Dundee Presbyterian Cemetery

Eastside of Main St. (14A), South of Bigelow Avenue (but north of Saunders)

Dundee, Yates Co., NY

                   Dundee Presbyterian Cemetery                                       Dundee Presbyterian Cemetery

   Entrance to D. P. Cemetery


If you would like to submit Yates Co Cemetery data to this site please contact meCopyright resides with the contributor.  Owned and transcribed by Dianne Thomas.   Thanks to Susan McAdam, for the headstone pictures of this cemetery.

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As quoted from the Yates County Historian's office -   "This is an old church yard that was abandoned and suffered years of almost total neglect, before a group of good neighbors cleaned it out.  Access to the cemetery is up a very long one lane driveway from Main Street.  Most would prefer to walk up rather than drive into it.  Confirmation was sought for information on the stones in this cemetery, but with complications of confirmation, some names for whom markers no longer existed & no other evidence was found, were removed from this list.  The neighbors still tend to overlook this cemetery and we thank them for their due diligence."


I have not removed some of these names that I had on the original list I purchased years ago, that have since been removed from the current Yates county list. One should research further, since many of the headstones, may no longer exist.  

I do not know if  any of these remains were removed to another cemetery, but there are known soldiers buried here; 12 of Civil War, 2 soldiers of the War of 1812 and 2 Revolutionary Soldiers, who may not have headstones.

