City Hill Cemetery

City Hill Road, West of NYS  Rt. 14

(also known as the Friends Cemetery - the oldest cemetery in Yates Co.)

Torrey, Yates Co., NY

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first used in 1788-1789

AN ACTIVE CEMETERY - also know as City Hill Ceme, in Dresden

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City Hill Cemetery - Torrey 

City Hill cemetery, overlooking Seneca Lake, was first used as a burial ground in 1788, when a hollow log was utilized for a coffin in the first burial. It is considered the best maintained rural cemetery in the state. Jonathan Hazard, an early settler, deeded the lands for the burial ground to town of Benton, then in Ontario County  [Penn Yan Democrat Paper - Friday, September 8, 1939]

ALBERTSON Edith L. 1925 -  ; w/o Paul
ALBERTSON Paul E. Aug 22, 1900 -  Oct 23, 1984 Tompkins, NY; 84y; h/o Edith L.;  US Navy - WW I Vet    [obit]
ALDRICH William died May 18, 1791; 35y; h/o Mercy WILKINSON
ALLEN ? David  1946 - 1948   [next to graves of Frank & Florence]
ALLEN Florence L. Dec 6, 1885 - July 1968 Cayuga, NY; w/o Frank W.
ALLEN Frank W. 1887 Spencer, NY - June 3, 1943; 57y; h/o Florence MEDDOUGH; s/o Jerome & Anna (Frederick); sons: Cpl. Harley Allen & Ross; 2 daus: Mrs. Cara Lish & Miss Helen; sis, Mrs. Grace Johnson; 2 bros: Lew & Carl    US Army - WW I Vet       [obit]
ALLINGTON Daniel K. died Dec 2, 1859; 25y,11m,2d; nephew of Silas
ALLINGTON Electa  died Jan 17, 1868; 47y,11m,19d; w/o Silas
ALLINGTON Mary died Aug 23, 1859; 16y,1m,29d; niece of Silas
ALLINGTON Obediah died Jan 29, 1853; 41y;
ALLINGTON Silas died June 4, 1864; 48y,4m,3d; h/o Electa 
ANDERSON Anna E. died Nov 29, 1944 S & S Mem. hosp, Penn Yan; 72y; w/o Mr. Hayes & John Anderson; nee THOMAS; dau, Mrs. Josephine Scarapecci; 4 sons: Charles, John & Chester Anderson & Dudley V. Hayes;  sis, Mrs. Claude Norman & 2 bros: Wm. & Frank THOMAS      [obit]
ANDERSON Carl 1875 - Sept 15, 1935; 60y;  War of 1898 Vet  [short obit]
ANDRUSS Huldah died Nov 17, 1789
ANNIBAL ???as died Oct 26, 1834; 29y,9m,11d  [near W. Brown monu]
ANSLEY Albert Henry died Aug 21, 1902; 72y; h/o Elizabeth SECOR
ANSLEY Elizabeth died Mar 10, 1896; 66y; w/o Albert H.; d/o James & Rebecca
ASPELL Christopher died July 25, 1829; 66y
ASPELL David Briggs died May 24, 1905; 83y,9m,13d; h/o Helen R. WAY; s/o Wm. S & Esther (Briggs)
ASPELL Helen R. W. died Jan 7, 1904; 71y,2m,7d; w/o David B.; d/o Wm. & Rebecca (Lawrence) WAY
ASPELL Mary June 5, 1906 - June 7, 1906; 2d; d/o Wm. W. & Mary (Inglehart)
ASPELL Sarah W. died Apr 4, 1829; 63y,4m; w/o Christopher; nee WARE
AUSTIN Hannah died Aug 1822; w/o David
BABCOCK Mary  prob. w/o Wm.; nee TOOLE or Tuell ?
BABCOCK Margaret die Apr 4, 1827; 79y; mother of Wm.
BABCOCK William 1785 NH - Oct 21, 1838; 53y; congressman
BAILEY Ann Rosal died Jan 27, 1894; 86y,11m,7d; w/o ???: d/o Wm. & Elizabeth (Raplee) BASKIN
BARNES Jesse June 30, 1823 - Apr 6, 1884; h/o Laura     [obit]     
BARNES Laura died Apr 6, 1884; 51y; w/o Jesse     [ill for a long time - short obit]
BAYER Ruth M. Mar 5, 1913 - Nov 15, 1987; 74y; w/o Vincent M. Sr.; d/o Leon & Ruth (Yendes) SIMPSON; sons: Vincent & Gordon; 2 daus: Mrs. Barbara Wormuth & Mrs. Jean McEvoy of CO  [obit]
BAYER Vincent M. Sr. Nov 12, 1910 - Mar 3, 1991; 80y; h/o Ruth M. SIMPSON
BEARD Flora died Sept 16, 1877; 21y,7m,2d;  d/o Henry & Sarah
BEARD Henry died Feb 26, 1898; 72y; h/o Sarah E. BROWN;  s/o Lewis N. & Lovisa
BEARD Sarah E. 1833 - Mar 4, 1898; 65y; w/o Henry; d/o Wright Jr. & Emily B. (King) BROWN
BEARDSLEE Emeline Ruth C. 1837 - Jan 3, 1915; 75y; w/o Robert; d/o Adam CLARK; son, Frank    [obit]
BEARDSLEE Frank Adam 1878 - 1942; h/o Jessie F. McCOY; s/o Robert & Emeline R. (Clark)  [1920 -was an employee @ Craig Colony for Epileptics, Groveland, Livingston Co., NY]  
BEARDSLEE  Jessie F. M. 1888 - 19??; w/o Frank A.; nee McCOY   [spelling sometimes Beardslee]
BEARDSLEE   Robert Nov 28, 1837 - June 27, 1901; 63y; h/o Emeline Ruth CLARK     [consumption-obit]
BELL Daisy M. L. 1912 - Mar 27, 1984; 71y; w/o Ivan; nee LABADEE; son, David; 2 daus: Mrs. Beth Hill & Mrs. Anna Brubaker of MD; bro: Charles; 2 sis: Mrs. Wretha Demings & Mrs. Clarissa Matteson   [obit]
BELL Harold Aug 25, 1923  Ont., Canada - Apr 9, 1967; 43y; h/o Lucille INSLEE; 5 sons: John Garnet, Murray, Bruce & Ivan; 2 daus: Misses Joan & Holly J.; 4 bros: Ivan, Alan, Garnet & Byron; sis: Mrs. Geo. Ruminapp     [obit - nursing ass't]
BELL Ivan W. Aug 30, 1912 - Jan 15, 1975; 68y; h/o Daisy LABADEE; son, David; 2 daus: Beth Kriegar & Anna D. Brubaker; sis, Mrs. Elsie Rumenapp; 3 bros: Alan, Garnet & Byron    [obit]
BENEDICT Anna E. Sept 28, 1823 - May 6, 1903; 79y; w/o Wm.
BENEDICT Charles E. Dec 19, 1852 - July 11, 1897; 44y; s/o Wm. & Anna E.
BENEDICT William Mar 28, 1821 - Dec 15, 1907; 86y; h/o Anna E.
BENEDICT Xury 1790 - 1867; 76y;
BOND Albert E. May 9, 1919 - June 18, 1990; 71y; h/o Katherine M.
BOND Inez F. died Oct 25, 1960 Rochester hosp; 72y; w/o Theron B.; nee FOSTER; 3 sons: Frank, Theron & Albert; sis: Mrs. Elizabeth Voorhees; DAR    [obit - auto accident on 9/15 ]
BOND Janet M. Dec 7, 1918 - Sept 15, 1971 Seneca Falls hosp; 52y; w/o Theron; 2 sons & 2 daus, her parents & one sis   [obit - died 2 hrs after auto accident]
BOND Katherine M.  1920 -  ; w/o Albert E.
BOND Theron B.  (Dr) Mar 11, 1882 - Jan 30, 1958; 75y; h/o Inez FOSTER; bros: Albert & Dr. Franklin Bond   [obit]
BOND Theron Aug 23, 1912 - Oct 7, 1971 Strong hosp, Rochester; 58y; h/o Janet [she died 3 weeks previous to him];  auto accident   [obit - head & internal injuries- coma - 9/15 auto accident]
BOTSFORD Abel died Aug 27, 1817; 70y; bro of Jonathan & Elnathan; son, Benajah [h/o Deborah Wilkinson (youngest sis of Jemima) 
BOTSFORD Abel unreadable
BOTSFORD Abigail July 20, 1744 - Feb 22, 1797; 52y; w/o Jonathan Jr.; nee CURTIS
BOTSFORD Elizabeth died Oct 31, 18??; 87y;  [on Botsford plot]
BOTSFORD Huldah died Apr 3, 1809; 27y
BOTSFORD Jonathan Sr. 1712 - Apr 20, 1791; 80y
BOTSFORD Jonathan Oct 15, 1770 - Feb 27, 1810; 39y; s/o Jonathan Jr. & Abigail (Curtis)
BOTSFORD Jonathan Jr. 1741 - 1833; 92y; h/o Abigail CURTIS
BOTSFORD Lazarus died Apr 1, 1808 New Milford, CT; 21y
BOTSFORD Mary H. died July 5, 1830; 88y; w/o Abel; sis of Samuel HARTWELL
BOTSFORD Mehitabel (le) died Oct 6, 1807; 34y; w/o Samuel
BOTSFORD Samuel died Sept 16, 1796; 21y
BOWER Melinda died Mar 21, 1860; 18y
BRIGGS Esther 1759 -  Dec 22, 1836; 77y
BRIGGS John Sr.    h/o Elizabeth BAILEY
BRIGGS Lovina 1735 - Oct 2, 1791; 56y
BRIGGS Margaret 1734 - June 6, 1800; 66y; w/o Peleg Sr.; d/o Robert & Joannah VAUGHN
BRIGGS Peleg Sr. (Pvt.) 1728 - May 19, 1807; 78y; h/o Margaret VAUGHN; Col. Crary's Regt - Rev War Soldier
BRINK Gordon W. June 11, 1918 - Dec 31, 1991; 73y; h/o Madeline E.
BRINK Madeline E. June 27, 1923 - June 6, 2013; 89y,11m; w/o Gordon W.
BRODRIBB Doris J. May 29, 1910 -  Dec 19, 1978; 68y; w/o ???; 2 daus: Beverley Muller & Mrs. Patricia Chambers; 8 grandkids  [obit]
BROWN Abigail    d/o Micajah 
BROWN Adeiaide I. Apr 17, 1843 - Aug 24, 1845; d/o William H.H. & Eleanor Jane (Townsend)
BROWN Albert H. Aug 25, 1847 - Aug 25, 1849; s/o William H.H. & Eleanor Jane (Townsend)
BROWN Anna died Apr 16, 1791
BROWN Benjamin Sr. died Jan 1, 1797
BROWN Bethiah (Bertha) 1756 - Mar 5, 1828; 69y; 2nd w/o Wright S. Sr.
BROWN Bethiah (Bertha) Aug 31, 1835 - Sept 1, 1839; d/o Wright Jr. & Emily (King) 
BROWN Betsey died Dec 18, 1873; 71y; nee HARTSHORN
BROWN Charles Volney 1804 - May 16, 1878; 74y; s/o Samuel R. & Eunice Hannibal
BROWN Clarissa died July 16, 1793; 21y; w/o Joshua [named on 2 stones]
BROWN Eleanor Jane Nov 27, 1817 - Nov 23, 1890; w/o William H. H.; d/o Uriah TOWNSEND
BROWN Emily B. Jan 12, 1813 - May 7, 1889; w/o Wright Jr.; nee KING
BROWN Emily S. Dec 9, 1836 - Sept 15, 1839; d/o Wright Jr. & Emily B. (King)
BROWN Eunice Annibal Apr 1, 1780 - Mar 21, 1874; w/o Samuel R. 
BROWN Harriet Oct 8, 1810 - Sept 18, 1850; w/o R. W.; d/o Uriah TOWNSEND
BROWN Jane 1817 - 1890; 73y; w/o Wm. H.; d/o Uriah TOWNSEND  [on plot of U. Townsend]
BROWN John H. Jan 1859 - Sept 15, 1873; 14y; s/o William H. H. & Eleanor Jane (Townsend)
BROWN Lavearl B. (Sc 3) Apr 28, 1921 - Oct 2, 1989; 68y; h/o Pauline J.;    US Navy - WW II Vet
BROWN Pauline June June 13, 1924 -   ; w/o Lavearl B.
BROWN Robert died Oct 1850 
BROWN Samuel Wright Sept 26, 1775 - Sept 15, 1817; h/o Eunice Hannibal; s/o Wright S. Sr. & Hannah (Newland); [buried in Cherry Valley, NY]
BROWN William Henry Harrison Oct 14, 1814 - Aug 25, 1893; 78y; h/o Eleanor Jane TOWNSEND; s/o Samuel & Eunice Hannibal  [obit]
BROWN Wright Jr. June 1, 1796 - June 28, 1874; 78y; h/o Emily B. KING; s/o Wright S. Sr. and Bethiah; daus: Mrs. J. A. Stacey & Miss Mary; 2 sons: J. T. & E. E. Brown   [obit]
BROWN Wright S. Sr. (Cpl) July 1, 1748 -  Apr 25, 1837; 88y; h/o Hannah NEWLAND & Bethiah; NH - Baldwin's Regt - Rev War Soldier     (wrong dob 1747.. printed on stone)
BRUCE Fear H. died May 13, 1793; 22y; w/o John; d/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth HATHAWAY
BRUNDAGE Anna Eliza died Feb 13, 1879; ??y ; w/o A. C.; d/o Moses & Anna HEADLEY
BRUNDAGE Arthur C. 1856 - 1900   [on Headley plot]
BRUNDAGE Levi died Oct 27, 1853; 29y,1m,7d; h/o Catharine
BRUNDAGE Mary Sept 10, 1810 - Feb 15, 1885; 74y; w/o Wm.; nee CAMPBELL
BRUNDAGE Mrs. died Jan 1919 Kansas City;  w/o ??    [short obit below]
BRUNDAGE Sally 1787 - Oct 27, 1853; 66y,8m; w/o Wm. [also found  dod as Nov 12, 1845 - research further]
BRUNDAGE William 1776 - Feb 13, 1847; 70y,10m; h/o Frances M. TOWNSEND; s/o Daniel & Mary R.
