Italy Valley or Italy Hollow Cemetery

Italy , NY

Pictures of Headstones

Please contact me if you have any pictures of headstones to share for this cemetery.  

compliments of:  Gary Fritz


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Elizabeth (Gillett) Haynes& Jeremiah & Sophia Gillett

Henry Henneburgh

Bert C. Herrick

Carrie (Clark) Herrick

Charles E. Herrick

Elmer Herrick

Elmer A. Herrick


Emma B. Herrick

Flag L. Herrick

Hazel E. Herrick

Leon D. Herrick

Lorenzo & Alsina (Mumford) Herrick

Mary E. (Geer) Herrick


Lydick M. & Harriet A. Horton

E.B. James

Celinda John

Mary E. Kaple

Sanford Kaple

Catharine, Ann & Richard Kip

Shelly A., Norman W. & Bessidene E. Knauss

Phebe Lafler

Benjamin F. & Sarah A. MacDonald

Burr F. MacDonald

Charles M. MacDonald

Eurena Juliette Mann

Francis H. Mann

Louisa Mann

Adelbert Manning

Zetza B. Manning


Aaron, Mary A. & A. Romain Mathews

George E. Mathews

Abraham Maxfield

Charles C. Maxfield

Charles Maxfield Jr.

Minerva A. Maxfield

Maude E. McCaul

Robert R. & Charlotte A. (Green) McGillard

David K. Merress

Martin Merritt

Russel Morgan

Charles Mumford

A. W. Negus

Cyrus R. Negus

Mary A. (Grodavent) Negus

James O'Hara

Charles E. & Nellie B. Parsons

Harold E. Payne

Winifred M. Payne

Clark Pelton

Sibyl K. Read

Truman, Sally B., Rebecca H., Leonora, Helen, Olive, Sarah B. & Elzor B Read

Andrew Robson

Andrew Flag Robson

Catharine P., Edwin J. & George K. Robson

Mary P. (Negus) Robson

Phillis Robson

Robert, Maria Theresa & Amanda M. Robson

William T. Robson

George Rossman

N. Adelia Rossman

Abel L. Saunders


Sylvia Saunders

Fanny M. Scott

Marian M. Scott

Nathan, Lucy, Sarah, Azubah, Nancy, Franklin & John Scott

David & Mary J. Shay

Dorothy T. Smith

Henry W., Ann A. & Emmett M. Smith

John E. Smith

William W. & Amanda A. Smith

George L. Snyder

George W. & Ora M. Snyder

Norma J. & Ethel M. Snyder

Ebenezer Stoddard

Lovina Stoddard

Mary J. Stoddard

Daniel Taylor

Lydia Taylor

Amos Tourtlott

Carrie VanRiper

Nancy VanRiper

Orrin E. & S Murray Watkins

Catherine E. Webster

Daniel A. Webster

daughter Webster

Eugene & Pheba (Tourtlott) Webster

Harold E. Webster

Leroy H. Webster

Leroy H. & Elizabeth Webster

Robert Oliver & Patricia Ann Webster

William R. Webster

William Riley Webster

Ada J. Wells

Clifford A. & Myrtle M. Wentworth

Harold C. Wentworth

Ann V. Wetherby

Carlton E. & Hattie Grace Wetherby


Harlan D. Wetherby



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