Sand Hill Cemetery

Emerson & Sand Hill Rd., Canandaigua, NY

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1775-1783 Revolutionary  War

Ron Hanley added these pics, (including  all the pics I had taken) ... to his FAG account

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AASNESS* Raymond N. Dec 27, 1933 - Sept 23, 2002; 68y; h/o Roberta Elizabeth Andrews; Korean War Vet
ANDREWS* Frank Alton Jan 31, 1904 - Jan 22, 1988; 84y; h/o Margaret Lucille TIFFANY; s/o Arthur & Helen Lydia (Van Gelder)
ANDREWS* Margaret "Lucille" Jan 17, 1910 - Mar 1, 1995; w/o Frank Alton; d/o Wilbur Levi & Ina Emeline (Briggs) TIFFANY
ARNOLD* Alice A. died Feb 19, 1866; 21y; d/o Dennis & Mary "Polly" B.
ARNOLD* Dennis died Oct 23, 1887;  82y,9m; h/o Mary "Polly"
ARNOLD* Esther Elizabeth Oct 3, 1906 - Sept 25, 1989; 82y; w/o Lyle Rockwell; d/o Arthur & Helen Lydia (Van Gelder) ANDREWS
ARNOLD* Harriet  Oct 7, 1836 - Dec 27, 1910;  74y; d/o Dennis & Polly; unwed
ARNOLD* Mary "Polly" B. died Feb 6, 1873; 70y; w/o Dennis
ARNOLD* Richmond H. died June 11, 1860; 23y; s/o Dennis & Polly
ARNOLD* Seymour A. died Apr 17, 1852;  21y; s/o Dennis & Polly
AXTELL* Hannah died July 10, 1826; 24y,10m; 1st w/o Hiram; nee PADLEFORD
AXTELL* Martha died Oct 28, 183?; 37y; 2nd w/o Hiram; d/o Zachariah & Susannah (Tiffany) PADELFORD
BARNEY Miss Kittie died Aug 26, 1885; [obit below]
BECKER* Laura died June 30, 1864; 43y; w/o William; d/o M. & Phebe BRANDT [also on Brandt stone]
BEEBE* Julia F. 1740 - Nov 18, 1831; 91y; w/o ??; nee BROCKLEBANK; maternal great uncle: Levi Brocklebank (he was 1st white child born in Canandaigua) 
BEEBE* Lima Sept 7, 1809 - Apr 5, 1893; 83y; w/o Miles; nee BROCKLEBANK
BEEBE * Miles June 17, 1806 - Apr 21, 1891; 84y; h/o Lima BROCKLEBANK
BIRCHARD* Betsey 1775 - Jan 20, 1839;  63y; w/o ???; nee MOORE
BIRCHARD Elias 1797 - Oct 28, 1877; 80y; h/o Sally
BIRCHARD Sarah 1799 - Feb 1, 1882;  82y
BIRCHARD Temperance 1803 - May 26, 1878; 75y
BIRCHARD* unknown 1761 - Mar 22, 1838;  77y; poss h/o Betsey MOORE [on marker w/ Betsey] no name shown on front of stone- prob @ top of stone]
BRANDT* Caroline C. died May 26, 1888; 77y, 10m; w/o Samuel
BRANDT* Charles M. died Dec 25, 1866;  18y, 8m; s/o Samuel & Caroline
BRANDT* Elizabeth died Jan 15, 1857;  33y; d/o Mason & Phebe
BRANDT* Harriet   2y; d/o Mason & Phebe
BRANDT* Mason Mason; died Dec 7, 1845;  59y; h/o Phebe
BRANDT* Phebe died Sep 22, 1870;  85y; w/o Mason
BRANDT* Robert Emmet died Aug 25, 1864;  12y,3m; s/o Samuel & Caroline
BRANDT* Samuel 1810 -  June 11, 1894; 84 yrs; h/o Caroline
BROCKLEBANK* Chloe 1796 - Aug 21, 1852; 56y; w/o John B.; nee SANGER
BROCKLEBANK* Evalina F. 1833 - 1911; 78y; w/o Walter S.
BROCKLEBANK* John B. died Mar 3, 1874; 80y
BROCKLEBANK John B. 1795 -  1858;  63y; h/o Chloe SANGER
