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Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe,NY    July 13, 1848   contributed by G. Subyak

Marriages:    In Penn Yan, July 3, Mr.Hiram KENYON, of Penn Yan, to Miss Sarah Ann NORTHROP, of Potter.

Deaths:   In Barrington, June 30th, Mr.Almon MATSON, aged 3?  years.
At Branchport, on the 23d ult., Mrs. Sarah LAMB,wife of Dexter LAMB, Esq., in the 49th year of herage.
In Penn Yan, on the _th ult., of apoplexy, Mrs. Mary M. STEBBINS, wife of Fitz A.STEBBINS, aged 31years.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe,NY    Sept 7, 1848   contributed by G. Subyak

In Penn Yan, on the 24th ult., of lingering consumption,MissNancy E. LEWIS, aged 22 years, daughter of George and ElizabethLEWIS.

RochesterRepublican, Rochester, NY    Nov 30, 1848          contributed  by: G.Subyak


+  In Columbus,OH.,  on the 8th inst., Mr. Henry F. WHEELER, formerly of  PennYan, aged 28 years, 11 months, and 14 days.
+  In Penn Yan, on the 8th inst., in the 23d year of her age, Mary,wife of Bradley SHEARMAN, and daughter of the lateAaron REMER.
+  In Benton, on the 9th inst, Mary Eliza, daughter ofJohn andElizabeth TITUS, in the 23d year of her age in Le Roy, and also Deacon Hinds CHAMBERLAIN, aged 84 years.


Rochester Republican  Rochester,  NY,    July19, 1849    contributed  by: G.Subyak

MARRIED -  In Yates, on the 10th inst., Mr. Edwin St. JOHN to Miss Rebecca DAVIS, all of Yates.

Rochester Republican,  Rochester, Monroe, N. Y.  Sept  3, 1849                  contributed  by: G.Subyak

DIED - In Penn Yan, on the 2d ult, G. M. CHASE, formerly of this city.

Union & Advertiser, Rochester, NY  Fri     July 24, 1863    contributed  by: G.Subyak

DIED - In Penn Yan, on the 23d inst.,Elvira E., wife of FloydD. TORRENCE, of  this city, aged 25 years.  Funeral at the house,No. 80 South Fitzhugh st., on Saturday, 25th inst., at 1 o'clock P. M.

RETURNED FOR BURIAL - The remains of Mrs. F. D. TORRANCEarrived here from Penn Yan this morning, attended by her husband andseveral friends. They were received at the Central Depot by a numerous party of friends, and taken to the residence of Mr. T., Fitzhugh street. The sudden death ofMrs. T.by casualty caused much sorrow in a large circle of acquaintances of the family,and her husband has the sympathy of all who have heard of his affliction.

Penn Yan  newspaper dated Mar 22, 1866  contributed by: M. Kelly

Mrs. Jane Hutchinson, age 62 years, died 27 Feb 1866 atThree Rivers, in Michigan. In 1804, when less then a year old, she came fromPennsylvania with her father, Luke Conley, to Yates Co. She was theoldest of nine children, all but one, a sister Mary, survive her. After aresidence of 60 years, she removed with her husband, Lyman Hutchinson, tojoin their family of five children at Three Rivers. Her brother, JamesConley, is well known in this county. Mrs. Hutchinson was a member ofthe Methodist Episcopal Church in Italy Hill, Yates Co.

YatesCounty Chronicle, Penn Yan, Yates, NY      December 9, 1875         contributed by Phyllis

Died in this village (Penn Yan) on Tuesday evening, Dec. 7, 1875, John Norcott, in the 89th year of his age. (He) has been a citizen of Penn Yan for more than half a century. Mr. Norcott was a quiet, unobtrusive man, and enjoyed the kindly regard of his fellow citizens. Funeral services today at 2:30 P.M.