Dundee Presbyterian Ceme - INACTIVE CEMETERY

ANDERSON David S. died July 1850;  27y; husb of Jane M.  [mortality schedule]
ANDERSON Emma died July 1850;  2y     [mortality schedule]
ANDREWS Aaron  2m; son of Franklin C & Euphema (Smith) [Amherst Andrews plot]
ANDREWS Aaron C. died 1842;  20y,8d; son of Amherst & Phoebe (Cady) [Amherst Andrews plot]
ANDREWS Allen 1800 CT - 1871; husb of Calista   (1860 census)
ANDREWS Amherst 1771 - Sept 30, 1857;  86y, ?m,5d;; husb  of Phoebe CADY; bro of Ichabod     [Amherst Andrews plot]   [bro of Icabod Andrews]
ANDREWS Charlotte died Sept 20, 1870;  15y; dau of Allen & Martha 
ANDREWS Chester died Apr 12, 1874;  16y or 46y,3m,10d; son of Allen & Martha
ANDREWS Cynthia unknown dates   [Amherst Andrews plot]
ANDREWS Euphema died Aug 14, 1889;  74y; wife of Franklin C.; nee SMITH  [Amherst Andrews plot]
ANDREWS Franklin C. died 1867;  55y,4m,19d; son of Amherst & Phoebe (Cady) [Amherst Andrews plot]
ANDREWS George A. died 1844?;  y4; son of Allen
ANDREWS Martha died Mar 10, 1874;  71y,11m,17d; wife of Allen 
ANDREWS Phoebe died 1879;  96y; wife of Amherst; nee CADY  [Amherst Andrews plot]
BABBITT Benjamin died Oct 29, 1880;  74y; husb of Emma [buried Hardeenville, Beufort Co, NC] [on Gardiner monu]
BABBITT Emma Feb 25, 1821 - June 14, 1907; wife of Benjamin   [on Gardiner monu]
BARNES Charles E. died 1862 Norfolk VA battle;  16y; son of Palmer H. & Susan J. (Smith);  Civil War Vet
BARNES Francis Maria died Sept 29, 1845;  4y,5m,7d; dau of George & Catharine 
BARNES George W. died Mar 3, 1876;  65y    [footstone]
BASSET Allen 1796 - 1875;  79y; husb of Druzilla W. EDDY & Jemima C. MANN; son of Justus & Beulah (Tuttle) Bassett/Boyce
BASSET Erasmus E. July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg;  27y;  son of Allen & Jemima C. (Mann) unwed; Co B., 126th NY - Civil War Vet
BASSET George died Sept 18, 1862 at Antietam;  24y; unwed; son of Allen & Jemima C. (Mann); Sgt-Maj. with 33rd Reg. - Civil War Vet
BEACH Charles H. died Feb 4, 1906;  72yCo. C. 8th NYHA - Civil War Vet
BEACH infant died Jan 14, 1890;  6d; child of Charles & Nellie  [town record]
BELL Caroline 1824 - 1845; dau of Hiram & Mary (Rippey); twin to Mrs. Adaline Lanning [footstone]
BELL Charles C. died 1848;  7y,6m,?d; son of Alexander & Catherine  [stone worn]
BELL Frances M. died May 25, 1914;  86y,5m; wife of Joseph; dau of Joseph B. GANO
BELL Harriet died Sept 5, 1848;  1y,8m,5d; dau of Alexander & Catherine
BELL Hiram 1786 PA - Oct 15, 1871;  85y; husb of Mary RIPPEY; son of William & Rebecca
BELL Joseph R. died June 9, 1871;  44y,6m;  husb of Frances GANO; son of Hiram & Mary (Rippey)
BELL Mary died June 1, 1863;  73y; wife of Hiram; dau of John & Polly RIPPEY
BENEDICT Lewis died 1856;  21y
BENEDICT Washington died 1863;  31y
BROWN Anna Maria died Aug 13, 1856; wife of H.M.; nee ORCHARD
BROWN Charles N. 1898 - ????
BRUNER Edyth M. 1901 - 1922; wife of Charles N.; nee HARRISON  [adj to Wm Harrison]
CAMPBELL John J. 1828 - 1910
CAMPBELL Mary Sept 7, 1776 L. I. - 1859; wife of Wm.  [stone broken]
CARMICHAEL Emeline died 1841;  15y; dau of James H. & Nancy
