French Cemetery

& Private Burials at Mabel Fitch Farm & 

G. & H Farm Burials

Town of Middlesex

Potter , Yates Co., NY

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French Cemetery Headstone pics

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ADAMS* Abner s/o Chester & Elizabeth
ADAMS* Asahel May 1827 - July 25, 1839; 12y,1m,12d; s/o Chaucey & Cynthia (French)
ADAMS* Chauncey July 4, 1792 VT - Sept 4, 1884;  92y,2m; s/o Asahel & Sarah (Herrick)  [Asahel's 1st wife]
ADAMS Chester 1810 - Mar 2, 1837;  27y; s/o Chester & Elizabeth (Southerland)
ADAMS Chester 1754 - Mar 17, 1829;  75y; h/o Elizabeth SOUTHERLAND; Rev War Soldier
ADAMS* Cynthia Dec 24, 1786 - Feb 3, 1853;  66y,1m,10d; w/o Chauncey; d/o Ozias & Elizabeth FRENCH
ADAMS Elizabeth S. died Mar 5, 1858;  8 wk
ADAMS Susan 1810 - Jan 22, 1843;  32y,3m; w/o Chauncy ; d/o Chester & Elizabeth (Southerland) ADAMS
ADAMS* Timothy 1844 - Jan 30, 1845;  6m,21d; s/o Chaucey & Cynthia  [possibly stone read incorrectly]
BARNES Augusta June 16, 1833 - Nov 1, 1835;  1y; d/o Herman M. & Mercy
BARNES Herman M. Mar 23, 1802 - Aug 8, 1881;  79y; h/o Mercy
BARNES Hiram H. Jan 24, 1835 - Aug 17, 1864 Petersburgh;  29y; s/o Herman M. & Mercy; Co. F. 148th NYV - Civil War Vet
BARNES Lydia died Dec 16, 1852; w/o Joseph
BARNES Mercy Jan 11, 1807 - Aug 31, 1887; w/o Herman
BASSETT Anna died Feb 5, 1846;  70y; w/o William; nee BLAIR
BASSETT Anna died Sept 27, 1871;  53y
BASSETT Betsey 1814 - May 3, 1889;  75y; w/o William P.; d/o William & Anna (Blair) BASSETT
BASSETT Calista died Jan 15, 1846;  36y; d/o William & Anna (Blair)
BASSETT Cynthia A. Apr 4, 1833 - Aug 25, 1910; unwed; sister of William P.
BASSETT Emily 1800 - Dec 14, 1876;  76y
BASSETT infant ? no data; broken stone
BASSETT Ira 1788 - Dec 2, 1844;  56y
BASSETT Ira Jr. died June 14, 1818;  2d; s/o Iral
BASSETT Julia infant d/o William & Anna (Blair)
BASSETT Julia Ann Oct 14, 1814 - Oct 12, 1844;  29y; w/o Thomas; nee WOODBURY
BASSETT Lydia Nov 12, 1793 - Feb 10, 1875; w/o William; nee BLOOD
BASSETT Nathaniel T. died Feb 6, 1863;  64y; h/o Polly; s/o William & Anna (Blair)
BASSETT Polly 1801 - Apr 11, 1851;  50y; w/o Nathaniel
BASSETT Prescott 1829 - June 10, 1895;  66y; s/o Grin
BASSETT Priscilla C. died Dec 15, 1845;  21; d/o C & B
BASSETT Sally died Nov 16, 1870;  68y
BASSETT Samuel 1808 - May 28, 1877;  69y; s/o William & Anna (Blair)
BASSETT Sarah 1747 - Feb 2, 1818;  71y; mother of William
BASSETT Thomas H. died Mar 12, 1845;  30y; s/o William & Anna
BASSETT unknown 1793 - Nov 29, 1829;  36y
BASSETT William died Feb 11, 1862;  89y; h/o Anna BLAIR
BASSETT William Aug 13, 1790 - Aug 17, 1858;  68y
BL ??? unknown died Dec 16, 1831;  1y,11m; ?? d/o August & Lucy B??
