Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of: Dianne Thomas,  Susan McAdam



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Charles Dake

Mary Dake

Francis & Mary Jane Danes

Eli O., Lydia R., Sarah B. & Clarissa M. Darling

LaFayette F. & Carrie M. Davenport

Carl P. Dennison


Esther Denny

unk DeWolf 5460

Mary H. Dick

Olive Dinwiddle

unk Dorman 5441

Aaron Dorman

Aaron G. Dorman

Experience Dorman

Joel Dorman

John Dorman 5339


John 1st Dorman

John L. Dorman

Olivia Dorman

Orilla Dorman

Susan Dorman

Sybil Dorman

Michael P. Downs

Louisa Dunham

Mark E. Dunham

George B. Dunning

Mary Jane Dunning

Elisha A. Durfey

Sarah, John & Mary Durfey

Emeline Earle

Bert S. Elliott

Edward G. Elliott

Jane Elliott

Lambert V. Elliott

Sarah M. Elliott

Sarah S. Elliott

Howard M. Ellsworth

HM. medals

Howard M. & Helen Ellsworth

Phebe J. Embree & son, Elmer E. Heaton

Rufus Evans

William Farrill

Gracie Farwell

Benjamin, Helen (Lay),Gottle, Mary & Damon Fenner

Caroline Finger

Hiram Finger [on Warner stone]

Samuel M. Foster

Hannah Francisco

Hannah Francisco

Michael Francisco

Jacob Fredenburgh

Esther Freeman

Horace, Janette (Legg), Ida Jane & Mary C. Freeman

John Freeman

Edith M. French


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