Italy Valley or Italy Hollow Cemetery

Italy , NY

Pictures of Headstones

Please contact me if you have any pictures of headstones to share for this cemetery.  

compliments of: Gary Fritz


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Frances M. Albright

Lois M. Albro

Florence Barker

Henry Barker

Phebe Barker

Rachel Barker

Sarah Barker

Benjamin Bartlett

Clinton P. Bartlett

Hannah (Simpson) Bartlett

Martha Bartlett

Martha Bartlett

Silas Bartlett

Warren Bartlett

Lovina Baxter

Newton Baxter

Polly Baxter

Alfred A. Beeman


Charles & Emily A. Bell

Eddie Bell

Nellie Bell  [on stone of D. Green]

John E. Brando

Emma A.Burnett

Libby Burnett

Liberty Burnett

Lionel & William Burnett

Oscar & Mary Burnett

Russel Burnett

Almira A. Burr

Harvey M, Hattie R., Ward L. & Mabel B. Clark

Joel M. Clark


Joseph W. & Emma F. (Geer) Clark

Laura A. Clark

Lucilla M. Clark

Diana Lee (Webster) Cooko

Emily C. (Mann) Covel


Warren L. Cowing

Andrew Crouch

Artemas & Patty Crouch

Caleb Crouch

Eliza Crouch

Robert A. Daly

Tina L. Daly

John Blair & Naomi E. Davison

William & Anna DeWitt

Charles A. Dunton

Clarence & Ada Dunton

Emma Dunton

Floyd C. Dunton

Howard Dunton

Howard S. Dunton


Howard, Leona S., & Paul Dunton

H. Spencer & Mary L. Dunton

Mary Lou Dunton

Paul F. Dunton

Vernon C. & Irene G. Dunton

Harold C. & Fannie (Geer) Eaton

William H. Ellerington

Charles M. & Myrtle H. Elwell

Maybell (Finch) Elwell & Sarah & M. Finch

Roscoe & Lucy G. Elwell


Edward C. Fehrenbacher

Karl Joseph Fehrenbacher

Sarah  & M. Finch & Maybell (Finch) Elwell

Alden D. & Amy V. Fox

Amos D. Fox


Braman & Luticia Fox

Charles F. Fox

Ella J. & Alice Fox

James Fox

Jane & Mary Ann Fox

Jeremiah Fox

Mary Fox

William, Elizabeth & Rosalie M. Fox

Gordon N. Francis

Gordon N. Sr. & Doris L. Francis

Alice L. Gage



Julia Gardner

Geer family stone


Amelia Geer

Charles M. Geer

Edward L. Geer

George H. Geer

George W. Geer

Grace J. Geer

Herbert D. Geer

Laura J. Geer

Laura S. Geer


Leroy G., Ida E. & Lottie E. Geer

Marjorie S. Geer

Minnie B. Geer

Obadiah Geer

William B. Geer

Harmon M. & Laura Gillett

Jabez Gillett


Jeremiah T., Sophia C. Gillett & Elizabeth (Gillett) Haynes

Amelia (Fisher) Graham

Eleanor Graham

John P. Graham


Laura C. Graham

Lewis B., Maria (Gillett), Pamila S. (Green), Orson & Phebe (Bartlett) Graham

Oracy Graham

Orson Graham

Orson E. Graham

Pamila S. Graham

Phebe Graham

Phebe L. Graham

Rachel Graham

Samuel A. Graham

William D. Graham

William  M. Graham


Dick Green & Nellie Bell & Grace James

Fannie (Blair) Green

Polly Green

William Green

William & Theodosia Green

Amanda (Fish) Grego

Evelyn J. Grego

Frances & Elmer Grow

Mary M., F. May & Lois Grow

William S. Grow


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