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"The Universal Friend"  was Jemima WILKINSON

unknown   at least 10 blank stones
ALDRICH William died May 18, 1791; 35y; h/o Mercy KINNEY; while journeying to the Yates settlement
ALDRICH Mercy w/o Wm.; nee KINNEY
ALLEN Patience born CT; died 1833; unwed
ANDRUS or ANDREWS Huldah died Oct 17, 1789
BALDWIN Hannah born CT; died 1844; very old; unwed
BARNES Abigail 1750 - 1842; w/o Samuel Sr.; nee DAINES
BARNES Elizabeth died 18??; widow of David MILLS & 2nd w/o Henry BARNES
BARNES Henry May 28, 1789 CT - 1873; h/o Sarah WHITNEY & Mrs. Elizabeth MILLS; s/o Samuel & Abigail  (1870 census, living w/Almira KINNEY) [last surviving member of Universal Friends]
BARNES Sarah no dates; 1st w/o Henry BARNES, m: ~1835; sis of David WHITNEY
BARNES Samuel Sr. 1743 CT - 1809; h/o Abigail DAINS
BARTLESON John died Dec 2, 1785;  26y
BEAN Mary 17?? PA - died 1840;  6? y; unwed 
BEARD Eunice died early 1820's; unwed
BOTSFORD Abel died Aug 17, 1817; almost 70y; bro of Jonathan & Elnathan
BOTSFORD Abigail died Feb 22, 1797;  52y
BOTSFORD Benajah died of a stroke;
BOTSFORD Elijah s/o Jonathan Jr.  & Elizabeth
BOTSFORD Elizabeth died Oct ????; 87y; died May 1, 1822 or  July 12, 1830 [research further]
BOTSFORD Jonathan died Apr 20, 1791;  80y; bro of Abel & Elnathan
BOTSFORD Lucy 94y; w/o Elnathan; mother of Elijah
BOTSFORD Mary died Mar 31, 1831; 81y; w/o Abel; died suddenly; supposedly poisoned
BOTSFORD Samuel aged 20y,4m,28d; died by the fall of a tree
BRIGGS Esther also known as Esther PLANT
BRIGGS John Jr. died 1825; 70y; h/o Audrey PLACE; cousin to Peleg BRIGGS
BRIGGS Lavinia died Oct 2, 1791; 56y
BRIGGS Margaret 1734 - June or July 1800;  66y; w/o Peleg; nee VAUGHN
BRIGGS Mary died 1835
BRIGGS Peleg 1729 -  Jan 30, 1807; 78y; h/o Margaret VAUGHN
BRIGGS Sarah 1760 - Nov 10, 1840; 80y,6m; unwed; s/o Peleg 
BROWN Anna died Apr 16, 1791; 10y; d/o George & Martha (Luther)
BROWN Asa died Jan 9, 1877; 96y,9d; s/o Micajah Sr. & Hannah
BROWN Benjamin Sr. died Jan 1, 1797; h/o Sarah WALWORTH
BROWN Clarissa A. died Nov 1834; 34y; d/o Jesse; unwed
BROWN Francis died 1801;  ??
BROWN Lucy Apr 11, 1759 - Jan 5, 1826; 67y,8m,25d; unwed; sis/o Daniel, Sushannah & Temperance
BROWN Patience A. died Mar 21, 1850; 66y,7m,5d; w/o Asa; d/o Eleazor & Lydia (Gutheridge) INGRAHAM Sr.
BROWN Temperance Apr 14, 1763 - 1852; unwed; sister to Daniel Sr. & Lucy
CAHOON Sinah no dates; w/o Stewart; d/o John DAVIS
CARR Elizabeth died 1833; widow;  related to Havens fam of Benton
CHAMPLIN W. Peter  1875 - Sept 9, 1909 of Italy Hill; 34y; h/o Edna CARVEY;  s/o Rowland & Sarah
CLARK Elizabeth died 1833; w/o Thomas; nee MALIN
CLARK Thomas no dates; h/o Elizabeth MALIN
COGSWELL Lydia died July 7, 1796; 56y; unwed; sis of Phoebe 
COGSWELL Phebe died abt 1819's; 100y; unwed; sis of Lydia
COGSWELL Sarah no data; widowed; resided w/ Hannah Baldwin
COMSTOCK Aphi died 1867; 81y; unwed; sister to Israel & Martha
COMSTOCK Martha died 1867;  77y; unwed; sister to Israel and Aphi
COREY Fred Isaac died Nov 27, 1937; 72y; sons: Ross, Ralph & Perle
CUFF Negro Boy see Wm. Potter pg 2
DAINS Castle 1746 CT -  Nov 11, 1842; 96y; h/o Joanna BARMAN; Rev War Soldier
DAINS Joanna no dates; w/o Castle; nee BARMAN
DAINS Jonathan no dates; 93y; h/o Mary GREEN; brother of Castle, Jesse & Ephraim
DAINS Lavina died Oct 15, 1850;  86y; unwed; d/o Jonathan & Mary (Green)
DAINS Mary died June 15, 18??; w/o Jonathan Sr.; nee GREEN; [2nd burial in this cemetery]
DAVIS Fear  no dates; w/o Jesse W.; sis of William DAVIS
DAVIS John no dates; from PA;  h/o Leah
DINEHART Erwin W. Aug 6, 1918 - Aug 5, 2010; 91y; h/o Betty DUNTON; s/o Wm. & Pearl (Blaksley); WW II Vet  [obit in news section]
DOOLITTLE Samuel born PA; died abt 1838; abt 70y  (confirmed a lunatic by the Friend, later becoming rational)
DURHAM Elizabeth no dates
GIFFORD Peleg 1767 MA - early 1830's; h/o Ruth BRIGGS
GIFFORD Ruth no dates; w/o Peleg; d/o John & Elizabeth BRIGGS
GOODSPEED Lucinda died Feb 1845; quite old; unwed
GUERNSEY Amos July 13, 1731 CT -  Sept 7, 1796;  65y ; h/o Esther BLAKE; s/o John & Abigail (Northrup) 
GUERNSEY Amos Jr. Oct 23, 1758 CT -  Sept 10, 1814;  94y; h/o Thankful PERKINS; s/o Amos & Esther (Blake)
HARTWELL Rebecca died abt 1820; abt. 90y; w/o ??; mom of Samuel (his wife Elizabeth, was a sister to  "the Friend")
HATHAWAY Eunice no dates; unwed; d/o Freelove HATHAWAY
HATHAWAY Fear died May 5, 1773;  22y; d/o Nathaniel & Freelove H.