BRINKERHOFF Luke died May 19, 1825;  71y; h/o Mary
BRINKERHOFF Mary died Feb 8, 1844; 79y,9m,11d; w/o Luke
BUCKELEW Betsey died May 8, 1891;  87y; w/o ???
BUCKLEY Clarina died May 19, 1828;  9m,7d; d/o George W. & Anna R.   "This lovely bud so young and fair, Called hence by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower, in paradise would bloom."
BUCKLEY George E. died Sept 1, 1817;  1y,5m,12d; s/o George W. & Anna R.   "To the sweet flower that scents the morn, But withers in the rising day, Thus lovely was this infant's dawn, Thus swiftly fled its life away."  
BUCKLEY C.... rine  ?m,7d; d/o George
CATON Burton died Jan 31, 1846;  5m,9d; s/o G. W. & M
CHASE? C A footstone w/ initials
CHASE Nancy died Jan 11, 1832;  2y,10m; d/o Jerry & Olive (Cross)
CHASE Olive died Jan 18, 1831;  30y,2m,18d; w/o Jerry; d/o Edward & Levina CROSS
CHASE Olive died Mar 25, 1841;  8y,2m,16d; d/o Jerry & Olive (Cross)
CLARK Mary L. died Sept 20, 1854;  7; d/o Henry A. & Emeline
COLE Betsey Ann died Nov 2, 1846; 26y; w/o David
CROSS Charles died May 13, 1847;  1; s/o Edward & Levina (Gilbert)
CROSS Edward died Oct 31, 1849;  77y, 6m; h/o Levina (Gilbert)
CROSS Ellen died Sept 15, 1829;  26y; d/o Edward & Levina (Gilbert)
CROSS Joseph died Aug 6, 1816;  2y,2m,11d; s/o Edward & Levina (Gilbert)
CROSS Levina died June 26 ,1851; 75y; w/o Joseph; d/o Elias & Lydia GILBERT
CURTIS Naomi 1779 - Sept 16, 1825; 45y,10m,25d; ; w/o Pelamon; "There was a time, my friend, that time is past  When I in youth and beauty bloomed like thee A time will come, and sure ‘tis coming fast. When thou shalt  fade and die like me. Soon will the fairest blossoms pass away Once more I call prepare for endless day"
DENT Mrs. died Nov 2, 1882
DEWITT Catherine 1793 - Nov 26, 1860;  67y,6m,5d
DEWITT Cornelius C. 1815 - Oct 12, 1853;  38y
DEWITT Frances  1812 -Mar 3, 1884;  72y; w/o Cornelius C; d/o Lyman & Elizabeth LAMED
DEWITT Garret C. 1850 - Dec 24, 1853;  3y; s/o G C. & H N
DEWITT Jared Foot died Mar 20, 1859;  2y; s/o Garrett & H N
ERWIN Mary Dec 31, 1860 - Apr 23, 1866; w/o William E.
ERWIN Moses R. died Sept 8, 1849;  1y,11m,29d; s/o G. W. & S. A.
ERWIN William July 27, 1843 - Apr 19, 1851; h/o Mary E.
FENTON Freelove 1804 - Mar 21, 1889;  85y; w/o ??; d/o James & Polly (Benedict) FITCH
FISH Caroline E. died Mar 30, 1864; 32y,8m,7d; w/o George W.