Ontario Co. Repository & Messenger   Apr 12, 1883  Pg.3          contributedby  Dianne Thomas 

+ Hon.William S. BRIGGS, Judge of Yates county, has married Mrs. POST of Geneva. Mrs. POST, now Mrs. BRIGGS, is a woman of wealth and a very estimablelady.  She has a cottage at Crystal Springs, where she spends much timeduring the summer.

+ Mr.John S. SHEPPARD has sold his lumber business in Pen Yan to Mr. Charles D.WELLES.

+ MartinSPENCER, a former resident of Penn Yan, died recently at Galva, Ill, aged 69years.

+ PennYan organized an Amber Sugar Cane company last Friday night with a capital of$25,000.

Ontario Repository & Messenger    Mar 25,1886     Pg 3       contributedby  Dianne Thomas 

The big braves of the Penn Yan Express andthe Chronicle, have been in a chronic quarrel for severalyears.  They have now abandoned long range shooting with bows and arrowsand are using the heaviest and sharpest tomahawks.  The scalp raisingprocess will soon be reached.

Ontario Repository & Messenger    May 31,1888     Pg 3       contributedby  Dianne Thomas 

Marion F. HOWE, the adopted daughter of AlonzoJENKINS, of Penn Yan, has been found to be the great granddaughter of the lateLord HOWE, of England, whose heirs have been long advertised for.  She willinherit a large fortune. 

Democrat & Chronicle   Rochester,NY     Mon            Apr 21,1890         contributed by: GSubyak  

Lewis QUACKENBUSH has sold the Arcade cigar store in Penn Yan to Walter DENNISONand Charles EGGLESTON.
+  Married, in Penn Yan, April 16th, by the Rev. J. V. BENHAM,Alphonse DICKERSON and Mrs. Adelia REMER.
Henry CAMPBELL, of Starkey, is the oldest man in Yates county. Hewill be 100 years old on the 25th of next October.
Marvin PARKS, the well-known carriage manufacturer of Penn Yan,lost the first two fingers of his right hand by a buzz-saw last week.
Daniel COARSER, an aged and respected resident of Penn Yan, diedlast week. His remains were taken to Benton Center for interment.
Thomas S. BURNS has commenced the erection of a large doublehouse on his property corner of Elm and Keuka streets at Penn Yan.
+  Two cases of scarlet fever, in a mild form, are reported in Penn Yan.The disease is not spreading, however, and it is probable that nothingserious will result from the cases already noted.
+  At the Prohibition conference in Penn Yan Saturday, Martin STARK,of Penn Yan, was elected as the delegate to represent Yates county at thestate conference in Binghamton to-morrow and Wednesday.
+   A queer freak of nature occurred on the farm of the KETCHUMsisters,  in Benton, last week. A chicken was hatched having three legs,two of the  legs were in the usual place, while the third is growingbetween the other two.  The chicken has been sent to P. T. BARNUM.
Stephen B. AYRES, of Penn Yan, has left for the state ofWashington,  where he will make investigation into some real estateinvestments in the new state. Mr. AYRES is the representative of asyndicate of Penn Yan capitalists, who will invest immediately about$30,000, if the proper place can be found for the money.

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY        Wed      Oct  22, 1890    contributed by: GSubyak  

Talk of Organizing a National Gas Company at Penn Yan

For some time past Jonathan CHAMPLIN, of Penn Yan, has been operating in asection of the town known as the "Hollow," with a view of striking gasand oil.
He has drilled two wells, some fifty feet, and in both instances largequantities of gas have been found. Monday night quite a party of Penn Yancapitalists visited one of the wells. The gas was ignited and the flame shot upin the air fully twenty feet, and burned with a steady and brilliant flame. Theflow was somewhat arrested by the pressure of forty feet of water in the tubingand several leaks in the outer pipe. Directly under the well which has just beenstarted are two large veins of gas crossing each other. Drilling will becontinued very shortly. A movement is on foot in Penn Yan to organize a stockcompany and put down a test well under Mr. CHAMPLIN's direction.