HATHAWAY Freelove  91y; w/o N.; mother of Eunice
HATHAWAY Hunnewell died 1794; s/o James & Mary; first death in the township
HATHAWAY James died Dec 16, 1790; h/o Mary
HATHAWAY Mary died Apr 6, 1782; 43y; w/o James
HATHAWAY Nathaniel prob. s/o Eunice
HATHAWAY Thomas Sr. b. MA - died Aug 25, 1795 (1798 per 1873 history);  66y; f/o Thomas & Gilbert; Tory in the Revolutionary War
HOLMES Abigail died Apr 20, 1782
HOLMES Elizabeth died Sept 23, 1810; 35y; died Feb 18, 1789?
HOLMES Jedediah died May 2, 1814; 97y;
HOLMES Lucy died Aug 11, 1790
HOLMES Mary died Sept 21, 1829; unwed; sister of Jedediah
HUNT Adam died Apr 12, 1806; 69y; h/o Mary
HUNT Lydia died suddenly at  15y
HUNT Margaret  
INGRAHAM Elisha no dates; father of Asa, Jerusha & Lament
INGRAHAM Jerusha died Nov 30, 1793;  36y; d/o Elisha
INGRAHAM Lydia w/o Eleazer; nee GUTHERIE (or Gutheridge?);  m/o Rachel, Lydia & Mrs. Patience Brown
INGRAHAM Lydia died Nov 18, 1850;  70y,2d; unwed; d/o Eleazor & Lydia (Gutherie)
INGRAHAM Nathaniel died Feb 26, 1831; 83y; cousin to Elisha & Eleazor
INGRAHAM Rachel died Jan 16, 1873;  91y,8m,2d; unwed; d/o Eleazor & Lydia (Gutherie or Gutherrige)
INGRAHAM Solomon died Dec 16, 1815; s/o Nathaniel; was buried alive in a pit he helped dig
JONES Anna died Aug 16, 1793
KEENEY Ephraim died Oct 9, 1784
KEENEY Eunice died Apr 27, 1794
KINNE Elizabeth born CT - died Dec 18, 1816; widow; m/o Ephraim, Isaac, Israel, Samuel & Mary
KINNEY Candace died Mar 19, 1791; 15y
KINNEY Cloe died May 7, 1786; 22y
KINNEY Buhler?  
KENYON Elizabeth died Dec 18, 1816; 94y; from RI;  w/o Remington  [spelling sometimes as KINYOUN]
KENYON Remington died 1807; h/o Elizabeth   [spelling sometimes as KINYOUN]
LUTHER Stephen died Feb 17, 1829;  28y
MALIN Abigail died abt 1820; 80y; unwed
MALIN Margaret born PA - died June 23, 1842; ??y; unwed
MALIN Rachel born PA - died Jan 2, 1847; ??y; unwed
MANSWER Eunice died Sept 13, 1793
MALLERY Merrida died aft 1819
NICHOLS Isaac died Dec 23, 1829; h/o Annie
OVETT Elizabeth  95y; sister of Abel, Jonathan & Elnathan BOTSFORD
PARKER Elizabeth died bef. 1829
POTTER Hannah died June 16, 1787
POTTER Armonia died Feb 15, 1794;  2y
POTTER Suzannah died May 19, 1780;  22y; d/o Judge William POTTER - (never came to Yates Co)
POTTER William (Judge) 1722 RI - 1814;  92y; h/o Penelope HAZARD
REYNOLDS Martha died 1844; unwed; sis of John, Mrs. Hannah Card, Mrs. Mary Gardner & Mrs. Sarah Shearman  
RICHARDS Abraham died Mar 25, 1786
RICHARDS Asa died June 28, 1792; consumption
RICHARDS Ruth married Spencer
RICHARDS Sarah died autumn of 1793; closest assistant to the Universal Friend  [removed from Ceme Hill to here]
PROSSER Anna died 1808
RENYOLDS John died July 2, 1814
RENYOLDS Sarah died Apr 12, 1803; 40y
ROBESON Walter T. died May 12, 1929; 63y;  h/o ??? ;  b/o Mrs. L. B. Fitzwater & Mrs. Charles LaDue & Charles, Frank & Fred; his son, Frank
ROBINSON William from Philadelphia, PA - died 1806; 80y; unwed; 1st  (recorded) burial in this cemetery 
ROSE Elizabeth died Mar 2, 1787; 6y
SHEROD Mary  84y
SMITH Mehitable died Mar 10, 1793;  ?6y; unwed
SMITH Nancy Oct 30, 1785 - Mar 17, 1846; w/o John J.; d/o Thomas & Elizabeth (Malin) CLARK
SPENCER Ruthie  1761 RI - Mar 21, 1819; 57y; 1st w/o Justus P.; nee PRICHARD; palsey seizure & died within less than a minute  ***
SPINK Silas 1757 -  Oct 9, 1830; h/o Mary? BRIGGS
STONE Asahel died Nov 25, 1834; 75y,1m,8d; h/o Anna SHERWOOD
STYER Anna 1725 - 1815; 90y; unwed; d/o Stephne STEYER (per 1873 hist. - related to Wageners & Supplees;     (resided w/ Anna Wagener and late "The Friend" & Lucina Goodspeed)
SUTTON Lament 1792 - between 1872 - 1875;  ??y:  w/o William PEARCE & Daniel SUTTON; d/o Elisha INGRAHAM; parents died when she was young &was reared by Asa STONE family
TOWERHILL Chloe   (Cloa) died abt 1800; abt 70y; was a slave & d/o an African slave; owned by Benjamin BROWN & freed when he became a member of the Friends, since slavery was not tolerated
UPDEGRAFF Jacob  d. abt 1800; father of Miss Eleanor, Mrs. Nancy INGRAHAM, Mrs. Rachel DAVID & Mrs. Rebecca SHATTUCK
WAGNER Anna died Aug 25, 1831;  75y; sister of David & Jacob; unwed
WAGNER Jacob died May 26, 1817; 63y,3m,13d
WAGNER Suzannah died Aug 30, 1818; 67y
WAGNER Jacob died June 26, 1818;  67y
WAGGONER David  84y
WALL William died Jan 30, 1803;  9m
WEAVER Jacob no data
WESTCOT Rhoda no data
WHITE Catherine "aunt Katy" born PA - died --- 28, 1817; died within a few hours of illness; widow
WOOD Peleg no data