BROCKLEBANK* Levi Oct 28, 1791 - Mar 1, 1872; 80y; 1st male child born in this town
BROCKLEBANK* Levi  6y; s/o Levi
BROCKLEBANK* Levi O. 1834 - June 10, 1861 Washington, DC;  27y;  Civil War Vet  [research]
BROCKLEBANK Mary 1771 - July 2, 1843; 72y; w/o Samuel   [obit below, 7/25/1843]
BROCKLEBANK Polly died May 28, 1861; 57y,10m; w/o George
BROCKLEBANK Samuel 1765 - May 7, 1826; 60y; h/o Mary; Rev War Soldier    [see 1952 article below]
BROCKLEBANK* Samuel 1812 - 1897; 85y; unwed; bro to Lima Beebe (on 1860 census with her & husb)
BROCKLEBANK* Walter S. 1827 - 1899; 72y; h/o Evalina F.; s/o John B. & Chloe (Sanger)
BROWN * Ella T. 1785 - 1835; 50y; d/o Zachariah & Susanna (Jenks) TIFFANY  (on Tiffany stone)
BRYANT * George died Dec 12, 1850; 50y,3m,10d; h/o Polly BROCKLEBANK
BRYANT * Polly died May 28, 1861; 57y,10m; w/o George; nee BROCKLEBANK
BUCANNAN Horace died Feb 11, 1849; 4y,7m; s/o Andrew J. & Susan
CANFIELD* Hannah died Jan 19, 1844; 65y; w/o Joseph; nee BATES
CANFIELD* Joseph died Oct 25, 1841; 64y; h/o Hannah BATES; s/o Benjamin & Marion (Barton)
CASSORT Charles 1825 - 1919; h/o Mary BEEBE; s/o David & Sarah (Phelps); b/o Mrs. Jacob Himes
CASSORT* David Feb 22, 1789 NJ - Apr 20, 1861;  71y; h/o Sarah PHELPS, Emily CHAPMAN & Lucy SMITH; s/o James & Elizabeth (Suydam)
CASSORT* Eliza died Nov 18, 1822; 1y,2m; d/o James & Mehitable
CASSORT* Elizabeth died Sept 25, 1836;  83y; w/o James; nee SUYDAM
CASSORT* Henry died Oct 23, 1853; 27y; s/o David & Sarah (Phelps)
CASSORT* infant died Mar 24, 1819?; 2m,1d
CASSORT* infant died Sept 5, 1821; 3m,4d
CASSORT infant died Dec 26, 1818; 11d; s/o James & Mehitable
CASSORT* infant died Sept 24, 1822;  11m
CASSORT* James 1748 NJ - Apr 6, 1821; 73y; h/o Elizabeth SUYDAM
CASSORT* James Jr. 1785 - Sept 3, 1828; 43y; s/o James & Elizabeth (Suydam)
CASSORT* James T.   died Jan 16, 1849; 4y,2m,20d; s/o Fred & Ann (2 pics)
CASSORT Jimmie died Dec 26, 1818; 11d; s/o James & Mehitable
CASSORT Mary 1834 - 1913; 79y; w/o Charles; nee BEEBE
CASSORT* Sarah died Aug 10, 1834; w/o David; d/o Nathan PHELPS; can't read
CHAPMAN* Anzalette 1821 - 1847; 26y; 1st w/o George Milton; nee TIFFANY
CHAPMAN* George Milton Jan 28, 1818 CT - 1893; h/o Anzalette TIFFANY & Nancy TIFFANY; s/o Milton & Sally (Beers)
CHAPMAN* Nancy 1823 - 1887; 64y; w/o George Milton; nee TIFFANY
CHASE* Homer 1834 - Oct 7, 1919; 85y; h/o Mary Isabel & ?
CHASE* Mary Isabel 1834 - Aug 1860; 26y; 1st w/o Homer
CHASE* Ovid   (Capt) June 2, 1800 NH - Mar 1, 1876; 75y; h/o Sarah PIKE; s/o Samuel & Mary
CHASE* Ovid Jr. died Aug 4, 1917;  80y; s/o Ovid & Sarah (Pike)
CHASE* Sarah W. died Sept 22, 1884; 72y,8m,22d; w/o Capt Ovid; nee PIKE
COE* John   died Jan 22, 1851; 34y,8m,8d; s/o Isaac & Nancy (Barker)
DEBOW* Catharine died Apr 15, 1854;  83y,6m; w/o John