In the town of Milo 1,565 voters were registered Saturday.

Mrs. Peter REMER, of Penn Yan, who was so badly burned Monday afternoon, diedyesterday morning.

It is estimated that over 24,000 tons of grapes were raised this year along LakeKeuka and in Pleasant Valley. Along Seneca and Canandaigua lakes and in the VineValley and Naples section the yield was about 12,000 tons.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY   Mon           Sept1891              contributed by: GSubyak 

PENN YAN, N. Y., Sept 6 - The following delegates were electedto-day to the Republican State Convention from Yates county: The Hon. GeorgeP. LORD, 
Captain Morris F. SHEPPARD, Hon. William A. CARSON, and HarveyTALLMADGE. They were uninstructed. The following judicial delegateswere selected: Hon. Hanford 
STRUBLE, James C. SPICER and William S. BRIGGS.
They will probably supportthe re-nomination of Justice Charles C. DWIGHT. Six senatorial delegatesfavorable to  the re-nomination of Charles T. SAXTON, of Wayne, werechosen. The following  county ticket was put in the field. For member ofAssembly, Hon. Everett L. BROWN; for sheriff, John W. SMITH, 2d;for treasurer, J. Henry SMITH; for district attorney, John T. KNOX.The utmost harmony prevailed. Assemblyman BROWN  was re-nominated byacclamation.

Union & Advertiser, Rochester, NY Saturday        Nov 26,1892          by: GSubyak@aol.com    

PENN YAN, Nov. 26 - The board of Supervisors has designated theExpress and Democrat as the papers to publish the session laws for theensuing year.
Certificates of election expenses of county candidates have been filed this weekin the county clerk's office as follows: Morris F. SHEPPARD, Rep., member
 of Assembly, $345; Cyrus C. HARVEY, Rep., coroner, $30; William F. JOLLY,Rep.,  coroner, $75; Charles W. RYAL, Rep., for sessions, nothing: ErnestR.
BUDWELL,  Dem., member of Assembly, $104.55; Albert E. ELLISON, Pro.,coroner,$12; M. E.  BABCOCK, Pro., coroner, nothing.
The Farmer's Institute for Yates county will be held at Cornwell's Opera Houseon December 8th and 9th. Addresses will be made by Prof. F. T. SHULTZ on the importance of a more thorough education in the science of agriculture; Mr. RobertC. HENSON, on fruit culture, and ex-School Commissioner James A.THAYER on general farming.
George W. HOBART of Jerusalem, a member of Post Sloan, No. 93, G. A. R., has been named by the State department of the Grand Army of the Republic as assistant inspector of posts 71, 93, 115, and 315, in Yates county.

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY        Wed      Aug 23, 1893    contributed by: GSubyak  

Mary E. Lease and Governor Waite to Speak at Keuka Park To-Day
*  The examination of Jacob LATHROP of Penn Yan, who was arrested last week on thecharge of arson, was postponed from yesterday to next Tuesday at 9:30 A. M.
*  The funeral of Lewis STEWART, who was killed on the Fall Brook tracks at PennYan Monday afternoon, was conducted from the Pulteney church yesterdayafternoon at 3 o'clock.
*  The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen have an excursion on Lake Keuka to-day. Theannual reunion of the McDOWELL family will be held at Len. STORR'shouse, on Lake Lamoka to-day. The Himrods Baptist church hold their annualpicnic at Severne-on-Seneca today. The annual reunion of the GREEN family is tobe held at Willow Grove on Canandaigua lake to-day.
*At Keuka park to-day and to-morrow there will be a gathering of the farmers ofYates, Ontario, Steuben and Schuyler counties. Mrs. Mary E. LEASE, ofKansas, the great woman orator, will speak to-day, as will Governor D. H.WAITE,of Colorado, James B. WEAVER, of Iowa, and L. E. DEAN   <snip>[ didn't getthe rest.]

