Bald Hill Cemetery 

Rt. 15A & Purcell Hill Road

Canadice, NY

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BRANCH Albert died Apr 1851
BRANCH Martha died Dec 11, 1855
BRANCH Stephen 1813 - 1855; h/o Sarah
BROWN Addison C. died Jan 6, 1883; 53y; h/o Sarah  [necrology for 1883 news item]
BROWN Josephine A. died July 27, 1887; 20y; unwed; d/o Addison C. & Sarah
BROWN Sarah died Feb 5, 1893; 72y; w/o Addison C.
COYKENDALL Squire died May 30, 1844; 7y,9m,20d; s/o Jotham & Mariah (Haynes)
GRAVEL Mary died Feb 1, 1846; 52y; w/o E.
GRAVEL Oliver died May 1, 1834; 1m; s/o E. & Mary
HOPPOUGH Henry M. died June 11, 1849; s/o  J. J.
HOPPOUGH Lottie Belle Oct 9, 1881 - Nov 1, 1881; d/o George & Lillian
JOHNSON Bradley died Oct 7, 1865; 1y,3m; s/o Luke & Martha  (nephew to George Johnson)
JOHNSON Henry died Apr 4, 1883; 89y   [necrology for 1883 news item]
MACOMBER Cyrus died Apr 12, 1881; 77y,11m,5d; h/o Jane
MACOMBER E. M. died 1828
MACOMBER Elizabeth died Apr 10, 1862; 20y,3m,20; d/o Cyrus & Jane
MACOMBER Jane died Jan 21, 1891; 84y; w/o Cyrus
MACOMBER Nancy died May 10, 1853; 15y; d/o Cyrus & Jane
MACUMBER Enoch Feb 18, 1774 MA - 1854; h/o Rachel
MACUMBER Rachel July 28, 1777 MA - 1851; w/o Enoch
MACUMBER Stanson 1781 MA - 1817; 36y
MC INTIRE Elizabeth died Oct 4, 1821; 22y; d/o John & Mary
NORTHRUP Electa died Dec 1, 1827
NORTHRUP Eliza died Oct 23, 1827; 15y
NORTHRUP Eliza died May 8, 1829; d/o Anderson & Abigail
NORTHRUP Elizabeth died July 13, 1847; w/o Jabez
NORTHRUP Eunice died May 13, 1832; 27y; d/o Jabez & Elizabeth
NORTHRUP Jabez died Feb 6, 1839; 74y; h/o Elizabeth
NORTHRUP James died July 24, 1829; 11y
NORTHRUP Samuel died July 27, 1827; 23y
NORTHRUP Wells died July 22, 1837; 7y,6m; s/o William & Sabrina
NORHTRUP Samuel 1804 - July 27, 1827; 23y
PEABODY Joseph P. died Mar 4, 1841; 19y,3m,11d
PULVER Catherine died Feb 28, 1844; 4y,3m,16d; d/o Henry W. & Mary
PULVER Henry  died Jan 2, 1826; 2y; s/o Henry W. & Mary
PULVER Henry W. died Jan 18, 1864; 71y; h/o Mary
PULVER Mary died June 28, 1856; 57y,8m,2d; w/o Henry W.
PULVER Sabrina died Mar 3, 1838; 6m; d/o Henry W. & Mary
PULVER Wesley A. died June 7, 1851; 24y,7m; s/o Henry W. & Mary
RIX Ethel died Oct 1, 1874; 6m; d/o Clark & Emily
SLATE John 1788 - Apr 22, 1824; 35y
STODDARD George A. Sr. died Feb 25, 1885; 71y; h/o Tabitha & Cassie COYKENDALL
STODDARD Jasper M. died Dec 19, 1850; 2y; s/o George A. & Tabitha
STODDARD Shepard died Dec 25, 1878; 26y
STODDARD Tabitha no dates; 1st w/o George A. Sr.
TUCKER Ephraim Jr. died Apr 22, 1834; 22y,6m,8d; s/o Ephraim & Phebe
TUCKER Ephraim Sr. died Feb 126, 1850; 79y, 1m, 6d; h/o Phebe
TUCKER Phebe died Aug 29, 1857; 77y,5m,6d; w/o Ephraim Sr.
WALKER Leonard died Apr 1, 1859; 1y,9m
WEMENT Adaline infant d/o Charles P. & Mahala
WEMENT Andrew died Mar 2, 1861; 71y; h/o Joanna
WEMENT Joanna died Mar 29, 1841; 43y; w/o Andrew
WEMENT Mahala died Mar 25, 1859; 36y; 1st w/o Charles P.; nee PERRY
WESTBROOK Abiah died Oct 12, 1844; 31y,6m,11d; s/o Frederick & Elizabeth
WESTBROOK Elizabeth died Mar 28, 1860; 68y,4m,23d; w/o Frederick
WESTBROOK Frederick died June 12, 1880; 93y; h/o Elizabeth
WESTBROOK Walter died Apr 27, 1829; 5y; s/o Frederick & Elizabeth
WILKINSON Clara died May 9, 1871; 74y,9m,11d; w/o John
WILKINSON John died Oct 21, 1869; 73y,8m,6d; h/o Clara




 Neapolitan Record   Wed.    March 5,  1884  (& again in) The Livonia Gazette     Thurs.   April  3, 1941    by Dianne Thomas

Necrological Record of Canadice for 1883 - LIVONIA GAZETTE  March 14, 1881:

(and repeated with several other dates of local newspapers) 


Though at a very late date, yet we will send you the necrology of Canadice for 1884:

Josiah Jackman, son of Abner Jackman, died Jan. 2, aged 2 1/2 years, Canadice Cemetery

Addison C. Brown, died Jan. 6, aged 53 years, Bald Hill Cemetery.

Hattie Colvin died Feb. 6, aged 17 years, Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater, N.Y

Henry Johnson died Apr. 4, aged 89 years, Bald Hill Cemetery. 

Levi Salter, son of John Salter, died May 4, aged 1 year. Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater.

Alpheus Struble died June 25, aged 14 years, Canadice Cemetery.

Mrs. Jane Dalrymple, died July 18. aged 55 years. Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater. 

Allen Huff died Nov. 21, aged 63 years. Lake View Cemetery     (Honeoye, N.Y.)


Mrs.  Phebe D., widow of Mason A King who died eleven years ago, is very low, if living, with a cancer of the breast. She is living with her daughter, Mrs. Mary E. Fisher in Humbolt, Nebraska.

Mrs. K. came to Springwater when a small child, married and lived there till the youngest of her fourteen children was three years old; in the autumn of 1856, they moved to Iowa.  

Four of her sons, were in the army, Levi, died there; two served as veterans, Charles and Lorenzo. All but the two eldest of her twelve living children, live in the Southern Nebraska and Northern Kansas, where she has lived since her son in law, the Rev. G.C. Lockridge, left Centre Point and removed to Seneca, Kansas, two years ago. 




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