* not known if buried here; dates from Torrey history [Taken from a much older cemetery listing from 1940's as being buried here]

*WILLIAMSON Benedict died Feb 18, 1832; h/o Susannah BROWN; Judge of Ontario Co.
*WILLIAMSON Phebe 1793 - 1864; unwed; d/o Benedict & Susannah (Brown)
*WILLIAMSON Susannah Sept 3, 1760 CT - June 10, 1837; w/o Benedict; nee BROWN



Wikipedia -  Jemima Wilkinson (29 November1752 - July 1, 1819) was a charismatic American evangelist who preached total sexual abstinence and the Ten Commandments to her Quaker "Society of Universal Friends." Her family were strict Quakers, most of her views were from her upbringing in the Quaker religion.

Jemima was the daughter of Amy (née Whipple) and Jeremiah Wilkinson, the cousin of Stephen Hopkins, in Cumberland, Rhode Island. She attended silent worship with Quakers at the Smithfield Meeting House with her family. As a young woman in the mid 1770s, she attended meetings with New Light Baptists.   



***Notation from Gary FRITZ   -  RE: Ruthie Spencer Source: History & Biography of Yates Co, Vol 1, Benton Biographies, pg. VIII  (on this website) - I don't know if one can take the 1761 date as "gospel", as the bio has a  different DOD.

The Universal Friend's Vault (per history book of 1873)

HATHAWAY James died 1796; husband of Mary;  buried in the Vault of the Friend, that he built
HATHAWAY Thomas died 1798; 66y; of fever; father of Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth & Gilbert;  Tory Soldier in Revolutionary War
WALL William (Gen'l) no data    died Jan 30, 1803;  9m

"Rest together in a hillock"

MALIN Margaret died 1844; unwed;  in 70's
MALIN Rachel died 1848; unwed;  almost 80y
WILKINSON Jemima 1758 RI - July 1, 1819; unwed; d/o Jeremiah & Amy (Whipple)  "The Universal Friend" [may have been removed to 'another place' for fear of desecration of her grave, by others]

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