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World War  I Veterans
HARRINGTON Clyde H. WW I 1887 - 1979 US Army WWI of Italy/Naples
OUGHTERSON Ashley W. WW I 1895 - 1956 of Benton
OUGHTERSON Edward L. WW I 1894 - 1972 of Benton
SHEPARD Milton W. WW I 1892 - 1932 of Italy/Naples


Bronze Plaque at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital 1959 


Bearing names of WW II Soldiers 

World War  I I  Veterans
ANABLE Kenneth R. WW II 1913 - 1970; USA Army Air Force of Italy/Naples
COOPER Edwin G. WW II 1926 - 1968; US Army of Italy/Naples
COOPER Elwood M. WW II 1924 - 1993; US Army of Italy/Naples
DUNTON Charles Lester WW II 1926 - 1985 of Italy/Naples
HAYES Altone WW II 1912 - 1972; US Air Force of Italy/Naples
TEDFORD George WW II & Korean 1916 - 1977; US Air Force of Italy/Naples




Penn Yan Democrat   Friday      August 8, 1924      Pg 1 & 4      by Dianne Thomas


S. & S. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL - List of Names to Be Placed on Tablet in Yates County Memorial to Her World War Sons.

According to previous announcement the committee on the Memorial Tablet for the hospital has completed its labors, and the list as it now stands will be inscribed on the tablet, where it will stand for all time.

The list which follows has been sent to the manufacturers of the tablets, which are expected to be completed in about six weeks :

(page 1)

Ackerson, Verne Maxwell

Allan, Robert J. Hannay

Allen, Adelbert Berkeley

Allen, Charles. Frederick

Allen, Arthur Lee

*Allen, Valentine P.

Allen, John

Allen, Arthur A.

Allison, Marvin E.

Anderson, David John

Andrews. Archie Graton

*Apps, William

Armstrong, Lawrence S.

Ayres, Sidney Elliott


Bacon, Cassius

Bagley, Amos 

Bahr. Harold G.

Baker, Richard Gilbert

Baker, Charles

Baldwin, Bert Emery

Barnes, Arthur McGhee

Barnhart, William Jacob

Barringer, James Lew

Barrus, Sheldon 

Barry James Forestel

Bartholomew, Nevin D.

Battista, Luigi Alesandro Mastro

Beard, Charles Adelbert

Beard, Clarence Navarre

Beaumont, Charles

Becker, Raplh Collin

Beckett, Walter William

Beebe, Vincent

Bellis, Harvey Russell

*Benedict. George Wesley

Bentley, Hugh Woodruff

Bias, Robert A.

Bigelow, Claud Myron

Birkett, Howard

Bishop, Charles Arthur

Bishop, Deforest John

Blodgett, Vernon Wilson

Blodgett, Lawrence T.

Blood, Lynn Gerald

Bolster, Harry S.

Brady, Joseph. Jr.

Bradley, James Whalen

*Bradley, John Henry

Brainard, Frank Ellory

Brainard. Ashley Willis

Brainard, Frederick Hayden

Brayman, Eugene .

Brewer, Wilfred

Bridgman, Edwin Chester

Brink, James Russell

Brisbin, Robert Chester

Brown; Jesse ABroun.

Paul Lewis

Brown, George Oliver

Buckle, Arthur Howard

Bullock, George Donald

Burgess, Clifford Whitney

Burgess, Elwood Eclair

Burgess. Harry Conley

Burns, Stanley Livingston.

Burns, Thomas S., Jr.

Burns, Peter A..

Burns. Leo P.

Burns, Robert J.

Bums, Joseph E.

Bush, Warner Edgett

Burt, Ferris Henry

Burt. Ansel Mott

Purtch, Forrest Sabin

Butler, Martin H.

Butler, James Frederick

Butler, Charles

Buttons, Charles Lewis


Cadwell, Lewis

Cady, Charles Benjamin

Calhoon, Clark Nathan

Calhoon, William 

Carey, William Eddington

Caris, Percy Warner

Carpenter, Carl F. 

Carpenter, Earl Disbrow

Carroll, Jeremiah Edward

Carroll, John Bernard

Carroll, Thomas Francis

Carroll, Duane Nelson

Carson, Willard Floyd

Castner, Earl Samuel

Catlin, Lewis Edward

Cecchini Anthony

Cecchini. Nick

Chadwick, Edmund

Chadwick. Philip Ward

Chaffee, Festus M.

Chapman, Clifford Clair

Chapman, Fay Lawton

Chapman, Rogert Edington

*Chisholm, Henry Lester

Chrlstensen, James Andrew

Christensen, Carl Martin

Chrlstensen, Henry John

Clark, Charles Robinson

Clark, Marion Melvin

Clark, Walter Philip

Clark, Franklin Hanford

Clawson,Willard Alexander 

Cleveland, Harry William

Cole, Walter James

Cole, Elmer Lionel

Cole Richard Wharton

Collin, George Franklin

Comstock, Donald Remer

Comstock, Herbert George

Conklin, Harold Welcher

Conley, Earle Wyman

Conley, John A.