BRUNDAGE William Sept 1813 - July 7, 1880; 66y; h/o Mary CAMPBELL
BUCKLEY Emma H. 1853 - 1940; 2nd w/o Russell
BUCKLEY Frances M. died Apr 6, 1879; 35y,11m,27d; 1st w/o Russell; ; d/o C. J. & C. TOWNSEND
BUCKLEY Mary died July 6, 1817; 39y; 1st w/o Robert; d/o Abel BOTSFORD 
BUCKLEY Nancy Jan 17, 1799 - Dec 24, 1885;  86y; w/o Robert;  nee RUSSELL
BUCKLEY Robert died Sept 30, 1849; 76y; h/o Mary BOTSFORD (d/o Abel) [one of 1st settlers in Yates Co]
BUCKLEY Russell 1842 - 1910; h/o Frances M.
CAHILL John M.  (Cpl) Aug 6, 1934 - Nov 27, 1974; 40y; US Army -Korean War Vet
CARD Hannah 1757 - 1851; 94y; w/o Stephen; nee REYNOLDS
CARD Jane died May 3, 1876; 79y; w/o John P.
CARD John P. died Oct 25, 1867; 70y; h/o Jane
CARD Stephen 1761 RI - 1836; 75y; h/o Hannah REYNOLDS;  
CASE Burton M. Feb 3, 1888 Reese, MI - Apr 1, 1955 Vernon; 67y; h/o Loretta HULIHAN ??; s/o Burton L. & Mary L. (Gardener); sis, Mrs. Wayne Waters of Vernon; son, Charles & dau, Mrs. Wm. Bowen; degreed at Syr. Univ. & member of  LCA Frat.  [Principal  of Vernon High School]    [obits]
CASTNER Adam 1772 -  Apr 17, 1858; 85y,9m; h/o Hannah ANNABLE  
CASTNER Andrew  (Pvt) Nov 13, 1765 NJ - Jan 14, 1847; 81y h/o Mary POWELLSON; PA - Philly Co. Militia - Rev War Soldier
CASTNER Daniel died Aug 18, 1863     [plot of  Adam]
CASTNER Daniel R. died July 8, 1843; 18y,4m,27d; s/o Adam & Hannah (Annable)
CASTNER Daniel Sr. 1726 - Aug 5, 1811; 85y,4m; h/o Naomi REMER
CASTNER Daniel W. died Dec 22, 1863; 9y,10m,25d; s/o Thomas B. & Abbey
CASTNER Hannah 1783 MA -  Mar 6, 1876; 92y; w/o Adam; nee ANNABLE (or Annibal spelling)
CASTNER John D. Oct 17, 1774 NJ - May 6, 1852; 77y,6m,19d; s/o Daniel & Naomi
CASTNER John Q. A. Aug 14, 1828 - Dec 5, 1842; 13y,4m; s/o Adam & Hannah (Annable)
CASTNER Julia Ann died Aug 6, 1863; 62y,10m; w/o Daniel 
CASTNER Lewis A. (S Sgt) Mar 15, 1909 - Apr 25, 1982 Penn Yan hosp; 73y; unwed; US Army - WW II Vet  [sis, Mrs. Abbie Leach]  [obit]
CASTNER Lydia M. died Feb 3, 1844; 21y,4m,18d; d/o Adam & Hannah (Annable)
CASTNER Mary 1776 -  Mar 27, 1858; 82y; w/o Andrew
CASTNER Naomi 1744 -  Oct 23, 1828; 84y,2m,22d; w/o Daniel Sr.; nee REMER
CHAMPLIN ?? Laura? Cora? ?   w/o Robert;   [stone badly damaged]
CHAMPLIN Mary died Mar 22, 1896; 94y; w/o Roland Jr.; d/o Eleazer & Dorcus (Gardner) INGRAHAM
CHAMPLIN Rowland 1774 RI - Jan 9, 1842; 74y, 10 mo; h/o Susanah HAZARD
CHAMPLIN Rowland 1797 VT -  Oct 12, 1868; 70y,10m,23d; h/o Mary INGRAHAM
CHAMPLIN unknown no data; w/o Robert
CHASE Burton L. Mar 24, 1860 - Aug 30, 1940; 80y; h/o Mary Lillian GARDNER; dau, Mrs. Wayne Waters of Vernon; son, Burton M.; 2 sis: Mrs. Ella Hopkins & Mrs. Bert Wilson; 2 bros: E. H. & Everett W.; 2 Chase grandkids  [obit]
CHASE Burton M. Feb 3, 1888 Reese, MI - Apr 1, 1955 Albany; 67y; h/o Loretta HOULIHAN; s/o Burton L. & Mary Lillian (Gardner); son, Charles G. & dau, Mrs. Wm. Bowan, both of L.I.; sis: Mrs. Wayne Waters of Vernon; a Syr. Univ. grad [1912]   [ heart attack - obit]
CHASE Loretta H. Sept 12, 1888 - Oct 23, 1967; 79y; d/o Burton L. & Mary Lillian (Gardner)
CHASE (Mary) Lillian G. June 8, 1860 - Feb 19, 1944; 83y; w/o Burton L.; nee GARDNER; dau, Mrs. Wayne Walkers of Vernon;  son, Burton Jr.;  [obit states - City Hill ceme, Dresden]
CHRISTENSEN Mary Jane 1919 - ????; w/o Milton Jens
CHRISTENSEN Milton Jens  Oct 27, 1918 - Sept 16, 1977; 58y; h/o Mary Jane [obit - has wife as Jean]; s/o Dagmar;  5 sons: Bruce, Peter, David, Daniel & John; 3 daus: Mrs. Martha A. Gandy of NC, Mrs. Mary K. Beckwith & Miss Margaret J., at home; bro, Robert, of Penn Yan    [obit]
CLARK Adam died Mar 4, 1875; 70y,3m; h/o Tacy Ann MOORE
CLARK Orlo Holly  (Lt Cm) Dec 31, 1909 - May 2, 1982; 72y;  US Navy - WW II Vet
CLARK Tacy Ann died Mar 20, 1891; 83y,4m; w/o Adam; d/o James MOORE
CLARK William B. died May 11, 1856; 20y,6m; s/o Adam & Tacy Ann (Moore)
CLOW Sara T. July 11, 1936 - Feb 24, 1989; 52y
CONLEY Edna E. May 25, 1916 - Feb 28, 1988; 74y; w/o Howard; d/o Wm. & Fanny (Northup) ELDRED
CONSIER Daniel R. died Oct 17, 1980; 15y; s/o Robert C. & Martha A.  [died in 3 wheeler accident]  [obit]
COOK Edna 1892 - 1958; 66y; w/o Wentworth STEVER & Roy COOK; d/o J. J. & Minnie HAZARD
COOPER Margaret died Jan 6, 1946 Seneca Co.; 66y; no near relatives     [short obit]
CULVER George M. died Mar 31, 1876; 74y
CULVER Lucy L. Mar 22, 1843 - Feb 11, 1912; 68y; d/o Jackson & Maria (Babcock) WRIGHT
DAINES Eliza 1815 - 1900; 85y; w/o George Y.; d/o Samuel HEADLY
DAINES Emma A. Jan 1853 - Apr 27, 1929 Rochester; 76y; 2nd w/o Stephen C.; d/o Rufus & Nancy M. TOWNSEND; dau, Mrs. Wm. Foley;  [sis of Frank W. & Nancy M. Townsend]  [obit- another says 75y] 
DAINES George Y. Dec 16, 1810 - June 28, 1899; 88y; h/o Eliza HEADLY
DAINES Stephen C. Apr 27, 1847 - May 23, 1922; 75y; h/o Emma A. TOWNSEND; s/o George Y. & Eliza (Headly); dau, Mrs. Cornelia Filey; sis, Mrs. Mary Wickham, of Dundee   [obit]
DAINS Avery Dec 2, 1807 - May 17, 1881; 73y; s/o Jesse Jr. & Mary (Youngs)
DAINS Fanny June 19, 1821 - June 28, 1851; 30y; unwed; d/o Jesse & Mary "Nancy" (Youngs)
DAINS Jesse Sr.  1787 - Dec 17, 1820; 36y,2m,27d; h/o Mary YOUNGS
DAINS Josephus May 28, 1809 - Sept 24, 1846; 35y; s/o Jesse & Mary (Youngs)
DAINS Mary "Nancy" 1779 - 1859; 80y; w/o Jesse Sr.; d/o Isaiah YOUNGS  (sis of Geo. & Ben Youngs)
DAINS Theron died late Jan 1937 Corning, NY; buried Feb 2    [obit below]
DEBOLT Sean Patrick June 20, 1968 - Mar 23, 1982 Elmira hosp; 13y; s/o Michael & Dawn (Matthews); 2 sis: Misses Meaghan & Shannon; g'parents: M&M Leon DeBolt & M & M Paul Matthews, of PA; mat'l great grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Matthews of PA; etc...   [obit below]
DECKER Clements D. 1888 - 1936; h/o Grace HAZARD
DECKER Grace Dec 22, 1890 - Apr 11, 1991; 100y; w/o Clements D.; d/o Jonathan & Minnie HAZARD
*DENNISTON Edward D. May 25, 1801 - June 18, 1875; h/o Mary Elizabeth JONES
*DENNISTON Mary Elizabeth Sept 15, 1807 - Jan 22, 1903; w/o Edward D.; nee JONES
DOMBROWSKI Tabitha Lynn May 22, 1983 - May 25, 1983; 3d
DOWNEY John died Sept 30, 1848; 33y; s/o Robert & Rachel (Sutherland)
DOWNEY Robert died May 27, 1877; 66y,5m,10d; s/o Robert & Rachel (Sutherland)
DOX Anna 1869 - 1940; nee CARY
DOX Dudley Russell died Sept 23, 1864; 9m   [on plot of Russell Buckley]
DOX Ernest B. 1847 - 1874; s/o Dudley W. & Martha W.R. (Hazard)
DOX John Nicholas Sept 11, 1813 - June 13, 1878; s/o Abraham & Ann C.
DOX Martha Wanton 1834 - Mar 10, 1894; 55y; nee RUSSELL  [ on Russell Buckley plot] [research further]  [short obit]
DRYER Mary died Nov 14, 1868; 49y,3m,1d; w/o Amos
EBBSON Deed R. died late Nov 1923 NYC; buried here, Nov 30th; w/o Wm.; nee REMER    [appendicitis- obit]
ELLIS Abraham K. died May 11, 1899; s/o Jacob & Mary (Pitney)
ELLIS David died July 30, 1864; 36y; h/o Rachel; s/o Jacob & Mary; Co. M. 2nd VT - Civil War Vet
ELLIS Edward died mid- late Dec 1920; s/o George & Mary; 5 siblings; [body found in Seneca Lake]   [obit below]
ELLIS Freddie died Sept 23, 1855; 11m,24d; s/o George Y. & Mary E. (Rodman)
ELLIS George Y. Apr 5, 1834 - Apr 19, 1897; 63y; h/o Mary E. RODMAN
ELLIS Hannah Mar 15, 1819 - Aug 16, 1891; 72y; w/o James Pitney
ELLIS Isaiah died Jan 9, 1863; 21y,1m,2d; only s/o James Pitney & Hannah
ELLIS Jacob 1785 NJ -  Feb 1, 1870; 84y; h/o Mary
ELLIS James Pitney Feb 14, 1816 - Mar 6, 1892; 76y; h/o Hannah
ELLIS Mary died Oct 12, 1878;  82y; w/o Jacob
ELLIS Mary E. Nov 12, 1830 - May 25, 1908; 77y; w/o George Y; nee RODMAN
ELLIS Rebecca died Sept 19, 1883; 28y,7m,4d; d/o George Y. & Mary E. (Rodman)
ELTING Justina  Dec 20, 1848 - Jan 8, 1879; 30y; w/o Louis B.; d/o Wright Jr. & Emily B. (King) BROWN
EMBREE Allah died 1852; 77y; w/o Rowland
EMBREE Charles Henry Apr 1835 - 1901; h/o Mary E.  & Izora; s/o Samuel & Susan M.
EMBREE Elmer L. died Mar 1852; 5y
EMBREE Freddie died Dec 1852; 3y
EMBREE Izora 1850 - 1899; 2nd w/o Charles Henry
EMBREE Jane died Sept 15, 1839; 27y; 1st w/o Joseph ; nee VOSBINDER
EMBREE Joseph died Apr 23, 1870;  64y; h/o Jane VOSBINDER &  Rachel
EMBREE Mary E. died Jan 18, 1876;  38y,6m,18d; 1st w/o Charles Henry
EMBREE Nancy C. died May 31, 1876; 6d; d/o Samuel 
EMBREE Rebecca 1795 - 1856; 61y; unwed; d/o Rowland & Allah
EMBREE Roland Leroy died Sept 15, 1862 Harpers Ferry, VA; 20y,11m,9d; s/o Samuel & Susan M.; 126th NYV - Civil War Vet
EMBREE Rowland died July 30, 1835; 77y; h/o Allah
EMBREE Samuel Mar 28, 1808 - Aug 19, 1886; h/o Susan M.
EMBREE Sarah E. died Feb 3, 1852; 6d; d/o Samuel & Susan M.
EMBREE Sarah J. died May 19, 1859; 23y
EMBREE Susan M. July 26, 1815  VT - Aug 21, 1895; 80y; w/o Samuel
ESKILDSEN Andrew Sept 12, 1912 - Jan 26, 1975; 62y; h/o Marion CROSS; 2 sons: Frederick & Stephen; dau, Miss Lois; 2 bros: Chris & Carl;  5 sis: Misses Mary & Katherine, Mrs. Christine Soles, Mrs. Margaret MacFarlane and Mrs. Betty McGough;  US Army - WW II Vet    [obit]
ESKILDSEN Marion 1916 - Aug 19, 1968; 52y; w/o Andrew; nee CROSS; sons: Fred  [US Army] & Stephen; dau, Miss Louise A.; 2 bros: Ernest & Willis Cross; sis: Mrs. Frank Seganowich, of Stanley   [obit]
ESKILDSEN Thomas P. 1949 - 1966; s/o Andrew & Marion (Cross)
FIELD Sarah M. 1877 Eng - Feb 23, 1905 Torrey; 29y; w/o Ellis   [obit]
FINCH Catherine W. died Dec 13, 1879; 82y,11m,8d; w/o Nathaniel; nee EMBREE
FINCH E.  L. died Mar 9, 1833; 2y,9m; child of John & Ruth (Meek)
FINCH Isaac died June 9, 1848; 5wks,5d; s/o Solomon & Lucy?
FINCH Nathaniel died Aug 16, 1826; 32y,11m
FINGAR Pauline Oct 1, 1907 - Aug 1981; 73y
FOLEY Cornelia D. 1887 - May 3, 1961; 73y; w/o Wm.; d/o Geo. Y. & Eliza DAINES
