Hunt Cemetery

Himrod Rd. & Chubb Hollow Rd.

Milo, Yates Co., NY

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ANDERSON Hixon F. Mar 16, 1810 - Oct 24, 1877; husb of Martha H.
ANDERSON Martha H. 1815 - 1904; wife of Hixon F.
ASPELL Esther died June 3, 1875; aged 75y; wife of William W.; dau of David BRIGGS
ASPELL William W. 1793 Ireland - Apr 18, 1865; aged 72y; husb of  Miss FINCH & Esther BRIGGS
BALDWIN Guy M. died June 2, 1851; husb of Mary
BALDWIN Mary wife of Guy M.
BRIGGS Fanny Feb 5, 1813 - Sept 11, 1849; wife of George B.
BRIGGS George B. husb of Fanny
BRIGGS Sarah died Jan 31, 1845; wife of Thomas
BRIGGS Thomas husb of Sarah
CARR Amos A. died Dec 18, 1851; husb of Sarah
CARR Sarah died Nov 15, 1862; wife of Amos A.
CARR Stephen A. died Aug 30, 1848
CHASE William K. died Oct 11, 1850; aged 39y
CLARK John C. died Nov 6, 1865; husb of Mary Jane
CLARK Mary Jane died Nov 11, 1865; wife of John C.
GRANT Loring July 7, 1834 - Feb 6, 1857
HATMAKER Frances died Feb 17, 1867; wife of William S.
HATMAKER William S. husb of Frances
HENDERSON Samuel (Col) died Apr 12, 1834; aged 37y,1m,7d
HOLLOWELL Eleanor died Apr 25, 1859; wife of Joseph
HOLLOWELL Joseph Mar 23, 1776 - May 12, 1867; husb of Eleanor
HOLLOWISE Hannah died Jan 12, 1864; wife of William
HOLLOWISE William died Apr 1858; husb of Hannah
HUNT Abe died Sept 24, 1849; husb of Elizabeth
HUNT Charles H. Aug 24, 1834 - Nov 23, 1906; husb of Lydia A.
HUNT Elizabeth died Apr 12, 1831; wife of Abe
HUNT Lydia A. July 27, 1826 - July 29, 1902; wife of Charles H.
HUNT Nancy died May 26, 1834; wife of Silas Jr.
HUNT Silas Jr. died Mar 16, 1836; husb of Nancy
LONGWELL David Sept 2, 1781 - July 29, 1870; husb of Mehitable G.
LONGWELL Mehitable G. Dec 8, 1786 - Feb 22, 1869; wife of David
MILLER Adaline no dates
MILLER Thomas no dates
RONEY John A. no dates
RONEY Mary died Nov 23, 1865; wife of John
SPINK Sarah died Nov 9, 1869; wife of William
SPINK William died Nov 30, 1860; husb of Sarah
WOLFE Jacob no dates
WOLFE Sarah A. no dates

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