DEBOW* Elmira 1806 NH -  Dec 17, 1876;  70y,6m,12d; w/o Gerritt; nee THURBER
DEBOW* Eugene T. died June 6, 1854;  5y,9m, 18d; s/o Gerritt & Elmira (Thurber)
DEBOW** Gerritt 1798 - Jan 27, 1882;  84y; h/o Elmira THURBER; s/o John
DEBOW* John Oct 18, 1762 NJ - June 5, 1843;  82y; h/o Catharine; Rev. War Soldier
DEBOW** Mary A. July 24, 1809 - Apr 30, 1850; 40y; w/o Henry
DENNIS* Nannie W. Nov 17, 1836 - July 11, 1865; 29y; w/o Edgar
ELTON* Eliza 1810 - Dec 19, 1844; 33y, 11m.; w/o Noah
ELTON* Jabez 1783 CT - July 24, 1849; 66y; h/o Olive HOLCOMB
EMERSON John P. died Oct 10, 1905; 66y
FISHER Mary A          removed from Woodlawn to Sand Hill Ceme
FOBES* Clarissa died Nov 11, 1831; 3y,8m,7d; d/o Horatio L. & Mary Ann
FOBES* Edson E. died Nov 12, 1839; 8y,11m; s/o Horatio L. & Mary Ann
FOBES* Horatio died Sept 3, 1864; 1y,6m; s/o Horatio & Mary Ann
FOBES* Horatio L. died July 19, 1862; 67y,2m,18d; h/o Mary Ann
FOBES* Mary Ann died Jan 9, 1882; 75y; w/o Horatio L.  
FRENCH* Charles (Capt) July 3, 1808 CT - June 2, 1872; 63y; h/o Elizabeth HARRIS; s/o John & Elizabeth (Rogers); [was he in military, or Capt of a ship on the lake?]
GAGE * Deborah can't read; very faded
GAGE* George W. (Rev) 1816 NH - Oct 5, 1869; 53y,6m; h/o Eliza; s/o John & Lydia (Brocklebank)
GAGE Hannah M. died Oct 6, 1842;  18y,6m; d/o John & Lydia (Brocklebank) 
GAGE* John abt 1780 NH - 18??; h/o Lydia BROCKLEBANK  & Betsey BROCKLEBANK (written in Latin)
GAGE* Lydia 1780 - June 3, 1832; 52y; w/o John;  nee BROCKLEBANK
GAGE* Nancy B. Jan 11, 1812 - Feb 19, 1888; 76y; d/o John & Lydia (Brocklebank)
GAGE* Sally 1789 - Aug 23, 1823; 34y,10m
GARDNER* Ishmael 1778 - Aug 25, 1860;  82y,4m,18d; h/o Parley
GARDNER* Parley July 8, 1787 VT - Aug 22, 1876; 89y; w/o Ishmael
GARDNER* Wilson 1810 - June 18, 1873;  63y; s/o Franklin
GEHRES* Charles Jan 12, 1909 -May 12, 1993 Suffolk Co., NY; 84y; h/o Anna Mary ANDREWS
GEHRES* Anna "Mary"  Jan 7, 1910 - Mar 14, 2006 Saratoga Co, NY; 96y; w/o Charles; d/o Arthur & Helen (Van Gelder) ANDREWS
GORDON Janet  d/o Samuel & Jane
GREEN* Thomas 1768 RI - July 19, 1853;  85y
HALL* Eddie died May 14, 1847; 3y; s/o Charles & Nancy D.
HALL* Willie died July 21, 1861;  6m,14d; s/o Isaac & Sarah A.
HAYTON* Eliza died Sept 6, 1850;  38y; w/o Joseph
HAYTON* Eliza A. died Oct 9, 1861; 35y; w/o Joseph Jr.
HAYTON* Joseph died Aug 19, 1861; 44y; h/o Eliza & Eliza A.
HELMS Grant I. died Dec 27, 1981; 84y      [obit below]
HENRY George R. died Nov 7, 1904; 61y
HERRINTON Charlott died Sept 7, 1820;  1m; d/o John & Martha
HUTCHINSON Janet 1839 - Sept 19, 1903; 64y; 2 sons, 1 dau   [obit below]
INGRHAM Warren J. died Apr 15, 1905;  21y; s/o Hiram Charles & Georgia Ann (Wilcox)
JONES* Myron died Sept 186?
KENNEY Harry Oct 5, 1905 - June 27, 1980; 74y;   [obits below]
