Town of Milo Family Sketches

Yates Co., New York


From the "History of Yates Co., NY", by L.C. Aldrich, published 1892   

FamilySketches for Town of Milo


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BAXTER,Gilbert, was born in Covert, Seneca County, NY in June 1839 and came with hisfather�s family to Milo in 1831.  Theysettled on the Thomas BENNETT farm on the east road, and here Gilbert has eversince lived.  Thomas BAXTER, hisfather, died here in March 1864.  InOctober 1852, Gilbert married Emeline TITUS of Milo, by whom he had sevenchildren, six of whom are living, viz.: Gilbert C., Ella, Lida, George, Williamand M. Louise. 


BIGGER,Garrett Ayers, born in Sullivan County, Pa., September 5, 1846, was a son ofJames and Catherine BIGGER.  At theage of twelve he came to live with Garrett AYERS in Milo, where he was broughtup to farm work.  About twenty-fiveyears ago Mr. BIGGER purchased the Adam STRUBLE farm, but bought his presentplace in 1877.  It is devotedprincipally to fruit and grape growing.  In1868 he married Mary M. LONGOR.  Theyhave no children.  Both are membersof the Baptist Church.  In politicsMr. BIGGER is a Republican, and in 1888 he was elected as such to the office ofjustice of the peace.


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BOGART,Theodore, was born in the town of Milo, October 5, 1828. He was the youngest of the seven children of Cornelius and Phebe(CORNWELL) BOGART.  His earlyeducation was acquired in the common schools of the town.  His first business venture was the manufacture of fanningmills in Penn Yan, Bath and Perry, New York State.  Afterwards he did a large business in company with Adam OLIVER, ofIngersoll, Canada, in the manufacture and sale of these celebrated mills. He also sold the famous Seth THOMAS Clocks in Canada. In his business enterprises, Mr. BOGART has been fairly successful, andhas acquired a comfortable competency.  Hemarried Mary A., daughter of Daniel BRENNAN in 1863, and they had two children,Josephine and Louise both of whom are living. Mrs. BOGART died in 1874.  TheodoreBOGART has been for years a prominent figure in Yates County politics, and isrecognized as one of the stalwart Republican leaders in the county seat.  In 1858 Mr. BOGART was elected collector of the town of Miloand was supervisor of the same town four terms, as well be seen by reference tothe successions in the history of Yates County, published by honorable S.C.CLEVELAND.  In the fall of 1873 hewas elected sheriff of Yates County and served one full term of three years. Mr. BOGART is recognized as a man of the strictest integrity, a truefriend � careful in all his business relations, and is justly esteemed by hisfellow citizens. 


BRAGG,Ethan, born in Erie County, NY, about 1822, married Eliza FINCH of Milo, by whomhe had two children, Martin and Zalmuna.  In1862 Mr. BRAGG enlisted in the 126th NY Volunteers and was dischargedwith his regiment.  Zalmuna BRAGG,born March 27, 1857 in Milo, was educated in the public schools and in StarkeySeminary and Oberlin College.  August20, 1885, he married Ida A., daughter of Sanford KRISS, of Starkey. Mr. BRAGG is a farmer and fruit grower. His maternal grandfather was a soldier in the War of 1812. 


BUXTON,William W., was a son of John BUXTON, Jr., and the grandson of John Sr., thelatter one of the pioneers of Milo.  WilliamW. was born in Milo, August 9 ,1837.  Hestarted out in life with a determination to possess a thorough education, butfinancial reverses coming to his father changed his plans and compelled hisreturn to the farm.  He exhibited aremarkable inclination and taste for geology and mineralogy, and in these fieldshe has indulged so far as time would permit.  His chief occupation is farming and fruit and grape growing. In 1861, Mr. BUXTON married Sarah C. BABCOCK, by whom he has twochildren, John G., and Watts.  Thelatter died in infancy. 


CHENEY,T. Apoleon, born in Leon, Cattaraugus County, NY, March 16, 1830, was educatedin the public schools and graduated from Oberlin College, June 12, 1851. He married Julia R. TOWERS of Conewango, NY. She was born April 9, 1829.  Theyhad five children: Louis A., Julia E., Willis, Francis and George B. Louis A. CHENEY was born April 29, 1852 at Leon, NY. He is a fruit grower and apiarist.  March5, 1875 he married Ida J., daughter of Samuel P. BRYANT of Covington, TiogaCounty, Pa.  They have one daughter,Mabel, living, born February 5, 1889. 


