Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of: Dianne Thomas,  Susan McAdam, Lee Johnson



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Lester Gardner

Cornelia (Morris) Garvin  [very bottom]

Barnard Gelder

Edward E. & Harriet P. Gelder

Hannah Gelder

Harrison Gelder

Henry H. & Ann (Sissons) Gelder 

Henry & Celia Gelder

John Gelder 1809

John & Elizabeth M. Gelder

John G. Gelder

children of John & Elizabeth Gelder

William V., Margaret R., George H. & Anna F. Gelder

Libbie (Danes) Gifford

Gillette Monument

Francis R. Gillette

Henry Gillette

Matilda Gillette


Henry Gillis

Bertha (Hunt) Goodrich [near base]

Wilbur Aften & Myrle Vivian Goodrich

Sophronia Gould

George P. Gray

Lyman Gray

Sarah S. & John M. Green

Lucy Grenell

David Griswold

Ann Grosebeck

Charles Grosebeck

Jennie Lela Groom

John B. Groom

George Hadley

Minnie (Rember) Hadley

Eunice Haight

Frances N. Haight

Joseph Haight

John & Sarah Haight

Martha M. Haight

Rosalinda M. Haight

Hainer monument

Charity Hainer


Daniel Hainer [at bottom]

Henry Hainer [at top]


May Hall

Wm. & Hanah C. Hall

Fletcher M, Sarah (Smith), Mary Prentice & Jennie Hammond


James & Catharine A. Hammond

Thomas & Sarah Ann Harrison

Emma Hazelton

Antionette M. Hemivill

Howland Hemphill

Mary E. Hemphill

H. Hemphill, E.F. Chase & J. Sheppard family monument

Alice E. (Smith) Henderson

Alice K. Henderson

Almeda (Beal) Henderson

Charles Henderson

E. M. Henderson monument

E. Smith Henderson

Frances J. (Pulver) Henderson

Fred S. Henderson

Ida Mae (Windnagle) Henderson

Irene M. (Meserole) Henderson

John A. Henderson

Marsden Henderson

Marvin Henderson

Mary (Lawrence) Henderson

Richard Henderson Jr.

Rosalinda Henderson

Samuel S. Henderson

Chloe Herrick

Cyrus E. & Mary Herrick

Marilla (Hill) Herrick

Mary M. & Isaac A. Herrick

William C. Herrick

Ella G. Hewitt

Hiram H. & Kate H. Hewitt

Fisher W. Hewson

Henry M. Hiligas

David Hill

George H. Hill


unk Hiltibidal 5436

Mary Hiltibidal

Amasa Holden Sr.

Eunice Holden

Elonzo S. Hollister

Mary J. (Bernard) Hollister

J. H. Holmes

unk Holmes

William H. Hoose & Lavina S. Sprague

Grace Hope

John Hope

Thomas Hope

Anna B. & Henry Hoyt

Benjamin L, Angeline (Lyon), Celestia U. (Mariner) & Amanda F. (Agar) Hoyt

Rebecca B. Hudson

William S. Hudson

Daniel Hunnellon?

Ambrose & Caroline Hunt

Bradley Hunt

Edward Huntington

Edward C. Huntington

Elisha Huntington

Phebe Huntington 

Huson Monument

Adelaide R. Huson

Anna L. Huson

Calvin J. Huson

Jennie M. Huson

Margaret R. Huson

Mildred L. Huson

Ross Huson

Rachel Ingraham [on Quick stone]


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