Canadice Hollow Cemetery

on West side of Canadice Hollow Rd.

(3 miles south of Hemlock village)





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ADAMS Caroline V. died Aug 30, 187?; 32y,6m; w/o Willis
ADAMS John A. died Mar 11, 1872; 2y,10m; s/o Willis & Caroline V.
ADAMS (Lydia) Rachel Apr 25, 1763 RI - Dec 28, 1826; 62y,6m,5d; 1st w/o Abijah; d/o Wm. & Anna COLGROVE
ANDERSON Adelaide 1852 - 1895; w/o Orlando A.
ANDERSON Orlando A. 1860 - ????; h/o Adelaide    
BECKER Allen died Oct 30, 1899           [short obit below]
BEERS Lorenzo D. 1822 - May 19, 1873; 51y; h/o Sarah E.
BEERS Matilda 1803 - June 4, 1865; 62y,12d; w/o Nathan
BEERS Nathan 1797 - Sept 20, 1852; 55y,9m,12d; h/o Matilda
BEERS Sarah E. 1821 - Apr 28, 1874; 53y; w/o Lorenzo D.
BELLOWS Ann no data
BLAKE Homer (Rev) died July 21, 1859; 71y,3m,4d
BOWEN Viletta 1820 - Aug 6, 1840; 20y
BROWN Denison died Oct 23, 1871; 86y,4m,19d; h/o Sally WHITNEY
BROWN Harvey  1799 Herkimer - Mar 1, 1888; 78y,5m,3d; h/o Polly A. SHARPSTEEN  [obit below]
BROWN Orren S. 1841 - Mar 20, 1862; 21y,5m,5d; s/o Harvey & Polly A. (Sharpsteen)
BROWN Polly Ann June 27, 1818 - Mar 24, 1854; 35y,7m,28d; w/o Harvey; d/o Robert & Ann (Bellows) SHARPSTEEN
BROWN Sally W. died Oct 28, 1877; 90y,5m,16d; w/o Denison; nee WHITNEY   [obit below]
COLEGROVE Ann (a) died Apr 1, 1863; 61y,5m,17d; w/o Jarius
COLEGROVE Alfred T. died Sept 17, 1870; 43y; h/o Maria
COLEGROVE Esmerelda 1855 - 1863; 8y; d/o Harlow & Lydia (Becker);   (died bet 1865-1869)
COLEGROVE Harlow 1825 - June 17, 1901 Springwater; 76y; h/o Lydia BECKER; son Ralph  [1 liner obit]
COLEGROVE Harriet died Nov 6, 1830; 7y,1m,6d; d/o Hiram & Sally
COLEGROVE Hiram 1797 - Feb 17, 1882; 84y,5m; h/o Sally
COLEGROVE Jarius 1797 - Jan 5, 1882; 84y; h/o Anna    [1882 necrology - obit below]
COLEGROVE Lydia 1826 - 1908; 82y; w/o Harlow; d/o Lucinda BECKER
COLEGROVE Maria S. died Sept 10, 1868; 33y,5m,18d; w/o Alfred T.
COLEGROVE Mary 1857 - 1860; d/o Harlow & Lydia
COLEGROVE Ruth died Aug 6, 1911; 5m; d/o Floyd & Bessie
COLEGROVE Sally  1802 - July 13, 1871;  69y; w/o Hiram
COLEGROVE Susan A. died Mar 21, 1860; 1y,1m; d/o Alfred T. & Maria S.
COYKENDALL Eliza J. Aug 3, 1849 - July 19, 1887; 37y; 1st w/o Fayette Ezra
COYKENDALL Fayette Ezra Oct 20, 1849 - Oct 2, 1896; 46y; h/o Eliza J. McCROSSEN & Bertha V. SHARPSTEEN; s/o Levi & Francina (Hoppough)
DENISON Desire no data; w/o Leveret
DENISON Leveret 1769 - Nov 30, 1844; 75y; h/o Desire
EDWARDS Pierpont 1805 - Nov 7, 1880; 75y,8m; h/o Sally
EDWARDS Sally  June 9, 1806 - June 16, 1855; 49y,7d; w/o Poerpot
GILBERT Edwin S. (Lt Col) 1829 CT - Feb 22, 1863; 33y; h/o F Rose KING & Hattie L HICKS;  25th Reg NYSV - Civil War Vet      
GILBERT Enos Mar 14, 1796 VT - Mar 22, 1870; 74y; h/o ??; s/o Elisha & Hannah (Haskell)