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY        Wed      Aug 23, 1893    contributed by: G.Subyak

William HAINER died at his late residence on Lake street, PennYan, Wednesday evening.
*  The members of the Republican county central committee will meet at the officeof William J. MORRIS, in Penn Yan, at 2 P. M., on Saturday next.
* The remains of Mrs. Lillian May FOSTER were brought to Penn Yan Wednesdayevening from Rochester, where she died from a surgical operation. The deceasedwas a most estimable lady, and formerly resided in Penn Yan, where she had alarge circle of acquaintances, having at different times been engaged inrunning a kindergarten school. Her maiden name was Lillian May STOUTENBERG. Thefuneral services will be conducted to-day.

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY  Wednesday     Sept 5,1894              by: GSubyak@aol.com  

* The remains of BetseyMcCUIN, aged 68 years, wereinterred at Second Milo Monday. She died at Hall's Corners of liver troubleon Saturday.
*The infant child of Dennis McREYNOLDS of the town of Barrington died Mondayevening at the residence of James HASSON, in Penn Yan. The burial was in St.Michael's cemetery at Penn Yan yesterday.
* B. S. FRENCH, of Amsterdam, who has officiated as secretary of the Y. M. C.A., at Penn Yan for some time, has severed his connection with that associationand will go to Chicopee, Mass., to fill a similar position there.  Theassociation at Penn Yan will for the present dispense with the services of a secretary.
*Tuesday morning R. F. MILLER and wife, of Beaver Dams, started with a buggyand team for Penn Yan, to attend the funeral of Mr. MILLER's brother's wife, who died in Michigan, and whose remains were taken to Penn Yan for burial. Justbefore reaching the top of the hill near Cook's gully, south of Dundee, a strap on the neck-yoke broke, letting the ole drop. The horses became unmanageable,the buggy was overturned and badly damaged, and Mr. and Mrs.  MILLER,were thrown out at the top of the hill. Mrs. MILLER sustained some severeinjuries, but to what extent was not learned. Mr. MILLER was bruised and cut, but not severely. The horses cleared themselves from the buggy and ran headlongdown the hill to the new iron bridge. On reaching the bridge they made  adash over the side and went headlong into the gully, a distance of twelve or fifteenfeet. One of the horses is severely injured, and it is doubtful if it recovers.

Union & Advertiser,  Rochester, Monroe,NY    Monday  Mar 11, 1895    contributed  by: G.Subyak

Penn Yan, March 11 - The following nominations were made Saturday afternoon bythe Democrats:
First Ward -- Trustees, Charles W. COFFIN; inspector of election, James M. HALLOCK; delegates to the village convention, George S. SHEPPARD, GilbertBROWN, Patrick McELLIGOTT. 
Second Ward -- Trustees, Alfred LOCKYEAR; inspector, Benjamin HAVENS; delegates, E. J. MEEHAN, Fred CRANE, Timothy LYNCH.
Third Ward -- Trustees, William H. WHITFIELD; inspector, George H.EXCELL;delegates, William H. WHITFIELD, Edward DONOHUE, H. C.EARLES.
Fourth Ward -- Trustee, Charles KELLY; inspector, Charles H. FENNER; delegates,Charles H. FENNER, George H. SIMMONS, M. E. BURNS.
Fifth Ward -- Trustee, Frank HALLETT; inspector, William SUTHERLAND; delegates,George R. YOUNGS, Frank S. CONKLIN, John LONG.
In the Sixth ward the Republicans nominated the following ticket: Trustee, JohnL. ACKLEY; inspector, David H. DECKER; delegates, J. Henry SMITH, JohnDIBBLE, George BEEBE.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle  NY       Monday, March 18,1895        contributedby  Dianne Thomas  

Georgiana, seconddaughter of Joshua MEAD of Bellona, died Fridayevening [3/15], after a lingering illness of dropsy of the heart. Funeralservices were held yesterday at the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY     Jan 1,1897       contributed  by: G.Subyak

Sheldon Kittell Indicted in Penn Yan for Burglary at LastArrested.

