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Rochester Observer, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY   March 21, 1828     contributed by:  GSubyak@aol.com

Died: In Rushville,James Henry, infant son of E. LOOMIS, publisher of this paper, 

On the 7th inst., at hisfather's, in Jerusalem, John Stone BEDDOE, in the 24th year of his age.

Rochester Republican, Rochester, NY   Oct 19,1848             contributed by:  GSubyak@aol.com

In Potter, on the 5th inst. Mr. John EARL, of Mich., toMissOrrissa  LANE

Union & Advertiser    Rochester, Monroe,NY          Tues     Jan 31,1888                contributed by:  GSubyak@aol.com

During the terrible storm of Thursday night the large saw milland barrel heading manufactory of Albert BLODGET & Son, about one mile eastof Rushville was totally destroyed by fire. Loss about $4,000, no insurance.This was the only mill of importance in all this section and the loss will be agreat inconvenience to the farmers and a heavy financial loss to the owners.This mill had been built over forty years and was well supplied with valuablemachinery.

OntarioCo. Times,    Wed,     Dec 12, 1888     contributed by:  DianneThomas

+ Died of heart disease, Dec 4, 1888, at the residence of her sonin law, Charles N. JAMES in Rushville, Mrs. Maria MC DONALD, aged 59 years.Funeral services were held from the house, December 6th.  The family havethe sympathy of all.

+ Died, after a few days illness, Dec 6, 1888, at her home inPotter, Mrs. Argelia S. BLODGETT, aged 56 years.  Funeral services wereheld form the house, Dec 8th.  Mrs. BLODGETT was the wife of Orlin E.BLODGETT, and the daughter of Robert and Sophia GREEN, and has always lived nearhere. She was an industrious woman, and was quiet and unassuming in her everydaylife, with strong home attachments and affection for her family.  Sheleaves to mourn her decease, a husband, nine sons and four daughters, all ofwhom deeply feel the loss of their mother.  There are also a large circleof other relatives and many not related who will miss her very much.  Emma,her oldest daughter, is in a very critical condition from nervous prostration,she having been a constant attendant upon her mother, during her illness. The family have the sympathy of the entire community in this bereavement. 

Ontario County Journal, Canandaigua, NY   Friday Apr7, 1893     contributed by:  DianneThomas

+Rev. A. W. TAYLOR, who has been pastor of the CongregationalChurch in this place for five years, has accepted the pastorate of the church inSeneca Falls

+Rev. Mr. HOOVER, of Gasport, preached in the CongregationalChurch Sunday last, and the congregation voted almost unanimously to give him acall to the pastorate..

+ After about two weeks illness from a cold contracted byexposure, Charles RAYMOND died on Friday night.  He was a member of the126th Regiment and also served in the Calvary. On Saturday his mother, the wifeof Professor RAYMOND, died.  Both were buried Monday afternoon.

+ Officers were elected by the Amphictyons Friday night asfollows: President, Arlington MAPES; Vice-president,  Miss RobertaTRIMBLE;Secretary, Miss Edith TRIMBLE; Treasurer, H. C. UNDERWOOD.  The programmefor the next meeting, at Miss Carrie E. GREENES, Friday of next week, is asfollows: The Secretary of the Navy and the U.S. Navy, Rhoda ABBOTT; Departmentof Interior, Patent Office and Public Lands, Prof. CULLINGS; Pension Office andIndian Affairs, Miss Mary E. KNIGHT; Department of Agriculture, WilliamPEAROE;Post office Department, Mrs. W. H. SAVAGE; Supreme Court, H. C. UNDERWOOD; Vocalsolo, Miss Mabel WILSON.

OntarioCo. Journal, Canandaigua, NY     Friday   March 16,  1894    contributed by: DianneThomas

Rushville News:

Mrs. J.AINSLEY is ill with grippe.

Mrs. B. BARKERis seriously ill with pneumonia. 

Mrs. P. GATESof Syracuse, is visiting at M. M. SMITH's.

Frank THOMASis the proud father of a baby boy.

E. G. LAPHAMis spending the week in Canandaigua and Rochester.

Miss CharlotteWILLIAMS, of Middlesex, is visiting Mrs. L. GASTON.

Mr. & Mrs.William JONES of Wellsville, are visiting friends and relatives here. 

+ The auction of Joseph STEVENS, last Saturday drew a large crowd.  Considering the times, everythingsold rapidly and brought a good price.

Mrs. E. G.LAPHAM, accompanied by Miss Rhoda ABBOTT, is in Rochester, purchasing millinerygoods preparatory to the Easter opening at the Case store.

+  B. TOWN hasexchanged his residence here for one at Hemlock Lake belonging to a Mr.TOSSETT,who will soon move here with his family.  He intends running a harnessshop.

DewittMOTHERSELL, who had conducted an agricultural business here during the pastwinter in the interest of Hopkins & Francisco, of Canandaigua, will returnto his lakeside residence about April 1st. 

+  An egg socialwill be held at the home of  Mrs. R. A. KETCHUM next Friday evening, underthe supervision of the young men of the Epworth League.  In addition to thesumptuous repast , an Easter programme will be presented.

Mrs. H.PRATT,of Reeds Corners, is negotiating bringing 16 of her prize speaking candidateshere and give an entertainment in the opera house.  Mrs. PRATT is anearnest and gifted teacher and would no doubt, win favor here.

+ At the villagecaucus, held Monday evening, the following nominations were made: President, F.F. WILLIAMS; Trustee, 2 years, A. J. WARNER; one year, M. W. FISHER, J. C.LEGG;Treasurer, E. G. LAPHAM; Collector, R. W. FOWLER

OntarioCo. Times, Canandaigua, NY        Apr 4, 1894   contributed by DianneThomas

+ Mrs. Mary LINDSLEY,who has been spending the winter in Washington DC with her daughter, Mrs.MEADE,returned home Thursday last.

+ Married, at thebride's home in Candor, March 28, Henry C. FISHER of this place to Miss LillianJENNINGS.

+ Mrs. Lottie VOOHEEShas moved back to her farm.

+ Mrs. Allen LOOMISentertained her class on Tuesday evening.

+ Dewitt MOTHERSILLmoved back to his vineyard last Monday.

+ Mrs. G. B. GALLAHGERgoes to Baltimore, Md., to visit her sister next week.

+ Mrs. Mary Ann AINSLEYis improving slowly.

Democrat & Chronicle,  Rochester,Monroe, NY      Wed      Jan 1,1896         contributed  by: GSubyak@aol.com

The sheriff has closed the store of J. H. BEERMAN, of Rushville,on a  judgment in favor of a Syracuse firm for goods sold  him.

Democrat & Chronicle    Rochester, Monroe, NY     Jan 1,1897        contributedby: GSubyak@aol.com

Frank C. LOOMIS, of Waukegan, Ill., is seeking for informationas to the whereabouts of his brother, Charles A. LOOMIS, founder of Rushville,who hasrecently been traveling in Europe. He has been trying to locate his brother fora year and a half.

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