Revolutionary Soldiersthat lived in Yates Co., NY


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 Informationgleaned from various sources.  Below is a news article found in a 1967Newspaper article, listing all the believed Revolutionary War Soldiers for YatesCounty, NY. 

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A Heroine ofthe Revolutionary War


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Apr 24, 1761 CT - Jan 18, 1846; husb of Sabra;  (Alcott Ceme, Benton)
Thomas  (Capt) BARDEN husb of Olive BENTON; killed by a John DECKER on June 11, 1813
William BATES 1762 - 1852; husb of Bethann; Mt. Pleasant Ceme., Benton  (1840 Pensioner Census - aged 79y; Benton)
John BEAL 1761 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 81y; Jerusalem)
Peter (Capt BEAM 1765 - June 16, 1841;aged 76y; husb of Eve or Eva INSCHO; (Bennettsville Ceme, Starkey)
Elisha  BENEDICT 1760 - 1845; husb of Thankful G.; Italy Hill Ceme., Italy; (1840 Pensioner Census - aged 80y; Jerusalem)
Samuel (Rev) BIGELOW Apr 2, 1763 MA - Jan 20, 1842 Starkey; husb of Elizabeth FULLER; son of Rev. Samuel Sr. or Hopestill
Anthony BLACKFORD 1758 - 1826; (Pine Corners Ceme, Middlesex)
Andrew Sr. BOOTH
1745 CT - Apr 10, 1828; aged 83y; husb of Jerusha KIRBY; served in MA; (Eddytown Ceme, Starkey)
Joshua BRIGGS 1753 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 87y; Orleans)
Daniel BROWN 1750 - 18?? ; husb of Anna HALL or YORK; son of Elisha; (1840 Pensioner Census - aged 82y; Benton)
Elisha Jr. BROWN died 1815; aged 67y; husb of Jemima DEAN; son of Elisha; resided in Benton
Wright S. Sr. BROWN July 1, 1748 - Apr 25, 1837; Hannah NEWLAND & Bethiah OLNEY of RI; (City Hill Ceme., Torrey)
Samuel Sr. (Capt) BUEL(L) 1740 CT - 1809; husb of Sarah HOLMES & Susan MORSE
Samuel T. (Capt) CHURCH 1765? - 1832; husb of Hannah PITCHER; (Pine Corners Ceme., Middlesex)
John COLE 1759 - 18??;  (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 81y; Middlesex)
Achilles COMSTOCK 1757 CT - 1832 Jerusalem ; husb of Sarah BOTSFORD; son of Samuel
William CORNWELL 1750 - 1825; husb of Hannah  (Penn Yan Catholic Ceme)
Edward (Maj) CRAFTS 1746 MA - 1806; husb of Eliot WINSHIP
Castle DAINES 1749 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 91y; Jerusalem)
Samuel DEAN abt 1760  MA - abt 1846 ; husb of Electa CHAMBERLAIN & Mrs. PIERCE  (moved from Italy, NY to MI)
Philip DINTURFF 1752 - 18??;  (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 88y; Potter)
Joseph FINTON 1761 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 79y;Barrington)
Jacob FRADENBURGH 1759 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 81y; Jerusalem)
Michael FRANCISCO 1762 - 1848; husb of Hannah WAGER; (Winship Ceme, Penn Yan)
Jabez Sr. GILLETT 1738 CT- 1818; resided in Italy, NY
John GRAHAM 1757 VT - 1834; husb of Olive PROUTY; (resided in Italy, NY)
George GREEN 1761 RI - 1851 Potter; husb of Sally WATERMAN
Stephen HAIGHT 1760 - 1812; husb of Abbey; (Mt. Pleasant Ceme, Benton)
Titus HARMAN (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 73y; Benton)
Peter J. HARPENDING 1744 NJ -1840 Dundee; husb of Anna COMPTON
Thomas HAVENS abt 1750 RI - 18??; husb of Mary SMITH; (Havens Ceme, Benton)
Isaac HOARD 1754 RI - 1830 Potter; husb of Sally SHAW;  (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 83y; Potter)
William (Rev) HOBART 1752 MA - Jan 1, 1801;  husb of Patience FLAGG & Dolly SMITH; resided in Potter
William  HOLTON 1751 PA - 1832 Potter; husb of Mary LIEPER
Abner (Lieut) HURD 1747  CT - 1812; served in VT; (Eddytown Ceme, Starkey)
Simeon HURD resided in Starkey
Charles HUTCHINS 1755 CT -  July 4, 1828 Italy, NY; husb of Hannah STEVENS
1765 NJ - Dec 4, 1842; aged 73y; husb of Martha BIGGER; (Eddytown Ceme., Starkey)
John MC LEWIN 1747 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 93y; Benton)
Robert MC NAIR 1755 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 85y; Middlesex)
Asa OLCOTT 1760 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 80y; Benton)
Aaron PAGE 1738 Ct - Sept 20, 1825; son of Moses & Thankful (Graves);  (Page Cemetery, Benton)
Isaac PAGE 1858 - Mar 26, 1844 Potter; husb of Elizabeth; (French Ceme, Potter) (on 1840 Pensioner Census aged 82y; Potter)
Nathaniel PEARCE 1756 - 18??; (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 84y; Middlesex)
Jonathan PRATT 1760 - Aug 19, 1847 Potter; husb of Elizabeth; (French Ceme., Potter)
Peter Sr. PUTNAM
died Oct 3, 1835, aged 8?y; husb of Sarah KINNAN; (Putnam Ceme, Barrington)
Phillip ROBINSON resided in Middlesex
Nathaniel RUSCO 1756 LI - 1844; husb of Catharine CARPENTER; son of David; resided in Starkey
William SMITH (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 75y; Italy)
Truman SPENCER husb of Lois; resided in Benton
James TAYLOR son of Simon & Ruth (Chapel); Tory; resided in Starkey
Lawrence (Capt) TOWNSEND 1740 - 18?? Benton; husb of Phebe GREEN
Thomas TREAT (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 78y; Italy)
Enos TUBBS   CT - Benton; husb of Molly EARL & Mrs. Sarah JACKSON
John VAN PELT Apr 8, 1758 - Apr 28, 1828; husb of Sarah PRATT or PLATT; son of Anthony; (Lakeview Ceme., Penn Yan)
Peter WELLS 1759 - 1839; (Old Bellona Ceme., Benton)
Isaac WHITNEY (on 1840 Pensioner Census - aged 91y; Benton)