A telegram was received in Penn Yan yesterday that Sheldon KITTELL had beenarrested in Utica. KITTELL was indicted by the Yates county grand jury a yearor two ago on the charge of burglary. He skipped out and went to Pennsylvania,and afterward to Utica. He will probably be returned to Penn Yan, and  arraigned with the prisoners indicted by the last grand jury next Tuesday. Anindictment was found against KITTELL on the charge of breaking into a barn andstealing there from some beans, etc.

+ The following new cases are on the calendar of the county court, to be convenedin Penn Yan January 11th; Calvin RUSSELL, et al, appellants, vs. W. IrvingJONES, respondent; Jesse HALLOCK, respondent, vs. Edward H.REYNOLDS, appellant, Thomas S. BURNS vs. Frank BAIRD; Craig W. HOYT, respondent, vs. B. LindsayCLARK, appellant; Thomas CATTERSON vs. AlfredELLERINGTON.
+ An appeal will be taken in the McCAFFERY will case.
+ John SIMMONS died in Penn Yan yesterday morning.
+ Richard HANBURY died at the county house Wednesday.
+William JOHNSON, of Penn Yan, has been granted a patent on a car coupling.
+ In the case of the people against George MAZROLE and Jane GOUNDRY, chargedwith disorderly acts, which were tried before Police JusticeRANDOLPH, of PennYan, Tuesday, the justice here found the former guilty of the charge, andacquitted the latter. Sentence was suspended on MAZROLE during good behavior.

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY     Dec 28, , 1898      contributed  by: G.Subyak

An Old Lady Struck by the Cars and Killed at Himrods -  Mrs. Sophia FOLTZ, a lady about 60 years old, was struck and instantly killedyesterday afternoon on the Northern Central railroad, about half a mile southof Himrods. She had been doing some trading at Himrods, and was walking alongthe track toward her home, which was about two miles south of Himrods. Heractions just before she was struck would indicate that her mind was somewhat confused,as she crossed and re-crossed the track three or four times. She was thrownabout forty feet, striking face downward.    The train was stopped and the remains picked up and placed in the baggagecar and taken to the station at  Himrods. CoronerHAVENS, of Penn Yan, was notified and a jury impaneled. After viewing theremains an adjournment was taken until 1:30 P. M. today.

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY  1898       contributed by  Dianne Thomas

ACCIDENT AT PENN YAN-  Penn Yan, March 21 - Charles CONKLIN met with apainful accident yesterday. While engaged with ropes and tackle in hoistinggoods to the second floor, Mr.CONKLIN caught the index finger on his right hand in the pully. It was sobadly injured that amputation was necessary.

Annual Appointments -  The annual apportionment of school money in the towns of thecounty has been made, and is as follows: Barrington, 12 districts, $1,360.46;Benton, 13districts, $1,587.87; Italy, 12 districts, $1,315.90; Jerusalem, 21 districts,$2,293.86; Middlesex, 9 districts, $1,092.39; Milo, 12 districts, $4,012.67; Potter, 13 districts, $1,845; Starkey, 13 districts, $1,880.83; Torrey, 6districts, $883.29. Total, $16,272.46.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester,Monroe, NY,     Mon.,   May 1,1899         contributed  by: GSubyak@aol.com

Application of a Dundee Saloon-keeper for a License Refused
Up to the time of closing Saturday County Treasurer LOWN had granted applicationsfor licenses as follows:  Penn Yan - John C. KNAPP, saloon,  $200; Michael C. CRAUGH, saloon, $200; Frank V.SHATTUCK, hotel, $200; B. S. MERRITT, saloon, $200; E. H. CHAPMAN, saloon, $200; T. S. BURNS, saloons (two licenses)  $400; A. J. OBERTIN, hotel, $200; Lester M. RICE, saloon, $200; AugustusDURNIN, saloon, $200; William & Shaw, hotel, $200; ThomasHAZARD, saloon, $200; James HASSON, hotel, $200; George S. GOODRICH, hotel, $200; Edgar  H.LEWIS, druggist, $75; Empire State Wine Company, $75; W. W.QUACKENBUSH, druggist,$75; Frank QUACKENBUSH, druggist, $75.  Dundee -- Jesse W.  FULLER,hotel, $100; Andrew A. HARPENDING, hotel, $100; Silas A. PRICE, pharmacist, $5; Willis H.MILLARD, pharmacist, $5.  