FOX Gordon J. Oct 19, 1905 - Apr 25, 1978 Penn Yan hosp; 72y; h/o Laura Belle; dau, Mrs. Betty Schmidt; 2 sis: Mrs. Evelyn Davis & Mrs. Marian Wells; bro, Willard, of Waterloo   [obit]
FOX Laura Belle     w/o Gordon J.
FRENCH Ernest Lee Jan 13, 1910 Barton - Dec 11, 1984 Bath Vet Hosp; 74y; h/o Herdis HANSEN; 5 bros: Harry, Richard, Edward, Oscar & Glenn; sis Mrs. Rheta Lawton; step-mom, Dorothy Croman;   301 Seebees - US Navy - WW II Vet       [obit]
FRENCH Herdis E. Mar 17, 1916 -  ; w/o Ernest Lee; nee HANSEN
FULKROD Albert  'Cubby' 1941 - Apr 15, 1970; 28y; s/o "Sam" (Hayes); 6 bros: Benny, Warren, Victor, Thomas, John, Alan   [obit]
FULKROD Hayes M.  'Sam' 1906 - Mar 21, 1986; 80y; h/o Hazel TRAVIS [m:1939]; 6 sons: Ben, Warren, Victor, Thomas, John & Allan; bro, James, of PA; 3 sis: Mrs. Catherine Guy, and Mrs. Cleda Harman & Mrs. Mary English, both of  PA     [obit]
FULKROD Hazel I. Aug 28, 1919 - Apr 25, 1994; 74y; w/o Hayes M.; nee TRAVIS
FULTZ Fred M. Sept 14, 1961 - Dec 1996; 35y; h/o Kimberley A. COVELL
FULTZ Kimberley A. May 10, 1964 - Aug 4, 2009; 45y; w/o Fred M.; d/o Jim & Ruth COVELL
GARDNER Abner 1781 - Apr 28, 1860; 79y, 1m,21d; h/o Mary CHAMPLIN
GARDNER Charles H. Nov 24, 1848 - Jan 5, 1923; 74y; unwed; s/o George & Mary (Champlin); 2 sis: Mrs. Anna Gilbert of MI & Mrs. Lillian Chase    [obit]
GARDNER E. Dolly 1877 - 1897; d/o Ro(w)land & Emma E. (Bennett) [buried @ 2nd Milo, but listed on monu here as well]
GARDNER Emma E. 1840 - 1915; w/o Roland J.; d/o Stephen BENNETT
GARDNER George W. Nov 11, 1817 - Apr 2, 1902; s/o Abner & Mary (Champlin)
GARDNER Jonathan  J. (John) 1867 - Feb 6, 1947; 79y; h/o Kittie THAYER; son, Melville; sis, Mrs. Mary Nichols; 2 bros: Rowland & George    [obit]
GARDNER Kittie 1868 Milo - Dec 28, 1948 Penn Yan; 80y; w/o John J.; d/o Reuben & Catherine (Remer) THAYER; son, Melville 3 nieces: Mrs. Katherine Beard, Mrs. Grace Decker & Mrs. Edna Stever;  DAR   [obit]
GARDNER Lee V. 1873 - 1946
GARDNER Lydia H. Apr 16, 1826 - Jan 8, 1850; 1st w/o Rowland J.; d/o Henry & Charlotte HUNT
GARDNER Mary 1795 VT -  Apr 8, 1848; 94y,11m,18d; w/o George; nee REYNOLDS
GARDNER Mary died Mar 19, 1858; 62,10m,16d; w/o Abner; nee CHAMPLIN 
GARDNER Mary H. June 29, 1823 - Mar 28, 1902; w/o Geo W.; d/o Daniel & Hannah HUSTED
GARDNER Mary S. died May 15, 1839; 24y; unwed; d/o Abner & Mary  (Champlin)
GARDNER Melville  (Pvt) Mar 19, 1891 Torrey - July 25, 1966 Bath VA hosp; 75y; s/o Jonathan & Kitty (Thayer);  uncle, Ben Hoyt;   HQ, Co 5 Supply TN QMC  -WW I Vet    [obit]
GARDNER Mollie L. M. 1867 - 1949; w/o Ro(w)land J.; nee MULLEN
GARDNER Ro(w)land J. Jr.  1865 Milo - July 6, 1954 at home; 88y; unwed; s/o Roland Sr.; 3 nephews: Burton Chase, Melville Gardener & Ernest Matthews & a niece, Mrs. Wayne Waters, of Vernon   [obit]
GARDNER Ro(w)land J. Sr. 1821 - 1903; 92y
GILBERT Albert L. 1840 - Apr 18, 1924 at home, in City Hill; 83y; h/o Anna J.   [short obit]
GILBERT Anna J. 1846 - Mar 14, 1939 at home; 92y; w/o Albert L.; sis, Mrs. Bert Chase of Vernon   [obit]
GOULD Elmer M. July 2, 1905 - May 21, 1980; 74y;  h/o Nellie THOMAS; ; dau, Mrs. Nancy Kennerson;  bros: Charles & George; 4 sis: Mrs. Nellie Cull, Mrs. Judy Morgan, Mrs. Anna Smith & Mrs. Helen Wingate;  WW II Vet  [France Invasion]   [obit]
GOULD Nellie June 21, 1910 Lincoln, NB - Feb 8, 1985; 74y; w/o Elmer M; d/o Geo & Hanna (Stone) THOMAS; dau, Nancy Kennerson; bros, Robert & Hugh Thomas    [obit]
GUERNSEY Amos Jr. died Sept 10, 1814 at Universal Friend's home; s/o Amos & Mary
GUERNSEY Amos Sr. died Sept 7, 1796; 65y; h/o Mary
GUERNSEY Mary    w/o Amos Sr.
HADLEY Elizabeth died 1846; 70y; w/o Samuel     [was on list of original ceme list for this cemetery]
HADLEY Samuel died 1847; 83y; h/o Elizabeth   [was on list of original ceme list for this cemetery]
HAIGHT Arthur died July 25, 1853; 6m,4d; s/o Andrew & Rebecca
HAIGHT Daniel Mar 21, 1796 - Feb 3, 1855; 58y
HAIGHT Rebecca P. Y. Apr 23, 1826 - Mar 17, 1887; w/o Andrew; d/o Geo. & Rebecca YOUNGS
HAIGHT Susan Nov 26, 1802 - Mar 3, 1854; 51y,3m,7d; w/o Daniel
HALL Elton C.  (Cpl) Apr 8, 1932 - Apr 29, 1990; 58y; h/o Patricia H. JAYNE;   US Army - Korean War Vet
HALL Patricia H. July 20, 1933 - Apr 27, 2012; 78y; w/o Elton C.;  [m: 9/21/1957]; d/o Geo. & Esther (Cole) JAYNE        [obit]
HANDY Charles 1828 - 1887;  Co. K, 179th NY - Civil War Vet
HANSEN Alyce L. Oct 25, 1925 PA - Feb 19, 1984; 58y; w/o Ivan D.; d/o Kenneth & Elizabeth (Wyles) SCHOONOVER   [obit]
HANSEN Ivan D. Feb 10, 1922 - Aug 27, 2007; 85y; h/o Alyce L. SCHOONOVER; s/o Uiels & Marie K. [parents of Denmark]    [obit]
HANSEN (K.)  Marie 1885 Denmark - Apr 22, 1979; 93y; w/o Neils; nee SORENSEN; 4 sons: Ivan, Borge, Stanley & Norman; dau, Mrs. Herdis French; sis, Mrs. Krista Swansen; 2 bros: Horace & Arden Sorensen   [obit]
HANSEN Neils C. 1888 Denmark - Aug 26, 1978; 90y; h/o Marie SORENSEN; 4 sons; 1 dau; 19 grandkids; 44 great grandkids & some nieces & nephews      [obit]
HATHAWAY Eliza died Dec 9, 1801; 3y,4m,8d; d/o Thomas & Mary
HATHAWAY Emma G. died Jan 2, 1860; 11y,3m,6d; d/o Thomas & Mary 
HATHAWAY Freelove   resided in home of Universal Friend; mother of Eunice Hathaway
HATHAWAY Henry died May 23, 1855; 27y,11m; s/o Thomas & Polly
HATHAWAY infant died Mar 3, 1808; unnamed d/o Thomas & Mary
HATHAWAY James died Dec 16, 1790; bro of Thomas Sr.
HATHAWAY Mariah R. died Dec 26, 1849; 8m,2d; d/o Richard & Mary
HATHAWAY Mary died Nov 3, 1866; 95y; w/o Thomas Jr.; d/o Elnathan BOTSFORD Sr.
HATHAWAY Mary H. died Dec 25, 1863; 45y,28d; w/o Richard H.; d/o John HETFIELD
HATHAWAY Nathaniel Jr. died 1811; s/o Nathaniel & Susannah; [died at home of Benedict Robinson, Milo]
HATHAWAY Polly H. 1808 - 1882; w/o Thomas; d/o Samuel HEADLEY
HATHAWAY Richard Hurd died June 30, 1884; 66y,2m,4,; 1st wife & 4 daus: Mrs. Frances Nichols of IN, Mrs. Hannah Becker, Mrs. Gertrude Penny & Mrs. Deborah Hadley ; 2nd wife, [m1866] Mary S. Higley; s/o Gilbert & Mary (Hurd)   [obit]
HATHAWAY Susan M. died Dec 2, 1832; 3y; d/o Thomas & Mary (Hetfield)
HATHAWAY Susannah died 1811; w/o Nathaniel Sr.; died soon after son, Nathaniel Jr.
HATHAWAY Theodora died Dec 10, 1832; 3y; s/o Thomas & Mary (Hetfield)
HATHAWAY Theodore H. died Aug 10, 1839; 3y; s/o Thomas & Mary (Hetfield)
HATHAWAY Thomas  1805 - 1883 
HATHAWAY Thomas Jr. 1769 - May 22, 1853; 84y,9m,16d; h/o Mary BOTSFORD; 4 kids: Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth & Gilbert   [he was a surveyor]
HAYES Donald A. June 27, 1952 - May 2, 2011; 58y; s/o Dudley E. Jr. & Ellen (Parkhurst)
HAYES Dudley E. Jr. Sept 14, 1927 - Nov 20, 2009; 82y; h/o Ellen PARKHURST; s/o Dudley Sr. & Mary (Davis)
HAYES Dudley E. Sr. Jan 28, 1902 - Mar 17, 1987; 85y; h/o Mary H.; s/o George E. & Hanna (Stone)   [obit]
HAYES Mary H.  Apr 13, 1905 - June 18, 1977; 72y; w/o Dudley E. Sr.; son, Dudley; dau, Mrs. Carlton Donley; sis, Sylvia Miller of Elmira    [obit]
HAZARD Alice P. died aft 1821; w/o Arnold; d/o Wm. & Penelope POTTER
HAZARD Amy died July 1809; 2wks; d/o Griffin B. & Mary (Parker)
HAZARD Amy S. died Apr 20, 1846; 1y,1m,22d; d/o Jonathan J. & Elizabeth 
HAZARD Brenton W. (Dr) May 15, 1792 - Oct 4, 1864; s/o Arnold & Elsie (Potter)
HAZARD Charlotte Elizabeth died Nov 22, 1866; 16y
HAZARD C. Adelaide died Feb 14, 1946 Lakemont Nursing home; unwed; d/o John & Jessie A.; 1/2 sisters, Edna Stever & Grace Decker [also listed as just  Adelaide Hazard - obit & Will]
HAZARD Clarissa Adelaide died Mar 14, 1858; 28y,10d; 1st w/o Griffin B.; d/o Henry HUNT
HAZARD Elizabeth L. 1807 - Mar 21, 1868; 60y,5m,30d; w/o Jonathan J.; nee LAKE
HAZARD Emmett Aug 24, 1829 - Mar 28, 1910; 80y; s/o Geo. W. & Sarah (Card)
HAZARD Esther Mar 6, 1827 - Dec 23, 1882; 55y; d/o Geo. W. & Sarah (Card)
HAZARD Francis M. died Aug 22, 1839; 8y,11m; s/o Geo. V. & Mariam (Potter)
HAZARD George V. died Sept 21, 1854; 65y; s/o Jonathan J. & Patience
HAZARD George W. June 17, 1801 - Mar 22, 1844; 42y; s/o Griffin B. & Mary (Parker)
HAZARD Griffin B. died Aug 3, 1822; 57y,9,15d; s/o Jonathan J. & Patience   Rev War Soldier
HAZARD Griffin B. Feb 25, 1825 - Sept 20, 1904; 79y; s/o Jonathan J. & Elizabeth (Lake)
HAZARD Harriet B. May 12, 1808 - May 7, 1871; 63y; w/o Brenton W.; d/o Geo. & Sarah (Potter) BROWN  [on plot of R. Buckley]
HAZARD Helen M. 1883 - 1928; 45y; unwed; d/o Jonathan & Jessie (Aspell)
HAZARD James H. Mar 9, 1842 - Apr 11, 1913; 71y; s/o Geo W. & Sarah (Card)
HAZARD James P. died Sept 2, 1837; 2y7m,28d; poss. s/o James P. & Pamilla
HAZARD James P. Feb 10, 1794 - Jan 29, 1866; 71y,11m,19d; h/o Pamilla HAZARD; s/o Griffin Barney & Mary (Parker)
HAZARD Jessie A. May 22, 1857 - June 30, 1888; 31y; 1st w/o Jonathan J.; d/o David & Helen W. ASPELL
HAZARD Jonathan J.  1728 - July 29, 1812; 84y; h/o Patience HASSARD, Hannah  BROWN & Mariam GAGE   [actually died Aug 1811]   Rev War Soldier
HAZARD Jonathan J. 1799 - Oct 31, 1876; 77y,1m,30d; h/o Elizabeth LAKE: s/o Griffin B. & Clarissa A. (Hunt)
HAZARD Jonathan J. Dec 2, 1844 - Aug 13, 1856; 11y; s/o Geo. W. & Sarah (Card)
HAZARD Jonathan J. H. Oct 17, 1856 - Feb 18, 1902; 45y; s/o Griffin B. & Clarissa A. (Hunt)
HAZARD Joseph H. died Sept 1805; 9m; s/o Griffin B. & Mary Parker
HAZARD Mariam P. died Aug 12, 1839; 50y,4d; w/o Geo. V.; d/o John POTTER
HAZARD Mary 1766 RI - June 1, 1845; 79y.10m,15d; w/o Griffin B.; d/o James & Elizabeth (Shearman) PARKER
HAZARD Mary Ann  Oct 15, 1833 - Dec 27, 1922; 89y; w/o Griffin B; nee NORRIS  [on Thomas Norris monu]
HAZARD Mary E died Jan 20, 1835; 11d; poss. d/o James P. & Pamelia 