Geneva Times                        Tuesday                         Apr 18, 1967                          contributedby:  DianneThomas

Buried In Yates County  - Revolutionary War Veterans AreListed

PennYan - The American Legion VeteransGraves Registration Committee in cooperation with the Gu-Ya-No-Ga ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution has compiled a list of RevolutionaryWar Veterans who have been buried in Yates county. 

Whenthis information was compiled it has been stated that it was not intendedto convey the impression that these are all of the Revolutionary War veteransthat may be buried somewhere in Yates County. There may be others that have not been identified.

TheDAR and Frederick J.Egger, chairman of the American Legion Veterans Graves RegistrationCommittee desire any information the public can furnish as to the location ofany Revolutionary War veterans graves, or of any possible errors or omissions inthe list.


Bellona Cemetery: Thomas Barden,James Parker, Truman Spencer, Jacob Whitney

Briggs Cemetery:  CalebBriggs

Ketchum Cemetery: James Taylor

Cronk Cemetery, John Cronk

Merrifield Cemetery (Flat St.): Daniel Brown

Benton Rural Cemetery: Benjamin Dean

Old Bellona Cemetery: James A. Baker, John Lester, Peter Webs



Italy Hill Cemetery:  ElishaBennett, Henry Roff

Italy Valley Cemetery:  JohnGraham

West River Cemetery:  DanielWhipple



Overackers Cemetery: AnthonyBlackford, James Harrington

Pine Corners Cemetery, John Blair,Samuel Smith



Hunt Cemetery: RichardHendersen (possibly moved to Lakeview Cemetery in Penn Yan)

Goundry Baker Cemetery: John Comer

Old Himrod Cemetery (Fitzwater): Phillip Morse

Lakeview Cemetery (Penn Yan):  WilliamCornwell, John Raywait, Richard Smith,  Lawrence Townsend, John Van Pelt, Amos C.West, 

ThomasLee, Benedict Robinson,  John Dorman  (awaitingverification), Joseph Finton (removed from Barrington),  MichaelFrancisco  (removed from Hazen Cemetery). 



