Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of: Dianne Thomas & Sue Kline



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Bert & May Sabin

Permelia Sanford

Hannah Scanklin

Hannah Scofield

Sarah E. Scott

Sophia L. (Lowery) Scott

John Searles

Alfred & Margaret  (Wyman) Sears

Charles Seymour

Maria Sharland

Emma Shattuck

Mary Shattuck

Francis Shearman

Robert Shearman

Samuel Shearman

Sophia H. (Smith) Sheldon

Eva A. (Kenyon) Shepherd

Mildred H. Shepherd

Stanley D. Shepherd

Eleanor C. Sheppard

George Sheppard

John Sheppard Jr.

Gilbert Sherer

Minerva (Bordwell) Sherer

Zama (Bordwell) Sherer

Elizabeth Sherratt

Mary Ann Sherratt

Job Shutts

Mary Shutts

Lucinda Simmons

Lovisa Skinner

Caroline Sloan

Jane Slocum

Alice A. Smith

Amos Smith

Andrew J. Smith

Annis (Johnson) Smith

Carlo Smith

Carrie P. (Corey) Smith

Catherine J. (Allington) Smith

Charles Smith

Chester N. Smith

Dewitt C. Smith

Eben S. Smith (Dr)

Eben & Eliza Smith

Eberle Eben Smith



Edwin O., Elen O, & Eben Ivan Smith 


Edwin V. Smith

Eliza, Mary & Sabra Smith

Elizabeth (Rice) Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Estella C. Smith

Florence (Birkett) Smith

Frank H. Smith

Franklin & Emily Smith

George E. Smith

Harrieta (West) Smith

Harriet, Catharine & Caroline Smith

H. Newell Smith

Ira E. Smith

Ira Ellsworth Smith

James Smith

Jane (---way) Smith

Job Smith monu

Job T. & Olive D. Smith

Josephine (Henderson) Smith

Julia Smith

Lois (Beal) Smith

Mary E. (Peterson) Smith

Mary E. Smith

Mary (Hunt) Smith

Smith monument

Morgan Smith

Ruth Smith

Sarah Jane Smith

Stewart Cobb Smith

Vallorus M. Smith

W. H. Smith

Marietta B. Southerland

Roxina Southerland

William Southerland Jr.

Spangler monument

Belinda & unk Spangler

Levi & Maria Spangler

Luther S. Spaulding

Grace L. Sprague

Lavina S. Sprague & Wm. H Hoose

Robert W. & Malinda C. Sprague

Clarimond R. Stanford

John B. Stanford

Peter Stanford

Emmett B. Starkey

Minnie M. Starkey

Wilhelmina R. Stark

Elizabeth Stebbins

Eugenia L Stebbins

Mary M. Stebbins

Oliver & Abigail M. Stevens

Alexander Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart

John E. Stewart

Rebecca Stewart

Sarah E. Stewart

Thomas J. Stewart

William Stewart 

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William, Catherine, George, Mercy & George Stewart

Joseph, Mollie & Ernest St. John 

Etherlinda Sutherland

Susan W. Sutherland

Charles Sutton

John Sutton

Lillian Swarthout

Russell Swarthout


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