BenjaminReynolds Cemetery

North of Fenno Road, Eastof  NYS Route 14A & South of South Glenora Road, Starkey, NY

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This is a small burying ground onthe Benjamin Reynolds farm, who came from Rhode Island in the early1800's.  It is on Private property but can been seen from the highway andis inaccessible without permission.   It has not been maintained andhas suffered damage from age and weather.  It is apparent form the size ofthe cemetery that there must once have been more burials here, but only a fewrecords exist.

BACKER John L. died Aug 18, 1898; aged 87y; husb of Lucy Ann REYNOLDS; son of David & Betsy (Morey)  [town record]
BACKER Lucy Ann died Dec 24, 1893; aged 76y; wife of John L.; dau of Benjamin & Sarah (Westcott) REYNOLDS    [town record]
BEACH Stephen died Jan 7, 1853; aged 23y,12d; son of Miles & Sarah  [stone partly buried]
LOCKWOOD Elizabeth died Feb 10, 1843; aged 22y,4m,14d; 1st wife of Robert; nee DORCETT
LOCKWOOD Phebe died May 17, 1844; aged 12y; dau of James & Ann (Carpenter)
LOCKWOOD Sarah died Mar 2, 1841; aged 2y,2m,12d; dau of Robert & Elizabeth    [stone partly buried]
RAPLEE Dorcas T. died Nov 28, 1826; aged 20y,22d; wife of Russell; dau of Benjamin & Sarah REYNOLDS
REYNOLDS Benjamin 1778 RI - Oct 29, 1858; aged 80y; husb of Sarah  [stone partly buried]
REYNOLDS Mary W. 1815 - Apr 21, 1840; aged 25y,1m,7d; dau of Benjamin
REYNOLDS Sarah died Oct 17, 1870; aged 83y,9m,20d; wife of Benjamin; nee WESTCOTT [footstone only]
SPINK Elizabeth died July 31, 1862; aged 47y; wife of George; dau of Benjamin   [stone broken]


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