GILBERT F. Rose died Aug 29, 1858;  27y; 1st w/o Edwin; nee KING
GILBERT Hattie L.   2nd w/o Edwin S.; nee HICKS
GILBERT J. Haskell  Nov 4, 1820 - Jan 31, 1894; h/o Lucia S.
GILBERT L. Randall died Jan 6, 1862;  7y,4m,25d; s/o Haskell & Lucia S.
GILBERT Lucia S. 1828 - Mar 8, 1884; 55y; w/o  Haskell J
GILBERT William died June 7, 1865;  67y
GOULD Allen 1798 VT - Dec 8, 1863;  65y,17d; h/o Lydia, Olive A. & Amy; s/o Luther & Betsey
GOULD Amy  died June 26, 1850;  41y,4m,18d; w/o Allen
GOULD Betsey 1775 CT - bet 1855-1860; w/o Luther
GOULD Emily 1824 - Oct 15, 1833;  9y; d/o Allen & Lydia
GOULD Jane died Apr 6, 1842; 13y; d/o Allen & Olive A
GOULD Leman G. Oct 30, 1831 - July 8, 1859; 27y; h/o Cassie COYKENDALL; s/o Allen & Olive A.
GOULD Luther 1773 VT - abt 1860; h/o Betsey
GOULD Lydia 1782 - Mar 28, 1827; 45y; 1st w/o Allen
GOULD Olive A. died Jan 13, 1846; ??y; 2nd w/o Allen
HARTSON Alice 1854 - ????; d/o Asa & Rebecca Z. (Coykendall)
HARTSON Asa 1823 - Mar 30, 1897; 74y; h/o Rebecca Z. COYKENDALL
HARTSON Rebecca Z. died June 30, 1888; 58y,9m,9d; w/o Asa; d/o Joel & Sally (Lewis) COYKENDALL
HARVEY Rhoda died Aug 15, 1821; 17y; d/o Mark & Lydia
HAINES Mrs. died Apr 20, 1901; 84y   [obit below]
HAYNES Lydia 1839 - 1901; unwed; d/o Lucinda
HAYNES Sally  1837 - 1901; unwed; d/o Lucinda
HENRY Orville R. May 5, 1906 - Nov 3, 1983; 77y
HICKOK Samuel R. 1817 - Apr 29, 1877; 59y     [obit]
HICKS Alice H. Aug 23, 1852 - June 30, 1875; 23y; w/o John M.; d/o Asa & Rebecca HARTSON   [obit below]
HOAGLAND Edgar Aug 2, 1872 - Oct 20, 1939; 67y; h/o Alta MEAD [m:1910]; s/o James M & Roena J. (Knowles); 3 sons, 2 daus   [obit]
HOAGLAND Marcus H. 1862 - Aug 7, 1880; 18y,2m,14d; s/o James M. & Roena J. (Knowles)
HOPPOUGH David 1809 NJ - Dec 4, 1871;  63y; h/o Hannah PURCELL  (see 1870 census)
HOPPOUGH Hannah 1812 NJ - Feb 4, 1887; 74y; w/o David; nee PURCELL
JENKS Imogene Jeanette June 22, 1850 - June 5, 1882; 31y; w/o George S.
MC CROSSEN Betsey 1779 - Aug 15, 1826; 47y; 1st w/o David
MC CROSSEN Carlin A. 1864 - early Feb. 1915; 56y; s/o Henry & Caroline M.         [obit below]        
MC CROSSEN Caroline M. 1825 - 1895; w/o Henry; nee COLEGROVE
MC CROSSEN David 1778 Scotland - Mar 9, 1861;  82y; h/o Betsey & Rebecca ALLEN
MC CROSSEN Deborah A. Nov 21, 1788 - Dec 2, 1874; 86y; w/o James; nee ADAMS
MC CROSSEN Dora died June 21, 1931 Livonia, NY;  47y; w/o Theodore G.; nee HARROUN  [obit below]
MC CROSSEN Henry 1822 - 1895; h/o Caroline M.; s/o David & Rebecca (Allen)
MC CROSSEN James 1818 - 1822; 4y
MC CROSSEN James 1780 - 1820; 39y
MC CROSSEN Jane Amelia 1828 - 1862;  34y,3m; w/o Nelson or Nixson; d/o Hiram & Sarah COLEGROVE
MC CROSSEN John 1813 - 188?; h/o Lucina & Rachel; s/o James & Deborah (Allen)
MC CROSSEN Mary E. died 1863; 1y,9m; d/o Nelson or Nixson & Jane A.
