County House Road

East of Co. House Woods Rd. & West ofCoats or Sutton Rd.

Jerusalem, Yates Co., NY


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Nearthe gravel pit

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BRIGGS Zephania bef. 1775 - aft 1820
BURTCH Anna Eunice Sept 3, 1777 - abt. 1859; aged 82y; wife of Gideon; dau of Burtch SABIN
BURTCH Braman died aft 1824; very old; cousin of Gideon Burch
BURTCH Gideon Pringle July 29, 1773 - abt 1855; aged 82y
COLE * Matthew died aged 73y
SABIN Asa died 1803
SABIN Burtch abt. 1754 - aft. 1810; son of  Asa
SABIN Mrs. wife of Asa
SABIN Mrs. wife of Burtch


Note*:  "All it says is d.  age 73.  It wasa very old cemetery but  the cemetery itself was destroyed in modern times,located about where a gravel  pit is now, north of the County House Roadhighway, about 60 yards back.   There is no trace of it now. thoughrumors persist of gravestones having been  placed in local hedgerows. The names listed in the book are known to have  lived here and who are notknown to be buried elsewhere."  

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