Lake View Cemetery

Penn Yan, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of: Dianne Thomas, Susan McAdam, Sue Kline



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Charles A. Waddell

Ester A. Waddell

Frank S. Waddell

George W. Waddell

Georgie Waddell

Isabelle A. Waddell


James M. & Rachel A. Waddell

Maria (Benley) Waddell

Mary Waddell

unk 5414 Wagener

Annett Wagener

David Wagener

David Wagener

David Wagener

David Wagener 1799

George Wagener

Henry Wagener

Jacob Wagener

Rebecca Wagener

Samuel Wagener

William W. Wagener

Henry Waldron

James Waldron

Jane Waldron

Lizzie (Coon) Waldron

Ella  R. Walter          

Polly Ward

Benjamin & Frances H. Warner

Sabra Waterman

Edith E. Watkins

Henry Watson

Sabrina Watson

William & Mary Watt

Lydia (Underwood) Wells

Alice M. West

Alida West

Amos C. West

B. W. West

James & Hattie West

Jonathan West

Maryett West

Solon & Elizabeth A. West

Charles C. Wheeler

Martha Wheeler

Josephine G. Graves Whitaker

Lydia Whitney

Edwin D. & Eliza M. Wickham

Emogene Wickham

Perry Wickham

Lucy (Averell) Wilber [bottom of Rosenbury stone]

Unk Willby

Mary A. Willett

James J. Willett

James D. Willett

John Willett

Jonathan Willett

Mary F. Willett

Nancy Willett

Editha Williams

Hosea C. Williams

Salena G. & Sherman Williams

Stephen & Eunice Williams

Olive Wise

Barnet Wisner

Maria Wisner

Anna Wolcott

Gideon Wolcott

Berlin H, Loretta, S. Hart & Mary Wright

Lina Olivia & Blanche (Wright) Lacy

Carrie E. Wyman



Oliver Wyman


Harrison Youmans

Isaac Youmans

John Youmans

Sophia A. Youmans

William Youmans


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