Conley, Lawrence Hobart

Conley, Ross Matthew

Conley, Leman Oscar

Connell, Harry Dewitt

Connolly, Henry G.

Conrad, T. Gordon

Conrad, Claude Larzelere

Conway, William Albert

Cook, Albert E.

Coons, Howard Bradley

Copson, Donald Francis

Corey, Joseph Albert

Corey, Frank E. 

Cornwell, James William

*Costello, Charles Edward

Costello, Joseph L. 

Costello, Thomas James

Costello, Michael E. 

Cougevan, Francis Robert

Cramer, Edward Sheridan

Cramer, John Balantine

Crane Emmett Carlton

Crane, Leon Daniel

Craugh, James Gerald

Craugh, John M. 

Craugh, Joseph Patrick 

Craugh, Richard F. 

Craugh, Thomas E. 

Cronk, Clarence

Cronk, Benjamin Harrison

Crosby, Joseph Fenton

Culver, Hollis Hyde

Culver, William Rufus 

Cunningham, William Richard


Daniels, Carroll Cronk

Davis, James Leverett

Davidson. William Sidney

Day, Albert Sherman

Decker, James Clarence

Deitrich, George Raymond

Del Rose, Albert

Dennis, Stanley Booth

Dense, Elijah B.

Dibble, Glenn Everett

Douglass, Perl R.

Douglass, Clarence

•Duell, Jesse Frank

Duell, Claude H.

Duffy, Bernard J.

Dumas, George A.

Dunn, Homer

Dunton. Howard Leroy

Dwyer, Paul B.

Dykeman, Charles


Earle, Courtney Griswold

Eckert, Henry Samuel

Eckert, Irving Edward

Eckert, William Fred

Edgerton, Claude Heath

Edkin, George E.

Edwards, Henry B.

Ellerington, Frank

Elling, Walter A.

Ellis, George Charles

Emerson, George Dewey

Enos, George Elmer

Estey. Laurence Wilkie

Excell, George William


Fals, Fred

Ferenbaugh, Birkett

Finerghty, William

Finger, Melvin Henry

Fish, Milton Hart

•Fisher, Gerald Howard

Fisher, Leon

Fisher, Roy John

Fitzpatrick, Edmund John

Fitzpatrick, Wilfred James

Flynn, Francis Leroy

Folte, Edwin Cole

Ford, David Joseph

Ford, George W., Jr.

Foster, Earl Jackson

Foster, Edwin Carlton

Frederick, Forrest Charles


Gallagher, Charles Lawrence

Gannon, Clarence Joseph

Gardner. Melville Reuben

Gelder, Clyde Benjamin

Geoghegan, James Andrew

Gilbert, Arthur Mearl

Gilbert, Homer Ames

Gilbert. John Harold

Gillette, Charles Clifford

•Goldsmith, William H.

Goldsmith, Frank Lee

Goodman, Lavon L.

Goodspeed, John Irving

Goundry, Harry Barnes

Goundry, Ralph

Grace, Earl Leroy 

Grace, Charles Oliver

Graczyk,  John

Grady, William Gordon

Grady, George Joseph

Grady, Edward James

Green, George Wallace

Greenfield, Henry James

Gridley, Ross Leighton

Griffiths, John Arthur

Griffiths, Albert Henry

Griswold, Robert Lee


Habberfield, Harold Richard

Habberfield, Frederick Ruscomb

Habberfield, William H.

Hague, James

Hall, Byron Ketchum

Hall, Clinton Leroy

Hallstead, Walter George

Hamilton, Clifford Morgan

Harris, Leland Stanford

Harris, Harold

Harris, Seymour B.

Harris, William

Hart, Harry Sprague

Harter, Ray Cyrus

Harper, Dolyemarx

Harpendiner, Asbury Hathaway;

Hatch, John Augustus

Haxons?, Harry 

Hayes Dudley Vernon

Headley, Max Clifford

Heminway, Charles Walter

Heslund, Herman Joseph

Hill, Floyd Melvin

Hill, Ernest Earl

Hill, Harry R.

Hoagland, Fred Carl

Hoban, James Frank

Hoban, Owen Charles

Hoban, Bernard Michael

H9tfanr*John Carr, Jr.

Hobbins, James F.

Holley, William Thompson

Holmes, Charles Earl

Hood, Homer Harold

Hopkins, Bernard Paul

Hopkins, Frew

Henkins, ? George E. 

Hopkins, James Albert

Hovey, Claude Armstrong

Howell, Belden Samuel

Hoyt, George Willis. Jr.