KINSMAN Thomas can't read - stone broken
KIPP William died May 22, 1888;  about 52y
KNAPP Alvin S. Mar 4, 1814 - June 26, 1844; 30y,3m,22d; s/o Samuel & Betsey
KNAPP Betsey 1791 - Apr 16, 1849;  58y; w/o Samuel
LACY* Catherine 1816 - Aug 19, 1882; 66y; w/o Thomas
LACY* Thomas 1823 - Aug 17, 1860; 37y; h/o Catherine
LE FEVER** James died June 13, 1873; 6m; s/o Daniel & Sarah (Stead); (on the Wm. Stead stone) (moved to Syr.)
LORD* Emeline 1807 - June 2, 1875; 68y; w/o Ephraim
MATHEWSON* Alfred Dec 5, 1819 - Oct 9, 1881; h/o Laura TIFFANY
MATHEWSON * Ann Jennette died May 4, 1844; 1y,10m,17d;  d/o William 
MATHEWSON* Laura Aug 31, 1819 - Apr 2, 1891; 71y; w/o Alford; nee TIFFANY
MATHEWSON * Ruth died Feb 20, 1850;  29y; w/o ?; d/o Mr & Mrs. GIBSON
NELSON * Mary died Feb 13, 1842;  26y; w/o George
NEWLAND Ethel T. died June 29, 1957; ??y; w/o ??; nee TUTTLE  
NEWMAN Louis F. died Feb 23, 1941 Oakfield; 73y  (removed from Woodlawn to Sand Hill)
NIEDERLITZ * Susan died Oct 3, 1912; 1st w/o Joseph D.; d/o Wm. H. SPENCER; [dad's obit below - Woodlawn]  
OLSEN Margaret B. died Oct 6, 1969 Buffalo; 61y; w/o ???; sons: David & Donald;  2 daus; 2 sis  [obit below ]
OUGHTERSON Alfred C. Apr 22, 1907 - Mar 1986; 76y; h/o Louise KNIGHT & Ruth E.; s/o John C. & Hattie (Platman)
OUGHTERSON James 1872 - Dec 8, 1960; 88y; h/o Mary H. SEALEY; s/o James & Hellen [obit]
OUGHTERSON Mary H. 1876 - 1943; 67y; w/o James; nee SEALEY
OUGHTERSON Ruth E. 1915 - 2004; 89y; 2nd w/o Alfred C.
PADDELFORD* Catherine 1839 - 1916; 77y; w/o Olney T.; d/o John P. & Elizabeth (Nagles) SCHERRER; removed from Woodlawn to Sand Hill
PADELFORD* Edmund 1834 - 1836;  2y; s/o Zachariah & Susannah (Tiffany)
PADELFORD Martha died Oct 28, 182?; 3y; d/o  Z
PADELFORD* Mary 1832 - 1835;  4y; d/o Zachariah & Susannah (Tiffany)
PADELFORD* Olney T. July 14, 1837 - 1913; 75y; h/o Catherine SCHERRER; s/o Zachariah & Susannah (Tiffany)
PADELFORD* Susannah "Susan" 1795 - Aug 13, 1860; 65y; w/o Zachariah; d/o Zachariah TIFFANY
PADELFORD* Zachariah  Mar 18, 1800 MA -Mar 1,  1887; h/o Susannah TIFFANY
PADELFORD* Zachariah Sherman 1863 - 1868; 5y; s/o Olney T. & Catherine (Scherrer); drowned (2 markers)
PERRY Frank Nov 22, 1854 - Aug 11, 1941; 86y; s/o Alvin & Sophronia; no offspring
PIKE* Luther died June 6, 1837;  48y; h/o Polly WILMARTH
PIKE* Polly died Dec 18, 1875; 86y,8m,21d; w/o Luther; nee WILMARTH
ROSS Harold removed from Woodlawn to Sand Hill
SANGER* Betsey died Apr 29, 1830;  42y; w/o Benjamin
SMITHEM Ruth Vivian died Feb 19, 1918;  11m; d/o Albert E. & Hilda (Brahm)
SPRAGE* Betsey died 1841;  66y; w/o Stephen
STACY* Adelphia Jan ??, 1803 or 08 - Dec 1865?; 52 or 57y; w/o Joel F.; nee BROCKLEBANK
STACY* Helen M. died Sept 27, 1862; 23y
STEAD* Daniel W. died July 1844; infant s/o William & Harriet (Warner)