CARMICHAEL Augusta May 20, 1847 - May 25, 1914; wife of Charles S. [John Carmichael monu]
CARMICHAEL Charles S. June 21, 1848 - Sept 11, 1901; husb of Augusta   [John Carmichael monu]
CARMICHAEL Eliza Jan 18, 1888;  68y; wife of John A.; dau of Josiah & Eliza WINFIELD [John Carmichael monu]
CARMICHAEL Emeline Aug 10, 1825 -Mar 26, 1841;  15y,7m; dau of James & Nancy  [James Carmichael monu- on ground]
CARMICHAEL James H. died July 25, 1853;  64y;  husb of Nancy;  [James Carmichael monu- on ground]
CARMICHAEL John A. died Dec 22, 1893;  77y; husb of Eliza WINFIELD [John Carmichael monu]
CARMICHAEL Nancy died Mar 6,1890;  97y; wife of James H; nee SAYRE   [James Carmichael monu- on ground]
CARMICHAEL Theodore W. died Feb 24, 1863;  5y; son of John & Eliza (Winfield)
CATON John 1809 - Sept 22, 1883;  74y; husb of Rhoda B. & Elizabeth
CATON Rhoda B. died 1850;  32y; 1st wife of John   [broken stone]
CHAMBERS Elizabeth died Dec 20, 1866;  52y; wife of Thomas; dau of Wm. SMITH 
CHAMBERS Jane died Feb 22, 1868;  55y; wife of Joshua    [stone partly buried]
CHAMBERS Jennie M. died June 12, 1892;  51y,8d; dau of Joshua & Jane    [town record]
CHAMBERS Thomas died Jan 8, 1878;  74y; husb of Elizabeth SMITH; son of Samuel & Hannah 
CHASE Anna died Jan 22, 1904;  66y,10m,2d; dau of Isaac & Susan (Hougtaling) MORRISON  [town record]
CHURCHILL John died June 13, 1886;  3y; son of Warren  [town record]
CHURCHILL Nancy died 1867; wife of N. 
CHURCHILL Newton died Apr 7, 1912;  84y,5m,21d; son of Garrett & Nancy [town record]
COOK Alzada 1850 - 1930; wife of Herman C.; nee BIGELOW   [plot  w/ Ezra Cook monu]
COOK Charles died Jan 21, 1844;  18y,3m,21d; son of John O & Nancy (Plummer)
COOK Daniel  (Mjr) Dec 10, 1769 {no} - 1833; [military bronze marker in error]; died Sept 17, 1791;  52y at Mendham, NJ  NJ Continental Line - Rev War Soldier
COOK Ezra Delos died June 10, 1868;  23y; son of Ezra D. & Sarah L. (Potter)
COOK Ezra D. 1812 - 1871;  59y; husb of Sarah L. POTTER & Mary J. GABRIEL; son of John O. & Phoebe (Townsend)    [plot  w/ Ezra Cook monu]
COOK Foster B. 1881 - 1896; son of Herman & Alzada (Bigelow)     [plot  w/ Ezra Cook monu]
COOK Foster P. (1st Lt) died Mar 12, 1868;  27y; son of Ezra D. & Sarah L. (Potter); "debility caused by service"; Co B., 148th NYV - Civil War Vet
COOK Henry P. (Sgt Maj) died July 2,1863;  26y; son of Ezra D. & Sarah L. (Potter); killed at Gettysburg; 126th NY - Civil War Vet
COOK Herman C.  1847 - 1911; son of Ezra D. & Mary  [plot  w/ Ezra Cook monu]
COOK John Owen  (Col?) 1789 NJ - June 14, 1832;  42y,7m,17dy; husb of Phoebe TOWNSEND & Nancy PLUMMER; son of Daniel & Rebecca (Owen)    [don't know why he has a military rank or if was in military at all]
COOK Mary died Dec 11, 1833;  3y,4m,10d; dau of John O. & Nancy (Plummer)
COOK Mary J. 1825 - Mar 24, 1905;  79y,10m,27d; wife of Ezra Cook & Mr. Beardslee; dau of Alanson & Permilla GABRIEL  [plot  w/ Ezra Cook monu]
COOK Nancy 2nd wife of John Owen; dau of John PLUMMER
COOK Phoebe T. died Nov 14, 1840;  16y,6m; dau of John O. & Nancy (Plummer)