CHUBB,Ira, became a resident of Himrods in Yates County, in 1887 but was a native ofSteuben County, NY, being born at Bradford in 1845. He was a farmer.  In 1862 heenlisted in Company D, 161st NY Volunteers, and served three yearsand three months.  He was scalded ona gunboat and made prisoner at Sabine Pass. Thereafter he was confined in the rebel prisons at Husted, Hemstead andTyler for eleven months before being exchanged.  He then rejoined his command and completed his term. In 1866 Mr. CHUBBS married Rebecca DICKINSON, by whom he has twochildren.  Since living at Himrods,he has devoted his time to speculation. 


CORNELL,William, born in Ireland, March 6, 1841, came to America with his parents in1851, and first Located in Bradford, Steuben County, NY. He then lived with Daniel WASHBURN in Altay, Schuyler County, NY, oneyear and six months, and the resided with his uncle, William R. BASKINS inStarkey, until he was twenty one years old. He then came to Milo and worked for George L. JONES. September 4, 1864, he enlisted in Company I, 148th InfantryVolunteers, and participated in the battles of Chapin�s Farm and Fair Oaks. In the latter fight he was captured with fifty-six others of his regimentand taken to Libby Prison, where he remained until February 22, 1865, and wasthen taken to Raleigh, where he was paroled and sent to Wilimington, NC, where he and others were turned over to the United States authoritiesand sent to Annapolis, MD.  He wasdischarged July 19, 1865 at Elmira, NY.  December30, 1865, he married a daughter of Henry SPEARS, of Tyrone, Schuyler County, NY. They have two children, Eva and William. 


DEWEY,David E., the proprietor of the popular resort known as the �Ark� was bornin Cleveland, Ohio in 1842.  At theoutbreak of the late war he was in the south and was conscripted into theConfederate service.  After threeyears he deserted and acme into the Union camp. He was wounded on the first day of the Battle of the Wilderness. He afterward resided in Wayne County, Michigan, and came to New YorkState in 1876.  In 1880 he purchasedthe �Ark� property from Calvin CARPENTER, remodeled it and improved it, andmade it the popular resort that it is.  Themineral springs here have become almost famous. 

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DUNN,Homer W., was born in Painted Post, Steuben County, NY, March 4, 1814, waseducated in the public schools and was a farmer by occupation.  January 17, 1839, he married Mary A., daughter of Russell A.HUNT, by whom he had five children: Rebekah A., Theron T. who married Carrie A.HOLDEN and resides in Chicago, Ill.; Florence H., who married Thomas ELLIS andlives in Watkins, NY; Willis C., Carrabel, who married S. Frank SWARTHOUT andresides in Milo.  Rebekah A. andWillis C. are unmarried and remain at the homestead with their mother. Mr. DUNN is a successful farmer, giving particular attention to breedingfine stock. 


FIERO,John C., was born in Ulster County, NY, October 28 ,1816, a son of Abram andMary FIERO.  In April 1842, he cameto Milo Center with a stock of goods, and started in trade.  He was in business here for six years, when he moved to Cass County, Mich., where he kept a store for three years. Returning thence to Milo, Mr. FIERO bought the old Abel HUNT farm, onwhich he has since lived in comfort and quiet. On the 14th of February, 1844 in Milo, he married Mary A.,daughter of William W. ASPELL.  Fivechildren have been born of this marriage: William H., Frank J., John A., Helenand Etta.  John C. FIEROI is one ofthe strong Republicans of Milo, but of late years he has taken no active part inpolitics.  He was assessor of thetown for three years. 


GANO,Emmett, born in Dundee, June 7, 1850, was the son of Joseph and Adaline (READER)GANO, and the youngest of six children.  Emmettwas reared on his father�s farm, and at the age of twenty started out forhimself.  In 1874 he bought fromPenfield MULFORD, 124 acres of land in Milo, one of the best and most pleasantlysituated tracts in the town.  Onthis property, Mr. GANO has made material changes and improvements and now hasten acres of vineyard, six acres of berries, fourteen acres of apple orchard,and between 400 and 500 peach trees.  OnJune 12, 1888, he married Ruth Ann, daughter of Henry and Marietta HICKS, ofPenn Yan, NY.   Mr. GANO andhis wife are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Penn Yan.


