Merrifield Cemetery

 Flat St south of Lown Rd., Benton, Yates Co., NY


INACTIVE Cemetery - Overgrown and not maintained 

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BECK Mary died Mar 20, 1821; 74y,6m
BROWN George H. N. died Oct 5, 1824; 2y,4d; son of Ebenezer
BROWN Henrietta Elizabeth  died July 30, 1828; 1y,7m,27d; dau of Ebenezer
BROWN Martin 1759 - Aug 18, 1824; aged 62y,10m,13d; husb of Sarah HAMMOND
BROWN Sarah 1748 - Aug 26, 1830; aged 82y,8m,9d
BROWN Sarah H. 1765 - Apr 17, 1852; 88y; wife of Martin; nee HAMMOND
BUELL Francis H. died Jan 23, 1867; 25y; son of Milton S. & Maria (Richards)
BUELL Milton S. died May 24, 1848; 41y; husb of Maria RICHARDS
COLE Rachel Amanda died July 3, 18??; only dau of Alexander & Julia
CURTIS Henrietta Amelia died Feb 6, 1830; 23y,3m,7d; wife of Samuel F. dau of Robert & Anna BOYD
FARGO Fred W. died Jan 4, 1852; 2y,1m,1d
FARGO Hurman S. [Herman] died Apr 14, 1830; 29y; son of Calvin & Polly
FARGO Mary P. died Apr 13, 1847; 38y; wife of Russell R.; dau of Hugh CHAPMAN
FARGO Sarah died abt 1813; 3y,9m,5d
GREGORY William 1819 - Aug 25, 1840; aged 21y,11m,26d
HUNT Eliza died Feb 7, 1892; 73y,3m,21d; wife of Stephen; dau of James PARSONS
HUNT Stephen died Feb 189?; 84y; husb of Eliza PARSONS
LUCAS Mary J 1827 - 1842; aged 15y,6m,6d; dau of Willard B. & Sally
LUCAS Willard [stone sunk- partly buried]
MARKELL William Henry died Mar 1835; 4y,3m,13d; son of Henry & Eliza (Mitchell)
MITCHELL Esther died Nov 17, 1823; aged 25y; wife of John [stone broken]  [also listed in Bellona ceme]
MITCHELL Hannah 1770 - Sept 1833; aged 63y; wife of William
MITCHELL Jane 1796 - Feb 1841; aged 45y,1m,23d; wife of William L.
MITCHELL John died 1843; husb of Esther 
MITCHELL William 1769 - 1834; aged 65y; husb of Hannah
TITUS Mary Eliza died Nov 9, 1848; 22y,1m,21d; dau of John & Elizabeth
WEED Annie 1772 Mar 1844; 72y,4m; wife of Hugh Gamby & John Weed; dau of John & Margaret COMER
WEED Rhoda 1794 - May 15, 1849; 55y; wife of John
WEED William 1795 - 1868;  husb of Harriet & Julia; son of John & Rhoda   
WINANS Betsy died Apr 1852; 68y,1m; wife of David   [not found on 1850 census; ck also Winants]
WINANS David died May 13, 1852; 68y,4m,1d; husb of Betsy [not found on 1850 census; ck also Winants]

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