COOK Phoebe 1791 - 1823; 1st wife of John O.; dau of Hezekiah TOWNSEND
COOK Rebekah June 15, 1748 - July 22, 1842;  95y; wife of Daniel; nee OWEN
COOK Sarah 1812 - Nov 6, 1843;  30y,8m,5d; wife of Ezra; dau of Deacon Aaron POTTER
COOK Lavina M. "Vinnie" died Dec 7, 1865;  13y; unwed; son of Ezra D. & Mary J. (Gabriel) [worn]
COPELAND Doreen Johann   no data
COPELAND George Edward  1896 - 1958
COPELAND Helen Aug 16, 1902 - Mar 1974; wife of George Edward; nee BLAIR
CRANDALL Azariah Mar 23, 1861;  39y,8m,12d; husb of Mary Jane PAGE
CRANDALL L.    died ?y,5m,28d; [broken stone near Azariah]
CRANDALL Mary Jane    wife of Azariah; dau of Thomas S. PAGE
DECKER Gideon died 1865;  32y
ELLIS infant died 1845; dau of SR & Mary H.
ELLIS Levi W. 1792 NJ - 1862;  71y; husb of Charity COYKENDALL; son of William & Maria (Fenton)
ELLIS Rebecca died 1842;  19y; dau of Levi W. & Charity (Coykendall)
ELLIS William H H died Dec 13, 1840;  3m,29d; son of SR & Mary H.
FOSTER William Mar 20, 1860 - Apr 9, 1907
FRASER Hannah Maria 1814 - ????; wife of Davis; dau of John O. & Phoebe COOK [broken stone]
FRITON Emerancy died 1878;  64y
GABRIEL* Alanson died July 21, 1869;  75y, 6m,13d; husb of Permilla PLUMMER; son of Peter & Olive (Sears);   3rd Regt NY Art & Inf - War of 1812 Vet
GABRIEL* Lyman J. died  Feb 24, 1837;  18y,6m,29d; son of Alanson & Permilla (Plummer)
GABRIEL* Permilla  died Nov 28, 1878;  78y,6m,27d; wife of Alanson; dau of John PLUMMER
GANO Adeline 1803 - 1884; wife of Joseph B.; dau of Stephen & Caroline REEDER
GANO Darwin S. died Apr 19, 1866;  23y,9d; son of Joseph B. & Adaline K.
GANO Joseph B. 1795 NJ - Sept 1869;  74y; husb of Adaline K.;son of Richard & Martha
GARDINER David N. died Mar 25, 1861;  52y; husb of Susannah C.  [Gardiner monu]
GARDINER Eliza    [sm stone on Gardiner monu plot]
GARDINER Hannah N. July 19, 1885;  63y   [Gardiner monu plot]
GARDINER Nicholas S. died July 19, 1881;  59y; husb of Sarah C.   [Gardiner monu plot]
GARDINER Nicholas W. died Feb 15, 1855;  39y   [Gardiner monu plot]
GARDINER Sarah C. Died Dec 17, 1881;  58y; wife of Nicholas S.  [Gardiner monu plot]
GARDINER Susannah C. died June 3, 1857;  61y; wife of David N. [Gardiner monu plot]
GLOVER Darius June 1830 - 19  ; husb of Deborah THITON; m: 1856;  Co. H, 6th NYHA - Civil War Vet    [Glover plot]
GLOVER Deborah Apr 1831 - 1923; wife of Darius; dau of Martha E. THITON [on 1880 census; Martha prob died bef. 1900]  [ck spelling of surname further]              [Glover plot]
GLOVER Francis Dec 19, 191? - June 13, 1892;  70y,5m,25d; son of Andrew  [Glover plot]
GLOVER Georgeanna T. July 27, 1859 - Dec 20, 1902; 43y; unwed; dau of Darius & Deborah (Thiton) [Glover plot]
GLOVER infant died June 7, 1903;   24hr
GREEN Gilbert E. died Apr 8, 1894;  53y,8m,4d 
HASKELL Freddie died Jan 23, 1877;  10y,19d; son of W.H. & S.E.
HEADLEY Chalion died Apr 4, 1874;  75y,4m; husb of Mary DAVENPORT; son of Samuel & Elizabeth    [Headley monu]
HEADLEY Chalion died 1850;  23y; son of Chalion & Mary (Davenport)
HEADLEY Mary died Mar 3, 1892;  92y; wife of Chalion; nee DAVENPORT  [Headley monu]


