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Pearl St., Town of Manchester, NY

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Clifton Springs  News             Thurs        May 19, 1938           



Civil War - Sherman Crosby, Jerome Hinton, John C. Snitsell, VanBuren Wheat, Spencer Wood, James E Wooden, George Snook, Franklin Edgerton, Chester Pitkin, Henry Wooden .




Revolutionary War - Daniel Warfield.

War of 1812 - Nicholson Chrysler, Matthew Halliday, Martin VanDyne, Jonas Robison, Methimus Post and brother, John Schutt.

Civil War - George W. Edson, Arthur Schnell, Robert VanDeusen, Martin Schmit, James Esek Wllber, Alonzo Mackey, R. C. Waterman, W. H. Carr, George W. Durkee. Martin VanDyne, George VanDyne, Rensselaer Gardiner, Ferdinand De St. Leger, Artmus D. Schutt, Henry Spoon. George VanDeusen, Charles D. 8tevens, James Backus, Cuyler Coates, Franklin Wunderlen, John Bell,  Edward A. Steve s, Edwin Robison, James N. Robison, Sebastian Smith, Joseph Scullen, George Horton Hicks.

World War I - Emmett Muskett.

While an effort was made by the Legion to compile a list of soldier dead in the local cemeteries which should be as complete and as nearly correct as possible, errors may have occurred in names and it is also possible that there may have been some omissions

The Legion will be grateful if  The Press is notified of any error, or, if the name of any veteran has been omitted, so that their records may be corrected.



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