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Barrington 1800's

Barrington  1900's 

Benton  1800's 

Benton 1900's 

Italy  1800's

Italy  1900's 

Jerusalem  1800's 

Jerusalem  1900's

Middlesex  1800's

Middlesex 1900's 

Milo   1800's

Milo  1900's

Penn Yan   1800's

Penn Yan   1900 -1909

Penn Yan   1910 -1915

Penn Yan  1916 - 1934

Penn Yan   1935- 1937

Penn Yan   1938 - 1939

Penn Yan   1940 - 1960

Penn Yan  1961 - open

Potter  1800's

Potter  1900's 

Starkey  1800's

Starkey  1900's 

Torrey   1800's 

Torrey  1900's


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