French Cemetery: Chester Adams,James Fitch, Isaac Page, Jonathon Pratt, Nathan Loomis

Yatesville Cemetery: AchillesComstock

Nettle Valley Cemetery: PhillipRobinson, William Hobart

Baldwin Corners Cemetery (Rushville):  SolomonBlodgett, Henry Green




Hillside Cemetery (Dundee): IchabodAndrew, Tewalt Swarts

Eddytown Cemetery: Andrew Booth

Jones Cemetery: Abner Hurd (maybe incorrectly recorded; [most likely in Eddytown or Lakemont ceme]

Old Presbyterian Cemetery: Simeon Hard

Old Fulkerson Farm Cemetery:  CalebFulkerson

Harpending Cemetery (by the Grace Episcopal church in Dundee): PeterHarpending

Rockstream Cemetery : NathanielRusco, Richard Hurd, Jesse Cox



Mt.Pleasant Cemetery (or Kipps Ceme): Samuel Jayne, Stephen Whitaker

City Hill Cemetery: EliphatNorris, John Remer, Andrew Castner, Jonathon J. Hazzard Sr., Griffin B. Hazzard (possibly)

Theremay be other Revolutionary War veterans buried in Yates Countybut not recorded.

Theyare:  Jonathan J. Hazard, reportedlost at sea; Enos Tubbs, Seth Hull, Cyrus Buell, William Buell, Sr., Eliphath Hull, William Lapott, Thomas Haven, ElijahBrown, John Race, Jonathan S. Barber, Jacob Shuman, Samuel Bigelow (maybe in Steuben Co), Ezra Loomis, James Knapp, JabezGillett, John Coates,  Andrew Coates,Alexander Andersen, William Thyall, Henry Hutchings.

OtherRevolutionary War veterans who are not recorded but are most likely to beburied in Yates County, since they lived in this county in1840 are:

Castle Daines,  Isaac Hoard, Jacob Fredenburgh, John Bea l, Elisha Benedict, Samuel Abbey, Titus Harman, Asa Olcutt, Isaac Whiting, John McLewin, Phillip Dintriff, William Bates, William Smith, Thomas Treat, Michael Pearce Robert McNair and John Cole. 

Geneva Times    Saturday               Jan 3, 1970         contributedby:   DianneThomas

ChesterG. Matthews - PENN YAN Funeral services for ChesterG. Matthews, 73, of Sand Hill Rd., Penn Yan, who died Friday, will be at3:30 p.m. Monday at the Weldon Funeral Home. The Rev. DonaldO'Polka, pastor of the Penn Yan Baptist Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Lakeview CemeteryFriendsmay call at the funeral home today from 7 to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Memorial donations may be made to theHeart Fund.

Mr.Matthews had lived all his lifein Yates County. He was a veteranof World War I and a member of the Johnson-Costello American Legion Postin Penn Yan. He was also a member of the Forty and Eight.He was a member of the Penn Yan Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, Mrs.Elizabeth Sands Matthews; two brothers, Wendellof Cohocton and George of Bluff Point; severalnieces and nephews.


GlenDeWitt- PENN YAN - Funeral services for GlenDeWitt, 73, of Lakeland, Fla., formerly of Bluff Point, will be at 2 p.m. Monday at the Weldon Funeral Home,Penn Yan. Burial will be in Lakeview Cemetery.  Friends may call at the funeralhome tomorrow from 7 to 9 p.m. Mr. DeWitt hadoperated a vineyard at Bluff Point for many years retiring in 1965 and moving toLakeland, Fla.

Hewas a member of the Bluff Point United Methodist Church, a member of Keuka Lodge 149, IOOF,and the Penn Yan Grange.

Heis survived by his wife, Anna, a son,Donald of Branchport; a daughter, Mrs. ExtonKelley of Penn Yan RD 5; a sister, Mrs. MyrtleGriffith of Penn Yan; 12 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

WilliamA. Morgan - PENN YAN - Funeral services for WilliamA. Morgan, 56, of 349 Clinton St., who died Friday at Soldiers andSailors Memorial Hospital, will be Monday at the convenience of the family inthe Cahill Funeral Home.   Burial will be in Lakeview Cemetery.  Friends may call atthe funeral home today from 7 to 9 p:m. and Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.

Mr.Morgan had operated Morgan'sGrocery Store on East Elm St. for the past 12 years. He is survivedby his wife, Mrs. Arral Ayres Morgan; a son,Bruce; his mother, Mrs. Lottie Morgan;and two grandchildren, all of Penn Yan.


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