Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of: Dianne Thomas, Susan McAdam Sue Kline


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Joseph & Ann Abbott

Salena G, Alice & Ann Abbott

Martha Allen

Susie M. Allen

Gary Lee Allison

Hixon & Elanor Anderson

Mary Anderson

W. H. Anderson

Byron Andrews

Helen M. Andrews

Jeremiah E. Andrews

Joshua L. Andrews

Mary Andrews

Sophia (Fowle) Andrews

Cassie B. Armstrong


John Armstrong


Lucy S. Armstrong

William H. Armstrong

J. P. Austin

Charles Baker

Lewis Baker

Mae Kathleen (Maloney) Baker

Mamie Baker

Michael D. & Jeanette M. Baker

Allen C. Ball

Belinda Barrow

Wesley & Georgia Barrow

William M. Barrow

Anna Bassett

Thomas Bassett

Clarissa Bates

Emeline Bates

Mary Bates

Orrin Bates

Sally Mariah Bates

Sarah Ann Batty

Almon Beal

Charles Beal

Delia Beal

George W. Beal

Martha Beal

Millie L. Beal

S. J. Beams

Mary Bedman

Alfred & Mary Bebee

Ashbel B. Beers

Mary Benham

Miles D. Benham

Phebe Benham

Abigail Bennett

Elisabeth B. (Lapham) Bennett

 Edward Duff Bensel & Henry Locke

Cordelia Bilson

Jocob Bilson

William A. Bilson

Bishop Monument

Caleb W. Bishop

"Ghost" Bishop   (see below comment)

Sarah H. (Shove) Bishop

Winifred Bland

Mark A. Bovee

Lillian C. Brace

unk Bradbury 5320

Charles Bradley

Mary Jane Bree

Eliza Brewer

Henry Brewer

Nancy Brink

Ernest H. Brown

Andrew Jackson & Lillius H. (Pearce) Brown

George W. & Nettie Brown

unk Brown 6053

unk Brown 6054

George E. Bryzee

Mercy J. Bryzee

Tunis S. Bryzee

Cyrus & Elizabeth A. Buell

David H. Buell

Elizabeth Buell

Sarah Buell

Sarah E. Buell

Ila (West) Bullock

Mary Burns

Ansel M. Burt


Deborah Ann Burt

Julia D. Burt

Caroline Butler

have down as Cath BUTTER

Elizabeth Butler

James P. Butler

John Butler

Alta J. (Smith) Buxton




"Ghost Face" - Supposedly, one of the women buried in the Bishop plot was married to someone who apparently liked the ladies a little too much. Before she died, she said since she couldn’t get back at him in life, she’d haunt him after death.  Her face is supposed to be on the stone, which had been manipulated somehow to remove the face (maybe even replaced, I’m not sure), but the face reappears. I took the shot at an angle to make seeing the face easier.   Susan Mc Adam

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