Doyle Cemetery

Co. Rt. 33, Bristol, NY

near the Egypt Valley Cemetery


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Copyright resides with the contributor, Helen Fox, Bristol Historian. Transcribed by Dianne Thomas.

Note from Helen Fox, Bristol Historian:  Yes,  this is our cemetery on Co Rd 33.  It is a private cemetery and the family is still in Vermont.  The neighbors help maintain it for them.  

On the other side of the House, there is up the hill, another cemetery as well. That is called Egypt Valley Cemetery. 

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ALEXANDER Asenath 1829 -  Aug 12, 1887; 58y; wife of George
DOYLE* Aron A. July 1801 - Dec 14, 1869; 68y,5m; husb of Susannah & Maria PARDEE
DOYLE* Freddie 1878 - Apr 20, 1880; son of Jerry & Mary [on marker w/ Maryett]
DOYLE* James 1822 - Sept 26, 1890; 68y; husb of Nancy  (1860 census)
DOYLE* Marcia died May 30, 1880; 63y; 2nd wife of Aaron A.; nee PARDEE
DOYLE Mariah 1812 - 1889; 77y;   [poss. Maria above, 2nd wife of Aaron A., b. abt. 1819]
DOYLE* Maryett 1874 - Apr 1, 1880; 6y; d/o Jerry & Mary
DOYLE* Nancy  1826 - Jan 1, 1894; 67y,9m; w/o James
DOYLE* Sarah Elizabeth 1852 - 1923; 71y; d/o James & Nancy
DOYLE* Susan L. 1853 - Aug 4, 1869; 16y; d/o James & Nancy [on marker of Wm. H]
DOYLE* Susannah 1802 - Dec 23, 1842; 40y; 1st w/o Aaron A.
DOYLE* William H. 1850 - 1919 
HAYES Joseph 1801 MA -  1874; 73y; h/o Sally;  (1860 census/ with a Luana, aged 60y)
HAYES Myron died 1856; s/o Joseph & Sally
HAYES Sally died 1854; w/o Joseph
QUACKENBUSH Catherine died July 15, 1844; w/o David
QUACKENBUSH David V. S. died Oct 6, 1838; 73y; Rev War Soldier  (note; could be same David Q. listed in the Egypt Valley Cemetery, which was located quite near to this cemetery)  

"I was able to place a REV War marker on David Quackenbush's stone, with the help of Daryle Verstrate  ... check his  web page for photo of that."  -  Helen Fox  [Bristol Historian]

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