HAZARD Minnie B. T. 1865 - Mar 18, 1939; 2nd w/o Jonathan; nee THAYER; dau, Grace Decker of Middletown & Mrs. Edna Stever of Penn Yan; 2 sis: Mrs. Ben Hoyt & Mrs. John Gardner, both of Milo;   [obit]
HAZARD Patience 1735 - Sept 7, 1810; 76y; w/o Jonathan J.; nee HAZARD [actually died Mar 19, 1809, prob. in R.I.]    [found also spelled HASSARD]
HAZARD Patience died Sept 8, 1839; 28y; d/o Geo. V. & Mariam
HAZARD Penelope died Oct 1801; 4y; d/o Griffin B & Mary (Parker)
HAZARD Sarah C. Nov 15, 1801 - Dec 20, 1894; 93y; w/o Geo. W.; d/o Stephen & Hannah CARD
HAZARD Stephen Card July 2, 1823 - Aug 1, 1823; s/o Geo. W. & Sarah (Card)
HEADLEY Ann died June 8, 1887; w/o Moses B.
HEADLEY Elizabeth died Mar 14, 1846; 70y,6m,24d; w/o Samuel
HEADLEY George W. May 29, 1832 - July 8, 1907; 75y; h/o ???; sons: Arthur & Stephen; 2 sis: Mrs. Green & Mrs. McLeod; 2 bros: Frank & John;     [obit]
HEADLEY John L.    (Sgt) 1844 - Aug 6, 1914; 65y; s/o Moses  B. & Ann; Co. B., 148th Inf - Civil War Vet  [apoplexy - fell down stairs @ a Torrey hotel]
HEADLEY Moses B. died July 24, 1873; 67y; h/o Ann
HEADLEY Samuel died Aug 27, 1847; 83y,1m,13d; h/o Elizabeth
HEADLEY William died Nov 21, 1845; 14y,7m; s/o Moses B. & Ann
HENDERSON Elwin H. Nov 26, 1928 - July 18, 1998; 69y; h/o Margaret UNDERWOOD
HENDERSON Howard W. July 9, 1906 - Jan 6, 1986; 79y; h/o Madeleine; s/o E. Smith & Ida M.; sons: Richard & Elwin;  daus: Mrs. Jeanine Andersen & Mrs. Marlene Hunt; bro, Harold, of Auburn   [obit]
HENDERSON Madeline B. June 22, 1909 - Oct 2, 1996; 87y; w/o Howard W.; m: 8/7/1928
HENDERSON Margaret Oct 3, 1927 Rochester - May 1, 2012 Elmira; 84y; w/o Edwin N; d/o Stephen L & Lucille (Boughton) UNDERWOOD
HENDERSON Margaret A.  1939 - ???? ; w/o Richard H; nee SHOPE;  m:1/4/1958
HENDERSON Margaret U. Oct 3, 1927 RochesterMay 1, 2012 Elmira; 84y; w/o Elwin H;  d/o Stephen L. & Lucille (Boughton) UNDERWOOD; m: 11/5/1950
HENDERSON Richard  1938 - ????; h/o Margaret A. SHOPE
HERRICK Clara F. 1880 - Jan 1974 FL; 93y; w/o Fayette; 3 daus: Mrs. Orlo Clark of FL, Mrs. Frank Stoutenburg of Rochester & Mrs. Mrs. John Yetter, of MA; dil, Mrs. Paul Herrick, of Pittsford   [obit]
HER(R)ICK Fayette M. 1877 Watertown, NY - Sept 1, 1955; 78y; h/o Clara GRAVES; s/o Francis & Elizabeth (Weed); 3 daus: Mrs. Orlo Clark of NJ, Mrs. Frank Stoutenburg of Rochester & Mrs. John Yetter of Scotia; 9 grandkids; 2 nephews & 1 niece   [obit- a former coroner & Torrey Peace Justice]
HEUSTED Daniel died Apr 9, 1857; 60y; h/o Hannah MABBETT
HEUSTED Hannah M. died Mar 12, 1878; 80y; w/o Daniel; nee MABBETT
HEUSTED Lewis died Apr 4, 1879; 54y;
HEUSTED Smith died Oct 17, 1857; 36y
HOLLOWELL Elizabeth [Betty] M.  1914 - ???? ;  w/o John W.; nee McKINLEY    [m:10/31/1935]
HOLLOWELL John W. (Maj.) Feb 26, 1911 - Nov 23, 1984; 73y; h/o Elizabeth McKINLEY; s/o Fred & Eleanor (Brundage); sis, Mrs. Janet Bradley of FL; 2 sons: J. David & Stephen P; 2 daus, Mrs. Diane Stigler, of PA & Barbara Bagan  92nd Div - US Army- WW II Vet     [obit - Cornell Univ. grad]
HOLMES Abigail believed to be the w/o Jedediah - research
HOLMES Elizabeth died Feb 18, 1789; w/o Jedediah  [the 1st burial in this ceme] [her 'coffin', was a hollowed log & her body, sealed over with a slab]
HOLMES Elizabeth died Sept 23, 1810
HOLMES Jedediah died May 2, 1814; h/o Elizabeth
HOLMES Jedediah Jr. died at home of his parents
HOLMES Lucy died Aug 11, 1790
HORTON B. Peter 1879 - 1921
HORTON Charles  died Apr 4, 1922;  s/o ??;  3 bros: Luke, Leroy & Ray  [obit - of locomotor ataxia]
HORTON Charles P. 1832 - Nov 14, 1914; 82y; h/o Sarah KLISE; bro, George, of Milo; 5 sons: Louis, Wm., Ray, LeRoy & Charles [obit]
HORTON Frederick M. Oct 4, 1867 - June 25, 1893; s/o Charles & Sarah A.
HORTON Helen  Jan 1, 1859 - Oct 17, 1862; 3y; d/o Charles & Sarah A.
HORTON L. A. 1853 - 1861
HORTON Sarah K. Mar 28, 1839 - Apr 15, 1942; 103y; w/o Charles P.; nee KLISE
HUMPHREY Kenneth F. Oct 4, 1867 - June 25, 1893; 25y; h/o Margaret (CARROLL) Spencer
HUMPHREY Margaret C. S.   wife 1st to Kenneth F.; m:11/14/1925; 2nd husb Mr. Spencer
HUNT Adelbert Norris died Aug 29, 1849; 1y,9m,18d; s/o Adam & Mary Jane (Norris)
HUNT Mary Jane Jan 18, 1826 - Aug 29, 1849; 22y,7m,11d; w/o Adam; d/o James H. & Ann NORRIS
INGRAHAM Elisha died in home of Universal Friend
INGRAHAM Jerusha died Sept 16, 1793; d/o Elisha
JACOBS Gertrude V. Aug 28, 1914 - May 31, 2011; 96y; w/o ??; d/o Robert & Nellie (Clark) MILLER  [obit]
JACOBS Ralph R. May 4, 1908 - Apr 16, 1974;   US Army - WW II Vet
JENSEN Patrick B. 1950 - 1963
JOHNSON Donald James died Jan 13, 1948; 11m; s/o Norma; 2 sis: Marie & Carol; bro: Thomas  [obit - no dad listed]
JONES Anna died Aug 16, 1793
JONES Carlton E. June 9, 1933 Penn Yan - Jan 14, 1988; 54y; unwed; s/o Joseph H. & Martha E. (Jayne); 3 sis: Mrs. Mary Ryder, Mrs. Pearl Smith & Mrs. Cora LeShure; friend, Ray Iddings   [obit]
JONES Joseph H. 1889 - 1964; h/o Martha E.
JONES Martha E. 1903 -    ; w/o Joseph H.
KEEFER Catherine E. Aug 6. 1861 - Aug 22, 1861
KEEFER Elizabeth Feb 19, 1859 - July 30, 1859
KEEFER Frances 1861 - Dec 27, 1861; 1y
KEEFER Martha K. 1836 - 1904; w/o Samuel; d/o Daniel KING
KEEFER Mildred E. died Nov 19, 1899; 19d
KEEFER Samuel Mar 7, 1810 Kinderhook, NY - Feb 23, 1915; 105y; h/o ??;  m: 1859; [his only sis Mrs. Mary KELLEY, abt. a yr ago, she died in PA, aged 100y]; dau, Mrs. Anna Gelder;   [obit]
KEENEY Ephraim died Oct 9, 1789  [or Kenny]
KENNERSON John R.   'Bob' Mar 8, 1943 Penn Yan - Aug 27, 1988; 45y; h/o Nancy; s/o Charles & Ada (Kirby); dau, Miss Tammy; bro, Charles of Honeoye;  US Army Reserves    [obit]
KENNERSON Nancy V. Sept 27, 1945 -    ; w/o John R.
KENNY Candace died Mar 19, 1791; 15y; d/o Ephraim & Elizabeth
KENNY Eunice died Apr 27, 1794
KIDDER Horace ?   partial stone broken, near wife Lydia
KIDDER Lydia died Aug 14, 1825; 24y; w/o Horace
KING Daniel 1792 - Sept 9, 1875; 83y; h/o Susanna
KING Frances 1826 - 1883
KING Susanna 1794 - Sept 4, 1868; 74y,4m; w/o Daniel
KNAPP Paul G. Nov 5, 1911 - May 1966; 55y
KRIEGAR William Feb 2, 1963 Penn Yan - May 22, 1983; 20y; s/o Earl & Beth E. (Hill) & grandparents ; bros: Robert, Rick & Timothy; 2 sis, Mrs. Laurie Westfall & Miss Cindy of Rochester; aunts, uncles & cousins [boating accident]  [obit]
LAKE Elizabeth C. died Oct 13, 1807; 29y,3m,20d; w/o Nicholas; nee CASTNER [on plot of Daniel Castner]
LE SHURE Franklin Jan 11, 1854 - 
LE SHURE Hattie J. Mar 5, 1891 - Jan 25, 1972 Penn Yan; 80y; son, Wayne; 2 daus: Mrs. Gladys Peterson & Mrs. Wanda Niles    [obit]
LE SHURE Helen Esther died Oct 1, 1933; 6y; d/o Charles; 2 sis: Gladys & Wenda; bro, Wayne      [obit]
LE SHURE Lorena May 27, 1858 - Aug 15, 1902; w/o Franklin
LE SHURE Rebecca 1847 -  Jan 5, 1924; 76y; w/o Martin;  [apoplexy]    [obit]
LOCKWOOD Elizabeth died June 17, 1835?; 79y,6m; w/o Joshua  
LOCKWOOD Helen F. Feb 6, 1921 - Jan 20, 2010; 88y,11m; w/o Ira; d/o Wm. A. & Clara M. (Coates) FRENCH;  m: 9/16/1944
LOCKWOOD Ira C. Sept 20, 1920 Bradford, NY- Jan 22, 1988; 67y; h/o Helen; s/o Melville & Millie (Briglin); son Carl, of CA; 2 daus: Mrs. Susan Brown of MN & Mrs. Joan Lese of Corning, NY; 3 bros: Herbert, Ernest & Lee  [obit]
LOCKWOOD Jeremiah died Sept 19, 1840; 32y
LOCKWOOD Mary died Oct 19, 1838; 24y,1m
LORD Ella died Feb 2, 1899; 65y; w/o Charles
LUTHER Mary died Feb 19, 1849; 92y; w/o Sheffield
LUTHER Sheffield died June 24, 1845; 84y; h/o Mary; s/o Jonathan  & Elizabeth BOURNE
MAESKE Arthur L.  (Sgt) Jan 22, 1927 - Feb 1982; 55y;  US Army - WW II Vet
MAESKE Virginia A.  1924 - 
MANSWER Eunice died Sept 13, 1793
MARTENS Klaas Oct 23, 1912 - Oct 1981; 69y;  h/o Margot
MARTENS Margot 1932 -   ; w/o Klaas
MEEK Adelbert C. died Sept 9, 1864; 14y,6m,8d; s/o Charles & Diana
MEEK Ella Deett died May 21, 1861; 6y; d/o Charles & Diana
MEEK* James died 1836; 73y; h/o Mary Ann
MEEK Mary Ann died Mar 10, 1855; 89y,8m,8d; w/o James
MEEK Smith Sept 3, 1836 - Jan 4, 1853; 16y,3m,28d; s/o Charles & Diana
MERRISS Rebecca Jan 16, 1811 - Jan 24, 1845; 34y,8d; w/o Elery; d/o Andrew & Mary CASTNER
MOORE James A. G. Jan 7, 1892 - Dec 1981 Tompkins, NY; 89y; h/o Jeannette K.
MOORE Jeannette K.  1893 - 1975; w/o James A. G.
NELSON Christian   'Ted' May 9, 1920 - Dec 1987; 67y; h/o Ethel C.
NELSON Ethel C. Aug 16, 1908 - Aug 21, 1997 Rochester, NY; 89y; w/o Christian
NORMAN Claude L. died Oct 13, 1945 Geneva hosp; 77y; h/o Emma L. THOMAS; son, Wm.; dau, Mrs. Georgia Travis & sis, Mrs. Ora Cleveland of Rochester and bro, Robert of Chicago    [obit]
NORMAN Emma Louise 1874 Torrey - Mar 2, 1958; 83y; w/o Claude L.; d/o John L. & Nancy (Thompson) THOMAS; bro: Frank N. Thomas of PA;  dau, Mrs. Geo. Travis; son: Wm.   [obit]
NORRIS Ann R. died Jan 24, 1894; 86y,10m,27d; w/o James H.
NORRIS  Caroline or Carolina Feb 11, 1846 - Nov 6, 1918 Himrod; 72y; unwed; d/o Thomas H. & Electa; sis of Mrs. Mary Hazard; bros, John W. & Thomas [obit-heart]
NORRIS Catherine died Apr 20, 1924; 73y; unwed; sis of John & Tom  & Mrs. Mary Hazard  [obit]
NORRIS Electa R. Nov 3, 1811 - Sept 7, 1879; 67y; w/o Thomas H.; d/o Thomas RAPLEE
NORRIS Eliphalet Feb , 1760 NH - Nov 10, 1821 MD; h/o Mary HATHAWAY; [removed from Rumsey graveyard, Havrede Grace, MD, on 12/6/1929 by Mrs. Ralph T. Norris & dau, Sarah. & buried here]      Rev War Patriot   
NORRIS Helen Sept 29, 1843 - July 24, 1911; d/o Thomas H. & Electa (Raplee)
NORRIS James Harris died Nov 22, 1869; 67y,2m,15d; s/o Eliphalet  & Mary (Hathaway)
NORRIS John W. Sept 8, 1830 Himrods - May 14, 1921; 91y; h/o Sarah HAZARD; s/o Thomas H. & Electa (Rapalee)2 sis: Mrs. Mary Hazard & Caroline Norris [descends of Eliphalet Norris & Mary (Hathaway)]  bro, Thomas    [obit]
