(Abiel) Thomas Family Cemetery

On West Swamp Rd, just East of Reynolds Rd. Potter, NY

Previously known as "Moontown "or  "Hoard-Town" Cemetery


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GA --- Lucy died June 30, 18??; 27y; wife of Henry
MC MASTERS John R. Jr. died Jan 30 ,1843;  18y,8m,4d; son of  D. J.
MC MASTERS John R. died ---, 17, 1828; 50y (stone broken); son of David J. & Martha (Black)
MOON Benoni Sr. died 1810
MOON Warren abt 1800; youngest son of Benoni & Lois (Warren);  [first burial in this area]
PERRY Edgar B. died Apr 10, 1850; 3y; son of Franklin D. & Maria (Barber)
PERRY Maria 1823 -  July 10, 1850; 26y,14d; wife of Franklin D.; dau of Jeremiah &and Anna (Van Zandt) BARBER
PERRY Rowse died Sept 19, 1842; 23y; son of Edmund & Virtue (Thomas)
RANDALL Ichabod died Apr 7, 1828;  64y; husb of Paulina; "Stop my friend as you pass by and know that you was born to die"
RANDALL Paulin(a) or (e) died July 13, 1827; 56y,9m;4d; wife of Ichabod; "Worn out with pain her body; No more she weeps, no more she sighs in Christ the Lord, she's ..ther tru--  and he will raise her sleeping dust"
TAYLOR Jeffrey T. died Sept 29, 1828; aged ???; son of Giles & Martha  "… body from the grave … have it confine it here …commands it to appear"  broken stone
THOMAS Abiel  (Esq.) 1773 RI -  Dec 29, 1851; 78y; husb of Lois RANDALL   
THOMAS Jeffrey R. Aug 5, 1806 - Aug 18, 1826; 20y,13d; son of Abiel & Lois; "Behold me here as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I, As I am now, so must be, Prepare yourself to follow me"
THOMAS Lois 1778 -  Mar 16, 1846; 67y,5m,24d; wife of Abiel; nee RANDALL
THOMAS Lucy 1808 -  Aug 15, 1827; 19y,3m,19d; dau of Abiel & Lois
THOMAS Peleg Apr 10, 1810 - Oct 11, 1877; husb of Lucretia SOUTHERLAND; son of Abiel & Lois (Randall);  "At Rest"
UNKNOWN Abiel W.  son of .....?
UNKNOWN "My Father" not legible
UNKNOWN Sarah "Little Sarah"; dau of Abiel W.  ---  Hull ---- not legible

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