Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Esther (Miller) Newell

Robert C. Newson

Ann Norriss

Charles H. O'Brien


Charles H. & Margaret G. O'Brien

Andrew F. Oliver

Henry Oliver

J. Oliver

James Oliver

James M. Oliver

Margaret T. Oliver

Sandra Oliver

William Morris Oliver

Mary (Beebe) Parsons

Partridge Parsons

Lydia Merell (Hopkins) Patchen

C. Pease

Isabelle (King) Pickins & Blanche C. King

Frank S. Pedersen

John Pellon

Fanny Perrine

Pierce monument

George F. & Hiley E. Pierce

Willis M. & Elsie (Sprague) Pierce

Willis & Harrison C. Pierce

Josephine Platt

Evan D. Potter

Hellen Maria Potter

James Powell

John Powell

Chauncey Pratt

Eliseph Preston

Joel Priest

Sarah Ann Prosser


C. B. Quick

Martin Platt & Mary Jane Quick & Charles Bradley & Rachel Ingraham

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