Rushville -- Michael QUIRK, hotel, $100; A.M. REGAN, hotel, $100.   Himrods -- Frank R.  KNAPP, hotel, $100. 

P= Potter Center Ashley McDONALD, hotel, $100.    Dresden -- Gertrude HAZARD,hotel, $100.   At the last town meeting in Starkey the proposition to license saloons was voted down. Saturday, however, Frank SWARTS, the proprietor of a saloon in Dundee, made application for a license on the technicality that proper notification had not been filed with the county treasurer of the defeat of said proposition. SWARTS's application was not granted.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle  Friday    Jan 20, 1899     contributedby: DianneThomas 

*  Bertha CHRISTENSEN and Chris "DITTO",Wed at Penn Yan  -  NO ROMANCE ABOUT IT 

OneChapter in a Too Common Story of a Young Girl's Betrayal - Both the PartiesDames - Yates County

About 6o'clock last evening a novel wedding occurred in Penn Yan.  The nuptialknot was performed by Rev. Eugene HAINES, pastor ofthe Baptist Church, in Sheriff MILLER'S parlor, inthe county jail, and was witnessed by Sheriff MILLERand his wife and a reporter.  The contracting parties were two Danishpeople of the same name, but who were not related to each other until after theceremony was performed.  Their names were ChrisCHRISTENSEN and Miss Bertha CHRISTENSEN. The bride has been living in Penn Yan of late, and the groom, until recently wasemployed as a farm hand in the town of Benton.  They gave their ages as 20and 18 respectively. 

A fewdays ago the girl made complaint before the "overseer of the poor",that she was going to soon become a mother and alleged that ChrisCHRISTENSEN was the cause of the trouble. A warrant was there upon issuedby Police Justice RANDOLPH and Officer RECTORjourneyed to Benton and arrested CHRISTENSEN. The police justice set down January 20 as the day for his examination, and notbeing able to furnish bail, in the sum of $200, he was taken to jail, where hehas since resided.

At first,CHRISTENSEN refused to marry the unfortunate girl,but finally, when he fully understood the gravity of the situation, more so forthe reason, more so for the reason that she was under the age of consent, whenthe crime was committed, he relented and decided to take the other and propercourse.  Accordingly the marriage was performed as stated.  The groomwill now be released from custody and the proceedings against him, will, ofcourse, be dropped.  


* Themarriage of George RACE and MissFannie STONE, of Jerusalem, occurred yesterday.  [1/19/1899]


* Acolored individual, who was minus one arm, dropped in Penn Yan, Wednesday, andduring the evening made a nuisance of himself in the stores, by frightening theclerks, especially those of the gentler sex.  He was finally arrested andtaken to jail.  Yesterday, Police Justice RANDOLPHfined him $6, or 63 days in jail, and he paid the fine.  He gave the nameof John BIRKETT, residence, Elmira. 


* MissHattie SMALLEY, of Penn Yan, whose illness with hemorrhage of the brainwas noted in the Democrat and Chronicle, yesterday, died early yesterdaymorning.   An operation of trepanning was performed on the skull by Drs.TUTHILL and  PHILLIPS, of Penn Yan, and Dr.GRAHAM of Hahnemann Hospital, Rochester, a short time before herdeath.   Miss SMALLEY was a teacher inLiberty street school in Penn Yan.  Besides her parents, she leaves abrother and three sisters.  

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