STEAD* Deborah died Nov 24, 1851;  19y; d/o William & Harriet (Warner)
STEAD* Harriet died Feb 1, 1892;  82y; w/o William; nee WARNER
STEAD* William died Sept 28, 1856;  46y; h/o Harriet WARNER
STID Deborah Jane died Dec 11, 1831;  14y,9m,2d; d/o Benjamin & Deborah
STID Mary E. died Mar 23, 1846;  16m; d/o Benjamin & Deborah
STID* William died Oct 5, 1830; 7y,9m,19d; s/o Joseph & Elizabeth
THOMAS* Abigail H. died June 28, 1882;  81y; w/o Marcus
THOMAS* Gilbert J. died Aug 15, 1867; 30y,2m,27d
THOMAS* Marcus died Oct 21, 1880; 78y,5m,3d; h/o Abigail H.
THOMAS* Oliver B. died Mar 14, 1834;  19y; s/o Marcus & Abigail H.
THOMPSON Isabella can't read; w/o Jonathan
THOMPSON* Jonathan 1780 Scot - Aug 22, 1864;  84y; h/o Isabella
THOMPSON Richard E. died Oct 13, 1902; 44y; suicide  (has marker in Chapman Cemetery) [obit below]
THURBER* Maria died Sept 27, 1822; 1y,5d; d/o Samuel & Sally (Gage)
THURBER* Sally died Sept 2, 1822; 39y; w/o Samuel; nee GAGE
THURBER* Samuel died Mar 2, 1836;  55y; h/o Sally GAGE
TIFFANY* Edmund died 1868;  75y; h/o Polly
TIFFANY* Polly died May 27, 1867;  72y; w/o Edmund
TIFFANY* Susanna 1757 - 1839; w/o Zachariah; d/o Edmund & Kezia (Olney) JENKS
TIFFANY* Zachariah Apr 9, 1758 - 1821; h/o Susanna JENKS; s/o John & Deliverance; Rev. War Soldier
TOWNSEND* Sarah L. Feb 15, 1835 - Mar 24, 1887; w/o Hezekiah E.; nee CHASE
unknown 1* can't read
unknown 2* son died Feb 11, 1849;  ?y;  s/o J---
unknown 3* can't read
unknown 4* can't read
unknown 5* can't read
unknown 6* died July 11, 1835 ?;  27y,2m,26d
unknown 7* can't read
unknown 8* can't read
unknown* Margaret no data
unknown** Thomas no data
WARNER* Charles June 22, 1804 - July 26, 1884; 80y;h/o Phila & Mary
WARNER* Daniel Sept 15, 1832 -Oct 1832;  6wk; s/o Charles & Phila
WARNER* Eliza died Mar 17, 1866;  55y; w/o Mirtillo
WARNER** Ellen Feb 28, 1837 - Feb 8, 1869; 32y; d/o Charles & Mary
WARNER Harriet died Feb 1, 1892; 82y;
WARNER* Julia Feb 28, 1837 - July 11, 1866; 29y; d/o Charles & Mary
WARNER* Mary Feb 1, 1805 - July 20, 1886; 81y; 2nd w/o Charles
WARNER* Phila Aug 1, 1804 - Sept 16, 1832; 28y; 1st w/o Charles
WARNER* Susan Feb 11, 1828 - Apr 21, 1878; d/o Charles & Phila
WELLER* Elizabeth died July 24, 1881?; 59y; w/o John B.; nee BROCKLEBANK
WOODARD Elizabeth died Apr 7, 1832;  74y; w/o Seth; nee BARBER
WOODARD* Levi B. 1789 MA -died 1858;  69y; h/o Nancy BROCKLEBANK
WOODARD* Mary E. died May 27, 1847; 24y
WOODARD* Nancy 1798 - Mar 6, 1858;  60y; w/o Levi B.
WOODARD* Roda 1792 MA - 1880 Sodus, NY; unwed
WOODARD* Seth Dec 2, 1759 - Oct 17, 1848; 88y; h/o Elizabeth BARBER
YORK Delos S. 1831 - 1921; 89y;  h/o Margaret OUGHTERTON
YORK Margaret 1858 - Sept 3, 1945; 87y; w/o Delos S.; d/o John & Margaret (Cosh) OUGHTERSON; son, Robert   [obit below]


