West River or Lee Cemetery

Italy, Yates Co., NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of:  
Michael Mastin & Gary Fritz Faith Kunes [Griswold, Kunes]

Please contact me if you have any pictures of headstones to share.  

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Earl Beard

Grover Beard

Judith Beard

Lillian Beard

Myron Beard

George, Jennie & Mary Bolster 

Orville, Helen, Willie Chaffee

Erastus Clark

Frances Clark

Hannah Clark

Ithamer & Lucia Ann (Griswold) Clark

William Clark

William Clark Jr.

William Clark Sr.

A.B. & Ellen Dunton

Chauncey S. & Elizabeth C. Dunton

Frank A. & Cretie P Dunton

Fred B. Dunton

Libbie Dunton

Lorenzo Dunton

Maggie Dunton

unknown Dunton

William & Judith Dunton

Harold & Jennie  Ellerington

Martin & Julia Ann Farnam

George C., Judie E. & Frank D. Fires

Jerome & Letitia Flint

Christopher Getsinger Jr.

Christopher & Sabrina Getsinger

Infant Getsinger

Fisher W. & Mary J. Griswold & Ella S. & Jason  Kunes


Frank Kunes

Jason Griswold & Ella S. Kunes

Pedy Hooker

James, Beulah & Howard Karnes

Mathias & Susana Karnes

Taylor, Carrie, Wm Karnes & Susan Power

Unknown Karnes

 Ella S. Kunes & Jason Griswold

Harriet Lockwood

Mary Lockwood

Stephen Lockwood

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