MC CROSSEN Nelson or Nixson 1834 - 1901; h/o Jane A. COLEGROVE  ( 26 in 1850;  35y in 1860 = b.~ 1825)
MC CROSSEN Nixon 1834 - 1901; h/o ??
MC CROSSEN Mrs. Nixon died Oct 24, 1888 Hemlock Lake; w/o Nixon; son, Wilbur of MI.;    [obit]
MC CROSSEN Rachel 1813 - Mar 29, 1882; 68y,5m,17d;  2nd w/o John
MC CROSSEN Rebecca ** 1793 - May 30, 1886 MI; 92y,9m,7d; 2nd w/o David; nee ALLEN; m/o Mr. C. G. McCrossen  (1880 lived in MI) [obit]  [see note below list]
MC CROSSEN William 1817 - Aug 21, 1886; 69y   [short obit]
MILLS Mary B. 1802 - Dec 21, 1873; 61y,9m; w/o Hiram; nee BELLIS
NIVERGALL Lida E. died Feb 4, 1876; w/o G. H.; nee WESTBROOK
OWEN Emogene  'Genie' Apr 1, 1859 - Mar 6, 1880; 20y,11m,6d; 1st w/o Gilbert Owen ; d/o James HOAGLAND [obit below- consumption]
OWEN George W. 1867 - Feb 4, 1875; 7y
POWELL Mary 1847 - Oct 7, 1875; 28y; w/o Joshua; nee PULVER
PULVER John W. Aug 1821 -Apr 8, 1864;  42y,7m,8d
PURCELL Elvira M. May 1834 - 1917; w/o Orrin      (1900 census b. 1836; 1910 census,  77y)
PURCELL Orrin Nov 1840 - Dec 1901; h/o Elvira M; s/o Juliette   (she b. July 1818 d. bet 1900-1910)
PURCELL May E. Sept 1874 - 1925; 50y; unwed; d/o Orrin & Elvira M.
PUTNAM Elizabeth died May 6, 1862
PUTNAM Jonas June 28, 1811 - Jan 23, 1875 Canadice; 63y; unwed   [obit does not mention name of ceme]
PUTNAM Mary Elizabeth  June 1, 1823 - June 9, 1843; 20y
PUTNAM Victor  Nov 2, 1783 - May 27, 1845; 61y
RACE-SPARKS Rebecca July 25, 1784 - Mar 9, 1877; 92y, 8m; w/o Jarad Race [5 kids] & Joseph Sparks  ; d/o Wm. & Fedelia (Smith) SCOTT   [obit]
ROOD Daniel died May 1, 1821;  16y,4m; s/o Jonathan & Vilotta
ROOD Jonathan 1756 - 1857; h/o Vilotta & ?
ROOD Vilotta died Apr 26, 1824; w/o Jonathan
ROSS Moses D.  no data left on headstone  [this from an earlier ceme list]
ROSS Peter C. Jan 1806 -Apr 11, 1843; 37y    [this from an earlier ceme list]
ROSS Synthia H. June 24, 1801 - Apr 11, 1863; 61y    [this from an earlier ceme list]
ROWLAND William died late Aug 1943 Rochester; uncle of Miss Jean Glover & Mrs. Roy Swan      [obit]
SHARPSTEEN Abby died Apr 5, 1862; 29y,5m,5d; w/o Doctor S.
SHARPSTEEN Ann Nov 26, 1799 NJ - Mar 12, 1868; 68y,4m,16d; w/o Robert; nee BELLOWS
SHARPSTEEN George W. 1820 - Jan 5,1893; 72y,6m; ; h/o Lurana B. HYDE & Hannah E. STRUBLE
SHARPSTEEN Hannah E. Jan 1828 - 1903; 75y; 2nd w/o George W.; nee STRUBLE     [parents of NJ]
SHARPSTEEN infant s/o  D. S. & Abby
SHARPSTEEN Lurana B. 1826 - 1851; 25y; 1st w/o George W.; nee HYDE
SHARPSTEEN L. Estelle  died Jan 3, 1850; 2y; d/o George W. & Lurana B. (Hyde)
SHARPSTEEN Meldora 1852 - ????; d/o Geo. W. & Lurana B.(Hyde)
SHARPSTEEN Polly died May 22, 1879; 60y,10m,25d; w/o Harvey
SHARPSTEEN Robert Aug 11, 1798 - July 20, 1864; 65y,11m,9d; h/o Ann BELLOWS; s/o Peter & Polly
SHARPSTEEN Stella Ann died Feb 17, 1854; 3y,9d; d/o George W. & Lurana B. (Hyde)
