive board of the National Dental Hygiene Association; a member of Hygiene Association; vice-president of the New York State Dental Hygiene Association; a member of Grace Episcopal Church of Utica. and of the Utica Rotarians. 

Her parents are her only survivors.  Funeral services were held at the funeral chapel, 201 East Elm Street, Penn Yan, at 2 p. m,, Tuesday. Rev. Erwin Bennett, pastor of Benton Methodist. Church, officiating.  Burial in Benton Rural cemetery.  Bearers were Earl Newcomb, William Reiners, Glenn Anderson, Archie Ingram, Walter P. Clark and Charles Butcher, Jr.




Geneva Daily Times             Wednesday        Mar 21, 1945              by Dianne Thomas

Hospital Ship Orderly Has Furlough At Home - Penn Yan, Mar 21, 1945  Pvt. Arthur Larsen, US Army, recently spent a few days furlough at his home here. Pvt. Larsen is an orderly on an American hospital ship which receives the evacuated wounded from the fighting fronts.  Before entering military service, Pvt.  "Art" was an orderly at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Penn Yan.  [In April 1945, his father, Chris M. Larsen, died ]



Penn Yan Democrat               February     1930                       by Dianne Thomas

LARSEN- At her home in Benton, Friday, February 7, 1930,  Mrs. Emma Larsen, aged 40 years. She is survived by her husband, Chris M. Larsen; a son, Arthur, at home; her parents, two sister and one brother in Denmark. The funeral services were held from the Corcoran funeral parlors, on Sunday afternoon, Rev. H. P. Berthelsen officiating. Commitment in the receiving vault in Lake View cemetery.


Geneva Daily Times                         Thursday                          April 30, 1959               by Dianne Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. John DeVayst, of Palmyra; Mr. and Mrs. Saxon  Schreiber, of Lyons; Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Smith, of Penn Yan; Miss Alta Smith, of Redhook, N. Y., Mrs. William Reiners, after attending the burial of their mother, Mrs. Laura Smith, which was held in Benton Rural Cemetery.



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