FITCH Clarissa died Nov 20, 1858;  75y,4m,10d; w/o Joshua
FITCH George died Aug 8, 1852;  1m; s/o J & S
FITCH James died Sept 9, 1840;  80y;   Rev. War Soldier
FITCH Joshua 1777 VT -  Oct 25, 1859;  82y.5m,8d; h/o Clarissa
FITCH Julian A. died Feb 21, 1851;  23y
FITCH Mason died Oct 1859;  12y
FITCH Polly died Nov 7, 1858;  79y; w/o James
FORD Charity Amanda died Apr 19, 1849;  23y; w/o Charles; d/o Daniel & Betsey HAWLEY
FOSTER Alona died 1813 or 1817;  1-5y
FOSTER Anna M. died June 13, 1831;  31y,2m; 1st w/o John; d/o Edward & Jane ADAMS
FOSTER Asenath 1810 - 1901; 2nd w/o John; d/o Edward & Jane ADAMS
FOSTER Deforest died May 15, 1844;  5m,9d; s/o John & Anna (Adams) 
FOSTER Devoe died Sept 2, 1838 ;  1y,8m; s/o John & Asenath (Adams)
FOSTER Ed Forest died May 16, 1844;  5m; s/o Edward & Asenath (Adams)
FOSTER Edward died 1831; 2m; s/o John & Anna M. (Adams)
FOSTER Fanny Mar 10, 1833;  16y,8m;  d/o John and Asenath (Adams)
FOSTER John 1798 VT - May 7, 1865; 67y,5m,1d; h/o Anna M. ADAMS & Asenath ADAMS; s/o William & Susan (Miles)
FOSTER Miles died 1813 or 1817;  1-5y
FOSTER Rizpah died 1813-1817;  1-5y
FOSTER Susan died Mar 3, 1830;  50y,5m; w/o William; nee MILES
FOSTER William 1776 RI -  Nov 24, 1849; 78y,6m; h/o Susan MILES
FOWLER Joel F. died Sept 17, 1848;  3y,2m,9d; s/o Henry & Mary J. "This lovely bud so young and fair, called beyond by earthly doom ....."
FRANCISCO Sally died Feb 1, 1872;  77y; w/o Calvin TWITCHELL & Michael L. FRANCISCO; d/o Jabez & Sarah FRENCH
FRENCH Benjamin died May 28, 1866;  72y; h/o Ruby; s/o Jabz & Sarah
FRENCH Betsey S. 1832 - 1913; w/o Warren K.
FRENCH Elizabeth died May 15, 1823;  61y; w/o Ozias; nee DAYTON "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
FRENCH Eunice died Feb 7, 1815;  20y; d/o Ozias & Elizabeth  "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
FRENCH Jabez  (Deacon) died Sept 26, 1848;  83y; h/o Sarah
FRENCH Lucy died Mar 2, 1829; 5y,1m,23d; d/o Samuel & Polly
FRENCH Ozias died Jan 26, 1809; 48y; h/o Elizabeth (Dayton)
FRENCH Phila died July 7, 1858; 64y,4m,10d; w/o Ebenezer  [epitaph unreadable]
FRENCH Polly died Sept 13, 1873; 71y,2m,20d; w/o Samuel
FRENCH Ruby died Jan 7, 1849;  49y; 1st w/o Benjamin
FRENCH Sarah died June 26, 1839; 74y,8m; w/o Jabez
FRENCH Samuel died Aug 18, 1876;  85y,3m,28d;  h/o Polly 
FRENCH Warren K. 1832 - 1898; h/o Betsey S.; s/o Samuel & Polly
FURMAN Sarah died 1849;  69y; w/o Josiah
FURNER Mary died Jan 7, 1844;  74y
GILBERT Elias Oct 6, 1748 - Aug 20, 1828;  80y; h/o Lydia BOWEN
GILBERT Lydia died July 26, 1838;  85y; w/o Elias; nee BOWEN
GILBERT Mary died May 1, 1831;  5y,10m,8d; d/o Richard & Nancy
GLEASON Mary died Sept 11, 1850;  34y w/o Joseph
GREEN Benjamin died Sept 25, 1866;  77y; h/o Polly
GREEN Bingham C. died June 16, 1817;  1y,5m,6d; s/o Benjamin & Polly
GREEN Harriet died 1875;  80y; w/o Ira
GREEN Hezekiah died Sept 11, 1812; 47y; h/o Ruth
GREEN Ira died July 17, 1850; 58y; h/o Harriet
GREEN Polly died Oct 6, 1856;  63y; w/o Benjamin
GREEN Ruth died Feb 15, 1808;  41y; w/o Hezekiah
GREEN Samantha died Aug 3, 1816;  1y,1m,27d; d/o Benjamin & Polly
GUNN (GUNT) Eliza died Oct 15, 1853;  31y; w/o Frank C.
HARKNESS* Anna died Sept 18, 1807;  31y; w/o Buffum  "It's God that lifts our comfort high, Or sinks them in the grave, He takes and blessed be his name, He takes but what he gave." [stone partly scaled] ["Erected to the memory of Anna, w/o Buffum, who died Sept 18, 1807..."]