NORRIS Mary Nov 27, 1770 - Sept 16, 1847; 76y,9m,19d; w/o Eliphalet; d/o Thomas HATHAWAY Sr.; 5 kids: Thomas H., Ben G., Geo. W., James. H. & Joshua F.  
NORRIS Myron 1839 - 1912; s/o Thomas H. & Electa; bro of : Thomas, John, Miss Caroline, Mrs. Mary Hazard
NORRIS  Ralph T. Jan 11, 1879 Milo - Mar 2, 1938; 59y; h/o Mrs. Leah Potter; s/o Thomas & Sarah (Shearman); died of pneumonia   [one obit  appears below]
NORRIS Sarah 1844 - late Jan 1899; w/o Thomas R.; d/o Abraham SHEARMAN; son Ralph   [obit]
NORRIS Sarah Jan 18, 1835 -  Oct 27, 1919; 84y; w/o John W. [m:1865]; d/o Geo. W. HAZZARD; 2 nephews: Geo. Hazzard [& his son, Jay] & Rev. Robert Hallock   [obit]
NORRIS Thomas H. Aug 12, 1795 - Apr 8, 1883; s/o Eliphalet & Mary (Hathaway)   [obit]
NORRIS Thomas Rapalee 1835 - Mar 2, 1929 Himrods; 93y; h/o Sarah & Mrs. Leah POTTER; s/o Thomas H. & Electa (Rapalee); 4 bros: Benjamin, George James & Joshua; deceased bro, John W.; 2 sis: Mrs. Mary Hazard & Caroline Norris; son, Ralph T.  [descends of Eliphalet & Mary (Hathaway)]    [obit]
NORRIS Winifred died Aug 22, 1849; 1y,5m,17d; d/o James H. & Ann
OVIATT Elizabeth Botsford believed to be; ... stone simply marked 'E O' on the Botsford plot
PERRY Asa (hel) Russell 1840 -  Apr 6, 1916; 76y; h/o Mary; 2 daus: Mrs. Walter Enos & Mrs. Howard Wood; bro, John Perry     [obit] 
PERRY Charlotte C. 1837 - 1853; nee COGGSWELL
PERRY Harriet H. 1834 - Mar 9, 1924; 90y; unwed; sis to Asa R. & John 
PERRY Isabell B. May 25, 1874 - May 14, 1915; 40y; nee BALLOU; w/o ???
PERRY Jane Rose Jan 28, 1844 - Nov 3, 1894; 50y; unwed; d/o Jonathan Jr. & Theoda (Brown)
PERRY John Rose 1843 - Jan 5, 1924; 80y ; s/o Jonathan & Theoda (Brown)        [short obit]
PERRY Jonathan Jr. June 26, 1782 - Mar 7, 1854; 71y; h/o Theoda BROWN  [died at Norris' Landing]
PERRY Martha June 28, 1830 - 1833; 2y; twin of Mary Ann
PERRY Mary Ann June 28, 1830 - 1843; 12y; twin of Martha 
PERRY Mary Louise died June 28, 1927; w/o Asa; nee CASTLE; 2 daus: Mrs. Howard Wood & Mrs. Walter Enos; sis, Mrs. Emma Green of Binghamton  [obit]
PERRY Oliver Feb 21, 1832 - 1851; 19y [killed by a falling tree]
PERRY Rebecca B. died Dec 27, 1841; 27y; w/o Gideon O.; nee Buckley?
PERRY Theoda Dec 18, 1835 - Sept 21, 1897; 61y; unwed; d/o Jonathan & Theoda (Brown)
PERRY Theoda B. Sept 11, 1806 - Sept 13, 1884; 78y; w/o Jonathan Jr.; nee BROWN
PERRY Theodore Ballou 1889 - May 14, 1915; 25y; only s/o Asa & Mary; [died in dynamite explosion]  [obit]
PITNEY Aaron R. 1806 - Mar 19, 1884; 77y,8m, 28d
PITNEY James died 1845; 83y; h/o Rebecca REMER
PITNEY Jonathan died Apr 14, 1854; 60y
PITNEY Rebecca died Feb 27, 1853; 80y,6m,27d; w/o James; d/o John & Leah (Anten) REMER
POTTER Armenia died Feb 15, 1794; 2y
POTTER Mark S. died July 27, 1857; 1y; s/o F. M. & Phebe A.
PROSSER Ann B. aged 36y; w/o Abraham; d/o John Sr. & Elizabeth (Bailey) BRIGGS
PROSSER Anna died Mar 13, 1813; 15y; d/o Abraham & Anna
PROSSER George I. died Dec 13, 1843; 4m; s/o Geo S. & Sarah (Lockwood)
PROSSER George S. 1809 - Dec 22, 1884; 75y; h/o Sarah LOCKWOOD
PROSSER Isaac died Jan 10, 1803; 4y;  s/o Abraham & Ann (Briggs)
PROSSER Louesa H. Jan 1, 1818 - May 4, 1842; 24y; w/o David B.;  m: 6/10/1841
*PROSSER Lydia 1781 - Dec 20, 1810; 26y; 1st w/o Isaac; d/o George & Bethana (Luther) SISSON  (married name does not appear on headstone)      see also Lydia Sisson 
PROSSER Martha J. Oct 5, 1840 - May 27, 1877; 36y
PROSSER Sarah L. died Dec 6, 1863; 54y; w/o George S.; nee LOCKWOOD
PROSSER unknown stone that matches stone of Ann Prosser, but face gone from stone
RAWLEIGH Dana A. Feb 6, 1907 - July 2, 1983; 76y; 2nd h/o Mrs. Mary Ellis; son Wm., in TX; dau, Diana Stiles; 2 stepsons: Frank & Rodney Ellis; 2 step daus: Katherine Darcy & Connie Benson; sis, Miss Leena;  US Army - WW II Vet   [obit]
RAWLEIGH Mary N. 1926 - aft 1986; w/o  Mr. Ellis & Dana A. Rawleigh; m: 2/1/1964 
REMER Aaron 1781- Jan 26, 1841; 60y; h/o Phoebe TOWNSEND; War of 1812 Vet
REMER Abram V. Feb 1807 - Feb 22, 1881; 74y,17d; h/o Sarah Adelia ELDRED
REMER Adelia E. died Jan 7, 1914; 89y,2m,24d; 2nd w/o Abram V.; nee ELDRED
REMER Anna T. Aug 14, 1806 - May 12, 1892; 85y; w/o ?; nee TOWNSEND
REMER Arabella B. died Feb 16, 1836; 27y; 2nd w/o Geo. I.; sis to Wm. BABCOCK
REMER Charles H. died Sept 7, 1920 NYC; son, Arthur & dau, Adelia E.   [obit]
REMER Edward died Mar 1, 1851; 5m,8d; s/o Abram V. & Sarah A. 
REMER George I. 1775 - 1845; 70y; h/o Rachel VAN ARSDOL & Arabella BABCOCK; s/o John & Leah (Anten)
REMER George N. died Nov 5, 1834; 22y; s/o Geo. I. & Rachel (VanArsdol)
REMER Henrietta died Jan 27, 1878; 31y.7m,4d; d/o Abram V. & Sarah A. (Eldred)
REMER James H. died Oct 19, 1847; 4m; s/o Abraham V. & Sarah A. (Eldred)
REMER Jane M. died July 20, 1860; 41y; d/o Aaron & Phoebe (Townsend)   [on Waite plot]
REMER John (Pvt) 1744 NJ - Jan 6, 1820; 75y; h/o Leah ANTEN; s/o George; Capt John Roof's Co. - Rev War Soldier
REMER Leah 1754 NJ - 1817; 63y; w/o John; nee ANTEN
REMER Mary S. died Nov 22, 1878; 36y,3m,2d; w/o Charles H.; d/o Bradley & Mary SHEARMAN
REMER Phoebe died Dec 1867; 83y; w/o Aaron; d/o Lawrence & Phebe (Green) TOWNSEND
REMER Rachel 1784 NJ - Dec 1867; 83y;  w/o George I; nee VAN ARSDOL  [or Van Orsdol]
REMER Sarah died 1817; 63y; w/o John   [on Waite plot]
REMER Sarah A. Aug 1812 - Oct 2, 1850; 38y,1m,18d; w/o Abram V.; nee ELDRED
REMER Sarah R. died Apr 29, 1847; 20y,7m,20d; d/o Aaron & Phoebe (Townsend)    [on Waite plot]
REYNOLDS John died July 2, 1841
RICHARDS Asa died June 27, 1792; h/o Sarah SKILTON 
RICHARDS Sarah S. died Nov 30, 1793; 36y; nee SKILTON;   [later removed to Friends ceme, Jerusalem]
RILEY Mary C. died Feb 17, 1814; 43y,11m; w/o Alexander; nee CASTNER [on Daniel Castner plot]
ROADS William H. died May 1850; 9m
ROWELL Melinda E. died Mar 21, 1868; 48y
RUDMAN Hannah H. 1825 - Sept 28, 1908; w/o Wm.; d/o Geo. W. & Sarah (Card) HAZARD
RUNYON Sarah Pamila C. died Nov 26, 1893; 85y,1m,12d; d/o Ezekial CAREY
RUSSELL Asahel died Apr 3, 1861; 74y,1m,11d; h/o Martha HAZARD Wanton
RUSSELL John M. Dec 12, 1788 - Sept 28, 1864; 75y
RUSSELL Martha  died Mar 28, 1861; 71y,11m,28d; w/o Mr. Wanton & Asahel Russell; d/o Arnold & Elsie (Potter) HAZARD  [on plot of Russel Buckley]
SCHOONOVER Elizabeth 1902 - 1964; w/o Kenneth R. 
SCHOONOVER Kenneth R. 1901 - 1965
SCOFIELD Bertha died Aug 29, 1898; 1y,6m; d/o Frank J. & Ida R.
SCOVILE Frances W. 1843 - 1916; d/o Ray G. & Phebe (Remer) WAITE
SEARLES Hildred M. Dec 5, 1914 - May 2, 2005; 90y; w/o Horace E.
SEARLES Horace E. Aug 25, 1896 - Jan 22, 1977 Bath, NY VA hosp; 80y; h/o Hildred; 3 sons: Harold, Wayne & Joe; dau, Patricia Higginbatham of GA; 4 bros: Henry, Frank, Raymond & Lawrence; 5 sis: Mildred Mansfield, Gertrude Burchard, Leora Vetter, Mary Burkholder & Helen Phillips;      WW I Vet - US Navy    [obit]
SECOR James died July 1859; 65y; h/o Rebecca
SECOR Rebecca died Mar 9, 1877; 79y,5m,20d; w/o James
SCHULTS Frank 1873 - Nov 29, 1939; 66y; s/o Lucinda; a relative, Mrs. E. L. Coon    [obit]
SCHULTZ Lucinda  died Jan 17, 1927; 77y; w/o ??; son, Frank       [obit]
SCOVEL Fannie died July 10, 1916; nee WAITE; music teacher; paralyzed from fall on stairs  [obit]
SHEFFIELD Luther Feb 20, 1763 - June 24, 1845; 82y; h/o Mary CASWELL; s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth (Bourne)
SHEFFIELD Mary 1757 - Feb 19, 1849; 91y; w/o Luther; nee CASWELL
SHEARMAN Aaron R. died June 17, 1864 Petersburg, VA; 18y; s/o Bradley & Mary; Co. F, 179th NY - Civil War Vet
SHEARMAN Abby H. died Oct 11, 1838; 58y,5m,14d; w/o Enoch; dau of Jonathan J. & Patience HAZARD
SHEARMAN Adelia A. died Dec 9, 1848; 3y,6m,24d; d/o Elisha W. & Pamilia A. 
SHEARMAN Edwin E. died Jan 22, 1849; 1y,6m,18d; s/o Elisha W. & Pamilia A. 
SHEARMAN Georgianna died Feb 1, 1865; 16y; d/o Bradley & Mary
SHEARMAN Janette J. died Nov 25, 1848; 5y,6d; d/o Elisha W. & Pamilia A. 
SHEARMAN Mary died Nov 8, 1848; 32y,2m, 22d; w/o Bradley  [on Waite plot]
SHEARMAN Sarah E. died Nov 24, 1842; 5m,29d; d/o Elisha W. & Pamilia A.
SHOPE George Cecil Sept 22, 1913 -  Sept 23, 1976; 63y; h/o Thelma; s/o ??? & Bessie; 3 daus     [obit]
SHOPE Thelma A. Jan 6, 1917 - Feb 20, 1979; 63y; w/o Geo. C. [m:4/24/1935]; nee CARY; 3 daus: Phyllis Hamm, Margaret Henderson & Ruth Jones; 2 bros: Wells & Fred Cary; 3 sis: Mrs. Alice Moriarity, Mrs. Ola LaDue & Mrs. Grace Brandaue       [obit]
SHULTZ Aaron 1843 - Mar 28, 1913; 70y; h/o Lucinda COON; son Frank; 2 sis & 3 bros     [obit]
SHULTZ Lucinda 1849 - Jan 17, 1927 Himrod; 77y; w/o Aaron; nee COON; son, Frank   [obit]
SIMONS Randy A. Apr 5, 1968 - Oct 17, 1980; 12y; s/o Ronald & Joyce; maternal grand s/o Oscar & Mae French & Mrs. Charlene Simons    [obit]
SIMPSON Albert Vaughn 1894 - Mar 26, 1961 Clifton Springs; 66y; h/o Maude RITTENBURGH; son, Douglas; s/o Fred & Caroline (Adams)  [obit]
SIMPSON Maude E. 1893 -   ; w/o Albert B.; nee RITTENBURGH
*SISSON Bethana "Bethany" died Aug 16, 1811*; 51y; w/o George; d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth (Bourne) LUTHER           (*from obit)
*SISSON George   1753 - Dec 28, 1831; 78y  Rev War Soldier
SISSON Luther died Jan 7, 1871; 77y
SISSON Lydia died Dec 20, 1810; 29y; ["Brown memo, states married a Mr. Hayt;    SOC, states she married Isaac Prosser]    [on plot of Geo. Sisson]  [see also Lydia Prosser]
SISSON Sarah Marie 1799 - Aug 19, 1847; w/o Luther; d/o Wright Sr. & Bethiah BROWN
SMITH Agnes M. Jan 2, 1923 - Sept 26, 1996; 73y; w/o Kenneth E.
SMITH Kenneth E. Feb 24, 1919 - Nov 1, 1991; 72y; h/o Agnes M.
