1959 BronzePlaque at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital 

Bearingnames of  WW II Soldiers

YatesCo., NY


Contributedby Michael Mastin


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Chronicle Express, Penn Yan, Yates Co., NY, 21 December 1959; pg. 4:
Unless corrections are sent at once to William Glen Veterans Service Bureau, Arcade Building, Penn Yan, phone 1468, the names of the Yates County World War casualties will appear upon the bronze plaque in the new wing of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial hospital as in the following list. This is the third and final printing of this list to permit families of the deceased to make corrections,
Abel, Leon
Baker, Floyd D.
Barden, Keith T.
Barr, Phillip
Beebe, Donald
Bixby, Gerald
Brooks, Charles L.
Brunt, Charles J.
Carlsen, Christian
Carroll, Francis
Chambers, Mylette
Christensen, Anton
Colmey, John
Compton, Charles
Coon, Barlow
Cook, Andrew W.
Cooper, Leon
Conway, Joseph
Curtis, Roger
Crane, Roy B.
Crevelling, Oscar
Daggett, Lyle A.
Davis, Kenneth H.
Dee, Thomas
Disbrow, George W.
Dunbar, William
Dutcher, Erwin
Dyke, Harry
Fancett, Norman L.
Finger, Earl V.
Fitch, George S.
Fleishman, Ward
Fontaine, Arthur
Frederiksen, Olaf
Frost, Earl L.
Gerould, Francis
Gillette, Franklyn
Goodrich, Carl R.
Goundry, Fred W.
Habberfield, Eugene H.
Harvie, James H.
Haviland, Addison D.
Henshaw, Vernon Clair
Hill, Andrew F.
Hill, John H.
Hill, Robert
Hoskins, William
Hunt, Arthur C.
Hurlbutt, Wilbur
Jolley, Douglas V.
Jorgensen, Forest
LaFaye, Lyle
Lafler, Julian
Lafever, Francis
Lafever, Helen
Laws, William H.
Lewis, Charles C.
Lowell, Benjamin
McClain, LaRue
McConnell, John H.
Meade, Paul J.
Miller, Phil
Morse, Kenneth
Newlander, Carl A.
Nicholas, Carl E.
Northrup, Glenn
Ovenshire, Perry
Palmatier, Richard
Peterson, Albert
Pickett, Harris C.
Pierce, John
Pinneo, Donald R.
Platt, Gerald E.
Rapalee, John C.
Reed, Kenneth E.
Riche, Wilson A.
Robinson, Albert
Rosenkrans, Fortune
Ruddick, James F.
Shattuck, Howard B.
Scism, Edmund
Shaw, Maurice
Simmons, Erwin
Skinkle, Robert
Smith, Frank
Sorensen, Howard D.
Stewart, Orlan K.
Stone, Charles
Sullivan, Donald
Tomb, Max
Travis, Lester W.
Trenchard, William
Wasson, John T.
Wells, Clair
Wilcox, Robert J.
Williams, William C.
Wren, Clarence

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