HARKNESS Buffum  (Dr)  died Jan 23, 1817;  44y,11m; h/o Anna (hist. book has  42y)"Thousands of Journeys night and day, Traveled weary on the way, To heal the sick, but now I'm gone, A Journey never to return".  [stone partly scaled]  ["Erected to the memory of Buffum Harkness, who died ..."]
HARKNESS Bunnan died Aug 19, 1830;  10m; s/o Buffan & Anna
HARWOOD Clara Jane died May 31, 1849;  19y; d/o Oliver & Clarissa
HARWOOD Fear died Oct 18, 1834;  73y; w/o Oliver
HARWOOD Fear died Mar 21, 1824; 17y,11m; d/o Oliver & Fear  "Forget not my advice, death youth; Embrace the Savior while he is near, And while you hear the gospel truth, Regard the dying words of Fear:
HARWOOD Hiram died Sept 19, 1850;  32y; s/o Luther & Alonzo
HARWOOD Hiram died Sept 19, 1851; 72y
HARWOOD Mary died Jan 20 1815; 93y
HARWOOD Mary Eliza died Oct 5, 1849;  24y; d/o Oliver & Clarissa
HARWOOD Oliver died Dec 23, 1803; 3y
HARWOOD Oliver died July 10, 1822; 59y; h/o Clarissa
HARWOOD unknown face down  [near Mary E. Harwood]
HAWLEY Amanda died Apr 18, 1849;  23y; d/o Daniel & Betsey (Parker)
HAWLEY Augustus died Nov 30, 1862;  27y; s/o Daniel & Betsey (Parker)
HAWLEY Betsey 1804 - May 7, 1891; 87y; w/o Daniel; nee PARKER
HAWLEY Clarissa B. died Oct 4, 1868; 26y,5m,6d; d/o Daniel & Betsey (Parker)
HAWLEY Daniel 1805 - Apr 21, 1848; 43y,3m,21d; h/o Betsey PARKER; s/o Josiah & Sarah (Taylor)
HAWLEY Daniel died Feb 1835;  82y; h/o Judith
HAWLEY Forest C. died Mar 14, 1841; s/o Daniel & Betsey (Parker)
HAWLEY Forest E. died Mar 11, 1811;  12y,10m; s/o Daniel & Betsey (Parker)
HAWLEY James S. died June 27, 1862;  32y; s/o Daniel & Betsey (Parker); killed in Battle at Gains Mills, VA- Civil War Vet
HAWLEY Judith died Sept 1834;  72y; w/o Daniel
HAWLEY Pamiel died Apr 21, 1848; 49y,2m,14d
HAWLEY Sarah died July 13, 1826; 54y; w/o Josiah (who disappeared in 1808); nee TAYLOR
HOARD Betsy died Aug 30, 1825; 36y,9m,3d; w/o Gideon    [epitaph not readable]
HOARD Peleg died Aug 11, 1841;  63y,9m,17d; h/o Phebe  "Thy worth is still remembered, Thou dear departed friend, and ne'er shall be forgotten, Till time and earth shall end" 
HOARD Phebe died Sept 18, 1828;  42y,11m,8d; w/o Peleg   "May angels with their guardian wings, This dreary tomb o'erspread, And guard until the close of time, This mansion of the dead."
HOARD Phebe died Dec 9, 1846;  23y,6m,28d; d/o Gideon & Betsy
HOBERT Amanda died Dec 17, 1834; 32y; w/o Walter P. ; d/o Nathan & Dorcas (Pratt) LOOMIS
HOBERT inf dau died Jan 11, 1829; d/o Walter P. & Amanda
HOBERT inf son died Sept 6, 1834; s/o Walter P. & Amanda 
HOLCOMB Emily died Sept 5, 1872;  59y,2m,15d; w/o Major B.