SHEPARD S. D.  died Oct 20, 1876; 24y,9m
SHORT Colby 1810 - Oct 16, 1857; 47y
SISSON Parmella died Feb 5, 1828; 21y,9m; d/o Arnold & Prudence
SMITH Luland died Feb 8, 1872; w/o C. D.
SPENCER Annette 1814 - Dec 20, 1844; 30y; w/o George; nee HARTSON
SPENCER Lydia 1782 - Jan 4, 1823; 40y; w/o Elias
SPENCER Olive  Mar 23, 1769 - Mar 15, 1863; 93y; w/o Samuel; nee CASEY
SPENCER Orra Jan 26, 1794 - Nov 9, 1868; 74y,9m,14d; h/o Prudence; s/o Samuel & Olive
SPENCER Prudence Dec 16, 1793 - May 17, 1863; 69y,5m,1d; w/o Orra
SPENCER Samuel B. June 20, 1764 - Mar 3, 1839; 74y; h/o Olive
SPENCER Sidney 1804 - Feb 21, 1833; 28y
STEPHENSON Anna J. died 1879; 23y,2m; d/o Isaac & Julia (Wement)
STEPHENSON Carrie E. 1858 - Nov 1909; 51y
STEPHENSON Ella M. died Nov 17, 1880;  25y,9m,14d; d/o  Isaac & Julia (Wement)
STEPHENSON Isaac died Sept 20, 1875;  59y; h/o Julia WEMETT
STEPHENSON Isaac Lynn died Sept 23, 1890; 32y
STEPHENSON James 1820 Spain - Nov 26, 1878; 58y; h/o Alice
STEPHENSON Joseph W. 1862 - Jan 13, 1895; 32y; bro of Sidney
STEPHENSON Julia Ann died Feb 28, 1876; 48y; w/o Isaac; nee WEMETT
STEPHENSON Mary Ellen no data
STEPHENSON Samuel no data
STEPHENSON Sarah E.  inf d/o Isaac & Julia (Wement)
STEPHENSON Wellington  inf s/o Isaac & Julia (Wement)
STEPHENSON Wellington Jr.  inf s/o Isaac & Julia (Wement)
STEPHENSON William no data
STRUBLE Edith M. June 11, 1882 - Feb 21, 1898; 15y; d/o F. Gilbert & Ida M. (Doolittle)
STRUBLE Emily died Feb 23, 1898;  73y; nee GILBERT; mother of  D. Gilbert
STRUBLE George Isaac (Dr) June 29, 1791 - Nov 13, 1850; 59y,4m,15d; h/o Phebe MOORE Amer. Legion medallion
STRUBLE Ph(o)ebe M. 1796 - Jan 5, 1875; 79y, 6m,6d; w/o George I.; nee MOORE; 12 kids [obit has aged 83y -incorrect)
STRUBLE Sarah Ann Feb 8, 1818 - Sept 23, 1887; 69y; w/o Isaac; nee POST
STRUBLE William M. Jan 1, 1818 NJ - July 10, 1885; 67y; h/o Emily J. GILBERT; s/o George & Phebe (Moore)
STRUBLE William S.  'Willie' Mar 16, 1865 - Apr 9, 1880; 15y; s/o William & Emily J. (Gilbert)
WESTBROOK Abijah Apr 1, 1813 - Oct 12, 1844; 31y,6m,11d
WESTBROOK Elizabeth 1792 - 1860;  68y; w/o Frederick (lived separately in 1860)
WESTBROOK Frederick 1787 NJ - June 12, 1880;  93y; h/o Elizabeth
WESTBROOK Walter died Apr 27, 1829; 5y; s/o Frederick & Elizabeth
WHITE Harriet 1833 - Oct 5, 1878; 45y
WIBORN Eliza A. no data
WIBORN John A. died Jan 19, 1824; 16d; s/o William G. & Judith (Adams)
WIBORN Judith 1791 -  May 27, 1871; 80y; w/o William G.; d/o Abijah & Lydia Rachel ADAMS
WIBORN Marietta died Aug 27, 1865; 21y; d/o William P & Sally
WIBORN William Gershom Jan 24, 1827 - Mar 22, 1857; 30y; h/o Judith ADAMS
WIBORN William P.  died Feb 7, 1867; 56y; h/o Sally
WILKINSON Benjamin E. 1837 - Dec 21, 1879; 42y; unwed; s/o Clara (of CT)
WINTERMOOT Mary died June 6, 1844; 83y
ZIELE L. A. died Sept 29, 1879



