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Democrat & Chronicle,   Rochester,Monroe, NY     Wednesday   Aug  1, 1900               by: GSubyak@aol.com

Monday afternoon Supervisor A. Castner TOWNSEND, ofTorrey, was exercising a horse which had not been out of the stable in severalweeks,  by leading itaround, when the animal let go with his hind heels, striking Mr. TOWNSENDin the face, knocking out three or four teeth and cutting his face so badly asto necessitate the taking of several stitches.

Yates County Chronicle    Wednesday     April 16,1902             contributedby Cathy Coon

MARRIED:  HENDERSON - KNAPP  -  At Dresden, April 9, 1902, John Henderson,ofMilo, and Miss Alice R. Knapp, of Torrey.

DEATHS: SMITH - At her home in Torrey, April 15, 1902, ofconsumption, Mary E. Smith, daughter ofDr.Eben S. Smith, aged 49 years. Besides her father, the deceased issurvived by three brothers, Frank H. and Charles, of Milo, and George E., of Torrey. The funeral willbe held at the family home in Torrey on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock.

Yates County Chronicle, Penn Yan, NY, January 1903    by Cheri Branca

MARY E. JONES DENNISTON, died Jan 22, 1903.  She lived 2 miles South of Dresden. Her daughter was Caroline Spencer of Central Square, NY.  Reverend W. H. Giles officiated.

Yates County Chronicle, Penn Yan, NY, June 1904   by Cheri Branca 


NORTON BUCKLEY - Died June 23, 1904 of  Bright's Disease. Employed by J. W. Smith. Buried in Hopeton Cemetery, pallbearers--R. K. Brown, William Travis, B. L. Chase, Daniel Keefer, S. C. Dains, E. A. Willis. Rev. J. L. Jones officiated.

In Torrey, August 12, 1909, at the home of his daughter, Mrs.Edward HANDY, John A. LAMPHIER, aged 71 years.  He had been ailing fora long time from malarial poisoning, which finally caused his death.  Mr.LAMPHIER was born in Prattsburg, Feb 28, 1838.  When the Civil Warbroke out, he joined the New York Volunteers, 161st Regiment, Co. A., servingwith credit, three years and three months.   He married Phoebe A.ELLIS of Torrey, and in 1901 moved to Keuka Park.  In 1904 he came toPenn Yan, where his wife died in 1907.  Two children were born of thisunion, Grace, Mrs. HANDY of Torrey, and Lina,who married JamesKENNEDY of Italy, and died in 1893.  Four brothers survive him,Charlesand Samuel of Prattsburg, Russell of North Cohocton andJerome, of Oberlin, Oh.   

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan, NY  Friday       Dec 25, 1908   by DianneThomas

Mr.Zimri NORMAN - Just one door east of the entrance to the 'Democrat'office, in the post office lobby, a distinguished citizen of Torrey held forth apart of the past two weeks.  A sign on the window announced that he would,for a consideration, look into the future and tell you what may happen.  Heis no ordinary fortune teller or fortune hunter, but he is high up in the mysticorder of the Hoodoo. The gentleman referred to is Mr.Zimri NORMAN, of Dresden.  In appearance, Mr.NORMAN has some of the characteristics of a poet.  A few years ago,he frequently visited Penn Yan in search of pupils for instruction onviolin.  His specialty was psalm and hymn tunes.  He was also theleader of Zimri's Band, in Dresden.


In thehands of a shrewd business manager,  Mr. NORMANmight gather in a lot of money, but not in Penn Yan.  During the teacher'sinstitute last week, he looked longingly at the procession of pretty misses asthey passed his door to and from the general delivery window, but not until thelast day did any of the teachers venture across his threshold. Zimri has said that an awful calamity would happen in this country, andif people realized what is going to happen, they would lead better lives. He cannot divulge from what form the calamity will take, having been sworn tosecrecy.  In another year if his hair and whiskers continue to grow, Zimriought to be quite a picturesque seer. 


Zimri'splace soon became rendezvous for boys of various sizes, and their antics in thehall, became a nuisance.  When the gas meter was taken out and Zimri'splace left in darkness, he said he could summon spirits who would make a light,but it was too noisy to try the experiment.  Monday night there was such arumpus the police were summoned and Zimri was toldif anything of a kind happened again a complaint would be made againsthim.  He disappeared that night, but whether he went to Dresden orSyracuse, it matters but little.  

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan, NY  Friday  Jan 30, 1914    by DianneThomas

KINNER - In Dresden,Jan 27, 1914, Mrs. Augusta M. KINNER, aged about 70years. She died at the home of her son, William R. KINNER,where she was visiting. She was the widow of the late RoyalKINNER.  Death came very suddenly.  Mrs.KINNER appeared in good health when she had supper with the family Mondayevening, and did not complain of feeling unwell when she retired.  Laterthe family heard a noise as if someone was trying to attract attention in theroom where Mrs. KINNER was, and going there, theyfound her in critical condition.  Dr. TOWNSENDwas sent for but Mrs. kINNER died before hisarrival.  Because of her sudden death, Coroner F. S.SAMPSON was called and he issued a certificate of death from heartdisease.  She leaves two sons, William R. ofDresden, and S. R. of Detroit; three daughters,Miss Augusta R. of Philadelphia, Mrs. L.D. YORKof Orient and Mrs. J. M. PAYNE of Ovid, and onesister, Mrs. S. T. RUSSELL of Boston.  [possiblyburied in Little Church cemetery, but research further]

MC ELLIGOTT - InPenn Yan, Jan 25, 1914, Miss Sarah McELLIGOTT, agedabut 74 years.  She died at the home of her sister in law, Mrs.Ellen MC ELLIGOTT, Elm street, having been removed from her own home onLake street as soon as her relatives learned of her serious illness.  MissMcELLIGOTT had lived along for a great many years. Her death was due toblood poisoning.  Her nearest relatives are nephews and nieces, viz; RichardB., Jeremiah E., Margaret L. McELLIGOTT, and Mrs.Elizabeth RECTOR of Rochester; and John J.McELLIGOTT of Penn Yan.  The funeral was held from St. Michael'schurch, Tuesday morning.  

