Overackers Cemetery

Middlesex, NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of  Mike Smith M."Sam" Kelly, Pete FearNadine,  Mark Gossoo

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Milton J. & Carol Ann Adam

Adelia (Hixson) Adams

Asaheal Adams

Cyrus Adams

Cyrus Adams

Jane Adams

Jane Dorrance Adams

John  & Rebecca Adams

John C. Adams

Lester & Emma T. (Bassett) Adams

Lovel, Lusanna, Ozella V., Rufus P., Loomis R., Adams

Lucretia Adams

Marilla A.  Adams

Polly (Lowell) Adams

Rebecca (Millington) Adams

Rufus J. Adams

Rufus P. Adams

Lewis B. & Alida J. (Emory) Dinehart

William A., Nancy, Orrin, Willie R, & Emma J. Dinehart

Alice Mae Dunton

Christ A. Dunton

Elmer C. & Evelyn J. Dunton

Wanda Ellis


Howard Francisco

Robert H. & Minnie A. Francisco

Adelbert & Ella May French

Frank L. French

Henry, Hannah (Hawley) & William H. Green

James Sr. and James Jr. Harrington 

Charles & Permelia (Morrison) Hastings


Ira & Anna Hawley

Lillian C. Hawley

Roxanna Hawley

Constance K. Hillebert

Dennis Edward Kelly

Frank Mc Guire

Gladys Ellis           Mc Guire

Horton  E. & Karolyn W.  Mc Guire


Alanson L. Parsons

Ira & Wellington Parsons

Sarah J. Peters

Margaret May Phillipson

Harriet Pickle

Mary Pickle

Harriett(Dunning) Pierce

Herbert H. & Ruth M. Reed

H. Tyler & Ada Reynolds

Barbara S. & Charles D. Robeson

Cyrus A. & "Lettie" May (Reynolds) Robinson

Rose J. Robinson

Vera M. Robinson

William Carl & Lena M. Robinson

Lawrence John Smith

Reinald E & Martha A.  Smith

George M. Teller

Ransom Teller

Adams & M. Elizabeth (Rackham) Underwood

Carolyn (Robeson) Underwood

Charles Elvin Underwood

Elvin R., Edna R., & Hiler H. Underwood

James H. & Minnie E. Underwood

William Hilmond Underwood

Amos or Amasa Wheeler

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