Lee or South Bloomfield Cemetery

Grimble Rd.,  East Bloomfield, NY


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*BACON, Roxana L. died Jan 14, 1853; aged 26y; wife of H.; dau of John Harvey & Betsey A. (Lee) WHEELER  [on Wheeler stone]
BARRY, Arthusa died 1847; aged 80y
*BEEBE, Spencer 1829 - Jan 10, 1900; aged 70y; 1st Co., 1st Reg. NY Light Artillery - Civil War Vet
*BENHAM, Josephine E. died June 20, 1871; aged 20y; wife of Charles S.; nee LEE
*BLAKE, Angelina P. Mar 25, 1808 - Dec 22, 1861;  wife of Lyman
*BLAKE, Ann Eliza died May 10, 1855; dau of Lyman & Angelina P.
*BLAKE, Joel P. died July 22, 1830; aged 3y,11d; son of Lyman & Angelina P.
*BLAKE, Lyman Apr 5, 1798 - Sept 11, 1874; husb of Angelina P.
*BLAKE, Mary M. died Oct 11, 1850; aged 1y,9m; dau of Lyman & Angelina P.
*BLAKE, Mercy J. died Feb 24, 1833; aged 1y,4m,19d; dau of Lyman & Angelina P.
*CLARK, Arethusa died Dec 1, 1847; aged 38y,3m,7d; wife of J. W.
*COOK, Aaron (Col) died Jan 1, 1832; aged 47y; husb of Cynthia; War of 1812 Vet
COOK, Cynthia died Mar 25, 1875; wife of Col. Aaron
COX, Roxanol died Jan 14, 1853; aged 26y; wife of H. B. A.
CRANSTON, Ada died Jan 8, 1870; aged 1y
*HAM, Eunice died 1843; aged 56y; wife of Robert; dau of Stephen GYLE
*HAM, Robert died Mar 26, 1857; aged 82y,8m; husb of Eunice GYLE; son of Thomas
*HODGE, Elizabeth 1783 - Jan 16, 1865; aged 81y; "grandmother"
*HODGE, Horace L. Apr 10, 1810 - June 22, 1896; husb of Phebe W.
*HODGE, Phebe W. died Apr 17, 1882; aged 66y,8m,23d; wife of Horace L.
*INGRAHAM, Nathan D. died Feb 16, 1824; aged 56y; husb of Sarah
*INGRAHAM, Sarah died Sept 7, 1838; aged 64y,8m; wife of Nathan D.
*LEE, Amos died Oct 2, 1849; aged 89y,3m,27d; husb of Hannah
*LEE, Bessie died Apr 1, 1881; aged 2y,1m,11d; dau of Roswell M. & Ella A. (Gooding)  (front & back pics)
*LEE, Earll G. 1898 - 1899; son of Roswell M. & Ella (Gooding)
*LEE, George (Capt) b: MA; died June 28, 1853; husb of Olive JONES; War of 1812 Vet
*LEE, Hannah died Nov 13, 1829; aged 70y,2m,23d; wife of Amos (2 markers)
*LEE, Lilla Pauline July 8, 1855 - Sept 10, 1937
*LEE, Olive 1765 - July 16, 1843; aged 77y,9m,2d; wife of Capt. George; nee JONES
*LEE, Reynold P. Mar 9, 1849 - Feb 6, 1881; husb of Eva S.   'father'
*LEE, Sally M. 1792 -  Oct 25, 1870; aged 78y,2m,18d; wife of Major Seth L.; dau of Benjamin WHEELER
*LEE, Sara N. July 11, 1861 - Jan 5, 1946
*LEE, Sarah A. May 14, 1824 W. Bloomfield - Dec 15, 1910; wife of Seth L.; nee PECK  [moved from Woodlawn Ceme, Canandaigua]
*LEE, Seth L.  (Major) 1788 MA - Sept 9, 1864; aged 76y,2m,23d; husb of Sally M. WHEELER; son of  War of 1812 Vet
*LEE, Seth L. 1823 - Mar 20, 1875; aged 52y; husb of Sarah A.; son of Seth L Col. 7th Div., NY Vol. Inf- Civil War
*MEAD, Delilah died Nov 3, 1853; aged 55y; wife of Tertulus
*NEWTON, Cynthia C. died Oct 13, 1845; aged 31y,6m; wife of Darius; nee LEE
*NEWTON, Seymour died Sept 22, 1864 Cleveland, OH; aged 24y,4m,12d;
*OGDEN, Abraham 1822 Eng -  Apr 26, 1896; aged 74y; husb of Fanny
*PARK, Alferd R. [Alford] 1816 - 1901; husb of Almeda POOL
*PARK, Almeda  1820 - 1893; wife of Alferd R.; nee POOL
*PARK, John L. died Nov 2, 1844; aged 31y,10m
*PARK, Joseph died Dec 29, 1844; aged 35y,29d
*PARK, Leonora died Apr 16, 1871; aged 21m; dau of A. C. & Sarah
PARSONS, Lavilla A. died July 13, 1854; aged 1y,2m; dau of Charles & Mary
*PATTERSON, Arthur M. 1880 - 1935; husb of Nora
*PATTERSON, Charles L. died Apr 26, 1895; aged 53y; Co. D.,  8th NY Cavalry - Civil War Vet
*POOL, Sally died June 12, 1839; aged 39y; wife of William P.
*POOL, William P. Nov 13, 1791 - Mar 24, 1848; aged 52y; husb of Sally
*ROGERS, Hiram died May 2, 1833; aged 6y,3m; son of Abijah & Roxana
*SILL, Olivia died Nov 16, 1831; aged 27y; wife of Jabez
*SIMMONS, Emma S. died Dec 4, 1893; aged 32y,1m; wife of W. S.
SIMMONS, Julia A. died 1910; dau of William & Sally (Lee) POOL
*SIMMONS, Permelia died Feb 20,1835; aged 23y,1m,20d; wife of Elder G. D.
SIMMONS, William died Oct 9, 1921; husb of Emma
WALES, Charlotte died Oct 2, 1849; aged 52y,4m,11d; wife of Chester; dau of Geo. & Olive (Jones) LEE
*WALES, Chester 1798 - 1852; husb of Charlotte LEE
*WHEELER, Betsey A.  Mar 1795 MA -  Mar 30, 1882; aged 87y,1m; wife of John H.; dau of Amos LEE
*WHEELER, Charlotte died Feb 25, 1877; aged 32y; wife of Thomas J.; dau of George & Olive (Jones) LEE
WHEELER, Emily M. died Feb 5, 1845; aged 7y; dau of John & Betsey (Lee)
*WHEELER, John Harvey Mar 16, 1795 MA -  June 23, 1871; aged 76y,2m,17d; husb of Betsey A. LEE; son of Benjamin; War of 1812 Vet
*WHEELER, Nathan H. died Feb 15, 1876; aged 55y,4m,19d son of John & Betsey A. (Lee)
WHITE, Alice died Apr 21, 1884; aged 38y; wife of Joseph; both were Negroes; Joseph was a slave   
*WILLIAMS, Polly died Mar 29, 1835; wife of Augustus
*WOOD, Ann died Jan 15, 1843; aged 53y; wife of Elder S.

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