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan, NY  Friday   Oct 16, 1914    by DianneThomas

Yates County Chronicle, Penn Yan, NY, October 4, 1916      by Cheri Branca 


George J. Hayes died at his home at Hopeton, in the town of Torrey, on  Sunday, October 1, 1916, aged 81 years and will be buried at Hopeton cemetery Wednesday.  He leaves besides his wife, four sons, Edward Hayes of Dresden; Charles of Rochester; Dudley and Frank of Geneva; also a sister, Mrs. Robert Lewis, of the town of Benton.

Yates County Chronicle, Penn Yan, NY, January 15, 1919    by Cheri Branca 


Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hayes died at the home of her son, near Dresden,  Saturday evening, January 4th, aged 83, after a long illness.  Surviving are one brother, Perry Denniston, of Dresden; one sister, Mrs. Margaret Hayes of Dresden;, and four sons, Edward, with whom she made her home; Frank M. Hayes and Dudley Hayes of Geneva and Charles Hayes of Buffalo.  The funeral services were held the following Tuesday from the home and interment was made in Mt. Hope Cemetery, near Dresden."   (Daughter, Charlotte Hayes Buckley had already died in 1888.  Daughter, Addie Hayes Buckley had already died in 1896.)

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan, NY  Friday      Feb 7, 1919     by:  DianneThomas  

Zimri NORMAN - OnTuesday, Zimri NORMAN of Dresden, an eccentriccharacter, who formerly rode a high bicycle, played a fiddle, perfectedperpetual motion, and wore his hair and whiskers long, was convicted of stealinga quantity of bees and honey from the farm of WilliamKINNER, north of Dresden, and was sentenced to serve six months in MonroeCounty Penitentiary. 

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan,NY    Friday    May 9,1919     by DianneThomas

ZIMRI'SCOLLECTION - Michael CANNON, New York Centralofficer, acting under a search warrant Tuesday, acting under a searchwarrant,  Tuesday, searched the home of Zimri NORMAN,of Dresden, where he found a large number of articles aggregating in value ofabout $500, which it is contended had been stolen from the Central. Lanterns, sheet lead and other articles belonging to the railroad wereidentified among the articles found while other things identified by residentsin that vicinity as their property, were taken after the proper affidavit hadbeen sworn out.

NORMAN,who it is feared is suffering from a mental derangement, is now confined to theMonroe County Penitentiary, where he was sentenced from Dresden a short time agofollowing his theft of 8 hives of bees, NORMAN, itis alleged, took the bees and hives, later killed the bees by boiling them,saying he wanted to get the honey out of them.  

Suspicionswere raised by one of the neighbors who entered the barn occupied by NORMAN.She noticed that a large number of articles in which were included lanterns,sheet lead, clothing, canned goods, jellies, knives, forks, spoons, a lawnmower,etc.  NORMAN used the barn alone. 

Thematter was reported to the police and Officer CANNONwas authorized to make a search of the place.

ZimriNORMAN will be remembered in Corning where he has often been seen. He wears long hair and whiskers is of unusual physiognomy.  It is said thathe had been confined to the state hospital at Ovid, N.Y., but that he wasreleased some time ago.  NORMAN claimed tohave solved the problem of 'perpetual motion' and claimed to have an inventionthat would put his ideas to practical use.  He was trying to sell stock inthis venture in Corning, a few years ago. from Corning Leader, May1.  


SheriffCase BLODGETT had an interesting experience when he placed Zimri,under arrest. He and Mr. KEEFER, whose bees werestolen, and two other men, went to Zimri'shome.  Upon entering the home they looked around, but did not see anythingof Zimri.  The sheriff located a trap doorfrom which stairs led to a cellar and he and Mr. KEEFERdescended.  The found the big kettle in which the bees had been boiled, andthe mixture of boiled bees and honey in several gallon pails.  The placewas quite dark.  There was a door leading into another section of thebasement and as the Sheriff started towards it, his companion pointed to acorner of the room they were in, saying, "It looks as if someone is overthere." Sheriff BLODGETT called to the men hehad left upstairs: "Boys, get me a pail of hot water, and I'll find out ifanyone is there." Zimri, remembering the fateof the bees, did not want to be boiled, but stepped out and asked what hewanted.  The sheriff invited him to come upstairs. As they started towardsthe stairway a movement of Zimri's hand towards ahip pocket was noticed, and a moment later the sheriff relieved him of an uglylooking gun, with a barrel of about 6 inches long.  The sheriff says itwould  'shoot across Seneca Lake'.  Zimriwas very docile, accompanying the Sheriff without any show of resistance. 



BURT- To Mr. and Mrs. Howard BURT, of Barrington, April25, 1919, a daughter, Virginia Louise

DAVEY- To Mr. and Mrs. John DAVEY, of Torrey,April 23, 1919, a daughter, Norma Josephine.  

MATTISON- To Mr. and Mrs. Harry MATTISON, of Rushville,Apr. 22, 1919, a son.

