Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Evelyn H. Jelley

Carl A. & Christine Jensen

Dorothy E. Jensen

Abigail Jewett

Clarissa S. Jillett

Elizabeth Jillett

Jeremiah Jillett

Cora M. (Clark) Johnson

Mary Johnson

Edgar Kenyon

Green Kenyon

Kenyon monument

Mary E. (Hunt) Kenyon

Sarah E. Kenyon

Ketcham monument

Charles Ketcham

Helen Ketchum

J. Burt Ketchum

Kathryn Ketchum

Addison Kidder

Bettie Kidder

Erastus B. Kidder

Mary Kidder

Mary E. Kidder

Blanche C. King & A. Belle (King) Peckins

H. G. Kinner


Royal G. Kinner

Ann T. Kittredge


Evelyn & Alvin Koehler

John Mar, & Mary Jane Landon

Joshua & Elizabeth Landon 

Emily P. Lapham

John H. Lapham

Louisa Lapham

Lucetta & Damon Lay 

James Lee & & Elizabeth (Lee) Pratt

Sarah (Smith) Lee

Sherman Lee

Sherman & Rachel Lee

Thomas Lee

Watey Lee

Leland H. & Roxanna Legg

Moses A. & Christina Legg

Elisha Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis

George Lewis

Harriett Lewis

Miles W. Lewis

Nancy Lewis

Sally Lewis

Walter Lewis

Eleanor Locke

Henry M. Locke

George Lovejoy

Catharine M. Lowery

Esther Lowery

George & David Lowery

Margaret Lowery

Margaret & Catharine M. Lowery

David B. & Emma A. Lown

George S. & Robert T. Lown

John G. & Lucinda Lown

John M. Lureey


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