Moses B. died Nov 10, 1858;  23y,8m   [Headley monu]
HEADLEY Samuel died Jan 28, 1863  30y, 5m; son of Chalion & Mary (Davenport);Co. B. 148th NY - Civil War Vet    [Headley monu]
HOLDEN Hiram B. died 1888; son of James & Martha E. (Bell) [monu toppled]
HOLLISTER Abigail Apr 30, 1830 Evans, Erie Co., NY - May 8, 1855 Starkey, NY 25y,1m; wife of Ashbel; nee SMITH
HORN George W. died Feb 7, 1886;  62y   "Father"
HORN Lucinda died Nov 26, 1847;  27y,7m,15d; wife of J.R.
HOUGHTALING Amos J. died Oct 10, 1862;  26y,10m Harrisburg, PA; husb of Eliza; Co. E, 126th NY - Civil War Vet
HOYT Emma died Dec 29, 1863;  13y, 4m    [Headley monu]
HUNTINGTON Cynthia died May 13, 1844;  81y; wife of Mr. Porter & 2nd wife of James Huntington; nee TUTTLE   [buried with Sawyers fam]
HURD Rebecca died Dec 10, 1964;  39y,8m,6d; wife of Seymour; dau of Hiram BELL
HURD Simeon 1755 - 1840; 5th Co, 7th Reg CT Militia - Rev War Soldier
LANNING Adaline 1824 - 1893; wife of Richard; dau of Hiram BELL
LEWIS Morris B. died June 18, 1854;  7y; son of AB & Mary
LITTLE Catherine died Oct 11, 1851;  72y; wife of Francis; nee WINFIELD
LITTLE Scott W. died Oct 16, 1853;  4y,1d; son of Wm. L. & Martha
LONGCOR Emmet 1844 - 1844; son of Misner & Margaret  (Titsworth)
LONGCOR Margaret M. 1826 - June 4, 1910;  83y,7m,16d; wife of Misner; dau of Henry TITSWORTH; rem--- Green  [Titsworth plot]
LONGCOR Misner died 1859;  39y; husb of Margaret TITSWORTH; son of Henry & Catherine (Misner) [Titsworth plot]
MALTBY Nancy died July 9, 1845;  57y,2m,8d; wife of Augustus
MAPES unknown 1806 - 1874;  68y; poss Mary who was wife of Isaac H. [name obliterated]
MARTIN Florence C. died Feb 7, 1850;  8m,10d; dau of C.H .& Mary S.
MARVIN Clarence died 1865;  7y
MC ALLISTER Mary E. died Aug 10, 1843;  8m  [stone partly buried]
MORGAN Henry F. died Aug 22, 1846;  38y,9m,8d
MORGAN* Rachel died Dec 15, 1848;  31y,8m,18d; wife of Henry F; nee RHODES
MORRISON infant  1d; dau of John & Frances
NORRIS Catharine 1845 - 1911; wife of Edward   [Norris monu]
NORRIS Edward 1843 - 1926; husb of Catharine; Co., K, 50th NY Eng - Civil War Vet [Norris monu]
NORRIS Eliza 1820 - 1894   [Norris monu]
NORRIS Freddie died June 16, 1880;  3y  [plot near Norris monu]
NORRIS W. E. 1878 - 1939   [plot near Norris monu]
OLDFIELD Lida died July 25, 1867;  24y; dau of Valeninte & Elizabeth
OLDFIELD Valentine died Feb 11, 1893;  77y,9m; husb of Elizabeth; son of Abraham & Olive (Kidder) [town record]
OVENSHIRE Isaac died Nov 19, 1858;  36y; husb of Matilda; son of William & Elizabeth
OVENSHIRE Lanning died 1864;  6y
PAGE Thomas S. 1794 CT - Apr 16, 1850;  56y,1m,19d
PARKS George A. died Oct 23, 1857;  7m,1d; son of George H. & Juilette
PHILLIPS Samuel died Feb 8, 1828;  27y
PHINAMER George 1763 PA - 1855;  92y; husb of Hannah
PHINAMER Hannah died 1863;  94y; wife of George
PLUMMER Ann    dau of Wm. & Ann   [stone broken]
PLUMMER George died Feb 3, 1855;  92y,9m,15d; husb of Hannah MC MURTREE; son of William
PLUMMER George H.    "Little George"  [footstone w/ initials near Plummers]
PLUMMER Hannah died Mar 15, 1863;  94y,4d; wife of George; nee MC MURTREE
RAPALEE* Eliza died Apr 4, 1857;  54y; wife of Russel HAIR & Nehemiah RAPALEE; dau of Francis LITTLE
RAPALEE* Mary Eleanor died Apr 20, 1858 48y,70; wife of  Dr. Ben NICHOLS & Nehemiah RAPALEE
RHOADS* Catharine died June 16, 1846;  21y,?m,11d; wife of John
ROLOSON Delazon died Oct 17, 1851;   son of  ??  & Martha
ROSE Charlotte M. died Mar 31, 1847;  25y; wife of George P.
ROSE George P. died Apr 18, 1907; husb of Charlotte M. & 
SAWYER Mary P. died Apr 4, 1891;  50y; wife of Wm. H.; dau of James HUNTINGTON
SAWYER William H. "Willie" 1823 - Aug 11, 1868;  44y; husb of Mary P. HUNTINGTON; son of Deliverance Jr. & Lucy (Lord) 
SAYRE Amy died ??? 18, 1841;  ?; wife of Stephen  [on James Carmichael monu on ground]
SAYRE Stephen 1799 - [not on 1850 census]; husb of Amy [on James Carmichael monu on ground]