McFALL- To Mr. and Mrs. Henry McFALL ofBarrington, April 25, 1919, a son, James Henry

PECK- To Mr. and Mrs. Warren PECK, of Penn Yan, May 2,1919, a daughter.

REYNOLDS- To Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. REYNOLDS, of Penn Yan,April 10, 1919, a son, Howard Nelson.  


BAXTER - At BluffPoint, May 1, 1919, Miss Ella BAXTER, of Milo, aged64 years.  She leaves her mother, Mrs. Gilbert BAXTER,of Milo; three brothers, Cecil, of Penn Yan; George,of Rochester; and William of Milo; two sisters, Mrs.COLE and Mrs. Louise E. EARNEST of Wayne.The funeral was held Saturday from Second Milo Baptist Church. 

CHURCHILL - At theYates County Home in Jerusalem, April 30, 1919, MarriottCHURCHILL of Dundee, aged 65 years.  He was born in the town ofStarkey and had always lived there.  He leaves his wife, who was also aninmate of the County home; a daughter, who lives in Elmira, and a sister, Mrs.Gilbert ROBINSON of Addison.  The remains were taken to anundertaking establishment in Dundee, and the funeral was held fromthere.  

COONS - InRochester, May 1, 1919, Mrs. Catherine COONS, aged71 years.  She leaves her husband, Dayton M. COONS;one daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth PRESTON; two sisters, Mrs.William SILVERNAIL of Grove Spring and Mrs. AbramVAN TUYLE of Penn Yan; one brother, Cyrus McINTYRE ofPenn Yan; two nephews and two nieces.  The funeral service was held Sundayafternoon in Rochester and the remains were brought to Penn Yan thatnight.  Burial Monday afternoon at Lakeview cemetery.  

DINEHART - InPotter, April 29, 1919, Mrs. Elizabeth DINEHART,aged 77 years.  She was a daughter of Thomas andRhoda Ireland ANDREWS, and was born in Onondaga county.  She leavesher husband, James DINEHART, and two brothers, Rev.Ray ANDREWS of  Potter and Rev. Wright ANDREWSof Mottville, NY. The funeral was held Thursday, Rev. HarrySTUBBS, officiating.  Burial in Nettle Valley cemetery. 

GATES - In Penn Yan,May 1, 1919, Mrs. Mary GATES, aged 80 years. 

LARSEN - In Benton,May 4, 1919, Mrs. Marie LARSEN, aged 65years.  She leaves her husband, Lars C. LARSEN;three daughters, Mrs. Charles M. CONKLIN, ofBenton; Mrs. John WEBB of Cleveland; and AnnaLARSEN, at home; four sons, Nicholas, ofSeneca county; Karl C. of Benton; Larsof Stanley and Henry, at home. The funeralwas held Wednesday afternoon. Burial in Lakeview cemetery, Penn Yan.  

Mc ALPINE - InBenton, May 4, 1919, Florence A. McALPINE, wife of JamesB. McALPINE, aged 65 years.  She leaves besides her husband, oneson, Steward McALPINE of Batavia; and twodaughters, Josephine, at home and Florineof New York. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon. Burial in Bentoncemetery. 

NELSON - At theGeneva Hospital, May 2, 1919, Mrs. Sophia NELSON,of Torrey, aged 63 years.  She was born in Denmark, coming to Yates county36 years ago.  She leaves her husband, Nels NELSON,one son and a daughter.  The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon. Burialin Evergreen cemetery, Dresden.  

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan,NY    Friday     June 20,1919     by DianneThomas

The Yates County Chronicle,  Penn Yan  January 14, 1920    by Cheri Branca 


Stephen Buckley of Dresden, died at the Geneva Hospital Friday morning, as the result of an accident which occurred in Penn Yan the Wednesday previous. He was knocked from the top of a high car of an ice train as it was passing under the Liberty Street bridge at 10 o'clock at night. Just how the accident happened may never be known. Mr. Buckley had  worked on the Penn Yan branch of the New York Railroad for twenty-two years. He had probably passed under the bridge a thousand times.
The ice train on which he was working that night had among the other cars a very large box car, which measured a little over thirteen feet above the rails. An ordinary car is about twelve feet. The railroad men say the conductor  warned the crew about keeping off of this high car, as it just cleared the bridge on its way to the ice house. On its trip back, it is said the  brake wheel on this car hit some of the steel under-work of the bridge and  was bent. It is believed that as the train went under the bridge Mr. Buckley must have raised his head above this high car and was thrown between the cars and rolled some distance, where the train men found him a few minutes later with his head badly cut and unconscious.
First aid was given him and he was then rushed to the Geneva Hospital, where it was found that most of his ribs were torn loose on both sides of  his body, his hips were broken as well as his shoulder. He died Friday  morning without regaining consciousness.
Mr. Buckley was 41 years of age and survived by his wife, two sisters,  Mrs. Charles Carey and Miss Ava Buckley, of Penn Yan and two brothers, Frank and George Buckley.             (law suit later paid off at $2500 to the widow)

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan,NY    Jan 7, 1921     by DianneThomas

ZIMRI NORMAN - The Chronicles Dresden correspondent said this week: "ZimriNORMAN", Dresden's freak, has taken another cleaning up.  He wasliving in an out house in conditions that would render it unhealthy for ahog.  He became sick and helpless, with no one to do for him.  No onewould allow him in their homes because of being infested by vermin.  Acommission of lunacy was appointed in his case, and he was pronouncedinsane.  On Friday of last week, Sheriff BLODGETTand Deputy D. G. ROGERS came down and took him tojail, where he was cleaned up, shorn of his long hair and whiskers, and thefollowing day, was taken to Willard State Hospital. 

