Small Cemeteries in Benton Center

Benton Center area, Yates Co., NY

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Havens Cemetery
ALCOTT Asa 1761 - 1816?; husb of Sabra
ALCOTT Sabra 1760 - 1834; wife of Asa
BRIGGS Mary Anstrus 1821 - 1839
HAVENS Benjamin 1777 - 1863; husb of Lovina PHELPS; son of Thomas & Mary (Smith)

Havens Ceme on Frank Collins Farm - West of Benton Center

HAVENS   Joseph 1773 - 1856; husb of Mary WEED; son of Thomas & Mary (Smith)
HAVENS Mary 1753 RI - 1833; wife of Thomas; nee SMITH
HAVENS Thomas 1738 RI  - 1820; husb of Mary SMITH ; Rev. War Soldier
Ed. Curtis Farm - North of Benton Center
PAGE Aaron 1741 - 1825
Hugh Porter Farm - North of Benton Center
COLE Martha 1767 - 1841; wife of Matthew
COLE Matthew 1776 - 1841; husb of Martha
LEWIS Mary 1839 - 1860; dau of A. M. & Polly
LEWIS Polly 1798 - 1857; wife of A. M.

Merlin Ledgerwood Farm - Abandoned - North of Benton Center

CHASE Lucinda C. 1808 -1823; dau of Stephen & Persis
ONDERKIRK Clara 1855 - 1857


Names listed on Soldier's Monument at Benton Center

ALVORD George B.  
BAXTER Llywellen  
BENEDICT Charles   
CHAPMAN Charles 33rd NY Vol
FEAGLES George   
FOOT Robert 126th NY Vol
HODGE Jacob 22nd Calv NY Vol
HOOSE Miles  
KIRKHAM Charles 11th PA Calv
PETTIT Norman  
SOLES Henry 179th NY Vol
WILLIS Charles E. 148th NY Vol

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