Bennettsville Cemetery

West side of (Rt. 5) Dundee-Himrod Road, just south of Shannon's Corners Road - hidden in woods

Starkey, Yates Co., NY

This almost 200 year old cemetery, is one of the earliest cemeteries & settlements in what is now, Starkey.  This small burying ground is all that remains of that settlement.  It is located in the woods, behind homes and is not visible from the road.  There is evidence of "trash dumping and fill", that has obliterated the front part of the cemetery. It is in very poor condition and not made accessible, nor cared for, by the town as required by NY state law.   

The town has previously been petitioned on several occasions, about maintaining this historic cemetery, to no obvious avail or concern to the town.  Even though NY state law assigns abandoned cemeteries to the care of the town in which they are located, this town seems to have made no efforts in saving, nor maintaining this historic cemetery of ancestors. 

Please, bring this subject up at town meetings, and remind those in office, that they need to act in caring for this particular cemetery as well as all within the town and to abide by the laws of the state of NY concerning your historical cemeteries.  Please help in volunteering in your community to care for the historical cemeteries and teach the next generation as well.  

A Revolutionary War Soldier was buried here, along with their family and others who settled here with their families. It is shameful where  that the town, left to the care of the town's heritage, even by state law, seems to have no respect, nor regard for the care of the final resting place of the ancestors of this town. 

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ABANDONED - INACTIVE - and Uncared For

BEAM Eve or Eva died Mar 1851;  87y,2d; w/o Capt. Peter; nee INSCHO     [Beam plot]
BEAM Jane died Mar 4, 1843;  41y,7d; w/o Peter Jr.; nee SMITH      [Beam plot]
BEAM Peter (Capt) 1765 - June 16, 1841;  76y,2m; h/o Eve or Eva INSCHO; Capt John Meade's NJ Regiment - Rev War Soldier       [Beam plot]
BEAM Peter Jr. 1796 NJ - died Oct 26, 1864;  67y,10m; h/o Elizabeth; s/o Peter & Eve (Inscho)   [Beam plot]
BEAM William R. Dec 10, 1833 - Feb 19, 1835;  1y,3m,9d; s/o Peter & Elizabeth     [Beam plot]
COOLBAUGH John # 1794 PA - May 1860;  66y; h/o Betsey   [mortality schedule]
COYKENDALL Emanuel died Jan 3, 1827;  64y; h/o Mary STRUBLE; s/o Squire & Ann  [stone partly buried]
COYKENDALL Mary died Jan 1, 1839;  67y; w/o Emanuel; nee STRUBLE
DUNN Anna May 23, 1853 - Aug 19, 1855;  2y,2m,23d;  d/o Warren & Clarissa (Swarts) [Beam plot]
LESLIE M  # died May 1860;  1m; d/o David & Betsey M.    [mortality schedule]
LOSEY Anna # 1777 NJ - Apr 1860;  83y      [mortality schedule]
LOSEY C. A. # died Mar 1860;  22y (male)   [mortality schedule]
MOORE Elizabeth died Nov 8, 1852?;  49y,3m.?d; w/o John; d/o Jephthah & Jane RANDOLPH
RANDOLPH E.    [footstone next to Jephthah]
RANDOLPH Jephthah F. died Feb 12, 1850;  37y,10m; s/o Jephthah & Elizabeth
RAPLEE Erasmus D. died July 17, 1820;  8m,5d; s/o Stephen & Sarah (Adams)
RAPLEE Sarah Jan 11, 1779 -  Sept 12, 1829;  53y,5m; w/o Stephen; d/o Uriah ADAMS  [2 stones]
RAPLEE Stephen 1774 - Jan 20, 1867; h/o Sarah ADAMS & Rebecca M.; s/o James & Byer
SCHNECK Jane Oct 2, 1818 - June 29, 1850; 31y,8m,23d; unwed; d/o Daniel
SUTPHIN Polly died June 30, 1830?;  68y?,3m; w/o Richard; nee VAN MATER
SUTPHIN Richard no data; h/o Polly VAN MATER
SWARTS Anna Aug 30, 1748 - June 3, 1843; w/o Baltus
SWARTS Baltus Feb 26, 1749  NJ- Apr 13, 1830; 81y,1m,15d; h/o Anna
SWARTS George Mar 29, 1808 - June 5, 1832; 24y,2m,7d; s/o Tewalt Jr. & Margaret (Dean)
SWARTS Margaret Jan 8, 1782 -  Nov 23, 1848; 66y,10m,15d; w/o Tewalt Jr.; d/o Micajah DEAN
SWARTS Margaret 1778 - Aug 31, 1824; 46y; w/o Tewalt Jr.
SWARTS Margaret Mariah died May 21, 1839;  5m; d/o Hulsey & Phebe (Corbin)   [Beam plot]
SWARTS Tewalt Jr. 1777 NJ - Mar 19, 1857; h/o Margaret & Margaret DEAN; s/o Baltus & Anna
unknown  Jane?  42y
WALLING Daniel died 1867;  71y,10m,3d; s/o Samuel & Susannah   [Walling monu]
WALLING Samuel Mar 29, 1781 NJ - July 4, 1869; 88y; h/o Abby   [Walling monu]
WALLING Susannah May 25, 1784 - June 17, 1842; 58y,23d; w/o Samuel; d/o Tewalt & Elizabeth SWARTS  [Walling monu]
WILSON Susannah died 1822; 1st w/o Thomas; nee BUCHANAN Hulburt
YOST Adeann Mar 16, 1779 - Dec 24, 1831; 52y,9m,8d; w/o Nicholas
YOST Adia Ann died Sept 30, 1832;  3y,1m; d/o John & Pata Ann
YOST Jacob Oct 17, 1744 - Mar 12, 1833;  88y,4m,26d; h/o Mary
YOST Mary Jan 31, 1752 - Mar 7, 1832; 81y,1m,7d; w/o Jacob
YOST Nicholas 1778 NJ - 1860;  81y,11d; h/o Patience
YOST Sally Dec 22, 1809 - Dec 8, 1832; unwed;  22y,11m,18d; d/o Nicholas & Patience

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