SCHOONMAKER Colburn     son of ????   [stone partly buried]
SHANNON Clarissa died July 1859;  35y   [mortality schedule]
SHANNON Samuel died 1848;  20y; of apoplexy; husb of Martha ELLIS; son of Daniel & Lydia (Raplee)
SMITH* Jonathan June 23, 1839 - Apr 5, 1847;  7y,10m,2d; son of Warren & Polly [Smith monu & own stone broken]
SMITH* Jonathan husb of Nancy CLARK & Percis MARINER; Soldier in War of 1812
SMITH Nancy     1st wife of Jonathan; dau of Thomas CLARK
SMITH Nancy J. Aug 23, 1832 - May 13, 1867; dau of Warren & Polly SMITH   [Smith monu & own stone]
SMITH Polly died June 20, 1874;  61y,10m,7m; wife of Warren [Smith monu & own stone broken]
SMITH* Warren died Mar 22, 188?;  57y; husb of Polly; son of Jonathan & Nancy (Clark [ 70y on 1880 census]  [Smith monu]
SWARTHOUT Maria died Mar 6, 1911;  78y; wife of P. W.; nee GANO
TAYLOR Amy died May 22, 1851;  41y,3m,7d; wife of Joel A. [also listed in Hillside cemetery]
TAYLOR* Austa Louisa died Dec 22, 1825;  20y,6m,12d;  dau of John & Sarah
TAYLOR Joel Ackley died Oct 3, 1895;  86y,2m,2d; husb of Amy & Lola; son of John A. & Sarah [town record]
TAYLOR John Apr 13, 1771 Sheffield MA - Mar 9, 1857;  86y  [town record]
TAYLOR Minerva C. died Aug 2, 1845;  11y,10m,13d; dau of Joel  A.& Amy
TAYLOR Nancy M. died June 24, 1848;  5m,11d; dau of Joel A. & Amy
TAYLOR Sarah 1778 CT - Apr 28, 1865;  87y; 2nd wife of John [mortality schedule]
TAYLOR Thomas 1831 - 1926 "born in Slavery";   Co. D., 5th NY Inf - Civil War Vet
TERRY Jonas D. Nov 8, 1816 - Feb 19, 1901
TITSWORTH Adaline died 1842;  1y; dau of Baltus   [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Baltus 1814 - 1899; son of Hiram & Charity (Swarts)    [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Charity 1785 NJ - 1869;  84y; wife of Hiram; dau of Baltus SWARTS  [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Elizabeth 1816 - 1899; wife of Baltus; dau of Dr. MILLARD  [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Henry  1812 - 1840;  28y; husb of Martha LANNING; son of Hiram & Charity (Swarts)   [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Hiram 1788 NJ - 1861;  73y; husb of Charity SWARTS   [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Hiram 1834 - 1839;  son of Henry & Martha (Lanning)  [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH James died 1839;  1y; son of Henry & Martha (Lanning)  [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Lydia died 1839;  3y; dau of Baltuss & Adaline  [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Martha A. died 1835;  15y; dau of Hiram & Charity (Swarts)  [Titsworth plot]
TITSWORTH Susan died 1830;  20y; dau of Hiram & Charity (Swarts)   [Titsworth plot]
TUCKER Cerena 1813 - 1898; nee BABBITT
TURNER Thomas Page died Sept 1843;  9m,18d   [stone worn]
unknown   broken stone near Gabriels plot
unknown   small marble obelisk on ground
unknown   "Mother"
unknown   slate stone; no inscription left
WAFER Joseph died 1848;  19y
WHEELER* Caroline Rebecca died July 29, 1852;  [34y] 78y,3m,3d; wife of  Rev. Henry (Martin); dau of John O. & Phebe  COOK    [age discrepancy - contact town historian & contributor Susan McAdam]
WILKINS Neda died 1866;  6y
WISNER Eliza A. 1833 - 1917; wife of Henry A.; dau of Hiram BELL "Mother"
WISNER ? Harry died Apr 9, 1885; "my Beloved Son" [near Eliza Wisner][ 17 on 1880 census]
WOODRUFF Nelson F. 1841 - 1900   Co. B, 148th NY - Civil War Vet
WRIGHT Elsey (Elsa) 1810 - ????; wife of Joel; dau of Jacobus S. & Catherine (Vandevoort) DEMOREST  [monu toppled]
WRIGHT Emerancy died Feb 14, 1881;  78y; wife of Joseph; dau of Zenas & Susan BORDWELL
WRIGHT Hadassa died Aug 3, 1893;  84y
WRIGHT Joel 1795 CT - died Sept 15,1877;  82y; husb of Elsey or Elsa 
WRIGHT Joseph died Oct 16, 1845;  50y
WRIGHT Martha Jane died Dec 13, 1857;  21y,7m,28y; son of Joel & Elsey
WRIGHT William died Oct 3, 1854;  21y,7m,28d; son of Joel & Elsey

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