Hurd, Morris Ernest

Hurlbut, Gifford George

Hutton, Harold Andrew

Hyland, John James

Hyland, Richard Vincent

Hyland, Justin Edward


Ingraham, Forrest W.

Ins?ho, Kenneth


Jacobs, Edwin Elwood

Jacobsen, Sorney Jacob

Jacobsen, Jens

Jay, Albert Cleveland

Jensen, Axel Holger William

Jensen, Kristian

Jensen, Chris Henry

Jensen, John Nick

Jensen, Bennett Henry

Jessop, Foster

Jessup, Albert H.

Johnson, Parmele

•Johnson. Harold H.

Jones, William Arthur

Jones, Elwin Delon

Jones, William Henry

Jones, Gerald Pierce Owen

Jorgensen, Sirus Erick

Just, Frank J.

Just, Anthony Peter


Kelly, William John

Kelsey, Willard Heth

Kennerson, Stanley

Kenyon, Lee W.

Kessler, Ernest E.

Kindelberger, Emmett L.

Kinne, George Remsen

Kinsman, Edward B.

Kirkpatrick, James Storey

Kirkpatrick, Alexander 

Klube, Charles

Klube, Harry Sauter

Knapton, Albert Charles

Knickerbocker, Max Reinhold

Knight, Hixon Ames

Kornum, Mads Vrangdrup


Lafler, Lloyd Raymond

Lane, Elzer

Larsen, Henry

Larsen, Lars

Lathrop, Herbert R.

Lathrop, Albert

Lazennby, James Dewitt

Leader, George Howard

Ledaire, Lawrence

Lee, Jay Henry

Lee, Claude Thomas

Legg,  Harold John

Leroy, Leonard S.

Lewis, Fred Joseph

Lizzi, Domenico

Lockwood, George Perry

Loomis, Ralph V.

Lord, Harry Schollar

Lord, George Perry

Lott, Albert E.

Ludlow, Clarence Baldwin

Luppino, Frank

Lynch, James Grover


Mace, Robert Albert

MacCalman, Donald James

MacDonald, Leon Glenn

Magee, Joseph George

Maley, James Joseph

Maloney. Harry

Manchester. Robert J.

Mangipinto, Pietro

Manley, Charles F.

Mann. Claude Richard

Mannon, George Warren

Markey, William Alexius

Markey, John Michael

Mashewske, Charles

Mattason, Harry Albert 

Matteson, Floyd Edward

Matthews, Herbert Wood

Matthews, George Weber  

[end of pg 1]

Penn Yan NY Democrat 1923-1925 Grayscale - 0538.pdf


(list continued on page 4 )   

Maybee, Edward Eugene

McAdams, Gerald Edward

McAdams, Raymond Francis

McCreery, William

McPall, Archie

McParlane, John L.

McFarren, Howard J.

McFetridge, Robert

McGough, Albert George

McGovern, Hugh Bernard

Mc Ilmoyl, Hugh

McManus, John Bernard

McMinn, John

McPherson, Clarence Lowell

McQuiston, Harry Grant

Meade, Paul Joseph

Meaker, Harry Hurford

Meaker, John Jenkin

Meehan, John Joseph

Merrick, George William

Metcalf, Roy Ransom

Mertz, Rodney Clifford

Meyer. Milford Martin

Mikkelsen, Axel

Miller, Chris

Miller, Joseph B.

Miller, Otto Chris

Miller, Sheridan Earl

Millis, Raymond Henry

Moon, Walter Edward

Moore, James Ralph

Moore, James D.

Mordecai, Arthur

Morgan, Arlo Alva

Morris, Arthur M.

Morse, George S.

Morse, Charles Carpenter

Moshier, Albert Alexander

Murphy, Lazear J.

Murray, Robert Allen


Nageldinger, Ernest William

Neilsen, Christian

Neilsen, Neils Peter

Neilsen, Neils John

Neilsen, Karl Osker Herman

Neilsen, Harold Jule

•Nelson, Carl Christian

Nester, Howard Waltham

•Newby, Willard Stanley

Noble, Clarence W.

Norris, Leon Oscar

Norris, William Alfred

Norris, Leon Jay

Norman, Oliver Wendall


O'Keefe, Jerome Joseph

Olmstead, Carl Ray

Olmstead, Arthur Fay

Oleen, Jens Chris

Osternout, Fred Roy

Owens, Howard


Paddock, Arthur James

Paddock, Joseph William

Palleson, Hans

Palmatier, Mervin Arlo Aaron

Pangburn, Newell Truman

Parsons, Harold L.

Patteson, William Sheppard

Pearce, Guy

Pederson, Emil

Pederson, Thowald

Pedley, Clarence Hollister

Peelle, James Francis

Pepper, George

Perry, Leal Luther

Perry, Raymond Arthur

Perry, Laverne Ernest

Petersen, Carl Frederick Ferdinand

Peterson, Arthur John 

Plaisted, Ross J.