New York, NY Tribune      July 1843

At Canandaigua, July 2, Mary, widow of the late Samuel Brocklebank, aged 72.

The deceased was one of the first that emigrated to Ontario county. She removed with her husband from New London, N. H. in March 1791. Their Locomotive was an ox team and sled, their canal and steamboat the wild Indian's bark canoe, and their point of destination the vicinity of Canandaigua, then an almost unbroken and gloomy forest.  ......



Rochester Democrat & Chronicle    Aug 31,  1885 

Miss Kittle Larney, a domestic of Mr. Farmley, living a little west of Chapinville, after a short illness of a few days, died last Wednesday night. The funeral service took place at the house on Friday, and the interment at the Sand-hill cemetery.



The Phelps Citizen                 Thurs            Oct 16, 1902

Orleans - Richard Thompson committed suicide Monday morning, by shooting himself with a revolver, at the home of Henry Sheckles. He left a note stating he had nothing to live for.



Geneva Daily Times             Mon            Sept 21, 1903

Mrs. Janet Hutchinson, of Flint Creek, died at that place Saturday, aged sixty-four years. The deceased is survived by two sons and one daughter. The funeral was held from her late home at that place at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon.  Burial was made in Sand Hill cemetery.



Clifton Springs Press               Thurs               Oct 17, 1918

Joe Niederlitz of Waterloo who has been ill with pneumonia at the home of A. C. Covert, is much better. His mother, Mrs. J. D. Niederlitz is caring for him.


Buffalo Evening  News              Tues                Aug 3, 1920  

CANANDAIGUA, Aug. 3  - William H. Spencer, age 77 years, businessman, died at his home in Chapin street, of heart trouble, yesterday. Fifty years he was proprietor of a livery stable in South Main street, retiring two years ago when he sold all of his horses and carriages and his stables were converted into a garage and taken over by his son, Mervin L Spencer .

He leaves a wife and a son and daughter, M. L. Spencer of Canandaigua and Mrs. Joseph Niederlitz of Rochester.

Funeral services will be held at his home tomorrow afternoon, the Rev, H. L. Gaylord of Saint John's church officiating.  Members of Murray post, G. A. R., will have charge of the service at Woodlawn cemetery. [other family members buried here]



The Naples Record                    Wed                      Aug 13, 1941

FRANK PERRY - Frank Perry, 86, of Geneva, died on Monday, August 11, 1941.  He was born in Naples on November 22, 1854, a son of Alvin and Sophronia Perry. He resided near Naples until about thirty years ago.

He leaves two nieces, Mrs. Iva Carey, of Geneva, with whom he lived, and Mrs. Clarence Hatch, of Naples.   The funeral will be held on Thursday at 2:30 p. m. from the home, 7 Sharon Street, Geneva. Burial will be made in Sand Hill cemetery.



Geneva Daily Times                                        Tues                    Sept 4, 1945

Mrs. Margaret York, aged 87, widow of Delos York. died yesterday morning at Geneva General.  Until two years ago, she was a resident of the Town of Seneca and vicinity and had made her  home with her daughter, Mrs. Franklin Harrison, 136 Hamilton Street, this city. 

Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Clarence Bistell, both of Geneva, and Mrs. James Lewis of Newton, N.J.; son, Robert York, Geneva; 11 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Last rites will be held tomorrow at the Harrison home at 2:30 o'clock. Burial will be in Sand Hill cemetery.  Rev. Robert Hebbiethwaite, of Port Byron and Rev. Luther Bostrom, pastor of Number Nine Presbytertian Church, will officiate.



Penn Yan Courier                         Wed                                                  Jan 1, 1948

Mrs. William L. Beamish, 81, of Geneva, formerly of Penn Yan and Bellona, died at Canandaigua Hospital, Tuesday afternoon, December 23.  The daughter of B. C. Wandell of Illinois, she married William Beamish in Hall, November 29, 1883. For more than 35 years they lived in Bellona, later coming to Penn Yan, and then moving to Geneva. Mr. Beamish died Oct 5. 