He wasonce before sent to that place, but after a brief period, was discharged. Later it will be remembered he became engaged in the "honey business",and was sent to Monroe County Penitentiary, for a term.  On his return fromthere, he went to the Justice RANDOLF'S office, andthanked him for placing him in such a good society, which was far superior tothat he had formerly had.

Syracuse Newspaper    July 1921     contributed by DianneThomas

SAYS HE SLEW FOUR WOMEN - ZimriNORMAN Imagines Himself  "Bluebeard"  -  PennYan, July 2 - State police were called to Branchport, where they found ZimriNORMAN, who had recently been released from Willard, asking thewhereabouts of a certain girl and bragging how he had already killed fourwomen.  Fearing he might do the young woman bodily injury, neighbors calledthe officers.  Officials were notified at Willard and they stated a guardwould be sent here for NORMAN.  On the sameafternoon the troopers picked up a man named MARCANINOof Dundee, who charged with passing a worthless check at the Pappas flowershop.  He pleaded guilty when arraigned before a justice and was sentencedto serve six months in the county jail, but sentence was suspended when hepromised to repay Mr. PAPPAS.  

THE CAYUGA CHIEF, Weedsport,NY     Friday     February 20,1925      by DianneThomas

Zimri NORMAN, 50,better known as Raymond MITCHELL, the name he tookto lose his identity as former inmate at Willard State hospital, and selfacclaimed discoverer of perpetual motion, died last Tuesday in the poverty of asqualid shack, where he lived alone since he came to Auburn, four yearsago.  A day later, neighbors found his body.  He never begged charityfrom his neighbors or the city and even resented their help when they attemptedto help him in his plight. 

Penn Yan Democrat, Penn Yan,NY     Friday     Feb 27,1925      by DianneThomas

BALDWIN - At herhome in Benton, Friday, February 20, 1925, Mrs. CatherineA. BALDWIN, aged 88 years.  She is survived by there nieces, MissAnna ROY and Mrs. Charles E. DOUBLEDAY ofPenn Yan, Mrs. Agdon ANSLEY of Berkley, Calif.; onenephew, Remsen M. KINNIE, of Penn Yan and severalgrand nieces and nephews.  Mrs. BALDWIN livedon the farm where she died, upwards of 50 years.  Her husband, MasonL. BALDWIN, was president of Baldwin's Bank of Penn Yan, for manyyears.  His death occurred several years ago.

COLE - In Gorham,Feb 21, 1925, Warner P. COLE, aged 89 years. He is survived by one son, John S. COLE of the townof Potter; two daughters, Mrs. John L. STOKOE and Mrs.Norman S. EASTERBROOK, of Gorham, and six grandchildren.  Thefuneral was held from the home at 2 pm, Tuesday, with burial in the GorhamCemetery. Mr. COLE was the son of WarnerCOLE and Mary Ann Ferguson COLE, who were among the pioneers of Ontarioand Yates counties.  He was born in the town of Gorham Aug 12, 1835, butabout 3 years later his father moved on the farm in Potter where he lived untilhis death and where Mr. COLE resided until he movedto Gorham, in 1904. Warner P. COLE married JaneSOUTHERLAND, December 25, 1861,  She died April 15, 1915.

MC REYNOLDS - InBarrington, February 26, 1925, Dennis MC REYNOLDS,aged 79 years. He was born in Ireland and came to America 54 years ago.  Heis survived by his wife, and two daughters, Mrs. HerbertBALLARD and Mrs. Ernest STOUGHTON, both ofTrumansburg. The funeral will be held from St. Michael's church, Penn Yan, onSaturday.  Burial in St. Michael's cemetery.

NORMAN - At hishome, in Auburn, February 17, 1925, Zimri NORMAN, aformer resident of Dresden. He was found dead at his home.  The body wasbrought to Dresden, his former home for burial.  

RAMSDELL - At herhome on Elm St., Penn Yan, Friday, February 20, 1925, Mrs.Carrie RAMSDELL. She is survived by no near relatives.  Serviceswere conducted by Rev. C. K. IMBRIE, pastor of theFirst Presbyterian church, of Penn Yan, Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, theremains being shipped to Rhinebeck, N.Y.

TAYLOR - In Lakeland, Fla., February ??, 1925, Willis TAYLOR. He was a former resident of Milo Center.  His death followed after anoperation for an acute attack of appendicitis.  HarryTAYLOR was with his brother and they were spending the winter inFlorida.  The remains were brought to the home of their parents.

TUTLHILL - InBranchport, Sunday, Feburary 22, 1925, George M. TUTHILL,aged 75 years. He had been ill for some time and recently underwent anoperation.  He is survived by his wife; one daughter, MissMary TUTHILL of Branchport and two sons, Frank,of Chicago and Bradley of Branchport.

PennYanDemocrat                       Jan. 22, 1932              contributed by Cathy Coon

COVERT -  In Seneca County, Friday, January 15th, CharlesCovert, aged 76 years.   No near relativessurvive. The funeral was held Monday afternoon, at 3:30 o’clock, Rev.E. W. Chapin, of Second Milo Baptist Church, officiating. Burial inDresden cemetery.

Rochester DemocratChronicle     Thursday      Dec 10, 1931          contributed by  DianneThomas 

HOMER LINCOLN -Indian Falls, Dec 9 - Homer LINCOLN, 76, diedyesterday.  He is survived by two brothers, Allen ofArago, Minn. and Hiram of Santa Cruz, Cal.; asister, Mrs. Mary STANGER of Los Angles, severalnieces and nephews. Funeral Friday at 3 o'clock.

