Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Hilary E Razy

Adah Rebuck

William Aaron Remer

William T. & Mary H. Remer

William A. & Melville  W. Remer

Lewis H. & Mary J. (Chidsey) Reynolds

Addie Ribble

Charles & Jane E. Risdon

Charles T. & S. Jennie Risdon

Frank A. & Minerva Risdon

John G. Risdon

Elizabeth Rockafellow

Roecker monument 5589

Caroline Roecker

Wilhelmina Roecker 5590

Abigail Roff

Melissa Roff

Rosa Roff

Elizabeth Rohde

Frederick H. Rohde

Lydia Rolf or Roff?

John T. Roney

Lina H. Roney

Susan (Smith) Root

John J. & Emily (Wilber) Rosenbury & William  & Emily (Rosenbury)  Catterson &  Lucy (Aver..) Wilber [w/o Dan]

John Wing,  Mary (Stark) & Caroline B. Ross

Charles H. Rudgers

John Rudman

Moses, Maggie M, Sarah L. & Byron T. Rugers



Benjamin Runyan


Benjamin Runyan

Ryal monument

A. B. & Zeruiah Ryal

Jennie C. Ryal

Vickie & John H. Ryal



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