West River or Lee Cemetery

Italy, Yates Co., NY

Pictures of Headstones

compliments of:  
Michael Mastin & Gary Fritz

Please contact me if you have any pictures of headstones to share.  

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Almond Mabie

Irwin & Mimie E. Meade

Lora & Lena Meade

Jabez & Nancy (Torrey) Metcalf

Helen (Dunton) Mills

Byron Mower

John & Elizabeth (Folston) Mower &  Alice E.(Mower). Standish

William Mower

William Henry, Byron Harvey Mower & inf. Alice Elizabeth Standish

Delphine Nellis

Willie Nellis

Susan Power & Karne family 

Orrin S., Mary (Chaffee) & Daniel A. Reddout

Leon Reynolds


Jenett Snyder

Reuben Snyder

 Alice Standish [at bottom], William Henry & Byron Harvey Mower

Elizabeth Standish


Jonathan, Polly, John & Edna Standish

Liz Standish


Dora Starkweather

Eugene Starkweather

Maggie B. Starkweather

Walter Starkweather

Elma & Elsie Unknown

Nancy Watkins

Daniel & Hannah Whipple

Fisher Whitney

Roxana Whitney

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