Mrs. Beamish leaves three daughters: Mrs. Walter Elling of Canandaigua; Mrs. Leon Ansley Milo Center, Mrs. Clinton Barnes of Bellona; three sons, Robert of Rochester,  Elmer of Willard, and Alfred Beamish,  of Penn Yan; four grand children and two great grand children.  

Funeral services were held in Geneva, Saturday, Rev. Elroy D. VanDyke officiating. Burial in Sand Hill cemetery, Canandaigua.



The Shortsville and Manchester Enterprise            Thurs           Dec 4, 1952

Area Couples To Note 50th Anniversaries - 

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd B. Brocklebank and Mr. and Mrs. T. Elgin Snyder will be guests of honor next Wednesday, Dec. 10, at an open house in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary to be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Brocklebank, Marsh road, Canandaigua.

Mr. and Mrs. Brocklebank and Mr. and Mrs. Snyder will greet their friends and family members from 2 to 5 in the afternoon and from 7 to 9 in the evening. Assisting Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brocklebank with the "open house" plans will be Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brocklebank's other son, Gerald Brocklebank and Mrs. Brocklebank, and their daughter, Mrs. Bertha Herendeen of Shortsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Brocklebank and Mr. and Mrs. Snyder were married Dec. 10, 1902, in a double ceremony at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Snyder on the West Lake road. It was a cold wintry day with a snow mist in the air. The sleighing was good as the two couples, happily married, left to take the evening train for Buffalo and Canada, where they visited their uncle. 

Rev. J. Wallace Webb, pastor of the Canandaigua Methodist church, was the officiating clergyman. The young ladies wore long white batiste dresses with long sleeves and carried white flowers.

Mrs. Brocklebank was the former Miss Ella May Snyder. She was the sister of Torance Elgin Snyder who was marrying his cousin, the former Miss Nora Belle Snyder. Thus the double wedding was a real family affair.

The two couples have always lived in this area and today are in vigorous health. Mr. Brocklebank was 83 last week. Mrs. Brocklebank is 72. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder are both in their 70s.  

They have been strong and valuable citizens through the years in the town of Canandaigua. They have spent most of their lives at farming and have done well.

The Ray Brocklebank farm where the open house will be held has been occupied by four generations of the family. Samuel Brocklebank came into Ontario county in 1790. He was a Revolutionary captain and he is listed among the first 100 purchasers of Phelps and Gorham parcels in the county. Because of his Revolution war background he was sold the land for $4 per acre (others paid up to $16). Samuel and Esther Brocklebank's son, Levi, was the first male white child born in Ontario county. This was in the spring of 1791.

Floyd B. Brocklebank is the grandson of Samuel and the son of Benjamin S. Brocklebank who was one of the charter members of the Canandaigua Grange and a strong figure in the agricultural affairs of the area. Samuel Brocklebank, the pioneer settler, was a skilled fruit grower and his apple trees bore fruit for more than a century. 

Floyd B. Brocklebank, grandson of the pioneer, who now notes his 50th anniversary, was twice married. His first wife was the former Miss May Forrest who died about seven years after their marriage.  Mrs. Herendeen, who joins in planning the Dec. 10 open house, is a child of this initial union.  

Mr. and Mrs. Snyder have had no children. Mr. and Mrs. Brocklebank have 13 grandchildren, children of their two sons and daughters.


Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Brocklebank are parents of a son, Edward Brocklebank. who shares the management of the home farm, and two daughters, Mrs. Arthur Reed (the former Joyce Brocklebank) Canandaigua, and Miss Anna Mae Brocklebank, who is a student at RBI in Rochester.


Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brocklebank have a son, Richard, who is attending St. Andrews seminary in Rochester, and two daughters, Ann and Mary Beth.  

Mrs. Herendeen has six children: James, who resides near Newburgh on the Hudson;  Floyd, who lives in California; Lyndon, Shortsville; Glenn, also Shortsville; Carl, who is serving in the Navy, Dorothy, (Mrs. Melvin Nessinger) of Shortsville and Celia (Mrs. Harry White), Marion.