HOYT Deborah died Jan 14, 1841;  71y; w/o Lewis
HOYT Hannah died June 18, 1839; 31y,10m,6d; w/o Lorenzo  "Happy spirit thou art fled, And thy body turned to dust; Thou art numbered with the dead with the just"
HOYT Jane died May 8, 1830;  2y; d/o Lorenzo & Hannah
HOYT Lewis died Nov 8, 1811;  59y; h/o ??     [stone face down]
HOYT Lewis May 2, 1863 - 1874
HOYT Mathen died Aug 25, 1842;  7y; s/o Lorenzo & Hannah
HOYT Sally Elizabeth died June 22, 1839;  14y,2m,3d; d/o Lewis & Deborah    "Virtue not rolling suns, the minds matures, That life is long than answers life's treat end"
HOYT wife of died 1863; w/o Lewis  [stone face down]
HOYT William died Sept 11, 1812;  2y
HUSE Rhoda died Apr 3, 1845;  88y "Death is a debt to nature due, Which I have paid & so must you"
JAMES Hannah died Nov 20, 1851;  54y,9m,23d; 3rd w/o Waterman
JAMES Hepsibah died 1831;  56y; 2nd w/o Waterman
JAMES Rebecca died Dec 1806;  21y; 1st w/o Waterman   
JAMES Waterman died June 8, 1855;  77y; h/o Rebecca, Hepsibah & Hannah
KELSEY Susannah died May 4, 1842; 33y
LINDSLEY Hannah died Jan 22, 1846; 44y,8m,12d; w/o Alexander
LOCKOR John died Sept 24, 1808;  58y  "My flesh shall slumber in the ground, Til the last trumpets joyful sound. Then burst the chains with sweet surprise, And in my Savior's image rise. "
LOOMIS Allen D. died July 25, 1832; 33y; h/o Rebecca    [an unreadable, scaled off stone next to his]
LOOMIS Allethra died Apr 10, 1844; 8y; d/o Nathan & Cynthia
LOOMIS Augusta N. 1837 - Feb 1, 1862;  26y; d/o Nathaniel & Cynthia
LOOMIS Augusta 1837 - no date; d/o Nathaniel
LOOMIS Benjamin died Apr 15, 1852;  25y; s/o Nathan & Dorcas (Pratt)
LOOMIS Benjamin died Aug 18, 1808; 35y,7m;   "Farewell my friends, my memories keep, While in death's arms my body sleeps. Short was my stay with you below, Sooner or later all must go."
LOOMIS Calvin died Aug 23, 1840;  74y,1m,17d; 
LOOMIS Celista died Sept 15, 1820;  15y,3m,15d; d/o Benjamin & Naomi; "Behold the silent earth hath made me room; The Solemn dirge is sounded o'er my tomb. My Grave with darkness and with silenced rest, And green the turf that guards my humble rest.  Friends when you pass this way forbear to sigh, But think on God and be prepared to die."
LOOMIS Cynthia died June 6, 1838;  32y; w/o Nathaniel
LOOMIS Dorcas 1768 VT Jan 31, 1859;  91y; w/o Nathan; nee PRATT   "Return unto thy rest, my soul"
LOOMIS Dyer died June 5, 1836;  39y; h/o ???
LOOMIS Elisha died Aug 27, 1836;  37y;  h/o Maria SARTWELL; s/o James & Sarah (Williams) "The upright shall dwell in thy presence."
LOOMIS Eunice died Nov 22, 1804;  35y; w/o Calvin  "O shall it be forever said, The race of men was only made, For sickness, sorrow and the grave."
LOOMIS Naoma died Sept 16, 1825;  45y; w/o P. Curtis
LOOMIS Nathan 1761 CT - May 8, 1851;  90y; h/o Dorcas PRATT  "of his age, I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord."
LOOMIS Nathaniel died Aug 2, 1802; 7y; s/o Nathan & Dorcas (Pratt)
LOOMIS Oscar died Feb 1817; 2y; s/o Nathaniel & M.
LOOMIS Rebecca died Sept 4, 1829;  24y,3m,27d; w/o Allen D.  "Beloved while living and revered when death, Rebecca here doth lowly rest her head. Her spirit is gone where all that is good shall go; How far beyond this world of sorrow, guilt and woe. Then weep not friends when you approach this stone, And weep not partner that thou art sad and lone. "
MAYNARD Susannah died Oct 23, 1828;  75y,7m,23d
MILES Albert died Feb 13, 1840; 1y,6m,23d; s/o Philetus & R.G.