The Naples Record                Sunday                             July 17, 1875           by Dianne Thomas  

CANADICE - Mrs. Alice Hartson Hicks, wife of Mr. Jno. M. Hicks, died at the residence of her father Mr. Asa Hartson, of consumption, aged 22 years. Her illness has been protracted, and anxious friends have tenderly cared for her, vainly hoping to arrest that flattering disease, but despite their tender care, and the aid of medical skill, they saw their loved one fade as the gentle flowers and droop and die. Not alone do those who were near and dear to her lament her untimely departure, but others, for Alice was one of our most lovely and highly esteemed young ladies, and had won many friends by her gentleness and social affection, who now "weep with those who weep." 

But three months since she became the wife of Mr. Hicks; then apparently, returning health, and the hope of much of happiness in future store, made her a joyous and happy bride.

The funeral services were conducted from the M.E. Church by the Rev. S. M. Day of Honeoye, in the presence of a very large congregation, and her remains deposited in the Canadice Hollow cemetery.






The Naples Record                                              May 19, 1877                       by Dianne Thomas      

CANADICE - Samuel R. Hickok Esq. an old and respected resident of our town, died online 29th ult. at about sixty years of age. Mrs. Hickok was one of the prominent citizens of our town and very much respected; his loss will be felt by the whole community. 