Miss Alice HOBAN -Penn Yan, Dec 9 - Miss Alice HOBAN diedyesterday.  She leaves two sisters, Mrs. William A.TIERNEY and Mrs. Mayme FLAHERTY, both of Penn Yan; two brothers, OwenHOBAN Sr. of Penn Yan and Patrick HOBAN ofNaples.  Funeral Friday at 9 o'clock from St. Michaels' Church.

PennYan Democrat         Friday     Feb 3, 1939  pg4        contributed by  DianneThomas


BARDEN - To Mr.and Mrs. Bryce BARDEN, Penn Yan, at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Jan 29, 1939, a son

CORWIN - To Mr.and Mrs. Kenneth CORWIN, Penn Yan, RD 1, at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial  Hospital, Jan 30, 1939, a son. 

EAVES - To Mr.and Mrs. George EAVES, Penn Yan, at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Jan 26, 1939, a son. 

HANSEN - To. Mr.and Mrs. Borge HANSEN, Dresden,  at Soldiers and Sailors MemorialHospital, Jan 30, 1939, a son

HATHAWAY - ToMr. and Mrs. Lewis HATHAWAY, Tyrone, at Soldiersand Sailors Memorial  Hospital, Jan 29, 1939, adaughter. 

LEWIS -To Dr. and Mrs. R. F. LEWIS, PennYan, at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Jan 30, 1939, a son

POND - To Mr.and Mrs. Edward L. POND, Penn Yan, Feb 1, 1939, at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial Hospital, a daughter.

WHITE - To Mr.and Mrs. Kenneth D. WHITE, Penn Yan, at Soldiers and SailorsMemorial  Hospital, Jan 29, 1939, a daughter. 



ANDREWS - At BluffPoint, Friday, Jan. 27, Mrs. Elizabeth J. ANDREWS,83.  Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. William CARR,at whose home at Bluff Point, she died; and Mrs. RobertMORSE of Painted Post, one brother, Myron COLE ofGrand Rapids, Michigan, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren. The body lay at Watkins funeral home at 139 Stark Street, until Monday afternoonwhen it was removed to Vroman undertaking parlors in Dundee, from which placethe funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev.E. W. CHAPIN of Second Milo, officiating.  Burial in Dundee. (Hillside Ceme) (wife of George Andrews)

BEARD - At Himrod,Friday, Jan, 24, Charles BEARD, 78.  He wasborn September 18, 1860 at Torrey.  He was an engineer on the New YorkCentral Railroad, for 25 years, retiring in 1913.  He leaves his wife, FrancesWagner BEARD; two sons, Adelbert andNavarre BEARD, both of Himrod.  Funeral services were held at thehome in Himrod, Monday, with burial in Dresden.

CRICHTON - AtStarkey, Jan 24, Joseph M. CHRICHTON, 84.  Heleaves his wife (Ada), one daughter, Mrs.(Susie) Robert SPENCE, at Starkey, at whose home he died; two sisters, Mrs.Mattie BELL, Warren, Pa; Mrs. Harriet PRESTON, FortMeyers, Fla.; a brother, Edward, of Fairport; fourgrandsons.  Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock atthe Robert SPENCE home, Rev.T. W. CARTER, officiating.  Burial inDundee.     (Hillside Ceme)

HAMLIN - At Dundee,Sunday, Jan 29, Ernest HAMLIN, 64.  He leavesone daughter, Miss Wanda HAMLIN of Elmira. Funeral services were held at Sargent Funeral home, Dundee, Tuesday afternoon,Rev. T. W. CARTER, officiating.  Burial inDundee.  (Hillside Ceme)

MEEKS - At StrongMemorial Hospital, Rochester, Friday, Jan 27, Mrs. HelenA. MEEKS, 66. She was a former resident of Penn Yan and wife of ElmerMEEKS, a former police chief in Penn Yan.  Besides her husband ofRochester, she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. MadelineHEUSINGER, Rochester; two sons, Joseph L. ofRiverhead, L.I,; Leslie H. of Rochester; onesister, Mrs. Dora CONKLIN of BoulderColorado.  Funeral services were held Monday morning, 10 o'clock at theThayer funeral chapel, Rev. E. W. CHAPIN, officiating. Burial in Dundee.  (Hillside ceme)

ROSENKRANS - At hishome in Dundee, Thursday, Jan. 26, George ROSENKRANS,79.  MR. ROSEKRANS was born April 11, 1859 inBradford, Steuben County and was married to Miss JuliaDARIN, Sept 13, 1888.  They had spent 50 years of married lifetogether, His early life was spent in Weston, where he was a teacher in theschools and later a merchant, postmaster, justice of the peace and for a numberof years a member of the Republican county committee.  In 1914 he moved toDundee where he has since made his home.  He leaves his wife, and threechildren, a daughter, Bertha ROSENKRANS of Ithaca;two sons, Harmon of New York City and Edwin, ofRochester.  

SMITH - AtPittsford, Myron SMITH.  He leaves his wife, MargaretMcConnell SMITH, Dundee; a daughter, Mrs. GordonPRATT of Dundee; three sons, Harry SMITH,Rockstream; Richard SMITH, Elmira; AlbertSMITH, at home; several grandchildren.  Funeral services were heldat the SMITH home Friday, afternoon at 2 o'clock Rev. T.W. CARTER, officiating.  Burial in Pine City.

