Wolcott Family Cemetery

 waseast of East Lake Rd., south of Knapp Rd., north and west of Keuka Rd.

Donot believe any remnants of this cemetery exist.  Check with town or countyhistorian

Barrington, NY

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Wolcott Anna

Aug 12, 1780 CT - May 10, 1857; wife of Elisha; dau of Eliphalet & Huldah (Patchen) HULL

Wolcott Burton died Aug 11, 1855; aged 2m; son of George & Flora
Wolcott Catherine Jane Apr 5, 1837 - Jan 29, 1839; dau of Erastus (Dr.) & E. Jane (Dousman)
Wolcott Elisha Dec 11, 1774 CT - July 15, 1856; son of Gideon & Hannah (Woodworth)



died Sept 17, 1851; aged 6m; dau of George & Flora (Shaw) 

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