He held the office of justice of the peace at the time of his death to which he had been three times successively elected. He leaves a widow and a large family of children most of whom are grown up.   They have the sympathy of the whole community. The funeral services were held at his late residence on the 1st inst. the Rev. Wm. Hunter officiating. The remains were interred in the Canadice Hollow cemetery.

On the 4th inst., the oldest daughter of the widow O'Lahey died of consumption, aged about twenty. It is but a few years since her father,  John O'Lahey, died of the same disease, leaving a large family in reduced circumstances and this is the second daughter the widow has buried since his death.  She will greatly miss their help in rearing the smaller children. The funeral services were held at Honeoye and the remains taken to Canandaigua for interment.

Mr. Orsemus Wemett and Miss Emersetta Wemmett of Canadice, were united in matrimony at the Parsonage last Sunday, by the Rev, S.M. Dayton.

Mrs. Emily Mann died very suddenly at her home in East Springwater last Sunday morning.  She leaves a husband and their children to mourn the loss of one of the best of wives and mothers. Her funeral services were held at the store house near her home, and were largely attended. Sermon by S. M. Dayton of this place.


The Livonia Express                              Friday                    June 4, 1886             by Dianne Thomas  

The mother of C.C. McCrossen of Honeoye died at her home in Michigan last Sunday.  The remains were brought on Tuesday to the Canadice Hollow Cemetery.  Her age was about 80 years.

cemetery. Her a g e w a s a b o u t 80 y e a r s .


Neapolitan Record                       Wednesday                        January 19, 1887                by Dianne Thomas  

1886 deaths - Wm. Mc Crossin, 21st, 69, Canadice Hollow cemetery.


The Naples Record                                        November 10, 1877                           by Dianne Thomas    

The first death in town we have had to record in some time, is that of Mrs. Brown in Canadice Hollow; she was the oldest person in town, being upward of ninety years old. She died Oct. 28th, and was buried in the Hollow.


The Naples Record                                              August 10, 1878                 by Dianne Thomas

About Home Briefs: 

We regret that the Wayland Press "shut shop" this week. Neighbor Morehouse is not to be blamed, for no country printing office is earning its salt these times. He probably "could a tale unfold" that would benefit us all.  Home papers should receive the support and entire influence of its locality! Too many think taking it and not paying, is support! Too many with more money than brains, think a city paper at one dollar much cheaper!

Sensible people know that a newspaper in their town greatly increases the value of their property as well as gives a standing to its name and morals.




We learn that Wheeler Happaugh of Canadice Hollow is very sick with remittent fever; we have not heard from him in some days.


On the 26th, a party of the friends of M. D. Ross, met at his residence on the occasion of his 68th birthday and had a good time.


On the 30th, Sarah Thayer, wife of George Thayer, attempted suicide by taking laudanum; George was awfully frightened and called on the neighbors who did all they could, in spite of her resistance. The dose not being sufficient to cause death; she is slowly recovering.

There has been much excitement here during the past month, in regard to the sudden death of the late Augustus McCartey, photographer of this village, which occurred on Thursday morning, July 11th. We give the facts in a brief, form as follows: 

On Wednesday afternoon, July 10th, be, not feeling as well as usual, he went to Dr. Stebbins, his family physician, to purchase some medicine; he said he was troubled with chills and fever. The Dr. told him that he had  better go to some drug store and get about 40 grains of quinine, to be done up in four-grain doses. 

He went to Maynard & Laning's drug store, corner of Linden and Seneca streets, and asked for the said drug, Mr. Maynard waiting upon him. Mr. M. took down the quinine bottle, and found that there were not 40 grains in it; there being about 30 grains in the bottle; he called for another bottle, when he (Mr. Mc Cartey) said that would do, and when he had taken all of it, he would come and get more.

Mr. Maynard took out of the bottle 28 grains, and did up two powders of four grains each as sample powders, the rest (20 grains) did up by itself. Mr. McCarthy went home and took one of the powders, at half past one o'clock and laid on the couch and went to sleep. 

