Old Bellona Cemetery

also referred to as North Hill Cemetery

 East of Pre-Emption Rd. & Rice Rd.; Bellona, Benton, Yates Co., NY


Most stones were moved to the newer Bellona cemetery in 1870's

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All the Civil War Soldiers that were here, have been re-buried at Bellona Ceme.

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BEEDEN Ann 1759 - May 14, 1835; wife of Thomas
BEEDEN Thomas 1760 - Apr 13, 1813; husb of Ann
BRIDGES Allen died Sept 18, 1831;  3y,?m.15d; son of James H. &Joanna
BRIDGES Caleb died Sept 18, 1831;  1y,5m; son of James H. &Joanna
GAGE Eliza Ann died 1843;  1y; dau of Anthony & Rhoda Ann
HUIE James 1800 - 1860
JACKSON Ann? 1773 - Feb 12, 1812; wife of William J.
JACKSON William J. 1767 - Feb 2, 1836; husb of Ann?
LESTER John (Sgt) 1750 - May 10, 1821;     NY 2nd Regt - Rev. War Soldier
MILLARD Charlotte 1789 - Mar 12, 1822;  33y,7m,15d; wife of Timothy A.
MILLARD John B. died Apr 28, 1822;  1y,7m; son of Timothy A. & Charlotte
RODNEY Charles died Sept 10, 1816;  14y,7m,13d; son of Wm. & Martha
unknown unk  13y,3m   [stone fragmented]
WAITE Fanny 1828 PA - Jan 1850;  21y
WELLS John 1786 - 1836; husb of Sarah; son of Peter
WELLS Peter 1756 - 1839; 5th NY Reg - Rev. War Soldier
WELLS Sarah 1791 - June 2, 1826; wife of John


Civil War Soldiers    [now buried in Bellona Cemetery]

ANGUS Charles T. (Cpl) died 1896; , Co. G. 50th NY Eng
ACKERSON John W. died 1912; Co. C, 189th NYV Reg Inf
BAKER Horace A. died 1862; Co. B, 8th NY Calv
BARDEN Luther F. died 1863; Co. F. 26th Indep. Bat., NY Inf
BARNES Charles R. died 1883; Co. L, 54th NY National Guards
BARNES Frederick R. died 1865; Co. E, 126th NY Inf
BARNES John Edward died 1863; 126th NY Inf
BARNES James Warren (Capt) died 1865; 26th NY Indep. Bat, NY Inf
BLACK Charles  E. died 1910; Co. D., 148th NY Inf
BLOOD Isaac D. died 1907; Co. I, 148th, NY Inf
CLARK Albert A. died 1889; Co. M, 9th NY Calv
CROUCHER Isaac  died 1909; Co. H., 194th NY Inf
DENMAN Jacob I.  (Dr) died 1880; Co. A., 69th NY Inf
DEYO Peter K. (1st Lt) died 1911; Co. H., 102nd NY Inf
DICKERSON Albert (Sgt) died 1866; 12th Mass Bat., Light Art
DIKEMAN Robert died 1861; Co. A., NY Calv
FINGER Charles H. died 1898; Co. G., 126th NY Inf
FISHER Abram died 1908; Co. E., 194th NY Inf
GAGE Daniel died 1862; Co. K, 8th NY Calv
GREGORY Aaron Y. died 1862; Co. B., US Sharpshooters
HARFORD Francis A. died 1863; Co. A., 126th NY Inf
HOOD Benjamin F. died 1864; Co. I, 148th NY Inf
HOUNSON Franklin H. died 1864; Co. E, 126th NY Inf
HUBER William died 1864; Co. I, 148th NY Inf
LE MUNYON George  (Lt) died 1866; 125h U.S. Inf
MC BLAIN George died 1863; Co. E, 44th NY Inf
RANDALL J. Harvey (Sgt) died 1907; Co. I, 148th NY Inf
RICE Peter A. (Pvt) died 1907, Co. G., 33 NY Inf & Corp., Co. G., 1st Veteran Calv
ROE Hugh A. (Sgt) died 1908; Co. M. 9th NY Calv
RYAL Otis B. died 1863; Co. I, 148th NY Inf
SEELEY James M. died 1913; Co. F., 80th Ohio Inf
SMITH Nathan died 1886; Co. C., 179th  NY Inf

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