WREN - At Penn Yan,Saturday, Jan 28, George WREN, 50.  He servedas chief of Penn Yan police department for 5 years, and was well known in thissection as a sportsman, being an ardent fisherman and hunter.  He wasappointed patrolman in the local police department in 1918 and served until1921, when he was promoted to head the force, a position he efficiently filleduntil his retirement in 1925, when he entered the employ of PaulGARRETT, as farm superintendent. At one time he was a protector on LakeKeuka for Seth GREEN Line Fisherman's Club. He leaves his wife, Mary; two daughters, Mrs.Oliver J. GOODRICH, of Penn Yan; Miss Eleanor WREN,at home; four brothers, Arthur, Fred and Walter WRENof Penn Yan; William of Dundee; one sister, Mrs.Fred WHITED of Ithaca.  Funeral services were held Monday afternoonat Thayer funeral chapel, Rev. E. W. CHAPIN ofSecond Milo Baptist Church, officiating.  Burail in Lakeview.

PennYan Democrat         Friday     April 11,1947            pg8        contributed by  DianneThomas


James, the 8 yearold son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin CUMMINGS, suffered 3fractures of his left arm and severe body bruises when he was struck by a carlate Friday afternoon, as he was riding a bicycle in front of his home.  Hewas taken to the S & S Hospital, where Dr. E.C. FOSTERreduced the fractures and he was brought back to his home Tuesday.  His armis in a cast from shoulder to finger tips.

Fire caused by an over heated stove pipe, wasdiscovered just in time to prevent destruction of their home Sunday, about 9:30a.m., by Mr. and Mrs. Harry DYKE, who had been awayfor a short time.  Considerable damage had been done to china cabinet,dishes, sidewalls and ceiling.  

A variety shower was given for MissHazel HAMMOND at the home of her parents, Mr. andMrs. Albert HAMMOND, on Friday of last week in honor of her approachingmarriage to Ralph HOLLENBECK, of Dundee. About 65 guests were present and a very enjoyable time was reported by all. Shereceived a large assortment of useful gifts. 

Mrs. Albert HAMMONDand daughter, Margery, spent from Saturday until Tuesday with Mrs.Durwood LOUNDSBERRY & family at Guyanoga.


Mrs. Lawrence CASTNERand infant daughter, Janet Arlene, came home fromthe Soldiers and Sailors Hospital, Saturday.  Mrs.CASTNER'S mother, Mrs. Edna MILLIMAN, iscaring for them.

Earl STRYKER and CliffordDECKER, have been ill the past week with grippe.

Judy DILLON ofCanandaigua is spending a week with her aunt, Mrs. HarryGOODSELL. Vera FELTON of Gorham, is also spending a few days at the GOODSELLhome.  


Allen OSWALD hasbeen taken back to the Soldiers and Sailors Hospital, due to complications.

Mrs. PHILLIPS ofMontour Falls and Mrs. JORDAN of Friendship, whowere visiting at the home of their brother, Mr. GOLTRY,have now returned home.  Mr. GOLTRY, who hasbeen seriously ill at the hospital, is now better.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl CHURCHILL,visited Mr. CHURCHILL'S sister, Mrs.Cora SHELDON, at Montrose, Pa., last week; Master DwightTRACY, of Jackson Heights, L.I., is visiting his grandparents, the CHURCHILL'S,this week and renewing acquaintance with the lake and with his old friends atthe local school where he began his educational career.  He is now ascholar at Garden School, Jackson Heights.  

Over the weekend with Mrs.Marion FOLTS, were he daughters, Nancy fro mCattaraugus and Phylis from Bowling Green, O.

Leigh H. BARRUS, amember of the Merchant Marine, left on Sunday to ship for a season on a cruiseron the Great Lakes.

Mrs. Lloyd MORAIN ofBoston, and her mother, Dr. DEWING, visited friendshere at the first of the week. Mrs. MORAIN was MissMary DEWING, recently of the college facility. 

Miss Olive DANIELS ofWest Lake road in on a trip to New York this week, with CarrollDANIEL's and family. 


Mr. & Mrs. John FORDENJr. and family of Geneva, were Thursday evening callers at the home ofher parents, Mr. and Mrs. BYRON KELLEY.

Miss Hazel LEWIS ofSyracuse, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.Harry LEWIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Burton STAPLESand daughter, Sandra, of Elmira, spent the weekendwith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry PINNEO. On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyce PINNEO and familywere dinner guests of his parents, also.  

Mr. and Mrs. WilliamREINERS and family were Sunday evening supper guests with her parents, Mr.and Mrs. Eugene SMITH, in Penn Yan.

The Misses Marion SHIRLEYand Marjorie COREY, of Yatesville, are spendingtheir Easter vacation with their grandparents, Mr. andMrs. Rav MARGESON

Mrs. George JENSEN hasreturned to her home on Preemption Road, after convalescing at the home of hermother, Mrs. Lars LARSEN, following herappendectomy at the local hospital.  

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph OLSENof Penn Yan were Sunday evening dinner guests of Mr. andMrs. R. L. EDMONDS; it was in honor of their 21 weddinganniversary.  

Mr. and Mrs. Byron KELLEYhad as Easter Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis KELLEY ofPenn Yan; Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn WHEELER and daughter,Barbara, of Cato; Mr. andMrs. John FORDAN and children, Nancy, Mary andJohnny, Geneva; and Mr. and Mrs. Exton KELLEYand daughters, Nancy andDonna of Bluffs Point.   

Miss Margaret MORTENSEN wasEaster dinner guest of Miss Hazel LEWIS, at thehome of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry LEWIS.  

Miss Louise BISHOPof Stanley was Sunday guest of her son and wife, Mr. andMrs. William BISHOP.

Mr. and Mrs. William DUELL,spent Sunday with his cousin, Mrs. Pearle WILLIAMS,at Gaines, Pa. 

