Keuka Park Cemetery 

also known as Oak Knoll Cemetery

Jerusalem, Yates Co., NY

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(still active - near Keuka College)

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AFRICA Catherine C. June 1, 1922 from N.C. - July 12, 1970 Rochester Hosp; 48y; w/o Philip; 4 daus: Amy, Paula, Dorothy & Christine, all at home      [obit & named in several news articles]
ALBERTSON Charles Stuart 1858 Denmark - Nov 10, 1909; 51y; h/o Mary
ALEXANDER Esther L. Apr 23, 1930 - July 1987; 67y; w/o William Lee; d/o Milo & Della (Woodard) GREEN [obit of a sis of hers, below]
ALEXANDER William Lee Aug 7, 1934 - Apr 1981; 46y; h/o Esther L. GREEN        
AMBLER Priscilla Emily Feb 28, 1858 - Jan 7, 1905; 46y; w/o George; d/o E.C.B.  HALLAN
BARRUS Carrie I. Aug 19, 1917 Dresden - Oct 2, 1987 Penn Yan hosp; 70y; w/o Leigh H.; d/o John & Eva (DuBois) CARSON; son, Leigh Jr.; 2 daus: Mrs. Sandra Megna & Miss Janice of Newburg; foster son, Charles Purin of Radison; bro, Delmar Carson & 2 sis       [obit]
BARRUS Dudley C. Nov 1885 Kenmore, NY - July 27, 1954; 68y; h/o Mona GRIFFIN; s/o Rowley M. & Cora (Chapin); son, Leigh; 2 daus: Mrs. David Littlefield & Mrs. Joseph Allbright of Rochester; 3 sis: Mrs. Ralph Lilly of L.I., Mrs. Robert Stevens of FL & Mrs. Zatella McIsaac of Ithaca   [obit]
BARRUS Leigh H. Jan 21, 1912 - Jan 14, 1991; 78y;  h/o Carrie CARSON;  s/o Dudley C. & Mona G.;  US Navy - WW II Vet 
BARRUS Mona G. June 27, 1887 - Dec 1972; 85y; w/o Dudley C.
BEACH Charles R. July 25, 1928 - Aug 1980; 52y;  US Navy - Korean War Vet
BLOOMQUIST Earl W. Jr.  (Rev) Feb 7, 1920 - Feb 10, 1994; 74y; h/o M. Camilla
BLOOMQUIST M. Camilla  'Millie' Apr 1, 1917 - aft 1988 ; w/o Earl W. Jr.; d/o Mrs. C. Agnes HAMMITT; sis, Mrs. Jo Ann Hartwig   "Finger Lakes Times  Sat., Apr 28, 1984 - has her pic is in newspaper"
BRAILOW Alexander Sept 22, 1904 - Nov 23, 1995; 91y; h/o Norma LIPTON
BRAILOW Norma Apr 30, 1916 - Mar 29, 2009 Martinsville, IN; 92y; w/o Alexander; d/o Leon & Estelle (Lakin) LIPTON   [obit]
BUTLER Myra 1846 - Jan 23, 1931; 84y; w/o Mr. Ringer & Mr. Butler; dau, Miss Ida Ringer of Elmira; 2 sons: Clarence & Frank of Keuka Park     [obit]
BYORK Annie W. 1879 Sweden -  Sept 28, 1947 Penn Yan hosp; 68y; w/o John; 2 daus: Mrs. Lester Gravelin of Ct & Mrs. Henry Lewis of of MN; 3 sons: John, of L.A. Ca, Stephen & Paul of San Diego; bro & sis in Sweden   [obit]
BYORK John (Rev) 1869 - July 5, 1935; 65y; h/o Annie W.; 4 sons: John & Stephen of CA, [ 2 others not named]; 2 daus: Mrs. Henry Lewis & Mrs. Leslie Gravlin of MN; a bro & sis of Sweden
CLARK Miriam July 1, 1924 - June 20, 1991; 66y; nee BEACH
EDDY Mrs. died abt. July 21, 1937;  w/o the professor  [very short obit]
GOULD Earl F. July 8, 1913 - Sept 11,1992; 79y; h/o Wilma S.
GOULD Wilma S. Mar 1, 1917 - Oct 14, 1997 FL; 80y
GRIFFIN Libbie C. (Rev) 1851 - 1927; 76y; w/o Zebina F.  (Missionary in India  1873-1909)
GRIFFIN Zebina F. (Rev -DD) 1844 - 1938; 94y; h/o Libbie C.   (Missionary in India  1873-1909)
