Gardener Cemetery 

Westside of Fitch Road, NE of Harvey Rd. Potter, Yates Co., NY

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Mabel H. Finch Farm Burials of the Gardner Family Lot


GARDNER Benjamin Henry Sept 29, 1827 - Feb 9, 1854; 26y,rm,15d; s/o Robert Baxter & Eunice (Cooley) M.
GARDNER Caroline 1832 - 1855 to 1860; d/o Robert Baxter & Eunice (Cooley)
GARDNER Electa Ann Feb 15, 1815 - Nov 21, 1831;  16y,8m;   d/o Robert Baxter & Eunice (Cooley) [dbl stone w. Evelen A.]
GARDNER Etta Ann died Dec 13, 1853;  18y,11m,12d; d/o Robert Baxter & Eunice (Cooley)  [broken]
GARDNER Eunice died June 19, 1842;  49y; 1st w/o Robert Baxter; nee COOLEY
GARDNER Eunice died Feb 18, 1845;  84y,1m,10d; w/o Caleb; mother of Robert Baxter
GARDNER Evelen A. died Sept 23, 1831;  14y,7m,5d; d/o Robert Baxter & Eunice (Cooley)
GARDNER Eliza Harriet Oct 29, 1829 - Aug 3, 1847;  17y  {footstone]
GARDNER Harriet died Mar 12, 1826;  7y; d/o Robert Baxter & Eunice (Cooley)
GARDNER Harriet I. died Feb 1, 1851;  1m; d/o Robert H. & Susan  [on monu of James Garner]
GARDNER I. [footstone]
GARDNER James H. died Dec 22, 1853;  2y,1m,8d; s/o Robert H. & Susan
GARDNER Mary Louise Nov 23, 1931 - July 2, 1855;  23y    [footstone]
GARDNER Robert Baxter 1791 - Apr 11, 1883;  92y,6m; h/o Eunice COOLEY & Sarah; s/o Caleb & Eunice  [footstone only]
GARDNER Robert Harvey 1826 - Apr 11, 1865;  39y; s/o Robert  Baxter & Eunice (Cooley)
GARDNER Sarah died July 17, 1880;  89y,6m,17d; 2nd w/o Robert Baxter
GARDNER unknown 1 pr un-inscribed field stones; poss. a child;  larger broken and buried marble headstone

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