MILES Arthur died Aug 3, 1844;  1y,11m; s/o Philetus & R. G.  [row7]
MILES Caroline died Nov 12, 1864;  44y,5m,12d; w/o Philetus
MILES Julia died Oct 11, 1842; 2y,4m,15d; d/o Philetus & R. G. 
MILES Martin died Nov 18, 1845;  1y,1m,5d; s/o Philetus & R. G. 
MILES Rebecca died Mar 5, 1840;  26y
NEVINS Minerva died May 2, 1827;  22y,27d; w/o T. J.  " She is not dead, but sleepeth."
PAGE Abram died July 8, 1861;  71y,7m,21d; h/o Sophia
PAGE Elizabeth died Feb 3, 1841; 79y,9m; w/o Isaac
PAGE Emily died May 22, 1829;  5y,7m,11d; d/o Abram & Sophia
PAGE Isaac died Mar 26, 1844;  85y; h/o Elizabeth; Rev War Solider & pensioner
PAGE Sophia died July 21, 1858;  62y; w/o Abram
PECK Maria died Apr 13, 1852; 35y; w/o Joseph; "This mournful marble A Friend, a wife, a mother sleeps; In faith she died, in dust she lies, When Jesus wills that dust shall rise."
PRATT Elizabeth died July 24, 1824; 48y,8m,28d; w/o Jonathan
PRATT Jonathan died Aug 19, 1842; 87y; h/o Elizabeth;  Rev. War Soldier
PUTNEY Aaron died Sept 23, 1844;  73y,4m
PUTNEY Caroline M. died Sept 21, 1849;  48y,2m; w/o Jedediah
PUTNEY Clarry B.    d/o C. A. & M. A. 
PUTNEY Elizabeth died Feb 16, 1848;  22y,7m; w/o Chester A.; d/o Joel & Polly PARKER  [epitaph not readable]
PUTNEY Jedediah died Nov 30, 1845;  45y,5m,25d; h/o Caroline M.
PUTNEY Joel R. died Sept 19, 1848;  10m; s/o Chester A. & Elizabeth;  "This lovely bud so young and fair, Cast down by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower, In Paradise might bloom"
REDDOUT Rachel died July 17, 1837;  23y; w/o Elisha
ROGERS Chauncey died Mar 16, 1822;  22y,11m,16d; s/o Zebulon & Hannah
ROGERS Henry died July 2, 1840;  42y,9m,6d; h/o Nancy  "The thought of the grave and of death, Had no fearful effect on his mind; But calmly he yielded his breath, His spirit to God he resigned"
ROGERS John S. died Mar 3, 1821;  6m; s/o Henry & Nancy
ROGERS Nancy W. died Sept 19, 1849;  52y,9m,5d; w/o Henry
RUNYAN Sarah Celeste died Mar 7, 1842;  9y; d/o D. H. & A.
SACKETT Elsie died Jan 14, 1836;  1y,6m; d/o Thomas J. & Sina
SACKETT* Hannah died Dec 17, 1856;  83y; w/o Richard  
SACKETT Lucinda [Lusina] died Dec 19, 1850;  23y,2m,1d; d/o Thomas J. & Sina    [as Lina on 1850 census]
SACKETT Malinda [Melinda] died July 1, 1852;  22y; d/o Thomas J.& Sina  [not found on 1850 census]
SACKETT Samuel died Oct 2, 1850;  7m,26d; s/o Richard & Lydia  [epitaph unreadable]
SACKETT Thomas J. died June 6, 1859;  59y; h/o Sina  [tall stone facing west]
SAUNDERS Caroline died Mar 28, 1839;  4y,9m,2d; d/o John & Nancy
SAUNDERS Elizabeth died Oct 15, 1816 or 46?;  82y,9m,6d; w/o Thomas  "The Christian is living through Jesus' love And gladly receiving a welcome above."
SAUNDERS Henry died Sept 21, 1805;  2y,10m; s/o Thomas & Elizabeth; "My time was short, My glass is run, And leave my friends to weep and mourn."  