Mr. and Mrs. John N. JENSENand daughter, Miss Irene, spent the weekend withtheir other daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. EdwinCLEVELAND at Raquette Lake.  Little AnnChristine CLEVELAND came home with her grandparents to spend twoweeks. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DE MAYand children, and her mother, Mrs. Simon SMITH ofFlint, were Sunday callers on Mr. and Mrs. Lee EDMONDS.

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin ARNOLDof Corning, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. andMrs. Joseph BUCKLEY.

Mrs. Minnie LEWIS isspending some time with her daughter and husband, Mr. andMrs. Charles BUCKLE.  

Mr. and Mrs. Perle COREY andchildren, Marion, Margery, Shirley and Richard ofYatesville, were Easter dinner guests of her parents, Mr.and Mrs. Ray MARGESON

Mr. and Mrs. LloydLEDGERWOOD had as Easter dinner guests, Mr. andMrs. Archie INGRAM,  Mr. and Mrs. Charles INGRAM, and son, David,Mr. and Mrs. Paul INGRAM, and daughter, Paula,and Lloyd INGRAM.

Mrs. Albert MORETENSENand son, Larry, of Penn Yan, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr.and Mrs. Herbert PARKER.

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy STERLINGand daughter, Patricia, of Canandaigua, spentSunday with her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. RobertPECK.

Mrs. Edith MALLORY andMrs. Eugene SMITH of Penn Yan, and Mrs. WilliamDUELL of Benton spent Friday at the home of Mrs.Anna NEWCOMB

Mrs. Almeda WHITTEKERand H. W. PORTER spent a few days recently, withher sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ROOD,near Canandaigua.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph TRIPOLIand daughter, Jo Ann of Rochester; spent theweekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred ELLING,Mrs. TRIPOLI and daughter remained for a fewdays.  Other Sunday dinner guests at the ELLINGhome were her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. OliverWILCOX, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. OTTO ELLING

Miss Dorothy GRIFFITH,who is now living at Long Island, called on Mr. and Mrs.Loren NICHOLS Friday afternoon on her way to Rochester.  MissGRIFFITH was history teacher at Penn Yan schools at one time and has manyfriends here.  

Mr. and Mrs. CarltonMORTENSEN and children, Connie and Donald, Mr. andMrs. George BELLIS and son Bobbie, of Hall,were Sunday dinner guests of their mother, Mrs. LizziePECK.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard BURT anddaughter, Pauline, and her son,Eddie, and their son Carl BURT of Penn Yan,were Sunday dinner guests at the home of their otherdaughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Elwin BISHOP.   

Miss Irene JENSEN isspending her Easter vacation with her sister and husband, Mr.and Mrs. Edwin CLEVELAND at Raquette Lake. 

Mr. and Mrs. Byron KELLEYhas as Monday night dinner guests, Charles GUILEand daughter, Miss Ruth.  It was in honor of Mr.GUILE'S 86th birthday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter FINGARare the parents of a daughter born Saturday nightin Canandaigua hospital.  Her name is Mary Christine. She weighed 5 lbs, 6 3/4 oz.  Both mother and daughter are doing well.

Mrs. A.L. JOHNSONand daughter, Peggy, of Buffalo, came Friday tospend some time with her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs.Walter FINGAR.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest COVELL,attended the funeral of her brother, David KENNERSON,held in Geneva Tuesday afternoon. 

Miss Esther OLSEN ofRochester, is spending Easter vacation with her parents, Mr.and Mrs. Jens OLSEN.

Miss Leila WAGER ofLong Island, is spending her Easter vacation with her parents, Mr.and Mrs. Frank WAGER

Howard JORGENSENfrom the University of Rochester, arrived at the home of his parents,Mr. and Mrs. Lars LARSEN, on Thursday, April 3, for his Eastervacation.  He is employed on the farm of his grandfather, A.J. HANSEN, of Milo.


Norman FINGER is outagain after a two weeks run of the flu.

Harold SCHOFIELD,son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard BROWN, expects to erecta new home on the Williams Hill road, west of his parents home.  He has hiscellar dug.  

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey YODERhave moved back to their old home on the corner across from the Methodistchurch.  

Little Garreth HAYES,son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HAYES, pulled a tableover on his foot, Xray pictures showed a splintered bone in the top of the footwhich will lay him up a few weeks.

Mrs. Wave CONLEY hasbeen confined to her home since last Thursday, April 3, with theflu.  

Mr. and Mrs.WilliamLARZELERE and daughter, Janice, spent EasterSunday in Bath, with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. ORMSBY.

Mr. and Mrs. FredHABBERFIELD of Corning, were Easter Sunday guests of their children, Mr.and Mrs. Howard BENNETT.

Mr. and Mrs. David HOPKINS,and grandson "Butch", are in Phelps and Canandaigua,visiting this week.

Miss Mary MC DERMOTT,left for Elmira Sunday to enter the Dermal Way school to specialize in hairstyling and beauty culture.  She started her course on Monday.  


A daughter, Mary Christine,was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter FINGAR ofBenton Center on Saturday, April 5, at the F. F. Thompson Memorial hospital,Canandaigua.

Mrs. Henry ECKERT,who teaches school at Buffalo, is spending the Easter vacation at her homehere.  

Richard LERCH underwenta tonsillectomy at the Soldiers and Sailors Hospital at Penn Yan, on Friday.

Miss Blanche INGRAM,of Hastings on the Hudson, is spending the Easter vacation with her parents,Mr. and Mrs. W. H. INGRAM.  Other guests at the INGRAMhome over the weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Lambert VAILE,of Valley Stream, L.I,; E. G. MILLER of New YorkCity; and Mr. and Mrs. I. L. BARBETTO of Brooklyn.