SMITH Mehitabel died Mar 10, 1793; 46y; d/o Richard & Abigail (Gardner)
SOLES Christine E.  1904 - 1989
SPENCER Florence E. Aug 8, 1887 Lyons -  Mar 25, 1965 Penn Yan hosp; 77y; nee RADDER; dau, Margaret Humphreys of Elma; bro, Clarence Radder of FL; 2 grand kids     [obit]
SPENCER Ralph G. 1886 Newfane - Feb 2, 1966 S & S hosp; 79y; h/o Mrs. ???; s/o Thomas & Eva (Huntington); step dau, Mrs. Margaret Humphrey & 2 step grandkids    [obit]
SPRINGSTEAD Ida E. died Dec 8, 1864; 7y
SPRINGSTEAD James died Mar 25, 1813
SPRINGSTEAD Pheba A. died Nov 23, 1864; 15y; d/o Orange A. & Lucinda
STILES M. V.  (Dr) h/o Mary BABCOCK
STILES Mary B. died May 1853; w/o Dr. Henry Birch & M. V. Stiles; d/o Wm. BABCOCK
STOUT Hazel T. Apr 28, 1904 - May 20, 1981; 77y; 1st w/o Mr. Sloan & 2nd to Wm. Stout; sons Edgar & John Sloan; step son, Wm. Stout; 4 daus; 34 grandkids; 17 great grandkids; 1 gg g'dau   [obit]
STOUT William F. Sept 20, 1921 - Feb 8, 1991; 69y; 
STOUTENBURG Frank Sept 5, 1912 - Dec 1974; 62y
SWARTHOUT Alice A. 1869 -  Mar 19, 1946; 77y; w/o Benjamin Y; nee CULVER; 2 nieces & 2 nephews; sis in law, Mrs. Chester Culver    [obit]
SWARTHOUT Benjamin Y. 1845 - Sept 7, 1922; 77y; h/o Alice A. CULVER; bros: James D, Albert & Geo. W.  [obit]
SWARTHOUT Bert B. 1888 Torrey - May 28, 1955 Dresden Conv. Home; 68y; h/o ????; s/o James D. & Julia (Putnam); bro, George; son, Herbert R. of MD    [obit]
SWARTHOUT Del(l)avan 1849 - Aug 29, 1912 Canastota, NY; 63y; bro of Adelbert  [asthma attack- obit]
SWARTHOUT Elijah 1818 - 1903; h/o Mary E. YOUNGS
SWARTHOUT James B. died Aug 22, 1929; 85y; h/o Julia E.; 3 sons: Bert, Frank & George;  bro of Adelbert, of Dresden & Geo. W. of TX   [obit]
SWARTHOUT John W. 1878 - Oct 11, 1924; 46y; s/o James D.& Julia E.; bros Bert, Frank & Geo. 
SWARTHOUT Julia E. July 7, 1851 - Jan 31, 1913; 61y; w/o James D.
SWARTHOUT Mary E. 1822 - 1866; w/o Elijah; d/o Benjamin & Sally YOUNGS
SWIFT Richard died Oct 6, 1815; 37y; [crushed by fallen tree]
TAYLOR Claracy B. died Nov 29, 1833; 63y; sis of Wm. BABCOCK
THOMAS Betty Jean Jan 17, 1929 - Mar 4, 2006; 77y; w/o Donald G.  
THOMAS Donald G. 'Rink' Sept 20, 1926 - May 18, 2010; 83y; h/o Betty Jean  
THOMAS Eva Belle 1884 - 1900
THOMAS Frank N. 1887 - Nov 13, 1958 Williamsport, PA; 71y; h/o ??; s/o John & Nancy (Thompson) [locomotive engineer]
THOMAS John 1834 - 1912; h/o Nancy
THOMAS Nancy Dec 21, 1847 - June 3, 1910 Torrey; 62y; w/o John;  3 sons: Wm., Frank & John 2 daus: Mrs. Claud Norman & Mrs. Carl Anderson, both of Dresden;  [died of pneumonia - obit]
TOMPKINS Enoch died Oct 31, 1827; 11y,10m,14d; s/o Isaac; [fell from his house]
THOMPSON Eleanor A. died July 14, 1992; w/o Herbert G.; nee PADDOCK   [obit]
THOMPSON Herbert G. July 8, 1928 - Nov 30, 2010; 82y; h/o Eleanor R. PADDOCK; s/o Marion & Ellen (Cornish)  [obit]
TOWNSEND Adam Castner  [A.C.] 1845 -  Nov 9, 1924; 79y; h/o Adda M.; sons: Griffin B. & Ray    [short obit]
TOWNSEND Adda M. 1892 - 1973; 80y; w/o Griffin B.
TOWNSEND Albert died Sept 13, 1855; 10m,20d; s/o Charles J. & Catherine 
TOWNSEND Anna E. Apr 1864 - Feb 20, 1877; 13y; d/o Charles J. & Catherine 
TOWNSEND Catherine A. 1852 - 1943
TOWNSEND Catherine N. C. Oct 11, 1820 - Apr 8, 1909; 88y; w/o Charles J.; d/o Adam & Hannah CASTNER
TOWNSEND Charles J. Dec 25, 1812 - May 14, 1884; 71y; h/o Catherine CASTNER; s/o Uriah
TOWNSEND child's marker   broken  [on plot of C. J. Townsend]
TOWNSEND Deborah Ann died Feb 22, 1827; 20y; d/o Hezekiah
TOWNSEND Delia A. died Aug 11, 1848; 6y; d/o John  & Mary
TOWNSEND Dudley D. died Jan 27, 1861; 9m,22d; s/o Rufus & Nancy (Youngs)
TOWNSEND Fanny Jan 9, 1786 - May 31, 1873; 87y; w/o Uriah
TOWNSEND George Henry died July 28, 1865; 18y,10d; s/o Rufus E. & Nancy M. (Youngs)
TOWNSEND Griffin B. 1887 - Mar 2?, 1932 Richmond, VA; s/o Castner "Cass"    [short obit]
TOWNSEND Hannah S. died Mary 16, 1866; 100y; w/o Hezekiah; nee SHAW
TOWNSEND Herbert E. 1858 - Apr 4, 1909 LI., NY; 50y; s/o Rufus & Nancy (Youngs); 3 bros: Frank, Alonzo & Nelson; 2 sis: Miss Mary & Mrs. S.C. Dains   [obit]  [cerebral hemorrhage]
TOWNSEND Hezekiah died Nov 17, 1827; 60y
TOWNSEND John M. died Aug 14, 1861; 11y,11m,2d; s/o John H. & Mary (Hazard)
TOWNSEND Manchester died Apr 15, 1874; 76y    [on plot of Hezekiah]
TOWNSEND Mary 1851 - late March 1914; unwed; 63y; d/o Rufus   [notice of will] [obit below]
TOWNSEND Mary M. died July 6, 1889; w/o John H.; d/o Geo. V. & Mariam HAZARD
TOWNSEND Milo died Feb 8, 1850; 5m,3d; d/o Rufus E. & Nancy (Youngs)
TOWNSEND Nancy M. Y. 1824 - Sept 21, 1909; 85y,1m,14d; w/o Rufus E.; d/o Benjamin & Sally YOUNGS
TOWNSEND Nelson Y. 1855 - Mar 25, 1919 Fairport; 64y; sis, Mrs. Stephen Dains of Torrey; bro, Frank of Rochester; son, Guy of WA.   [obit]
TOWNSEND Ray C.  1889 -  abt. Sept 21, 1929 Richmond, VA; mother & a bro, survive him [obit states City Hill ceme in DRESDEN]
TOWNSEND Roy H. 1883 - 1884
TOWNSEND Rufus E. Feb 25, 1820 - Dec 18, 1892; h/o Nancy M. YOUNGS; s/o Uriah
TOWNSEND Uriah died 1859; 5m,9d; s/o Charles J. & Catharine
TOWNSEND Uriah P. 1787 - Nov 5, 1837; 50y,9m,19d; s/o Uriah & Dolly (Fox)
TRAVIS Georgia Dec 15, 1904 - June 1987; 82y
TUTTLE Nettie H. died Feb 18, 1863; 36y,7m,10m; w/o James S.; d/o Thomas HATHAWAY
TUTTLE Willie died May 13, 1870; 11y,6m,11d; s/o James & Nettie (Hathaway)
VAN GELDER George died Oct 30, 1911; 11d; s/o Wm. W. & Ida (Blanchard)
VOSBINDER David died Apr 19, 1833; inf s/o Wm. & Patience (Shearman)
VOSBINDER Patience S. died Apr 19, 1833; 24y,1m,17d; w/o Wm.; d/o Enoch & Abby SHEARMAN
VOSBINDER Richard died Aug 29, 1866; 56y     [buried in Embree plot]
VOSBINDER Sarah   [buried in Embree plot]
WAITE Aaron R. Sept 9, 1833 - Nov 10, 1854; 21y; s/o Ray & Phoebe;  [drowned in Keuka lake]
WAITE Phebe R. died July 16, 1844; 30y; w/o Ray G.; d/o Aaron R. & Phebe REMER
WAITE Ray G. died Aug 12, 1845; 37y,3m; s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth
WALL William died Jan 30, 1803
WALTON Janet M. Feb 16, 1946 - Oct 16, 1980; 34y; w/o Howard G. Jr.; d/o Lloyd & Helen PARSONS; bro: Richard; sis: Patricia Guiles; sons: Kevin & Michael; 3 daus: Colleen, Tammy & Heather; 4 half bros: Ron & Raymond Sanderson and Gary & Stephen Parsons     [obit]
WALTON Mary L. July 25, 1952 - Apr 4, 1991; 38y; w/o Wm. A.
WALTON William A. Dec 22, 1952 -   ; h/o Mary L. 
WARE Elizabeth B. Feb 16, 1900 Cowan, PA - June 1, 1978; 78y; w/o Wilbur; d/o Cyrus & Clara (Barner) BIXLER; 2 bros: Geo. Bixler & Theodore GROUP; sis, Mrs. Mary Cromley;  daus: Miss Emojean & Mrs. Carabelle W. Hessney  [obit]
WARE Wilbur R.   (Cpl) Apr 9, 1896 - May 26, 1961; 65y;  Co. I, 314th Inf- WW I Vet
WEAVER Jacob   'An Ethiopian'
WELSH Agnes Amanda died June 16, 1872;   [on monu of Wm. Brundage]
WENTWORTH Caroline Y. died Jan 13, 1863; 31y; w/o Frank; d/o B. & S. YOUNGS
WEST Joanna died Nov 15, 1856; 68y; mom of Maria Wagener;  [on Prosser plot]
WHEELER Charles Scott died Dec 24, 1842; s/o Geo. S. & Jane M.
WHEELER Elizabeth 1804 - Oct 10, 1839; 34y,1m,19d; 1st w/o Geo. S.
WHEELER George S. Aug 10, 1804 - Mar 14, 1896; 91y; h/o Elizabeth & Jane M.
WHEELER James W. 1955 Elmira - Sept 7, 1960; 5y; s/o Charles & Wanda (LeShure); 2 bros: Jeff & Wayne; sis, Thelma; g'parents , Hattie LeShure & Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Wheeler   [obit]
WHEELER Jane M. died Apr 12, 1864; 50y,5m,28d; 2nd w/o Geo .S.
WHEELER Martha A. died Jan 16, 1863; 40y; w/o John; d/o Geo. V. & Mariam (Potter) HAZARD
WHEELER Mary E. died June 12, 1846; 20y,9m,8d; d/o Geo. S. & Elizabeth
WHEELER Robert H. died Dec 25, 1846; 18y; s/o Geo S. & & Elizabeth
WHITING Elizabeth P. H. died Nov 7, 1835; 26y,7m,11d; w/o Dr. D. H.; d/o Geo V. & Mariam (Potter) HAZARD [stone carved incorrectly as Whitney] [on parent's plot]
WISNER Jane D. died Feb 21, 1865; 57y,1m,7m; w/o Wm.; d/o Robert & Rachel (Sutherland) DOWNEY
WOOD Florence Aug 20, 1916 - July 24, 1996; w/o Victor J.; nee VALDER;   m: 12/24/1935
WOOD Hannah J. died Jan 10, 1880; 44y; w/o Richard; d/o John & Jane (Brown) CARD
WOOD Howard G. 1894 - 1960
WOOD Isabella Ballou died May 10, 1952; 77y; w/o Howard G.; d/o Asa & Mary (Castle) PERRY; son, Theodore P.; dau, Mrs. Helen Ford; sis,  Mrs. Charlotte Enos, of Bellona;  3 g'kids    [obits - one below]
WOOD Mildred E. Aug 17, 1903 Tyrone - Nov 12, 1988; 85y; w/o Mr. Tones & Mr. Wood; d/o Fred C. & Lillian (Wilcox) RUSSELL; deceased dau, Genevieve VanKeuren; 2 daus: Mrs. Barbara Peterson & Mrs. Elda Slater; sons: Burton & Howard Tones; bro, Gerald RUSSELL of FL    [obit]
WOOD Victor J. Oct 9, 1895 Jerusalem - Feb 27, 1988; 92y; h/o Florence; s/o Wm. & Alice (Gelder); 3 sons: Donald, Gary & Victor; 2 daus: Mrs. Joyce Curtis & Mrs. Alice Jenette, of FL  [obit]
YETTER Jan Elaine Mar 6, 1957 - Sept 13, 1958 Rome hosp; 18m; d/o John W. & Claire (Herrick); 3 bros: Kent, David & Steven; grandmas: Mrs. Fayette Herrick & Mrs. L. L. Yetter   [obit]
YOUNGS Benjamin died Jan 8, 1877; 83y
YOUNGS Elizabeth died Aug 20, 1811; 34y; d/o Isaiah & Mary (Haggerty)
YOUNGS George died Aug 4, 1862; 73y,3m,9d; h/o Rebecca PITNEY; s/o Isaiah & Mary (Haggerty)
YOUNGS Isaiah 1749 NJ - 1829; 80y; h/o Mary HAGGERTY
YOUNGS Mary 1750 - 1833; 83y; w/o Isaiah; nee HAGGERTY
YOUNGS Peter Sr. died June 27, 1865; 78y,7m,27d; s/o Isaiah & Mary (Haggerty)
YOUNGS Rebecca P. 1797 - May 21, 1883; 85y,7m,14d; w/o Geo. [m2/6/1817] ; d/o James & Rebecca PITNEY; 6 kids: George, Isaiah, Mrs. Geo. Youngs, Mrs. Sheridan, Mrs. Rebecca Haight & 1 deceased   [obit]
YOUNGS Sally H. died Feb 18, 1879; 76y; w/o Benj.; dau of Isaac HEDGES