Geneva Times                            Sat                                         Dec 10, 1955

Florence Truesdale - Final rites for Mrs. William Truesdale, 55, of 459 William St.. were held this afternoon in the Corwin Funeral Home.  The Rev. F, L. Harper, D.D., pastor of First Presbyterian Church officiated. Interment was in Sandhill Cemetery, Canandaigua Rd.

Bearers were Wilber Lemeer, George Senne, Marshall Steinback, Matthew McCusker, all of Geneva; and George Tucker and Fred Ralston, both of Waterloo, all members of the Carpenter Local Union No. 187 of which Mrs Truesdale's husband, is a member. 


Geneva Daily Times                       

James Oughterson, 88, former supervisor at the former "buttonwood Building", Willard State Hospital, on the Seneca Lake Rd., died the past week at his home in Billsboro.  He has been retired for 28 years.



Shortsville-Manchester Enterprise                           Jan 4, 1963

Mrs. Elizabeth Gulvin Sampson, 76, of 47 Dailey Avenue, died unexpectedly Tuesday, Dec 25, in Springfield Hospital, Springfield, Mass. She had been visiting her son, Harold Gulvin of Long Meadeow, Mass.

Mrs Gulvin was born in Flint,  Sept 7 1886. a daughter of the late Gregg and Elizabeth (Tegg )Coston.  She attended the First Methodist church in this city.  

Surviving are three sons: Harold of Long Meadow, Mass.;  Ward, of Clearwater, Fla . and Robert, of Frewsburg; a daughter, Mrs. Roy Cheney of Ithaca: 17 grandchildren: 12 great grandchildren, two sisters. Mrs Nellie Jones of Canandaigua and Mrs. Viola Graupman of Rochester, and a brother, Joseph Coston of Flint.

Funeral services wre held Friday afternoon at the Kennedy and Son funeral Home, the Rev Ross E Whetstone, pastor of the First Methodist church officiating. Interment in Sand Hill cemetery, Canandaigua RD.



Finger Lakes Times                     Mon                           June 30, 1980

Harry Kenney - GENEVA - The funeral and committal service for Harry Kenney, 75, of 28 Lake Street, who died unexpectedly Friday at his home, will be at 11 a m,. tomorrow at the graveside in Sand Hill Cemetery, Canandaigua Road. The Rev. Richard A Norris, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, will officiate.


GENEVA - Harry Kenney, 75, of 28 Lake St , died unexpectedly yesterday in his home. There will be no calling hours.  Funeral and burial services will be Tuesday at a time to be announced.

Mr. Kenney was born in Geneva, the son of Charles W. and Gertrude Hardy Kenney. He was a life-long resident of the area, and was an employee at the Bolin Music House for several years.

He is survived by three sisters, Loretta, Violette and Connie, all of Rochester; two brothers, Mos of Rochester and Alvin, of Geneva. Arrangements will be made by the Corwin Funeral Home.



Finger Lake Times                        Thurs             Dec 31, 1981

Grant I. Helms - GENEVA - The funeral for Grant I. Helms, 84. of 362 S. Main St., who died Sunday at Geneva General Hospital, was Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Corwin Funeral Home.  The Rev. Dr. J Richard Hart officiated. A spring burial will be in Sand Hill Cemetery, Canandaigua Road.




Finger Lake Times                    Tues                   Sept 4, 1984

GENEVA - Mrs. Emma S Zerby, 88, of 31 Reed Road, widow of Frederick Zerby, died Monday (Sept. 3) in Geneva General Hospital following a short illness.  Friends may call at the McGuigan Funeral Home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday.

A Witness funeral service will be said at 10 a.m., Thursday at the funeral home. Elmer Millard will officiate. Burial will be in Sand Hill Cemetery.

Surviving are two sons, Wayne Zerby of South Dakota and Frederick Zerby of Naples; three daughters, Mrs. Roland (Dawn) Bogart, Mrs. William (Louise) Damick and Mrs. Rumsey (Joyce) Graham, all of Geneva; 11 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; two brothers, Edward Steinhart of St. Petersburg, Fla , and Ralph Steinhart of Shamokin, Pa.; two sisters, Mrs. Alma Rudisill of Shamokin and Mrs. Hilda Yocum and several nieces and nephews.    In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to one's favorite charity.


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