Mr. and Mrs. JosephSANDERSON have moved from the Frank MATTESONhouse to the Ed WYMAN farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd LAFLERare moving from their farm to the house vacated by the SANDERSONS.


Mrs. Edna SHRIEBERand family of Rochester, spent Sunday with her mother,Mrs. Ida DAVIS

Miss Loena CONWAYand mother, who have been living in Geneva, for the winter months, have returnedto their home here.  

Lucien DAGGETT hasgone to the Bath Veterans hospital for treatment.

Mrs. Mary LUDLOW,who fell and broke her hip last week, is at Soldiers and Sailors hospital inPenn Yan.

Mrs. L. B. DAGGETT whowas ill in Syracuse for three weeks, has returned to her home Saturday. Her daughter, Mildred DYKEMAN and son Bernard,came with her and are spending the week here.

Miss Jean EAVES isspending her vacation with her grandmother, Mrs. LucienDAGGETT.

Mrs. Frank WADSWORTHis spending this week with her mother, Mrs. KIPP,in Rochester.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry IRWIN andson, Ernest, were in Wellsboro, Pa., to visit herfather, Charles PETTIGREW, last week.


Mrs. Henry HUNT isspending a couple of weeks with her sister, in Muncey, Pa.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold STEVENShave been spending a few days in Binghamton. 

The BEBEE family whohave been living in the Waldo BISHOP house, aremoving to Rochester.

Mrs. Harry HOWELLhas returned home after a few months stay in Binghamton. 

Mrs. Arthur PRATT ofNew York City, spent a few days last week with her parents, Mr.and Mrs. Walter ORR.

Edward ENGLISH, aged21, of St. Louis, MO., who solicited magazine subscriptions in this area,February 19 last and who forged the name of Lloyd PEELLEand Morris PEELLE on two checks cashed in Schuylercounty, was arrested by Sheriff BURT of Schuylercounty, on Monday, March 21, at Hornell on a charge of 2nd degree forgery and isheld for the grand jury.  Mrs. Lola Jean KIMMER,who was with him, was released on a $200 cash bail, pending furtherinvestigation. 

Mrs. Allen MILLARD ofPenn Yan, has been spending a few days with her sister, MissNEWCOMB.

Professor Leon PHILIPand wife of North Tonawanda, are spending the Easter recession at the home ofher father, Myron FENNO.

Mrs. Elizabeth LOVEwas a guest of her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LOVE,of Watkins Glen. 


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph COREY andchildren, Ann, Donald and Lyleand children, Joan and Steve, spent Easter withtheir daughter, Mrs. Howard JENSEN and family, inPenn Yan. 

Mrs. Ann BUCKLEY ofBenton, was Easter supper guest of Mr. and Mrs. ErnestRIBBLE.  

Mr. and Mrs. Joe TIERNEY andWilliam GRIFFITH, were Easter dinner guests oftheir son, Carlton TIERNEY and family, Sundayevening.

Mrs. Fred MASHEWSKE wassurprised Sunday evening when a party of relatives and neighbors came in tocelebrate her birthday.  

Robert CARROLL spentEaster with Miss Kathryn RIBBLE


Carl LARSEN isspending his Easter vacation with his mother, FrancesLARSEN, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney J.SEAGER.

Elizabeth LARSEN isspending the weekend with her uncle, Harry SEAGERand family, at Italy Valley.

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney J.SEAGER and their son and family, Mr. and Mrs.Harold J. SEAGER and daughters of Penn Yan, attended the wedding of HaroldJ. SEAGER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. SEAGER,to Eleanor VOGEL, at Watertown, Mass., EasterSunday.

Allen and IreneSISSON underwent a tonsil operation last week at the Soldiers and SailorsMemorial Hospital .

Earl NIELSON hasbeen on a trip to Chicago.  

Mrs. William DAVISis spending the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. LouisWOOLEVER.  

Mr. and Mrs. George PERRYattended the the wedding of a niece in Geneva on Sunday afternoon last.

Mr. and Mrs.. Jesse NICHOLSentertained Mr. and Mrs. Harold NICHOLS and son, Harold,of Rochester and Mr. and Mrs. Burton HUNT andlittle daughter, of Penn Yan, as a birthday dinner in honor of two birthdays; JesseNICHOLS and Harold NICHOLS JrMr. and Mrs.Loren NICHOLS of Benton Center, were also guests at theNICHOLS home. 

Mr. and Mrs. GeraldHENDERSON and two children of Penn Yan, were dinner guests at theHENDERSON home.  

Unknown Newspaper    October1958                         contributed by Cathy Coon

MRS. MABEL W. BAILEY -Mrs. Mabel W. Bailey, 84, diedat the Horka Nursing home in Dresden Tuesday night, March 4, 1958.  Anative of Harrisonburg, Va., she was the daughter of WilliamH. and Emily Hewlitt Whitaker. She was the widow of JohnC. Bailey. Mrs. Bailey was a member of the First Presbyterian church ofPenn Yan.  Survivors include one brother, FredWhitaker of Penn Yan, three sisters, Mrs. GeorgeThayer of Penn Yan, Mrs. George Chilson ofBuffalo, and Mrs. Deal Jones of Milford, Conn. Friends may call at the Thayer Funeral home on Thursdayafternoon and evening from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. with the Rev. Oscar Jelsma, pastor of the Penn Yan Presbyterian church,officiating. Burial will be in Lake View cemetery.

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