When he woke up he said he felt much better, and asked his wife if it was time for him to take another power. He took the second power at precisely half-past five o'clock; it was not long before he complained of feeling drowsy, and said he would have to take another nap. He took the third powder a little after eight, and died about twenty-two minutes past twelve o'clock. 

An inquest was held by Coroner Covert, and the stomach taken out and analyzed by Prof. Towler, and found to be "sulphate of morphine" in the stomach; the quinine bottle from which the powder was taken, was also analyzed and found to be quinine. Now the great question is, where did he get it.

There were quite a number of witnesses sworn, and all tell a different story.  The jury brought in their verdict which was that "he died of morphine in the stomach." The public are very much excited about the matter. Mr. Mc Cartey, it is said, was never in the habit of taking morphine, but took quinine quite frequently when not feeling well.

The people know just as much about it now as they did before the coroner's inquest.  The whole thing is a mystery, and it may be solved some day. Mr. M. has for many years lived here; he came from Waterloo about 20 years ago; he was respected by all who knew him, and led a quiet and happy life, never going into society but very little. 

His funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Hogarth of the North Presbyterian church, and was largely attended.      July 31st, 1878.


Naples Record                  Friday                         March 19, 1880               by Dianne Thomas

CANADICE, March, 15.h, 1880 - Death has again visited this community, and taken from among us one who was an ornament to society and a worthy member of the M. E. Church,  Mrs Genie Owen, wife of Gilbert Owen, and daughter of James Hoagland, died on the 8th inst. of consumption. The funeral services were held at the M. E. Church on the 8th inst., by the pastor Rev. A. H. Maryott, and her remains were deposited in the cemetery in Canadice Hollow.   Her death has cast a gloom over a large circle or mourning relatives and sympathizing friends.


Naples Record                        Friday                            Feb 2, 1883                          by Dianne Thomas

The following is the Necrology for Canadice for 1882:


David Thorp died Jan. 1st, aged 68 years; buried in Springwater

Jarius Colgrove died Jan. 5th, aged 84 years; buried in Canadice Hollow cemetery.

John Winch died Feb. 11th, aged 89 years; buried in Canadice cemetery. 

Joseph McFarland died April 23d, aged 69 years; buried in Canadice cemetery.

Elizabeth Nutt died April 24th, aged 71 years; buried in the Baptist cemetery in Richmond.

George B. Burch, died in Rochester, May 18, aged 35 years; buried in Canadice Cemetery.

Eliza Cratsly, died July 14th, aged 57 years; buried in Canadice cemetery.

Lovisa Francisco, died July 27th, aged 77 years; buried in Canadice cemetery.

Martha P. Hyde, died Sept. 11th, aged 49 years, buried in Canadice cemetery.

Adaline N. Deaby died Oct 30th, aged 55 years; buried in Canadice cemetery.

Child of Willard Shepard died Oct. 5th, aged 3 years; buried in Canadice cemetery.

Josiah Jackman died Nov. 18th, aged 80 years; buried in Evergreen cemetery, Springwater.


**unknown paper               Fri                June 4, 1886                            by Dianne Thomas

The mother of C. G. McCrossen of Honeoye, died at her home in Michigan, last Sunday.  The remains were brought on Tuesday to the Canadice Hollow cemetery. Her age was about 80 years. [this would be Rebecca McCrossen]  



The Naples Record                    Wednesday                March 7, 1888                    by Dianne Thomas   

Mrs. Harman Wilcox died Sunday morning March 4, after a short illness. She was a sister of Wm. Rippey, of this place, and George Rippey, of Lyon's Hollow. She leaves a husband and an aged, widowed mother, who with a large number of friends in this community greatly mourn her loss.