Geneva Advertiser                   Tuesday                     January 23, 1883           by  Dianne Thomas 

OUR CITY HILL CEMETERY - About two miles south of Dresden is the above place. It has been a resting place for the dead nearly one hundred years, the first interments being in Colonial times. It is located beautifully, and probably never will be disturbed.

Within the last year a durable, neat iron fence has been placed around the cemetery at a cost of $750.



Penn Yan Democrat                                                     July 12, 1907                         by  Dianne Thomas

The funeral of George Headley, late of Geneva, was held at the Presbyterian church Wednesday afternoon, July 10, 1907, Rev. Mr. Hazeltine, of Rushville Congregational-church, officiating.   The bearers were R. K. Brown, Burton Chase, C. A. Dains, Stephen Dains, Theron Dains and Charles Gardner.

He is survived by two brothers, Frank and John, the latter being in the Bath Soldiers' Home and by two sisters, Mrs. Green, of Rushville, and Mrs. McLeod, of Starkey; and by two sons, Arthur and Stephen, in Rochester. Interment in City Hill cemetery. 

Mr. Headley was born in the house (then in Milo now in Torrey) now occupied by James Swarthout, three miles south of Dresden. He was 75 years old May 29. He one time kept a grocery store on Downey's corner. He moved to Lyons and there married.



Elmira NY Star Gazette                   Wednesday                  April 1, 1914                            by  Dianne Thomas   

Carefully Disposes of All her Property -   Dundee. April 1 - The will of Miss Mary Townsend,  late of Dundee has been filed for probate In the surrogate's office which disposes of $1,600 personal property and $14,500 real estate.   Of this amount $200 is to be invested and the income used to maintain the R. E. Townsend lot in the City Hill cemetery at Dresden. A large diamond soltaire ring is left to G. Howard Townsend of Rochester, one stone from a diamond pin is left to Mrs. Cora Louise Palmer of Rochester, also a stone from the same pin goes to Miss Cornelia Dains, Dresden; a cluster diamond ring was left to Eleanor Palmer, Rochester; a gold watch to Catherine Townsend, Charlotte, W. Va., a band bracelet with diamonds, to Mrs. Lena Townsend, Rochester; water colors painted by Miss Townsend go to Francis Henry Townsend, of Rochester; all wearing apparel to Emma Dains, Dresden and $200 in cash.

The residue and remainder of the property is to be divided equally among the three brothers, Frank W. Nelson and Alonzo Townsend and one sister, Emma Dains.



Penn Yan Democrat                                   Friday                April 3, 1914                            by  Dianne Thomas

The will of Miss Mary Townsend, late of Dundee, has been filed for probate  in the surrogate's office, which disposes of $1,500 personal property and $14, 500 real estate. Of this amount $200  is to be invested and the income used to maintain the R. E. Townsend lot in  the City Hill Cemetery, south of Dresden. 

A large diamond solitaire ring is left to G. Howard Townsend, of Rochester; one stone from a diamond pin is left to Mrs. Cora Louise Palmer, of Rochester, also a stone from the same pin goes to Miss Cornelia Dains, Dresden; a cluster diamond ring was left to Eleanor Palmer, Rochester; a gold watch to Catherine Townsend, Charlotte, W. Va.; a band bracelet with diamonds, to Mrs. Lena Townsend, Rochester; water colors painted by Miss Townsend go to Frances Henry Townsend, of Rochester; all wearing apparel to Emma Dains, Dresden, and $200 in cash. The residue and remainder of the property is to be divided equally among the three brothers, Frank W., Nelson and Alonzo Townsend, and one sister, Emma Dains.



Penn Yan Democrat                     Friday                   January 10, 1919                by  Dianne Thomas

The remains of a Mrs. Brundage, from Kansas City, was brought to this town last week, and buried in City Hill cemetery. It appears that many years since a family bearing that name resided near Long Point.



Penn Yan Democrat                     Friday                  December 31, 1920               by  Dianne Thomas

The body of Edward Ellis, which was found in Seneca Lake last week, was buried in City Hill cemetery last Thursday. He was born in Torrey, the son of George and Mary Ellis. He was the last of a family of six children.



Geneva Daily Times                      Saturday                         September 21, 1929                  by  Dianne Thomas

Followers of Jemima Wilkinson - Among Early Settlers of Yates County -  Brief Sketches of Some of the Family Who Came With the "Friend"

It would seem fitting at this point in the narrative of early Yates County history to refer briefly to some of the more prominent of the followers of Jemima Wilkinson.  

One of the early patriarchs of the Friend's society was Thomas Hathaway, who belonged to the committee of pioneer explorers and was one of the historical three to whom the deed from the state was granted for the land upon which the Friend's settlement was made.

He was a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, was an Inheritor of wealth and had social connections which led him to the Tory side in the Revolution. He Joined the Friend's society in 1784, and remained a faithful and devoted member while he lived. His son Thomas, then a lad of fifteen, traveled with the Friend on some of her religious journeys, riding by her side on horseback. In a journal, later in possession of his descendants, he recorded proofs of the Friend's industrious study of the Bible, and the Interest she excited on the part of many of the foremost people far and near.

When the Friends resolved to form a community by themselves, Thomas Hathaway parted with all his property at New Bedford, and came to New Jerusalem, bringing his four children: Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth and Gilbert. His wife had died shortly after the close of the war. 

He was an active member of the society and one of its trusted leaders. He commenced the erection of a saw mill in 1796, having previously erected a log house. Before his mill was finished he contracted a fever, and died in 1798, at the age of sixty-six years, and his body was placed in the Friend's vault.

As one of the early pillars of the Friend's society, his name was always held in reverence by the body of people. 

Thomas and Gilbert, his sons, were active young men in the pioneer settlement, and built the first sail boat on Seneca Lake, a vessel in which they transported supplies for the new settlement.

Thomas also built two flat boats to navigate the Mohawk River, and Invented a rack to suspend between two horses, one in advance of the other, to transport merchandise along the Indian trail between Utica and Seneca Lake. By this line much of the goods for the primitive settlement were brought for a few years from Albany.  

Thomas Hathaway, Jr., married Mary Botsford, the daughter of Elnathan Botsford, and resided fifty nine years on his place in Milo, now Torrey, where for a long period he kept the principal public house in all this region. He was a popular public man, a surveyor and an accurate business man.


James Parker - One of the principal spirits engaged in the great enterprise of founding the new community of Friends was James Parker. He was a man of great energy of character, religious excitability and liberal views. He was a native of South Kingston. Rhode Island, was a staunch Whig, and although of a Quaker family, deemed the cause of the Colonies worth fighting for. He became early and enthusiastically identified with the society and the aims of the Universal Friend. He was one of the three in whose names the territory for the settlement was granted, and was also the first Justice of the peace in what is now Yates county.

His separation from the Friends society occurred early in the history of the new settlement, and whatever its cause, was the root of much hostility and ill-feeling between the seceding and adhering portions of that community.  For about twenty years thereafter,  Mr. Parker was identified with the Free Will Baptists, and a popular and influential preacher in that denomination. Upon his revolt from the doctrine of eternal punishment, they withdrew their fellowship from him and in his last years he was a member of the Methodist Church. His death occurred in 1829, at the age of nearly eighty-six, and he was buried in the family burying ground of Otis Barden in Benton.


The Malin Family - Another prominent family in the Friend's colony were the Malin's. They were from Philadelphia and there came here Elijah, Rachel, Margaret, Enoch, Mary, John and Abigail. Of these Rachel and Margaret became members of the Friend's family, where they lived and died devoted to the Friend and faithful personal and doctrinal adherents.

Elijah Malin was a skillful carpenter and built the Friend's house which still stands in Torrey. He also was for some years an inmate of the Friend's family. Enoch, too, was a carpenter and mill builder and erected the first mill in Penn Yan for Lewis Birdsall.   A few descendants of Mary and Elizabeth Maim were the last to remain of that rather remarkable family in Yates County.

The Botsfords -  Three brothers, Elnathan, Jonathan and Abel Botsford, were among the early settlers of the Friend's society. Elnathan was an influential member of the colony. He and his brother Jonathan had a large farm on the "Gore," part of which was later known as the Embree farm. Elnathan's son, Benajah married Deborah Wilkinson, the youngest sister of the Friend, and died in 1801 by falling from a load of hay. Jonathan also was an influential early settler and died in 1829. Abel Botsford had a fine estate next to the Friend's place, in what is now Torrey, where he died in 1817, a man of wealth.

Asahel Stone was from New Milford, Connecticut. He was one who came with the first company of settlers and helped clear the ground for the first crop of wheat, and brought his wife and three children in 1789. He was one of the pillars of the society, was a speaker in the meetings, and highly regarded by his fellow men.

Richard Smith was a native of Groton, Connecticut. He came with the earliest emigration to the new Jerusalem, leaving his family and possessions, to unite his destinies with his religious brethren. It is related that one of his sons, named Avery, when about fourteen years of age suddenly left the homestead in Connecticut and unknown to the family found his way to the home of his father, who on his application for work hired him without  knowing him to be his own son.

Other members of the family came later.  

Benjamin Brown, Sr. came from New London, Connecticut, with the earliest settlers, and with a large family located just eastward of the Friend's house in the original settlement, where he lived and died.  Samuel Barnes was of Puritan descent, and a Connecticut farmer, when he and his family united with the Friend's society. His wife was Abigail Dains, sister of the Dains brothers of the Friend's society.  Their eldest son, Parmelee, came to the new Jerusalem with the settlers of 1789, and Elizur,  the next son, in 1791.  The parents came with the remaining children, Julius, Samuel and Henry, in March 1793, with a sleigh and horses by way of Albany, a journey of sixteen days.  They finally located in the town of Jerusalem, where the father died in 1809.


The Dains Family  - Jonathan. Castle, Jesse, Ephraim and Abigail Dains were a family of Connecticut birth who came to the new Jerusalem with the earliest pioneers and all but Ephraim were at first of the Friend's society.  

Ephraim Dains never joined the society. This was one of the most extensive of the early families and a most important one in the early history of the county. Descendants of this family are numerous.

Elisabeth Luther came from Rhode Island with the first settlers of the new Jerusalem, accompanied by her children, Sheffield, Reuben, Beloved, Elisha, Jonathan, Mary, Bethany and Martha. The original Luther family, except Jonathan, were all members of the Friends society.

Two brothers, Elisha and Eleazer Ingraham, and their cousin, Nathaniel were among the early settlers of the Friend's society. They were an important family and there were many descendants.  

Among the early Friends were two or three families of the name of Guernsey. Daniel Guernsey was an important surveyor. He went west in 1812. Southmit Guernsey settled near Rushville and William Guernsey settled in Potter.

Jedediah Holmes was an important member of the first settlement and a man of some property. His wife was the first that died and hers was the first grave in the City Hill Cemetery. They had no boards of which to make a coffin and were obliged to hollow out a log for that use, first splitting off a slab, which was afterward laid on for a coffin lid.

William Robinson was one of the Friends who came from Pennsylvania.  He was always a single man and lived in the town of Jerusalem, being the first person buried in the Friends burying ground, in 1806.

The next was Mary, wife of Jonathan Dains, Sr. These are only a few of the many families who were early settlers in Yates County. Cleveland's History of Yates County gives in detail, the records not only of these families but of many others. This is a most authentic history of Yates County and he who would follow out these various genealogies is referred to that now very rare book, which contains a wealth of such material.


Penn Yan Democrat                    Friday                          February 5, 1937              by  Dianne Thomas

Dresden Notes and Personals - The body of Theron Dains, of Corning, a former resident of this village, was brought here for burial Tuesday, in City Hill Cemetery.