GARDNER,The Family.   Mary REYNOLDSmarried George GARDNER of North Kingston, R.I. She was a firm believer in the doctrines of Jemima WILKINSON, and one ofher most faithful followers.  Leavingher husband behind she brought her children, Dorcas, Abner and George andsettled near the Friend�s residence on the west shore of Seneca Lake.  Dorcas GARDNER, born in 1779, married Eleazer INGHAM Jr., andtheir children were John, Abigail, Mary, George, Rhoda, Rachel and Nancy. Abner GARDNER, born in 1781, married Mary, daughter of Rowland CHAMPLIN,in 1814.  Their children were MaryS., George W., Rowland J. and Abner.  Thefather died in 1860, the mother in 1858.  MaryS., unmarried, died in 1839; George W., born in 1816, married Mary, daughter ofDaniel HUSTED, resides in Torrey.  Theirchildren are Melville G., married and a prosperous citizen of Michigan; Hannah,married and living in Michigan; Charles, single, residing with his parents;Marry, married and at home.   

GARDENER,Rowland J., was born in 1821 and married first, Lydia L., daughter of HenryHUNT.  His second wife is Emma,daughter of Stephen BENNETT.  Theyreside on lot 21.  Mr. GARDNER is aprominent stock grower and as honored and useful citizen.  Their children are Rowland J., born in 1865; Jonathan J., born in 1867;Mary L., born in 1870; Lee B., born in 1873; George A., born in 1875; and EmmaD., born in 1877.  Rowland J.,Jonathan J., and Mary L. are married and live near the parental home.  Abner GARDNER Jr., born in 1825, married Sarah, daughter ofJohn STONE.  Their children areRowland J. 2nd, born in 1850, and Abner Elmer, born in 1862. Both sons are married and are intelligent, useful citizens. Intelligence, thrift and hospitality mark all the members of this familyand the hears of these families have all been honored by the suffrages of thepeople with positions of trust and honor. 


HAINES, Egbert, born in Putnam County in the town of Southeast, January 5, 1824, was theson of Edmund and Sarah HAINES.  Helived for a time in Chenego County, but in January 1854, went to Torrey, YatesCounty.  In 1881 Mr. HAINES boughtan excellent location near Penn Yan, and since that time has made his home atthe latter place.  On December 14,1846, he married Amelia TOWNSEND.  Theyhave no children.  Both are membersof the Baptist Church at Benton. 


HENDERSON,James A., son of Samuel and Henrietta F. HENDERSON, was born in Milo, March 24,1822.  At the age of twenty-eight hecommenced railroading on the Erie and later went to Georgia and Mississippi,where he was at the commencement of the war. He was not conscripted into the Confederate service, but stayed southvoluntarily, conducting trains and doing other railroad service under militaryauthority.  In 1863 he returned toMilo and purchased 137 acres in the south part of the town. Here he has since lived, devoting his time to agricultural pursuits. In 1858, At Brooklyn, NY, Mr. HENDERSON married Mary E. ABBEY, by whom hehad four children.  In 1871 Mrs.HENDERSON died and April 3, 1888, Mr. HENDERSON married Mary E., daughter ofAlexander BELL.


HOLLOWELL,John B. was born in the town of Milo on the farm on which he now resides, onOctober 5, 1820.  He was the son ofJoseph and Eleanor HOLLOWELL, old and highly respected residents. Joseph was a shoemaker by trade, but took to farming as a more suitableoccupation.  Both he and his wifedied on the farm now occupied by John B.  Thelatter has always lived on this farm, but the improvements he has made haveentirely changed its appearance.  JohnB. HOLLOWELL married Mercy E. SPRAGUE and to them have been born six children:Eleanor, De Witt, Olive, John, Alice and Franc. He is a prominent member, steward and class-leader of the M. E. Church atMilo Center.  In politics he hasbeen a Republican, but is now a staunch Prohibitionist. 


HYATT,Nelson, was born in Covert, Seneca County, NY, March 2, 1831, the son of Abramand Mary (SMITH) HYATT, of that place.  Hehas followed various occupations commencing as school teacher, then asinstructor in music, followed by several years as editor of weekly newspapers(The Dundee Record, Waterloo Observer and the Ovid Independent),and at other and intermediate times his favorite calling, that of teachingmusic.  While connected with theDundee Record he studied law in the office of Seeley & Wolcott, andwas admitted to practice in 1857, but has never practiced his profession.  About 1875 he came to reside in Milo, just outside the limitsof Penn Yan.  Here he has enteredinto a fine grape and fruit growing business, together with music teaching. In 1862, Mr. HAYTT married Celia WRIGHT of Waterloo. Two children have been born of this marriage. 


JONES,Seth Nelson, son of Seth and Rachel (FITZWATER) JONES, was born in August 1833. Both parents were of old pioneer stock in the county, and both weremembers of respected families.  Theold JONES home farm is still in the family, the property of Seth N. At eighteen years of ages, S. Nelson started for himself. He worked on the farm summers and taught school winters. About eighteen years ago he came to Himrods, and entering commercial lifeas the active member in partnership with G. S. AYERS, became a dealer in grain,coal, lumber, seeds and phosphates, doing an extensive and successful business. In 1858 he married Margaret RAPALEE, by whom he has had one child,Herbert A. JONES.