The Naples Record                    Wednesday                March 7, 1888                    by Dianne Thomas   

On Thursday afternoon as Harvey Brown was returning borne from the Corners on foot, he fell dead in the road near the line between his farm and that of Albert Wicks and was found a few minutes later by J. S. VanDoren and C. B. Hyde, who immediately carried him to his home. The death of Mr. Brown thus suddenly was a great shock to his family and especially Mrs. Brown, who has very poor health. 

Mr. Brown was a quiet, honest man, and a good neighbor. He was born in Herkimer Co., in 1899, being 79 years old, and having lived in this town more than 60 years. The funeral was held at the Church on Sunday, the remains being interred in the Canadice Hollow Cemetery.




The Naples Record                    Wednesday                January 10, 1894                       by Dianne Thomas   

Richmond necrology for 1893: George W. Sharpsteen died Jan. 5, aged 73 yrs. 6 mo., Canadice Hollow.




Naples NY  Record                 Wednesday                   November 8, 1899                  by Dianne Thomas

Allen Becker died at his home in Canadice Hollow on Monday of last week.  He leaves a wife and two sons.




The Livonia Gazette                       Friday                  April 26, 1901          by Dianne Thomas

(Short Note) - Mrs. Haines of Canadice Hollow died last Sunday, at the age of 84. The Funeral services were held Tuesday.



The Livonia Gazette                    Friday                     1915                           by Dianne Thomas

The funeral of Carlin McCrossen was held from his late home, 420 Columbia avenue, Rochester, at 2  o'clock on the 27th ult., and a more public one at Mt. Hope chapel an hour later, the Rev. Franklin J. Kennedy, of the Corn Hill Methodist church, officiating. 

There were many beautiful floral pieces, including a pillow given by the Rochester electric railroad employees, Division No. 22; a large piece from the Woodmen of the World; one from the board of health, of which he had been a member; one from the Odd Fellows; one from his children, and others from friends. The Odd Fellows had charge of the services.

If Carlin's spirit could have hovered over that scene and witnessed those lovely flowers, the tears and sadness of that large assemblage of men, he would have realized, as he probably never realized in life, how much he was loved and mourned. 

The remains were placed in a vault. In the spring he will be buried in the Canadice Hollow cemetery,  where so many of his, relatives and schoolmates have found their resting place. ***   Hemlock, Feb. 3.




The Livonia Gazette      Thursday                   Oct 27, 1938          by Dianne Thomas

Last Saturday, a much needed work was started on the Canadice Hollow cemetery, which has been neglected for some time. The people, who either have friends or relatives buried there are donating money or labor. They plan to have it graded and to hire a caretaker. Mrs. Byron Jerome, graciously opened her home where dinner was served to the workmen.  The town has set aside $59 for the cemetery to promote the work.  A meeting was held and Harry Coykendall of Rochester was elected secretary and treasurer.  Work will be resumed Wednesday and any contribution, either labor or money, will be greatly appreciated.  




 The Livonia Gazette               Thursday                   June 29, 1939                      by Dianne Thomas

Death of Mrs. Theo. McCrossen - Mrs. Theodore G. McCrossen, 47, of Rochester , died Wednesday, June 21, at the home of her sister Mrs. T. H. Miller, of Clary road, Livonia , after an illness of over seven months. She has been confined to her bed at the Miller home more or less for the last two months. Mrs. McCrossen was formerly Miss Dora Harroun and was born in Rochester , where she had lived most of her life.  

Mr. and Mrs. McCrossen celebrated their twenty- first wedding anniversary the 10th of last May. Mrs. McCrossen is survived by her husband of Washington , D.C. , one son, Fred, of Rochester , and a brother, Irving Harroun, also of Rochester .  

Funeral services for Mrs. McCrossen were held from the Hedges Memorial chapel in Rochester , Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock . A brief prayer service followed at the grave in the Canadice Hollow cemetery, the Rev. Wm. J. Brown, pastor of the Hemlock Methodist church, officiating.

Mrs. McCrossen left many relatives and friends in the vicinity of Livonia and Hemlock, who are deeply grieved at her passing .


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