Penn Yan Democrat                    Friday                         March  11th, 1938             by  Dianne Thomas

RALPH T. NORRIS - Funeral services for Ralph T. Norris, prominent Yates County resident, were held Saturday afternoon at.2:30 o'clock from the Norris lakeside home in East Lake Road. Mr. Norris died Wednesday, Mar. 2, following a brief illness of pneumonia. He had a wide circle of friendships and his funeral undoubtedly was the largest ever attended in the county.  Bearers were men with whom he had been associated on his farms in Himrods: Roy Longcor, Ray Miller, Harry Nickerson, Clifford Longcor, Bert Knapton and Chris Jensen. Rev. Walter A. Henricks, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, of which Mr. Norris had been a life-long member, officiated at the services. Burial was in City Hill cemetery in Torrey.  The community has lost one of its valuable and well-liked citizens in the death of Mr. Norris. [obit - his picture appears]  


[another obit...]  DEATH CLAIMS PROMINENT MAN -  Friday           March 4, 1938     by  Dianne Thomas

Ralph T. Norris Dies at Lakeside Home Death claimed one of Yates County's prominent and popular citizens Wednesday evening when Ralph Thomas Norris, 59, passed away at his home in East Lake Road, following an illness of two weeks, which terminated in pneumonia one week ago. Two Rochester specialists, assisted by Dr.  C. E. Doubleday, local physician, rendered every possible aid known to the  profession but their efforts were unavailing and death came at 6:38 p.m., Wednesday, after a day of anxiety and helping against hope of his family and his many friends and acquaintances.

Ralph Norris was born in the Town of Milo near Himrods, Jan. 11, 1879, son of Thomas Rapalee and Sarah Shearman Norris, former a descendant of Eliphalet Norris, a New England merchant, one of the earliest settlers in the Genesee Country, who came from New Hampshire and was the first Norris to settle in Western New York. Norris Landing on Seneca Lake, is named for him.

Ralph Norris loved the farms and lands of his ancestors and continued to operate the large holdings near Himrod,  driving to and from his property each day from his home in Penn Yan. He was identified with many interests. He was a member of Penn Yan board of Education, serving as its vice-president. For several terms he represented the Town of Milo, as supervisor on the county board and was a member of the Republican leaders. He was president of the City Hill Cemetery Association in Torrey, the burying ground which is the oldest one west of Rome, N. Y., and in which, his ancestors are buried. 

He also was president of the Cohocton Co-operative Creamery and a member of Geneva Lodge of Elks and Geneva Rod and Gun Club. He received his preparatory education at Cook Academy and was graduated from Colgate's University in 1903.

As a citizen his judgment often was sought and his sense of fairness and impartiality were recognized by all with whom he dealt and his loyalty as a friend "was outstanding". He was an ardent Republican in political faith and gave untiringly of his time to promoting the interest of his party.  He was a lifelong member of First Presbyterian church. of Penn Yan and seldom if ever, missed Sunday service there.  He was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, of Colgate University. 

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Leah P. Norris one daughter, Sarah E. Norris of Penn Yan and a step daughter, Miss Mary Leah Potter, of Boston, Mass.

Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon, at the Norris home on the lake, 234East Lake Road.  Rev. Walter A. Hendricks, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Penn Yan, officiating.  Burial in City Hill Cemetery in Torrey.  The family requests that flowers be omitted. 



Penn Yan Democrat                    Friday                           Sept 8, 1939                  by  Dianne Thomas

City Hill cemetery, overlooking Seneca Lake, was first used as a burial ground in 1788, when a hollow log was utilized for a coffin in the first burial.  It is considered the best maintained rural cemetery in the state.  Jonathan Hazard, an early settler,  deeded the land for the burial ground to Town of Benton, then in Ontario County.


Elmira NY, Star Gazette                    Monday                         May 12, 1952                 by  Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Isabella Ballou Perry Wood, 77, of Dresden. Saturday, May 10, 1952, at home in which she was born and which has been in the family for 104 years. Survived by husband, Howard G.; son, Theodore P., Dresden; daughter, Mrs. Helen Ford, Horseheads; sister, Mrs. Charlotte Enos, Bellona; and three grandchildren. 

The body is at the family home. Funeral Tuesday, 2:30 p. m. at the Weldon Funeral Home, Penn Yan. The Rev. Robert H. Clarke. City Hill Cemetery, Dresden.


The Geneva Times                     Tuesday                    Oct 25, 1960         by Dianne Thomas

Surgeon's widow - Mrs. Inez Bond Dies in Hospital - GENEVA- Mrs. Inez F. Bond died this morning in Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, after an illness of several months.  

Mrs. Bond was the widow of Dr. T. B. Bond, Geneva physician and surgeon who died in January, 1958.  The Bonds lived on N. Main St. here until they moved to Dresden in November, 1957.  

Mrs. Bond was a member of Dresden Methodist Church, Seneca chapter DAR, and was a former City Woman's Golf champion.  For many years she was an active member of Geneva Garden Club.

Survivors include three sons: Dr. Franklin F. Bond, Center Line of Mich., Theron P. Bond of Penn Yan and Albert E. Bond of Geneva; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Voorhees, of Lodi and ten grandchildren.

Services will be held at Corwin funeral home at a time to be announced. The Rev. James Barrett, pastor of the Dresden Methodist Church, will officiate.  He will be assisted by Dr. J. Richard Hart, pastor of First Presbyterian church.  Burial will be in City Hill cemetery, Dresden 



The Geneva Times                     Saturday                     March 4, 1967         by Dianne Thomas

Compiled by DAR Historian - List of Revolutionary War Veterans .....  Mrs. Bootes said that she has compiled a list of Revolutionary War veterans who are buried, or resided at one time, in Yates County. She explained that the list is sent to the State historian who in turn sends it on to the Historian General in Washington D.C.

Mrs. Bootes said she would like to complete her history and if anyone has a record of their ancestor who might have been a Revolutionary War veteran,  to get in touch with her at her home in Middlesex.

She has listed the following - Town of Benton :  

Bellona Cemetery, Thomas Barden, James Parker, Truman Spencer, Jac Whitney; 

Benton Rural, Benjamin Dean; 

Ketchum Cemetery, James Taylor; 

Cronk Cemetery, John Cronk; 

Hazen Cemetery, Michael Francisco; 

Merrifield Cemetery, Daniel Brown;

Old Bellona Cemetery, James A. Baker, John Lester, Peter Wells. 




also  Geneva Times          Saturday           Mar 4 1967   Evening  version?                           by Dianne Thomas

Compiled by DAR Historian - List of Revolutionary War Veterans ..... PENN YAN - An Executive Board Meeting of the members of the Daughters of American Revolution was at the home of Miss Alice McConnell. Mrs. Leo Colmey was the hostess with the following members attending: Mrs. M. J. Conley, regent; Mrs. H. Marble, vice-regent; Mrs. W. Hendricks, 2nd vice-regent; Miss Jeanne M. Sisson, treasurer; Mrs. Fred J. Egger, secretary; Miss Frances Rose, chaplain; Mrs. Colmey, corresponding secretary; Mrs. J. E. Conrad, registrar; and Mrs. Fenton E. Bootes, historian.

During the business meeting plans were discussed for attending the Continental Congress to be in April. At the same time, Mrs. Bootes said that she has compiled a list of Revolutionary War veterans who are buried, or resided at one time, in Yates County. She explained that the list is sent to the State historian who in turn sends it on to the Historian General in, Washington, D. C.

Mrs. Bootes said she would like to complete her history and if anyone has a record of their ancestor who might have been a Revolutionary War veteran to get in touch with her, at her home in Middlesex.

She has listed the following:  


Town of Benton Cemeteries

Bellona Cemetery: Thomas Barden, James Parker, Truman Spencer, Jack Whitney 

Benton Rural, Benjamin Dean

Ketchum Cemetery, James Taylor

Cronk Cemetery, John Cronk 

Hazen Cemetery, Michael Francisco

Merrifield Cemetery, Daniel Brown

Old Bellona Cemetery, James A. Baker, John Lester, Peter Wells


Town of Italy Cemeteries

Italy Hill Cemetery: Elisha Bennett, Henry Rolf

Italy Valley Cemetery, John Graham

West River Cemetery, Daniel Whipple


Town of Middlesex Cemeteries

Overackers Cemetery,  James Harrington

Pine Corners Cemetery, John Blair, Anthony Blackford


Town of Milo Cemeteries

 Hillside Cemetery, Ichabod Andrews, Tewalt Swarts

Hunt Cemetery, Richard Henderson

Goundry Baker Cemetery, John Comer 

Old Himrod Cemetery, Phillip Morse

Lakeview Cemetery, William Cornwell, John Raywalt, Richard Smith, Lawrence Townsend, John VanPelt, Amos C. West, Thomas Lee, Benedict Robinson, John Dorman, Michael Francisco, Richard Henderson



 Town of Potter Cemeteries

French Cemetery, Chester Adams, James Fitch, Isaac Page, Jonathon Pratt, Nathan Loomis

Yatesville Cemetery, Achilles Comstock 

Nettle Valley Cemetery, Phillip Robinson, William Hobart


Town of Starkey Cemeteries

 Eddytown Cemetery, Andrew Booth

Jones Cemetery, Abner Hurd

Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Simeon Hurd

Old Fulkerson Farm Cemetery Caleb Fulkerson

Harpending Cemetery, Peter Harpending

Rock Stream Cemetery, Nathaniel Rusco, Richard Hurd



Town of Torrey Cemeteries

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Samuel Jayne, Stephen Whitaker

City Hill Cemetery, Eliphat Norris, John Remer, Andrew Castner, Johnathan J. Hazzard Sr.,  Griffin B. Hazzard.


Mrs. Bootes went on to explain that Revolutionary War Veterans are buried somewhere in Yates County, but the location is not recorded. Jonathon J. Hazzard, Jr. records seem to state that he could have been lost at sea; William Lamport, Thomas Haven, Elisha Brown Jr., John Race, Jonathon S. Barber, Jacob Shuman, Samuel Bigelow, Ezra Loomis, James Knapp, Jabez Gillett, John Coates, George Coates, Andrew Coates, Alexander Andersen, William Thrall and Henry Hutchins.

She also listed the names of those who died after 1840 whose place of burial in Yates County has not been confirmed.   Castel Daines, Isaac Hoard, Jacob Fredenburgh, John Beal, Elisha Benedict, Samuel Abbey, Titus Herman, Asa Olcott, Isaac Whiting, John McLewin, Phillip Dintriff, William Bates, William Smith, Thomas Treat, Michael Pierce, Robert McNair and John Cole.

Mrs. Bootes went on to point that this latter group, according to records available, seem to indicate that they resided in the towns of Benton, Italy, Potter, Middlesex, Milo or Jerusalem.

She paid special tribute to Frederick J. Egger, who is chairman of the American Legion Veterans Graves Registration Committee who helped her to compile the list. Mrs. Bootes went on to explain that she has more than likely left some names out, which she is not familiar with and would like to hear from anyone, who has this information.



The Geneva Times                 Tuesday                   July 1, 1969          by Dianne Thomas

Jemima Wilkinson – The ‘Publik Universal Friend’                      By GERALD M. DYKEMAN - Times Penn Yan Bureau  

PENN YAN - The records show that the first settlement in Yates County, nearly 180 years ago, was at City Hill, one mile south of the Keuka Lake Outlet and one mile west of Seneca Lake.

This area had been purchased by James Parker, a follower of Jemima Wilkinson, the "Public Universal Friend".  

He had been authorized to find a site in New York State for her and her followers, it was composed of 1,014 acres, six miles in length and 92 rods wide known as the Garter and later called the Gore.

The first frame house to be built in Yates County was erected on this site for Jemima Wilkinson. And in this same area is the Cemetery, still in existence, called the City Hill Cemetery, where many of her followers are buried.

Parker had picked this particular site because it was near a waterfalls that appeared to make an ideal spot to erect a saw mill and grist mill. Legend has it that Parker, along with four or five men, had camped on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake on their way north to find a suitable place for Jemima Wilkinson.

They could hear the noise of the water as it spilled over the falls in the Keuka Lake Outlet. So they traveled north, around the end of Seneca Lake and proceeded south until they found the site.

It is recorded that Jemima Wilkinson, while in Pennsylvania, had expressed the interest of locating in wilderness of the Genesee country in order to found a "New Jerusalem."

She told her followers that she wanted to find a place where she could "reside in peace with the world." Parker was authorized to find this ideal spot.

It has been said that the house built by her followers was an odd looking structure. It was a small building containing three entrance doors, a gambrel roof with the frame work of the house held together with wooden pins. It was a two-story building with an attic. It was noted that the house contained nine fireplaces all connected to the same chimney.

The first burial in City Hill Cemetery was Elizabeth Holmes who had died on Feb 18, 1789. She was the w/o Jedediah Holmes, a follower of Jemima Wilkinson. It was also said that there were no coffins available so a log was hollowed out with the body sealed over with a slab.

It was also during those first couple of years that more of Jemima Wilkinson's followers died and were buried in City Hill Cemetery;  There were no tombstones at first to mark the graves, but later some markers of common quarry stone were used.    

It is pointed out in S. C. Cleveland's History of  Yates County,  that Jemima Wilkinson did not believe in headstones to mark the graves of those who had departed.   Cleveland said, "Monumental vanity had no place in the life of Jemima Wilkinson. She held that the living owed their best expenditure of love and labor to the living and that the dead could be best remembered in the fragrance of lives consecrated to righteous endeavor."

It is reported that Jemima Wilkinson and her followers only remained in this particular area for approximately four years.  Because of the inability to secure proper title to the land, they moved to the last and final location in the town of Jerusalem. There her followers constructed the house, still in existence, that overlooks the Guyanoga Valley.

Cleveland wrote in his history, "The Friend Society had established themselves in a beautiful situation; they had a good name with the people around them as well as the numerous sympathizers in the communities from which they had emigrated in New England and Pennsylvania. It is no wonder that they indulged in bright anticipations and expected to be the founders of a city. Thus the beautiful cemetery ground was called City Hill." 

                                                                        The Home of Jemima Wilkinson 

                                                                                                       Jemima Wilkinson House




Geneva Finger Lakes Times              Wednesday                 March 24, 1982              by Dianne Thomas

Sean P. DeBolt PENN YAN - Sean P. DeBolt, 13, of RD 4, Pre-Emption Road, died last evening at St. Joseph's Hospital in Elmira. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the Weldon Funeral Home. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Friday at St. Mark's Episcopal Church with burial in City Hill Cemetery.

Sean was born in Penn Yan and was in the eighth grade at Penn Yan Junior High School. He was a member of Troop 82, Boy Scouts of America in Dresden.   Memorial contributions may be made to St. Joseph's Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Surviving are his parents, Michael and Dawn DeBolt; two sisters, Meaghan Renee DeBolt and Shannon Marie DeBolt, both at home; his paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon DeBolt of Penn Yan; his maternal grandparents; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Matthews of Athens, Pa; his maternal great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hotchkiss of Los Angeles, Calif.; and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.




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