JONES,Asa L., born in Milo, October 11, 1826, and a son of Seth and Rachel JONES, hasalways been a farmer, teaching school winters, with few exceptions, form 1847 to1872.  Prior to 1872 he and hisbrother, Loring, owned a farm in Starkey.  Inpolitics, Mr. JONES is Independent, taking no practical active part in theprevailing conduct and management of the different organized parties, butpossessing a lively interest in local, State and national affairs, as becomesevery good citizen.


JONES,Josiah, came to the State of New York in 1806, and located near the village ofHimrods.  His son, Seth, born August23, 1786 in east Greenwich, came with his parents from Vermont to Milo when ayoung man.  February 5, 1823, hemarried Rachel, daughter of George FITZWATER of Milo. She was born December 13, 1796.  Theyhad five children: George L., Asa L., born October 11, 1826; Loring G., bornJanuary 6, 1830, died May 25, 1890; and Allen C.  George L. JONES, born May 11, 1825, was educated in the public schoolsand in Starkey Seminary.  After avaried career he settled on a farm and October 1, 1867, he married Mary E.,daughter of Samuel EMBREE, of Torrey.  AllenC. JONES was born in Milo, November 22, 1835, was educated in the public schoolsand is a prosperous farmer.  March6, 1866, he married Eliza, daughter of Moses RAPALEE, of Torrey. S. Nelson JONES, born August 10, 1833, received an academic education andis a farmer and grain, coal and lumber dealer.  February 4, 1858, he married Margaret, daughter of Miles G.RAPLEE, of Milo.  They had one son,Herbert A.   Mrs. JONES diedApril 27, 1883.  Herbert A. JONES,was born October 24, 1860, and was educated in Starkey Seminary. In 1882 he began farming and the nursery business on the homestead farm,and has made a successful business in all branches. December 14, 1881 he married Josephine E., daughter of John H. PLATTMANof Bellona.  They have had twochildren, Leslie Gordon born August 29, 1886 and died June 16, 1891 and MargaretMaria, born February 17, 1889, now living. 


KNAPP.  In 1630 there left England for America a colony of farmers under Winthropand Salstonstall, and among them were William, Nicholas and Roger KNAPP,brothers.  William located inWatertown, Mass., in 1630.  His children were William, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Judith, Johnand James.  Nicholas settled at thesame place.  By his wife Eleanor hehad seven children: Jonathan, Timothy, Joshua, Caleb, Sarah, Ruth and Hannah. In 1648 he moved to Stamford, Conn., where he had two children, Moses andLydia by his wife, Unity.  Robertlocated in New Haven and later at Fairfield, Conn., where by his will hementions his wife Elizabeth, and children, Jonathan, Josiah, Lydia, Roger, John,Nathaniel, Eliza and Mary.  JamesKNAPP came form Dutchess County to Cortland, and thence to Yates County in 1815. He served in the war of 1776 as drum major for over six years and was inthe Indian raid with General Sullivan in 1779. He married Lucy C. BALL, by whom he had four children, Anna B., SamuelC., James A. and Pamelia.  Theparents died in 1831, aged respectively sixty-seven and sixty-six years. James A. KNAPP was born in 1794 and in 1816 married Margaret HELTIBIDAL. They had nine children, George H., Marsena V.B., Aaron P., Samuel A.,Mary L., Charles F., Oliver C., William C., and Franklin R. The latter was born in Penn Yan, June 18, 1844 and was a soldier in theUnion army during the Rebellion.  October2, 1867, he married Frances A., daughter of John and Lucy A. SHEPARD of Milo.  Shewas born at Reed�s Corners, Ontario County, NY. Her father, John SHEPARD, born in Norfolk, England, came to America in1838 and located in Gorham, Ontario County, NY. Mr. SHEPARD moved to Himrods in 1876 and was proprietor of the hotelwhich Mr. KNAPP now conducts, for eighteen years. 


LONGWELL,Andrew, born in Bath, NY, in June 1840, was the youngest son of Orrin andRebecca LONGWELL.  The father cameto Milo in 1857, settling on the farm on which Andrew LONGWELL now lives, and onwhich he died in 1867.  The placedescended to him on his paying the interests to other heirs. In 1867 Mr. LONGWELL married Rebecca MILLER, by whom he had threechildren.


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