SAUNDERS Jemima died Oct 18, 1820;  21y,6m,4d  w/ Prescott; "Here lies my body in the dust, Whilst in God I put my trust.  It is not the wise, but just that rise, To God in heaven above the skies."
SAUNDERS John died Oct 21, 1860;  55y,2m,9d; h/o Nancy   "Farewell dear friend, my life is past. I loved you while my life did last.  Don't mourn for me, sorrow take, But love my family for my sake."
SAUNDERS LeRoy died Aug 14, 1840;  4y;  s/o John & Nancy   "In our small flock the ??? is wide."
SAUNDERS Nancy Aug 11, 1807 - Aug 31, 1876;  69y,20d; w/o John
SAUNDERS Persia died Mar 28, 1830;  22y,9mo,16d; d/o Thomas & Elizabeth  "Tis finished, tis done; the Spirit is Fled. The prisoner is gone, the Christian is dead."
SAUNDERS Robert died Aug 28, 1844;  11y; s/o John & Nancy
SAUNDERS Thomas 1764 - Mar 3, 183066y,9d; h/o Elizabeth   "Farewell my friends, dry up your tears. I must lie here till Christ appears."
SAWYER Anna died May 21, 1807;  58y; w/o Cornelius; nee HUSK   "Farewell my friends, dry up your tears, My dust lies here till Christ appears."
SAWYER Cornelius died May 4, 1823;  75y; h/o Anna HUSK  "In my 23 year I married my wife, And with her I spent 35 years of my life; 16 years after my life I resigned, And of my 8 children, left 7 behind."
SAWYER John W.  died Nov 2, 1838;  17y,11m,2d; s/o Cornelius & Margaret
SAWYER Margaret died Apr 21, 186270y,11m,13d; w/o Cornelius
SAWYER Margaret died Nov 8, 1845;  13y,11m,28d; d/o Cornelius & Margaret
SAWYER Seymour died Nov 17, 1853;  29y,1m
SCOTT Anna C.  or Jan C. died Nov 23, 1853;  27[rest of stone unreadable]
SCOTT John died Feb 11, 1860;  24y; s/o John & Catharine
SCOTT Josephine died Feb 22, 1832; 4y,4m,12d; d/o John & Catharine
SOUTHERLAND Elisabeth  aged 8?y;  w/o Adams March
STAFFORD Theodore died Aug 4, 1840;  3m,6d; s/o John B. & Harriet
STEELE Amanda Y. died Mar 26, 1851; 23y,3m; d/o Wm. & Hannah   [epitaph unreadable]
STEELE Mary Ann died Mar 1, 1832; 18y, 6m,12d; d/o Win & Hannah  [4 line epitaph unreadable]
STEELE William died Sept 16, 1830; 50y,6m,13d
STRAIT Polly died Apr 1813;  17y; niece of Rebecca Waterman
TORRY Amanda died July 16, 1817; 20y,1m,2d; consort of Henry  "Erected to the memory of Amanda, consort of Henry Torrey, who departed this life .....(date and aged mentioned first)"
TORRY Olive died Aug 20, 1827;  27y; consort of Henry
TUCKER Anna died Oct 25, 1850;  92y; w/o John   "Death will dissolve the tenderest ties, That mortals form below; Our dearest friends are called to die; And we are left to mourn."