HENDERSON Elizabeth G. "Bessie" 1867 Ontario, Canada - Aug 27, 1942; 75y; w/o George S.; no offspring; 3 sis: Mrs. Carl Churchill of Penn Yan, Mrs. Frankie G. Merson & Mrs. Dudley Barrus of Keuka Park; bro: Bryant W. GRIFFIN, of NJ;  [obit] [2nd very short obit, as Elizabeth Bryant]
HENDERSON George S.  (Rev) 1862 - 1941; 79y  (Missionary in India for 46 years)
HENDERSON Mabel G. 1869 - 1940; 71y
HOWKS Blanche L. 1879 Springville  - June 28, 1965 Keuka Park; 85y;  unwed; bro, Clarence L.; d/o Seth & Lucille or Lucelia {Stangrove or Stanbro} HOWKS {or Hawks} [found articles with spelling as HAWKS and HOWKS]       [obit]
HOWKS Clarence L. 1884 - Nov 8, 1950 Buffalo; 66y; unwed; s/o Seth & Lucille (Stangrove);  sis, Blanche L. of Springville; [obits - also spelled as Hawks or Howks]
MACK Ernest Herman Oct 30, 1848 - Apr 27, 1927; 79y; h/o Susan D. SMITH  [m: 6/1/1869 Woodhull] & Mrs. Minerva Potter, of WI;  son, Laverne, died 1920; dau, Mrs. John Sutfin of Keuka Park;  [obit]
MACK Laverne died Feb 25, 1920; 48y; s/o Ernest H.; sis, Mrs. John Suftin   [short obit]
MACK Susan  1848 -  Nov 2, 1916; 68y; w/o Ernest Herman; dau, Mrs. John Suftin; son, Laverne  [Mack/Sutfin plot]  [obit]
MERSON Ellen Elizabeth June 8, 1912 - Dec 22, 1993 Onondaga Co., NY; 81y 
MERSON Frances  "Frankie" 1882 - 1973; 91y; nee GRIFFIN
MILLER Frances R. 1871 - 1904; 33y; w/o Frederick W.; gson:  Floyd VanKirk of Buffalo
MILLER Frederick W. (Prof.) 1871 - abt Nov 22, 1918; 47y; h/o Frances R.; bro, A. L., of MN; sis, Miss Anna, of Chicago  [obit]
RINGER Clarence  1876 Geneva - Mar 3, 1945 Penn Yan; 69y; unwed; s/o Joseph V.;  bro was,  Frank V.; sis, Miss Ida of Horseheads, NY [obit]
RINGER Frank V. 1882 - 1940; 58y; unwed; bro to Clarence
RINGER Ida M. 1873 - Nov 5, 1950; 77y; unwed; cousins: Geo. Ringer & Mrs. Anna Hornsbeck, both of Geneva     [obit]
RINGER Joseph V. 1832 - Dec 29, 1905; 74y; h/o Mira L. (stone has dod 1904)
RINGER Mira L. 1846 - 1929; 83y; w/o Joseph W.
SEYMOUR "Billie" M. July 4, 1903 - Feb 17, 1976; 72y; w/o Mr. Rowland & George W.; 2 sons: James & Guy Rowland           [obit- research further]  
SEYMOUR George W. June 19, 1893 - July 25, 1982 Ontario Co., NY; 89y; h/o Billie M.; s/o Ernest & May (Richmond) ; sis, Mrs. Doris Bullard of Elmira; bro, Stanley of PA; nephew, Dale Shaw;   WW I Vet     [obit]
STEVENS Lillie L. 1853 of PA - July 17, 1946; 93y; 2nd w/o Thomas A.; nee GELATT; son, Robert H. of FL;  bro, Albert of  PA; 3 stepsons: Eugene & Burton of ND and Edwin of FL; [obit]
STEVENS Thomas A. 1837 - 1912; 75y; h/o ??? &  Lillie L. GELATT
SUTFIN John C. 1865 - 1941; 76y; h/o Nina L. MACK
SUTFIN Nina L. 1876 Woodhull - Oct 2, 1955 Penn Yan; 78y; w/o John C.; d/o Ernest & Susan (Smith) MACK; dau, Mrs. Wesley Miller of PA  [obit]
SUTHERLAND Earl L. Apr 23, 1895 - Mar 30, 1982; 86y; h/o Elaine V.;  dau, Mrs. Lois Byork, Huron; 3 grandkids; USMC - W W I Vet    [obit]
SUTHERLAND Elaine V. 1897 -  Nov 3, 1937; 40y; w/o Earl L.; d/o George VROOMAN;      [obit]
WOOD Abel Sweet (Rev) 1836 - 1922; 86y; 
WOOD Gardner Weeks 1872 - 1958; 86y; h/o Genevieve SMITH
WOOD Genevieve Dec 26, 1895 - July 1981 TX; 85y; w/o Gardner Weeks; nee SMITH
WOOD Sarah June 14, 1832 - June 16, 1903; 71y; nee WEEKS




The Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY             Thursday               May 13, 1937    by Dianne Thomas

MRS. JENNIE O. HUBBARD - Born at Barnes Corners, November 9, 1861; Died In Ogdensburg, May 7, 1937.

Mrs. Jennie Green Hubbard, 75, widow of George Hubbard, died Friday May 7, at an Ogdensburg hospital. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon from the Vinicer funeral home, the Rev. B. D. Proftio, pastor of the Baptist church officiating, and Zenith Chapter O. E- S., of which she was a member, conducted services.

Mrs. Hubbard was born at Barnes Corners, November 9, 1861, daughter of Milo and Della Woodard Green. She had been a resident of Lowville for 35 years.  Her husband, former Lewis county sheriff, died about 10 years ago. 

She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. B. M. Granger, Boonville, and Mrs. William Alexander, Naples, NY.


The Geneva Times                     Tuesday                 June 29, 1965                  by Dianne Thomas

Miss Blanche L. Hawks - KEUKA PARK - Miss Blanche L. Hawks, 85, died last night at the home of Mrs. Mona Barrus in Keuka Park. At the time of her death, she was the oldest living graduate of Keuka College, Class of 1903.

There will be a memorial service at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Norton Chapel, Keuka College, with the Rev. Charles Wallis officiating.  Private burial will be in the family plot at Keuka Park Cemetery. Funeral  arrangements are with the Weldon Funeral Home, Penn Yan.

Miss Hawks was born in Springville, the daughter of the late Seth and Lucelia Stanbro Hawks.  When her mother died in 1892, she came to live with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanbro at Keuka Park.  She was also a graduate of the New York State Library College and served 40 years in library science, first in the Public Library System in New York City and later in research and cataloguing at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin. She served many years as an associate editor at the American Library Assn. headquarters, where she was in charge of the ALA Booklist.  Her longest period of service was as head librarian at the Oklahoma College for Women at Chickasha, Okla.

Upon her retirement she made her home in Zephyr hills, Fla. until 1961 when she came to make her home with Mrs. Barrus, a close friend.  She is survived by several cousins in Buffalo and Elmira.


The Geneva Times                     Tuesday                    July 14, 1970                   by Dianne Thomas

Mrs. Philip Africa - KEUKA PARK - A memorial service for Mrs. Catherine Africa of Keuka Park, who died Sunday at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, will be at 2 p. m. Wednesday in Arthur H. Norton Chapel on the Keuka College campus. Dr. G. Wayne Glick, president of Keuka College, and Dr. Quentin T. Lightner, former department chairman of religious education at Keuka, will officiate.

Mrs. Africa and her husband came to Keuka Park six years ago from Winston, Salem, N. C. She was employed as a librarian at Keuka College from 1966 to 1969. She was also active in community projects and had just recently been elected to the Penn Yan Central School Board of Education. Her husband is chairman of the history department at Keuka College.

Besides her husband, she is survived by four daughters, Amy, Paula, Dorothy, and Christine, all at home.


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