Plotte, Herbert Edward

Poole, Ledwith Robert

Potter, Emory

Poulson, Chris Martinus

Poyneer, Warner R .

Predmore, Alonzo Henry

Price, Richard

Price, Floyd R.

Prosser, Ivor James


Radder, Louis Walter, Jr.

Randall, William Avery

Rapalee, Harvey McKinley

Reaves, Oliver W.

Rector, Arthur Frederick

Rector, Frank Charles

Reed, Stuart G.

Reddington, Victor Howard

Reilly, Francis Peter

Reilly, James Edward

Reynolds, Nelson Charles

Reynolds. Richard Joseph

Ribble, Orval

Rifenberg, William

Riley, Charles Calvin

•Rilling, Philip John Jr.

Robinson, James Lee

•Robson, William C.

Roche, Angelo James

Roe, Harold

Roese, Frederick

Rosenkrans, Edmund Christie

Rovito, Adolph

Ruddick, William Ensley

Rugar, George Francis

Rugg, George Daniel, Jr.

Rugg, Raymond

Rutenber, James Blackmer


Sage, William A.

Sample, Frank Leslie

Sanderson, Leonard R.

Santee, Efner Hiram

*Savage, James Hayward

Sawyer, Dorphes Cidney

Sayre, Frank Easton

Scherer, Edward Lauriston

Schofleld, Frank Herman

Schubert, Hiram Arthur

Schultz, William Joseph

Schweickhard, Leo Handley

Scism, William Myer 

Seeley, Robert Lampson

Serfine, Nicholas

Serfine, John F.

Sharpe, Cameron Alexander

Sharpe, Homer John

Sheehan, Ambrose Howard

Shepherd, Milton William

Shepherd, Clayton Bigelow

Sheridan, John Edward

Short, Frank

Short, Sidney Elbert

Shutts, Arthur Langdon

Shutts, Paul Nelson

Simmons, Milford

Slutter, Carl J.

Smith, Leo Herbert

Smith, Ernest Jacob

Smith, Edward Bernard

Smith, Leon Hemenway

Smith, Floyd

Smith, Clarence Randall

Smith, Charles DeWolfe

Snook, Leroy Charles

Snyder, Glenn Haven

Snyder, James Henry  

Sorensen, John Herman

Sorenson, Anton M.

Spencer, John Darrell

Spike, Warren Robert

Spoor, Clarence Alonzo

Sprague, Howard O.

Sprague, William

*Sproul, Harold

Staples, Archie Raymond

Stark, Paul Martin

Stevens, Arthur Francis

Stevenson, George Edward

Stever, James Lewis

Stewart, Herbert Charles

Stone, Clarence E.

Strait, Bernard Samuel

Sturdevant, Benjamin Franklin

Sumner, Marion Jewell

Sutherland, Earl Lloyd

Swarthout, John P.

Symonds, Wilbur Mills


Tears, John Edward

Thiers, Pearl Underwood

Thomas, Burnett David

Thomas, Fred Burnett

Thomas, Rufus Garland

Thomsen, Neils Peter

Tindall, Horace F.

Tongate, William John Jr.

Tower, Donald MacLean

Townley, Lyle Brunskill

Travis, Ray P.

Travis, Fred James

Travis, Lewis Warren 

Trimmingham, James William

Tubbs, George William

Tuthill, Harold Franklin

Twilllger, Raymond B.


Van Gelder, Earl

Van Gelder, Elmer

Van Horn, Ben

•Vermilyea, Sidney


•Waddell, Frank Saville

Walker, Raymond Charles

Waters, Hubert William

Webster, Mitchell Riley

Weinstein, Harold Long

Welch, William Bernard

Wheat, William Ward

Wheaton, Arlie E.

Wheeler, Horace Brown

Wheeler, Howard Edwin

Wheeler, Bradley Longwell

•Wheeler, Charlie

Wheeler, James Harvey

Whitaker, John North

Whitbeck, Byron G.

White, Albert Josiah

Whitman, Stephen Michael

Wickum, Charles Edwin

•Williams, Alfred

Williams, T. Chauncey

Williams, Charles Enos

Williams, Roy Dwight

Williams. William Warren

Williams, William Wright

Wilson, Percy Charles

Windnagle, Dewey Fenton

Windnagle, George Frederick

Wixom, Norman Bert

Wood, George Dunlap

Wood, Ernest Leon

Woodhouse, Frank Leslie

Woodruff, Joseph Dudley

World, Fred Andrew 

Wright, Valentine William Morris

Wright, Alexander F.


Yost, Theodore

Young, Vernon

Young, Herbert Allen 

Youst, Anthony J. 

Youst, Joseph James

_________   END _________



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