TURNER Mary died Jan 7, 1844;  73y,5m
TWITCHELL Amanda Y. died Mar 26, 1851;  23y, 3m; d/o Wm. & Hannah STEELE [epitaph not readable]
TWITCHELL Hannah died Oct 11, 1854;  59y; w/o Jonathan
TWITCHELL Henry C. died Sept 24, 1843;  1y,2m,19d  "Suffer little children to come onto me and [rest unreadable]
TWITCHELL Henry H. died Dec 6, 1853;  16y; s/o Jonathan & Hannah
TWITCHELL Mary died Sept 1, 1854;  20y,10m; d/o Jonathan & Hannah  "Mary, thou most mild and lovely; Gentle as the summer breeze; Pleasant as the air of evening, When it floats among the trees"
unknown unknown died Dec 6, 1851; 1y,11m;  d/o Lucy B.   [stone broken]
unknown unknown 1827 (stone sealed & unreadable)   [next to Sarah Runyan]  (row 7,#4)
unknown unknown (stone sealed & unreadable)   [next to Sarah Runyan] (row 7,#5)
unknown Annie T. died Feb 1, 1864;  1y,6m; child of Olmstead [epitaph unreadable] [flat dbl. stone]
unknown Mary R. died Feb 15, 1864;  3y,2d; child of Olmstead [epitaph unreadable]  [flat dbl. stone]
unknown Nathaniel not legible 
VANOSDAL Ann died Jan 16, 1826;  24y; w/o Michael B.   [this could be the broken stone next to Michael] 
VANOSDOL Mary Jane died May 30, 1844;  3y,1m,3d; d/o Michael & Huldah
VANOSDAL Michael B. died Jan 17, 1848; 45y,4m,23d; h/o Ann
VOORHEES John died Sept 19, 1828;  19y,1m,26d
VOORHEES Mary E. Dec 31, 1860 - Apr 23, 1866; 5y; d/o Peter & Elizabeth
VOORHEES Willie E. July 27, 1840 - Apr 19, 1851; s/o Peter & Elizabeth
WALKER Rowena L. died Mar 15, 1868;  70y; w/o Deacon Benjamin
WATKINS Alonzo died Dec 27, 1877;  57y; s/o Benjamin & Rowena L.
WATKINS Benjamin (Dea.) died Jan 4, 1872;  74y,6m h/o Rowena L.
WATKINS B. Frank died Feb 4, 1878;  41y; s/o Benjamin & Rowena L.
WATKINS John T. died Sept 1852;  27y; s/o Benjamin & Rowena L.
WATKINS Rowena L. died Mar 15, 1869;  70y; w/o Benjamin
WATERMAN Hannah died Nov 20, 1851;  54y,9m,23d; w/o James
WATERMAN James died June 8, 1855;  77y; h/o Hannah
WEBB Catharine died May 18, 1840     (unreadable - partly buried)
WEBB Joseph W. died June 26, 18??; 20y;   (unreadable - partly buried)
WEBB Nathan died Sept 26, 1807; 39y  [a design on stone]
WILLIAMS Cynthia died Dec 22, 1840; 23y,9m,19d; w/o Warham B.; d/o Chancey & Cynthia ADAMS
WILLIAMS Forest H. died May 15, 1839;  1y,9m,3d; s/o Joseph H. & Elcey
WILLIAMS Huldah died Jan 20, 1813;  80y; w/o Oliver  "The graves of all his saints be blest, And softened every bed, Where should the dung members rest, But with the dung head."
WILLIAMS Huldah died June 13, 1807;  53y   "And I heard a voice from heaven, Saying unto me write, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." 
WILLIAMS Ira C. died Nov 18, 1865; 11y
WILLIAMS Margaret departed this life Sept 15, 1831;  63y,1m,26d; w/o Joseph H.
WILLIAMS Pamelia died Aug 30, 1848;  48y,6m,22d; d/o Warham & Statira    "There is therefore now no condemnation, To them which are in Christ Jesus, Who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."
WILLIAMS Sally died Feb 21, 1824; 49y,5d; consort of Selden
WILLIAMS Statira died Aug 13, 1837;  68y; w/o Warham  "Filial affection hast rear'd this monument to the memory of one who sleeps in Jesus. "
WILLIAMS Warham died Jan 9, 1840;  79y; h/o Statera
W L.C.   (crudely carved)
WOOD Henry died Aug 22, 1833; 25y


Mabel H. Finch Farm Burials of the Gardner Family Lot

GARDNER Benjamin died Feb 10, 1854;  26y
GARDNER Electa Ann died Nov 21, 1831;  16y
GARDNER Eunice died Jan 19, 1842;  42y; w/o Robert
GARDNER Eunice died Feb 18, 1843;  84y; w/o Caleb
GARDNER Harriet died Mar 2, 1826;  7y; d/o Robert


G. H. Fitch Farm Burials of the Capt Perry Family Lot

CLOSSON Elizabeth died Feb 17, 1829;  94y; w/o Echoibed
PERRY Capt. family lot; bodies removed to Rushville Cemetery

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